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Full text of "A List of the insects of New York : with a list of the spiders and certain other allied groups"

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^ !l 


University of 
onnecticut Libraries 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 

MEMOIR 101 ry^^^^ AUGUST, 1926 






Received for publication May 14, 1926 
Date of issue, January, 1928 



Introduction 5" 

Faunal districts 7 

Class Insecta 11 

Thysanura . 1 1 

Collembola 12 

Orthoptera : 17 

Isoptera 38 

Neuroptera 38 

Ephemerida 42 

Odonata 45 

Plecoptera 57 

Corrodentia 60 

Mallophaga 63 

Thysanoptera 66 

Anoplura % 73 

Hemiptera 74 

Homoptera 142 

Dermaptera . , 202 

Coleoptera 203 

Strepsiptera . 521 

Mecoptera . 521 

Trichoptera 522 

Lepidoptera 532 

Diptera 687 

Siphonaptera 868 

Hymenoptera 870 

Class Arachnida 1034 

Araneae 1034 

Opiliones , 1074 

Acarina (Eriophyidae) 1076 

Class Diplopoda * 1079 

Chilognatha 1079 

Class Chilopoda 1081 

Schizotarsia 1081 

Anamorpha 1081 

Epimorpha 1082 

Class Myrientomata 1083 

Protura 1083 

List of orders, and number of families, genera, and species recorded 1084 

List of the more important collecting stations not in the United States Official 

Postal Guide , 1085 

List of cooperators and authorities 1088 

Index of orders, families, and genera 1093 

* The sequence of orders, and, unless otherwise indicated, of families, is that followed by Corn- 
stock in An Introduction to Entomology. 




Mortimer Demarest Leonard^ 


New York State has for many years been a favorite collecting ground 
for insects, and from within its boundaries an immense number of speci- 
mens have been accumulated. For the most part, these specimens repose 
in the extensive collections of Cornell University at Ithaca, the New 
York State Museum at Albany, the American Museum of Natural His- 
tory in New York City, the Brooklyn Museum, and Syracuse University. 
These institutions, however, by no means possess all of the material col- 
lected, for a number of persons have collected and studied insects at 
various points in the State for years and their private collections are rich 
in numbers both of species and of individual specimens. In addition 
there is much New York material in other States, due to exchange or re- 
moval by workers from other parts who have collected here. This material 
is included in the collections of museums and of specialists all over the 
United States and Canada. 

Although New York material has either formed the basis, or been in- 
cluded in many pages, of monographic and revisional papers as well as of 
a number of local faunal lists, undoubtedly the bulk of it in collections is 
still to be mentioned in literature. Some of the best and most careful 
collecting in the State has been done by individuals who have published 
but little if anything. 

Because of what had already been done, and as a stimulus to further 
collecting and study, it seemed advisable to take inventory of all those 
species definitely known to occur within the State and to record as far as 
possible the distribution of each within this area. This in brief is the 
scope of the present list. The date of occurrence or the seasonal range is 
also given, as far as it can be determined. 

This "List of the Insects of New York" is the outgrowth of a 
project initiated about twelve years ago by a committee of a number of 
the leading entomological specialists, including representatives of the va- 
rious institutions and societies interested. Dr. J. Chester Bradley, of Cor- 
nell University, was appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Board of Editors, 
and a group of subeditors was selected composed of leading specialists in 
the major groups. The task was a considerable one, but these workers at- 
tacked it vigorously and thousands of records were transcribed to cards 
from the literature and from determined specimens. 

1 Editor-in-Chief. 


6 Insects of New York 

Pressure of other work later prevented Dr. Bradley from continuing 
in charge, and the present editor was appointed in the spring of 1923, 
while he was Acting State Entomologist at Albany, New York. The Board 
of Editors was somewhat modified, for various reasons, and in the fall 
of 1924 the work was transferred to Cornell University, where it was 
completed under special appropriations by the New York State College of 
Agriculture and the Heckscher Research Fund. To these funds the New 
York Academy of Science added $150 and the New York Entomological 
Society a like amount. 

It is impossible here to express thanks individually to the large number 
of specialists and collectors, more than one hundred and fifty in all, 
whose work has made it possible to gather together the data from the 
great mass of published records and from specimens in public and private 
collections. We believe we have been successful in transcribing by far the 
greater part of these data, and no effort has been spared to include every- 
thing. Such acknowledgment is made in the text and in the list of co- 
operators beginning on page 1088. Special acknowledgment should be 
made, however, for assistance in many ways, to the authorities and officers 
of Cornell University, the American Museum of Natural History, the 
Brooklyn Museum, the New York Academy of Science, the Staten Island 
Institute of Arts and Sciences, the New York State Museum, Syracuse 
University, the New York Entomological Society, the Brooklyn 
Entomological Society, the United States Bureau of Entomology, and 
the United States National Museum, 

The editor wishes to make particular acknowledgment to Professors 
O. A. Johannsen and C. R. Crosby for supervision of the many details 
in connection with seeing this publication through the press — a task to 
which the editor has been unable to attend personally. The editor wishes 
also to acknowledge with appreciation the painstaking efifort of Miss Lela 
G. Gross, Assistant Editor of Publications at the New York State College 
of Agriculture. She has been responsible for the selection of the various 
kinds of type and for all other matters in connection with the mechanical 
arrangement of the List, and in immediate charge of all corrections and 
additions to the proof. Final typewritten copy was made by Mrs. H. M. 
Fridley. Her intelligent and continued interest in what proved to be far 
more than merely a clerical piece of work greatly facilitated its completion. 

Because of the studies made by certain specialists and the availability of 
records in certain other groups besides insects, there have been included 
lists of the following: the millipedes and centipedes, the spiders and har- 
vestmen, the eriophyid mites, and the ticks. In all, 16,124 species and 
varieties are included, of which 15,449 are insects. It is difficult to deter- 
mine what percentage of the total number of species this figure represents. 
In many parts of the State but little collecting has as yet been done and 
many groups are still imperfectly known. It is not unlikely, therefore. 

Insects of New York 7 

that more intensive collecting and study should increase the present total 
by at least 25 per cent. It is hoped that the present list will increase both 
the number of collectors and the number of workers, and will stimulate 
further study along this line. 

The name of a collector or its abbreviation is indicated by the use of 
italics, thus — Ndni ; that of the person responsible for a determination 
or as having supplied a record is placed in parentheses, thus — (Ndm) ; 
italics in parentheses indicate that the same person is both collector and 
determiner, thus — {Ndm). Where the determiner is unknown the loca- 
tion of the material upon which the record is based is often given, and 
occasionally both determiner and location are indicated in parentheses ; 
for example, (Vdyk CU), (VdykCU), or (Vdyk-CU), means deter- 
mination by Van Dyke of specimens in the Cornell University collection. 

The data in connection with each locality are separated by semicolons. 
Staten Island and Long Island localities come after a colon following 
SI and LI in bold-faced type. 

Owing to a misunderstanding on t;,he part of one of our editors, the 
species numbers which are used in the Hemiptera and the Coleoptera 
were omitted from the manuscript in some cases. It was thought that 
the slight inconvenience which might result from these omissions would 
not be sufficient to warrant the expense which would have been involved 
in making the corrections in the proof, and therefore the numbers are 
missing in these cases. 

W. T. M. Forbes 

For convenience in indicating localities, the State of New York may 
be divided into the districts shown on the accompanying map. They are 
distinguished partly by climate, but more by topography and geological 
substrata; and they are laid out with but little reference to life zones. 
The Adirondack, Appalachian, and Taconic districts, the Tug Hill plateau, 
and the small area of the New Jersey Highlands which extends into the 
State, represent the higher country, the intervening districts being the 
plains and the broader river bottoms. The Coastal Plain is represented by 
Staten Island and Long Island. 

The St. Lawrence Plain is a broad open valley so far as New York 
is concerned, while on the Canadian side it is continuous with the broad 
St. Lawrence Plain of that region. Because of the northern latitude the 
climate represents the Transition zone, though the altitude is only a little 
above sea level. Relatively little collecting has been done here, the 
most important localities being perhaps Waddington and Ogdensburg near 
the northern boundary of the State, and Clayton near the mouth of Lake 

The Adirondack district comprises a great plateau of from 1500 to 1800 
feet elevation, cut with valleys which are as a rule too narrow to shelter 


Insects of New York 

many southern forms, and rising in the eastern part into a group of moun- 
tains which reach an elevation of 5344 feet. The plateau shows in general 
the Canadian fauna, and is very largely still forest-covered, with many 












Figure 1. principal faunal areas of new york 

lakes and cold bogs. The mountains higher than about 3500 feet rise 
into the Hudsonian, with conditions much like those of Labrador ; while 
the tops of a few peaks (Marcy, Mclntyre, and Whiteface) are alpine in 
character, largely as a result of the perpetual winds, which keep the forest 
down and allow the truly alpine plants and animals a foothold. The 
higher peaks of the northern group have been well explored entomolog- 
ically, but the southern group, which should show cold Canadian con- 
ditions with some Hudsonian, will repay careful collecting. Collectors in 
many orders have worked in the plateau region, especially about Saranac 
and Cranberry Lakes and the Fulton Chain; but the most complete list 

Insects of New York 9 

in any large order is perhaps that due to Hill's many years of collecting 
of Lepidoptera at Fentons, on the west edge of the plateau. 

Tug Hill is a plateau of about 1500 feet elevation, with a nearly level 
top and containing many lakes and swamps. Geologically it attaches not 
to the Adirondacks close by, but to the Appalachians, while in latitude it 
should be grouped with the Adirondacks. Entomologically it is unexplored. 

The Ontario-Erie Basin is a broad plain bordering Lakes Ontario and 
Erie, and to the northward joining the St. Lawrence Plain. In spite of 
much snow and cold in winter, conditions are distinctly Upper Austral in 
the western part; while at North Fair Haven and eastward. Transition 
forms dominate. It is continuous with the Mississippi Valley on the west, 
but is reduced along Lake Erie to a strip two or three miles wide. On the 
north side of Lake Erie, southern Ontario shows the same mild climate and 
Austral forms. In most orders representatives of both faunal zones are 
present, especially for the region near Buffalo. 

The Appalachian district, like the major part of the Adirondack district, 
is a plateau of from 1500 to 2000' feet elevation, but is cut into numerous 
blocks by deep through valleys. The characteristic insects represent the 
Transition zone, but many of the north-facing slopes show Canadian forms, 
and here and there in the valleys there are pockets with a few Austral 
species. This is the district for which general remarks as to dates and 
life cycles, particularly iin the Lepidoptera, especially apply. The most 
thoroughly collected locality is Ithaca, lying in one of the deep through 
valleys. This fauna of the western part of the district is well indicated by 
collections made at Rock City, Cattaraugus County, at an elevation of 
2500 feet. The interesting narrow strip lying between the Catskills and 
the Mohawk Valley was studied many years ago by the Albany group of 
workers. Sharon Springs represents this area, and shows typical Appa- 
lachian forms. The Appalachian area south of the Catskills has not been 
sufficiently studied. ■ - 

The Catskills are a mass of mountains with peaks rising to an elevation 
of 4204 feet. Most of the collecting has been done at relatively low levels, 
and shows much the same mixture of Canadian and Transition forms as 
are found on the colder tops qi the, Appalachian plateau; but the peaks 
rise well toward the top of the Canadian zone, and a careful study would 
probably show Hudsonian forms. The most extensive list of insects in this 
district consists of the Lepidoptera of Big Indian Valley and Slide 

The Mohawk Valley is a narrow valley separating the Adirondack and 
Appalachian districts. Most of the country is much broken, and the 
insects are not very different in character from those of the Appalachian 
district, but a few southern forms do appear. Such places as Trenton 
Falls and Wilmurt, in the southern foothills of the Adirondacks, are in- 
cluded in this area because their fauna is more southern in character. 

10 Insects of New York 

The Champlain Valley is a broad open valley similar in conditions and 
fauna to the St, Lawrence Plain. There is a good list of Lepidoptera from 
Plattsburg, showing a typical Transition fauna and containing many 
southern forms. The fauna of Peru is more northern in character, and 
represents the broad sandy area on the eastern side of the Adirondack 
district, with peculiar dune forms. The area as a whole has not been 
sufficiently studied. 

The Hudson Valley is an open valley with a decidedly Austral character, 
especially south of Albany; northward it is narrow and broken, with a 
Transition fauna continuous with that of the Champlain Valley but show- 
ing a greater dominance of acid-soil forms in the Lepidoptera than any 
other part of the State in which the writer has collected. There are sev- 
eral good lists, especially those based on the material from the vicinity of 
Albany in the State Museum, and from a group of localities in the lower 
valley collected by Dyar and by the New York City entomologists. 
Florida, in Orange County, where S. W. Frost did some collecting, is in 
an extension of this district across to the Delaware River, and shows the 
same rather warm conditions. 

The Ta conic district consists of a sharp range of mountains extending 
along the eastern edge of the State, continuous with the Green Mountains 
of Vermont on the north, and with the Berkshire Hills on the east. To 
the southward they are separated from the Highlands of the Hudson only 
by the narrow gorge of the Hudson River. They have not been properly 
explored entomologically, the few short Taconic lists of insects being from 
the warmer deep valleys ; but they show a true Canadian fauna with many 
acid-soil forms, like the Berkshires just across the state line. 

The Nezv Jersey Highlands and the Highlands of the Hudson represent 
the same wooded hilly area, continuous with the Taconics and Green 
Mountains on the north and the Blue Ridge on the south. The insects of 
this district have not been thoroughly collected, but the fauna of its exten- 
sion into New Jersey shows a Transition character with woodland forms 
dominant because of the low altitudes, but with few of the cooler Transi- 
tion forms. 

New York City is not really a separate district, but it is particularly well 
known. The climate is practically Upper Austral, with some cooler areas 
in Westchester County. The country is hilly and originally was wooded, 
showing the forest type. The exact locality of many of the earlier records 
given as New York City and vicinity is very uncertain, a large region 
including Long Island, Staten Island, the lower Hudson River Valley, 
and part of New Jersey, being included. 

The Coastal Plain comprises the whole of Long Island and Staten Island, 
with the mainland coast and the vicinity of New York City, just discussed. 
A great part of it is glacial moraine, more or less worked over by wind and 
water, and contains areas of sand and gravel and many square miles of 

Machilidae — Lepismidae — Campodeidae 


salt marshes. The barrens have been fairly well surveyed, but the marsh 
needs more intensive study, and the relatively small areas of rich upland 
which have not yet been too much disturbed by man should receive special 
attention. It is certain that many forms now known only from Massachu- 
setts and New Jersey, or even farther afield, will be discovered in this 
area. The climate is, as a whole. Upper Austral, but the easterly part of 
Long Island shows distinctly colder types and might best be -assigned to 
the Transition zone. Unfortunately many of the early records are 
merely "L. I." 


Compiled by J. W. Folsom 

MachiLIS Latreille 

M. variabilis Say. Southern end of Canandaigua L., Aug, Bish. Generally 

distributed: Mass, NY, Ind, Tenn, and NC. 
M. (Trigonophthalmus) alternata Silv. LI: Cold Sp. Harb. (Silv). 

Lepisma Linnaeus 

L. saccharina L. Macedon, Je, Hd; Ithaca, Ap, Jl, Oct (MacG), 
distributed: Europe; Mass, NY, Tex. 


CtenoLEPISMA Escherich 

C. quadriseriata Pck. Ithaca, Feb (MacG). Generally distributed: Mass, RI, 
Conn, NY, Tenn. 

Thermobia Bergroth 

T. domestica Pck. Ithaca, abundant in Roberts Hall for last 10 years at least; 
Ft.^ Plain, Aug-Sep, destroying paper (Felt) ; Albany (Felt) ; Peekskill?, 
eating laces and paper boxes (Lint) ; NYC, very abundant in house during 
the whole year of 1922 (Mutchler). Generally distributed: Mass, NY, 111. 

Campodea Westwood 

C. fragilis Mein. Ithaca, Je, in damp sandy earth, WSBarnard; Albany, Je, Yg, 
Bish; Voorheesville, Aug, Leon, is typical fragilis, not var. americana Pck. 
Generally distributed: Europe; eastern US. 

C. fragilis var. americana Pck. Ithaca, Feb (MacG, Silv); LI: Cold Sp. Harb. 

12 poduridae 

Compiled by J. W. Folsom 



PODURA (Linnaeus) TuUberg 

P. aquatica L. {granulata MacG.)- Ithaca, Oct-Nov, RiihyBHughes. Common on 
surface o£ water of ponds and streams ; adapted to a semi-aquatic existence ; 
often appears in aquaria. Generally distributed: Europe; Siberia; Canada; 
Mass, NY, Ohio, Ind, 111, Tenn, Wis, Minn, Wash. 

ACHORUTES Templeton 

A. packardi Fols. (nivicola Pck., 1873; Lint., 1885; MacG., 1891; Harv., 1893; 

Lint., 1896). Macedon, Ap-May, Hd; Ithaca, Jan-Feb (Comstock&MacG) ; 

Stockport, Ap ; Monsey, Mar, HGlasgoiu. Generally distributed : Me, Mass, 

NY, Penn, Md, Ohio, 111 ; Canada. 
A. packardi var. dentatus Fols. Potsdam, May, Yg-, Ithaca, Ap (MacG); Ghent, 

Ap. Generally distributed: Me, Mass, NY, Ohio. 
A. socialis Uzel (diversiceps Lint.). Otto, Comstock; Karner, Ap, Lint; Voorhees- 

ville, Ap, on snow, Bish ; Kingston, Mar, pools black with them, Leon. The 

"snow flea" was described by Fitch (1847) under the name Podura nivicola; 

Uzel gave, however, the first adequate description of the species. Generally 

distributed : common in most parts of Europe ; Me, Mass, NY, Penn, Mich ; 

A. harveyi Fols. Ithaca, Ap (MacG). Generally distributed: Me, Mass, Conn, NY, 

Md; Canada. 
A. macgillivrayi Fols. Ithaca, Ap-Nov (MacG). Generally distributed: NY, 111. 
A. manubrialis Tull. LI: Riverhead, Oct, frequently doing great damage to cauli- 
flower plants, seedling cucumbers, and melons (Huck). Generally distributed: 

Europe; S. America; NY. 
A. armatus Nic. {holetivorus Pck., marmoratus Pck., texensis Pck., pratorum 

Pck.). Varna, Mar, Bks; Ithaca, Ap (MacG); NYC, Jl (Silv). Generally 

distributed: cosmopolitan. Europe; S. America; New Zealand; Sumatra; 

Canada; Cuba; Me, NH, Mass, Conn, NY, Penn, Ohio, 111, Mo, Tex, Minn, 

Colo, Calif, Wash, Alaska. 
A. (Schottella) glasgowi Fols. Blauvelt, Mar, May, LIGlasgozu; NYC, Jl (Silv). 

Xenylla Tullberg 

X. humicola Tull. LI: Cold Sp. Harb., CB Davenport. Generally distributed: 

Europe ; Canada ; Mass, NY. 
X. welchi Fols. LI: Bav Shore, Oct, in a greenhouse. Generally distributed: NY, 

111, Kans. 
X. maritima Tull. Macedon, Ap, Lid. Generally distributed:, Europe; NY. 




P. dilatatus MacG. (Brachysiiis MacG.)- Ithaca; types apparently lost. Generally 
distributed: NY. 

Anurida Laboulbene 

A. maritima Guer. LI: Sea Cliff, Bks; Cold Sp. Harb., CBDavenport. On sea- 
shore between tide marks ; feeds on dead mollusks or crustaceans and is strictly 
maritime. Generally distributed: Europe; North America; Atlantic coast, 
Mass, NY, NJ, Fla. 

Neanura MacGillivray 

N. muscorum Temp. (Atmra gibbosa Pck., A. sextuberculata Harv.). Macedon, 
Ap, Hd; Ithaca, Mar-Ap (MacG); McLean, Je, Cy; Voorheesville, Aug, 
Leon, Bish. Generall}'- distributed : Europe ; Canada ; Me, NH, Mass, Conn, 
NY, Penn, Ohio, 111, Minn. 

Onychiurus Gervais 

O. armatus Tull. Ithaca, Feb (MacG). Generally distributed: Europe; Siberia; 

Arctic region; E. Africa; Chile; Me, NY, 111. 
O. subtenuis Fols. Keuka L., Oct, C3; ; McLean Bogs, Ap, Je, Cy; Voorheesville, 

Aug, Leon. Generally distributed : NY, Penn, 111. 
O. fimetarius L. McLean Bogs, Ap, Cy; NYC, Jl (Silv). Generally distributed: 

cosmopolitan. Europe; Africa; Sumatra; Canada; Mass, NY, Penn, DC, 

Fla, Ohio, Calif. 


T. sp. Central Nyack, Nov, 1918, BYSidoli (from WEBritton). Generally 
distributed: NY. 



Anurophorus Nicolet 

A. laricis Nic. NYC, Jl, 1908 (Silv). Generally distributed: Europe; Siberia; 
NY, Minn. 


F. quadrioculata Tull. Mt. Mclntyre, 4000-5000 ft, Jl, Leon; NYC, Jl (Silv). 

Generally distributed : northern and middle Europe ; Arctic regions, Canada ; 
NY, 111, Minn. 

F. fimetaria L. Ithaca, Mar, Ndm, Nov; NYC, May. One of the commonest 
of the soil species. Often under stones, loose bark, etc. Common in flower- 
pots in dwellings and greenhouses. Often on well water. Generally 
distributed : Europe ; Siberia ; Arctic islands ; Mass, NY, NJ, DC, Ohio, 111, 
la, Kans, Minn, Calif, Alaska. 

F. nivalis Pck. NYC, Jl, 1908 (Silv). Generally distributed: Me, NY, la. 

14 Entomobryidae 

ISOTOMA Bourlet 

I. besselsi Pck. LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, CB Davenport. Strictly littoral; on sea- 
shore between tide marks ; probably distributed by marine currents. Generally 
distributed : Finland ; Norway ; England ; Scotland ; Greenland ; Spitzbergen ; 
Nova Zembla, etc.; Tierra del Fuego; Mass, NY, Calif. 

I. schafferi Krausbauer. Voorheesville, Nov, Leon. Generally distributed : Europe ; 
NY, Mass. 

I. minuta Tull. Westport, May, FCSmith, "in hotbeds in large numbers" ; Red 
Hook, Je (Felt) ; Nassau Co, Ap, Cy, "in greenhouse in masses." A soil 
species ; minute, but sometimes occurring in masses in immense numbers. 
Generally distributed: Europe; Canada; Mass, Conn, NY, Penn, Ga, 111, la, 
Kans, Tex. 

I. immersa Fols. LI: found in enormous numbers in a mushroom cellar (Lint). 
Generally distributed: NY. 

I. albella Pck. Potsdam, May, Yg; Wells, Jl, Yg; Geneva, Jl, HGlasgow; 
Albany, Feb, from a filter of city water (Lint). 

I. walkeri Pck. (leonina Pck.). Macedon, Ap, Hd; Ithaca (MacG). Common in 
colonies under recently loosened bark of trees or logs. Generally distributed : 
Mass, NY, Penn, Ohio, 111, la, Minn; Canada. 

I. olivacea Tull. Albany, May, 7, 1924, Yg. Generally distributed: Northern 
Europe; Greenland; Canada; NY. 

I. cinerea Nic. (MacGillivray's unica, dilatata, inclinata, and lateraria). Macedon, 
Ap-May, Hd; Ithaca (MacG) ; Albany, May, Yg. -Abundant in colonies 
under recently loosened bark of trees and logs. Generally distributed : Europe ; 
Siberia ; Franz Josef Land ; Canada ; Me, Mass, NY, Ohio, 111. 

I. arborea L., Agren. (MacGillivray's synonymica and terminata). Potsdam, 
May, Yg; Macedon, Ap-May, Hd; Ithaca, Feb-Mar (MacG), Mar, 
Dobroscky (Fols). Generally distributed: Northern Europe; Me, Mass, 
NY, Ohio, 111. 

I. arborea var. nigra MacG. (nigra, hrimnea, and speciosa). Ithaca, Mar, 1890 
(MacG). Generally distributed: Me, Mass, NY, Ohio, 111, Minn; Canada. 

I. viridis Bourlet (Packard's glauca and plumhea). Potsdam, May, Yg; Macedon, 
Ap, Hd; Ithaca, Sep (MacG) ; McLean Bogs, Ap, Cy; Albany, Je, Yg; LI, 
Bks. Abundant in soil, under wood, stones, etc. ; the largest species of its 
genus in NA and Europe, and easily seen with the naked eye. Generally 
distributed: Europe; Arctic islands; Canada; Me, NH, Mass, NY, DC, 
Ohio, 111, Tenn, la, Tex, Minn, Colo, Calif, Wash, Alaska. 

I. viridis var. riparia Nic. Mt. Mclntyre, 4000-5000 ft., Jl, Leon; Ithaca, Feb-Mar 
(MacG) ; LI, Dec, Bks. Generally distributed: Europe; Siberia; Canada; 
NY, NH, Va, la, Tex, Calif. 


I. palustris Miiller (aequalis MacG.). Sodus Pt., Je, Hd; Ithaca, May-Je, Oct, 
RubyB Hughes; Voorheesville, Aug, Leon; Pine Plains, Je, Yg; LI: Great 
Pond, Riverhead, May, BisJi. A common species on the surface of pools and 
streams ; varies greatly in coloration. Generally distributed : Europe ; Green- 
land; Canada; Cuba; Me, Mass, NY, Md, Ga, Ohio, 111, la. Wis, Tenn, Tex, 
Minn, Calif. 

Entomobryidae 15 


T. flavescens Tull. var. separatus Fols. Mt. Mclntyre, 4000-5000 ft., Jl, Leon; 
Barneveld, Ap-Oct, GeoNWolcott; Penn Yan, May, Cy; Ithaca, Sep 
(MacG) ; McLean, Jl, Cy; Howard, Jl, Cy; Ballston L., Aug, Wlf; High 
Bridge Gorge, Schenectady, Aug, IV If; Basin Bay, L. George, Aug, 
CarylHaskins ; Karner, Jl, Wlf; Voorheesville, Je, Bish, Wlf; Nassau L., 
Sep, Leon & Wlf; Slide Mt., Je, Cy ; Highland, Aug, Wlf; West Park, Aug, 
Wlf; Ramapo Mts., Suffern, May, Cy; LI, Bks. Generally distributed: Me, 
NH, Mass, NY, Penn, DC, Ga, Tenn, Ohio, Ind, 111, la. Mo, Mich; Nova 
Scotia; Ontario. 

T. flavescens Tull. var. americanus Schott. Mt. Mclntyre, 4000-5000 ft., Jl, Leon; 
Adirondack Lodge, Je, Bish; Potsdam, May, Yg; Barneveld, Ap-Oct, 
GeoNWolcott; Ithaca, Jl, Sep (MacG) ; McLean Bogs, Ap, Je, Cy; Howard, 
Jl, Cy; Ballston L., Aug, Wlf; Basin Bay, L. George, Aug, CarylHaskins; 
Nassau L., Sep, Leon & Wlf; Tompkins Corners, Jl, Wlf; Karner, Jl, Wlf; 
Voorheesville, Je, Wlf & Bish, Aug, Nov, Leon; Slide Mt., 3000 ft., Je, 
Leon; White Plains, Sep, Leon; SI, Jan; LI: Great Pond, Riverhead, May, 
Bish. A soil species ; not known to be of economic importance. Generally 
distributed: NH, Mass, NY, NJ, Va, Ohio, 111, Tenn, Mo, Mich, Minn, 
Miss, Tex, Colo, N. Mex, Calif, Ore, Wash, Alaska; Canada. 

T. vulgaris Tull. Potsdam, May, Yg; Adirondack Lodge, Je, Bish; Wells, Jl- 
Aug, Yg; Ithaca, Ap, Sep (MacG); Freeville, Aug, Cy; Claverack, Mar, 
Cy. Generally distributed: Europe; Canada; Me, NH, Mass, NY, Penn, 111, 
Colo, Minn, Wash. 

Entomobrya Rondani 

E. purpurascens Pck. Potsdam, May, Yg; Adirondack Lodge, Je, Bish; Wells, 
Je, Aug, Yg ; Macedon, Ap, Hd ; Ithaca, Mar, Dobroscky ; Voorheesville, 
Aug, Leon; Nassau L., Sep, Wlf; LI: Jamaica, Je, Wlf; Great Pond, River- 
head, May, Bish. Generally distributed: Mass, NY, 111; Canada. 

E. griseo-olivata Pck. "NY", Mar 27, 1890 (MacG). Generally distributed: 
Mass, NY. 

E. hexfasciata Harv. Adirondack Lodge, Je, Bish; Slide Mt., Je, Cy; Karner, 
Jl, Wlf ; Ballston L., Aug, Wlf ; Voorheesville, Aug, Leon ; Valley Cr. 
Swamp, near Voorheesville, Je, Bish & Wlf; Nassau L., Sep, Wlf; LI: 
Riverhead, May, Bish; Mineola, Jl, Wlf. Generally distributed: Me, Mass, 
NY; Canada. 

E. ligata Fols. Ithaca, Aug (MacG) ; Karner, Jl, Wlf; Voorheesville, Aug, Leon; 

LI: Mineola, Jl, Wlf; Garden City, Je, Wlf. Generally distributed: NY. 
E. multifasciata Tull. (decemfasciata Pck.). Potsdam, May, Yg; Ithaca, Mar-Ap 

(MacG); Voorheesville, Aug, Nov, Leon; LI: Garden City, Je, Wlf; 

Montauk,_ May, Cy. Generally distributed: Europe; Me, Mass, NY, Tenn, 

Tex, Calif, Wash. 

E. assuta Fols. Macedon, Ap-May, Hd; Geneva, Je, HGlasgoiv; Ithaca, Jan-Feb, 

Dobroscky. Generally distributed: Vt, NY, 111. 
E. mineola Fols. LI: Mineola, Jl 8, 1923, Wlf, type. 

E. clitellaria Guthrie. Macedon, Ap 20, 1924, Hd. Generally distributed: NY, 111, 

16 Entomobryidae — Sminthuridae 

SiRA Lubbock 

S. buski Lub. Nassau L., Sep 3, 1923, Wlf. Generally distributed : Europe ; Siberia ; 
Canada; Mass, NY. 

Lepidocyrtus Bourlet 

L. albus Pck. Voorheesville, Aug 30, 1923, Leo7i & Bish. Generally distributed: 
Europe; Mass, NY. 

L. cyaneus Tull. (metalHciis Pck.)- Wells, Je, Aug, Yg; Adirondack Lodge, Je, 
Bish; Mt. Mclntyre, 4000-5000 ft, Jl, Leon; Spy L, Je, Yg; Macedon, Ap, 
Hd; Ithaca, May, Dec (MacG) ; Ballston L., Aug, Wlf; Voorheesville, Aug, 
Leon & Bish, Nov, Leon; LI: Sea Cliff, Jl, Bks. Generally distributed: 
Europe; Siberia; Africa; Me, Mass, NY, Ohio, Tenn, Alaska. 

L. violentus Fols. Potsdam, May, Yg; Voorheesville, Nov, Leoji. Generally dis- 
tributed: Mass, NY, Ind, 111. 

Orchesella Templeton 

O. cincta L. {fla-uopicta Pck.). Albany, JHEmerton (Pck), also (Lint) ; LI: Sea 
Cliff, Bks. Generally distributed : Europe ; Siberia ; Mass, NY, Tenn. 

O. ainsliei Fols. Voorheesville, Nov 9, 1923, Leon. Generally distributed: NY, 
Tenn, 111, la. 




P. aquaticus Bourlet {amicus Fols.). Ithaca, spring and fall, RubyBHiighes; 
Albany, Feb, CarylHaskins. Found on the surface of ponds and streams ; 
structurally adapted for locomotion on the surface of the water. Generally dis- 
tributed : Europe ; Canada ; Mass, NY, Ohio, 111. 

SminthurINUS Borner 

S. elegans Fitch, 1863 (quadrilineafus Tull., 1871). LI: Sea Cliff, Bks. Generally 
distributed : Europe ; Mass, NY, W. Va, Ohio, Tenn. 

Bourletiella Banks 

B. hortensis Fitch, 1863 {auadrisianaUis Pck., pruinosiis Tull., 1872). Macedon, 
Je, Hd; Oneonta (Felt); Albany (Fitch); LI: Sea Cliff, 5/^.?. Abundant in 
gardens and fields, and occasionally of great economic importance locally ; 
has caused considerable injury to young vegetable plants — cucumbers, onions, 
etc. — in Mass, Conn, Va. In Mass, May, 1922, it occurred in onion fields in 
astonishing numbers with serious injury, and fields had to be plowed up 
(Amherst, Mass, Fern). In Nova Scotia it wrought havoc, throughout the 
province, to turnips, mangels, etc., as these were emerging from the ground 
(WHBritton). Generally distributed: Europe; Japan; Canada; Me, Mass, 
Conn, NY, NJ, Va, Ohio, 111. 

B. arvalis Fitch {lutcus Lubb.). Rochester, Jl, hid; Macedon, Je, Hd; LI: Sea 
Cliff, Bks. Common in fields and gardens, (Generally distributed: Europe; 
Canada; Mass, NY, Ohio, Mont. 

Sminthuridae 17 

B. spinata MacG. Ithaca (MacG) ; Cinnamon L., Jl, Wlf; LI: Sea Cliff, Bks. 
Adapted to live on the surface of water. Generally distributed : Mass, NY. 

Sminthurus Latreille 2 

S. minutus MacG. Ithaca, RHPcttk (MacG). Generally distributed: Mass, RI, NY. 
S. quadrimaculatus Ryder. Ithaca, Jl 20, 1889 (MacG). Generally distributed: 

NY, 111. 
S. clavatus Bks. LI: Sea Cliff {Bks). Generally distributed: NY. 
S. macgillivrayi Bks. LI : Roslyn, Bks. Generally distributed : NY. 
S. nigripes Bks. LI: Sea Cliff, Bks. Generally distributed: NY. 
S. sylvestris Bks. LI: Sea Cliff, Bks. Generally distributed: NY. 
S. argenteornatus Bks. LI: Sea Cliff, Bks. Generally distributed: NY. 
S. argenteornatus var. albescens Bks. LI: Sea Cliff (Bks). Generally distributed: 

NY. , , • , ,].,..[ 

S. dorsalis Bks. LI: Sea Cliff, Bks. Generally distributed: NY. 
S. fraternus Bks. LI: Sea Cliff, Bks. Generally distributed: NY. 

Ptenothrix Bonier 

P. unicolor Harv. Ithaca, Jl (MacG); Howard, Jl, Cy; Ballston L., Aug, Wlf; 
Voorheesville, Aug, Bish; Nassau L., Sep, Wlf; White Plains, Sep, Leon;. 
LI : Sea Cliff, Bks ; Great Pond, Riverhead, May, Bish. Common under damp 
logs. Generally distributed: Me, Mass, NY, Ohio, 111, Minn. 

P. purpurescens MacG. LI: Sea Cliff, Bks. Generally distributed: NY. 
P. marmoratus Pck. Cinnamon L., Jl, Wlf; Ithaca, Jl (MacG) ; McLean, Je, Cy; 
Howard, Jl, Cy; LI: Sea CHff, Bks. 


Compiled by William T. Davis 
The present list is no doubt fairly complete as far as the distribution 
of species on Staten Island and Long Island is concerned, but is quite 
the reverse for the remainder of the State, much of which appears never 
to have been visited by an entomologist with the object of collecting 
Orthoptera. The species of this order are most numerous in the southern 
part of the State, with the northernmost extension of several of them along 
the coast terminating on Staten Island or Long Island. Probably most of 
these will not be found in any other part of the State. Among crickets, 
for example, there are at least six species that are no doubt confined to 
these islands. 

Here used in the broad sense (Fols). 

18 Blattidae 

A total of 136 species are recorded in this list, whereas Morse records 
126 for New England, including 8 species of adventive cockroaches found 
but rarely. On the other hand, New Jersey, adjoining New York on the 
south, has an orthopterous fauna of about 150 species. 

Taken together, Staten Island and Long Island have 112 species, and 
24 species are recorded as not occurring on these islands. These species 
are usually of more northern range. A collector will discover that some 
of the species mature earlier on Staten Island than on the eastern part of 
Long Island. 

The sequence of the families follows closely that of Morse's Manual of 
the Orthoptcra of New England (1920), which is nearly that of West- 
wood (1839). In Morse's book, or in the very useful Orthoptera of 
Northeastern America, by Dr. W. S. Blatchley (1920), which covers a 
much wider area, the species here mentioned are all treated in detail, 
excepting three which have been recently described. Dr. Blatchley's book, 
moreover, contains a useful bibliography of the writings of Scudder, Rehn 
and Hebard, Caudell, and other authors who have mentioned the 
Orthoptera of the State of New York. 

Family BLATTIDAE^: Cockroaches 

BlattellA Caudell 

B. germanica L. Croton Bug. The adult of this common introduced household 
insect is most common in early summer, but in warm kitchens and among warm 
w^ater pipes it may be found at almost any season. It is generally distributed 
in such situations throughout the State. 

Parcoblatta Hebard^ 

P. virginica Brunner (borealis Brunner). Ardsley-on- Hudson, Je, Winters; West 
Pt., Je, Sep 2, three females; Pine I., Je; Rochester, Jl, Deveson; Coy 
Glen, Je 3, a male and its nymphal skin found under stone ; Conesus L., Je 23 ; 
SI: adults, Je-Sep, females with their egg-capsules, Je-Jl ; LI: Wyandanch, 
Jl ; Coram, Aug ; Selden, Aug ; Yaphank, Je-Sep, Jl 13, a female with ootheca ; 
Wading R., Je-Jl, Je 27, a female with ootheca, Je 27, 28, males on Pyrus bush, 
feeding on honeydew of aphids ; Riverhead, Jl-Aug ; Gardiners I., Je, Aug. 
The females are much longer-lived than the males. 

P. uhleriana Sauss. West Pt., Je; Ithaca, May (CU) ; SI: adults Je-Sep (females 
live the longer) ; Clove Val., Jl 15, a female with ootheca; LI: Wyandanch, 
Jl ; Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl 3, a female with ootheca ; Coram, Aug ; Selden, 
Aug 31, six females; Yaphank, Jl, Aug-Sep; Wading R., May-Jl, Je 27, a 

3 In The Blattidae of North America, Hebard records Eurycotis caraibea (Bol.), Leucophaea 
maderae (Fab.), and Blaberus discoidalis Serv., as adventive species found within the limits of 
the State, and Professor Morse mentions still others as having been introduced into New England. 
None of these insects, however, are likely to become established. 

* Species of this genus come at night to sugar bait spread on the trunks of trees and elsewhere. 

Blattidae 19 

male on Pyrus bush, feeding at night on honeydew of aphids, Jl 14, one male; 
Riverhead, Jl ; Orient, Je ; Gardiners I., Je. 

The nymphs of this and other Parcoblattae pass the winter under dead leaves 
and litter in the woods, and mature the following spring. 

P. caudelli Hebard.^ LI: Selden, Aug 31, six females; Yaphank, Jl-Sep, Jl, females 
with ootheca, Jl 8, six males ; Wading R., Je 27 and 28, males on Pyrus bush 
feeding on honeydew of aphids. 

P. pennsylvanica DeG. Bronx Pk., NYC; West Pt., Je ; Hudson, Morse (Rehn 
& Hebard) ; Ithaca, May-Jl (CU) ; Portageville, Je; Conesus Lake, Je ; Lewis- 
ton, Jl, Wat ; Rochester, Deveson ; Thousand Isls., two males ; SI : adults, 
under loose bark, etc., Je-Aug. 

The males are especially active and are often hard to capture. 

Blatta Linnaeus 

B. orientalis L. Generally distributed over the State. While in very warm houses this 
introduced species may be found at any time of year, in the average dwelling, 
which is cool in winter, it has decided seasons, and mature individuals are 
most common in the late spring and in summer. Hebard states that as its 
appearance is coincident with the arrival of the shad in the Delaware River, it 
is locally known as the " shad roach." While the females cannot fly, they are 
excellent runners, and on SI are sometimes found under stones, etc., far 
from any dwellings. None, however, appear to survive the winter as far 
north as NY State, unless they are protected artificially by man. 

Periplaneta Burmeister 

P, americana L. As far north as NY this American species requires even more 
protection in order to survive the winter than does Blatta orientalis, and for 
that reason it is found in but few detached dwellings. In greenhouses, hotels, 
and any large buildings that are kept warm, it finds more congenial surround- 
ings and multiplies accordingly. It is very common in the reptile house, Bronx 
Pk., where it "is trapped as living food for lizards, etc. As it is found on ship- 
board, it also gets into the sea, and so occasionally is washed ashore on SI 
and LI. Rochester, Deveson, is the most northern record for the State. 

P. australasiae Fab. A nymph of this introduced species was found in the green- 
house, Prospect Pk., Brooklyn, Jan. 5, 1907, and no doubt it occurs in many 
such places. It is very common in parts of the Southern States. Ithaca, Aug 
24, 1894, a female with its egg capsule (CU). 

Pycnocelus Scudder 

P. surinamensis L. This species is very common in parts of the Southern States 
and has been introduced in the reptile house, Bronx Pk. It is reported also 
from several localities in New England. The many N. A. specimens thus far 
found have been females, with the exception of a single male collected in the 
reptile house, Jan 12, 1914. 

^ The compiler has discovered that the females of caudelli, contrary to the description of the 
species, have short tegmina, and closely resemble the same sex in fulvescens Sauss. & Zehnt. ; so 
the published Long Island records of fulvescens must appear under caudelli. 

20 Blattidae — Mantidae — Phasmidae 

Panchlora Burmeister 

p. cubensis Sauss. This beautiful green roach is adventive from tropical America 
and is usually introduced in bunches of bananas. It is an out-of-door roach 
and cannot establish itself as far north as NY State. It has been brought to 
SI in March, Aug, and Dec ; all these four specimens were females. In the 
Brookl}^ Museum there is a female taken in that city in a bunch of bananas, 
Jan, 1912. Other records are Albany, Mar (US), and Rochester, Ap, Dcveson. 

Cryptocercus Scudder 

C. punctulatus Scud. This wingless shining black or brownish black roach, occur- 

ring in decayed moist logs in thick woods, is found from southwestern NY 
to northern Ga. It is found also along the Pacific coast. NY, one juvenile 
paratype (MCZ). 

Family MANTIDAE 6; Praying Mantes, Soothsayers 

Mantis Linnaeus 

M. religiosa L. Introduced from the Old World. Rochester, Charlotte, Summer- 
ville, 1899, HFAtzvood, reported in Ent. News, Dec, 1899, by M. V. Slingerland. 
Apparently now well established about Rochester and Ithaca. Will probably 
spread slowly. 

Paratenodera Rehn 

P. sinensis Sauss. An Asiatic species, first introduced about 1896 at Meehan's 
Nursery, Germantown, Pa. It was brought to SI in 1902 and is now abundant 
in several places. It prefers dry hillsides with cat brier and other tangle. As 
the insect is beneficial, efforts have been made to establish it elsewhere near 

Family PHASMIDAE: Walking Sticks 

D. femorata Say. Yonkers, Bno & Farley ; Ramapo, Oct ; West Pt. ; Ft. Montgomery, 

Aug, Schotf; Monroe, Oct; Milton, Sep, Joutel; Minnewaska, Aug-Sep, Nic ; 
Allaban, Catskills, Aug, Dozv; Stuyvesant Falls (NYS) ; Albany, Jl, Oct 
(NYS) ; Keeseville, Lg ; Ithaca, Sep (CU) ; Watertown, Oct (NYS); 
Rochester, D eve son; Niagara Falls, the type locality (Say). This species is 
particularly fond of hazel, chestnut, linden, and some oaks. Not reported from 
SI, but occurs on LI: Orient, 1922, Lath; Shelter I. Elsewhere in the State 
it appears to be generally distributed, usually occurring in young trees and on 

Manomera Rehn and Hebard 

M. blatchleyi atlantica Ds. SI is the type locality of this race, or, more likely, 
distinct species. It is generally distributed over LI, mature individuals being 
found from Jl 30 to Oct 1. Often on Solidago rugosa as well as other golden- 
rods and associated plants growing in damp meadows. 

The only other localitv in the State thus far reported is Crotona Pk., Bronx, 
NYC, Oct 9, Wat. 

No males are known ; females collected from Conn to Va. 

^Adventive species. In addition to Stagmomantis Carolina (L.), which has occasionally been 
brought to N. Y. from the Southern States, Gonatista phyryganaides {grisea Fab.) and 
Fhyllorates chlorophaed (Blanch.) are reported by Scudder in his Orthoptera of North America 
(1868), from N. Y. The type of chlorophaea came from Watertown, but, like grisea, is a southern 
species. A specimen of Thesprotia graminis (Scud.), collection US, is stated by Caudell (Proc. 
U. S. Nat. Mus., 1913) to be labeled "N. Y." It too is a southern species. 

Tettigoniidae 21 

Family TETTIGONIIDAE: Katydids, and their kin 

S. septentrionalis Serville. LI: Yaphank, Jl 24, 1908 (two flew to light), Jl, 1909; 

Riverhead, Aug, 1917; Greenport, Aug 3, 1913, at light; Wading R., Jl, 1914. 
S. pistillata Brunner. Callicoon, Jl 26; Onteora Mt., Aug, Hozv; E Jewett, Aug, 

Ds; Saranac, Ndm (NYS) ; Keene Val., Aug-Sep, Not; Chateaugay L., 

Bowditch; Mountain View, Franklin Co, Sep, Not; Waddington, Aug, Woodr; 

Ithaca (Morse) ; Batavia, Jl, Kngt. A northern form. 
S. curvicauda cuirvicauda DeG. Yonkers, Aug, ERCasey ; L. Mahopac, TDO'Con- 

nor (Rehn & Hebard, Trans. Am. Ent. Soc, 1914) ; Waddington, Aug, Woodr; 

Batavia, Aug, Kngt. SI: Tottenville, Jl 23, 1914, and Jl 26, 1922. LI: 

Coram, Aug-Sep, common on sandy area; Smithtown, Aug; Wading R., 

Aug; Yaphank, Jl-Aug; Riverhead, Aug; E. Quogue, Aug; Amagansett, Aug. 
As this insect is found in northern New England, it probably has a wider 

distribution in the State than is here recorded. 
S. texensis Sauss. & Pict. Bronxville, Sep, Woodr; Ithaca, Jl-Sep (CU) ; Geneva, 

Aug, Sherm (Hubbell). SI: Generally distributed; mature individuals Jl-Oct ; 

occasionally attracted to light. LI : Brooklyn, Sep, Zab ; Coney I., Sep, Zah ; 

Rockaway, Sep, Oct, Ds & Ols; Fire I., Sep; Maspeth, Sep; Selden, Aug; 

Wading R., Aug; Patchogue, Sep; Riverhead, Aug; Amagansett, Sep; Mon- 

tauk, Sep. 

As this species has been recorded from the New England States, it is 

probably to be found more extensively in NY than is here recorded. 
S. furcata Brunner. Van Cort. Pk., Aug; Mt. Vernon, Fitch; Bronxville, Aug;. 

White Plains, Sep, Leon; W, Nyack, Aug; West Pt., Sep, Oct; Sullivan Co, 

Sep ; Pine I., Sep, Brb ; L. Minnewaska, Sep, Nic ; L. Mahopac, TDO'Connor 

(Rehn & Hebard) ; W. Hebron, Sep, Lg ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug, Oct (CU) ; Otto 

(CU) ; Elmira, Sep, common, Diven; Batavia, Aug-Sep, Kngt; Rochester, 

Deveson. SI : Common and generally distributed ; mature individuals Jl-Oct. 

LI: Brooklyn, Aug-Sep, Zah; Aqueduct, Sep; Maspeth, Ols; Flushing, Aug; 

Oyster Bay, Aug ; Selden, Aug ; Coram, Aug-Sep ; Yaphank, Jl-Sep ; Southold, 

Sep; Bay Shore, Aug-Sep, Ols; Patchogue, Sep; Amagansett, Sep; Promised 

Land, Sep ; Gardiners I., Aug. 

The black-striped variety fascia ta Bt., is found in the northern part of the 

State, but not on SI. 

Amblycorypha Stal 

A. oblongifolia DeG. Bronx Pk., Mosholu, Sep, Mt. Vernon, Dunwoodie, Aug, 
ERCasev, L. Mahopac, Aug, TDO'Connor (Rehn & Hebard, Trans. Am. Ent. 
Soc, 1914); W. Nyack, Jl; Coeymans, EBSmith (NYS); CHfton Sps., 
Aug (CU). SI: Generally distributed; mature individuals Jl-Oct. Numerous 
examples of the pink variety have been found, particularly at W. New Brighton 
and in the Clove Valley. Brown individuals also have been collected. LI: 
Brooklyn, Aug-Sep; Aqueduct, Oct; Woodhaven, Aug; Maspeth, Aug-Sep; 
Flushing, Aug, Bell; Sands Pt., Sep, Burns; Wyandanch, Aug; Wading R., 
Jl ; Yaphank, Jl, Sep; Riverhead, Aug; Southold, Sep; Amagansett, Sep; 
Montauk, Sep. 

A. floridana carinata Rehn & Hebard. LI: During a week spent on Gardiners 
I. in Aug, 1918, two males, three females, and a nymph were collected. The 
species is not uncommon in parts of the two forested regions of the island, 
namely the Great Forest and the Tobacco Lot Forest. 

22 Tettigoniidae 

Recorded also from Nantucket and Woods Hole, Mass, but more common 
A. rotundifolia Scud. Bronx, Sep, Ang; Ft. Montgomery, Aug, Schott; Marlboro, 
Sep (Bklyn Mus.-Rehn & Hebard, Trans. Am. Ent. Soc, 1914) ; Ithaca, 
Jl-Aug, Oct (CU) ; Rochester, Deveson. SI: Generally distributed, and found 
from late Jl until frost; latest date Oct 11, 1903; not so plentiful as oblongi- 
folia. LI: Brooklyn, Aug, Zab; Pinelawn, Aug; Coram, Sep; Smithtown, 
Aug; Wading R., Jl ; Yaphank, Jl-Aug; Calverton, Sep; Amagansett, Sep; 
Southold, Sep ; Orient, Oct 30, Lath. 


M. rhombifolium Sauss. Blauvelt, SBHiisted. SI: Generally distributed. Lil: 
Prospect Pk., Brooklyn, Sep; Maspeth, Sep; apparently the species is not found 
on the eastern part of the island. 

Often found in wooded situations and on the wayside trees of well-shaded 
roads. It is more likely to be found in maple trees than is the true katydid, 
and lays its eggs on many species of plants. As the season advances, it, like 
Pterophylla camellifolia, often sings when the sun is shining brightly. 


P. camellifolia Fab. Yonkers, EMWalker; West Pt., Sept-Oct, Rohn; Milton, Sep, 
Joutel; Stuyvesant Falls, Coeymans (NYS) ; Dansville, Sep (CU) ; Niagara 
{EMWalker in Can. Ent. 36:330, 1904). SI: Once common, but now re- 
stricted, so far as known, to a small colony near the Moravian Cemetery, 
located in 1921 by Miss Miriam Campbell. An early record for the song is 
July 30 (1908), and the latest date is November 2 (1882). The insects stop 
singing when the thermometer falls to about 50° (Journ. N. Y. Ent. Soc, 
Mar, 1922). LI: In Journ. N. Y. Ent. Soc, Sept, 1902, p. 174, is the statement 
by Zabriskie that this species was common some twenty-five years ago about 
his home in Brooklyn, but in recent years he had not seen nor heard a single 
one. Away from NYC it is generally distributed and often very common — 
Jamaica; Center I., Oyster Bay; Selden, laying eggs in bark of locust, Sep 18; 
Bellport, Aug, Nic ; Yaphank, Oct 1, common, five females laying eggs in the 
bark of pitch pines ; Calverton, Sep, laying eggs in pine bark ; Amagansett, 
Sep; Gardiners L, Aug; Wading R., Aug 6; Southold, Sep; Greenport, Aug 
2, one singing ; Orient, Nov 1, Lath. 

NeoconocephaluS Karney 

N. exiliscanorus Ds. SI: The type locality for this species is SI, where it was found 
on the edge of the salt meadows near New Dorp. It has also been found in 
many other parts of the island, including Clove Valley, Jl-Sep. LI: New 
Utrecht ; Brooklyn, Aug, many in cattail swamp ; Woodhaven, Aug ; Maspeth, 
Sep 12, numerous, one male of the brown variety ; Flushing, Aug. 

N. lyristes Rehn & Hebard. SI: Found in numerous localities along the edge of the 
salt meadows at Watchogue and Long Neck in Aug-Oct, but not inland; some- 
times seen eating grass seeds. The brown form is darker-colored in this 
species than in any other native Neoconocephalus. LI : Woodhaven, Aug ; 
Aqueduct, Oct; Bellport, Aug, Nic; Smith's Pt., Oct, Eng ; Promised Land, 
Sep ; Southold, Sep. 

Tettigoniidae 23 

N. ensiger Harr. White Plains, Sep, RFHussey ; Ramapo, Jl ; Callicoon, Jl 
Oliverea, Sep; Oxford, SSHall (Rehn & Hebard, Trans. Am. Ent. Soc, 1915) 
Ithaca, Aug-Sep (CU) ; Clifton Sps. (CU) ; Rochester, Sep, Deveson. SI 
Generally distributed, Jl-Oct. Brown individuals occasional. Sometimes sings 
in broad day when the sun is shining, but not so frequently as the other 
Neoconocephali. Lrl : Generally distributed ; Brooklyn ; Maspeth ; Flushing ; 
-Aqueduct; Central Pk. ; Selden; Southold; Greenport ; Orient; Yaphank; 
Amagansett ; Montauk ; Gardiners I., Aug-Sep. 

N. robustus Scud. Hoffman I., NY Harbor, Sep 2, 1920, FMGaige (Hubbell). 
SI: Found in many localities, but especially on sandy ground near the 
border of the salt meadows and along the up-beach at New Dorp, Oakwood, 
etc., Jl-Sep. Brown individuals are numerous. This species will some- 
times sing from ten to fifteen minutes without a stop. LI: Brooklyn; 
Woodhaven ; Aqueduct; Coney I.; Rockaway ; Long Beach; Fire L; Maspeth; 
Central Pk. ; Selden ; Coram ; Wading R. ; Southold ; Greenport ; Riverhead ; 
Yaphank; Bellport; Calverton; Amagansett; Promised Land; Montauk; 
Gardiners I., Aug-Sep. 

N. retusus Scud. Manhattan I., Nov; Van Cort. Pk. ; Bronx, Sep; Yonkers, Oct, 
HAAllard (Rehn & Hebard, Trans. Am. Ent. Soc, 1915) ; White Plains, 
Sep, RFHussey. SI: Generally distributed, and sometimes attracted to light, 
Aug-Nov. Heard singing as late as Nov 9. Will occasionally sing for more 
than half an hour without intermission. LI: Woodhaven; Aqueduct; Rocka- 
way Beach, Schott; Maspeth, Ols; Sands Pt., Sep, Burns; Orient, Schott; 
Yaphank; Montauk, Aug-Oct. 


O. vulgare Harr. Inwood, Manhattan I., Sep; Van Cort. Pk. ; Bronx, Sep; White 
Plains, Sep, Leon; Ramapo, Jl ; Sullivan Co; Wilmington, Jl; Berkshire (Rehn 
& Hebard, Trans. Am. Ent. Soc, 1915) ; Ithaca, Sep (CU) ; Elmira, Aug, 
Divert; Silver Creek, Sep, Leon; Geneva, Aug, HBShernian; Batavia, Sep, 
Kngt. SI: Generally distributed, Jl-Oct (Oct 25 is the latest date). Females 
found laying eggs in pigweed (Chenopodium) Sep 28, and in an old fence 
rail Sep 15. Several of the long-winged form collected. Sings both by day 
and by night. LI: Generally distributed from Brooklyn to Montauk and 
Orient Pt., Jl-Sep ; Shelter I., Aug ; Gardiners I., Aug. 

O. gladiator Bruner, Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU) ; Batavia, Jl-Sep, Kngt. 

O. minor Bruner, LI: Yaphank, Oct 17, 1913, a female, Eng. A pine-tree species, 
more common among the pine trees of NJ and southward. 

O. concinnum Scud. SI: Found in many places on the salt meadow and along its 
margin, Jl-Sep. Song much like that of vulgare, only lower. LI: Brooklyn; 
Aqueduct; Rockaway; Fire L; Sands Pt., Sep, Bs; Wading R. ; Orient, Lath; 
Wading R.,_Aug; Montauk, Aug-Sep. On Gardiners I., in Aug, 1918, it was 
found only in a single meadow bordering Bostwick Cr., where four males and 
three females were collected. On Aug 19, 1919, two females of this species 
were seen to dive into a pool of fresh water near the Peconic R., Riverhead, 
and one of them remained beneath the surface for one and a half minutes, the 
other not so long. 

O. fidicinium Rehn & Hebard. SI: On the salt meadow near Oakwood and Old 
Place, Aug-Sep. Lives in colonies. LI: Rockaway, Woodr; Wading R., Aug 
29, 1922, a female captured by the wasp Tachytes mandibularis — wasp and 
grasshopper on the road, Bird & Ds. 

■ [O. nigripes Scud, has been found in southern Ontario and in Ohio, and therefore it 
may occur in the western part of New York State.] 

24 Tettigoniidae 


C. fasciatus DeG. Rye, Oct ; W. Nyack, Aug ; West Pt., Sep ; Callicoon, Jl ; Keeiic 
Val., Aug-Sep, Not; Saranac Inn, Ndm; Lowville ; Ithaca, Aug-Oct (CU) ; 
Batavia, Aug-Sep, Kiigf. In addition, Rehn and Hebard (1915) report it from 
Chateaugay L., Aug-Sep, Scudder; Clifton Sps. (CU) ; Cattaraugus, Sep 
(CU). SI: Generally distributed and found both along the margin of the 
salt meadow and inland, Jl-Oct. LI: Found from Brooklyn to Montauk and 
Orient on the salt meadow and inland, Jl-Sep; Gardiners I., Aug, 1918. 

C. brevipennis Scud. White Plains, Sep ; W. Nyack, Aug-Sep ; Ft. Montgomery, 
Sep, Schott; West Pt., Sep; Debruce, Sep; Onteora Mt., How; Oliverca, 
Sep; E. Jewett, Aug; Lowville; Ithaca, Aug-Oct (CU) ; Geneva, Aug, 
HBShcrman; Batavia, Aug-Sep, Kngt; Chatham, Aug (Morse);, Niverville. 
Aug (Morse). SI: Common both on the salt meadows and inland, Aug-Nov. 
Found as late as Nov 17 in 1888. Has a very faint little song, not to be heard 
unless one's ear is very close to the singer. As with other Orthoptera, this 
species eats and sings at the same time. LI: Found from Brooklyn to Montauk 
and Orient, Jl-Sep. Some of the inland localities are Selden, Pinelawn, and 
Yaphank ; Gardiners I., Aug. 

[C. ncmoraUs Scud. "Eastern slope of the Palisades" (Bt). While taken on the 
NJ side of the state line, it probably extends into Rockland Co, NY.] 

C. strictus Scud. SI: With the clearing of the wooded areas of the island and the 
consequent drying of the soil, the beard-grass, Andropogon, has become gen- 
erally distributed and with it this grasshopper. It was first observed at 
Arrochar, Oct 1, 1904, by Woodr. Both long- and short-winged examples 
are found, but those having wings of intermediate length are rare. LI: Central 
Pk., Aug. 

C. nigropleurum .Bruner. Ithaca (CU & Morse Coll. ace. to Rehn & Hebard, 
Trans. Am. Ent. Soc, 1915); Junius, Aug; Rochester, Devcson; Batavia, 
Aug-Sep, Kngt. 

C. attenuatus Scud. Ithaca, Oct 27, 1912, two males, three females (CU-Rehn 
& Hebard, Trans. Am. Ent. Soc, 1915). One female from same locality, 
Jl 28, 1906. in collection of Zool. Mus., Univ. of Mich. 

C. nigropleuroides H. Fox. SI: On the salt meadows, Oakwood, Sep 14, 1914, Ds; 
Old Place, Sep 8, 1920, HH Johnson. LI: Wading R., Aug, in salt meadows, 
and at Long Pond. 

C. spartinae H. Fox. SI: Abundant and generally distributed on the salt meadows, 
Old Place, W^atchogue, Tottenville, Jl-Sep. Long-winged form sometim(!S 
attracted to lights at a distance from the meadows. LI: Rockaway, Sep; 
Montauk, Aug; Bergen Beach, Dozv; Sands Pt., Sep-Oct, Bs; Sea Cliff, Aug, 
Oh; Gardiners I., Aug 23, 1918, a female nymph. 

C. saltans Scud. White Plains, Sep; LI: East Meadow, Central Pk., Sep 8, 1911. 
This insect may be either brownish or green in color, and there are occasional 
long-winged examples. 

C. viridifrons Blatch. LI: Central Pk., Sep 8 (Ds). Also known from other 
localities outside the State. 

AtlanticuS Scudder 
A. testaceus Scud. White Plains, Jl, JMFarlcy ; Croton-on-Hudson ; West Pt., 
Je-Sep, Rohn & Ds. SI: On June 26, 1892, very common in a low wet 
field at Watchogue ; found also in Oct. LI: Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl; 
Yaphank, Jl, Eng ; Wading R., Je-Jl, on Jl 26, 1914, two males on bushes sev- 
eral feet from the ground and singing; Riverhead, Aug. 

Tettigoniidae 25 

Most of the older records for this species are under the name pachymerus 
Burm. ; the true pachymerus, however, according to Rehn and Hebard, is a 
more southern species. 

A. davisi Rehn and Hebard. The following is from Rehn and Hebard's revision 
of Atlanticus (Trans. Am. Ent. Soc, 1916) : Ithaca, Jl, Aug, OEPearce & 
Comstock) ; Sullivan Co, Ds; E. Jewett, Aug, Ds; Catskills, Sep, CnJr; 
L. George, Aug, Zab. To the above may be added Mt. Whiteface, Jl, 1914, 
numerous specimens nearly fully-grown. In parts of Pa and Va, this is a 
common species. 

A. americanus Sauss. Ft. Montgomery, Oct 2, Schott; West Pt., Je, nymphs; 
Peekskill, Sep. SI: Generally distributed in the wooded areas. Nymphs in 
Jl and adults in Aug-Oct. LI: Floral Pk., Jl, HThurston; Half Way Hollow 
Hills; Wyandanch, Aug; Wading R., Jl ; Yaphank, Aug-Sep ; Patchogue, Sep; 
E. Quogue, Aug. 

Most of the older records for this species are under the name dorsalis Burm. ; 
the true dorsalis, however, according to Rehn and Hebard, is a more southern 

Ceuthophilus Scudder 

C. nigricans Scud. E. Jewett, Aug; Mt. Whiteface, Jl ; Chateaugay L., Scud (Rehn 
and Hebard, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1916, p. 275-276) ; Onondaga Co, 
Ap 9, 1922 (Hubbell) ; Rochester, Jl, Deveson. LI: Yaphank, Sep. 

Blatchley considers C. ncglectus Scud., described from Ithaca, the same as 
nigricans, which has page priority. 

C. maculatus Harr. In his paper on The North American Ceuthophili (Proc. Am. 
Acad. Arts and Sci., 1894) , Scudder gives the following NY localities : 
Chateaugay L., F.C.Bozvdifch; Ithaca (CU) ; reported also from Howe Cave, 
Pck; Onteora Mt, Jl 29, 1901, Hozo (Caudell) ; Rochester, Aug-Sep, 

C. davisi Blatch. SI, Jl-Aug. Davis states that he has taken specimens on 
numerous occasions in the forested parts of SI by baiting tin cans with 
molasses and fusel oil (Blatchley, Orthoptera of Northeastern America, p. 
625). SI is the type locality, and specimens have been found in Clove Valley, 
in Reed's Valley, and near the Moravian Cemetery. 

C. rehebi Blatch. Crotona Pk., Bronx, NYC, Sep 24, 1899, Wat; Nyack, Je ; 
Ramapo, Oct. SI: Generally distributed in the forested area, on sandy 
ground, and collected in molasses traps, Je, Jl, Sep. LI: Woodhaven, Aug; 
Selden, Aug 30-31, 1916, many on sandy roads, etc., and collected with a lantern 
at night; Coram, Aug-Sep; Yaphank, Jl-Oct; Amagansett, Sep; Orient, Sep, 

This is the species treated by Rehn and Hebard, 1916, as C. spinosus Scud. 
Blatchley, in his Orthoptera of Northeastern America (1920), identifies as 
the true spinosus specimens from Ga and Fla. 

C. uhleri Scud. SI: Richmond, Aug, 1911, a female. A specimen sent to Scudder 
in 1894 was identified as uhleri. 

Found in the "Middle States," according to Scudder, 1894. 

C. latens Scud. Summit of Hook Mt., Nyack, Nov 26, 1916, Schott; Allaben, 
Catskills, Aug, Dow; Genesee Co, Je 24, 1916, nymph. 'Tthaca and Enfield 
Falls, (Morse, CU)," see Scudder, 1894. 

C. caecus Scud. SI: Richmond, Clove Val., Je, Aug, two males and one female. 

C. lapidicola Burm. Saranac L., Sep ; Oliverea, Sep, 1918, males and females at 
sugar bait; Taughannock, Oct. This species is reported from Conn (Walden), 
Mass (Morse), and Ontario as pallidipes (Walker), but it seems to be but 
poorly understood. C. pallidipes may be a northern race of C. lapidicola. 

26 Tettigoniidae — Gryllidae 

C. gracilipes Hald. Manhattan I., near Inwood, Sep 9, 1905, and Oct 3, 1908, 
numerous; Bronxville, Aug; Rye, Oct 12, 1917, a female under bark of 
dead tree ; Ardsley, Je, under bark, Winters ; Croton, Jl ; Peekskill, Aug, 
Bs; Bear Mt, Aug, Schott ; West Pt., Jl ; L. Mahopac, Jl 20, 1903, two 
juvenile females, HFox ; Oliverea, Sep, many at sugar bait ; Caywood, Seneca 
Co, Jl; Geneva, Aug; Ithaca, Comst (Scudd) ; Rock City, Je 6, 1915, a 
female at sugar bait, Je 10-11, two males; Rochester, Deveson. SI: Ft. 
Wadsworth, Sep 23, 1924, found about the foundation of an old house, 
nymphs, Ap, 1925. LI: Gardiners I., Je 14, 1911 (two males), Aug, 1918 (six 
males and three females). 

C. terrestris Scud. Adirondacks, Saranac L., Sep; Ithaca, Aug 19, 1885 (Hebard) ; 
Batavia, Aug 31, 1913, two males, one female, Kngt. 

[C. stygius Scudd. and some other species of Ceuthophilus that have been reported 
from adjoining or near-by States, doubtless occur in NY.] 

Family GRYLLIDAE: Crickets 
Gryllus Linnaeus 

G. assimilis Fab. SI: Immature individuals of the form pennsylvanicus Burm. 
live over winter under stones, etc., and mature in early May, when the males 
may be heard singing. The ovipositor in this form is short. The form 
hictuosus Serville appears about midsummer from eggs hatched in the spring, 
and survives until Nov. It has a long ovipositor. Long-winged examples of 
assimilis are often attracted by light. On Sep 26, 1908, a male and a female 
were seen eating a living Arphia siilphurea. They are more commonly 
vegetable feeders, perhaps from necessity. 

LI : Form pennsylvanicus from Rockaway, Je ; Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl ; 
Nissequogue, Je ; Orient, Je, Lath ; Yaphank, Jl ; Gardiners I., Je. Form 
luctuosus from Aqueduct, Hempstead, Fire L, Central Pk., Selden, Yaphank, 
Amagansett, Gardiners I., Cold Sp. Harb., Southold, Orient, Aug-Sep. 

Away from the coast and at a greater altitude assimilis is smaller and 
darker-colored, and is represented by the form neglectus Scudd. Specimens 
have been examined as follows : West Pt. ; Debruce ; Callicoon ; (Dliverea ; 
Keene Val., Not ; Wilmington ; Ithaca ; W. Danby ; Potter Swamp ; Conesus 
L. ; Portageville ; near Olean. 

G. domesticus L. West Farms (Akhurst, in Psyche, voL9, p. 293, 1902).^ SI: 
This introduced species is usually not common, but is occasionally met with in 
houses, where it is sometimes regarded as a nuisance. Where there is sufficient 
heat it may be heard singing in winter, the song being much more rapid than 
that of assimilis. The long-winged form is sometimes found about lights. 
LI: Brooklyn, taken on a sugared tree, Aug 19, 1916; Flatbush, Nov 25, 1909, 
found in a cellar, Zab ; Yaphank, Jl, 1909, in a house, 

MiOGRYLLUS Saussure 

M. verticallis Serv. SI, Je 17, a fully grown female. 

NemOBIUS Serville 

N. fasciatus DeG. {vittatus Harr., short-winged form). Manhattan I., Inwood, 
Oct ; Van Cort. Pk. ; Rye, Oct ; W. Nyack, Aug ; West Pt., Sep ; Suffern, Sep ; 
Debruce, Sep ; E. Jewett, Aug ; Oliverea, Sep ; Adirondacks, Aug ; Ithaca, 
Aug, Oct; Clyde; Batavia, Sep, Kngt; Rochester, Aug; Cattaraugus, Sep. 
SI: A common species of both upland and salt meadow. Mature individuals 
Jl-Nov. The long-winged form is often attracted by electric lights. LI: 

Gryllidae 27 

Brooklyn; Aqueduct; Pinelawn ; Rockaway; Fire I.; Cold Sp. Harb. ; 
Oyster Bay ; Wading R. ; Southold ; Orient ; Selden ; Coram ; Yaphank ; River- 
head; Calverton; Springs; Montauk; Gardiners I., Aug-Oct 

[N. griseus E. M. Walker has been reported from Toronto (Ontario), several of the 
New England States, and Indiana. It should be found in New York State.] 

N. maculatus Blatch. SI, Sep 19, a male and a female, Ds (Hebard) ; LI: Flat- 
bush, Sep 30, Zah (Hebard). 

N. cubensis Sauss. SI, Aug 22, a female, Ds (Hebard). 

N. palustris Blatch. White Plains, Sep, Leon; LI: Yaphank, Aug 26, 1916, rather 
abundant in an old cranberry bog, on raised places among the moss ; Southold, 
Sep 4, 1912, a male and a female. 

N. carolinus Scudd. Bronxville, Aug; West Pt., Sep; Suffern, Oct; Ramapo, Oct; 
Catskills, Sep; Ithaca, Oct; Olcott, Aug; SI: generally distributed, Jl-Nov ; 
LI: Farmingdale, Oct; Pinelawn, Aug; Wading R., Sep; Springs, Sep. 

OecANTHUS Serville 

O. niveus DeG. Snowy Tree Cricket. Ramapo, Oct; West Pt., Robn; Middle 
Hope (NYS) ; Elmira, Sep, Diven; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU) ; Geneva; 
Rochester; Alfred; Otto (CU) ; Ripley (NYS); "It is found all over the 
State of New York with the exception of forested regions in the north- 
eastern part (B. B, Fulton, 1915). SI: Generally distributed, and may be 
heard singing, especially in gardens among the grapevines, raspberry bushes, 
and fruit trees, from Jl until frost. It sings all night and continues when the 
temperature is rather low. LI: Generally distributed: Brooklyn; Maspetb ; 
Flushing ; Central Pk. ; Sea Cliff ; Long Beach ; Smithtown ; Wading R. ; 
Greenport; Southold; Coram; Yaphank; Riverhead ; Amagansett; Montauk; 
on Gardiners I. it is probably the most plentiful species of the genus, 
occurring often in the clumps of bayberry bushes. 

O. angustipennis Fitch. Bronxville, Sep (Woodr) ; White Plains, Sep, Leon; 
W. Nyack, Sep; Ithaca, Aug (CU) ; Rochester, D eve son; common in the 
lake region of the western part of the State (B. B. Fulton, 1915) ; SI: 
common Aug-Oct, but more of a woodland species than niveus; LI: Prospect 
Pk. ; Brooklyn; Maspeth, Ols; Fire I.; Central Pk. ; Cold Sp. Harb.; Bay 
Shore, Ols ; Selden ; Coram ; Yaphank ; Riverhead ; Promised Land ; Calver- 
ton; Amagansett; Greenport; Southold; Orient, Nov 1, 1914, in orchard. 
Lath ; Gardiners I., Aug. 

O. exclamationis Ds. Bronxville, Aug-Oct (Woodr) ; SI: (type locality) : Buck's 
Hollow, Sep ; Long Neck, Aug-Sep ; Watchogue, Aug ; Eltingville, Sep ; 
LI: Flushing; Kissena Pk., Aug; Central Pk., Aug-Sep; Cold Sp. Harb., 
Sep ; Selden, Aug ; Yaphank, Sep-Oct ; Springs, Aug ; Smithtown, Aug ; 
Deep Pond, Wading R., Aug ; Shelter I., Aug ; Southold, Sep ; Gardiners I., 

O. nigricornis Wlk. Van Cort. Pk., Sep ; White Plains, Sep, Leon, Var. quadripunc- 
tatus Beut. : Rye, Oct; Karner, Aug; Onteora Mt., Aug (How) ; Ithaca, Jl-Ofct 
(CU) ; Rochester, Deveson; Otto (CU) ; Cattaraugus, Sep (CU). SI: Common 
on goldenrods, asters, and other low-growing plants along the edge of the salt 
meadows as well as inland, Aug-Oct ; Huguenot, Oct 3, 1913, a male eat- 
ing an aphid. Var. quadripunctatus Beut. : Watchogue ; Long Neck ; Totten- 
ville. LI : Generally distributed, Aug-Oct : Queens ; Maspeth ; Flushing ; 
Aqueduct ; Rockaway ; Long Beach ; Fire I. ; Pinelawn ; Bay Shore, Ols ; 
Coram, several on sugared trees ; Yaphank ; Patchogue ; Southold ; Orient, 
Lath. Var. quadripunctatus Beut. : Aqueduct ; Rockaway ; Long Beach ; Fire 

28 Gryllidae 

I. ; Maspeth, OIs ; Flushing ; Queens ; Central Pk. ; Pinelawn ; Selden ; Yap- 
hank; Amagansett; Montauk ; Greenport; Southold; Shelter I.; Gardiners I., 

This species is said by B. B. Fulton (1915) to be widely distributed over 
NY, and var. qnadripunctatus to be found in most parts of the State with the 
exception of the northern forested area. 

O. pini Beut. Karner, Jl-Sep (Felt, NYS). SI: As the pines on which this 
species occurs have nearly all disappeared from the island, its presence is 
hardly expected. LI: Fairly common in places among pitch pines; Central 
Pk., Aug ; Pinelawn, Aug ; Coram, Aug-Sep ; Yaphank, Jl-Sep ; Riverhead, 
Aug; Promised Land, Sep; Southold, near Great Pond, Sep. 

O. latipennis Rly. SI: Once very common and still occasional on the low sandy 
ground near Old Place and Watchogue. Found on goldenrods, small white 
birches, etc., Aug-Oct. LI: Bay Shore, Oct, OIs; Calverton, Sep, 1910, two 

Neoxabea Kirby 

N. bipunctata DeG. Van Cort. Pk., Aug 12; Ramapo Mts. (AM); Ft. Mont- 
gomery, Schott. SI, a few collected in Aug. LI: Flushing, Aug, Bell) 
Wyandanch, Sep, Schott; Yaphank, Jl, Sep, Shoe; Promised Land, Sep, Ds; 
Southampton, Aug, Zab ; Amagansett, Sep ; Wading R., Jl, nymph ; Shelter 
L, Aug 3, nymph ; Orient Pt., Jl, nj^mphs ; Gardiners L, Aug. 

The range of this species is more to the southward, and it probably does 
not occur in the northern part of the State. 

Cycloptilum Scudder 

C. squamosum Scud. LI: E. Marion near Orient Bay, Aug 2, 1913, two well- 
grown nymphs under log, Ds & Eng. 

Anaxipha Saussure 

A. exigua Say. SI: Formerly not uncommon in rank vegetation bordering the salt 
marshes, Aug, Sep. In Aug and Sep, 1901, it was found in considerable num- 
bers in the woods near Egbertville, but of late years no specimens have been 
collected on the island. LI: Maspeth, Flushing, OIs; Sea Cliff, Oct (AM), 
and 19 specimens, Bks (CU). 


P. pulchellus Uhl. SI: once fairly abundant at Old Place and Watchogue, Jl- 
Oct, but none have been collected recently. 

In Proc. Ent. Soc. Phila., vol. 2, p. 544, Uhler records this species as "taken 
near the city of New York." 

HapiTHUS Uhler 

H. agitator Uhl. SI: Ward's Pt. ; Tottenville, a female, Sep 21, 1902. This is 
the only record. It is a common species on Sandy Hook, NJ. LI: Fire I., 
opposite Bay Shore, Aug, 1917, Henry Thurston. 

Gryllotalpa Latreille 

G. hexadactyla Perty (borealis Harr.). West Pt., Sep, Robn; Kingston, Dr. C. W. 
Crispell (Rept. NY State Ent., 1888) ; Albany, Oct (Lint-NYS) ; Honeoye 
Falls, Aug 26, nymph, Deveson. SI : Found in all rural places, in moist ground, 


where it may be heard singing its krerr, krcrr, krcrr from late Jl until Oct. 
The long-winged form Columbia Scud, is occasionally attracted to light. 
Rarely individuals are found running about on roads, etc., during the day. LI: 
Yaphank, Sep, four nymphs 5 mm. long, which would probably pass the 
winter in an immature state ; Calverton, Sep ; Amagansett, Sep ; Gardiners I., 
Je 13, 1911, nymph, Aug 7, 1918. 
[G. gryllotalpa L. European Mole Cricket. This imported insect has been reported 
from Rutherford, NJ, as well as from Mass, so it may be looked for in 

TridacTYLUS Olivier 

T. apicialis Say. Ithaca, Jl, Pcarce (Scudd). SI: Old Place, Je, Sep, on damp 
ground. lA: Rockaway Beach, Je, Ewg ; Deep Pond, Wading R., May 31, 
mature individuals; Fort Pond, Montauk, Sep. 

Family ACRIDIDAE: Short-Horned Grasshoppers 

Tryxalis Fabricius 

T. brevicornis L. LI: Ravenswood Swamp, Long Island City, collected many years 
ago (Bt). 


P. brachyptera Scud. SI: Watchogue, Sep 17, 1911, Grossbeck ; Old Place, on 
salt meadow, Sep 8 and 13, 1920, two females, one caught in the web (of a 
spider (H. H. Johnson). LI: Central Pk., Aug 13, 1913 (Fulton); Bay 
Shore, Jl, 1915, Ols; Orient, Jl 1, 1917, a nymph, on sandy beach, Lath; Cedar 
Beach on Gardiners I., Aug 28, 1918, often in clumps of stunted bayberry 

Eritettix Bruner 

E. simplex Scud. LI: Top of High Hill, West Hills, Je 21, 1917, a considerable 
colony; Yaphank, May 28, 1911, Jl 8, 1916, several in thick grass; Wading R., 
May 30, 1913, colony on hill near the great split rock in a one-time asparagus 
bed, neglected and overgrown; Bellport, Je 23, 1913, Nic. 

ChlOEALTIS Harris 

C. conspersa Harr. Bronxville, Jl-Sep. Woodr; Ft Montgomery, Oct 20, Schotl; 
Callicoon, Jl ; E. Jewett, Aug; Mt. Whiteface, Jl ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU) ; 
Rochester, Jl, Deveson; Portageville, Je, three nymphs; Otto (CU). SI, 
from early Jl to the middle of Sep. (3n Sep 15, 1888, a female was found 
laying eggs in an old fence rail. The males stridulate while sitting on the 
ground. At one time not uncommon in Clove Valley, but of late years found 
principally on the low ground about Watchogue ; Moravian Cemetery, Jl ; near 
Egbertville, Jl 21, 1922, a male. LI: Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl ; Wading R., 
Je-Aug, at both Deep Pond and Long Pond; Shelter I., Aug; Orient, Jl, 
Lath ; Yaphank, Jl, Sep ; Riverhead, Aug ; Patchogue, Jl ; Calverton, Sep ; 
Montauk, Sep; Gardiners I., Jl-Aug. 

Orphulella Giglio-Tos 

O. pelidna Burm. Van Cort. Pk., Bronx, Aug ; W^hite Plains, Sep ; W. Nyack, 
Aug; E. Jewett, Aug; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU) ; Rochester, Jl, Dcvcson. SI: 
Generally distributed, Jl-Oct. One female at light, Jl 16, 1912. Occurs in 
both dry and moist situations, and is often common along the edge of the salt 
meadows. Males generally brownish, many green females, also some females 


with elytra purplish. LI: A common species and found from Brooklyn to 

Orient and Montauk; also on Fire I. and Gardiners I. Jl-Sep. Sometimes 

found in very dry situations. 
O. olivacea Morse. SI: Arrochar, Oakwood, Old Place, Watchogue, Jl-Sep. Often 

very common on the salt meadows. A long series does not contain any green. 

males, which exist, however, though rare. The upper parts of the females may 

be of any shade between brown and green. LI: Ravenswood (Psyche, vol. 8, p. 

318-Morse) ; Central Pk., Sep; Sands Pt., Sep, Bs; Orient, on salt meadow, 

Sep, Lath ; Gardiners I., Aug 19, 1918, a male. 
O. speciosa Scud. Van Cort. Pk., Aug ; W. Nyack, Aug ; Debruce, Sep ; E. Jewett, 

Aug. SI: Generally distributed, but more of an upland species than either of 

the two last named, Aug-Sep. Many of the females are partly green in color. 

LI: Maspeth, Jl, OIs; Central Pk., Sep; Southold, Sep; Amagansett, Aug; 

Montauk, Sep ; Gardiners I., Jl-Aug. 


D. viridis Scud. Bronxville, Aug-Oct (Woodr) ; Ramapo, Oct; W. Nyack, Sep; 
West Pt., Aug-Sep (Robn) ; Oliver ea, Sep; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU). SI: A 
common species ; mature individuals from Jl-Oct. Both sexes may be either 
green or brown. The female is usually short-winged, but one with long wings 
and tegmina was found on the sidewalk at St. George, Aug 16, 1908. LI, 
Jl-late fall : Rockaway ; Aqueduct ; Maspeth ; Flushing ; Central Pk. ; Wyan- 
danch ; Half Way Hollow Hills;, Pinelawn ; Coram; Selden ; Yaphank ; 
Patchogue ; Riverhead ; Center I. ; Smithtown ; Wading R. ; Greenport. At 
the last-named place Mr. Latham found it Nov 1, 1914, in woods. 


C. elegans Morse. SI: Usually found on or near the salt meadows; Oakwood, 
Aug; Ward's Pt., Tottenville. Sep; Watchogue, Sep; Price's Meadow I., Sep. 
A long-winged female was found on the sidewalk at St. George, Aug 27, 1914, 
and a male on the turnpike near Silver L. Pk., Oct 13, 1917. LI: The type 
came from Ravenswood (Bt) (Psyche, vol. 7, p. 402, 1896, and Proc. Acad. 
Nat. Sci. Phila., Mar, 1915, p. 99). 


C. curtipennis Harr. Bronxville, Aug-Sep, Woodr; Ft. Montgomery, Oct 20, 
Schott ; West Pt., Aug-Sep, Rohn ; Debruce, Sep ; Oliverea and Slide Mt., 
Sep, both long- and short-winged males and females; Onteora Mt., Oct (How) ; 
Wilmington, Jl ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug, Oct (CU) ; Otto (CU) ; Rochester, Sep 
(Deveson). SI: Generally distributed, and found in low meadows; often 
occurring on the borders of the salt meadows. Jl-Oct, inclusive. The males 
stridulate while sitting on the ground. LI: Aqueduct, Sep; Rockaway, Jl, 
Schott] Maspeth, Aug, OIs; Flushing, Sep, Bell; Wading R., Aug-Sep; 
Riverhead, Aug, salt meadow. 

Stethophyma Fischer 

S. lineatum Scud. Golden L., Aug; Essex Co, Jl (NYS) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (WC 
Thro-CU). LI: Not uncommon on the border of the salt meadow near the 
upper part of Wading R., Aug-Sep, 1922. 

S. g^acile Scud. Saranac L., Sep; Adirondacks, Aug (NYS). 

S. platypterum Scud. White Plains, Aug, 1923 (JMFarley, Jr). 

Acrid iDAE 31 

Arphia Stal 

A. xanthoptera Burm. Bronxville, Aug-Oct, Woodr; W. Nyack, Aug; Ramapo 
Mts. SI: Generally distributed from St. George to Tottenville. A late-appear- 
ing species attaining full growth in Aug and continuing until Oct. Makes a 
crackling noise in flight. LI: Has been found all over the island in Aug-Sep. 
Maspeth, Ols; Central Pk., Aug 12, just matured; Cold Sp. ; Smithtown ; 
Selden; Coram; Yaphank; Southold; Orient, Lath; Amagansett; Springs; 
Montauk; Gardiner s I. 

A. sulphurea Fab. White Plains, Je-Jl ; Ft. Montgomery, May; West Pt., Je; 
Croton, Jl ; Oliverea, Je ; Elmira, Je, Diven ; Ithaca, May-Jl, also CU ; Cone- 
sus L., Je; Rochester, . Jl, Deveson. SI: Generally distributed. Arrives at 
maturity about the middle of May from over-wintering nymphs. A few 
survive until the first of Aug or a little later. LI: Generally distributed. 
Central Pk., Jl; Massapequa, May; West Hills, Je; Half Way Hollow Hills, 
Jl; Nissequoque, Je ; Kings Pk., Je, Bell; Yaphank, Je-Jl, Sep 3 latest date; 
Riverhead, Aug; Wading R., May-Aug. 

Chortophaga Saussure 

C. viridifasciata DeG. Nyack, Je: Ft, Montgomery, May; West Pt., Je ; Ramapo, 
Je; Pine I., Je; Albany (NYS) ; Axton (M&H) ; Mt. Whiteface, Wilmington, 
Je; Baldwinsville, Je (CU) ; Spencer, May (NYS) ; Elmira, Je, Diven; Ithaca, 
May-Jl (CU) ; Rock City, Je ; Portageville, Je; Bergen, GM Gillette; south 
shore of L. Ontario, Je. SI: Generally distributed, and overwinters in nymphal 
stages. Mature individuals from Ap-Nov ; also nymphs on Nov 6. Found 
laying eggs May 17 ; pair mated Jl 23 ; recently matured Aug 27 and Sep 12. 
Crackles wings in flight. Males usually brown or brownish in color ; females 
green, or brown and green. Occasionally a green male is found, and more 
frequently a brown female. Sometimes the pronotum is reddish and the 
general coloring very beautiful. LI: Generally distributed; adults from May- 
fall, and nymphs at any season. Rockaway Beach, in wash-up ; Maspeth ; 
Baldwin; Pinelawn; Wyandanch ; Half Way Hollow Hills; Nissequogue ; 
Wading R. ; Yaphank; Orient, Lath; Riverhead; Gardiners I. 

Encoptolophus Scudder 

E. sordidus Burm. Inwood, Manhattan I., Sep, Schott ; Rockland L., Oct ; West Pt., 
Rohn; Debruce, Sep; Albany (NYS); Oliverea, Sep; Essex Co (NYS); 
Whitehall, Washington Co, Oct (Not); Elmira, Aug, Diven; Ithaca, Aug- 
Sep (CU) ; Holcomb, Sep (Kngt) ; Batavia, Oct (Kngt). SI: Generally 
distributed. Matures in Aug and found as late as Nov 27 at Tottenville. 
Laying eggs in path, Ft. Wadsworth, Nov 6. Crackles its wings in flight. 
LI: Flatbush, Oct, Zah; Flushing, Oct, Bell; West Hills, Sep; Patchogue, 
Sep ; Amagansett, Sep. 

CamnULA Stal 

C. pellucida Scud. E. Jewett, Aug, common; Mt. Whiteface, Jl, common; Keene 
Val., Aug-Sep, Not; Saranac Inn, Ndm; Jay, Jl (WEBritton in Jour. Econ. 
Ent, 1911, p. 545) ; McLean, Aug, Sib; Ithaca, Aug (CU). 

Pardalophora Saussure 

P. apiculata Harr. Bronxville, May, Woodr; Ramapo, May; Nyack, Je ; Croton- 
on- Hudson, May; Albany, May-Je (NYS) ; Elmira, May, Diven; W. Danby, 
May; Ithaca, May; L. Keuka, Je. SI: This beautiful insect, with hind wings 


partly red, used to be an ornament to the overgrown fields of the Island, but 
it appears now to be extinct. The last one seen by the writer was a male at 
Dongan Hills, May, 1909. It passed the winter as a nymph and matured 
in the spring. A few survived until Jl. On May 27, 1900, a female was 
found laying eggs. LI: Queens, May, Schott; Jamaica, May; Pinelawn, Je; 
West Hills, Ap 17, 1915, an early date; Half Way Hollow Hills, May; 
W^andanch, May, Schott; Nissequogue, Je ; Baldwin, May; Bellport, Je, 
Nic; Coram; Wading R., May-Je ; Yaphank, Je. 


D. Carolina L. This species is not only found over the entire State of NY, but 
occurs over the greater part of the U.S. Some of the more northern and 
western state records are : Debruce, Sep ; Callicoon, Jl ; Oliverea, Sep ; Keene 
Val., Aug-Sep, Not ; Elmira, Je, Aug, Diven ; Ithaca, Jl ; Batavia, Jl-Aug, 
Kngt; Buffalo, Jl. SI: Generally distributed. Mature individuals found from 
Je-Nov. The males are the first to mature ; some of the records are Je 20, 
1885, Je 28, 1887, and Je 25, 1921. A male was found attracted by light Jl 9, 
1912, and two Jl 16, 1912. They are often found dead on low bushes, etc., 
having been killed by the fungus Empusa. This is the " hovering grasshopcer," 
the males sometimes poising in mid-air a few feet from the ground. Their 
hovering, however, is not sustained as in certain Diptera. LI: Generally 
distributed all over the island from Brooklyn to Orient, Montauk, and Gardi- 
ners I. Occurs in numbers even on the seashore, and in the Bulletin of the 
Brooklyn Ent. Soc, Ap, 1913, there is an account of "A Plague of Carolina 
Grasshoppers at Long Beach, L. I., in 1912." It is sometimes drowned in the 
ocean and washed ashore on Rockaway Beach. 

SphARAGEMON Scudder 

S. bolli Scud. Van Cort. Pk., Aug ; Callicoon, Jl ; Debruce, Sep ; Ellenville ; E. 
Jewett, Aug; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU) ; McLean, Aug-Sep, Sib; Batavia, Jl, Kngt. 
SI: This woodland species is found from Je-Oct and is generally distributed. 
It crackles its wings in flight. A male was found attracted to light, Jl 16, 
1912. LI: Aqueduct, Jl ; Central Pk., Jl-Sep; Pinelawn, Aug-Sep; West 
Hills, Sep; Selden, Aug-Sep; Coram, Aug-Sep; Smithtown, Aug; Wading 
R., Aug; Southold, Sep; Yaphank, Jl-Sep; Bay Shore, Jl, Oh; Bellport, 
Aug (Nic); Patchogue, Sep; Riverhead, Aug; Calverton, Sep; Amagansett, 
Sep ; Montauk, Aug. 

S. saxatile Morse. Ramapo, Sep ; W. Nyack, Aug ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl ; West Pt., 
Sep. Found on rocky areas, sometimes of small extent. 

S. coUare wyomingianum Thomas. SI: At one time well distributed on the sandy 
areas of the island from Richmond Valley to Mariners Harbor, but now much 
more restricted. It is an insect of overgrown sandy fields and open sandy 
woodland. It has been found plentiful at Richmond Valley in Sep, and near 
Western Ave., Mariners Harbor, in Aug, also Oct 9, Oct 15, and Nov 6. Other 
localities are Long Neck, Sandy Br., Woodrow, Bogardus Corners, Kreischer- 
ville, and Tottenville. 

Professor Morse states that typical examples of wyomingiamim occur on 
SI. It has not been found on LI. 

S. coUare scudderi Morse. LI: Central Pk., Jl-Sep, both to the north and to the 
south of the railroad track, and also on the. undisturbed parts of Hempstead 
Plains ; Montauk, on the grassy hills, also near Fresh Pond, Aug 26 and 27, 
1917 (Eng, Ds) ; Gardiners I., very common on the grassy hills near the 
monument reading " Capt. Kidd's Treasure was buried in this hollow and 


recovered in 1699." The reddish brown form of both males and females is 
much less common at Central Pk. and on Gar diners I. than dark fuscous 


S. marmorata Harr. SI: Tottenville, Sep; Rossville, Aug; Sand Ridges, Richmond 
Valley, Sep; Watchogue, Sep-Oct. On Sep 20, 1919, three males and one 
female were collected near the corner of Hughes Ave. and Lambert's Lane, 
but this beautiful species seems now nearly extinct on the island. Both sexes 
crackle their wings in flight. LI: Generally distributed on the sandy parts of 
the island. Central Pk., Aug ; Cold Sp. Harb., in a sandy field, Sep ; Smith- 
town, Aug ; Selden, Aug-Sep ; Wading R., Aug ; Yaphank, j 1, Sep ; Patchogue, 
Sep; Riverhead, Aug; Calverton, Sep; Amagansett, Sep; Promised Land, 
Sep ; Greenport, Aug ; Shelter I., Aug ; Orient, Aug, Nov, Lath. 


P. fenestralis Serville. SI: On sandy ground and on the up-beach of the seashore. 
Mature individuals from Jl-Oct. Arrochar ; South Beach; Oakwood; Crooke's 
Pt. ; Great Kills ; Richmond Valley ; Tottenville ; Kreischerville ; Rossville ; 
Bogardus Corners; Price's L; Long Neck; Watchogue. Irrespective of the 
sex, the central part of the hind wings may be red, yellow, or some inter- 
mediate color. LI: Generally distributed, and found wherever there are sandy 
areas. Jl-Oct. Aqueduct ; Coney I. ; Rockaway ; Fire I. ; Patchogue ; Yaphank ; 
Riverhead ; Calverton ; Amagansett ; Springs ; Montauk ; Bayville ; Cold Sp. ; 
Center L, in Oyster Bay; Selden; Coram; Wading R. ; Southold; Greenport; 
Shelter L ; Orient ; Gardiners L 

Trimerotropis Stal 

T. maritima Harr. SI: On the beach from the Fort at the Narrows to Tottenville. 
Mature individuals as early as Jl 1 ; they continue into Oct. On Jl 16, 1912, 
a female was found under an electric light at Egbertville, about one and a half 
miles from the beach or any other sandy area. LI : Generally distributed along 
the sandy beach on the south shore, and occasionally on sandy areas farther 
inland. Jl-Oct. Coney L ; Barren I. ; Rockaway Beach ; Fire L ; E. Quogue ; 
Amagansett; Bayville; Sea Cliff (Bks) ; Wading R., both along the beach and 
on the sandy shore of Long Pond about two miles inland ; Southold ; Greenport ; 
Shelter L; Orient, Nov 10, 1914, Lath; Gardiners I.; at Riverhead, Aug, 1917, 
individuals with pinkish hind tibiae were collected. 


C. verruculatus Kby. L. Mohonk, Sep, Eng ; Karner, Jl (NYS) ; Onteora Mt., Aug, 
How; E. Jewett, Aug; Keene Val., Aug, Not, Sep, Eng; Wilmington, Jl ; 
Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Kngt) ; Chateaugay L., Bowditch (Morse) ; Little 
Valley, Sep, Sherm. 


S. americana Drury. SI: Our largest grasshopper. Not known to breed on the 
island; all individuals recorded supposed to be adventive from the South. 
Occasionally found in May, but more often in Sep and later. On Dec 23, 
1894, a male was collected on Todt Hill, and on Dec 28, 1907, a female at 
Woodrow. The last record is Nov 27, 1923, of a male collected on Todt Hill, 
it having flown from the ground into a tree, as they often do when disturbed. 
LI: Aqueduct, Schott. 



S. alutacea Harr. and S. alutacea form rubiginosa Scudd. The striped form, W. 
Nyack, Aug; the brown form, White Plains, Sep. The latter is reported also 
from Sparkill, Rockland Co. (Baird). SI: The striped form, greenish in color 
with a lighter dorsal stripe, is found in moist meadows among rank vegetation : 
Old Place ; Watchogue ; Long Neck ; Richmond ; Arrochar ; Richmond Valley. 
The all-brown or brownish form, rubiginosa, is confined more to dry areas : 
Richmond Valley; Kreischerville ; Long Neck; Watchogue. Aug 5-Oct 20. 
LI : The striped form, Central Pk. ; Wyandanch ; Yaphank ; Wading R. ; 
Riverhead. The all-brown form, which is the more common, Rockaway; 
Aqueduct ; Jamaica ; Central^ Pk. ; Wyandanch ; Cold Sp. ; Coram ; Yaphank ; 
Smithtown ; Wading R. ; Riverhead ; Calverton ; Amagansett ; and Montauk. 

Hesperotettix Scudder 

H. brevipennis Thomas. LI: This beautiful pink and green species has usually been 
found among sweet fern, Comptonia, though it occurs also among other plants. 
On Jl 27, 1909, a large colony was found at Yaphank in an almost circular clump 
of Comptonia about 36 feet in diameter. On Aug 31, 1912, it occurred in the 
same locality chiefly on goldenrod flowers, though also on sweet fern. Other 
localities are : Central Pk., Aug ; Coram, Aug ; Riverhead, Bald Hill, Aug ; 
Bellmore, Calverton, Sep, Eng. 

Dendrotettix Riley 

D. quercus Pck. LI: on Sep 3, 1912, a single short-winged male was collected at 
Yaphank. This is the only record from NY of this sometimes very destructive 
grasshopper which is known on occasion to defoliate large forest trees. 

PODISMA Latreille 

P. glacialis Scud, and form variegata Scud. Summit of Mt. Whiteface, Jl, nymphs 
(Ds), adults, Aug 22, Kngt, and Sep, Lg; L. Placid, Sep, on hazel bush, Eng; 
summit of Mt. Marcy, Aug; Saranac Inn, "on bushes in openings in the 
woods", Ndm; Slide Mt., Sep. The considerable series from Slide Mt. 
approach variegata, but the antennae in the male are not longer than the hind 
femora. Variegata is regarded as a variety by Morse. In his Review of the 
Melanopli, Scudder reports glacialis from Mt. Marcy and Chateaugay L., and 
describes variegata from Ithaca and Enfield Falls. 

Paroxya Scudder 

P. clavuliger Serville. Van Cort. Pk., Aug; Pine I., Sep, Brh. SI: Found in 
grassy swamps, and generally distributed; also along the edge of the salt 
meadows. Jl-Nov. LI: Maspeth, Sep; Flushing, Sep; Aqueduct, Sep; 
Canarsie, Sep, Ols; Riverhead, Aug. 


M. viridipes eurycercus Hebard. Groton, Je 11, 1914, EAChapman, one male, 
three females (Ds) ; Mix Cr. Valley, Cattaraugus Co, Je 11, 1915 (Ds, Bdy), 
two males, one female (Ds) ; Rock City, Je 6, 1915 (Ds, Bdy), one female 
(Ds) ; Seneca Jet., Je 7, 1915 (Ds), two females (Ds) ; Ithaca, one female 
(Hebard); W. Danby, May 30, 1915 (Ds), one male (Ds) ; (Hebard in 
Trans. Am. Ent. Soc, vol. 46, p. 396, 1920). Slaterville, May 30, 1925, 


M. calloplus Hebard. West Pt., Je." 14, 1914, four males, seven females (Ds) 
(Hebard in Trans. Am. Ent. Soc, vol. 46, p. 401, 1920). 

M. tribulus Morse. Ramapo Mts., Oct. SI: a wingless species of the woodlands 
found Jl-Sep Clove Valley ; Reeds Valley ; Graniteville ; near Lambert's 
Lane, Watchogue; Richmond. 

M. mancus S. L Smith. Kaaterskill High Peak, Catskills, 3800 ft. (Morse). A 
number have been collected in Sussex Co, northern NJ, so it should be sought 
between there and the Catskills (Ds). 

[M. dawsoni Scud. Reported from Toronto, Ontario (Wlk), Brunswick, Me 
(Pck), Manchester, NH (Morse), and Tobyhanna, Pa, so its discovery within 
NY is no doubt a matter of more thorough collecting (Ds).] 

M. scudderi Uhler. Rockland L., Oct; Danby Hill, Aug, OEPearce (CU) ; Ithaca, 
Comst (Scudd). SI: More common of late years with the spreading of the 
beard grass consequent to the drier condition of the land. It matures late 
and is generally found from Aug-Oct. A male was collected in 1899 as late 
as Dec. 2. From Fort Hill, St. George, to Tottenville, in suitable localities. 
LI: Aqueduct, Oct; Pinelawn, Aug-Sep ; West Hills, Sep; Selden, Aug; 
Coram, Aug-Sep; Yaphank, Aug-Sep; Patchogue, Sep; Calverton, Sep; 
Riverhead, Aug. 

M. fasciatus F. Walker. White Plains, Je, Farley; West Pt., Je 14 and 16, and 
Crow's Nest Mt., Je 5, an early date; Axton (M&H) ; Mt. Whiteface, Jl; 
Rock City, Jl, i^w^-^; Chipmunk Swamp, Vandalia, Je. SI: Clove Valley, on 
dry hillside, Jl 20, 1914, three males and two females, Aug 14, 1920, two males 
and one female; Watchogue, on sandy ground among huckleberry bushes, Oct 
12, 1918, one male. LI: Common on some of the dry and sandy parts of the 
island. It matures early and has been found from Je 14-Sep. Central Pk. ; 
Massapequa ; Pinelawn ; Wyandanch ; Cold Sp. ; Selden ; Coram ; Yaphank ; 
Wading R. ; Riverhead ; Calverton. 

M. mexicanus atlanis Rly. Callicoon, Jl; Karner, Jl (NYS) ; E. Jewett, Aug; Mt. 
Marcy, Jl, Beq ; Keene Val., Aug, Not ; Wilmington, Jl ; Mt. Whiteface, top, 
Jl-Aug, Kngt; Ithaca, Sep, Kngt; Batavia, Jl, Kngt; Rock City, Jl, Kngt; 
Rochester, Jl, Deveson. SI: Generally distributed, Jl-Oct. LI: Aqueduct; 
Half Way Hollow Hills; Selden; Wading R. ; Yaphank; Riverhead; Shelter 
I.; Orient; Gardiners I. Jl-Sep. 

M. impudicus Scud. LI: In the pine-barren areas. Near Selden, Aug 30, 31, and 
Sep 1, 1916, three males and one female. Sandy ground north of Coram, 
Pennequid Barrens, Aug 17, 19, 1920, and Sep 17, 1920, eight males, two 
females. Deep Pond, Wading R., Aug 7, 1912; Long Pond, Wading R., Sep 
3, 1919, and Je 28, 1922. 

M. femur-rubnim DeG. Red-legged Locust. Rye; W. Nyack; Debruce ; Cats- 
kills; Adirondacks; Karner; Geneva; Ithaca; Batavia; Otto. SI: Generally 
distributed and common. Also on the salt meadows. Early Aug until frost. 
Has been found in numbers as late as Nov 27. LI: Probably the most common 
species on the island, and generally distributed. Found on Gardiners I. 

M. borealis Fieb. Abundant in stagnant bog, Oswegatchie, Je, 1925, Hood (Caud). 
Hebard states that the northeastern specimens belong to the race Junius Dodge. 

M. confusus Scud, (minor Scud.). Van Cort. Pk., Aug; White Plains, Je, 
JMFarleyJr ; Nyack, Je ; Pine I., Je ; Croton-on-Hudson, Je ; West Pt., Je ; 
Oliverea, Je ; AUaben, Aug, Dozv ; E. Jewett, Aug ; W. Hebron, Je, Lg ; 
Mt. Whiteface, Jl. SI : Clove Valley, Je 24, 27 ; Ocean Terrace, Je 24 ; Totten- 
ville, Je 14, Jl 23. LI: Wyandanch, Jl ; Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl; Yaphank, 
Je-Jl, Sep; Wading R., at both Long and Deep Ponds, Je-Aug. 


M. keeleri luridus Dodge. E. Jewett, Aug; Johnstown, Sep (NYS) ; Ithaca, Oct, 
hOPearce. SI: Richmond Valley, Sep 2; Watchogue, in a barren sandy field, 
Aug-Oct, but not found in recent years. On Sep 17, 1887, two males and two 
females were collected at this locality and a note was made that they were 
plentiful. Lrl: Generally distributed, Aug-Sep : Central Pk; Pinelawn; 
Wyandanch; Cold Sp. ; Selden; Coram; Smithtown; Wading R. ; Yaphank; 
Patchogue ; Riverhead ; Calverton ; Amagansett ; Promised Land ; Montauk. 

M. differentialis Thomas. On Aug 30, 1924, a male was found in the salt meadow 
among rank vegetation near Old Place on the north shore of SI. This was 
the first record for the State (Journ. N. Y. Ent. Soc, Dec, 1924). Now well 
established at Old Place. 

M. bivittatus Say. Ft. Washington Pk., Manhattan I., Aug; Bronx Pk. ; Hastings, 
Jl, Joittel; Croton-on-Hudson, Jl; West Pt., Aug, Rohn; Debruce, Sep; Calli- 
coon, Jl; Slide Mt., Sep; E. Jewett, Aug; Albany, Jl (NYS); Wilmington, 
Jl; Cranberry L., Jl (H-Mus. Zoo. U. Mich) ; Ithaca, Jl-Sep (CU) ; Roches- 
ter, Jl-Aug, Deveson; Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt). SI: Common in both dry and 
moist situations ; most plentiful Jl-Aug, but continuing into Oct. LI : Generally 
distributed, Je-Sep. Aqueduct; Rockaway ; Fire I.; Maspeth, Ols\ Flushing; 
Hempstead ; Central Pk. ; Pinelawn ; Coram ; Selden ; Yaphank ; Wading R. ; 
Riverhead; Southold; Orient; Amagansett; Montauk; Gardiners I. An early 
date was a mature male. Deep Pond, Wading R., Je 26, 1913. 

M. punctulatus Scud. Ellenville, Sep. Bt; Ithaca, Aug-Oct, Cy, OEPcarce (CU). 
SI: Rare in recent years. Found in Aug, Sep, Oct, usually on pines but some- 
times on oaks. Sep 23, 1893, a male in grounds of the August R. Grote home- 
stead, Egbertville, where many pines had been planted by the naturalist's 
father. Aug and Sep, 1899, a number near Richmond, mostly on oaks ; Oct 8, 
1911, a female on a white pine in the Moravian Cemetery; Eltingville, Sep 27, 
1922, a male. LI: Cold Sp., Sep; Coram, Aug-Sep, some discovered feeding 
at night on pitch pines; Yaphank, Sep. 

Family ACRYDIIDAE: The Grouse or Pygmy Locusts 


N. cristatus Scud. Mosholu ; White Plains, Jl ; W. Nyack, Sep ; Ramapo, May-Je ; 
Sufifern, May, Bell; Pearl R., May, Wat; Rye, Oct; Hastings, Joiitcl; 
Haverstraw, Oct, Nic; Ft. Montgomery, May, Jl ; West Pt., May 9, long- 
winged fem.ale, Je ; Callicoon, Jl ; Oliverea, Je, nymph; Ithaca, Aug-Sep (CU) ; 
Rock City, Je, Jl 5, one female, long-winged form; Conesus L., Je. SI: 
Mature individuals in every month from Ap to Oct. Specimens with long 
pronotum and wings are rare. LI: Generally distributed and collected from 
Ap-Oct; nymphs found in Jl-Sep. Forest Pk. (Hebard) ; Central Pk. ; 
Massapequa; Pinelawn; Wyandanch; Huntington, Schott; Cold Sp. Harb. ; 
Coram; Kings Pk. ; Wading R. ; Baiting Hollow, Cy; Yaphank; E. Quogue; 
Riverhead; Calverton; Amagansett; Promised Land; Gardiners I. 

ACRYDIUM Geoffroy 

A. granulatum granulatum Kby. West Farms, Mar, Joutel: W. Nyack, Mar, Beq; 
Pine I., Sep, Brh ; Saranac Inn, Ndm ; Saranac L., Sep ; Mt. Whitef ace, 22 
individuals found on summit, Jl 10-13, 1914; Keene Val., Aug, Not; McLean, 
May; Ithaca, Ap-May (CU) ; Tarbel, Je; Portage, May, Kngt; Batavia, 
May-Je, Sep, Kngt. SI : Rare ; adults found from Mar-Oct. Buck's Hollow, 
border of pond, May 20, 1920 (Bs). LI: Brooklyn, Ap 17, 1915 (Shoe); 
North Beach, Ap 1, 1917, Schott. 


A. omatum Say. Croton-on-Hudson, May; Slide Mt., Je, Shoe; Albany, Jl (NYS) ; 
Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cascade L., Adirondacks, Aug; Keene Val., Aug, Not; 
Mt. Whiteface, Jl, a long-winged male found on summit; Syracuse, May 
(H-Mus. Zoo. U. Mich); Montour Falls, Oct (Cy) ; Ithaca, Ap (Bks), 
Oct, Kngt; Rochester, Sep Dcveson. SI, Ap-May, Aug. A male sent to 
Scudder was identified as his variety triangulatum. LI: Brooklyn, Eng; 
Rockaway, Aug, Woodr; Central Pk., Sep; Pinelawn, Je; Calverton, Sep. 

A. acadicum Scud, (hancocki Morse). Axton, Je, M&H (Morse). Blatchley 
regards hancocki as a variety of omatum Say, but it is placed as distinct by 
Morse in his Orthoptera of Nezv England. Hebard states that this species 
should be known under the name acadicum Scud. 

A. arenosum angustum Hancock. Manhattan I., Beaver St., NYC, Ap 26, 1915; 
Van Cort. Pk., May; White Plains, May-Je, Bno; Nyack, Je; W. Nyack, Ap 
(Bs) ; Ramapo, May (Joutel) ; Pearl R., May, Wat; Ft. Montgomery, Jl ; 
West Pt., Je 4, 1916, just matured; Debruce, Sep; Ithaca, Coy Glen, May-Je; 
Tarbel, Je; Egleston's Glen, L. Keuka, Je; Genesee Co, Je; Rock City, 
Je-Jl (Kngt, Ds). SI: Collected from Mar-Oct. Less common in recent 
years. LI: Rockaway Beach, Oct 5, 1912, and Oct 12, 1918, Schott; 
Wyandanch, May; Cold Sp., Eng; Orient, Jl, Lath. 

Neotettix Hancock 
N. femoratus Scud. SI, Je, Aug, two males. More common southward. 

Paratettix Bolivar 

P. cucuUatus Burm. Manhattan L, Je; Croton-on-Hudson, Je-Jl; Ft. Mont- 
gomery, May, Jl (Schott, Ds) ; West Pt., Je; Callicoon, Jl ; Ithaca, Jl, Sep 
(CU) ; Tarbel, Je 1, 1915, 31 specimens on mud flat; Portage, Je, Kngt; 
Batavia, Jl, Kngt; Rochester, Sep, Deveson; Sylvan Beach, Oneida Co, Je, 
Not; Lowville, Je, Not. 

Tettigidea Scudder 

T. lateralis parvipennis Harr. White Plains; Rye, Oct; Hastings, Je, Joutel; 
Nyack, Je ; W. Nyack, Sep ; Ramapo, May, Joutel ; Croton-on-Hudson, May- 
Jl ; Ft. Montgomery, May, Joutel; West Pt., May, Rohn, Je; Callicoon, Jl ; 
Oliverea, Je, Sep; Saranac Inn, Ndm; Wilmington, Jl ; Keene Val., Je, Sep, 
Not; Mt. Whiteface, top, Jl 10 and 13, 1914; Ithaca, Aug, Sep (CU) ; Mc- 
Lean, May ; Tarbel, Je 1, 1915, 19 examples, long- and short-winged indi- 
viduals paired together; Potter Swamp, Yates Co, Je ; Rochester, Jl, Deveson; 
Honeoye Falls, Je 26, 1916, 17 examples, 5 pairs; Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt, Ds). 
SI: Generally distributed; collected from Ap-Oct, and known to hibernate 
in the mature state. Long-winged form found at St. George on side- 
walk, Oct 6, 1916, and Oct 10, 1919. LI: Rockaway, Je, Oct, Eng, Schott; 
Pinelawn, Je, Sep ; Wyandanch, May-Je, Sep, Dec, Ds, Schott ; Melville, Oct, 
Schott; Sands Pt., Sep, Bs; Bellport, Aug, Nic; E. Patchogue, Sep; Yap- 
hank, Aug 26, 1915, 19 individuals, some immature; Springs, Sep; Montauk, 
Aug 25, nymph; Orient, Oct 10, on salt meadow. Lath; Gardiners I., Aug. 
The form acuta Morse, with the anterior margin of the pronotum produced 
into an acutely pointed process, was described from "NY" (Journ. N.Y. Ent. 
Soc, Mar, 1895), and has been taken on SI, Ap (Ds), and LI, Cold Sp., 
Eng (Psyche, Ap, 1908). 

T. armata Morse. SI: the following were part of the paratypes of T. davisi 
Morse, now considered a synonym of armata: female, Ap 24, 1897; male, 
Sep, 1900; male, Je 5; female, Je; in wet places. T. armata is more common 

38 Termitidae — Sialidae 




R. flavipes Kollar. Ithaca; Binghamton, Je, destroying girders in a large office 
building (Chap) ; Karner (Felt) ; Albany, Ap (NYS) ; White Plains (Bno) ; 
Mt. Vernon, Ap (Felt); Bronx Pk. ; Mosholu (Sf) ; NYC {J out el) ; SI: 
Port Richmond; LI: Brooklyn; Bergen Beach; Long Island City; Cold Sp. 
Harb. ; Floral Pk., Aug (Sirrine) ; Sea Cliff {Bks) ; Pinelawn, swarming, 
Je (Ds). 




SlALIS Latreille 

S. americana Ramb. L. George (Ndm). 

S. concava Bks. Ithaca (Bks). 

S. infumata Newn. Saranac Inn (Ndmx) ; Ogdensburg, Je (Felt) ; Sacandaga Pk., 
Je (Alex) ; Castile, May, Brad (Fbs) ; Ithaca (Ndm) ; Ft. Montgomery, May 
(Ds) ; Ramapo, May-Je (Ds) ; Croton-on-Hudson, May (Ds) ; SI: Richmond, 
May (Ds). 

Chauliodes Latreille 

C. angusticollis Hagen. Highland L., Sullivan Co, Aug, Chapin (Ds) ; SI, Jl-Aug 

C. concolor Ds. Ithaca, Jl (KCDavis). 
C. fasciatus Wlk. {lunatus Hagen). West Pt., Je, Rohn (Ds) ; Sterlington, Je 

C. pectinicomis L. Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Ithaca, Je (SmRC) ; Trenton Falls 

(Hagen) ; Schenectady, Je-Jl (Lint) ; Buskirk's Bridge (Lint) ; Tiashoke 

(Lint) ; Troy, Jl (Felt) ; Athens, Jl (Felt) ; Sullivan Co (Ds) ; West Pt., 

Je (Ds) ; SI: Tottenville and Watchogue, May- Aug (Ds) ; LI: Maspeth, Je, 

Olsen (Ds). 
C. rastricornis Ramb. Saranac Inn, Je (Ndm) ; Baldwinsville, Je (Ndm) ; Fulton, 

Je (Ndm); McLean, Je (Ndm); SI, May-Je (Ds) ; LI, May (Ds). 
C. serricornis Say. Saranac Inn, Je (Ndm) ; Ithaca, Jl (SmRC) ; McLean, May 

(Ndm) ; West Pt., Je (Ds) ; Ramapo, May (Ds) ; Ft. Montgomery, May 

(Ds) ; Bronx Pk., May (Ds) ; SI, May-Jl (Ds). 

CORYDALIS Latreille 

C. cornuta L. Adirondacks (Felt) ; Ogdensburg, Jl (Felt) ; Oneonta (NYS) 
Rochester, Jl (Felt); Schuylerville, Jl (Felt); Ithaca; Peruville, Je (Felt): 
Schoharie, Je (Felt) ; Hov^e Cave, Je (Felt) ; Cobleskill, Aug (Felt) : 
Shushan, Jl (Felt) ; Altamont, Jl (Felt) ; Albany, Je (Felt) ; Rensselaer 
Je (Felt) ; Ghent, Aug (Felt) ; Grand Gorge, Jl (Felt) ; Kingston (Lint) : 
Milton, Jl (Felt) ; Liberty (Ds) ; Cornwall (Lint) ; Pine I., Je (Ds) ; Ft 
Montgomery (Ds). Rocky streams, generally (Ndm). 

Mantispidae — SiSYRiDAE — Sympherobiidae — Hemerobiidae 39 

Mantispa Illiger 

M. brunnea Say. LI: Coram, on the Pennequid Barrens, Aug 19, 1920, Eng, and 

Yaphank, Wks (Ds). 
M. interrupta Say. LI: Long Pond, Wading R., Je 26, 1922, found by Schott on 

the coat of Wm T. Davis, who had been walking through scrub oaks (Ds). 


SiSYRA Burmeister 

S. umbrata Ndm. Saranac Inn, Je-Jl (Ndm) ; Sacandaga Pk., Je-Jl (Alex). 
S. vicaria Wlk. Sarrnac, Je (Bks) ; Ithaca, Je (Bks) ; Mosholu, Sep (Bks). 

Climacia McLachlan 

C. areolaris Hagen (dictyona Ndm). Saranac Inn, Jl-Aug (Ndm) ; Canada L., 
Jl, and Sacandaga Pk., Je 22 (Alex). 

P. diptera Burm. Gloversville, Aug 29 (Alex); Ithaca (Bks). 

Sympherobius Banks 

S. amiculus Fitch. "NY," on peach trees, May-Oct (Fitch-Sm NJ List); Ithaca, 
Aug 1, Cy (SmRC); SI (Ds) ; LI: (Ds); Sea Cliff (Bks). 

Hemerobius Linnaeus 
H. castaneae Fitch. Mosholu, Mar. 
H. con junctus Fitch. "NY" (Fitch). 
H. fidelis Bks. Gowanda, Je, EPV (Bks). 
H. humuli L. (castanae Fitch, tutatrix Fitch). Wanakena, Aug, Drake (SmRC); 

Saranac Inn, Aug (CU) ; West Fails, Je (CU) ; Castile, May, Brad (Fbs) ; 

Ithaca; McLean, Jl-Sep (SmRC); Pine Kill, Sullivan Co, May 22, Cy 

(SmRC) ; SI: Tottenville, etc., Je-Aug ; LI: Sea Cliff (Bks), May-Jl (Bks, 

SmRC) ; Ronkonkoma, Sep 9, Cy (SmRC). 
H. hyalinatus Fitch. "NY," May-Jl, on pine (Sm NJ List) ; L. Placid, Aug, EPV 

(NYS) ; Penn Yan, May 30, Cy (SmRC). 
H. placidus Bks. L. Placid, Aug (Bks). 
H. simulans Wlk. Ithaca (Bks). 
H. stigmaterus Fitch. Old Forge, Jl (CU) ; Otto, Sep (CU) ; Castile, May, Brad 

(Fbs) : Cinnamon L, Jl 24, Cy (SmRC) ; Ithaca (Bks), in trap lantern, Jl 24, 

Fbs (SmRC); McLean, Sep (SmRC); SI: New Brighton, May, Sep (Ds) ; 

LI: Sea Cliff (Bks). 

40 Hemerobiidae — Berothidae — Polystoechotidae — Chrysopidae 


B. disjuncta Bks. Keene Valley (Bks) ; Axton, MacG (Bks) ; Ithaca, MacG 
(Bks) ; Onteora Mt, Jl, Huw (Bks). 

B. longifrons Wlk. {alternatus Fitch). " NY," on pine and hemlock in Je (Fitch-Sm 

NJ List); Ithaca, Je (Bks). 

MiCROMUS Rambur 

M. angulatus Steph. L. Placid, Aug, EPV (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Jl, Drake 

(SmRC); Gloversville, Sep 9 (Alex). 
M. Jonas Ndm. Saranac Inn, Jl (Ndm) ; Woodworth's L., Aug 19 (Alex). 
M. montanus Bks. L. Placid, Aug, EPV (NYS); Old Forge, Jl (CU) ; 

Mountain L., Fulton Co, Jl 21 (Alex) ; Onteora Mt., How (Bks). 
M. posticus Wlk. West Falls, Jl (CU) ; Ithaca, Jl, Sep-Oct (SmRC) ; Kingston, 

Aug, EPV (NYS). 
M. subanticus Wlk. L. Keuka, Sep (CU). 



L. flavicornis Wlk. SI: Clove Valley, Jl, rare (Ds) ; LI: Central Pk., May, Aug 
(Ds) ; Coram, on the Pennequid Barrens, Aug 18, 1920 (Ds). 



P. punctatus Fab. Newport, Sep (Felt) ; Cranberry L., Jl (Ndm) ; Saranac Inn, 
common, Jl (Ndm) ; St. Lawrence Co, Aug (Ndm) ; Long L., Aug, abundant 
(Lint) ; Gloversville, Jl (Alex) ; N. Fair Haven, Aug (Ndm) ; Chautauqua 
(Ds) ; Ithaca, 1 specimen (SmRC) ; Troy, Jl (Felt) ; Stamford, Aug (Ds) ; 
SI, Jl-Aug (Ds); LI (Ds). 

Allochrysa Banks 
A. virginica Fitch. SI, Aug (Bks-Ds). 

Chrysopa Leach 

C. chi Fitch (ypsilon Fitch). Newcomb, Jl (SmRC) ; Axton, Je (Bks) ; Cranberry 

L., Jl (SmRC) ; Old Forge (CU) ; Woodworth's L., Je 23, and Johnstown, 

Je 3 (Alex) ; Ithaca and McLean (SmRC) ; Black Br., Je (SmRC) ; Greene 

Co, Jl (SmRC); LI: Sea CHff, May-Je (Bks). 
C. emuncta Fitch. Onteora Mt., Aug, How (Bks). 
C. harrisii Fitch. Newport, Jl (NYS) ; Pike, Jl (NYS) ; Albany, Oct (NYS) ; 

SI, Oct (Ds). 
C. interrupta Fitch. Honeoye Falls, Sep (SmRC) ; Ithaca, Aug, at trap lantern, 

Oct (SmRC). 

' This list has been checked by Dr. Roger C. Smith, of the Department of Entomology, Kansas 
State Agricultural College. 

Chrysopidae — Myrmeleonidae 41 

C. lineaticornis Fitch. Ithaca, on linden (SmRC). 

C. nigricornis Burm. Sacandaga Pk., Je 27 (Alex) ; Buffalo (Bks) ; Ithaca, May- 
Aug (Bks, SmRC); McLean, Je (Sib); SI, Aug-Sep (Bks-Ds) ; LI: Sea 
Cliff (Bks). 

C. occulata Say (chlorophana Bks., alhicornis Fitch). Generally distributed and 
common throughout the State. Wilmington, Aug (SmRC) ; Cranberry L., 
Jl (SmRC); Syracuse, Jl (SmRC); Old Forge and Baldwinsville ; West 
Falls, Jl; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Bks); McLean, Jl-Sep (SmRC); Karner, Je 
(SmRC); Onteora Mt, Hozv (Bks); SI, Je-Jl (Bks-Ds); LI: Sea Cliff, 
Jl-Aug (Bks). 

C. plorabunda Fitch. Not abundant in NY State (SmRC). Ithaca, Jl (CU). 

C. quadripunctata Burm. Ithaca, Je, at trap lantern (SmRC) ; McLean, Aug 
(SmRC) ; SI, Sep (Bks-Ds) ; LI: Sea Cliff, Aug (Bks). 

C. rufilabris Burm. Axton (Bks) ; Ithaca, Sep (Bks, SmRC) ; Trenton Falls 
(Wlk) ; SI, Sep (Bks-Ds) ; LI: Sea Chff (Bks). 

C. stenostigma Navas. LI: Yaphank, Jl 25, Bno (Navas). 

C. stichoptera Navas. LI: Yaphank, Jl 10, Bno (Navas). 

Meleoma Fitch 

M. signoretti Fitch. Old Forge, Jl (Ndm) ; Ithaca, Je (SmRC) ; Onteora Mt., Je, 

How (Bks); LI (Bks). 
M. slossonae Bks. Old Forge, Jl (Ndm) ; Malone, Je (Ndm) ; Mountain L., Je 

18 (Alex); Sacandaga Pk., Alex (SmRC). 


Myrmeleon Linnaeus 

M. crudelis Wlk. (rusticus Hagen). SI, Jl (Ds). 

M. immaculatus DeG. Essex Co, Jl (NYS) ; Ithaca, Aug (Comstock) ; Albany; 
Coeymans, Je (Lint) ; SI, Je, Sep (Ds). 

Dendroleon Brauer 

D. obsoletum Say. Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Comstock, Ndm-CU) ; Taughannock, Aug 

Bdy (Ndm-CU) ; Coeymans, Sep (Hagen) ; Palenville, Aug (Lint) ; LI: 
Yaphank, Jl-Aug, and Gardiners I. (Ds). 

Brachynemurus Hagen 

B. abdominalis Say. Croton-on-Hudson, Je (Ds) ; SI: Arrochar, Je, Aug, and 

Watchogue, Jl (Ds) ; LI: Yaphank, Jl, E. Quogue, Aug, Half Way Hollow 
Hills, Jl, and Coney I., Sep (Ds). 

Cryptoleon Banks 

C. nebulosum Oliv. {conspersa Ramb). SI: Richmond Valley, May (Ds) ; LI: 

Wyandanch, Jl ; Bayshore, Jl, Olsen, and Yaphank, Jl (Ds). 
C. signata Hagen. SI (Bks-Ds). Mr. Davis states that this is the Dendroleon 
pumilis Burm. of the N. J. List, 1910 ed., which was based on a misidentifica- 
tion by Banks. 


Ululodes Currie 
U. quadripunctata Burm. SI (Ds). 

Colo B OPT ERUS Rambur 
C. excisus Hagen. Ithaca, Ada E. Georgia (Ndm). 



C. hageni Bks. LI: Sea Cliff (Bks). 

C. vicina Hagen. Hamburg (Bks) ; Woodworth's L. and Johnstown, Aug (Alex) ; 
Ithaca, Jl-Aug, common; LI: Sea Cliff (Bks). 

M. westwoodi Fitch. Gloversville, Je 13 (Alex). 

C. hageni Bks. Speculator, Jl, Yg (NYS). 




Baetisca Walsh 

B. obesa Walsh. Northampton, May (Felt); Newport, May, Yg; Niagara R. 

(EPV) ; Fish House, May (Alex). 

Chirotenetes Eaton 

C. albomanicatus Ndm. Johnstown, Je-Jl (Alex) ; Fall Cr., Ithaca, Jl (Ndm, 

Morg) ; May- Aug, nymphs; Slaterville, Jl (Ndm). 

Ameletus Eaton 

A. ludens Ndm. Newport, May, Yg; Pleasant Br., Ithaca, nymphs abundant, Ap 
(Morg). An inhabitant of temporary streams, parthenogenetic, eggs aestivate 
five months. But one male known (Ndm). 

Choroterpes Eaton 

C. basalis Bks. Old Forge, Aug (Ndm) ; Woodworth's L., Aug (Alex) ; Winter- 
green Pt. ; Ithaca, Jl (Ndm) ; L. George, Aug (Ndm). 

•Edited by J. G. Needham. 

Ephemeridae 43 

CaenIS Stephens 

C. diminuta Wlk. Thousand I. Pk. (M. R. Miller) ; Little Clear Pond, near Saranac 
Inn, Jl (Ndm);, Saranac Inn, Jl (Ndm) ; Old Forge, Jl-Aug (Ndm) ; Fall 
Cr., Ithaca (Morg) ; McLean, Je-Aug, Sib (Ndm) ; L. George, Aug (Ndm). 

C. hilaris Say. Thousand I. Pk. (M. R. Miller) ; Ithaca (Ndm, Morg), abundant. 

C. lacustris Ndm. Oneida L., F, C. Baker (Ndm). 


S. alternatus Say. Saranac Inn, Little Clear Pond, and Old Forge (Ndm) ; Bald 
Mt. Pond (Ndm) ; First L., Je (Ndm) ; Sacandaga Pk., Je (Alex) ; Ithaca, 
nymphs common, Ap-Je (Morg) ; Slaterville, Je (Ndm) ; Trenton Falls 

S. aridus Say. NY (Bks). 

S. femoratus Say. "NY" (Bks). 

S. minis Eaton. Sacandaga Pk. and Fish House, May-Je (Alex). 

S. typicus Eaton. Johnstown, Je (Alex). 

S. flexus Clem. Shore of L. Ontario near N. Fair Haven, Jl 19 (Ndm). 

Leptophlebia Westwood 

L. betteni Ndm. Hamburg, Jl (Bet) ; Howard, Jl 5, Cy (Ndm) ; Ithaca (Ndm) ; 

McLean, Jl (Emily R. Morrison), Aug, Sib. 
L. mollis Eaton. Old Forge (Ndm) ; Fall Cr., Ithaca (Morg) ; L. George, Je 

L. praepedita Eaton. Fall Cr., Ithaca, May-Je (Morg). 


S. aerodromia Ndm. Sacandaga Pk., Alex (Ndm) ; Northampton, May (Felt) ; 
Johnstown, Alex (Ndm). 

Callibaetis Eaton 

C. americana Bks. Van Cort. Pk., Je 2 (Ds) ; SI, Ap 30, May 10 (Ds) : LI: 

Yaphank, Jl 25 (Ds). 

C. ferruginea Walsh. Saranac Inn, Aug (Ndm); Mountain L., Je (Alex); LI: 

Sea Cliff (Bks). 
C. fluctuans Walsh. Ithaca, Je (Ndm). 
C. hageni Eaton. Old Forge, Jl-Aug (Ndm). 
C. undatus Pict. "NY"(Hagen). 

Baetis Leach 

B. posticatus Say. Old Forge, Jl-Aug (Ndm). 

B. propinquus Walsh. Ithaca, Murphy. 

B. pygmaea Hagen Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Sacandaga Pk., Je (Alex) ; Ithaca, Jl 
(Ndm, Morg). 

44 Ephemeridae 

Blasturus Eaton 

B. cupidus Say. Old Forge, Je, and Ithaca (Ndm, Morg) ; McLean, May-Je, Sib 
(Ndm); Castile, Ap-May, Brad (Ndm); SI, Ap 16, 27, and Je (Ds) ; LI: 
Wyandanch, Ap 21, Schott, and Yaphank, May 29 (Ds). 

B. nebulosus Wlk. Fish House, May 28 (Alex). 

Ephemerella Walsh 

E. comuta Morg. Ithaca (Morg). 

E. deficiens Morg. Ithaca (Morg). 

E. dorothea Ndm. Beaver Meadow Br., near Old Forge, extremely local (Ndm). 

E. excrucians Walsh. Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Cayuga L., Je; L. George, Je (Ndm). 

E. feminina Ndm. Ithaca (Ndm) ; McLean, Jl-Aug, Sih (Ndm) ; Richfield Sps., 

May (Ndm). Apparently parthenogenetic. 
E. lata Morg. Ithaca, Je (Morg). 
E. rotunda Morg. Pleasant Br., Ithaca, Je (Morg), 
E. serrata Morg. Ithaca (Morg). 
E. simulans Wlk. Ithaca, Je (Morg). 
E. tuberculata Morg. Fall Cr., Ithaca (Morg). 

T. allectus Ndm. Old Forge, Ithaca, Je-Jl (Ndm). 

Cloeon Leach 

C. mendax Walsh. Old Forge (Ndm). 
C. vicinum Hagen. Old Forge (Ndm). 

Habrophlebia Eaton 
H. vibrans Ndm. Bald Mt. Pond, near Old Forge, Jl (Ndm). 



p. albus Say. Fall Cr., Ithaca, Je (Morg) ; points on Susquehanna R. (Ndm) ; 
Corning, on Chemung R., Aug (Ndm). 

Hexagenia Walsh 

H. bilineata Say. Buffalo, Jl, Bet (Ndm) ; Niagara Falls, Jl, Watson, as limhata 

Guer. (Ds) ; Cayuga L. (Ndm) ; Seneca L. (Ndm) ; Schenectady, Je (Lint) ; 

L. George, in deep water, Jl-Aug (Ndm) ; Poughkeepsie, Jl (Felt). 
H. recurvata Morg. Pine L., near Canada L., Herkimer Co (Ndm) ; Michigan 

Hollow (Ndm) ; McLean (Ndm). 
H. variabilis Eaton. Little Clear Cr., near Saranac Inn, Je-Aug (Ndm) ; Ithaca, 

May (Morg) ; ? Coxsackie, Je (Felt). 

Ephemera Linnaeus 

E. guttulata Pict. Sacandaga Pk., Alex (Ndm) ; Fall Cr., above McLean (Ndm) ; 
Ft. Montgomery, May 31, 1903 (Ds). 

Ephemeridae — Agrionidae 45 

E. simulans Wlk. Sacandaga Pk., Je 23 (Alex) ; N. Fair Haven (Ndm) ; Cayuga 

L, Jl, Comstock (Ndm) ; Buffalo, Bet (Ndm) ; Fall Cr, Ithaca, Je-Jl 

(Morg) ; L. George, late Je-Jl (Ndm). 
E. varia Eaton {decora Hagen). Little Clear Cr. and Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Moose 

R. (Ndm) ; Old Forge (Ndm); Gloversville, Jl, Alex (Ndm); Fall Cr., 

Ithaca (Ndm, Morg). 


p. diaphanus Ndm. Old Forge; Squaw L; Buffalo, Jl, Bet; Ithaca (Ndm). 
P. inaequalis Ndm. Schenectady, Je (Ndm). 



{Ecdyurus Eaton) 

E. maculipennis Walsh. Mountain L., Fulton Co, Jl (Alex) ; Corning, Jl, Cy 
(Ndm) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (Ndm, Morg) ; McLean, Jl 29, Aug, Sih (Ndm). 

Heptagenia Walsh 

?H. canadensis Wlk. "NY," O. S. (Hagen). 

H. interpunctata Say. Old Forge (Ndm) ; Trenton Falls, O. wS'. (Hagen) ; Ithaca, 

Ap (Morg) and Jl (Ndm) ; McLean, Jl, Sib (Ndm) ; L. George, Aug (Ndm). 
H. luridipennis Burm. Johnstown, Je, Alex (Bks) ; Westfield (Bks). 
H. placita Bks. Sacandaga Pk., Je, Alex (Bks). 
H. pleuralis Bks. Gloversville, May 15, Alex (Bks) — type; Ramapo, May 31, and 

SI, Je 7, as Iron (Ds). 
H. pulchella Walsh. Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Old Forge, Jl-Aug (Ndm) ; N. Fair 

Haven (Ndm) ; Fall Cr., Ithaca (Morg) ; L. George, Aug (Ndm). 
H. tripunctata Bks. Westfield (Bks) ; Johnstown, Je 15 (Bks). 
H. verticis Say. "NY" (Bks). 

Iron Eaton 

I. fragilis Morg. Coy Glen, Pleasant Br., and Fall Cr., near Ithaca (Morg). 

Epeorus Eaton 

E. humeralis Morg. Ithaca, May-Jl (Morg) ; Slaterville, Theresa M. Robinson 
(Ndm) ; Tarbel, near Lansing (Ndm). 

Order ODONATA » 

suborder ZYGOPTERA 


Calopteryx Burmeister 

C. aequabilis Say. Old Forge (Ndm) ; Keeseville, Aug, Sheraton (Calv) ; Ithaca, 

Je (Kennedy) ; Bronx Pk., Je (Ds). 
C. amatum Hagen. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Keene Valley, Jl (Calv-NYS). 

*» Edited by J. G. Needham, with the collaboration chiefly of P. P. Calvert, E. M. Walker, and 
Wm. T. Davis. 

46 Agrionidae 

C. dimidiatum Burm. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Rochester (Moore); NYC (Bt). 

C. maculatum Beauv. Generally distributed. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Keeseville, Je, 
Sheraton (Calv) ; Peru, Cy; Old Forge (Ndm) ; Saranac Inn, late Je 
(Ndm); De Ruyter Res., Madison Co, Cy; Buffalo, EPV (Kellicott) ; 
Castile, Brad (Ndm) ; Ithaca (Bks) ; Schenectady, Jl (NYS) ; Trenton 
Falls, OS. (Hagen) ; NYC, Je (Hagen) ; SI, Je-Aug (Ds) ; LI, general 
(Ds). Streams in deep woods. 

Hetaerina Hagen 

H. americana Fab. Keeseville, Aug, Sheraton (Calv) ; Ithaca, Salant (Bks) ; 
Albany Co (NYS) ; Slingerlands, Aug (Felt). Along sandy streams, Aug- 
Sep ; very local. 

Lestes Leach 

L. congener Hagen. L. St. Regis, Franklin Co, Sep, Moore (Calv) ; Castile, Brad 
(Ndm) ; Ithaca (Ndm) ; Bronxville, Jl-Sep, Woodr (Ds) ; SI, Sep-Nov 
(Ds) ; LI: Flushing, Aug (Ds) ; Southold, Sep (Ds). 

L. disjunctus Selys. Waddington, Aug (Woodr) ; Keene Valley (Not) ; L. St. 

Regis, Franklin Co, Sep, Moore (Calv) ; Keeseville, Jl-Aug, Sheraton 

(Calv) ; Ithaca, Aug (Bks) ; Catskill L., Aug (Calv) ; Hunter, Mud, and 

Burnt Hill Ponds, and Beaver Br., Sullivan Co, Jl (Calv) ; LI: Wading R. 

and Long Pond, Aug (Ds) ; Calverton, Sep (Ds) ; Bridgehampton, Aug 

L. eurinus Say. Rochester (Moore) ; Dobbs Ferry, Willn (Calv) ; Riverdale, Jl, 

Woodr (Ds) ; SI, Je-Jl (Ds) ; LI: Wading R., Je (Ds). Tree-shaded 

L. forcipatus Ramb. Rochester (Moore) ; Ithaca, Je (Bks) ; Bronxville, Je-Aug, 

Woodr (Ds); SI, May-Aug (Ds) ; LI: Deep Pond, Wading R., Aug-Sep 

(Ds) ; Yaphank, Sep (Ds) ; Gardiners I., Aug (Ds). 
L. inaequalis Walsh. SI, Je-Jl (Ds). 
L. rectangularis Say. Dobbs Ferry, Jl (Calv) ; Rochester (Moore) ; Buffalo, 

Aug-Sep, EPV (Kellicott); Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Bks); Schoharie (NYS); 

Saratoga L., Aug (Calv) ; Cairo and Stony Clove, Greene Co, Aug-Sep 

(Calv) ; Black L., Beaver Br., and Stump Pond, Sullivan Co, Aug (Calv) ; 

New Baltimore (NYS) ; Bronxville, Jl (Woodr) ; NYC, Calverley (Hagen) ; 

SI, Je-Aug (Ds)~; LI: Flushing and Gardiners I., Aug (Ds). 
L. uncatus Kby. Mt. Marcy, 4500 ft. (Not) ; Keeseville, Jl, Sheraton (Calv) ; 

Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Batavia, Je (Ds) ; Buffalo, Je-Aug, EPV (Kelli- 
cott) ; Ithaca (Ndm); Bronxville, Jl, Woodr (Ds). 

L. unguiculatus Hagen. Keene Valley (Not) ; Saranac Inn, Jl (Ndm) ; Rochester 
(Moore) ; Ithaca (Ndm) ; NYC (Bt) ; Bronxville, Je-Jl, Woodr (Ds) ; 
SI, Je-Jl (Ds) ; LI: Yaphank, Sep (Ds) ; Long Pond, Wading R., Je-Aug 
(Ds) ; Orient, Sep, Lath (Ds) ; Gardiners L, Jl (Ds). 

L. vigilax Hagen. Old Forge, Je-Jl (Ndm) ; Green and Catskill Lakes, Aug 
(Calv) ; Folwood, Amber, Stevensville, and Black Lakes, Knapp and Stump 
Ponds, and Beaver Br., Sullivan Co, Jl-Aug (Calv) ; LI: Yaphank, Jl (Ds) ; 
Wading R., Aug (Ds) ; Wyandanch, Jl (Ds) ; Cold Sp. Harb. (Ndm). 

Agrionidae 47 

Argia Rambur 

A. apicalis Say. SI (Ds). 

A. bipunctulata Hagen. "NY" (Bks). 

A. moesta Hagen subsp. putrida Hagen. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; 
Keene Valley (Not) ; Rochester (Moore) ; Niagara, Slosson (Calv) ; Buf- 
falo, Jl-Aug, EPV (Kellicott) ; Ithaca, summer (Bks); Schoharie (NYS). 
Along creeks where rapid current is broken by projecting stones. 

A. tibialis Ramb. Pine I., Je (Woodr). 

A. translata Hagen. White L., Sullivan Co, Aug (Calv). 

A. violacea Hagen. Waddington, Aug (Woodr) ; Axton (M&H) ; Keeseville, Jl- 
Aug, Sheraton (Calv) ; Old Forge (Ndm) ; Saranac Inn, Jl (Ndm^) ; Buffalo, 
Aug, EPV (Kellicott) ; Ithaca, Jl (Bks) ; L. George, Aug (Ndm) ; Green 
L. (Calv) ; Amber, White, and Black Lakes, Jenkins and Stump Ponds, and 
Beaver Br., Sullivan Co, Jl-Aug (Calv) ; Dobbs Ferry, Jl-Aug, Willn 
(Calv); Bronxville, Jl, Woodr (Ds) ; SI, Je-Aug (Ds) ; LI: Yaphank, Jl- 
Sep (Ds) ; Smithtown, Aug (Ds) ; Wyandanch, Jl (Ds) ; Flushing, Aug 
(Ds). About most ponds. 

EnaLLAGMA Charpentier 

E. antennatum Say. Waddington, Aug (Woodr) ; Keene Valley (Not) ; Ithaca 

E. aspersum Hagen. Dobbs Ferry, Jl, Willn (Calv) ; Burnt Hill, Knapp, and 
Cranberry Ponds, Sullivan Co, Jl (Calv) ; NYC (Bt) ; SI, Je-Aug (Ds) ; 
LI: Yaphank, Jl (Ds) ; Bridgehampton, Aug (Calv). 

E. calverti Morse (boreale Selys [Wlk.]). McLean Bogs (Bdy&Hd). 

E. carunculatum Morse. Waddington, Aug (Woodr) ; Keene Valley (Not) ; 
Piseco L., Aug (Calv) ; L. Pleasant, Jl (Calv) ; Squaw I., late Je, EPV 
(Kellicott) ; Niagara, Slosson (Calv) ; Saratoga L., Aug (Calv) ; L. George 
(Ndm) ; Bronxville, Je, Aug, Woodr (Ds). 

E. civile Hagen. Rochester (Moore) ; Bronxville, Woodr (Ds) ; SI, Je, Aug-Sep 
(Ds) ; LI: Mecox Bay (Calv) ; Flushing, Yaphank, and Fire I. (Ds) ; 
Greenport, Aug (Ds) ; Amagansett, Sep (Eng) ; Rockaway, Jl (Woodr) ; 
Gardiners I., Aug (Ds). 

E. cyathigerum Charp. (annexnm Hagen). Keeseville, Je, Sheraton (Calv) ; 
Saranac Inn, Jl (Ndm) ; Ithaca, Aug (Bks) ; West Pt., Je (Ds). 

E. divagans Selys. Rochester (Moore); Ithaca (Mary Lyon); LI (Bks). 

E. doubledayi Selys. Ithaca (Mary Lyon) ; LI: Deep Pond, Wading R., Je, Aug 
(Ds) ; Bridgehampton, Aug (Calv). 

E. durum Hagen. Stony Pt., Je (Ds) ; LI: Mecox Bay, Aug (Calv) ; Yaphank, 
Je, Sep (Ds). 

E. ebrium Hagen. Waddington, Aug (Woodr) ; Keene Valley and Mt. Marcy, 
4500 ft. (Not) ; Keeseville, Je-Jl, Sheraton (Calv) ; Ithaca (Bks) ; L. George 
(Ndm) ; Schoharie (NYS) ; Catskills (Calv-AES) ; ponds in Ulster, Sulli- 
van, and Greene Counties, Jl-Aug (Calv). 

E. exsulans Hagen. Keene Valley (Not) ; Keeseville, Je, Aug, Sheraton (Calv) ; 
Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Old Forge (Ndm) ; Black Rock Harb., Je, EPV 
(Kellicott) ; Rochester (Moore) ; Clarence, Jl, EPV (Kellicott) ; Ithaca, Jl- 
Aug (Bks) ; Pine I., Je (Ds) ; Port Jervis (Calv) ; Saratoga L., Aug 
(Calv) ; Pine I., Je (Woodr) ; Bronxville, Jl, Woodr (Ds) ; West Farms, 
Angus (Ds). 

48 Agrionidae 

E. geminatum Kellicott. Parish, Aug (KelHcott) ; Green L., Aug (Calv) ; Amber 
L., Sullivan Co, Aug (Calv) ; SI, Aug-Sep (Ds), Je (Woodr) ; LI: Yaphank, 
Wyandanch, and Flushing, Jl— Sep (Ds). 

E. hageni Walsh. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Keene Valley (Not) 
Old Forge (Ndm) ; Squaw I., Je, EPV (Kellicott) ; L. Pleasant, Jl (Calv) 
Lake Bluff at Huron (Calv) ; Castile, Brad (Ndm) ; Ithaca (Bks-CU) 
Rensselaer, Je (Woodr); Knapp Pond, Sullivan Co, Jl (Calv). 

E. hesperum Calv. {pollutum Hagen). Black L., Sullivan Co, Aug (Calv) ; LI: 
Yaphank, Sep (Ds). 

E. minusculum Morse. LI: Long Pond, W^ading R., Je 26, 1917, common (Ds). 

E. pictum Morse. LI: Wyandanch, Jl (Ds). 

E. piscinarium Willn. Mt. Marcy and Keene Valley (Not) ; Ithaca (Ndm). 

E. recurvatum Ds. LI: Wyandanch, Jl (Ds). 

E. signatum Hagen. Rochester (Moore) ; Williamsville, Sep, EPV (Kellicott) ; 
Ithaca (Ndm) ; Folwood, Amber, and Black Lakes, and Stump Pond, Sulli- 
van Co, Aug (Calv) ; Green L., Aug (Calv) ; Bronxville, Aug (Woodr) ; 
SI, Je, Aug (Ds); LI: Yaphank, Sep (Ds) ; Flushing, Aug (Ds) ; Cold Sp. 
Harb., Jl, Brh (Ds). Along sluggish creeks. 

E. traviatum Selys. LI: (Bks) ; Wyandanch, Aug 21, 1917 (Ds). 

Nehalennia Selys 

N. carlotta Butler. Saranac Inn, Ndm (Hortense Butler). 

N. gracilis Morse. Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; LI: Yaphank, Jl (Ds). 

N. irene Hagen. Mt. Marcy, 4500 ft. (Not) ; Old Forge (Ndm) ; Saranac Inn, 
Jl (Ndm) ; Rochester (Moore) ; Ithaca, Jl (Bks) ; Nyack, Je (Ds) ; Bronx- 
ville, Jl. Woodr (Ds) ; SI, Je (Ds) ; LI: Wyandanch and Yaphank, Jl 
(Ds) ; Forest Pk., Brooklyn, Je (Ds). 


A. saucium Burm. Rochester (Moore) ; Buffalo, Jl-Aug, EPV (Kellicott) ; 
Ithaca (Bks) ; McLean (Sib) ; Trenton Falls, OS. (Hagen) ; Karner 
(NYS); Schoharie, Je (Not); Big Pond, Delaware Co, Jl (Calv); SI, 
May-Je, Aug (Ds) ; LI: Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl (Ds) ; Yaphank, Je 

C. resolutum Hagen. Cinnamon L., Jl (Ndm). 

Chromagrion Needham 

C. conditum Hagen. Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Mt. Marcy (Not) ; Hamburg, Je, EPV 
Kellicott); Castile, Brad (Ndm); Ithaca (Bks); McLean, May (Ndm), 
Je (Sib) ; SI, Jl 8, 1918 (Ds). Breeds in upland swales or in ditches of 
running water. 

ISCHNURA Charpentier 

I. posita Hagen. Rochester (Moore) ; Ithaca (Ndm) ; Central Pk. in NYC, Je 
(Woodr) ; SI, May-Sep (Ds) ; LI: Yaphank, Jl (Woodr). 

L ramburii Selys. NYC (Bt) ; SI, Sep-Oct (Ds) ; LI: Fire I., Sep (Ds). 

I. verticalis Say. Generally distributed. Waddington, Aug (Woodr) ; Old Forge 
(Ndm) ; Axton (M&H) ; Mt. Marcy and Keene Valley (Not) ; Keeseville, 

Agrionidae — Aeschnidae 49 

Je, Aug, Sheraton (Calv) ; Mooers, Sep {Not) ; Saranac Inn, Jl (Ndm) ; 
Squaw I. and along Niagara R., May-Sep, EPV (Kellicott) ; Niagara, 
Slosson (Calv) ; Castile, Brad (Ndm) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Bks) ; Saratoga 
L., Aug (Calv) ; manv ponds in Delaware, Ulster, and Sullivan Counties, 
Jl (Calv) ; Dobbs Ferry, Je, Aug, Willn (Calv) ; Bronxville, Jl (Woodr) ; 
Central Pk. in NYC, Jl (Woodr); SI: May-Sep (Ds) ; Annadale, Je 
(Troop); LI: Mecox Bay and Bridgehampton, Aug (Calv). 

Anomalagrion Selys 

A. hastatum Say. Keeseville, Jl, Sheraton (Calv) ; Ithaca (Ndm) ; NYC (Bt) ; 
Bronxville, '^l, Woodr (Ds) ; SI, Jl-Nov (Ds) ; LI: Gardiners I., Jl-Aug 




T. thoreyi Hagen. Portage, Je (Ds) ; Coy Glen, Ithaca, Je (DtAS) ; McLean 
(Kennedy) ; West Pt., Je (Ds) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl, Schott (Ds) ; Ramapo, 
Je, Watson (Ds). 


C. diastatops Selys. Ithaca and McLean, May-Jl (Ndm, DtAS). 

C. erroneus Hagen. Keene Valley (NYS) ; Ithaca, Je (DtAS). 

C. maculatus Selys. Keene Valley (Comstock) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Saranac Inn, 
Jl (Ndm) ; Ramapo, May (Ds) ; Bronxville, Je, Woodr (De') ; Nyack, Je 
(Ds) ; SI, May-Je (Ds) ; LI: Yaphank, May, Eng (Ds). 

C. obliquus Say. Pine I., Je (Ds) ; Bronxville, May-Je (Woodr) ; Bronx Pk., Je 
(Ds) ; Van Cort. Pk., Je, Watson (Ds). 

(Progomphus Selys) 
G. obscura Ramb. LI: Wading R. and Deep Pond, Je-Aug (Ds). 

Hagenius Selys 

H. brevistylus Selys. Old Forge (NdmJ; Saranac Inn, Je (Ndm); Parish, Aug 
(Kellicott) ; Rochester (Moore) ; Ithaca (Bks-CU) ; L. George (Sib) ; LI, 
Eng (Ds). 

Ophiogomphus Selys 

O. aspersus Morse. Saranac Inn, Je-Jl (Ndm) ; Van Cort. Pk., Bronx, Je (Ds). 
O. carolus Ndm. Castile, Brad (Ndm) ; Ithaca, May, Yg, Martin (Ndm) ; W. 

Danby, Je, abundant (Kennedy) ; Schoharie, Je (Not). 
O. johannus Ndm. Wilmurt (Ndm-CU). 
O. mainensis Pck. Keene Valley, 1000 ft. (NYS). 
O. rupinsulensis Walsh. Ithaca (Bks), Je, Martin (Ndm); Schoharie (Selys- 

NYS); Callicoon, Jl (Ds). 

50 Aeschnidae 

Lanthus Needham 

L. albistylus Selys. Bear Swamp, Ramapo Mts., close to state line, Je, C.E. 

Sleight (Ds). 
L. parvulus Selys. Indian Pass, Adirondacks, Jl, Watson (Ds) ; Ithaca (Bks, 

Ndm) ; E. Jewett, Aug (Ds) ; Portage, Je (Ds) ; Ramapo, May (Ds). 


G. abbreviatus Hagen. Fall Cr., Ithaca, Je (Ndm) ; Greenwood L., Je, Schott 

G. adelphus Selys. Bethlehem, Je (Selys) ; Kenwood, Je (NYS) ; Coeymans, Sep 

G. amnicola Walsh. Bethlehem, Jl (Willn). 
G. borealis Ndm. Saranac Inn (Ndm). 
G. brevis Selys. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Saranac Inn, Je-Jl (Ndm) ; Schoharie, 

Lint (Hagen). 
G. cornutus Tough. McLean Res., Sib (Ndm). 
G. descriptus Bks. Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Ithaca, May (Bks), May-Je (Ndm) ; 

W. Danby, May (Ds) ; McLean, May, Hd (Ndm). 
G. exilis Selys. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Keeseville, Je, Sheraton (Calv) ; Saranac Inn, 

Je-Jl (Ndm) ; Rochester (Moore) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (Bks) ; L. George, Je 

(Ndm) ; Cinnamon L., Jl 12 (Ndm) ; Coeymans, Sep (Felt) ; West Pt., Je 

(Ds) ; Pine I., Je (Woodr) ; Bronxville, Je (Woodr) ; SI, May-Jl (Ds) ; 

LI: Wading R., Je (Ds). 
G. fratemus Say. Niagara R., Je, EPV, Schaum (Kellicott, Hagen). 
G. furcifer Hagen. Ithaca (Ndm-CU). 
G. lividus Selys. Ithaca, May (Ndm) ; McLean, May (Ds) ; Pine I., Je (Ds) ; 

Bronxville, May-Je, Woodr (Ds). 
G. notatus Ramb. Rochester (Moore). 
G. plagiatus Selys. Bethlehem, Sep (Calv) ; L. George, Aug (Ndm) ; LI, Olsen 

G. quadricolor Walsh. Ithaca (Ndm) ; Schoharie, Je (Not). 
G. scudderi Selys. Saranac Inn, Je-Aug (Ndm) ; Ithaca, upper Cascadilla Cr., 

Jl (Kennedy). 
G. spicatus Hagen. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Old Forge, Je-Jl (Ndm) ; Saranac Inn, 

Je-Jl (Ndm) ; Clarence, Jl, EPV (Kellicott) ; Black Rock Harb., Je, EPV 

(Kellicott) ; Ithaca (Mary Lyon) ; Cinnamon L., Jl 12 (Ndm) ; Slide Mt., 

Je (Woodr). Taken in a tamarack swamp (Ndm). 
G. spiniceps Walsh. Ithaca (Ndm) ; Bethlehem, Sep, Willn (Lint-MCZ) ; 

Albany (Willn-MCZ). 
G. vastus Walsh. "NY" (Hagen). 

G. ventricosus Walsh. Old Forge (Ndm) ; Pine I., Je (Ds). 
G. villosipes Selys. Grand I., Fischer (Kellicott) ; Ithaca, May (Ndm, Bks) ; 

Pine L, Je (Woodr) ; SI: Ft. Wadsworth, Je 18 (Ds). 

Dromogomphus Selys 

D. spinosus Selys. Old Forge (Ndm) ; Baldwinsville, Pettit (Bks) ; Castile, Brad 
(Ndm); Canandaigua L., Je (Herr) ; Ithaca (?) (Bks-CU) ; Schoharie, Je 
(Not) ; Karner, Je (Hagen) ; White L., Sullivan Co, Aug (Calv) ; Pine L, 
Je (Ds) ; Van Cort. Pk., Jl, Watson (Ds). 

Aeschnidae 51 

BOYERIA McLachlan 

B. grafiana Willn. Old Forge, Aug, Willn (Ndm) ; E. Jewett, Aug (Ds) ; Ft. 

Montgomery, Sep (Schott). 
B. vinosa Say. Waddington, Jl (Woodr) ; Old Forge, Aug (Ndm) ; Keeseville, 

Jl, Sheraton (Calv) ; Saranac Inn, Je (Ndm) ; Piseco L., Aug (Calv) ; 

Parish, Aug (Kellicott) ; Golden, Aug, EPV (Kellicott) ; Ithaca, Jl (Bks) ; 

Schoharie (Calv); Elk L., Aug (Calv); SI, Jl-Aug (Ds) ; LI: Yaphank, 

Jl, Sep (Ds) ; Smithtown, Aug (Ds). 


B. Janata Say. Keeseville, Je, Sheraton (Calv) ; Saranac Inn, Je-Jl (Ndm) ; 
Conesus L., Je (Ds) ; Etna, May (DtAS) ; Ithaca, bred (Ndm) ; L. George, 
Je (Ndm) ; West Pt., Je (Ds) ; Pine I., Je (Ds) ; Ramapo, Je (Ds) ; Hill- 
burn, May, Schott (Ds) ; Brewster, Jl 12 (Ndm) ; Bronxville, Je, Woodr 
(Ds); SI, May (Ds) ; LI: Yaphank, May-Je (Ds). 


G. furcillata Say. Rochester (Moore) ; Ringwood Hollow near Ellis, Je (Mrs 
Ndm) ; May, abundant (Kennedy) ; Freeville, McLean, and Ithaca, Je 
(DtAS) ; West Pt, Je (Ds) ; Nyack, Je (Ds) ; Ramapo, Je (Ds) ; LI; 
Yaphank, May-Je (Ds). 

Anax Leach 

A. Junius Dru. Generallv distributed and common. Keene Valley (Gomstock) ; 
Old Forge, Je (Ndm) ; Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Olcott, Je-Sep (DtAS) ; Buf- 
falo, Je-Jl, EPV (Kellicott) ; Caledonia Cr., Dec, Lmt (Hagen) ; Ithaca, 
(Bks) ; McLean, Je-Sep (DtAS) ; Schoharie (NYS) ; Goeymans, Aug 
(Felt) ; Cinnamon L., Jl 12 (Ndm) ; many lakes and ponds in Ulster, Sulli- 
van, and Greene Counties, Jl-Aug (Calv) ; Bronxville, Je-Jl (Woodr) ; SI, 
Ap-Oct (Ds); LI (Weeks). 

A. longipes Hagen. Not common. SI: not uncommon near Moravian Cemetery 
(Ds) ; Glove Valley, Je, Aug (Ds) ; LI: Wyandanch, Je (Ds) ; Long Pond, 
Wading R., Je (Ds). 

Aeschna Fabricius 

A. canadensis Wlk. L. St. Regis, Franklin Co, Sep (Wlk) ; Ithaca, Aug (Wlk) ; 
SI, Je (Ds). 

A. clepsydra Say. Waddington, (Woodr) ; L. St. Regis, Franklin Co, Sep, 
Moore (Calv) ; Saranac Inn, latter part of summer (Ndm) ; Ithaca, Aug 
(Bks) ; Schoharie (NYS) ; Albany, Je (Felt, 31st Rept., 1916, p. 98) ; 
Catskills, Aug, Aaron (Calv-AES) ; Greenwood L., Jl (Ds). LI: Deep 
Pond, Wading R., Jl (Ds). 

A. constricta Say. Hotel Champlain, Sep, Moore (Calv) ; Saranac Inn, Je-Aug 
(Ndm) ; Olcott, Aug-Sep (DtAS) ; Buffalo, Jl, EPV (Kellicott) ; Ithaca, 
Jl-Sep (Bks, DtAS) ; N. Spencer, Aug (DtAS) ; Watkins Glen, Slosson 
(Calv) ; Schoharie (NYS) ; Catskills, Aug, Aaron (Calv) ; Dobbs Ferry, 
Aug-Sep, Willn (Calv) ; Bronxville, Jl, Woodr (Ds) ; NYC (Bt) ; SI, Je, 
Sep-Oct (Ds); LI: Flatbush, Sep (Ds). 

A. eremita Scud. Loch Bonnie, Adirondacks, Sep; Saranac Inn, Jl (Wlk). 

A. interrupta Wlk. Franklin Co, Sep (Wlk) ; Catskills, Aug. 

A. tuberculata Wlk. Castile, Brad (Ndm). 

52 Aeschnidae — Libellulidae 

A. umbrosa Wlk. L. St. Regis, Franklin Co, Sep (Wlk) ; Saranac Inn, Aug 
(Woodr) ; Oneida, Aug (Wlk) ; Clyde, Aug (Wlk) ; Naples, Aug 14 
(Bish) ; Ringwood, Jl (DtAS) ; Albany, Oct (Felt) ; Catskills, Aug (Wlk) ; 
Cairo, Aug (Wlk) ; Ellenville, Aug (Wlk) ; West Pt., Sep (Wlk) ; Dobbs 
Ferry, Aug (Wlk) ; Bronxville, Jl-Oct, Woodr (Ds) ; NYC, Sep (Woodr) ; 
SI, Aug-Oct (Ds) ; LI: Yaphank, Oct (Ds) ; Pinelawn, Sep (Ds) ; Rocka- 
way, Sep (Woodr). 

A. verticalis Hagen. N. Spencer, Aug (DtAS) ; Caledonia Cr. (Hagen) ; Scho- 
harie (NYS); Mooers, Sep (A^oO ; NYC (Bt) ; SI: Je-Oct (Ds) ; Clove 
Valley, Oct (Ds) ; LI: Brooklyn, Jl-Sep, Eng (Ds) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, 
Brb (Ds), Sep (Wlk). 

Nasiaeschna Selys 

N. pentacantha Ramb. Baldwinsville, Je, Pettit (Bks). 

EpiaeschnA Hagen 

E. heros Fab. Lewis Co (NYS-Hill) ; Buffalo, Je-Jl, EPV (Kellicott) ; Rochester 
(Moore) ; Batavia, te (Ds) ; Ithaca, Je (Bks-CU) ; Albany, Je (NYS) ; 
Ft. Edward, Je, King (Lint) ; Stuyvesant Falls (NYS) ; West Ft., Je 
(Ds) ; Dobbs Ferry, Aug, IVilln (Calv) ; commonly seen in NYC (Woodr) ; 
SI, May, Aug (Ds) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Aug 17, 1916, many drowned 
(Ds) ; Orient, Aug, Lath (Ds). 

DiDYMOPS Rambur 

D. transversa Say. Keeseville, Te, Sheraton (Calv) ; Saranac Inn, Je (Ndm) ; Old 

Forge, Je (Ndm) ; Conesus L., Je (Ds) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (Bks) ; L. George, 
Je (Ndm) ; Ramapo, Je (Ds). 

Macro MIA Rambur 

M. illinoiensis Walsh. Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Oswego Co, Je (Willn-US) ; Grand 
I., Fischer (Kellicott) ; Buffalo, Jl (EPV) ; Taughannock, Aug (DtAS) ; L. 
George, Je (Ndm) ; Albany, Jl (Ds) ; Pine I., Je (Ds) ; Ft. Montgomery,' 
May (Ds) ; Ramapo, Je (Ds). 


E. princeps Hagen. Waddington, Aug (Woodr) ; Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Black 

Rock Harb., Je-Jl, EPV (Kellicott) ; Rochester (Moore) ; Ithaca, Je (Bks- 
CU) ; McLean, Jl (DtAS); Albany, Jl (Lint); Kenwood (NYS); Green- 
wood L., Je-Jl, Watson (Ds) ; Benmar L., near Brewster (Ndm) ; Pine I, 
Je (Ds); NYC, Je, Woodr (Ds). 


N. obsoleta Say. L, George, Je, Aug (Ndm) ; Benmar L., near Brewster (Ndm) ; 
White L., Sullivan Co (Calv). 

HelocoRDULIA Needham 

H. uhleri Selys. Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; N. Fair Haven, Jl (Ndm) ; Greenwood L., 
May, Schott (Ds). 


Tetragoneuria Hagen 

T. canis McL. Saranac Inn, Je (Ndm). 

T. cynosura Say. Old Forge (Ndm) ; Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Black Rock Harb., 

Je, EPV (Kellicott) ; Rochester (Moore) ; Olcott, May, Aug (DtAS) ; 

Ithaca (Bks) ; Canandaigua (Herr) ; L. George (Calv-AES) ; West Ft., Je 

(Ds) ; Pocantico Hills, Je, Woodr (Ds) ; Benmar L., near Brewster (Ndm) ; 

Fine L, Je (Woodr) ; Tuxedo, May-Je (Woodr) ; NYC, Je, Woodr (Ds) ; 

SI, Je-Jl, Ds (Calv). 
T. cynosura var. simulans Mutt. Axton (M&H) ; Saranac Inn, Je (Ndm) ; 

Baldwinsville, Pettit (Bks) ; Black Rock Harb., Je, EPV (Kellicott) ; 

Ithaca (?) (Bks-CU) ; L. Mohonk and Fine I., Je (Woodr); Ramapo, 

May-Je (Ds) ; Benmar L., near Brewster (Ndm). 
T. spinigera Selys. Saranac Inn, Je (Ndm) ; Oswego, May (Mutt) ; Buffalo, May, 

EPV (Kellicott) ; Castile, Brad (Ndm) ; Ithaca, Je (Ndm) ; Albany, Sep 



D. lepida Hagen. Albany (Selvs) ; Burnt Hill and Mud Fonds, and Amber L., 
Sullivan Co, Jl-Aug (Calv); SI: Eltingville, Je (Ds) ; LI: Wading R., Je 

D. Ubera Selys. N. Elba, Jl (Ds) ; Saranac Inn, Jl (Ndm) ; Catskills (Calv-AES) ; 
Cinnamon L., Jl 12 (Ndm) ; West Ft., Je (Ds) ; Bronxville, May, Woodr 
(Ds); NYC, May, Woodr (Ds) ; SI: Ft. Wadsworth, Je 18 (Ds) ; LI: 
Deep Fond, Wading R., Je (Ds) ; Wyandanch, Je (Ds). 

W. lintneri Hagen. Karner, May, Lint (Hagen). 


C. shurtleffi Scud. Old Forge (Ndm) ; Saranac Inn, Jl (Ndm) ; Cinnamon L., Jl 
12 (Ndm) ; Catskills, Je (Eng) ; Slide Mt., Je (Ds) ; Tunis L., Ulster Co, 
Je (Calv); Oliverea, Je (Ds). 


S. albicincta Burm, Mt. Marcy, Jl, Not (Ds) ; L. Tear, Jl, Watson (Ds). 

S. elongata Scud. Ithaca, Je (Bks-CU), reared Ap, Kennedy (Wlk). 

S. linearis Hagen. Grand I., Fischer (Kellicott) ; Oswego Co, Aug (Kellicott) ; 

Varna and Ithaca (Ndm) ; SI: Green Ridge, Jl-Aug (Ds). 
S. minor Calv. Harrietstown, Jl, R. P. Currie (Wlk). 
S. semicircularis Selys. Wilmington, Adirondacks, Jl, Ds (Willn). 
S. tenebrosa Say. Oswego Co, Aug (Kellicott) ; N. Fair Haven, Jl, Kennedy 

(Wlk) ; Clarence, Jl, EPV (Kellicott) ; E. Jewett, Aug (Ds) ; Mt. Joy, 

Ramapo Mts., Aug (Ds) ; West Ft., Sep (Wlk); LI: Hauppauge and 

Wyandanch, Aug (Ds). 

S. walshii Scud. Keene Valley, Aug (Calv) ; Chilson L. (Ds) ; Castile, Aug 23, 
1924, Brad (Ndm) ; Ellis Hollow, Ithaca, Aug, Kennedy (Wlk). 

S. williamsoni E. M. Wlk. Bone Fond, Saranac Inn, Jl (Ndm) ; Fair Haven II 
Kennedy (E. M. Wlk). ' "^ ' 


Lad ON A Needham 

L. deplanata Ramb. LI: Amit3'^ville, Je, Bather (Ds) ; Wyandanch, Ap (Ds) ; 

Wading R., Je (Ds). 
L. exusta Say. L. George (Calv-AES) ; Croton-on-Hudson, Jl ; West Pt., Je (Ds) ; 

Ramapo, Je (Ds) ; SI, Je (Ds). 
L. Julia Uhler. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Saranac Inn, Je (Ndm) ; Cinnamon L., Jl 12 


LiBELLULA Linnaeus 

L. auripennis Burm. NYC (Bt) ; SI, May-Jl (Ds) ; LI: Deep Pond, Wading R., 
Je-Aug (Ds) ; Coney I. (Ds) ; Greenport, Aug (Ds) ; Shelter I., Aug (Ds). 

L. axillena Westw. SI: Buck's Hollow, May (Ds). 

L. cyanea Fab. Riverdale, Jl, Woodr (Ds) ; NYC (Bt) ; Bronxville, Je-Jl, Woodr 
(Ds) ; SI, Je-Aug (Ds) ; LI: Flushing, Aug (Ds) ; Yaphank, Jl (Ds) ; 
Wading R., Je (Ds) ; Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl (Ds). 

L. flavida Ramb. NYC (Bt) ; LI: Long Pond, Wading R., Je (Ds) ; Riverhead, 
Jl (Ds). 

L. incesta Hagen. Croton-on-Hudson, Je (Ds) ; Amber L. and Stump Pond, 
Sullivan Co, Aug (Calv) ; Ramapo, Je (Ds) ; LI: Yaphank, Jl (Ds) ; Wading 
R. and Long Pond, Aug (Ds) ; Riverhead, Aug (Ds). 

L. luctuosa Burm. (basalis Say). Old Forge and Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Olcott 
Je-Aug (DtAS) ; Niagara R. and Tonawanda Cr., Je-Jl, EPV (Kellicott) 
Danby, Je-Aug (DtAS) ; Ithaca, Aug (Ndm) ; Kenwood (NYS) ; Dobbs 
Ferry, Jl, Willn (Calv) ; Bronxville, Jl, Woodr (Ds) ; Van Cort. Pk., Jl (Ds) 
SI, Je-Aug (Ds) ; LI: Flushing, Aug (Ds) ; Wading R., Je (Ds). 

L. pulchella Dry. Ponds everywhere (Ndm). Saranac Inn and Old Forge (Ndm) 
Keeseville, Jl-Aug, Sheraton (Calv) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Keene Valley 
(Comstock) ; Olcott, Jl-Aug (DtAS) ; Buffalo, Je-Aug, EPV (Kellicott) 
Portage, Je (Ds) ; Ithaca (Ndm) ; McLean, Jl-Aug (DtAS) ; many ponds 
and lakes in Delaware, Ulster, Sullivan, and Greene Counties, Jl-Aug (Calv) 
Schoharie (NYS) ; Dobbs Ferry, Je-Jl, Willn (Calv) ; Bronxville, Jl, and 
NYC, Je (Woodr); SI, May-Sep (Ds) ; LI: Coney I., Aug (Weeks) 
Wyandanch, Jl (Ds) ; Wading R., Je (Ds) ; Bridgehampton, Aug (Calv). 

L. quadrimaculata L. Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Wilmington, Jl (Ds) ; Portage, Je 
(Ds) ; Olcott, Jl-Aug (DtAS) ; Buffalo, EPV (Kellicott) ; Ithaca (Bks-CU), 
Jl-Aug (DtAS) ; Schoharie (NYS) ; Karner, May (NYS) ; Ellenville 
(Ndm); Bronxville, Je-Jl, Woodr (Ds) ; SI, May-Je (Ds). 

L. semifasciata Burm. Rochester (Moore) ; Buffalo, Je-Jl, EPV (Kellicott) ; Dobbs 
Ferry, Jl, Willn (Calv) ; Bronxville, May-Jl, M'oodr (Ds) ; SI, Ap-Sep (Ds) ; 
LI: Yaphank, Jl (Ds) ; Wading R., Je (Ds) ; Aqueduct, Jl (Ds) ; Rockaway, 
Je (Woodr). 

L. vibrans Fab. SI, Je-Aug (Ds). 

Plathemis Hagen 

P. lydia Dry. (trimaculata DeG.). Generally distributed. Keene Valley (Com- 
stock) ; Old Forge (Ndm) ; Fairmount, Je (Felt) ; Olcott, Je-Jl (DtAS) ; 
Buffalo, EPV (Kellicott) ; Portageville, Je (Ds) ; Ithaca (Bks) ; Brookton 
(Theresa M. Robinson); Schoharie (NYS); Albany, Je (Felt, Lint-NYS) ; 
Stuyvesant Falls (NYS) ; Beaver Br., Sullivan Co, and Cairo, Aug (Calv) ; 
Dobbs Ferry, Je, Willn (Calv) ; NYC (Bt) ; Bronxville, Je, Van Cort. Pk., 
Woodr (Ds) ; SI, May-Sep (Ds) ; LI: Wyandanch and Yaphank, Jl (Ds) ; 
Flushing, Aug (Ds) ; Bridgehampton, Aug 18 (Calv). 


Perithemis Hagen 

P. tenera Say. Tarrytown, Jl, Woodr (Ds) ; Benmar L., near Brewster (Ndm) ; 
Van Cort. Pk., Jl, Woodr (Ds) ; Bronxville, Jl-Aug, Woodr (Ds) ; NYC 
(Bt) ; SI, Je-Jl (Ds) ; LI: Wading R. and Long Pond, Aug (Ds) ; Shelter 
L, Aug (Ds) ; Flushing, Aug (Ds) ; Prospect Pk. L., Brooklyn, Aug (Ds). 

Nannothemis Brauer 

N. bella Uhl. Mt. Marcy, 5000 ft., Not (Ds) ; NYC (Bt) ; SI: Four Corners, Je-Jl 
(Ds) ; LI: Yaphank and Wyandanch, Jl (Ds). 


E. berenice Dry. Thousand Isls., Slosson (Calv) ; NYC (Bt) ; Riverdale, Jl, 
Woodr (Ds) ; SI, May-Aug (Ds) ; LI: Sheepshead Bay, Jl (Calv); Aque- 
duct, Jl (Woodr) ; Rockaway Beach, Jl-Aug (Ds) ; Flushing and Cold Sp. 
Harb., Jl-Aug, Brh (Ds) ; Orient, Jl, Lath (Ds), and Shelter I., Aug (Ds) ; 
Gardiners L, Aug (Ds). 

Erythemis Hagen 

E. simplicicollis Say. Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Tonawanda R., Aug, EPV (Kelli- 
cott) ; Rochester (Moore) ; Olcott, Je-Jl (DtAS) ; Ithaca (Ndm) ; NYC 
(Bt); SI, May, Jl-Sep (Ds) ; LI: Wading R., Aug (Ds) ; Yaphank, Jl 
(Ds) ; Riverhead, Aug (Ds) ; Flushing, Aug (Ds) ; Bridgehampton, Aug 

Sympetrum Newman 

S. corruptum Hagen. Rochester (Moore); Buffalo, EPV (Kellicott) ; SI: shore 

at Ellingville, May (Ds) ; New Dorp, Aug, and Dongan Hills, Sep (Ds). 
S. costiferum Hagen. Saranac Inn, Aug (Ndm) ; Amherst, Sep, EPV (Kellicott) ; 

LI: Wyandanch, Aug, Long Pond, Wading R., Jl-Aug, Riverhead, Aug 

(all Ds). 
S. decisum Hagen. (See footnote under S. ruble imdulum.) 
S. obtrusum Hagen. Waddington, Aug (Woodr) ; Mt. Marcy, Je (NYS) ; Keene 

Valley, Jl-Aug (Calv) ; Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; Piseco and Elk Lakes, Aug 

(Calv) ; Hastings, Aug-Sep (Kellicott) ; Clarence, Jl, EPV (Kellicott) ; 

Elma, Sep, EPV (Kellicott); Karner (NYS); SI, Je-Jl (Ds). 
S. rubicundulum Say.^o Keeseville, Jl, Sheraton (Calv) ; Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; 

Keene Valley (Comstock) ; L. St. Regis, Franklin Co, Sep, Moore (Calv) ; 

Olcott and Howland I., Je-Jl (DtAS) ; Buffalo, Je-Sep, EPV (Kellicott) ; 

Ithaca (Bks) ; Danby and McLean, Je-Jl (DtAS) ; ponds in Sullivan Co, 

Jl-Aug; Cairo, Aug (Calv); Dobbs Ferry, Jl, Willn (Calv); Bronxville, 

Jl (Woodr); NYC (Bt) ; SI, Jl-Sep (Ds) ; LI: Coney I., Aug (Weeks); 

Gardiners I., Aug (Ds). 
S. semicinctum Say. Waddington, Aug (Woodr) ; Keene Valley (Not) ; Olcott, 

Aug (DtAS) ; Castile, Brad (Ndm) ; Ithaca, Aug (Ndm) ; L. George, Aug 

(Ndm) ; Cairo, Aug (Calv) ; Riverdale, Jl, Woodr (Ds) ; Croton, Jl (Ds) ; 

Bronxville, Aug, Woodr (Ds) ; Van Cort. Pk., Aug (Ds) ; SI, Jl-Sep (Ds) ; 

LI: Long Pond, Wading R., and Riverhead, Aug (Ds). 
S. vicinum Hagen. Keeseville, Jl-Aug, Sheraton (Calv) ; Saranac Inn (Ndm) ; 

Piseco L., Aug (Calv) ; L. St. Regis, Franklin Co, Sep, Moore (Calv) ; 

Pt. Abino. EPV (Kellicott) ; Olcott, Sep (DtAS) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Ndm) ; 

^" "Some of these records doubtless belong, to 5". decisum which has been constantly confused with 

5". rubicundulum." — E. M. Walker. 


Saratoga L., Aug (Calv) ; Schoharie (Hagen) ; Catskills, Aug (Calv-AES) ; 
Catskill L. and Cairo, Aug (Calv) ; Alder L., Ulster Co, Je ; ponds in Sullivan 
Co; West Pt., Oct (Ds) ; Dobbs Ferry, Nov, Willn (Calv); NYC (Bt) ; 
Bowling Green, NYC, Oct (Ds) ; SI, Sep-Nov (Ds) ; LI: Yaphank, Oct 
(Ds). Low wet meadows and along small streams. 

Pachydiplax Brauer 

P. longipennis Burm. Black Rock Harb., Je, EPV (Kellicott) ; Rochester 
(Moore) ; Olcott, Jl (DtAS) ; Ithaca (Bks) ; Dobbs Ferry, ]\, Willn (Calv) ; 
Benmar L., near Brewster (Ndm) ; Riverdale, Jl, Woodr (Ds) ; Bronxville, 
Je (Woodr) ; NYC (Bt) ; SI, May-Sep (Ds) ; LI: Forest Pk., Brooklyn, Je 
(Ds) ; Flushing, Aug (Ds). 

LeuCORHINIA Brittinger 

L. frigida Hagen. Adirondacks, near Redfield Mt., Jl (Beq) ; L. Tear, Jl, Watson 
(Ds) ; Old Forge (Ndm) ; Knapp, Hunter, Mud, and Cranberry Ponds, Sulli- 
van Co, Aug (Calv) ; SI: Tottenville, Mav (Ds) ; LI: Deep and Long Ponds. 
Wading R., Je (Ds). 

L. glacialis Hagen. Old Forge (Ndm) ; Saranac Inn, late Je-early Aug (Ndm). 

L. hudsonica Selys. Mt. Marcy, 4500 ft. (Not) ; Old Forge (Ndm). 

L. intacta Hagen. Waddington, Aug (Woodr) ; Keeseville, Jl, Sheraton (Calv) ; 
Rochester (Moore) ; Olcott, Je-Jl (DtAS) ; Niagara R. and Black Rock Harb., 
Je-early Jl, EPV (Kellicott) ; Portage, Je (Ds) ; Ithaca (Ndm) ; McLean 
and Freeville (Ndm) ; Danby (DtAS) ; Karner, Jl (Hagen) ; Croton-on-Hud- 
son, May, Ds (Calv) ; Cinnamon L., Jl (Theresa M. Robinson) ; Folwood L., 
Sullivan Co, Je (Calv) ; Benmar L., near Brewster (Ndm) ; Bronxville, Je, 
Woodr (Ds) ; NYC, May-Je, Woodr (Ds) ; SI, May-Aug (Ds) ; LI: Rock- 
away and Wading R., Je (Ds). 

Celithemis Hagen • 

C. elisa Hagen. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Ithaca, Morgan (Bks) ; ponds in Sullivan Co, 
Jl-Aug (Calv) ; West Pt., Je (Ds) ; Tarrytown, Jl, Woodr (Ds) ; Pocantico 
Hills, Je (Woodr) ; NYC (Bt) ; Bronxville, Je, Woodr (Ds) ; SI, Je-Aug 
(Ds) ; LI: Yaphank, (Ds) ; Wading R., May-Je, Aug (Ds) ; Flushing, 
Aug (Ds) ; Montauk, Aug (Ds). 

C. eponina Drury. Lake Bluff, Wayne Co (NYS) ; Tarrytown, Jl (Woodr) ; NYC 
(Bt) ; SI, May-Aug (Ds) ; LI: Flushing and Cold Sp. Harb., Aug (Ds). 

C. monomelaena Willn. LI: Wading R., Je-Aug, and Riverhead, Aug (Ds). 

C. martha Willn. (ornata Ramb.). LI: Yaphank, Jl-Aug (Ds) ; Wyandanch, Aug 
(Ds) ; Wading R. and Long Pond, Aug (Ds) ; Riverhead, Aug (Ds). A 
species of the pine-barren regions of LI (Ds). 

Pantala Hagen 
P. flavescens Fab. Rochester (Moore) ; Bronxville, Jl (Woodr) ; SI, Jl-Sep (Ds). 

Tramea Hagen 

T. Carolina L. Schoharie (NYS) ; NYC (Bt) ; Bronxville, May, Woodr (Ds) ; 

SI, Ap-Oct (Ds) ; LI: Yaphank, Jl (Ds) ; Wading R., Aug (Ds) ; Bridge- 

hampton, Aug (Calv). 
T. lacerata Hagen. Rochester (Moore) ; Buffalo, Aug, EPV (Kellicott) ; Freeville, 

May (Bks); West Pt, Je (Ds) ; SI, May-Oct (Ds). 

Pteronarcidae — Perlidae 57 


Compiled by J. G. Needham and P. W. Claassen 


Pteronarcys Newman 

P. dorsata Say. '"NY" ( Lucy Vv^. Smith). 

P. nobilis Hagen. General throughout NY, and ranging from Canada to Ga (Ndm). 

P. proteus Newm. Trenton Falls; Ithaca. 

P. biloba Newm. Trenton Falls; Ithaca. 

P. comstocki Smith. Trenton Falls; Wilmurt; Tarbel, Ds. 

Perlodes Banks 
P. lineata Smith. Old Forge, Aug (Ndm). 

I. frontalis Newm. Niagara Falls, Je. 

Perl A Geoff roy 

P. postica Wlk. Fall Cr., Ithaca, May (Ndm) ; Ft. Montgomery, May. 

P. hastata Bks. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Old Forge, Aug (Ndm) ; Woodworth's L., 

Je, Alex; Easton, May, Leon; Ringwood Hollow, near Ell-is, May, Wu. 
P. bilobata Ndm. & Claas. Old Forge, Jl (Ndm). 
P. capitata Pict. West Branch of Ausable R., Essex Co, Jl (Claas) ; Ogdensburg, 

Jl, Bet; Gloversville, Je, Alex; N. Fair Haven; Clyde, Jl ; West Falls, Jl; 

Ithaca, May-Jl ; McLean, Je ; Malloryville, Je ; Binghamton, Jl ; Nassau, Je. 
P. ramosa Ndm. & Claas. Ithaca (CU). 
P. immarginata Say. Keene Val., Aug; Wilmington, Aug; Mt. Whiteface, Aug; 

Ogdensburg, Jl ; Hamilton Co ; Enfield ; Gloversville, Je, Alex ; Ithaca, Mar- 

Sep; Coy Glen, Ithaca, Jl; Ludlowville, Aug. 
P. media Wlk. Ogdensburg, Jl ; Crane Pond, Je; Wilmurt, Je; Mayfield, Je, 

Alex; Oswego, Je; Fulton, Je; Niagara Falls, Jl ; Buffalo, Jl; Ithaca, May. 

Alloperla Banks 

A. marginata Bks. Golden, Jl (Bks) ; Ithaca, Je, Sib. 

A. lateralis Bks. Gloversville, Je, and Woodworth's L., Je, Alex; Mix Cr. Val., 
Cattaraugus Co, Je; Ithaca, May-Je; De Ruyter, Je ; Danby, Je; Ramapo, Je. 

A. mediana Bks. Newport, May; Cranberry L., Jl (Drk) ; Gloversville, Je, Alex; 
Clinton, May, Pozvell; Enfield Falls and Ithaca, May; Niagara Falls, Je. 

A. imbecilla Say. Alcohol Br., Adirondack Lodge, Jl ; Sacandaga Pk., Je ; New- 
field, Je. 

A. nanina Bks. West Branch, Ausable R., Jl ; Elizabethtown, Jl; Adirondack 
Lodge, Jl; Ithaca, May-Jl; Oxford, Jl. 

58 Perlidae 

Chloroperla Newman 
C. cydippe Newm. Sport I., Je, Alex; Hamburg, Jl; Ithaca, Je; Newfield. 

Neoperla Needham 

N. clymene Newn. Charlotte, Je ; West Falls, Jl ; Martinsburg, Jl (Sib); Ithaca, 
Je-Sep ; Ancram, Je ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl. 

Clioperla Needham and Claassen 

C. similis Hagen. Moore's Br., near Ithaca, May, Sib ; Ringwood Hollow, near 

Ellis, Ap (Claas). 
C. annecta Ndm. & Claas. Black Br., Je, Cy. 


I. signata Bks. Elizabethtown, Jl (Claas) ; Clinton, May, Powell; Woodworth's 
L., Je, Alex; Buffalo, Jl ; Ithaca, May-Je; Ringwood, May (Dt) ; Greene 
Co, Je. 

I. bilineata Say. A common eastern species, found everywhere in small streams. 
Ithaca, Je-Aug. 

I. montana Bks. Ogdensburg, Jl ; Gloversville, Je, Alex; Lakeside, Je; Ithaca, 
May-Je (Ellis); Coy Glen, Je; Slaterville, Je ; Enfield, May; Moore's Br., 
near Ithaca, May, Sib; Taughannock Falls, May (Dt) ; Newfield, Je. 

Perlesta Banks 
P. placida Hagen. Youngstown, Jl, Alex; Ithaca, May-Aug. 

Atoperla Banks 
A. ephyre Newm. Canandaigua L., Naples, Jl, Leon; Ithaca, Je-Jl. 

Perlinella Banks 
P.-drymo Newm. Deer R., May; Sport I., Sacandaga R., Je, Alex; Ithaca, May-Jl. 

Peltoperla Needham 

P. Cornelia Ndm. and Smith. Ramapo, May (Ds). 
P. arcuata Ndm. Ithaca, Je (Pettit-CU). 


A. abnormis Newn. Keene Val., Je; Oswegatchie; North Cr., Jl; Sacandaga Pk., 

Je, Alex ; Ithaca, Je-Aug ; Greene Co, Je. 
A. arenosa Pict. Ithaca, Jl; LI. 
A. trijuncta Wlk. Juanita I., L. George. 
A. arida Hagen. Ithaca, Je. 
A. lycorias Newn. Artist's Br., Chapel Pond, Essex Co, Je (Claas); Gloversville, 

Je, Alex; Castile; Golden, Je (EPV) ; Otto, Je; McLean Bogs, Je ; Ithaca, 

May-Jl; The Hermitage, Cayuga L. (Bet); Trenton Falls, type locality; Ft. 

Montgomery, May ; Ramapo, May. 

Nemouridae — Capniidae 59 

Nemoura Latreille 

N. divergens Claas. Clinton, Mar (Powell-CU) ; Ithaca, Ap. 

N. sinuata Wu. Alcohol Br., Adirondack Lodge, Jl ; Newcomb, Jl ; Cranberry L., 
Je, Drk; Old Forge, Jl-Aug; Gloversville, Je; Ithaca, Je-Aug (CU) ; Etna; 
McLean; Greene Co. 

N. venosa Bks. Alcohol Br., Adirondack Lodge, Jl (Claas) ; Newport, May; Cran- 
berry L., Je, Drk; Old Forge, Je (Ndm) ; Woodworth's L., Je-Aug, Alex; 
Colden, Je (Bks); Ringwood, Je; Enfield Glen, May; McLean, Je; W. 
Danby, Je (MacG). 

N. trispinosa Claas. Mud Cr., Tompkins Co, Je (CU) ; McLean, Je. 

N, vallicularia Wu. Ilion, Mar; Clinton, Ap ; Ithaca, Ap-May (CU) ; Nassau, 
Mar; Mosholu, Mar. 

N. serrata Claas. Cranberry L., Drk (CU). 

N. punctipennis Claas. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Old Forge, Je. 

Leuctra Stephens 

L. decepta Claas. Old Forge, Je; Ringwood, Je (CU). 

L. duplicata Claas. Adirondack Lodge, Je ; Axton, Je (M&H); Woodworth's L., 

Je ; Labrador L., Cy ; Chipmunk Swamp, Vandalia, Je ; Ringwood, May. 
L. hamula Claas. Mt. Marcy, Aug; Old Forge, Jl (CU) ; Sacandaga Pk., Alex; 

Woodworth's L., Je. 
L. sibleyi Claas. Moore's Br., Ithaca, May (Sib) ; Taughannock, May. 
L. tenuis Pict. Wilmington ; Saranac Inn, Jl ; Woodworth's L., May, Alex ; West 

L. triloba Claas. McLean, Sep-Oct (Jensen-CU) ; Ithaca, Sep. 
L. truncata Claas. Old Forge, Aug (CU). 

Taeniopteryx Pictet 

T. maura Pict. Gloversville, Mar, Alex. 

T. nivalis Fitch. Adams Center, Mar (Claas) ; Honeoye Falls, Mar, Cy ; Pike, 
Mar ; Ithaca, Feb-Mar ; Binghamton, Ap ; Albany, Mar-Ap. 

T. fasciata Burm. Hamburg, Ap (EPV) ; Ithaca, Mar-Ap; Karner, Ap; E. Green- 
burgh, Ap. 


Capnia Pictet 

C. vernalis Newport. Mountain L., Ap (Claas) ; Oilman L., Ap (Claas) ; Clinton, 
Mar, Poivell; Coy Glen, Mar; Highland, Mar. 

Capnella Claassen 

C. granulata Claas. Adams Center, Mar (Claas) ; Johnstown, Mar (CU) ; Fulton 

Co, Alex. 
C. recta Claas. Ithaca, Mar (CU) ; Interlaken, Nov. 
C. incisura Claas. Ithaca, Mar (CU). 
C. vivipara Claas. Bluff Pt., Ithaca, Mar. 
C. pygmaea Burm. Northville, Ap ; Pike, Ap-May; Ithaca, Feb-Ap; McLean, 

May; Mosholu, Mar; SI, Feb. 

60 psocidae 


Compiled by P. J. Chapman and A. M. Nadler 


subfamily PSOCINAE 

Cerastipsocus Kolbe 

C. trifasciatus Prov. "NY" (Bks). 

C. venosus Burm. Westport, Aug (Felt) ; Newport, Aug (Felt) ; Johnstown, Aug 
(Bks); Grand Gorge, Aug (Felt) ; Ithaca, Aug (Chap-AM) ; Middleburg 
(Chap-NYS) ; Berne, Aug (Felt); Ellenville, Jl (Nad); LI: Quogue, Aug 

PSOCUS Latreille 

P. amabilis Walsh. Geneseo, Sep ; Olcott, Sep ; Barcelona, Sep ; Silver Cr., Sep ; 

Richburg, Sep; Clarksburg, Sep; Stow, Sep; Ceres, Sep; Rock City, Sep; 

Painted Post, Sep; Ithaca, Sep; Elmira, Oct; (all Chap); LI: Sea Cliff, 

Sep (Chap). In dead or dying leaves. 
P. atratus Aaron. Sacandaga Pk., Aug, Alex (Bks) ; Painted Post, Sep (Chap). 

On tree trunks. 
P. leidyi Aaron. Woodworth's L., Fulton Co, Aug, Alex (Bks) ; L. Placid, Aug, 

EPV (NYS) ; Fairhaven, Sep; Clarksburg, Sep; Wellsville, Sep; Richburg, 

Sep; Stow, Sep; Ceres, Sep; Geneseo, Sep; Hornell, Sep; Painted Post, 

Sep; Montour Falls, Sep-Oct ; Ithaca, Sep-Oct; Elmira, Oct; McLean, Aug; 

Hunter, Aug (all Chap); Ellenville, Jl (Nad); Bronx, Jl, Grossb (Chap); 

LI: Sea Cliff, Sep (Chap). On tree trunks. 
P. moestus Hag. Stow, Sep; Wellsville, Sep; Clarksburg, Sep; Hornell, Sep; 

Painted Post, Sep; Hall, Jl; Ithaca, Sep (all Chap); LI: Sea Cliff, Sep 

(Nad); Riverhead, Oct (Chap). 
P. novaescotiae Wlk. L. Placid, Aug, EPV (NYS) ; Painted Post, Sep (Chap) ; 

Ithaca, Sep (Chap). 
P. pollutus Walsh. Sacandaga Pk., Gloversville, Aug, Alex (Bks). 
P. purus Walsh. Fairhaven, Sep (Chap) ; Ithaca, Aug, Bks (Chap) ; Cairo, Aug 

(Chap). Under loose stones and on tree trunks. 
P. quietus Hag. Phoenicia, Aug, EPV (NYS). 
P. semistriatus Walsh. LI: Sea Cliff, Aug (Bks). 

P. stigmosalis Bks. Gloversville, Sep, Alex (Bks) ; LI: Sea Cliff, Sep (Nad). 
P. striatus Wlk. Ithaca, Aug-Sep (US) ; Van Cort. Pk., Sep; LI: Sea Cliff, Sep 

P. variabilis Aaron. Johnstown, Aug (Bks) ; Larchmont, Jl (Nad). 

Amphigerontia Kolbe 

A. confraterna Bks. (Psocus). Sacandaga Pk., Je (Bks); West Barre, Sep; 
Little Valley, Sep ; Wellsville, Sep ; Rock City, Sep ; Ceres, Sep ; Stow, Sep ; 
Richburg. Sep; Painted Post, Sep; (all Chap); Phoenicia, Aug, EPV 
(NYS); Larchmont, Jl (Nad). 

T. slossonae Bks. (Psocus). Ithaca, Sep (Bks); Ellenville, Jl (Nad). 

Caeciliidae — Myopsocidae 61 




C. aurantiacus Hag. Speculator, Jl, L. Placid, Aug, EPV (NYS) ; Woodworth's 
L., Aug, Alex (Bks) ; Olcott, Aug, Cinnamon L., Jl, Montour Falls, Sep, 
Howard, Jl, Louck's Pond, Steuben Co (Chap) ; Hammondsport, Jl, Free- 
ville, Oct, Cy (Chap) ; Penn Yan. Jl-Aug, Enfield Glen, Aug, Ithaca, Jl-Aug, 
Danby, Oct, Woodwardia Swamp, Aug, Catskill, Hunter, Aug (Chap) ; 
Larchmont, Je-Jl (Nad); Ellenville, Jl (Nad); LI: Sea Cliff, Sep (Nad, 

C. confluens Walsh. Fair Haven, Sep, Ithaca, Sep, Woodwardia Swamp, Tomp- 
kins Co, Aug (Chap) ; Hunter, Aug (Chap) ; LI: Sea Cliff, Sep, Nad 

C. posticus Bks. LI: Sea Cliff, Aug (Bks). 

C. umbrosus Bks. Hillside, Alcv (Bks); LI: Sea Cliff (Bks). 

LacHESILLA Westwood 

(Pterodela Kolbe) 

L. pedicularia L. Gloversville, Aug-Sep (Bks); Ithaca, Aug (AM). 
L. rufa Walsh. Larchmont, Je (Nad). 



P. corruptus Hag. Johnstown, Aug (Bks) ; Hamburg, Jl, EPV (NYS) ; Letch- 
worth Pk., Jl, Cy (Chap) ; Wells, Jl, Yg (Chap) ; Montour Falls, Sep 
(Chap) ; Ithaca, Enfield Glen, Aug (Chap) ; Albany (Chap-NYS) ; Pough- 
keepsie, Je, Yg (Chap); LI: Sea Cliff, Sep (Nad). 

PeripsoCUS Hagen 

P. madidus Hag. Speculator, Aug, EPV (NYS) ; Saranac Inn, Jl (Ndm) ; L. 
Placid (EPV) ; Wells, Jl, Yg (NYS) ; Avalanche L., Essex Co, Cy&Bish 
(Chap) ; Mt. Mclntyre, Cy&Bish (Chap) ; Woodworth's L., Aug (Bks) ; 
Fair Haven, Sep (Chap) ; Cinnamon L., Jl, Penn Yan, Aug, Montour Falls, 
Sep, Ithaca, Jl-Sep, Danbv, Oct, McLean, Jl-Sep, Howard, Jl, Enfield Glen, 
Aug, Hunter, Aug (Chap); High Falls, Je, Ellenville, Jl (Nad); LI: Sea 
CHff, Sep (Nad). 

P. permadidus Walsh. L. Placid, Speculator, Aug, EPV (NYS) ; Ellenville, Jl 
(Nad); LI: Sea Cliff, Sep (Nad). 




L. lugens Hag. Ithaca, Woodwardia Swamp, Tompkins Co, Aug (Chap). 
L. sparsa Hag. Ithaca, Aug (Chap) ; Hunter, Aug (Chap) ; Poughkeepsie, Aug 

62 Mesopsocidae to Trogiidae 



Mesopsocus Kolbe 

M. unipunctatus Mull. Sacandaga Pk., Je, Alex (Bks) ; Newport, Je (Chap- 
NYS) ; Cinnamon L., Jl (Chap) ; McLean, Je-Jl, Sib (Chap) ; Karner 
(Chap-NYS) ; Howard, Jl (Chap); Larchmont, Je (Nad). 

Elipsocus Hagen 
E. pumilis Hag. "NY" (Hag). 

Philotarsus Kolbe 
P. maculosus Aaron (Elipsocus). Montour Falls, Sep (Chap). 



E. hageni Pck. L. Placid, Aug, EPV (NYS) ; Fair Haven (Chap) ; Johnstown, 
Aug, Alex (Bks) ; Montour Falls, Sep (Chap) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug, Hunter, 
Aug (Chap); Ellenville, Jl (Nad); LI: Riverhead, Oct (Chap). 



P. ramburi Selys. NYC, Jan, Je (Felt); Manhattan, Jl (Nad); LI: Brooklyn, 
Je-Jl (Nad). 

NymphopsoCUS Enderlein 

(Ocellataria Weber) 

N. gravinympha Web. LI: Brooklyn, throughout the year (Nad). 

D. pallida Aaron. Ithaca, Aug-Oct, in old papers and books (Chap). 



Trogium Illiger 

T. pulsatorium L. The so-called "deathwatch." Hunter, Aug (Chap) ; LI: Sea 
Cliff, Sep, Nad (Chap). 

LiPOSCELiDAE — Menoponidae 63 


LiPOSCELlS Motschulsky 

(Troctes Burmeister) 

L. divinatorius Mull. Favetteville, Mar (Chap) ; Ithaca, May, in nests of English 
sparrow {Chap) ; Otsego (Lint) ; Albany, Oct (Felt) ; Wakefield, Oct 
(Felt); NYC (Felt). 


Compiled by F. H. Wilson 



Menopon Nitzsch 

M. aegialitidis Durr. Hebron, Sep, on killdeer {Oxyechus vociferus vociferus L.). 

M. leucoxanthum Nitz. Ithaca, Oct, on black duck (Anas ruhripes Brewst.). 

M. stramineum Nitz. (biseriatum Piaget). Large Body Louse. General through- 
out the State, on hen (Herr) ; also Ithaca, Ap, on captive ring-necked pheasant 
(Phasianus torquatiis Gmel.) (Herr) and domestic turkey. 

M. pallidum Nitz. Common Hen Louse. General throughout the State, on hen 
(Herr), ring-necked pheasant, and guinea fowl. 

Myrsidea Waterston 

M. subaequalis Lyonet. Ithaca and Hebron, on crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos 
brachyrhynchos Brehm) and red-shouldered hawk (Buteo lineatiis lineatus 

Colpocephalum Nitzsch 

C. laticeps Kell. L. Cossayuna, Sep, on great blue heron (Ardea herodias herodias 

C. pustulosum Piaget. Ithaca, Sep, on pectoral sandpiper (Pisobia maculafa 


Trinoton Nitzsch 

T. querquedulae L. (hiridum Nitz.). Ithaca, on redhead (Marila americana Eyt.), 
pintail (Dafila acuta L.), and wood duck (Aix sponsa L.) ; Hebron, Sep, on 
green-winged teal (Nettion carolinensis Gmel.). 

Pseudomenopon Mjoberg 

P. pacificum Kell. Ithaca, on coot {Fidica americana Gmel.) and pied-billed grebe 
(Podilymbus podiceps L.). 

"The order of arrangement of families and genera here is that adopted by L. Harrison in his 
article entitled "The Genera and Species of Mallophaga," in Parasitology, vol. 9, p. 1-156, 1916. 
The species are arranged alphabetically in each genus. The list is based upon careful collecting 
by Mr. Wilson (chiefly at Hebron and at Ithaca), upon material already in the Cornell collection, 
and upon such published records as seemed trustworthy. 

64 RiciNiDAE — Trichodectidae — Philopteridae 



R. leptosomus Carriker. Ithaca, on kingbird (Tyrannus tyrannus L.). 
R. lineatus Osb. Recorded from Ithaca by Osb., on ruby-throated humming bird 
(Archilochtis cohihris L.). 

Trochiloecetes Paine and Mann 
T. prominens Kell. & Chap. Ithaca, on ruby-throated humming bird. 



Trichodectes Nitzsch 

T. bovis L. (scalaris Nitz.). Biting Cattle Louse. Common throughout the 

State, on domestic cattle. 
T. equi L. Biting Horse Louse. Probably common throughout the State, on 

horse, but definitely recorded only from Ithaca. 
T. ovis L. (sphaerocephahis Olfers). N. Blenheim and Liberty, on sheep (Lint. 

Kept. 1889). 
T. subrostratus Nitz. Probably common throughout the State, on cat, but definitely 

recorded only from Ithaca. 




G. dissimilis Nitz. Malone, Ap, on ring-necked pheasant (Phasiamis torquatus 

G. meleagridis L. {stylifer Nitz.). Ithaca, common on .domestic turkey (Herr). 

GONIOCOTES Burmeister 

G. bidentatus Scop, (compar Nitz.). Ithaca, very common on domestic pigeon 

G. gigas Tasch. Ithaca, on hen and guinea fowl, but not common (Herr). 
G. hologaster Nitz. Lesser Chicken Louse. Ithaca, fairly common on hen, and 

probably widely distributed throughout the State. 


P. agelaii Osb. Ithaca, on red-winged blackbird {Agelaius phoeniccns phocnicens 

P. ceblebrachys Nitz. Avon, Jan, on snowy owl (Nyctea nyctea L.), GAFrcnch. 
P. corvi Osb. Ithaca and Hebron, on crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos brachyrhynchos 

P. cursor Nitz. Ithaca, on barred owl {Strix varia varia Barton). 

Philopteridae 65 

P. dentatus Scopoli (icterodes Nitz.)- Ithaca, on domestic duck (Anas domestica), 
canvasback (Marila valKsneria Wils.), redhead (M. americana Eyt.), greater 
scaup duck (M. marila L.), old squaw (Harelda hy emails L.), king eider 
(Somateria spectabilis L.), Canada goose (Branta canadensis canadensis L.), 
mallard (Anas platyrhynchos L.), black duck (Anas rubripes Brewst.), and 
pintail (Dafila acuta L.) ; Hebron, on green-winged teal (Nettion carolinensis 
Gmel.) ; NY, on hooded merganser (Lophodytes cucullatus L.). 

P. jungens Kell, Ithaca, on northern flicker (Colaptcs auratus luteus Bangs). 

P. major Waterston. Lansing and Ithaca, on Wilson's snipe (Gallinago delicata 

P. pertusus Nitz. Ithaca, on coot (Fulica americana Gmel,). 

P. quiscali Osb. Ithaca, on bronzed grackle (Quiscalus quiscula aeneus Ridgw.). 

Degeeriella Neumann 

D. boephila Kell. Hebron, on killdeer (Oxyechus vociferiis vociferus L.). 
D. cedrorum Piaget. Hebron, on cedar waxwing (Bomhycilla cedrorum VieilL). 
D. fusca Nitz. Hebron, on red-shouldered hawk (Buteo lineatus lineatus Gmel.). 
D. interrupta Piaget. L. Cossayuna, on solitary sandpiper (Helodromas solitarius 

solitarius Wils.). 
D. illustris Kell. Ithaca, on red-winged blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus phoeniceus 

L.), bobolink (Dolichonyx orysivorus L.), and bronzed grackle (Quiscalus 

quiscula aeneus Ridgw.). 
D. nebulosa Burm. Ithaca, on starling (Sturnus vulgaris L.) and robin (Planes- 

ticus migratorius migratorius L.). 
D. ornatissima Giebel. Ithaca, on red-winged blackbird. 

D. vulgata Kell. Hebron, on English sparrow (Passer dom.esticus domesticus L.). 

Rallicola Johnston and Harrison 

R. advena Kell. Ithaca, on coot (Fulica americana Gmel.) and bufflehead 

(Charitonetta albeola L.). 
R. bisetosa Piaget var. californica Kell. Ithaca and Hebron, on Virginia rail 

(Rallus virginianus L.) (Kell & Chap). 

A. kelloggi Carr. Ithaca, on canvasback (Marila vallisneria Wils.). 


O. goniopleurus Denny. Ithaca, on Canada goose (Branta canadensis canadensis 



E. anseris L. (jejumim Nitz.). Ithaca, on domestic goose (Anser domesticus) 


E. columbae L.^ (baculum Nitz.). Rochester, French) Ithaca (Herr). On 
domestic pigeon. 

66 Philopteridae — Aeolothripidae 

E. botauri Osb. Hebron, on American bittern (Bofaimis lentiginosiis Montag.). 
E. comstocki Kell. & Chap. Ithaca and Hebron, on Virginia rail (Ralhis Virginia- 

mis L.) (Kell&Chap). 
E. crassicorne Scop, (sqiialidiim Nitz.). Ithaca, on king eider {Somateria spectabilis 

L.), mallard (Anas platyrhynchos L.), black duck {Anas rubripes Brewst.), 

pintail (Dafila acuta L.), and redhead (Marila americana Eyt.) ; W. Hebron, 

on green-winged teal (Nettion carolincnsis Gmel.). 
E. infuscatrum Osb. Ithaca, on American woodcock (Philohela minor Gmel.). 
E. luridum Nitz. Ithaca, on coot (Fulica americana Gmel.). 
E. thoracicum Piaget. Ithaca, on bufflehead {Charitonetta alheola L.). 

LiPEURUS Nitzsch'^* 

L. caponis L. {variabilis Nitz.), Variable Hen Louse. Generally distributed 

throughout the State, on hen ; also taken at Newfield on ring-necked pheasant 

{Phasianus torquatus Gmel.). 
L. gallipavonis Geoff, {polytrapesiiis Nitz.). Slender Turkey Louse. Ithaca, 

common on domestic turkey (Herr). 
L. heterographus Nitz. Chicken Head-Louse. Recorded definitely only from 

Ithaca, but common throughout the State, on hen (Herr). 


Compiled by J. Douglas Hood and Glenn W. Herrick 

While the present list of New York thrips is nearly twice as long as 
that of Hinds for all of North America (Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., vol. 26, 
p. 79-242, 1902), it certainly represents not more than half of the species 
which could be taken in a few months of really careful collecting. New 
York material of the group would be welcome indeed, and collectors are 
urged to send specimens (preferably in 80-per-cent alcohol) to the com- 
pilers of this list, for identification. 

The first attempt to compile a list of New York Thysanoptera was 
made by Jacobus C. Faure, now Professor of Entomology in the Trans- 
vaal University College, Pretoria, Union of South Africa, while he was 
an undergraduate student at Cornell University. Mr. Faure collected 
about thirty species, most of which had not previously been taken in the 




AeoLOTHRIPS Haliday 

A. albicinctus Hal. Canastota, Jl-Aug, on corn leaves, Faure (Hd) ; Macedon, 
Je, common on grass {Hd) ; Elmira, Jl, on onion, Faure (Hd) ; Chester, Aug, 
on onion, Faure (Hd) ; Ithaca, May, on Pinus, Bahiy (Hd), and in sweepings 
from grass {Hd). 

" The genus Lipeurus is placed by Harrison In the subfamily Goniodinae. 

Aeolothripidae — Thripidae 67 

A. bicolor Hinds. Ithaca, on red clover, Wehrle (Herr) ; Chester, on onion, Faure 

A. nasturtii Jones. Ithaca, May, in sweeping grass (Hd). 

A. fasciatus L. Cranberry L., Je, Drk (WatsonJR) ; Sodus Pt., Aug, in dandelion 
flowers (Hd) ; Macedon, Je-Oct, abundant on onion, feeding on Thrips tabaci 
(Hd) ; Ithaca, May, in sweeping (Hd) ; Geneva, Jl, on cherry foliage, 
GlasgowH (Hd) ; Canastota, Aug, on clover, Faure (Hd) ; Elmira, Jl, on 
onion, Faure (Hd) ; Pine I., Aug, on onion, Faure (Hd) ; Chester, Aug, on 
onion, Faure (Hd) ; Pulaski, Je, on grass, Babiy (Herr). 

A. melaleucus Hal. (annectans Hd.). Macedon, Je, on Tilia (Hd) ; Monsey, Jl, on 
foliage of pear, GlasgowH (Hd). 

Superfamily THRIPOIDEA 


Heterothrips Hood 

H. limbatus Hd. Macedon, Je, in flowers of wild cherry (Hd). 

H. arisaemae Hd. Macedon and McLean, May, in flowers of Jack-in-the-pulpit 

H. ajzaleae Hd. Suffern, May, in flowers of Azalea, KalmhachER (Hd). 

Heliothrips Haliday 

H. femoralis Rent. Ithaca, in greenhouses, Ap-Jl, on a large variety of plants, div. 
(Hdand Herr). 

H. haemorrhoidalis (Bouche), The Greenhouse Thrips. Watkins, Jl, presum- 
ably in greenhouse (Felt) ; Ithaca, in greenhouses, Jan, on fern, Faure (Hd), 
May, on Croton, Griswold (Hd). 

Parthenothrips Uzel 

p. dracaenae (Heeger). Ithaca, in greenhouses, Mar, Faure (Hd), Ap, on calla 
lily, J oh (Hd), May, on palm, Griswold (Hd), Nov, Dec, on banana and 
Anthurium (Herr) ; Ogdensburg, on palm and rubber plant in greenhouse, 
LawrenceFW (Hd). 

Sericothrips Haliday 

S. cingulatus Hinds. Ithaca, May, in stomach of very young trout, Pck (Hd). A 
grass species. 


E. subflavus Hd. Little Valley, Sep, under bark of beech sapling, Chap (Hd). 


L. cerealium Hal. Sheldrake, Aug, on oats (Herr) ; LI: Riverhead, Jl, in flight, 
abundant, RussellHM (Hd). 

L. denticornis Hal. Macedon, in winter hibernating under bark of willow and in 
fallen leaves, in summer abundant on wheat and grasses (Hd) ; Ithaca, on 
wheat, RiesD (Hd), in fallen leaves, Mar-Ap, BarnesTC (Hd), in robin's 
nest, Mar, Dobroscky (Hd), on grass, Je (Hd) ; McLean, on grass, Babiy 

68 Thripidae 

Chirothrips Haliday 

C. manicatus Hal. Rochester, Jl, in heads of Dactylis glomerata (Hd) ; Canastota, 
Jl, in milkweed flower, Faure (Hd) ; Macedon, Je, on wheat (Hd) ; Elmira, 
Jl, on tobacco, Faure (Hd) ; Ithaca, May, in stomach of very young trout, 
Pck (Herr), Je, on grass (Hd) ; Slaterville, May, on grass (Hd) ; McLean, 
May, on grass (Hd). 

C. obesus Hinds. Canastota, Jl, on grass, Faure (Hd). 

AptiNOTHRIPS Haliday 

A. rufus (Gmelin). Canastota, Nov, on grass, Faure (Hd) ; Macedon, May-Je, on 
wheat and grass (Hd) ; LI: Riverhead, Je, on grass, RussellHM (Hd), 

A. rufus forma stylifera Trybom. McLean, May, common on grass, Leon&Hd 

Anaphothrips Uzel 

A. obscurus (Miiller). The Grass Thrips. Albion, Jl (Felt) ; Macedon, Oct, on 
corn (Hd) ; Canastota, Jl, Nov, on grass, Faure (Hd) ; Taughannock, Jl, 
on heads of timothy (Herr) ; Ithaca, Je, on grass (Hd) ; LI: Riverhead, Je, 
on grass, RussellHM (Hd) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Je, And (Hd). 


S. 6-maculatus (Perg.). Chester, Aug, on elm leaves, predacious on mites, Faure 


F. fusca (Hinds) (Scirtothrips owreyi Watson). The Tobacco Thrips. Wells, 
May, on buttercup, Yg (Hd) ; Elmira, Jl, on tobacco, Faure (Hd) ; Florida, 
Aug, on onion, Faure (Hd) ; Chester, Aug, on grass, Faure (Hd). 

F. tenuicornis (Uzel) (nervosa Uzel, maidis Beach). Canastota, Jl, on corn, 
Faure (Hd) ; Macedon, May- Oct, common on wheat and corn (Hd) ; Elmira, 
Jl, on tobacco, Faure (Hd). 

F. tritici (Fitch). "NY" (Fitch) ; Speculator, May, on strawberry, Yg (Hd) ; 
Williamson, Je, on Raminculus bulhosus, Faure (Hd) ; Macedon, May-Oct, on 
flowers and foliage of various plants (Hd) ; Ithaca, Aug, on red clover, 
Wehrle (Herr) ; Taughannock, Jl, on Hypericum (Herr) ; McLean, May, in 
catkin of willow (Hd) ; LI: Riverhead, Aug, on various plants, RussellHM 

F. stylosa Hd. Sufifern, May, on Azalea and dogwood, KalmbachER (Hd). 

Taeniothrips Amyot and Serville 

T. salicis (Reut). Slaterville, May, on SaHx (Hd). 

T. inconsequens (Uzel) (Euthrips pyri Daniel). The Pear Thrips. Macedon, 
May-Je, on wild and cultivated cherry (Hd) ; Batavia, May, on pear, Faure 
(Hd) ; E. Bethany, May, on apple foliage, Hei^r (Hd) ; Geneva, Ap, GlasgowH, 
and May, ParrottPj , on apple (Hd) ; Ithaca, May, on pear (Herr) ; Ravena 
and Athens (Felt) ; Tivoli, May, on pear, Rupert (Herr) ; Ulster Co, Ap, 
MillsWD (Hd). 

Thripidae — Merothripidae — Phlaeothripidae 69 

Ctenothrips Franklin 

C. bridwelli Frankl. Rose, May, on leaves of Cypripedium hirsutum, Weed AC 
(Hd) ; Macedon, May, on leaves of Podophyllum peltatum (Hd) ; Ithaca, Je, 
on Podophyllum peltatum., Herr (Hd), Jl and Sep, on skunk cabbage (Herr) ; 
Taughannock, Jl, on Trillium (Herr) ; Ludlowville, May, on skunk cabbage 
(Hd) ; McLean, May, on May apple and skunk cabbage, Leon&Hd (Hd). 

Thrips Linnaeus 

T. impar Hd. Macedon, Aug, on Impatiens (Hd) ; McLean, Sep, on flowers and 

leaves of Impatiens (Hd). 
T. nigropilosus Uzel. Canastota, Aug, on castor-oil plant in greenhouse, Faure 

(Hd) ; Macedon, Ap, on leaves of mullein (Hd) ; Rochester, Mar, on lemon 

verbena in greenhouse (Hd) ; Berkshire, Je, on lettuce, EasonNH (Hd). 

Apparently introduced from Europe. 
T. physapus L. Speculator, May, Yg (Hd) ; Sodus Pt., Aug (Hd) ; Rochester, 

May-Aug (Hd) ; Wallace, Ap (^Hd) ; Ithaca, Je, Aug, Oct, Faure (Hd). 

A common dandelion-flower species. 
T. tabaci Lindeman. The Onion Thrips. Newport, Jl (Felt) ; Canastota, Nov, 

on grass near onion fields, Faure (Hd) ; Marion, Je, on onion, Faure (Hd) ; 

Macedon, Oct, on onion (Hd) ; Geneseo, Je (Felt) ; Ithaca, Oct, on daisy, 

Faure (Hd) ; LI: Je, infesting cauliflower seedbeds, Huck (Hd). 
T. monotropse Hd. Sodus Pt., Aug 10, in flowers of Monotropo uniflora (Hd) . 
T. veratri Herr. Ithaca, on Veratrum viride (Herr). 
T. flavus Schrank. Ithaca, Jl, in flowers of Angelica atropurpurea, JacksonLO 

T. fuscipennis Hal. Ithaca, Jl, in flowers of Angelica atropurpurea, JacksonLO 

T. calcaratus Uzel. McLean, May 19, in grass, etc., Leon&Hd (Hd). 

Baliothrips Uzel 
B. dispar (Hal). Chester, Ap, on grass, Faure (Hd). 

Merothrips Hood 
M. morgani Hd. Macedon, Oct, under bark of fallen elm tree (Hd). 

suborder TUBULIFERA 



Haplothrips Amyot and Serville 

H. graminis Hd. Barneveld, on grasses, WolcottGN (Hd). 

H. faurei Hd. Ithaca, Oct, on ivy foliage, Faure (Hd), and on Chenopodium 
album. Chap (Hd), May, on willow foliage (Hd) ; Florida, Aug, on willow 
foliage, Faure (Hd) ; W. Danby, May, on willow (Hd) ; Cinnamon L., Mav, 
on pine (Hd). 

70 Phlaeothripidae 

H. leucanthemi (Schrank) (niger Osb., statices auct. nee Hal.). Speculator, Je, 
in flowers of red clover, daisy, and yarrow, Yg (Hd-NYS) ; Northampton, 
Je, on yarrow, Yg (Hd-NYS) ; Wells, May, on buttercup and blackberry, 
Yg (Hd-NYS) ; Canastota, Jl-Aug, on daisy, Faiire (Hd) ; Rochester, Je-Jl, 
on Chrysanthemum leucanthemum, Melilotus officinalis,^ and Trifolium repens, 
MaynardEA (Hd), on wild carrot (reared), and in flowers of Achillea 
millefolium (Hd) ; Macedon, Je, on Chrysanthemum leucanthemum and 
Trifolium spp, {Hd) ; Ithaca, Je, in flowers of daisy and rhubarb, Faure 
(Hd), Jl, on yarrow (Herr), Aug, on red clover, Wehrle (Herr) ; Taug- 
hannock, Jl, on ox-eye daisy {Herr) ; LI: Riverhead, Je, on daisy, RussellHM 

H. verbasci (Osb.). Speculator, Je, on mullein, Yg (Hd) ; Rochester, Nov, on 
mullein {Hd) ; Macedon, throughout the year, on mullein {Hd) ; Wallace, 
May, on mullein {Hd) ; Ithaca, May, on mullein {Herr), and in stomach of 
very young trout, Pck (Herr) ; McLean, May, on mullein, Leon&Hd (Hd) ; 
LI: Riverhead, Je-Jl, common on mullein, one specimen from black-eyed 
daisy, RussellHM (Hd). 


H. dodgei Hd. Macedon, May 4, under rotting elder bark {Hd). 
H. puUata Hd. Macedon, Jan 23, under bark on apple tree {Hd). 

Zygothrips Uzel 

Z. americanus Hd. Macedon, Jan-Ap, Aug, under bark of maple, hickory, apple, 
and ash trees {Hd) ; Slaterville, May, under maple bark {Hd). 

Leptothrips Hood 

L. mali (Fitch) {adirondacks Watson, in part). "NY" (Fitch) ; Cranberry L., 
Jl, on yellow birch, Drk, "type, male," of L. adirondacks Watson (Hd) ; 
Macedon, Je, on leaves of grape and basswood {Hd) ; E. Bethany, May, on 
apple, Herr (Hd) ; Geneva, on grape clusters (Hd) ; Ithaca, Oct, on grape 
foliage, Faure (Hd) ; Suffern, May, on Azalea and dogwood, KalmbachER 


L. caryae (Fitch). "NY", in galls of Phylloxera on hickory (Fitch). 

L, citricornis (Hd.) {Leptothrips adirondacks Watson, in part). Cranberry L., 

Je, on Viburnum alnifolium, Drk, paratype of L. adirondacks Watson (Hd) ; 

Macedon, Je, on grape {Hd) ; Suffern, May, on grape, JacksonLO (Hd). 
L. vaneeckei Pries. LI: Brooklyn, Oct, on bulbs of Lilium canadense. Stout (Hd). 

Rhynchothrips Hood 

R. russelli Hd. Keene Val., Je, on Virginia creeper, Mrs. W. S. Stewart (Hd). 

R. pruni Hd. Macedon, throughout the year {Hd) ; Ithaca, Mar {Hd) ; Slater- 
ville, May {Hd) ; McLean, May, Leon&Hd (Hd). Common under bark of 
wild cherry. 

Neothrips Hood 

N. corticis Hd. Macedon, Feb, Ap, Aug, under bark of hickory, maple, apple, and 
buckeye {Hd). 

Phlaeothripidae 71 

HOPLOTHRIPS Amyot and Serville 

H. beacbi (Hinds). Macedon, Aug, under bark of dead maple saplings {Hd) ; 
Rochester, Je, reared from pupae taken under dead willow bark, TreherneRC 
(Hd) ; Mumford, Ap, under bark on dead willow branch (Hd) ; Ludlowville, 
May, under willow bark (Hd) ; Elmira, Oct, under bark of beech, Chap 
(Hd) ; Clarksburg, Sep, under bark of beech, Chap (Hd) ; Barcelona, Sep, 
under bark of beech. Chap (Hd). 

H. corticis (DeG.). Cinnamon L., May, under bark of birch, Brad&Hd (Hd) ; 
LI: Bergen Beach, Jan, under bark of oak, Dow (Hd). 

H. karnyi karnyi (Hd). Macedon, Ap, under bark (Hd) ; Slaterville, May, under 
bark of apple (Hd). 

H. karnyi major Hd. (Trichothrips drakei Watson, at least in part). Macedon, 
throughout the year, under bark of various trees, usually associated with 
fungus (Hd) ; Lakeville, May, under willow bark, MaynardEA (Hd) ; 
Syracuse, Oct, under bark of black locust, OsbornE, paratype of Trichothrips 
drakei Watson (Hd) ; Ithaca, Mar, in shelf fungus (Herr), Nov, under bark 
of tree, Babiy (Herr), Feb-Je, on Polyporus (Hd), Je, in rotten stump, Cy 
(Hd) ; Taughannock, Aug, under bark of beech stick (Herr) ; McLean, May, 
under bark on fungus-covered stump, Leon&Hd (Hd) ; Cinnamon L., May, 
under bark of birch, Brad&Hd (Hd) ; LI: Sea Cliff, Sep, oak branches, 
Chap (Hd). 

Trichothrips Uzel 

T. americanus Hd. Ludlowville, May, under willow bark (Hd). 

T. ang^sticeps Hd. Macedon, Ap, Aug, under bark of fungus-covered maple and 

hickory stumps (Hd) ; Rochester, Nov, on fungus under bark of beech stump 

T. fumiceps Hd. Potter, Ap, under rotting willow bark (Hd). 
T. flavicauda Morgan. Macedon, Oct, under elm bark (Hd) ; W. Danby, Ap, under 

poplar bark (Hd). 

L. muscorum Hd. Ithaca, May, in moss, BarncsTC (Hd). ' 


B. bicolor (Heeger). Canastota, Mar, on grass, Faure (Hd) ; Macedon, Mar, 

under fallen leaves (Hd) ; Ithaca, Mar-May, Jl, on grasses and in fallen 
leaves and other debris, Babiy (Herr), BarnesTC (Hd). 

Cryptothrips Uzel 

C. rectangularis Hd. (Gastrothrips salicis Watson). Cranberry L., Jl, on willow, 

Drk, holotype of G. salicis Watson (Hd) ; Macedon, May-Je, under willow 
bark (Hd) ; Kenwood, Jl, on peach bark, Faure (Hd) ; Ithaca, May, under 
willow bark (Hd) . 

C. (?)breviventris Hd. Macedon, Oct 26, in moss on fallen tree in lowland (muck) 
woods (Hd). 


P. chapmani Hd. Cinnamon L., Je, under bark of poplar. Chap (Hd) ; Elmira, 

Jl, on tobacco foliage, Faure (Hd). 
P. vittatus Hd. Parkers, Lewis Co, Sep 2, Chap (Hd). 

72 Phlaeothripidae 


H. xanthopus Hd. Macedon, May, reared from nymph taken under maple bark 

H. proximus Hd. Macedon, May 18-31, Ithaca, May 27, under dead bark of Salix 

H. gynandrus Hd. Macedon, May 18 and 29, under dead bark of Salix sp. infested 

with Cryptorhynchus lapathi (Hd). 

Phloeobiothrips Hood 

P. tumiceps Hd. Macedon, May, Oct-Nov, under bark of fallen branches and 
saplings (Hd). 


A. nodicornis (Reut.). Cranberry L., Jl, in top of fallen maple tree, Drk 
(WatsonJR) ; Macedon, May, under willow bark (Hd). 

Neurothrips Hood 

N. magnafemoralis (Hinds). Cranberry L., Jl, in top of fallen maple tree, Drk 
(WatsonJR) ; Macedon, Feb-Ap, under bark of maple and hickory (Hd) ; 
Canastota, Mar, under bark, Faure (Hd) ; Chester, on onion, Faure (Hd) ; 
Slaterville, May, one dead female under sycamore bark (Hd). 


P. omatus (Hd.). Sodus Pt., Sep, one female taken in flight (Hd) ; Rochester, 
Jl, one female taken in flight (Hd) ; Macedon, Ap, several nymphs under 
bark on hickory stump (Hd). 

Glyptothrips Hood 
G. flavescens Hd. Chester, Ap, in grass, Faure (Hd). 

Megalothrips Uzel 

M. spinosus Hd. (Idolothrips fitscus Watson). Syracuse, Oct, in burrows of 
cerambycid-beetle larva in twig of basswood, Drk, "type" and paratype of 
Idolothrips fuscus Watson (Hd) ; Macedon, Mar-Je, under bark of maple, in 
burrows of Cryptorhynchus lapathi in willow, and in stem galls on goldenrod 
(Hd) ; Ithaca, Mar, m hole in dead twig, FletcherPB (Hd) ; Nyack, in nest 
of mining bee, Zab (Hd) ; Rock City, Sep, under maple bark, Chap (Hd) ; 
LI: Sea Cliff, Sep, on oak branches, Chap (Hd). 

Elaphrothrips Bufifa 

E. tuberculatus (Hd). LI: Long Pond, Sep 19, in dry oak leaves on broken limb, 
Chap (Hd) ; Wading River, Sep 19, Chap&Boyce (Hd). 

Pediculidae — Haematopinidae 73 

Compiled by G. F. Ferris 

The published records of the occurrence of species of sucking lice in 
New York are apparently very few. However, the distribution of these 
insects is determined rather by the range of their hosts than by any other 
factor, and consequently we may be reasonably sure that those species 
whose normal hosts occur within the State will be found there also. The 
compiler has therefore included in this list the names of those species 
which may reasonably be expected to occur. Such species are indicated 
by brackets and are in italics. 

The general classification of the Anoplura is in a rather unsatisfactory 
state and will probably require some modification. Two families are 
recognized for the New York species. 

Pediculus Linnaeus 

P. humanus (L.). Head and Body Louse of Man. Generally distributed through- 
out the State. Usually two species are recognized, capitis and corporis, 
but it has been shown that at best these are nothing more than races which 
should probably not be recognized. 

Phthirius Leach 

P. pubis (L.). Pubic Louse. Not common, but known from various places in the 
State where sanitary conditions are bad. 


[H. asini (L.). Horse Louse. Occurs on horses in the State, but definite locality 

records are not available.] 
H. eurysternus (Nitz.). Short-Nosed Ox Louse. Throughout the State, on 

domestic cattle. Watertown (Bishopp) ; Otto, Mar (Comst) ; Oswego 

(Comst) ; Ithaca. 

H. suis (L.). Hog Louse. Throughout the State, on domestic pigs. Otto, Je 
(CU) ; Ithaca (Laura Florence). 

LiNOGNATHUS Enderlein 

[L. pedalis (Osb.). Doubtless to be found in the State on domestic sheep.] 

[L. stenopsis (Burm.). Doubtless to be found in the State on domestic goats and 

perhaps on sheep.] 
L. setosus (von Olfers) {piliferus (Burm.)). Dog Louse. LI: Brooklyn, on un- 
named host, doubtless dog, GHFrank (Bishopp). 
L. vituli (L.). LoNG-NosED Ox Louse. Common throughout the State, on 
domestic cattle. Herkimer; Watertown and Oriskany Falls (Bishopp). 

74 Haematopinidae 

S. capillatus End. On domestic cattle. Herkimer; Churchville; Ithaca (Bishopp). 

POLYPLAX Enderlein 

[P. auricularis Kellogg & Ferris. In all probability to be found on the white-footed 

mice of the genus Peromyscus.] 
P. spinulosa (Burm.). LI: Brooklyn, host not given, but doubtless domestic rat, 
GHFrank (Bishopp). To be expected on the meadow mice of the genus 


H. acanthopus (Burm.). "NY", on Pitymys pinetorum (Ferris, from skins in 

U.S.). Certainly present also on meadow mice of the genus Microtus. 

H. erratica (Osb.). Sing Sing, on Tamias striatus (Ferris, from skins in U. S.). 

[H. hesperomydis (Osb.). Certainly to be found in the State on white-footed mice 

of the genus Peromyscus.] 
[H. schiricola Ferris. To be expected in the State on any of the tree squirrels.] 
[H. trispinosa Kellogg & Ferris. To be expected in the State on flying squirrels.] 

Neohaematopinus Mjoberg 

[A^. scim-mus Mjoberg. To be expected in the State on any of the tree squirrels.] 
[N. sciuropteri (Osb.). To be expected in the State on flying squirrels.] 

Enderleinellus Fahrenholz 

[E. longiceps Kellogg & Ferris. To be expected in the State on Sciuriis carolinensis.] 

[E. marmotae Ferris. To be expected in the State on woodchucks.] 

[E. nit£scJii (Burm.). To be expected in the State on Sciurus hudsonicus.] 

[E. tamiasis Fahrenholz. To be expected in the wState on Tamias striatus.] 

[M. uncinatus (Ferris). To be expected in the State on flying squirrels.] 


E. abnormis Osb. Rochester, from mole (Ferris, from skins in U.S.), and from 
an unnamed host, certainly a mole, GHFrank (Bishopp). 

Haemodipsus Enderlein 

[H. ventricosiis (Denny). Certainly present in the State on both domestic and wild 


Tlie list of Hemiptera has been prepared under the general editorship 
of H. G. Barber, of the New Yorlc Entomological Society, who has com- 
piled the lists in all families not otherwise credited. J. R. de la Torre- 
Bueno, of the Brooklyn Entomological Society, has compiled the lists in 


the families of aquatic and semi-aquatic Hemiptera. The Hsts of Miridae 
and Isometopidae are by Dr. H. H. Knight, and those of Piesmidae and 
Tingitidae are by Dr. Carl J. Drake. Mr. Barber has determined much 
of the material in local public and private collections, except in the groups 
handled by Mr. Bueno, and has collected extensively on Long Island. 
Many records in all groups have been supplied by Dr. Knight, chiefly 
from Batavia, Ithaca, and Rock City ; by Mr. Bueno from White Plains ; 
and by William T. Davis, chiefly from Staten Island and Long Island but 
also from other parts of the State where he has collected. Ernest Shoe- 
maker and F. M. Schott have supplied many records, and others also 
have furnished many, as credited. The editors are indebted to E. P. Van 
Duzee for an enormous amount of work in the determination of much 
material from all parts of the State, and for placing at their disposal all 
of the records which he had available. 

Hemiptera have been actively collected by some of the leading special- 
ists for many years in many places in the State, and the list is undoubtedly 
fairly representative. There is need, however, as will be readily seen, of 
much more collecting in certain groups and in certain regions. 

The sequence of families and genera in the present list follows as 
closely as possible that in Van Duzee's Catalog of the Hemiptera. This 
is practically the reverse of the order used in Comstock's Introduction to 
Entomology. The order of arrangement of species, in general, follows 
Van Duzee's catalog, and for convenience the catalog numbers are 
attached. The synonymy has been changed only where later studies have 
seemed to warrant doing so. Species not preceded by a number have been 
described since Van Duzee's catalog was published. 



Tetyra Fabricius 

3 T. bipunctata H-S. LI: Central Pk., Woodr, Ds; Huntington, Schott; 
Bellport, Nic; Huntington, Schott; Wading R., 01s, Ds; Bay Shore, 
Ols; Yaphank, Bno, Eng ; Massapequa, Ds; Wyandanch, Sf ; Pinelawn, 
SWheat; Montauk, Ds; Promised Land, Eng, Ds; (all Brb). Ap-Sep. 
Adults more common on pitch pine in spring and fall ; nymphs in mid- 
summer, and often found on young pine cones (Ds). 

8 A. denticulata Stal. West Pt., Ap-May, in lake drift, Robn (Bno, Brb). 

Stethaulax Bergroth 

11 S. marmoratus Say. LI: Flushing, Ols; Kissena Pk. ; Rockaway Beach, Ds, 
Eng; (all Ols). May-Oct. Usually beaten from cedar (Brb). 



14 H. aeneifrons Say. Long L., Ds, Bno (Brb) ; L. Placid, Ds, Eng (EPV) ; 
Saranac L., Ds (Brb) ; Cranberry L. (Drk) ; Keene Val., Not (Brb) ; 
Cascade L., Indian L. (Brb); Ramapo Mts. (Brb-AM). 



19 E. alternatus Say. Found all over the State (Brb). Cranberry L. (Drk) ; 
L. Placid,' Eng; Keene Val., Moss Pond, Not (Brb); Indian L., 
Cascade L. {Brb) ; Niagara Falls, Buffalo (EPV) ; Ithaca, Ds 
(Kngt); Mud Cr., Tompkins Co (EPV-C\J) ; L. George (Brb-AM); 
E. Jewett, Debruce, Ds (Brb-AM) ; W. Hebron, Lg (Brb) ; Phoenicia 
(EPV) ; West Pt, Robn (Brb) ; White Plains (Bno) ; SI (Ds) ; 
LI: Bellport, Nic (Sf-BM) ; Amagansett, Sf (Brb). 



Galgupha Amyot and Serville 

(Thyreocoris Schrank) 

27 G. unicolor Pal. de Beauv. (atra Amyot & Serv.). Occurs all over the 

State (Brb). Potsdam, Jl, Houghton (EPV) ; Cranberry L., Jl (Drk) ; 
Newport, May, Yg (EPV) ; Buffalo, Sep (EPV) ; Boston, Aug, 
Hamburg, May, E. Aurora, Sep, Colden, Aug, Chautauqua, May, 
Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Cattaraugus Co, Jl, Ds (Brb) ; Nassau, Jl, 
Yg (EPV) ; Debruce, Dow (Bno) ; W. Hebron, Aug, Lg (EPV) ; 
Pine I., May-Je (Brb, 01s) ; White Plains, Armonk, May-Sep (Bno) ; 
Scarsdale, May-Aug (Bno) ; Bronxville, Je, Woodr (Brb) ; Van Cort. 
Pk., Je, Woodr (Brb); SI, Je-Sep, Ds, Bno (Brb); LI: Rockaway 
Beach, May, Ds (Ols) ; Long Beach, Je, Eng (Sf) ; Wading R., May, 
Maspeth, Je-Aug, Yaphank, May (Ols) ; Pinelawn, Sep, Montauk, Sep, 
Ds (Brb); Flatbush, May-Sep, Mosholu, Sep (Brb-AM). Probably 
some of these records should refer to the next species (Brb). 

— G. aterrima Mall. Buffalo, Hamburg, Jl (EPV). 

28 G. nitiduloides Wolff. Keene Val., Aug, Not, Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Ds (Brb) ; 

Buffalo, Colden, Aug (EPV); SI, Je-Sep (Ds) ; LI: Rockaway 
Beach, May, div. (Ols) ; Long Beach, May (Ds). 
31 G. nigra Dall. LI: Cold Sp. Harb., May, Aug, Yaphank, Sep (Brb). 


(Thyreocoris Schrank) 

34 C. lateralis Fab. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Niagara Falls, Je (EPV) ; Debruce, 
Dow (Bno) ; LI: Long Beach, May, Eng (Sf-BM). 

— C. marginella Dall. (nanella McAtee, vide McAtee). Grandview, near Nyack, 

Je (Brb). 
Z7 C. pulicaria Germ. Generally distributed throughout the State (Brb). 
Cascade L., Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; Mt. Whiteface, Lg (Brb) ; Cran- 
berry L., Jl (Drk) ; Potsdam, Jl, Houghton (EPV) ; Rochester, Wendt 

Cydnidae 77 

(01s) ; Buffalo, Aug (EPV, Brb) ; Boston, Aug (EPV) ; Aurora, Jl 
(Brb-AM) ; Karner, Jl (EPV) ; Pine I., Je (Brb) ; White Plains, May- 
Dec 23, hibernating on latter date (Bno) ; W Nyack, May (Ols) ; SI, 
Jl-Aug (Ds) ; LI: Brooklyn, Wyandanch (Ds) ; Maspeth, sifting 
(Ols) ; Yaphank (Ds, Ols) ; Kissena Pk. (Ols) ; Rockaway Beach, div. 
(Bno) ; Bay Shore (Ols) ; Flatbush (Brb-AM) ; Long Beach, Prom- 
ised Land, Eng (Bno) ; Cold Sp. Harb., EP Butler (Huss) ; Fire I. 
(Ds) ; Feb-Sep. 

44 C. mirabilis Perty. SI, Aug, Ds (Ashm). 

Aethus Dallas 
53 A. obliquus Uhl. LI: Aqueduct, Sep, Ds (EPV). 

Pangaeus Stal 

58 P. bilineatus Say. Oliverea, Jl, Shoe (Ols) ; West Pt., Je (Sf-BM) ; 
Yonkers, Je (Brb) ; NYC, May, Van Cort. Pk.. Je (Brb) ; Bronxville, 
Oct, Woodr (Brb); Inwood, May (Schott) ; SI, Sep, Ds (Brb); LI: 
Brooklyn, Eng (BM) ; Flatbush, Zah (Ols, Brb-AM) ; Kissena Pk. 
(Ols) ; North Beach, Schott (Ols) ; Ap-Oct. 

GeotomuS Mulsant and Rey 
62 G. pennsylvanicus Signoret. Mosholu, May (Brb). 

Amnestus Dallas 

67 A. spinifrons Say. Occurs all over the State (Brb). Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; 

Hamburg, Je, Aug (EPV) ; White Plains, May (Bno) ; Bronxville, 
Jl-Aug, Woodr (Brb) ; SI, May-Je, Ds (EPV) ; LI: Yaphank, Aque- 
duct (Brb) ; Calvary Cemetery, ENielson (Ols) ; Flushing, Ols (Brb) ; 
Rockaway Beach (Ds) ; Huntington, Hempstead Plains (Schott); 
Yaphank, Long Beach, Eng (Bno) ; Far Rockaway, Woodr (Brb) ; 

68 A. pusillus Uhl. Keene Val., May, Not (Brb) ; Indian L. Aug (Brb) ; 

Rochester, Wendt (Ols) ; Buffalo, Ap-May, Hamburg, Je (EPV) ; 
Batavia, May, Kngt (Bno) ; Gowanda, May (EPV) ; Ithaca, May 
(EPV-CU) ; Albany, May (EPV-NYS) ; W. Hebron, Lg (Brb) ; 
Yonkers, Ap, Ang (Ols) ; Scarsdale, May, Eng (Bno) ; LI: Rockaway 
Beach, Ols (Brb) ; Far Rockaway, Woodr (Brb) ; Maspeth (Ols) ; 
Long Beach, Eng (Bno) ; May. 

69 A. pallidus Zimm. Mosholu, May (Brb); Pine I., Je (Brb). 

Sehirus Amyot and Serville 

71 S. cinctus Pal. de Beauv. Occurs all over the State (Brb). Long L., Ds, 
Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; Wilmington, Jl (Ds) ; N. Elba, Jl (Brb-AM) ; 

78 Cydnidae — Pentatomtdae 

Saranac L., Sep, Lg (Ds) ; Cranberry L., Je-Sep, H (Huss, Drk) ; 
L. Placid, Aug-Sep (EPV) ; Chazy L., Je (NYS) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, 
Jl, and Ithaca, Jl (EPV) ; L. George, Jl (Brb-AM) ; Oliverea, Je (Ds) ; 
Orange Co, Ap, JCFaure (Kngt) ; Tarry town, Jl (Bno) ; SI, Aug 
(Ds) ; LI: Wading R. (Brb, Ds) ; Montauk, Schott (01s); Je-Aug. 



PODOPS Palisot de Beauvois 

74 P. (Amaurochrous) cinctipes Say. Buffalo, May-Sep (EPV-NYS, CU) ; 

Ithaca, Jl (EPV-CU); White Plains, Ap-Sep (Bno); SI, Feb-Oct 
(Brb, Ds) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Eng, Ds (01s, Brb-AM) ; Far Rock- 
away, Woodr (Brb) ; Canarsie (01s) ; Long Beach, Jamaica, Flatbush, 
Eng (BM) ; Bellport, Nic (BM) ; New Lots, Martin (BM) ; E. New 
York (Ds) ; Ap-Oct. Common on cattails (Ds), in salt meadows, and 
on Junciis gerardi and doubtless other rushes (Parsh). 

75 P. (Amaurochrous) parvulus VanD. White Plains (Bno); "NY" (EPV). 



79 S. microphthalmus Flor. Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug 
(Drk). Sifted from moss. 

Brochymena Amyot and Serville 

81 B. arborea Say. Lansing, Je-Sep (EPV-NYS) ; Honeoye Falls, Je (Ds) ; 
Buffalo, Ap-Sep (EPV) ; Hamburg, Je-Sep (EPV-NYS) ; Gowanda, 
Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, May-Aug (Vdyk-CU) ; Nassau, Je-Sep (EPV- 
NYS) ; White Plains, Aug (Bno) ; Ramapo, Oct (Ds) ; Pine I., Sep 
(Brb); West Pt., Jl, Sep (Brb, Robn) ; SI, Aug-Nov (Ds) ; LI: 
everywhere (Brb) ; Huntington, Wyandanch, Schott (01s) ; Queens, 
Ols (Brb) ; Yaphank, Eng (Ds-BM) ; Long Beach, Calverton, Eng 
(BM) ; Amagansett, Sf, Bellport, Nic (BM) ; Baldwin, nymphs (Ds) ; 
Rockaway Beach, Scuthold, Massapequa, Wading R., Farmingdale 
(Ds) ; Ap-Oct. 

85 B. quadripustulata Fab. Mt. Whiteface, Je (Ds) ; Essex Fells, Aug, Nic 
(BM) ; Elma, Sep (EPV) ; Hamburg, Sep (EPV) ; Spring Br., Je, 
MCV (EPV) ; Batavia, May-Sep, Geneva, Aug (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Feb- 
Nov (EPV, Kngt-CU) ; Clinton Hgts., Ap (EPV) ; W. Hebron, Je 
(Lg) ; Pittstown, Aug (EPV-NYS) ; Nyack, Sep (Brb-AM) ; 
Pine I., Je, Sf (BM) ; Cruger, Jl (Brb-AM) ; White Plains, Mar-Sep 
(Bno) ; West Pt., Je (Ds) ; Ft. Montgomery, May (Brb) ; NYC (Brb) ; 
SI, Feb, Mar, Jl-Sep (Ds) ; LI: Queens Village, Aug, Ols (Brb); 
Rockaway Beach (Ds) ; Port Washington, Sep (Ols) ; Kings Pk., Je, 
EBell (Ols) ; Coney I., Zab (Ols) ; Massapequa, Central Pk., Montauk 
(Ds) ; Parkerville, Bt (Ols). 

89 B. carolinensis Westw. (annulatus Fab.). Albany Ap, Yg (EPV); Clinton 
Hgts., Ap (EPV); southern NY (EPV). 

Pentatomidae 79 

Peri B ALUS Mulsant and Rey 

94 P. limbolarius Stal. Cranberry L., Jl (Drk) ; Onondaga Co, May, H 
(Huss) ; Buffalo, May-Sep (EPV) ; Hamburg, Aug-Sep (EPV) ; 
Batavia, May-Sep (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Ap-Aug (EPV-CU) ; Norton's 
Landing, May, SmHH (EPV) ; L. George, Aug (Brb-AM) ; Albany, 
Oct (EPV-NYS) ; Kingston, Aug (EPV) ; Mosholu, Aug (Bno) ; 
White Plains, Jl-Sep (Bno, 01s) ; Ramapo, May, Aug (Ds) ; SI, 
May-Je, Oct (Ds) ; LI: generally distributed on Solidago and shep- 
herd's-purse (01s) ; Yaphank, Sep (Bno) ; Cold Sp. Harb., EP Butler 
(Brb, Huss) ; Aqueduct (Ds, Brb) ; Kings Bridge (Brb) ; Rockaway 
Beach, Shoe (01s, Ds) ; Queens Village, Schott, Hempstead, Canarsie 
(01s) ; Pinelawn, Massapequa, Half Way Hollow Hills, Orient (Ds) ; 

Trichopepla Stal 

98 T. semivittata Say. Essex Fells, Jl, Nic (BM) ; Buffalo, Je-Nov (EPV); 
Hamburg, Jl, Colden, Aug (EPV) ; Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca, 
Jl-Aug, Sep (EPV-CU) ; Binghamton, Jl (Brb-AM) ; Saugerties, Jl 
(Brb) ; Pine L, Je (Brb) ; Ramapo Mts. (Brb-AM) ; White Plains, 
Valhalla, May, Rye Beach, Aug (Bno) ; Yonkers (Brb-AM) ; Mosholu, 
Jl-Oct, Bno (EPV) ; W. Nyack, Sep (01s) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl, Bno 
(EPV) ; Bronxville, May-Sep, Woodr (Brb) ; Van Cort. Pk., Je-Sep 
(Brb); SI, Je-Sep, Bno (Ds, EPV); LI: Yaphank, Bno, Eng, Ds 
(Bno) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Jl-Aug, EP Butler (Huss, Brb) ; Maspeth 
(01s) ; Wading R. (Brb, 01s) ; Bay Shore, Hempstead (01s) ; Hunt- 
ington, Schott (01s) ; Flatbush, Zab (Brb) ; Pinelawn, Schott (01s) ; 
Half Way Hollow Hills (Ds) ; Amagansett, Sf (BM) ; Jamaica, 
Flushing, Long Beach, Eng (Brb) ; May-Sep. Throughout LI on 
Daucus Carota (01s). 

Rhytidolomia Stal 

101 R. saucia Say. Rye Beach, Jl (Bno) ; SI: salt meadow. May, Sep-Nov 

(Brb, Ds) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, div. (01s, Brb~BM) ; Springs (Ds) 
Aqueduct (Ds, Brb, 01s) ; Bellport, Nic (BM) ; Coney I., Schott (01s) 
Flatbush, Amagansett, Eng (BM) ; Bergen L, Cypress Hills (Brb-AM) 
Long Beach, Montauk, Schott (Ds) ; Sea Cliff, Bks', Orient Pt. (EPV- 
NYS) ; May-Nov. Confined mostly to salt marshes; often taken on 
Spartma patens on LI (Parsh). 

102 R. senilis Say. Rye Beach, Aug (Bno) ; NYC, Oct (Brb) ; SI, Jan, Ap-May, 

Sep, Dec (Brb, Ds) ; LI: Sands Pt, Bs (Ds) ; Rockaway Beach 
(Ds, Brb, Ols) ; Orient, Lath (Ds) ; Aqueduct, Ds (01s) ; Central Pk., 
S.f, Eng (Ols-BM) ; Flatbush, Eng, Promised Land, Eng (BM) ; 
Coney I., Zab, Cypress Hills (Brb-AM) ; Hempstead (Ols) ; Brooklyn, 
Schott (Ols) ; Melville, Schott; Pinelawn, Eng (Ols) ; Amityville, 
Ols (Brb) ; Yaphank, near beach in rushes and grasses (Bno) ; Ap-Jan. 

Chlorochroa Stal 

106 C. persimilis Horv. (uhleri Stal, vide VanD.). Keene Val., Sep, Not 
(Brb)-; Cranberry L., Aug (Drk); Lewiston, Jl, Wat (Brb); New 
Russia, Je, EABliint (Felt) ; Rochester, Aiig, JVeJidt, HESummers 
(Ols, EPV) ; Niagara Falls, Je, Lockport, Aug, Elma, Aug, Hamburg, 
May (EPV) ; Pike, Ap (EPV-NYS) ; Batavia, Je-Sep (Kngt) ; 

80 Pentatomidae 

Buffalo, May-Oct (EPV) ; Brockport (Lint) ; Otto, Sep, Gowanda, 
Ithaca, May-Sep (EPV-CU) ; N. Chatham, May (Felt) ; Saratoga 
(Horv-NYS); Callicoon, Jl (Ds) ; W. Hebron, Aug, Lg (Ds) ; 
Helderbergs, Jl, Wat (Brb) ; Ramapo Mts. (Sf-BM) ; Pine L, Je 
(Brb) ; LI: Bayville, Bks (01s); Amagansett, Eng (Ols-BM) ; 
Promised Land, Ds (01s); Wading R. (01s); Central Pk. (Ds) ; 
Calverton, Eng (Sf-BM) ; May-Sep. 

MORMIDEA Amyot and Serville 

111 M. lugens Fab. Keene Val., Aug, Not (Brb) ; Cranberry L., Je-Sep, H 
(Drk, Huss) ; Mt. Whiteface, Je (Ds) ; Hastings, Jl (Ds) ; Buffalo, 
Hamburg, Je (EPV) ; Lancaster (EPV) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; 
Ithaca, Jl-Aug, Comst, Atkinson (EPV-CU) ; Motts Corners, Aug, 
Comst (EPV-CU) ; L. George, Aug, Zah (Brb-AM) ; Poughkeepsie, 
Je (EPV-NYS) ; Debruce, Sep (Ds) ; Ulster Co, Sep; Kingston, Aug 
(EPV) ; Ramapo, May, Bno (EPV) ; Scarsdale, Aug (Bno) ; Pine L, 
Je (Brb) ; White Plains, Mar- Aug, Dec, under stones, Carmel, Aug 1 
(Bno) ; Larchmont, Aug (Brb) ; Crugers, Jl, Nyack, Aug (Brb- 
AM) ; Mt. Vernon, Je (Woodr) ; Bronxville, Jl (Woodr) ; SI, Je-Aug 
(Ds, 01s); LI: (01s); Forest Pk., Bno (EPV); Cold Sp. Harb, 
EPButler (Huss, Brb) ; Flushing (01s) ; Yaphank (01s, Ds) ; Hemp- 
stead (01s) ; North Beach (01s) ; Flatbush, Zab (Brb-AM) ; South- 
port, Wading R., Montauk (Ds) ; S. Huntington, Aug (Bno) ; Ap-Nov. 

SOLUBEA Bergroth 

117 S. pugnax Fab. Rye Beach, Aug (Bno) ; LI: Long Beach, Eng (BM) ; 
Rockaway Beach; Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb) ; Rockaway Pk. (01s) ; May- 

EuscHiSTUS Dallas 

121 E. euschistoides Voll. Generally distributed throughout the State. Wilming- 
ton, Saranac L., Jl (Ds) ; Keene Val. (Not) ; Cranberry L. (Drk) ; 
Axton, Je (M&H) ; Indian L., Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; Buffalo, 
Hamburg, Gowanda (EPV) ; Batavia, Jl-Sep (Kngt) ; Lewiston, Wat 
(Brb); Portageville, Aug (Kngt); Ithaca; Oliverea, Nov (Ds) ; 
Debruce, Dow (Bno) ; L. George, W. Hebron, Sep (Lg) ; Karner 
(NYS) ; Albany, May (EPV) ; Rye, Sep (Ds) ; White Plains, Carmel, 
Armonk (Bno) ; Scarsdale (Bno) ; Pine I., Sep (Brb) ; Ramapo, 
Suffern, Sep (Brb) ; Grand View, Nyack, Je (Brb) ; Bronxville, Je- 
Sep (Woodr) ; Mosholu, May- Aug (Bno) ; Bronx Pk., May (Brb) ; 
LI : Cold Sp. Harb. ; Wading R. ; Wyandanch ; Montauk ; Long Beach ; 
Rockaway; Yaphank; Amagansett; Half Way Hollow Hills; May-Sep. 

124 E. politus Uhl. Karner, Sep (NYS); West Pt, May-Je; SI, Je (Ds) ; 

LI: Flatbush (Ols) ; Rockaway Beach, May (Ds) ; Pinelawn, Je (Ds) ; 
Smithtown, Je (Ds) ; Yaphank {div.) ; Amagansett, Sep (Ds) ; Wading 
R. {div.); Half Way Hollow Hills (Ds) ; Wyandanch, Schott (Ols). 

125 E. tristigmus Say. Generally distributed throughout the State. Thousand 

Isls. (Ds) ; Keene Val., Je (Not, Eng) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Manlius, 
SmHH (EPV) ; Cascade L., Indian L., Jl-Aug (Brb) ; L. Placid, Aug 
(EPV) ; Mt. Whiteface, Jl (Ds) ; Cranberry L. (Drk, etc.) ; Saranac 
L., Sep (Ds) ; Rochester, Wendt (Ols) ; Albion, Aug (NYS) ; 
Batavia, May-Sep (Kngt) ; Buffalo, Lancaster, Hamburg, Gowanda, 

Pentatomidae 81 

Jl-Aug (NYS) ; Rock City, Je (Kngt, Ds) ; Portageville, May (Kngt) ; 
Geneva, Aug (Huss) ; Ithaca, May-Sep (CU) ; McLean, Jl, Mud Cr., 
Je, Ellis to Slaterville, Slaterville to Caroline, Je (EPV-CU) ; 
Callicoon, Debruce, E. Jewett, Oliverea, Je-Sep (Ds) ; L. George, Jl 
(AM) ; W. Hebron, Aug-Sep (Lg) ; Albany (NYS) ; Poughkeepsie 
(NYS) ; West Pt., Ft. Montgomery, May-Jl (Ds) ; White Plains, Sep 
(Huss) ; Armonk, Je, Scarsdale, Aug (Bno) ; Grand View, Nyack, Je 
(Brb) ; Pine I., Je (Ds) ; Mosholu, Jl, Bno (EPV) ; Van Cort. Pk., 
Sep (01s); SI, May-Oct (Ds) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb, Huss): 
Flushing, Bay Shore, Rockaway Beach, Hempstead (01s) ; Queens, 
Schott (01s) ; Flatbush (AM) ; Yaphank, Eng (BM) ; May-Sep. 

126 E. variolarius Pal. de Beauv. Common throughout the State, feeding on 

numerous kinds of plants (Brb) ; Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; Pike 
(NYS) ; Fulton, Je (CU) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug (Drk) ; Rochester, 
Wendt (01s) ; Batavia, Je-Sep (Kngt) ; Portageville, Aug (Kngt) ; 
Buffalo, Otto, Hamburg, Colden, Gowanda (EPV-CU) ; E. Aurora, Jl 
(Brb-AM) ; Rock City, Je (Ds) ; Ithaca, Caroline to Harford (CU) ; 
L. George, Aug (Brb-AM) ; W. Hebron, Aug-Sep, Lg (EPV) ; 
Karner, Round L. (NYS) ; Albany, Coeymans (NYS) ; Debruce, Dow 
(Bno); Oliverea, Callicoon, Jl, Sep (Ds) ; West Pt., May-Oct (Ds) ; 
Hastings, Jl, Joutel (Ds) ; Scarsdale, White Plains, Aug (Bno, Huss) ; 
Ramapo, Jl (Ds) ; Van Cort. Pk., Mosholu, Je-Sep, Bno (EPV) ; 
Kings Bridge, Sep (Brb) ; SI, Mar-Oct, also found hibernating in old 
nest of red-eyed vireo, Feb 24 (Ds) ; LI: Brooklyn (Ds, 01s); 
Aqueduct, Oct (Brb) ; Cold Sp. Harb. (Huss, Brb) ; Forest Pk. (Bno, 
EPV) ; Rockaway Beach (Ds, 01s) ; Wading R. (Ds, 01s) ; Yaphank 
(Ds) ; Wyandanch (01s) ; Orient (AM) ; May-Sep. 

127 E. ictericus L. Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Je-Sep 

(EPV) ; White Plains, Aug (Bno) ; Pine I., Sep (Brb) ; Inwood, Oct 
(Ds) ; Bronx Pk. (Brb-AM); SI, Je-Sep (Ds) ; LI: Aqueduct, 
Flushing R., Promised Land, Wading R. (Ds) ; Maspeth, Rockaway 
Beach (01s) ; Je-Oct. 

COENUS Dallas 

139 C. delius Say. Generallj^ distributed throughout the State, collected on 

mullein (Brb) ; Mt. Whiteface, Wilmington, Jl (Ds) ; Cascade L., 
Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; Cranberry L., Jl (Drk) ; Onondaga Co, May, 
H (Huss) ; Rochester, Wendt (Ols) ; Batavia, Je, Sep (Kngt) ; Oak- 
field, Je (Not) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Ap-Sep (EPV) ; Portageville, Je 
(Ds) ; Ithaca, Mar-Jl ; Karner, Sep (NYS); W. Hebron, Sep, Lg 
(Ds) ; E. Jewett, Aug (Ds) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl (Brb) ; Saugerties, 
Aug (Brb) ; White Plains, Ap, Sep (Ols, Huss) ; W. Nyack, Sep 
(Ols) ; Pine I., Je (Ds) ; Bronxville, Je (Woodr) ; Mosholu, Sep, Ds, 
Eng (Ols) ; SI, May-Sep (Ds) ; LI: Montauk, Deep Pond at Wading 
R., Half Way Hollow Hills (Ds) ; Flatbush, Rockaway Beach (AM) ; 
Amagansett, Greenport, Central Pk. (BM) ; S. Huntington, Aug (Bno). 

Hymenarcys Amyot and Serville 

140 H. aequalis Say. NYC (EPV); LI: Long Beach, May, Eng (BM). 

143 H. nervosa Say. Albany, May (EPV-NYS) ; SI, Je, Aug, Bno (EPV) ; 
LI: Yaphank, Ds (Ols, Brb-AM), Flatbush, Rockaway Beach, Schott 
(Brb, Ols-AM) ; Wading R. (Ols) ; Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb) ; May-Oct. 

82 Pentatomidae 


145 N. undata Say. Throughout the State (Brb). Cascade L., Indian L., Aug 
(Brb) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., Je-Aug (Drk, Huss) ; L. 
Placid, Phoenicia, Aug (EPV) ; Essex, Je (NYS) ; Rochester, Jl, 
Wendt (01s) ; Batavia, Je-Sep (Kngt) ; Oakfield, Je, Not (Brb) ; 
Portageville, May (Kngt) ; Buffalo, Gowanda, Hamburg, Lancaster, 
Colden, Je-Sep (EPV) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (CU) ; LI: Yaphank, Oct (Ds). 


149 C. bimaculata Thorn. Throughout the State, common on mints and other 
plants (Brb). Potsdam (EPV); Keene Val., Je, Not (Brb); Cran- 
berry L., H (Huss) ; Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; Wilmington, Jl (Ds) ; 
Axton, Je (M&H) ; Rochester, Wendt (01s) ; Batavia, Portageville, 
May-Sep (Kngt) ; Buffalo (EPV) ; Sonyea, Jl, Lint (NYS) ; Rock 
City, Je (Ds) ; Ithaca, May-Aug (CU) ; Binghamton, Jl (Brb) ; 
Oliverea, Je-Sep (01s, Ds) ; Pine Hill (AM) ; Callicoon, E. Jewett, 
Jl-Aug (Ds) ; L. George, Jl (AM) ; W. Hebron, Je-Sep, Lg (CU) ; 
Albany, Je, Nassau, Aug (NYS) ; Hudson, Je, Eng (BM) ; Loomis 
(Huss) ; White Plains, May-Sep (Bno) ; Armonk, Je (Bno), as 
lintneriana Kirk.; Suffern, Aug, Sf (BM) ; Mosholu, Aug, Bno (EPV) ; 
LI: Flatbush, Huntington (01s); Forest Pk., Je (EPV, 01s); Cold 
Sp. Harb., Jl (Huss, Brb) ; Winfield, Maspeth (01s) ; Wading R., Je 
Schott (Ols) ; Je-Sep. 

Menecles Stal 

155 M. insertus Say. Lewiston, May (EPV) ; Ithaca, Mar, Dec (Kngt) ; West 
Pt., Je, Sf (BM) ; White Plains, Mar, Feb 22, hibernating, Farley 
(Bno) ; SI: Richmond, Nov, St. George, Aug (Ds) ; LI: Rockaway 
Beach, May, Oct, Schott, Ds (Ols) ; Wading R., Je, Schott (Ols) ; 
Flatbush, May, Zah (Brb) ; Long Beach, Ap-Je, L. Ronkonkoma, May, 
Sichott (Ols) ; Ap-Je. 


158 T. custator Fab. Spread throughout the State (Brb). Cranberry L. (Drk) ; 
Buffalo, Ap (EPV) ; Mosholu, Je-Sep, Bno (EPV) ; SI, Jl (Ds) ; 
LI: Huntington, May, Schott, Yaphank (Ols) ; Rockaway Beach 
(Ols) ; Calverton, Eng (BM) ; Amagansett, Sf (BM) ; Montauk, 
Riverhead, Wading R. (Ds) ; Flatbush, Eng (Ols) ; May-Sep. 

160 T. calceata Say. Ft. Montgomery, Jl, Ds (Brb) ; LI: Flatbush, Nov, Schott 
(Bno) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Aug (Brb). 


172 M. histrionica Hahn. Harlequin Cabbage Bug. Oswego (How) ; Elmira, 
Beckwith (Felt); LI: Jamaica (How); Orient Pt., Lath (Felt). 
Occasional (Brb). Sometimes injurious to cabbage on LI. 

Pentatomidae 83 


{Nemra Amyot and Serville, in part) 

179 A. pennsylvanicum DeG. SI: Feb, Watchogue, Sep (Ds) ; LI: Huntington, 
Schott, Eng (01s) ; Yaphank (01s, Brb) ; Rockaway Beach, Wading 
R. (Brb) ; Calverton (Ds) ; Baldwin, Hein (01s) ; May-Sep. Swept 
from young oaks, not common (Brb). 

181 A. hilare Say. A common species in the southern part of the State, throughout 

LI and SI (Brb). Buffalo, Jl-Aug, Oct (EPV) ; Batavia, Jl-Sep 
(Kngt) ; Albany, Sep (EPV-NYS) ; L. George, Sep, Zah (Brb-AM) ; 
West Pt., Je CBrb) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl, Ds (EPV) ; White Plains, 
Ap-Sep (Bno); Scarsdale, Sep (Bno) ; W. Nyack, Sep (01s); Grand 
View, Je (Brb) ; Rye, Oct (Ds) ; Katonah, Jl, Zah (Brb-AM) ; SI, 
Ap-Oct (Ds) ; LI: Rockaway, Oct, Schott (Bno); Cold Sp. Harb., 
Jl (Brb) ; Oyster Bay (Bno) ; Cypress Hills, Flatbush, Zab (Brb- 
AM) ; Little Neck, Schott (01s) ; Wading R., Schott (01s) ; Calver- 
ton, Eng (BM) ; Yaphank, Eng (01s) ; Wyandanch, Schott (01s) ; 
Hempstead (01s) ; Promised Land, Amagansett (Ds) ; Orient, Lath 
(Ds) ; May-Oct. 

BaNASA Stal 

182 B. dimidiata Say. Throughout the State (Brb). Essex Fells, Aug, Nic 

(Sf-BM); Mt. Whiteface, Jl (Ds) ; Old Forge, Je (EPV-NYS); 
Newstead, Je (EPV) ; Cranberry L. (Drk) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; 
Rochester, Je, Wendt (01s) ; Albion, Aug, Niagara Falls, Je (EPV) ; 
Buffalo, Aug-Sep (EPV) ; Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt) ; Portageville, Je 
(Kngt) ; Portage, Je (Ds) ; Gowanda (EPV) ; Cattaraugus, Je 
(Kngt) ; Rock City, Je (Ds) ; Oliverea, Je, Aug-Sep, Shoe (Ds) ; 
L. George, Aug-Sep, Zah (Brb-AM) ; Sullivan Co, Lg (Brb) ; West 
Pt., Je, on shadbush (Ds) ; White Plains, Sep (Brb) ; Marlborough, 
Jl (Sf-BM); SI, Je-Aug (Ds) ; LI: Brooklyn, Dow, Wyandanch 
(01s) ; Quogue, Zab, North Beach, Palmer (Brb) ; Rosedale, Gardiners 
I. (Schott) ; Rockaway Beach (01s, Ds) ; Calverton (Ds) ; Orient, 
Lath (Ds) ; Coram (Ds) ; Amagansett, Eng (BM) ; May-Sep. 
184 B. calva Say. Buffalo, Aug-Oct (EPV) ; Hamburg, Aug-Oct, Gowanda, 
Aug (EPV) ; Wyoming Co, Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (EPV-CU) ; 
Orange Co, Jl (Brb) ; Scarsdale (Bno) ; Ft. Montgomery, May (Brb) ; 
W. Nyack, Aug (Bno); SI, Oct (Ds) ; LI: Harbor Hill, Sea Cliff, 
Bks (01s) ; North Beach, Plm (Brb) ; Amagansett, Eng (01s) ; 

186 B. sordida Uhl. LI: Huntington, Feb, Schott (01s). An unusual record 

188 B. euchlora Stal. LI: Long Beach, Mar, Schott (01s). Occurs on cedar in 
the South; an unusual record (Brb). 

Dendrocoris Bergroth 

194 D. humeralis Uhl. Karner, May (EPV-NYS); Ulster Co, Sep, Nic (Ds), 
found on oaks; West Pt., Je (Ds) ; Ft. Montgomery, May-Jl, Ds 
(Brb, EPV); LI: Yaphank; Huntington, Wyandanch, Schott (01s); 
Wading R., Ds, Ols (Brb) ; Kings Pk., Shelter I. (Brb) ; Amagansett, 
Eng (Ds, Sf-BM) ; Pinelawn, Eng (Ds, Sf-BM) ; Bay Shore (Ols) ; 
Southold, Rockaway Beach, Central Pk., Riverhead, Massapequa (Ds) ; 
Bayville Beach (Bks) ; Deer Pk., Aug (Bno) ; May-Sep. 

84 Pentatomidae 


Meadorus Mulsant and Rey 

203 M. lateralis Say. Cascade L., Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; L. Tear, Jl, Keene 

Val., Aug, Not (Brb) 
H (Huss, Drk) ; L 
Hamburg, Boston, Aug 

Mt. Whiteface, Jl (Ds) ; Cranberry L., Je-Aug, 
Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; 

(EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; Oliverea, Je (Ds) ; 
White Plains, Oct, sifting (Huss) ; Ft. Montgomery, May (Brb) ; 
SI, Sep (Ds) ; LI: Rosedale and Fire I. Beach (Schott) ; Rockaway 
Beach (Ds, Ols) ; Yaphank (Ds) ; Wyandanch, Nov, Schott (Bno) ; 
May- Aug. Occurs particularly on yellow birch and beech (Brb). 

Elasmostethus Fieber 

204 E. cruciatus Say. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Plattsburg, Wilmington, Mt. White- 
face, Jl (Ds) ; Keene Val., Je, Not (Brb) ; Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; 
Cranberry L., Aug (Drk) ; Brant L., Aug, Doll (Sf-BM) ; Ithaca, 
Je-Jl, Oct, div. (EPV-CU) ; McLean, Je-Jl (Kngt) ; L. George, Aug, 
Zab (Brb); LI: Yaphank (Brb); Rockaway Beach, Bno (Ols); 
Je-Sep. Occurs commonly on alder (Brb). 

206 E. atricomis VanD. Cranberry L., Aug (Drk) ; Boston, Aug (EPV) ; 

Ithaca, Jl-Aug (EPV-CU). 


Stiretrus Laporte 

207 S. anchorage Fab. Rochester, Jl, Wendt (Ols) ; Ithaca, Je, Aug (EPV- 

CU) ; NYC, Wat (Brb): LI: Rockaway, Je, Eng (Ols). These 
belong to var. fimbriaius Say. Predacious, as are all of the members 

Perillus Stal 

215 P. splendidus Uhl. SI: St. George, Jl 5, 1917, in house at light, Ds (Brb). 

216 P. bioculatus Fab. Buffalo, Nov, Elma, Aug, MCV (EPV) ; Batavia, Aug- 

Sep (Kngt); LI: Yaphank (Bno). 

217 P. circumcinctus Stal. St. Lawrence (EPV) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug (Drk) ; 

Ilion (EPV-NYS) ; Buffalo, Je-Aug (EPV) ; Hamburg, Lancaster, 
Elma, Je (EPV) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl (EPV-CU) ; Calli- 
coon, Jl (Ds) ; White Plains, Jl (Bno) ; SI, Je (Ds) ; LI: Rockaway 
Beach, Ena (Ds) ; Roslvn (Bks) ; Montauk (Schott) ; Long Beach, 
Eng (Sf-BM) ; Central Pk., Doll (Sf-BM) ; Yaphank, usually in 
company with bright blue larvae of a chrysomelid beetle, often numer- 
ous (Bno) ; May. 

218 P. exaptus Say. New Russia (EPV-NYS) ; Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Ds) ; 

Cranberry L., Aug (Drk) ; Mosholu, Je, Bno (EPV) ; Van Cort. Pk., 
May (Brb) ; SI, Jl (Ds) ; LI: Montauk, Little Neck (Schott) ; Long 
Beach, Eng (Sf-BM); Rockaway Beach, Ds, Sf (Ols); Ap-Jl. 

MiNEUS Stal 

221 M. strigipes H-S. Essex Fells, Aug, Nic (Sf-BM) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug 
(Drk) ; White Plains, Ap, Jl, Sep (Bno) ; Mosholu, Bno (EPV) ; 
Van Cort. Pk., Jl (Brb); SI, Feb, Je-Jl, sifting (Brb, Ds) ; LI: 

Pentatomidae 85 

Huntington, Schott (01s) ; Wading R. (Ds) ; Massapequa, Shoe (Ds) ; 
Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb) ; Flatbush, Zah (Brb-AM) ; Maspeth (01s) ; 
Rockaway Beach (Brb) ; Long Beach, En^r (Sf-BM) ; Wyandanch, Mar, 
Schott (Bno) ; Mar, May-Oct. 

ApateTICUS Dallas 

224 A. cynicus Say. Buffalo, Je, Sep, Gowanda, Colden, Lancaster, Aug (EPV) ; 

predacious, particularly on caterpillars; Newport, Aug (EPV-NYS) ; 
Manlius, Aug, SmHH (EPV-CU) ; Batavia, Aug (Kngt) ; James- 
town (Lint) ; Ithaca, Jl-Sep (EPV-CU) ; New Baltimore, Jl, Zah 
(Brb) ; Callicoon, Jl, E. Jewett, Aug (Ds) ; Allaben, Aug, Pears 
(01s) ; Debruce, Dozv (Bno) ; West Pt., Jl, Sf (Brb) ; White Plains, 
Aug (Bno); Sloatsburg (Brb); SI, Jl-Aug (Ds) ; LI: Yaphank, Jl, 
Ds, Schott (Ols) ; Fire L (Schott) ; Amagansett (Sf) ; North Beach, 
Schott (Ols) ; Orient, Montauk, Wading R., Central Pk. (Ds) ; Long 
Beach, Shoe (Ds) ; Jl-Sep. 

225 A. bracteatus Fitch. L. Placid, Sep, Eng (Sf-BM) ; Batavia, Jl, Sep 

(Kngt) ; Hamburg, Aug (EPV) ; Jamestown (Lint) ; E. Jewett, Aug 
(Ds); SI, Sep (Ds) ; LI: Rockaway Beach (Brb, Ols); Glendale, 
Doll (Sf-BM); Fire L (Ds) ; Flatbush, Zah (Brb); Jl-Oct. 

PODISUS Herrich-Schaeffer 

227 P. maculiventris Say. Common all over the State (Brb). Mt. Whiteface, 

Lg (Brb) ; Axton, Je, M&H (EPV) ; Cranberry L. (Drk) ; Cascade 
L., Aug (Brb-AM) ; Onondaga Co, May, H (Huss) ; Fayetteville 
(EPV-CU) ; Rochester, Jl, Wendt (Ols) ; Buffalo, May-Sep (EPV) ; 
Gowanda, Aug, Hamburg, Jl (EPV) ; Batavia, Je-Sep, Portageville, 
Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, May-Oct, div. (EPV-CU) ; Albany, May (EPV- 
NYS) ; Karner, Oct (EPV-NYS); L. George, Sep, Zah (Brb-AM); 
Coeymans, EBSmith (Lint) ; W. Hebron, Aug-Sep, Lg (EPV, Ds) ; 
Callicoon, Jl, Oliverea, Sep (Ds) ; Saugerties, Jl (Brb) ; Pine I., Sep 
(Brb) ; Scarsdale, Aug (Bno) ; Kings Bridge, Sep (Brb) ; White 
Plains, Feb, Sep (Bno, Huss) ; Mosholu, Je-Oct (Bno-AM) ; Ft. Mont- 
gomery, Jl, Ramapo, May (Ds) ; SI, Ap-Nov (Ds) ; LI: Long Beach, 
Amagansett, Eng (Sf-BM); Flatbush, Zah (Ols, Brb-AM); Cold Sp. 
Harb. (Brb) ; Aqueduct (Brb, Ds) ; Shelter I., Plm (Brb) ; Rockaway 
Beach; Yaphank, Wading R., Montauk (Ds) ; Maspeth (Ols, Ds) ; 
Orient, Ds, Hempstead, Wyandanch (Ols) ; Huntington, Schott (Ols) ; 
Canarsie (Ols) ; Central Pk. (Ds) ; May-Oct. 
227i P. fretus Ols. LI: Wyandanch, Schott (Ols) ; Rockaway Beach, Nic (Ols) ; 
Promised Land, Sep (Ds) ; Ap-Sep. 

228 P. serieventris Uhl. All over the State (Brb). Axton, M&H (EPV); Mt. 

Whiteface, Jl (Ds) ; Cranberry L., Je-Sep (Drk) ; L. Placid, Aug 
(EPV) ; Rochester, Jl, Wendt (Ols) ; Helderbergs, Jl, Wat (Brb) ; 
Slide Mt., Jl (Ds) ; White Plains, Dec, sifting (Bno) ; Bronx Pk., 
Mar, Wat (Brb); LI: Huguenot (Brb-AM); Farmingdale, Patchogue 
(Ds) ; Bay Shore (Ols) ; Long Beach, Eng (Sf-BM) ; Yaphank, Bno, 
Eng (Sf-BM) ; Sea CHff (Bks) ; Amagansett, Eng (Ols); Rockaway 
Beach, Bno, Dickerson (Bno, Brb) ; Oyster Bay, Aug (Bno) ; 

229 P. modestus Dall. All over the State (Brb). Axton, Je (M&H); Ilion, 

Newport, Johnstown, Elm L., Aug-Sep (EPV-NYS) ; Cranberry L., 

86 Pentatomidae — Coreidae 

Je-Sep (Drk) ; Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; Mt. Whiteface, Jl (Ds) ; 
Conesus, Aug (Ds) ; Buffalo, May-Sep, Gowanda (EPV) ; Batavia, 
Aug, Portageville, May (Kngt) ; Branchport, Je, Snow (Lint) ; Ithaca, 
Je-Sep (Kngt, EPV-CU) ; Mud Cr, Tompkins Co, Je (EPV-CU) ; 
Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Phoenicia, Aug (EPV) ; Slide Mt, Jl (Ds) ; 
Oliverea, Je, Shoe, Ulster Co, Sep, Nic (Ds) ; Stanford, Aug (EPV) ; 
West Pt, Jl, Sep (Brb, Ds) ; Kiamesha; Bangall, Sep, Eng (Sf-BM) ; 
Scarsdale, Aug-Sep (Bno) ; Ramapo, Sep (Ds) ; Ft. Montgomery, Sep 
(Schott) ; LI: W. Nyack, Aug (Bno) ; Fire I. (Schott) ; Amagansett, 
Ds, Eng (Sf-BM) ; Selden (Ds) ; Yaphank, Ds (Brb) ; Flatbush, Zah 
(Brb, Ols) ; Brooklyn, Dow (01s) ; Wading R, Rockaway Beach 
(Brb) ; Long Beach, Schott (Ols) ; Ap-Sep. 
230 P. placidus Uhl. Spread all over the State (Brb). Cranberry L., Je-Aug 
(Drk) ; Rochester, Jl, Wendt (Ols) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; Rock 
City, Jl (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Je (Kngt) ; Karner, May (EPV-NYS) ; 
West Pt, Je (Ds) ; Pine I., Je (Brb) ; SI, Je-Sep (Ds) ; LI: Fire L, 
Aug {Ds, Schott) ; Wyandanch (div.) ; Rockaway Beach, Eng (Ds, 
Sf-BM) ; Amagansett, Eng (Sf, Ds-BM) ; Yaphank, div. (Brb, Bno- 
AM) ; Wading R., Ds (Brb, Ols) ; Pinelawn, Ds (Brb, Ols) ; Flushing, 
Zab, Sheher L, Plm (Brb) ; Riverhead, Coram, Central Pk., Half Way 
Hollow Hills, Massapequa (Ds) ; Oakdale, Schott (Ols) ; Aqueduct, 
Ds, Wyandanch, Schott (Ols). 



Merocoris Perty 

236 M. distinctus Dall. Hamburg, Mar, Jl, Oct, ^Boston, Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, 
(Morr) ; L. George, Aug, Zah (Brb-AM) ; Karner, Sep (EPV-NYS) ; 
Ulster Co, Sep, Nic (Ds) ; Saugerties, Jl (Brb) ; Sullivan Co, GFrank 
(Ols); Pine I., Sep (Brb); Nyack, Zah (Brb-AM); White Plains, 
Sep-Oct, Ds (Bno) ; Mosholu, Jl, Bno (Heid) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl 
(Bno, Ds); Van Cort. Pk., Sep (AM); SI, Je-Sep (Ds) ; LI: 
Yaphank, Amagansett, Wading R., Montauk, Half Way Hollow Hills, 
Pinelawn (Ds) ; May-Sep. Considered as a var. of typhaeus Fab. 
by EPV and as a subspecies of the same by McAtee. 



242 A. terminalis Dall. West Pt., Je (Ds) ; Scarsdale, Sep (Bno) ; Ft. Mont- 
gomery, May-Je (Brb, Schott) ; Crugers, Je (Brb-AM) ; Ramapo, May 
(Ds) ; White Plains, Jl (Bno) ; Mosholu, Sep, Bno (Heid) ; Van Cort. 
Pk., Jl (Ds); NYC (Brb); SI, May-Sep (Ds) ; LI: Wyandanch, 
Schott (Ols, Bno) ; Hempstead (Ols) ; Wading R., Ds (Brb) ; Je-Sep. 

LeptOGLOSSUS Guerin 

244 L. phyllopus L. JA, Gihhs (Uhl). This is a very unusual record, possibly 
an error (Brb). 

246 L. corculus Say. SI: St. George, Oct (Ds) ; LI: Hempstead (Ols); Rock- 
away Beach, div. (Ds, Ols) ; May-Sep. , 


248 L. oppositus Say. SI, Oct (Ds) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., from mulberry 

(Brb) ; Jl. 

249 L. fulvicornis Westw. Buffalo, Oct (EPV) ; White Plains, Jl (Bno) ; LI: 

Rockaway Beach, Oct, Schott (Brb). Usually on magnolia. 

ArCHIMERUS Burmeister 

271 A. alternatus Say. West Pt., Je-Jl (Brb, Ds) ; Nyack, Je-Jl (Ds, Brb) ; 
Ft. Montgomery, May (Brb) ; White Plains, Jl-Sep (Bno) ; Mosholu, 
May-Jl, Bno (Heid) ; Van Cort. Pk., Sep (Brb-AM) ; SI, Ap, Jl, 
Sep (Ds) ; LI: Forest Hills, Sep-Oct (Parsh, 01s); Brooklyn, May, 
Nic (Ols) ; Cypress Hills, May, Zah (Brb-AM) ; Rockaway Beach, 
Je, Schott (Bno). 


276 E. galeator Fab. Hastings, Jl, Joutel (Brb) ; Karner, Je (EPV-NYS) ; 
Pine I., Je, Ds (Brb) ; Big L, Sep (Brb-AM) ; White Plains, Jl-Aug 
(Bno) ; Ft. Montgomery, Oct (Schott) ; Mosholu, Sep, Bno (Heid) ; 
SI, Je-Sep (Ds); LI: Aqueduct (Ds) ; Forest Hills (Ols); Jl-Sep. 

Chariesterus Laporte 

283 C. antennator Fab. Van Cort. Pk., Jl (Brb-AM) ; SI, Je (Ds) ; LI: Rock- 
away Beach (Schott) ; Brooklyn, Eng (Sf-BM) ; Jan, Oct. Not 
common, found on dogbane (Brb). 

Anasa Amyot and Serville 

301 A. tristis DeG. Squash Bug. All over the State, injurious to squash, melons, 
and other cucurbits (Brb). Honeoye Falls, Je (Ds) ; Buffalo, Je (EPV) ; 
Colden, Alar (EPV) ; Karner, Oct (EPV-NYS) ; Alfred, Aug, 
HCCoon (Lint-NYS) ; Coeymans, SmEB (Lint-NYS) ; White Plains, 
Je-Sep (Bno) ; Yonkers, Sep (Huss) ; White L., Sep (Brb-AM) ; 
West Pt., Oct (Ds); SI, Aug-Oct (Ds) ; LI: Flatbush, Jl-^Sep, Zab 
(Brb-AM) ; Maspeth, Bay Shore, Aqueduct, Yaphank (Ols) ; Queens 
Village (Ols) ; Lynbrook, Nic (Ols) ; Je-Oct. 

304 A. repetita Heid. Inwood, Oct (Ds) ; NYC, Oct, Schott, Wat (Ols, Brb) ; 
LI: Maspeth, Aug-Oct (Ols). Wild cucumber. 

307 A. armigera Say. LI: Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb) ; Rockaway Beach (div.) ; 
Jl, Oct. 



Protenor Haglund 

312 P. belfragei Haglund. Saranac L., Sep (Ds) ; L. Placid, Aug-Sep, 
Eng (Si, EPV-BM, NYS) ; Wilmington, Aug (EPV); Cranberry L., 
Jl-Sep (Dke) ; Buffalo, Nov (EPV) ; Lancaster, Aug (EPV-CU) ; 
McLean, Sep (Ruckes) ; White Plains, May-Oct (Bno) ; SI, Aug (Ds) ; 
LI: Aqueduct, Brooklyn (Ds) ; Jamaica, Aug, Eng (Sf-BM); Aug. 

MegalotomuS Fieber 

320 M. 5-spinosus Say. Keene Val., Sep, Not (Brh) ; Chilson L., Jl, Wat (Brb) ; 
Hastings, Jl, Eng (Sf, Ds-BM) ; Rochester, Aug (EPV) ; Niagara 


Falls, Aug, Kilman (EPV) ; Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug 
(EPV-CU) ; Binghamton, Jl (Brb-AM) ; Karner, Aug (EPV-NYS) ; 
Callicoon, Jl (Ds) ; Huguenot, Aug, Zab (AM) ; Ramapo, Je, Sep, Bt 
(Ds, Brb-AM) ; Ft. Montgomery, Sep-Jl (Schott, Ds) ; Bryn Mawr 
Pk., Jl (Brb-AM) ; White Plains, Jl-Sep (Bno) ; Mosholu, Je-Aug, 
Bno (Heid) ; SI, Jl-Sep, Oh (Ds) ; LI: Flatbush, Zab (Brb) ; 
Queens (Schott) ; Selden (Ds) ; Yaphank, Eng (Ds, Sf) ; 
Calverton (Ds) ; Amagansett, Smithtown (Ds) ; Forest Hills (01s) ; 
Wyandanch, Oakdale, Schott (01s, Bno) ; Jl-Oct. 

(Alydus Fabricius) 

323 C. eurinus Say. Distributed throughout the State (Brb). Essex Co, Je 

(EPV-NYS) ; N. Elba,. Oct, Lg (Ds) ; Wilmington, Jl (Ds) ; Cascade 
L., Aug (Brb) ; Cranberry L., Jl (Dke) ; Hastings, Jl, Joutel (Ds) ; 
Buffalo, Je-Jl (EPV) ; Hamburg, Sep, Conesus L., Aug (EPV) ; 
Callicoon, Jl (Ds) ; Catskills, Jl, Eng (Sf-BM) ; Grand View, Nyack, 
Je (Ds) ; White Plains, Jl-Sep (Bno) ; Mosholu, Mar-Oct, 
B7^o (Heid) ; Scarsdale, Jl-Sep (Bno) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl (Ds) ; 
Bangall, Sep, Eng (Sf-BM) ; Kings Bridge, Sep (Brb) ; Bryn Mawr, 
Sep (Brb-AM); Van Cort. Pk., Sep (Ds) ; SI, Je-Sep (Ds) ; LI: 
Pinelawn, Bellport (Ds) ; Yaphank (Ols, Ds) ; Rockaway Beach, Kissena 
Pk.. Flushing, Hempstead (Ols) ; Long Beach (Brb-AM) ; Wading 
R. (Schott) ; Je-Sep. 

324 C. conspersus Montandon. Cranberry L. (Dke) ; Long L. (Ds) ; Cascade L., 

Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; Keene Val., Not (Brb) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, 
Jl-Sep (EjPV) ; Ithaca, Jl, Shull (Huss) ; L. George, Aug, Zab (Brb) ; 
White Plains, Je-Sep (Bno). Mostly northern part of the State. 

327 C. pilosulus H-S. Wilmington, Jl (Ds) ; Ithaca, Jl, Shull (Huss) ; Karner, 

Aug, Kingston, Aug (EPV) ; White Plains, Jl-Oct (Bno) ; Grand View, 
Nyack, Je (Brb) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl (Ds) ; Mosholu, Je-Jl, Bno 
(Heid) ; Scarsdale, Jl-Sep (Bno) ; Kings Bridge, Sep (Brb) ; SI, 
Je-Sep (Ds) ; LI: Brooklyn, Aqueduct, Half Way Hollow Hills, Pine- 
lawn, Yaphank (Ds) ; Amagansett, Eng (Ds) ; Bellport, Nic (Ds) ; 
Central Pk., Eng (Sf-BM) ; Rockaway Beach, Eng (Sf-BM) ; Flushing, 
Wyandanch, Wading R., Maspeth, Hempstead, Bay Shore, Pinelawn 
(Ols) ; Forest Pk., Bno (Heid) ; Oakdale, Schott (Bno) ; Je-Sep. 


328 T. curtulus Stal. Kings Bridge, Sep (Brb). Rare. 

Stachyocnemus Stal 

330 S. apicalis Dall. Uncommon (Brb). White Plains, Sep (Bno) ; LI: Aque- 
duct (div.) ; Woodhaven (Brb-AM) ; Ap, Sep. 

Ceraleptus Costa 
332 C. americanus Stal. Rare (Brb). LI: Rockaway Beach, Oct, Schott (Ols). 



Harmostes Burmeister 

336 H. reflexulus Say. Gowanda, Aug, Ithaca, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Carmel, Aug 
(Brb-AM) ; Poughkeepsie, Sep (EPV-NYS) ; Ulster Co, Aug, Nic 
(01s) ; Pine I., Je (Brb) ; Saugerties, Aug (Brb) ; Ramapo, May, Bno 
(Ds) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl, Bno (Ds) ; White Plains, Jl-Oct (Bno) ; 
Scarsdale, Aug (Bno) ; Mosholu, Aug-Sep (Bno) ; SI, Jl-Oct (Ds) ; 
LI: Yaphank (Brb-AM); Orient (Brb-AM); Aqueduct (Ds, Brb); 
Massapequa, Manorville (Ds) ; Cold Sp. Harb. (Ds, Brb) ; Wading 
R. (Brb, Ds) ; Pinelawn, Calverton, Eng (Sf-BM) ; Bay Shore (01s) ; 
Huntington, Schott (01s) ; Little Neck, Feb, Wyandanch, Oct, 
Schott (Bno) ; May-Oct. 

CORIZUS Fallen ^ ^ U ;/ 

345 C. cra-ssicomis L. Keene Val, Aug, Not (Brb) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug 
(Dke) ; L. Placid, Sep (EPV) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Wilmington, Jl, 
Saranac L., Sep (Ds) ; Cascade L., Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; Hamburg, 
May, Jl, Boston, Elma, Aug, Lancaster, Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; 
Batavia, Aug (Kngt) ; Wyoming Co, Sep (Kngt) ; Rock City, Je (Ds) ; 
Otto, Jl (Hambleton-CU) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug, Freeville, Aug (Hambleton- 
CU) ; Phoenicia, Aug (EPV-NYS) ; Debruce, Sep (Ds). 

348 C. lateralis Say. All over the State (Bks). Cranberry L., Jl (Dke) ; Buffalo, 

Je, Gowanda, Aug, Hamburg, Mav-Je (EPV) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; 
Ithaca, Jl (Hambleton-CU) ; Coy Glen, Je (Ds) ; Albany, Je (NYS) ; 
Mosholu, Jl-Aug, Bno (Heid) ; White Plains, Jl-Sep (Bno) ; Scars- 
dale, Aug (Bno) ; Kings Bridge, Sep (Brb) ; Van Cort, Pk., Sep 
(Bno) ; SI, Aug-Oct (Ds) ; LI: Winfield (01s) ; Little Neck (Schott) ; 
Orient (Brb-AM) ; Flatbush, Eng (Sf-BM) ; Long Beach, Pinelawn, 
Eng (Sf-BM) ; Maspeth, Yaphank, Hempstead, Canarsie, Bay Shore 
(01s) ; Aqueduct, Central Pk., Massapequa (Ds) ; May-Nov. 

349 C. bohemanii Sign. Axton, Je (M&H) ; L. Placid, Sep (EPV) ; Keene Val., 

Je, Not (Brb) ; Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; Hamburg, Golden, Jl, Buffalo, 
May-Oct, Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Genesee Co, Wyoming Co, Je (Ds) ; 
Ithaca, Je-Sep (Hambleton-CU) ; Ellis, Slaterville, Mud Cr., Tomp- 
kins Co, Je (Hambleton-CU) ; L. George, Aug, Zah (Brb-AM) ; 
Phoenicia, Aug (EPV-NYS); Oliverea, Jl, Shoe {0\s) ; Saugerties, 
Aug, West Pt., Jl (Brb) ; White Plains, Aug-Sep (Bno). 
355 C. hirtus Bno. LI: Yaphank, Sep, Eng, Fire I., Jl (Bno). Found hibernating 
under Hudsonia (Brb). 

Family ARADIDAE ^^ 
Aradus Fabricius 

360 A. aequalis Say. Niagara Falls, May (EPV) ; Ithaca, Ap, Alex (Parsh) ; 

McLean, May (Parsh) ; W. Hebron, Je, Lg (Heid). 
379 A. crenatus Say. Keene Val., Sep, Eng (Parsh); Ithaca, May, West Pt., 
Je, Ds, Catskills (Parsh). 

361 A. quadrilineatus Say. Cranberry L., Jl (Drk) ; Cobble Hill, Aug (EPV) ; 

Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Ds (Parsh); Fulton Co, Alex (Morr) ; Niagara 

The arrangement of species in this family is that of Parshley's Essay. 

90 Aradidae 

Falls, Ap (EPV) ; Buffalo, Oct, EPV (Parsh) ; Golden, May, Hamburg, 
Je, EPV (Parsh); Lancaster, EPV (Bergroth) ; Ithaca, Ap, Plunkett 
(Parsh) ; L. George, Jl, Zah (Parsh) ; Schenectady, Aug (Parsh) ; 
West Pt., Je, Ds (Parsh) ; Southfields, May, Schott (Parsh) ; 
Sloatsburg, Nov (Parsh) ; Ft. Montgomery, May (Parsh) ; White 
Plains, Ap, Bno (Parsh) ; SI, Ap-May, Ds (Parsh) ; LI: Rockaway 
Beach, Brb (Parsh) ; Wyandanch (Schott) ; L. Ronkonkoma (Schott) ; 
Yaphank, Nic (Parsh) ; Promised Land, Eng (Bno) ; Ap-Dec. 

365 A. omatus Say. Granberry L., Jl (Drk). 

362 A. robustus Uhl. Occurs throughout the State (Brb). Granberry L., Jl 
(Drk) ; Wilmington, Jl (Ds) ; top of Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Ds (Parsh) ; 
Orleans Go, Je, Ds (Parsh) ; Gowanda, Aug, Golden, May, EPV 
(Parsh) ; E. Goncord, May, EPV (Bergroth) ; Ithaca, Ap, Plunkett 
(Parsh) ; Batavia, May (Kngt) ; Debruce, Jl, Ds (Parsh) ; Sloatsburg, 
Nov, Schott (01s) ; White Plains, Je, Dec, Bno, Ols (Parsh, Huss), 
from sifting; Ft. Montgomery, Je, Ds (Heid) ; LI: Rockaway Beach 
(Ds) ; Flatbush, Zab (Brb) ; Wyandanch, Gold Sp. Harb., Sf, Schott 
(Parsh) ; Mar-Je. 

364 A. duzeei Bergr. Rochester, Wendt (Bergr) ; Ithaca (Bergr). 

392 A. proboscideus Wlk. (hiibbardi Heid.). Granberry L., Jl, Drk, Saranac L., 
Sep (Parsh). 

A. basalis Parsh. Saranac L., Sep, Ds (Parsh). 

371 A. similis Say. Top of Mt. Whiteface, Jl (Ds) ; Granberry L., Drk (Parsh) ; 
Lake Bluff, Je (EPV); Lancaster, EPV (Bergr); Ithaca (Parsh); 
Ghauncey, Mar, Not (Parsh) ; White Plains, Mar-Ap, Bno (Parsh) ; 
Van Gort. Pk., Ang (Parsh); SI: Ap, Ds (Parsh); LI: Yaphank, 
May, Ols (Parsh) ; Rockaway Beach, May (Brb) ; Huntington, Ap, 
Schott (Ols) ; Ap-May. Under spruce and hemlock bark (Drk), 
and in shelf fungus on birch. 

375 A. acutus Say. LI: Huntington, Wyandanch, Schott (Bno). 

377 A. shermani Heid. LI: Yaphank, Je, Eng (Bno). 

A. approximatus Parsh. LI: Wyandanch, Je, Schott (Parsh). 

384 A. uniformis Heid. West Pt., Je, Sf (Parsh) ; LI: Flatbush, Zab (Parsh) ; 
Rockaway, Brb, Ds, Fire I., Bno, Wyandanch, Sf (Parsh) ; Huntington, 
Ronkonkoma (Schott) ; May-Jl. 

382 A. tuberculifer Kby. Granberry L., Jl, Drk (Parsh); Ithaca, Je (Uhl); 

LI: Rockaway Beach, Je, Ds (Parsh). 

383 A. funestus Bergr. Buffalo, Feb, hibernating (EPV). 

386 A. lugubris Fall. Granberry L., Jl (Drk) ; Rochester Jet., Je, Leon (Parsh) ; 

Buffalo, Je, Hamburg, Aug, Golden, Jl, EPV (Bergr) ; Ithaca, May 
(Parsh); Nyack, Za6 (Parsh); White Plains, Jl (Bno); LI: Bay 
Shore, Ols, Flatbush, Schott (Parsh) ; Je, Sep. 

387 A. abbas Bergr. All over the State (Brb) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Granberry 

L., Je-Jl (Drk); Saranac L. (Parsh); Golden, Jl, EPV (Bergr); 
Hamburg, Je (EPV) ; Buffalo, May, MCV (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl, Plunkett 
(Parsh); Huguenot, Jl (Brb-AM) ; Saugerties, Jl, Brb (Parsh); 
White Plains, Aug, Bno (Parsh) ; LI: Bay Shore, Ols (Parsh) ; Fire 
I., Bno, Wading R., Schott, Maspeth, Ols (Parsh) ; Rockaway Beach, 
Eng (Bno) ; Ap-Sep. 
— A. uniannulatus Parsh. LI: Pinelawn, Je, Ds (Parsh). 

Aradidae — Neididae or Berytidae 91 

389 A. falleni Stal. White Plains; Feb (Bno), sifting; SI (Ds) ; LI: Rockaway 
Beach, Yaphank, Bno (Parsh). 

391 A. cinnamomeus Panz. SI, Je (Ds) ; LI: Bay Shore, Ols, Wyandanch, 
Schott, Ds, Yaphank, Ols, Bno, Central Pk., Pinelawn, Ols (Parsh) ; 
Cold Sp. Harb., Aug (Bno) ; Amagansett (Ds) ; Huntington, Wyan- 
danch, Wading R., L. Ronkonkoma, Schott (Bno) ; Ap-Sep. Frequents 
pine (Brb). 

395 A. niger Stal. Ausable R, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L., Jl (Drk) ; Buffalo, 
Sep (EPV) ; Hamburg, Sep, Ithaca, Ap, EPV (Parsh) ; L. George, 
Aug, Zab (Parsh). Bark of dead pines (Brb). 


408 N. simplex Uhl. Ithaca, May (Morr) ; White Plains, Aug (Bno) ; NYC, 
Ap (Brb) ; SI, Ap-May (Ds) ; LI: Hempstead Plains (Eng) ; Massa- 
pequa, Shoe, Yaphank (Ds) ; Wyandanch, Schott (Bno) ; May-Sep. 

Aneurus Curtis 

414 A. inconstans Uhl. Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; Keene Val., Je, Not (Brb) 

Cranberry L., Je-Jl (Drk) ; Niagara Falls, Ap (EPV) ; Buffalo 
Feb-Ap, Hamburg, May, Sep, Colden, May, Gowanda, Aug (EPV) 
E. Jewett, Aug (Ds) ; White Plains (Bno) ; Rye L., Sep (Bno) 
Grand View, Nyack, Je (Brb) ; Tuckahoe, Nov, Schott (Parsh) ; LI 
Rosedale, Schott (Parsh) ; Rockaway Beach (Ds) ; Yaphank (Brb) 
M ay-No V. 

415 A. simplex Uhl. Cranberry L., Jl (Drk) ; Van Cort. Pk., Mar (Brb) ; LI: 

Queens Village, Wyandanch, Schott (Parsh) ; Central Pk., Eng, 
Jamaica, Huntington, Schott (Parsh) ; Northport, Schott (Ols) ; 
Cypress Hills, Zab (Brb-AM) ; Feb-Aug. Common under bark (Brb). 
417 A. fiskei Heid. West Pt., Aug, Rohn (BM) ; White Plains, Jan-Ap, Sep- 
Nov (Bno); Rye L., Sep (Bno); SI, Je (Ds) ; LI: Wyandanch, 
Schott (Ols) ; Yaphank (Brb) ; Queens, Sf (Bno) ; Cold Sp. Harb., 
Butler (Huss) ; May-Sep. 



Neides Latreille 

419 N. muticus Say. Cascade L., Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; Keene Val., Sep, Not 
(Brb) ; L. Placid, Sep, Eng (Bno) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug (Drk) ; 
Colden, Jl, Lancaster, Aug (EPV-CU) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; 
Portageville, May-Aug (Kngt) ; Rock City, Je (Ds) ; Ithaca, Jl, Oct, 
Bks (EPV, Kngt-CU) ; McLean, Ap (Morr) ; Taughannock Falls, Jl, 
Summers (EPV-CU) : Phoenicia, Aug (EPV-NYS) ; L. George, 
Jl-Sep, Zab (AM) ; West Pt., Je (Ds) ; Pine L, Je-Oct (Brb) ; Nyack, 
Je (Brb, Ds) ; Ft. Montgomery, Sep, Schott (Ols) ; White Plains. 
Jl-Sep (Bno) ; SI, Aug (Ds) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Aug (Brb). 

92 Neididae or Berytidae — Lygaeidae 

Jalysus Stal 

420 J. multispinus Ashm. LI: Bayville (Brb-AM). 

421 J. spinosus Say. Lancaster, Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Aug (CU) ; Debruce, Sep 

(Ds) ; West Pt., Je-Jl (Brb, Ds) ; Ramapo, May (Ds) ; Nyack, May 
(Schott) ; White Plains, Ap-Sep, Scarsdale, Aug-Sep, Rye L., Sep 
(Bno); SI, Sep (Ds) ; LI: Yaphank (Bno, Brb); Cold Sp. Harb. 
(Brb) ; Bay Shore, Maspeth, Queens Village, Wyandanch (01s) ; Flat- 
bush, Zah (Brb-AM) ; Melville, Wading R., Schott (Bno) ; May-Oct. 



Oncopeltus Stal 

432 O. fasciatus Dall. NYC, Geisell (01s); SI, Je-Oct (Ds) ; LI: North 
Beach, Schott (01s) ; Coram (Ds) ; Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb) ; Glendale, 
Kch, Bellport, Nic, Floral Pk. (Sf-BM) ; Aug-Sep. 

Lygaeus Fabricius 

434 L. turcicus Fab. Lancaster, Palmer Jr (EPV); LI: Flatbush, Dec, Eng 

437 L. kalmii Stal var. angustomarginatus Parsh. Throughout the State, on 
milkweed (Brb). Cranberry L., Jl-Aug (Drk) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; 
top of Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Wilmington, Jl (Ds) ; Hastings, Jl, Joutel 
(Ds) ; Lancaster, Aug (EPV-CU) ; Buffalo, Je (EPV-CU) ; Hamburg, 
Ap (EPV) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; Aurora, Jl (Brb-AM) ; Ithaca, 
Aug, Oct (EPV, Morr, Huss) ; Callicoon, Jl (Ds) ; Fallsburg (Huss) ; 
Saugerties, Jl (Brb) ; Pine I., Je (Ds) ; White Plains, Jl (Bno) ; Rye 
Pond, Je (Brb-AM); SI, Je-Aug (Ds) ; LI: Flatbush, Zab (Brb- 
AM) ; Maspeth, Bay Shore (01s) ; Rockaway Beach, Shoe (01s) ; 
Aqueduct, Ds (Brb) ; Massapequa, Ds (Brb) ; Calverton (Ds) ; Orient, 
Lath (Ds) ; Wading R., Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb) ; Je-Oct. 

452 L. bicrucis Say. SI: Watchogue, Mav (Ds) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, May-Je, 
Eng (Ds, Sf-BM), May, Nic, Shoe; Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl (Ds). 

460* L. tripunctatus Dall. LI: Yaphank, Jl, Bno (Brb). 

Ortholomus Stal 

461 O. scolopax Say {longiceps Stal). Throughout the State, on grasses (Brb). 

462 Indian L., Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; Keene Val., Aug, Not (Brb) ; 
Cranberry L., Jl-Aug (Drk) ; Buffalo, Jl, Sep, Hamburg, Jl-Sep 
(EPV) ; Aurora, Jl (Brb-AM) ; L. George, Aug, Zah (Brb-AM) ; 
Karner,_Aug, Jl, Wat, Yg (Brb-NYS) ; Kingston, Aug (EPV-NYS) ; 
Saugerties, Aug, Pine I., Sep (Brb) ; White Plains, Je-Sep (Bno) ; 
SI, Sep (Ds) ; LI: Winfield, Maspeth, Bay Shore, Yaphank (01s); 
Brooklyn (Ds) ; Orient, Schott, Aqueduct (Brb) ; Jl-Oct. 

Lygaeidae 93 

Nysius Dallas -' ' '' " - 

466 N. calif ornicus Stal. Cascade L., Aug (Brb). 

468 N. thymi Wolff. Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; Keene Val., Aug, Not (Brb) ; 
L. Placid, Sep (EPV, Ds) ; Buffalo, May-Aug (EPV) ; L. George, 
Aug, Zah (Brb-AM) ; E. Jewett, Aug (Ds) ; LI: Wyandanch, Je, 
SchoU (Bno). 

470 N. ericae Schill. False Chinch Bug. All over the State, on grasses, etc. 
(Brb). Axton, Je (M&H) ; Speculator, Aug (NYS) ; L. Placid, 
Aug-Sep (EPV) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug (Drk) ; Hamburg, Aug 
(EPV); White Plains, Mar-Oct (Bno); LI: Sea Cliff, Bks (EPV); 
Cold Sp. Harb., Butler (Brb, Huss) ; Orient (Brb-AM) ; Yaphank, 
Eng (01s, Ds, Bno) ; Huntington, Schott (Brb, Ds) ; Wyandanch, 
Schott (Brb, Ols) ; Bay Shore, Maspeth, Hempstead (Ols) ; Aqueduct, 
Ds (Brb) ; Ap-Oct. 

473 B. numenius Say. Buffalo, May, Colden, Aug (EPV). 

ISCHNORHYNCHUS Fieber —5 " ^^1*^^ 

476 I. resedae Panz. {geminatus Say). Recorded as /. geminatus Say throughout 

477 the State (Brb). Axton, Je (M&H); L. Placid, Aug (EPV); Cran- 
berry L., Jl-Aug (Drk) ; Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; Keene Val., Je, Not 
(Brb) ; Mt. Whiteface, Jl (Ds) ; Long L., Huckleberry Mt., Cold R. 
(Horvath) ; Buffalo, May-Je, Hamburg, Jl, Gowanda, Aug, Salamanca, 
Jl, Elma, Je (EPV) ; Batavia, Aug, Portageville, May, Cattaraugus 
Co, Je (Kngt) ; West Pt., Jl, Saugerties, Aug (Brb) ; White Plains, 
Ap-Sep (Bno) ; SI, Jan-Oct, often taken sifting (Ds) ; LI: Hunting- 
ton, Schott (Brb) ; Amagansett, Wyandanch, Sf (Bno, Ds) ; Cold Sp. 
Harb., Butler (Huss) ; Wading R., Ds (Brb) ; Orient (Brb-AM) ; 
Flatbush, Zab (Brb-AAl) ; Flushing, Hempstead, Bay Shore, Central 
Pk., Maspeth, Port Washington, Forest Hills (Ols) ; Flatbush, Eng 
(Ols) ; Massapequa, Shoe, Yaphank (Ds) ; Huntington, Schott (Bno). 

Cymus Hahni* 

483 C. luridus Stal. Cranberry L., Jl-Dec (Drk) ; Cascade, Aug (Brb) ; Buf- 

falo, Jl (EPV) ; Pine I., Je (Brb) ; White Plains, May-Aug (Bno) ; 
Stony Pt., Je (Ds) ; LI: Babylon, Aug (Bno); Yaphank, May, Ols 
(Brb); Aqueduct, Fire I. (Ds) ; May-Oct. 
C. robustus Brb. Carmel (type locality), Mt. Kisco, Jl, Bno (Brb); LI: 
Cold Sp. Harb., Jl. 

484 C. angustatus Stal. Throughout the State (Brb). Cascade L., Aug (Brb); 

Cranberry L., Je-Aug (Drk) ; Adirondacks (EPV) ; L. Placid, Sep 
(EPV) ; Newport, May, Yg (NYS) ; Lancaster, Aug (EPV-CU) ; 
Buffalo, May-Oct (EPV) ; Batayia, Je-Jl, Portageville, May, Aug, 
Cattaraugus Co, Je (Kngt) ; Karner, May, Yg (NYS) ; Saugerties, 
Aug, Pine I., Je (Brb) ; Tuxedo, May (Brb) ; White Plains, May-Je, 
Scarsdale, May, Rye Beach, Jl (Bno) ; SI, Mar, Aug (Ds) ; LI: Cold 
Sp. Harb. (Brb) ; Flushing (Ols, Ds) ; Massapequa (Ds) ; Yaphank 
(Ols, Ds) ; Wading R. (Ds) ; Maspeth, Forest Hills (Ols) ; May-Aug 

" Members of this genus occur on grasses and sedges. 

94 Lygaeidae 

485 C. discors Horv. Throughout the State (Brb). Axton, Je (M&H) ; L 
Placid, Sep, Adirondacks, Aug-Sep (EPV) ; Long L., Cold R 
(Horv) ; Cranberry L., Je-Sep (Drk, Brb) ; Cascade L., Aug (Brb) 
Keene Val., Je, Not (Brb) ; Newport, May, Yg (NYS) ; Buffalo, Jl 
(EPV) ; Hamburg, May, Jl, Colden, Jl, Gowanda, Aug (EPV) 
Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; L. George, Aug, Zab (Brb) ; White Plains, May 
Aug (Bno) ; Mosholu, Nov, sifting (Brb) ; LI: Yaphank, Je (Brb) 
Bay Shore, Jl, Wyandanch, Aug (01s) ; Je-Aug. 

487 C. breviceps Stal. LI: Cold Sp. Harb., ^w^r (Bno). 



489 I. falicus Say. Oneida L., Drk (Brb) ; Buffalo, Je (EPV) ; Cayuga L., Oct, 
Kngt (Bno) ; Pine I., Je (Brb) ; White Plains, May-Je, Oct (Bno) ; 
Kensico, May (Bno) ; SI, Oct-Nov, sifting on edge of salt meadow 
(Brb) ; LI: Brooklyn, Rockaway Beach (01s) ; New Lots (Brb-AM) ; 
Flatbush, Mar, Schott (Bno) ; May. 

Blissus Burmeister 

496 B. leucopterus Say. Chinch Bug. Throughout the State, on wild grasses 
(Brb). Cascade L., Indian L., Aug (Brb); Wallface Mt., Je, Not 
(Brb) ; Hammond (Lint) ; Morristown (Lint) ; Oakfield, Je, 
Not (Brb) ; Buffalo, Ap, Jl-Aug, Hamburg, May-Je (EPV) ; Pike, 
Mar (NYS) ; Batavia, May-Je, Portageville, Mav (Kngt) ; Lancaster 
(EPV) ; Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Norton's Landing, SmHH (CU) ; 
Freeville, Aug (CU) ; Peruville (Felt) ; Watervliet (Lint) ; Debruce, 
Sep (Ds) ; Carmel, Aug (Brb-AM) ; White Plains, May-Sep (Bno) ; 
NYC, Oct (Huss) ; LI: Maspeth (01s) ; Flushing, Dow (01s) ; Win- 
field (01s) ; Rockaway Beach, May-Sep, Ds (01s) ; Long Beach, 
Huntington (Schott, Bno) ; Flatbush, Zab (Brb-AM) ; Cold Sp. Harb. 
(Brb) ; Brighton Beach (Brb) ; Wading R., Ds (Brb) ; Ap-Nov. 
— B. leucopterus var. arenarius Brb. SI, Sep, Ds (Brb) ; LI: Coney I., Zab, 
Rockaway Beach (Brb) ; Wading R. (Ds) ; May-Sep. 

Geocoris Fallen 

499 G. bullatus Say. Speculator, Jl, Yg (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Jl (Drk) ; 

Cascade L., Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; Buffalo, Je, Sep (EPV) ; E. 

Aurora, Aug (EPV) ; Batavia, Sep (Kngt) ; West Pt., Jl (Brb) ; 

White Plains, May-Sep (Bno); LI: Little Neck, Schott (Brb); 

Aqueduct, Ds (Brb) ; North Beach, Flushing (01s) ; Massapequa, 

Wading R. (Ds) ; Amagansett (Ds) ; May-Nov. 
499c G. bullatus var. discopterus Stal. White Plains, May, Aug-Sep (Bno) ; 

SI (Ds); LI: Amagansett, Sep. Ds (Brb). 
502 G. uliginosus Say. Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; Cranberry L., Jl (Drk) ; L. 

Placid, Aug (EPV-NYS) ; Colden, Jl, Buffalo, Je, Ithaca, Sep 

(EPV-CU); White Plains, Sep (Bno); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, 

Aqueduct, Oct (Brb) ; Flatbush, Sep, Zab (Brb-AM) ; Huntington, 

Schott (Brb) ; Maspeth, Sea Cliff, Rockaway (01s) ; Yaphank (01s) ; 


Lygaeidae 95 

G. uliginosus var. lateralis Fieb. Cascade L., Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; Cran- 
berry L., Aug (Drk). 

G. uliginosus var. speculator Montd. Boston, Hamburg, Aug (EPV). 

G. uliginosus var. limbatus Stal. Buffalo, Sep, Hamburg, Jl-Aug, Lawtons, 
Colden, Aug (EPV). 

HypogeoCORIS Montandon 

(Isthmocoris McAtee) 

507 H. piceus Say. Carmel, Aug, White Plains, Ap-Oct (Bno) ; Tuxedo, May 
(Brb); Rye Beach, W. Nj^ack Aug (Bno); LI: Flushing, Aug, 
Canarsie, Ap (Ols) ; Wyandanch, Schott (Brb, Bno) ; Huntington, Aug 
(Bno); Cypress Hills, Zah (Brb-AM) ; Yaphank, Eng (Bno); 



513 P. abbreviatus Uhl. Throughout the State (Brb). Debruce, Aug, Mutchler 
(Brl>-AM) ; Cascade L., Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; Keene Val, Jl, Not 
(Brb) ; Wilmington, Jl (Ds) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Buffalo, Je-Sep 
(CU) ; Hamburg, May-Je, Lancaster, Aug, Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; 
Batavia, Je, Cattaraugus Co., Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Sep (CU) ; L. 
George, Aug, Zah ( Brb-AM )~; W. Hebron, Aug, Lg (Ds) ; E. Jewett, 
Aug (Ds) ; Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS) ; Saugerties, Aug, Pine I., Je 
(Brb) ; White Plains, Jl (Bno) ; Tuxedo, May (Brb) ; Ramapo, May 
(Ds); Marlborough, Jl, Sf (BM) ; SI, Je (Ds) ; LI: Bellport, Nic 
(Sf-BM) ; Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb) ; Bay Shore, Yaphank (Ols) ; Pine- 
lawn, Wading R. (Ds) ; May-Aug. 

Oedancala Amyot*and Serville 

515 O. dorsalis Say. Throughout the State (Brb). Cranberry L., Jl (Drk); 
Buffalo, May-Aug, Lancaster, Jl, Hamburg, May, Conesus L., Aug 
(EPV) ; Karner, Je (NYS) ; Saugerties, Aug, Brb, Ft. Montgomery, 
Jl, Schott (Brb) ; White Plains, Mar, Je-Jl, Dec, sifting, Armonk, Je 
(Bno); Charlotte, Je (Brb-AM); LI: Fishers I. (Brb-AM); 
Wyandanch (Ols) ; Bay Shore (Ols) ; Aqueduct, Shoe (Ols) ; Yap- 
hank (Ols, Ds); Wading R. (Brb); Cold Sp. Harb., Butler (Huss). 


Crophius Stal 

519 C. disconotus Say. Cranberry L., Aug (Drk) ; Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; 
Colden, Aug (EPV) ; Tompkins Co, Feb, sifting (Ruckes) ; Phoenicia, 
Aug (EPV) ; Pine I., Sep (Brb) ; White Plains, Sep-Oct (Brb- 
Bno) ; Nyack, Jl, Zah (Brb); LI: Huntington, Schott (Brb); 
Wyandanch, Schott (Brb, Bno) ; Yaphank, Eng (Bno) ; Fire I. (Ds) ; 

96 Lygaeidae 



Myodocha Latreille 

526 M. sefripes Oliv. Cranberry L., Jl (Drk) ; Buffalo, May-Je, Albany, May 
(EPV-NYS) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl (Ds) ; White Plains, Dec, sifting 
(Bno) ; Nyack, Jl, Zab (Brb-AM) ; Scarsdale, Aug (Bno) ; Van 
Cort. Pk. (Sf-BM); SI, May-Nov (Ds) ; LI: Astoria, Zab, Cold 
Sp. Harb. (Brb) ; Flushing, Forest Hill (01s) ; Rockaway Beach, Dow, 
Schott (Brb, 01s) ; Queens, Flatbush, Wyandanch, Schott (Bno) ; 

Heraeus Stal 

528 H. plebejus Stal. Lancaster, Sep, Elma, Je, Hamburg, Ap, Aug (EPV) ; 
Batavia, Aug, Portageville, Aug (Kngt) ; White Plains, Ap-Oct 
(Bno); SI, Feb, May-Je, Dec (Ds), taken sifting in Feb (Brb); 
LI: Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb); Wyandanch (div.) ; Flatbush, Zab 
(Brb-AM) ; Aqueduct, Shoe (Ds) ; Flushing, North Beach (Ds) ; 

Sphaerobius Uhler 

531 S. insignis Uhl. Indian L., Aug (Brb). 


537 L. sylvestris L. {contractus Say). Cascade L., Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; 

Cranberry L. (Drk) ; Keene Val., Aug, Not (Brb) ; Phoenicia, Jl 
(EPV-NYS) ; top of Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Saranac L., Sep (Ds) ; 
Long L. (Ds) ; L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Speculator, Aug, Yg (NYS) ; 
Buffalo, Je-Sep (EPV) ; Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca, Aug (EPV- 
CU) ; L. George, Jl-Aug, Zab ^ (Brb-AM) ; E. Jewett, Aug (Ds) ; 
Oliverea, Sep, Beq (Ols) ; White Plains, Je-Aug (Bno) ; Stamford, 
Jl (EPV); LI: Rockaway, Wyandanch, Oct, Schott (Bno). 

538 L. diffusus Uhl. Throughout the State (Brb). Cranberry L., Je-Aug 

(Drk) ; Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; Keene Val., Aug, Not (Brb) ; L. 
Tear, Jl, Not (Brb) ; L. Placid, Aug-Sep (EPV) ; Niagara Falls, Jl, 
Lancaster, Aug, Buffalo, Je, Elma, Je, Hamburg, Aug-Sep, Conesus 
L., Aug, Salamanca, Jl-Sep (EPV) ; Batavia, Jl-Sep (Kngt) ; Oak- 
field, Je, Not (Brb) ; Canisteo, Je, Not (Brb) ; L. George, Jl-Aug, 
Zab (Brb-AM); West Pt., Jl (Brb) ; , Carmel, Aug (Brb-AM); 
Yorktown Hgts., Sep (Ols); SI, Je-Sep (Ds) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., 
Butler (Huss) ; Amagansett, Sf (Bno) ; Bellport, Nic (Sf-BM) ; 
Maspeth, Schott (Ols, Brb) ; Flushing (Ols, Ds) ; Huntington, Schott 
(Ols) ; Bay Shore, Rockaway Beach (Ols) ; Aqueduct, Central Pk., 
Brooklyn, Yaphank, Montauk, Southold, Orient (Ds) ; Winfield (Ols) ; 
— L. depictus Brb. Ithaca, Aug (Brb) ; White Plains, Je, Bno (Brb). 

Perigenes Distant 

543 P. constrictus Say. Cranberry L., Aug (Drk) ; Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; 
Lewiston, Jl, Wat (Brb) ; Phoenicia, Aug (EPV-NYS) ; Buffalo, Sep, 
Hamburg, Aug-Sep, Albion, Aug, Clarence, Sep (EPV) ; Batavia, 
Jl-Sep (Kngt) ; White Plains, Je-Aug (Bno) ; Van Cort. Pk., Sep 
(Bno) ; SI, Je (Ds) ; LI: Southold (Ds) ; Flatbush, Rockaway, Schott 
(Bno) ; Rockaway, Winfield (Ols) ; Je-Oct. 

Lygaeidae 97 

Zeridoneus Barber 

545 Z. costalis VanD. Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; Batavia, 
Aug (Kngt) ; L. George, Aug, Zah (Brb) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl (Ds) ; 
White Plains, Jl-Oct (Bno) ; LI: Huntington, Schott (01s). 

Orthaea Dallas 

554 O. basalis Dall. Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; L. Placid, Aug, Buffalo, May- Aug, 
Lancaster, Aug (EPV) ; Hamburg, Aug (EPV) ; Scarsdale, Sep 
(Bno); White Plains, Je-Oct (Bno); Pine I., Sep (Brb); Mosholu, 
Jl, Sf (Brb) ; NYC, Ap (Brb) ; SI, May (01s) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb. 
(Brb) ; Mineola, Wyandanch, Melville, Rockaway, Huntington, Schott, 
Flushing, Jamaica (01s) ; Mar-Sep. 


557 P. nodosa Say. LI: Aqueduct, Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb); Jl-Oct. 

570 P. ferruginea Stal (Carpilis). Indian L., Aug (Brb); LI: Yaphank, Sep 


558 P. clavigera Uhl. NY (Uhl) ; LI: Aqueduct, Oct (Brb). 

K. planus Distant {Rhyparochromus) . Indian L., Aug (Brb). 

Cnemodus Herrich-Schaeffer 

566 C. mavortius Say. Lancaster, Oct (EPV) ; NYC (Brb) ; SI, May (Ds) ; 
LI: Bellport, Nic (Sf-BM) ; Yaphank, Wading R. (Ds) ; Rockaway 
Beach, Brookhaven, Schott (01s, Bno) ; Je-Oct. 


569 P. canadensis Prov. Phoenicia, Aug, Niagara Falls, Aug (EPV) ; LI: 
Flatbush, Za6 (Brb-AM) ; Fire I. (Bno) ; Yaphank, Eng, Wyandanch, 
Nov, S. Huntington (Bno) ; Jl-Sep. 

OzophoRA Uhler 

571 O. picturata Uhl. White Plains, Nov, sifting (Bno) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., 

(Brb); Yaphank, Eng (Brb, Bno); Bellport, Nic (Sf-BM); Wyan- 
danch, Rockaway, Schott (div.) ; Springfield (01s) ; Ap-Aug. 


578 A. pilosulus Stal. Buffalo, Ap, Gowanda, May, White Plains, Ap (EPV) ; 

Greenwood L., May, Not (Brb); SI, Nov (Ds) ; LI: Wading R., 
Schott, North Beach (01s) ; Yaphank, Eng (Bno) ; Mar-Sep. In some 
cases probably confused with next species (Brb). 

579 A. pallidus Uhl. Should occur all over the State ; usually taken in sifting 

(Brb). Indian L., Aug (Brb); Cranberry L., Aug (Drk) ; Pine I., 
Je (Brb) ; Scarsdale, May (Bno) ; Tuxedo, May (Brb) ; Mosholu, Nov 
(Brb) ; White Plains, Armonk, Ap-Sep (Bno) ; SI, Feb (Ds) ; 
LI: Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb) ; Flushing, Aqueduct (01s) ; Wyandanch, 
sifting (Ds) ; Ap-Aug. 


98 Lygaeidae 

Plinthisus Fieber , 

584 P. compactus Uhl. (americanus VanD.). Indian L., Aug (Brb). 

Peritrechus Fieber 

585 P. fraternus Uhl. Buffalo, Dec, hibernating, MCV (EPV) ; SI, Je, Sep, 

Nov (Ds) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb); Maspeth, Rockaway Beach 
(01s) ; Long Beach, Schott (01s, Bno) ; Promised Land, Greenport 
(Ds) ; Jan- Aug. 

586 P. paludemaris Brb. SI, May (Brb); LI: Rosedale, Flatbush, Schott 

(Brb); Cypress Hills (Brb-AM) ; Bellport, Nic (Sf) ; Rockaway 
Beach (Bno) ; Feb-May. A salt-marsh species (Brb). 

Stygnocoris Douglas and Scott 

588 S. rusticus Fall. Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; Cranberry L., Aug (Drk). 

S. pedestris Fall. Cranberry L., Aug (Drk) ; Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; Elka 
Pk., Catskills, Aug, Drk (Brb). 

Trapezonotus Fieber 

589 T. arenarius L. Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; top of Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Ds (Brb). 

Sphragisticus Stal 

592 S. nebulosus Fall. Buffalo, Sep (EPV); Batavia, Jl-Sep (Kngt) ; LI: 
Brooklyn (Ds) ; Mineola, Schott (Bno) ; Maspeth (01s) ; Wyandanch, 
Schott (Brb) ; Jl-Aug. 

Malezonotus Barber 
— M. fuscosus Brb, LI: Fire I. Beach, Bno, Huntington, Schott (Brb) ; Jl. 

Aphanus Laporte 
594 A. umbrosus Distant. Top of Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Ds (Brb) ; Colden (Horv). 

Emblethis Fieber 

597 E. vicarius Horv. White Plains, Sep, Nov (Bno); LI: Aqueduct (Brb); 

Woodhaven, Springfield, Schott (Brb) ; Oct-Nov. 

Drymus Fieber 

598 D. unus Say. Cascade L., Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; N. Evans, Oct (EPV) ; 

S. Buffalo, Fischer (EPV) ; Lancaster, Sep {EPV) ; Gowanda, 
Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Oct (Kngt) ; W. Hebron, Lg (Brb) ; Ft. Mont- 
gomery, Sep, Schott (Brb) ; White Plains, Mar, Oct, Dec, sifting 
(Bno, Huss) ; Mosholu, Nov, sifting (Brb); LI: Sea CHff, Bks 
(Brb) ; Yaphank (Brb, Bno) ; Flushing (01s) ; Flatbush, Zah (Brb) ; 
Bellport, Nic (Sf-BM) ; Little Neck, Nov, Schott (Bno). 

599 D. crassus VanD. White Plains, Dec, sifting (Bno) ; W. Hebron, Sep, Lg, 

Inwood, NYC, Sep (Ds). 


Eremocoris Fieber 

600 E. ferus Say. Cranberry L., Jl, Sep (Drk) ; Cascade L., Indian L., Aug 
(Brb) ; Wallface Mt., Jl, Keene Val., Je, Not (Brb) ; top of Mt. White- 
face, Jl (Ds) ; Colden, Jl (EPV) ; E. Aurora, Wild (EPV) ; Jamestown, 
Aug (EPV) ; Canisteo, Je, Not (Brb) ; W. Hebron, Sep, Lg (Ds) ; 
Ft. Montgomery, Aug, Schott (Brb) ; Suffern (Brb) ; White Plains, 
Ap, Sep-Oct, Dec, Carmel, Aug (Bno) ; SI, Ap, Jl (Ds) ; Lil: Maspeth, 
Rockaway Beach (01s) ; Brooklyn, Shoe (01s) ; Long Beach, Shoe 
(Ds) ; Wyandanch, Wading R. (Ds) ; Flatbush, Cypress Hills, Zab 
(Brb-AM) ; Huntington, Schott (Bno). 

Xestocoris Van Duzee 

604 X. nitens VanD. Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; Colden, Aug (EPV) ; Buffalo, 
Mar, Fischer, Hamburg, Ap (EPV) ; Ithaca, Bks (Brb) ; Tuxedo, May, 
beneath clumps of dead grass (Brb). Gerhard has collected this 
species in burrows of field mice near Chicago (Huss). 

Cryphula Stal 

608 C. parallelogramma Stal. White Plains, Aug, Oct, Bno (Brb) ; SI, Feb, 
sifting (Ds, Brb) ; LI: Flushing, Forest Pk. (01s) ; Little Neck, Rock- 
away Beach, Dec, Schott (Bno) ; Yaphank (Ds) ; Mar-May. 


610 S. thomsoni Renter. Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; Buffalo, May- Aug, Hamburg, 

Je, Chautauqua, May, Gowanda, Aug, Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; White 
Plains, Je, Bno (EPV) ; LI: Yaphank (Brb) ; Wyandanch, Sf^ (Bno) ; 
May. This and the next two species are usually taken sifting dead 
leaves (Brb). 

611 S. atlanticus Horv. N. Elba, Lg (Brb) ; Lancaster, Aug (EPV) ; E. Jewett, 

Ap (Ds) ; White Plains, May-Jl (Bno) ; Orangeburg, Ap, Not (Brb) ; 
SI, Aug, Ds (Brb); LI: Flushing, Aqueduct (01s); Wyandanch, Ds 
(Brb) ; Mar-May. 

612 S. diffidens Horv. Indian L., Aug, Mosholu, May (Brb) ; SI, Feb, sifting 

(Brb) ; LI: Wyandanch, Schott (01s, Bno) ; Jamaica, Nic (Bno) ; Feb. 


EuryophthalmuS Laporte 

617 E. succinctus L. Hague (Brb-AM); LI: Baldwin, Christian Hook (Ds) ; 
Rockaway Beach (Schott) ; May-Oct. 


Compiled by Carl J. Drake 

PlESMA Le Peletier and Serville 

636 P. cinerea (Say). Cranberry L., Jl (Drk); Syracuse, Jl-Sep (Drk); 
Buffalo and vie, Je-Aug (EPV); Ithaca; Pine I., Je (Bno); White 
Plains, Mar-Oct (Bno); NYC (Bno); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Aug 
(Brb). Common on its preferred food plant, lamb's-quarters (Cheno- 
podium album L. ) ; hibernating individuals found under bark of sycamore 
and birch, and among fallen leaves. 


Family TINGITIDAE Costa " 

Compiled by Carl J. Drake 

ACALYPTA Westwood 

637i A. lillianis Bno. Adirondacks, Indian L., Aug (Brb) ; Corinth; Pine I., Je 
(Brb); White Plains, May-Jl (Bno); LI: Sea Cliff. Food plant, 
moss ; collected by sifting moss and sphagnum. 


638 C. ciliata Say. Canastota, Mar, Faure; Syracuse, May-Je, Sep, Dec (Drk) ; 

Buffalo (EPV) ; Lancaster, Aug, Colden, Jl (EPV), Hamburg, May, 
Aug (EPV) ; Enfield Falls, Jl, MacG; Ithaca, Je-Jl, Sep, Oct, Summers 
(Morr) ; Poughkeepsie, Jl, Yg (NYS) ; White Plains, Feb-Oct 
(Ols&Bno) ; LI: North Beach, Sep (Plm) ; Flushing, Sep (Plunk); 
Wyandanch L., Aug (01s). Very abundant on sycamore or button- 
wood (Platanus occidentalis L.) ; hibernates beneath bark of sycamore 
and among fallen leaves on the ground. 

639 C. arcuata (Say). Fulton Co, Alex; Syracuse, Sep-Oct (Drk) ; Buffalo and 

vie, Jl, Sep (EPV) ; Lime L., Aug (EPV) ; Machias (EPV) ; Ithaca, 
Jl, Dec; Poughkeepsie, May; Scarsdale, Aug (Bno) ; White Plains, 
May, Oct (Bno) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl (Brb). Breeds on various 
species of oaks, and occasionally on chestnut, very rarely on maple and 
apple. Hibernates beneath leaves and in other secluded places on the 
C. arcuata var. mali Gib. Common, and perhaps more abundant than typical 
form ; same distribution and food plants. 
639 J C. salicis O. & D. Cranberry L., Wanakena, May-Sep (Drk) ; Lime L., 

Aug (EPV). Willow. 
— C. ulmi O. & D. Nassau, Oct. 

640 C. pergandei Heid. Wanakena, Cranberry L., May-Sep (Drk) ; Nassau, 

Oct; S5^racuse, May-Je, Sep (Drk); Jamestown, Jl; Ithaca, Je-Jl, 
Summers ; Karner, May, Oct ; Voorheesville, all stages very abundant on 
hoary alder, Leon (Drk) ; Saugerties, Jl (Brb) ; White Plains, May-Je 
(Bno); Van Cort. Pk., Aug (EPV); SI, Feb, Je (Brb & Ds) ; LI: 
Wading R., May (Brb); Bay Shore (01s); Flushing, Sep (NYS). 
Common on alder {Alnus incana (L.) Moench and Alnus rugosa (Du 
Roi) Spreng.), and rarely on plum (Primus americana Marsh.) ; some- 
times taken at light ; adults found on ground during winter by sifting 
fallen leaves. 

64U C. pruni O. & D. Colden, Jl (EPV); Salamanca, Aug (EPV). Wild 
black cherry (Prunus serotina Ehrh.). 

645 C. marmorata (Uhl.) (decens VanD., in part). Syracuse, Aug-Sep (Drk) ; 
Rochester, Jl; Lancaster, Sep (EPV) ; Buffalo, Jl-Sep (EPV) ; Ithaca, 
Jl-Aug, Summers; Albany, Je-Sep (Fitch, Felt); Karner, Je; Coey- 
mans, Je-Aug; White Plains (as gossypii Bno.); West Pt., Jl (Brb); 
LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Aug (Brb); Bay Shore, Hempstead, Jl (01s); 
Yaphank, Jl, Flushing, Je (01s). Occurs in large numbers on aster, 
goldenrod, Ambrosia trifida, and other Compositae. 

^^ In addition to the species listed herein, Corythucha pallida O. & D., C. coryli O. & D., C. celtis 
O. & D., C. bulbom O. &_D., Gargaphia solani Heid., Gelchossa oblonga (Say), Teleonima nigrina 
Champ., Atheas insignis Heid., Leptoypha costata Parsh., Physatocheila major O. & D., and Dic- 
tyonota tricornis var. americana Parsh., probably occur in New York State. 


649 C. juglandis (Fitch). Speculator, Je, Yg (NYS) ; Delaware L., May, Cy\ 
Mountain L., Ap 26, Cy, Hague, Aug, Leon (NYS); Wolcott, May 
(Leon) ; Syracuse, Sep-Oct (Drk) ; Niagara Falls, Aug, Lavv^tons, 
Sep; Golden, Jl, Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Je-Oct; Albany, 
Je-Aug, Leon; Phoenicia, Aug (EPV); Northfield, Ap 23 (NYS); 
Millerton, May (Leon) ; Amity, Je (NYS) ; Thomson, May (Leon) ; 
Pine I., Dec (Brb) ; White Plains (Bno&Ols) ; LI: Yaphank, Sep 
(Bno&Eng). On walnut and basswood. 

649 J C. mollicula O. & D. Wanakena, Conifer, May-Sep (Drk) ; Lime L., 
Jamestown, Aug (EPV) ; Karner, Aug (NYS). On willow. 

— C. pallipes Parsh. (C betulae Drk., C. cyrta Parsh., C. juglandis VanD. 

not Fitch; juglandis and pallipes were confused by Fitch in his original 
description, also by various authors since then). Ghapel Pond, Je, 
Leon; Delaware Lodge, May, Cy; Big Moose, Aug (NYS); North 
Elba, Je, Leon; L. Placid, Aug (EPV); Granberry L., May-Oct 
(Drk) ; Hamburg, Je (EPV). White birch, beech, ironwood, and 
occasionally mountain ash and hard and soft maple; adults hibernate 
among fallen leaves. 

— C. heidemanni Drk. Syracuse, Sep-Oct (Drk) ; Ithaca, Aug, Summers; 

White Plains, Sep (Bno). Elm (Ulmus americana and U. fulva). 

— C. bellula Gib. Wanakena, Barber Pt., Granberry L., Je-Aug (Drk) ; Ithaca, 

May-Sep '(Wellhouse) ; Buffalo, Sep (EPV). Crataegus neofluvialis, 
C. pruinosa, C. punctata, etc., Alnus incana, Rihes oxyacanthoides ; 
adults found in crevices of bark and among fallen leaves during winter 
— C. cydoniae Fitch (639^ C. crataegi O. & D., and spp. of various other 
authors). Syracuse, Sep-Oct (Drk); Ithaca, Je-Jl, Summers; Albany, 
Je-Oct; Nassau, May (NYS); LI: Yaphank (Bno). Hawthorn 
{Crataegus spp.), buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis) , Juneberry 
(Amelanchier) ; hibernates on ground among leaves. 

— C. elegans Drk. Keene Val., Aug, Not; Adirondack Lodge, Je, Leon; Cran- 

berry L., "The Plains," Conifer, May-Oct (Drk). Willow, poplar 
(Populus tremuloides Michx. and P. grandidentata Michx.) ; adults 
found among fallen leaves on ground during winter. 

6494 C. aesculi O. & D. Rochester, Aug; Salamanca, Sep (EPV). Horse- 
chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum L.) ; also feeds on buckeye {A. 
glabra Willd.). 

6491 C. associata O. & D. Golden, Jl (EPV) ; LI: Gold Sp. Harb., Aug (Brb) ; 
Yaphank, May, Jl (Brb); Riverhead, Ap 11 (NYS). Wild black 
cherry (Prunus seroiina Ehrh.). 

— C. cyrta Parsh. Big Moose, Aug (NYS) ; L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Chapel 

Pond, Je, Leon (NYS) ; N. Elba, Jl, Leon (NYS) ; Delaware L., May, 
Cy (NYS); Voorheesville, Jl, Leon (NYS). 

Galeatus Curtis 

651 G. peckhami (Ashm.). Cattaraugus Co (Kngt) ; Barber Pt., Granberry L., 

Jl-Sep (O&D). Aster (Aster macrophyllus L.) and boneset (Eitpa- 
toriumsp.). Locally distributed, but occurs in large numbers on knolls 
in semi-shady, dry situations. 

Stephanitis Stal 

652 S. pyrioides Scott. LI: Lynbrook (LCGriffith). Common laurel (Kalmia 

latifola) and Rhododendron sp. 


Gargaphia Stal 

654 G. tiliae Walsh. Keene Val. (Not) ; Syracuse, Sep-Oct (Drk) ; Lancaster, 
Sep, Hamburg, Jl. Gowanda, Aug, Buffalo and vie, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca, 
Jl, Summers (NYS) ; Trenton Falls, Je (NYS) ; White Plains, May 

657 G. angulata Heid. Karner, May (NYS); Albany, Aug; Montgomery, Aug 
(Heid). Ceanothus americaniis and Solanum sp. 

— G, amorphae Walsh. "NY" (EPV, 1917, as var. of G. tiliae). 

Gelchossa Kirkaldy 

— G. heidemanni O. & D. LI: Wading R., May, Yaphank, Ap (Brb) ; Orient, 

May (NYS). Baptisia tinctoria. 


665 P. plexa Say. White Plains, Je (Bno); LI: Yaphank, Sep (Bno). 

— P. plexa var. variegata Parsh. "NY" (EPV, 1917, as a distinct species, 

665^) ; Northampton, Je, Yg (NYS) ; Hamburg, Je, Gowanda, Aug 
(EPV) ; Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; Suffern, May. Food plant unknown, 
but specimens have been collected on hickory. 
665i P. brevirostris O. & D. "NY" (EPV, 1917). Food plant unknown. 

658i C. bellula Bno. White Plains, Je-Jl (Bno&Ols). 

. Leptoypha Stal 

666 L. mutica (Say). Keene Val., Je (Not) ; Hamburg, Jl, Gowanda, Aug 

(EPV); Millerton, May, Cy (NYS). Fringe tree {Chionanthiis 
mrginica L.) and ash {Fraxinus spp.). Sometimes, rarely, taken at 

Leptobyrsa Stal 

— L. rhododendri Horvath. Rhododendron Lace Bug. Rochester (Felt) ; 

Ithaca, Je (Sling); West Pt., Jl (Brb); Port Jervis, Ap (Sling); 
Westchester Co, Sep (Bno) ; White Plains, Je-Sep (Bno) ; NYC 
(Bno); LI: Sea Cliff (Brb); Brooklyn, Jl (Griffith&Sanford). 
Rhododendron and laurel {Kalmia latifola). 

Melanorhopala Stal 

667 M. clavata (Stal). West Pt., Jl (Brb); Cold Sp. Harb., Jl-Aug (Brb, 

Parsh) ; White Plains, Je-Aug (Bno). Swept from rank weeds and 
grasses ; food plant unknown. 


— H. antennata Parsh. SI: Huntington, Jl (Schott) ; LI: Fire I. (Bno), 

Food plant unknown. 

TiNGiTiDAE — Enicocephalidae — P'hymatidae — Reduviidae 103 
AlveotiNGIS Osborn and Drake 

670i A. grossocerata O. & D. White Plains, Aug (Bno) ; LI: Smith's Pt. (Bno). 
Food plant unknown ; Bueno captured a specimen on a thistle. 


SystelloderuS Blanchard 

684 S. biceps Say. Potter Swamp, Je, Fhs (Joh) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Joh) ; Inter- 

laken, Jl, Cy (Joh, MacG-CU). 

Phymata Latreille 

685 P. vicina Handl. Pine L, Je (Brb) ; Ramapo, May (Ds) ; White Plains, 

Aug, Farley (Bno) ; Van Cort. Pk., Jl (Brb-AM) ; Bronxville, May 

689 P. erosa L. Batavia, Jl-Sep (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Barnard (CU) ; Coeymans, 
SmEB (Lint) ; W. Hebron,. Aug (Bno) ; Ft. Montgomery, Aug 
(Schott) ; Scarsdale, Sep, W. Nyack, Aug (Bno) ; SI, Jl-Oct (Ds) ; LI: 
Brooklyn, Pinelawn, Yaphank, Wading R., Aqueduct, Flushing, Green- 
port, Riverhead (Ds) ; North Beach, Schott (Bno) ; Mar-Sep. Sub- 
species are not indicated in this series (Brb). 

689a P. erosa subsp. fasciata Gray. Keene Val., Aug, Not, L. George, Aug, Zah, 
Nyack, Aug, Zab (Brb-AM); LI: Flatbush, Zah (Brb-AM); Cold 
Sp. Harb, (Brb) ; Oyster Bay (Bno) ; Jl-Aug. 

689b P. erosa subsp. wolffii Stal. Keene Val., Aug, Not (Brb) ; Buffalo, Jl-Oct, 
Hamburg, Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (EPV-CU) ; Albany, Coleman 
(Lint-NYS); Pine L, Sep (Brb); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Aug (Brb). 




Empicoris Wolff 

(Ploiariola Renter) 

697 E. errabundus Say (P. tnberculata Bks.). White Plains, Aug, Bno (McAtee 
&Mall) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Meiner, Sea Cliff, Bks (McAtee&Mall) ; 

Emesaya McAtee and Malloch 

(Emesa auct. not ^.aporte) 

709 E. brevipennis Say (longipes DeG.). Aurora, Jl (Brb-AM) ; Ithaca, Aug 
(CU) ; Coeymans, SmEB (Lint) ; Nyack, Sep (Brb-AM) ; W. Nyack, 
Jl (01s); White Plains, Aug-Sep (Bno); Scarsdale, Sep (Bno); LI: 
Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb) ; Yaphank, Wading R. (Ds) ; Pinelawn, Eng 
(Sf-BM) ; Central Pk., Schott (Bno) ; Aug-Oct. 

^•^ The arrangement of genera and species in this subfamily, and the nomenclature, are those of 
McAtee and Malloch's "Revision" in Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., vol. 67, p. 1-153, 1925. 

104 Reduviidae 

Metapterus Costa 
{Barce Stal) 

714 M. uhleri Bks. Ithaca, Jl-Aug, White Plains, Oct, Bno (McAtee&Mall-CU) ; 

Tuxedo, May (Brb) ; LI: Sea Cliff, Bks, Central Pk., Eng 
(McAtee&Mall-CU) ; Huntington (Schott) ; Ap. 
— M. neglectus McAtee & Mall. White Plains, Mar-Ap, Aug, Bno 

(McAtee&Mall) ; SI, Mar, Bno (McAtee&Mall). 
713 M. annulipes Stal. Indian L., Aug, Brb (McAtee&Mall) ; Ithaca, Alex 
(EPV) ; White Plains, Mar, Oct, Bno (McAtee&Mall) ; SI (Ds) ; LI: 
Cold Sp. Harb., Parsh, Cypress Hills, Martin (McAtee&Mall) ; Sea 
Cliff (Bks) ; Huntington (Schott) ; May- Aug. 

715 M. fratemus Say. White Plains, Aug-Nov, Bno (McAtee&Mall) ; LI: Cold 

Sp. Harb., Brh (McAtee&Mall) ; Flatbush (Schott) ; Aqueduct (Brb) ; 


Oncerotrachelus Stal 

717 O. acuminatus Say. White Plains, Sep (Bno, Brb) ; Orangeburg, Ap, Not 


Pygolampis Germar 

723 P. sericea Stal. Ithaca, Aug (EPV-CU) ; LI: Wyandanch, Schott, Cedar- 

hurst, Schott (Brb) ; Rockaway Beach, Ds (Brb). 

724 P. pectoralis Say. LI: Yaphank (Brb) ; Huntington, Wyandanch, Little Neck, 

Schott (01s, Brb) ; Rockaway Beach {div.) ; Long Beach, £w^ (Sf-BM). 

Stenopoda Laporte 

727 S. cinerea Lap. {culciformis Fab.). White Plains, Jl (Bno); Bronx Pk., 
Wat (Brb); SI, Je-Jl (Ds) ; LI: Rockaway Beach (Brb); Hunting- 
ton, Wading R., Melville, Wyandanch, Bay Shore, Schott (01s, Bno) ; 
Coram, Yaphank (Ds) ; Wading R., Fire I. (Schott) ; Je-Nov. 


ReduvIUS Fabricius 

72)Z R. personatus L. The Kissing Bug. Mt. Whiteface, Jl (Ds) ; Cranberry L., 
Jl (Drk, Brb) ; Olcott, Aug (Kngt) ; Buffalo, Je (EPV) Lewiston, Jl, 
Wat (Brb) ; Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (MacG-CU) ; 
Albany, Jl, Lmf (EPV) ; W. Hebron, Aug, Lg (Ds) ; Catskills, Jl, 
Shoe (Ds) ; Nyack, Zah (Brb-AM) ; Katonah, Je (Brl>-AM) ; White 
Plains, Jl (Bno); SI, May-Jl (Ds) ; LI: Bayside (Ds) ; Flatbush, 
Mar, Je (Schott). 


Melanolestes Stal 

745 M. picipes H-S. Ithaca, Je (EPV-CU) ; Nyack, Zab (Brb-AM) ; West Pt., 
Ap, Robn (Ds) ; White Plains, Ap, Oct (Bno) ; Van Cort. Pk., May, 
Wat (Brb) ; SI, Mar-Ap, Sep, Nov (Ds) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb) ; 
Cypress Hills, Zab (Brb) ; Pinelawn, Eng (Bno) ; Rockaway Beach 
(01s, Schott) ; Huntington, Wyandanch (Schott) ; Ap-Sep. 

Reduviidae 105 

746 M. picipes var. abdominalis H-S. White Plains, Ap-May, Aug-Sep (Bno) ; 
Nyack, Zah (Brb-AM) ; Ramapo, Sep (Ds) ; SI, Mar-Ap, Nov, Dec 
(Ds) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb) ; Wyandanch, Schott, Queens (Ols) ; 
Rockaway Beach (Ds, Schott) ; Melville (Schott) ; May-Oct. 

751 R. cruciata Say. LI: Rockaway Beach, May, Oct, Ds, Schott (Brb). 


Apiomerus Laporte 

764 A. crassipes Fab. LI: Half Way Hollow Hills, Wading R. (Ds) ; Yaphank, 
Eng (Ds, Sf ) ; Rockaway Beach (Brb) ; May-Jl. 


Zelus Fabricius 

771 Z. exsanguis Stal. Ithaca, May-Aug (EPV-CU) ; Buffalo, May-Je, Ham- 
burg, Je-Jl, Boston, Aug, Golden, Jl (EPV) ; Portage, May, Geneva 
(EPV) ; Genesee Co, Je (Ds) ; Batavia, May-Jl (Kngt) ; Portageville, 
May, Aug (Kngt) ; Potter Swamp, Je (Ds) ; Ithaca, May-Aug (Ds, 
EPV-CU) ; E. Jewett, Aug (Ds) ; West Pt., Je (Ds) ; Ft. Montgomery, 
May (Brb) ; White Plains, Mar, Dec, sifting (Bno) ; Scarsdale, May 
(Bno) ; SI, Je-Jl (Ds) ; LI: Yaphank; Wading R., Ols (Brb) ; Hunt- 
ington, Yaphank (Schott) ; Bay Shore (Ols) ; Massapequa, Wyandanch 
(Ds) ; Southold, Amagansett, Orient, Shelter I. (Ds) ; Je-Sep. 

774 Z. socius Uhl. Ithaca, Je-Jl (EPV) ; Highland Falls, Je, Schott (Ols) ; 

White Plains, Jl (Bno). 

775 Z. audax Bks. Gowanda, Aug, Ithaca, Jl (EPV) ; L. George, Aug, Zah 

(Brb-AM); Tuxedo, May, Nad (Brb); LI: Sea Cliff (Bks). 


779 P. cinctus Fab. Nyack, May, Schott, Pine I., Sep (Brb) ; SI, Sep (Ds) ; 
LI: Wyandanch, Jl, Pinelawn, Calverton, Massapequa, Sep, Yaphank, 
May (Ds) ; Central Pk., Aug (Ols) ; Hempstead, Ap (Eng-BM). 


789 F. aptera Stal. Hillburn, Dec (Schott) ; White Plains, Ap, Je (Bno) ; SI 
Nov, sifting in salt meadow, (Brb) ; LI: Coney I., Nov (Schott) 
Long Beach, Mar, May-Je, Eng (Sf-BM) ; Yaphank, Jl (Ols, Ds) 
Flushing, Jl, Wading R., May, Rockaway Beach, May (Ols). 


791 R. annulicornis Stal. Van Cort. Pk., Wat (Brb); LI: Yaphank, Sep, Enc 

106 Reduviidae — Hebridae 

Arilus Burmeister 

796 A. cristatus L. The Wheel Bug. Buffalo, Sep, Pohlman (EPV) ; SI, Sep- 

Oct (Ds) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Eng (Sf-BM) ; Wyandanch (Schott, 
Ds) ; Huntington (Schott). 


797 A. multispinosa DeG. Clifton Sps., Aug (EPV-CU) ; Buffalo, Jl-Oct, 

Lancaster, Jl, Ithaca, Jl-Oct (EPV) ; Batavia, Ang-Sep (Kngt) ; 
Malcolm, May, Little (Lint-NYS) ; White Plains, Ap (Bno) ; Nyack, 
Zah (Brb-AM); SI, Aug (Ds) ; LI: Flatbush, Zah (Brb-AM) ; 
Wyandanch, Yaphank (Ds) ; Huntington, Schott (01s) ; Flushing 
(01s) ; Hempstead (Brb) ; Aug-Sep. 

SiNEA Amyot and Serville 

800 S. diadema Fab. Cranberry L. (Drk) ; Keene Val., Aug, Not (Brb) ; L. 
Placid, Aug-Sep, Eng (EPV, Bno) ; Saranac L., Sep, Lg (Ds) ; 
Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; Buffalo, Jl-Sep (EPV-CU) ; Colden, Aug, 
Hamburg, Lancaster, Aug (EPV) ; Otto, Comst (Summers-CU) ; 
Ithaca, Jl-Aug (EPV-CU) ; L. George, Aug, Zah (Brb-AM) ; W. 
Hebron, Aug, Lg (Ds) ; E. Jewett, Aug, Ft. Montgomery, Jl (Ds) ; 
White Plains, Aug-Oct (Bno) ; Kings Bridge, Sep (Brb) ; SI, Jl-Aug 
(Ds) ; LI: Maspeth (Schott, Ols) ; Yaphank, Eng (Sf-BM); Cold 
Sp. Harb., Butler (Huss) ; Pinelawn, Bay Shore (Ols) ; Wading R. 
(Ols, Ds) ; Aqueduct, Half Way Hollow Hills, Flushing, Southold, 
Amagansett, Shelter I. (Ds) ; Wyandanch, Schott (Bno) ; May-Nov. 

807 S. spinipes H-S. - Ithaca, Aug (EPV); LI: Maspeth (Schott); Shelter I., 
Plm (Brb) ; Yaphank (Brb, Ds) ; Southold, Amagansett (Ds) ; 

Family HEBRIDAE i7 


Compiled by J. R. de la Torre-Bueno 

Hebrus Curtis 

810 H. burmeisteri L. & S. Lancaster, Jl 12, 1899 (EPV) ; White Plains, Ap-Jl 
(Bno); SI, May (Ols); LI: Yaphank, Sep, Bno&Eng (Bno). 

Merragata White 

813i M. foveata Drk. White Plains, May 12, Aug 12, 16, 30 (Bno) ; SI, May 7, 16 
(Bno) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl 29, in enormous numbers in and 
among duckweed (Bno&Parsh) ; Yaphank, Jl 2, Sep 25 (Bno). 

813i M. brunnea Drk. White Plains, May-Aug (Bno). 

" According to the footnote on page 272 in Van Duzee's catalog, this family may more properly 
follow the Veliidae. 

Mesoveliidae — Nabidae 107 


Compiled by J. R. de la Torre-Bueno 

Mesovelia Mulsant and Rey 

814 M. bisignata Uhl. Cranberry L. (O&D) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU) ; Squaw 
L, Niagara R, Sep (EPV) ; Buffalo, Sep (EPV) ; Carmel, Aug 
(Bno) ; White Plains, common and abundant from late spring to fall 
(Bno) ; Kensico L., May (Bno) ; Van Cort. Pk., Aug-Sep (Bno) ; 
SI, Aug (EPV, Bno); LI: Flushing, Jl (Ols) ; Yaphank, Jl-Sep 
(Bno, Ols). 


Compiled by J. R. de la Torre-Bueno 


PaGASA Stal 

816 P. fusca Stein. Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; Cranberry L. (Drk) ; Hamburg, 
Sep (EPV) ; Lancaster, Jl, EPV (Harris) ; Stamford, Aug (EPV) ; 
White Plains, Jl-Oct (Bno, Ols); NYC, Nov (Brb); LI: Cold Sp. 
Harb. (Brb); Rockaway Beach (Ols); Flatbush, Zab (Brb-AM). 

Nabis Latreille 
(Reditz'iohis Kirby) 

818 N. subcoleoptratus Kbv. Spread all over the State (Brb). Cascade, Aug 
(Brb) ; Cranberry (Drk) ; Axton, Je, Wilmington, Jl (Ds) ; N. Elba, 
Oct (Ds) ; Rochester, Jl, Wendt (Ols) ; Colden, Jl (EPV-NYS) ; 
Buffalo, Jl-Sep (EPV) ; Clarence, Sep (Harris) ; Batavia, Je-Aug 
(Kngt) ; Gowanda, Aug, Otto, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (EPV-CU) ; 
E. Jewett, Aug (Ds) ; W. Hebron, Aug-Sep, M&FI, Lg (Ds, EPV- 
CU) ; Greene Co, Aug (Harris) ; Saugerties, Aug (Brb) ; Allaben, 
Aug, Pears (Ols) ; Callicoon, Jl (Ds) ; Debruce, Aug (Brb-AM) ; 
Nyack, Zah (Brb-AM) ; Ramapo, Jl (Ds) ; Pine I., Je (Sf-BM) ; 
White Plains, May-Aug (Bno); SI, Sep (Ds) ; LI, Eng (Sf-BM). 

820 N. sordidus Reut. L. Placid, Sep, Eng (Bno) ; Oneida L., Aug, Drk 
(Harris) ; West Pt., Jl, Mosholu, Nov, Sufifern, Ap, Grand View, 
Nyack, Je (Brb) ; White Plains, Oct, sifting (Huss) ; SI, Aug, Ds 
(Heid) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb) ; Rockaway Beach, Schott (Brb) ; 
Hempstead (Eng) ; Central Pk., Eng (Bno). 

823 N. annulatus Reut. N. Elba, Oct (Ds) ; Lancaster, Aug, Buffalo, Aug, 
EPV (Harris) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug, Kngt, Ithaca, Aug (Harris) ; 
Saugerties, Jl (Brb); SI, Aug (Ds) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb); 
Amagansett, Si (Bno) ; Queens, Sf (Bno) ; Flatbush, Aug-Sep, Zah 
(Brb-AM) ; Aug-Sep. 

825 N. propinquus Reut. Cranberry L., Jl, OsbornH (Harr) ; L. Placid, Sep, 

Wilmington Notch, Sep (EPV) ; Grand I., Sep (EPV) ; Buffalo, Jl 

826 N. limbatus Dahlb. Cranberry L., Jl-Sep, OsbornH (Harr, Drk) ; Cascade 

L., Aug (Brb); L. Placid, Aug (EPV). 


829 " N. ferus L. Throughout the State (Brb). L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry 

L., Jl-Sep (Drk) ; Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; Buffalo, May-Oct, Ham- 
burg, May-Jl (EPV) ; Batavia, Je-Sep, Kngt (Harr) ; Colden, Jl, 
Lancaster, May, Aug, Oct (EPV) ; Otto, Jl (MacG-CU) ; Ithaca, 
Mar, May, Oct, Coy Glen, May (Morr) ; McLean, Ap, Kngt (Morr) ; 
W. Hebron, Aug, Lq (Ds) ; Saugerties, Aug, Pine L, Sep (Brb) ; Ft. 
Montgomery, Jl (Ds) ; Crugers, Oct (Brb-AM) ; SI, Je-Nov (Ds) ; 
LI: Long Beach, Central Pk., Eng (Sf-BM) ; Yaphank, Eng (Ds, 
Sf-BM) ; Brooklyn, Mineola, Schott (Kngt, Bno) ; Cold Sp. Harb., 
Butler (Huss, Brb) ; Flatbush, Zah (Brb) ; Aqueduct (Brb, Ds) ; 

830 N. roseipennis Reut. All over the State (Brb). Cranberry L., Jl-Sep 

(Drk) ; Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; L. Placid, Sep (EPV) ; Buffalo, 
May-Sep, Hamburg, Ap-Jl, Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Lancaster, May-Je, 
Aug, Portage, May, EPV (Harr) ; Grand L, Sep, Concord, May 
(Harr) ; Ithaca, Je-Aug (Summers-CU) ; Saugerties, Aug (Brb) ; 
White Plains, Dec, sifting (Bno) ; Armonk, Je (Bno) ; Kings Bridge, 
Sep (Brb); SI, Je-Jl, Ds (Heid) ; LI: Huntington, Nov, Schott 
(Brb) ; Flatbush, Jl-Oct, Zah (Brb-AM) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Jl-Aug 
(Huss, Brb, etc.) ; Jl-Oct. 

831 N. rufusculus Reut. Throughout the State (Brb). Cascade L., Aug (Brb) ; 

Cranberry L., Je-Sep (Drk) ; L. Placid, Aug-Sep (EPV) ; Madison 
Barracks, Grand I., Sep (Kngt) ; Rochester, Aug (Summers) ; Colden, 
Jl-Aug, Buffalo, May-Sep, Hamburg, Jl, Gowanda, Aug, Salamanca, 
Jl (EPV) ; Portage, May, Lancaster, Sep (Harr) ; Lime L., Aug 
(Brb) ; Pine I., Oct (Brb) ; Tuxedo, May (Brb) ; White Plains, Dec, 
sifting (Bno) ; LI: Flatbush, Zah (AM) ; Rosedale, Schott (Brb-AM). 

832 N. inscriptus Kby. Axton, Je, M&H (EPV-CU) ; Buffalo, Aug, Hamburg, 

May, Lancaster, Aug (EPV). 

Metatropiphorus Renter 

834 M. belfragii Reut. Saugerties, Jl (Brb); LI: Yaphank, Jl (Ds). Rare. 

CarthaSIS Champion 

835 C. decoratus Uhl. White Plains, May (Bno) ; LI: Massapequa, Ap, Ols 

(Bno). Rare. 

CiMEX Linnaeus 

836 C. lectularius L. The Bedbug. Generally distributed throughout the State 

^ (Brb). 

837 C. pilosellus Horv. Lewis Co (Horv-US). Host, Vesperugo noctivagus. 

Oeciacus Stal 

838 O. vicarius Horv. LI: Cold Sp.^ Harb., Jl-Aug, Butler (Huss), masses of 

eggs, hundreds of nymphs in first and second stages, and one or two 
adults, in a chimney swift's nest (Bno). 

Anthocoridae 109 



Lyctocoris Hahn 

840 L. campestris Fab. Lancaster (EPV) ; Batavia, Aug, Kngt (Bno) ; Ithaca, 
Sep (Morr) ; LI: Wyandanch, Je, Schott (Bno). 

843 L. stalii Reut. Hamburg, Aug (EPV) ; Lancaster, Jan, Palmer (EPV) ; 
Ithaca, Jl (EPV). 

LasioCHILUS Reuter 

845 L. fusculus Reut. Hamburg, Oct (EPV). 

Xylocoris Dufour 

846 X. galactinus Fieb. L. Placid, Sep (EPV). 

847 X. sordidus Reut. White Plains, Aug-Sep, Hartsdale, May (Bno); SI, 

Maj'-, Eng (Bno) ; LI: Wyandanch, Montauk, Ds (01s) ; Jamaica, Nic 
847a X. sordidus var. binotatus Reut. Salamanca, Jl (EPV). 

851 X. cursitans Fall. Buffalo, Oct, Hamburg, Je-Oct, Golden, May, Gowanda, 

Aug (EPV) ; SI, Ap (Ds). 


852 A. temnostethoides Reut. Granberry L., Aug-Sep (Drk). 


860 A. borealis Dall. Granberry L., Jl (Drk) ; Fulton Go, Alex (EPV) ; 

Lancaster, Stamford, Aug (EPV) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl, Schott (Brb) ; 
Armonk, W. Nyack, Aug (Bno). 

861 A. musculus Say. Keene Val., Sep, Eng (Bno) ; Axton, Je, M&H (EPV- 

GU) ; L. Placid, Aug, Buffalo, Lime L., Aug (EPV) ; Otto, Jl (Uhl). 

Tetraphleps Fieber 

T. americana Parsh. Top of Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Ds (Brb). 
T. osborni Drk, Granberry L., Jl-Sep (Drk). 
T. uniformis Parsh. Granberry L. (Drk). 

M. nigra Parsh. SI, Aug, Ds (Brb). 

Orius Wolff 

(Triphleps Fieber) 

864' O. insidiosus Say. Gascade L., Aug (Brb) ; Granberry L. (Drk) ; Keene 
Val., Aug, A^o^ (Brb) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Mt. Whiteface, Aug, Buf- 
falo, Je-Sep, Honeoye Falls, Rochester Jet., Lancaster, Jl (EPV) ; 


Batavia, Je-Sep (Kngt) ; Colden, Jl (EPV) ; Jamestown, Aug, Ithaca 
Je (EPV) ; White Plains, May-Sep, Scarsdale, Aug, Rye, Aug (Bno) 
SI, Oct-Nov, Ds (Heid); LI: Sea Cliff, Je, Atkinson (EPV-CU) 
Little Neck, Wyandanch, Schott (Brb) ; Cold Sp. Harb. (Brb) ; Half 
Way Hollow Hills (Ds) ; Amagansett (Sf-BM) ; Flatbush, Eng (Bno). 
865 O. insidiosus var. tristicolor White. Aurora, Jl (Brb-AM) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug 



871 D. ater Duf. Hamburg, Oct, Buffalo, Jl (EPV). 

Compiled by Harry H. Knight 


Campylomma Renter 

1267 C. verbasci (Meyer). Batavia, Je-Aug {Kngt) ; Hilton, Je {Kngt) ; Buffalo, 
Je {EPV); E. Aurora, Aug {EPV); Hamburg, Je-Jl {EPV); 
Hamburg, Je-Jl {EPV); Nassau, Je {EPV); White Plains, Jl, Bno 
(Kngt) ; LI: Huntington, Jl, Schott (Kngt). Verbascum spp., potato, 
and occasionally apple ; is sometimes attracted to colonies of aphids, 
where it feeds on honeydew. 

Chlamydatus Curtis 

1260 C. associatus (Uhl). Batavia, Je-Sep {Kngt); Buffalo, Je-Sep {EPV); 
Honeoye Falls, Je {Kngt) ; McLean, Jl {Kngt) ; White Plains, Sep, 
Bno (Kngt) ; Mosholu, Bno (Heid). Ragweed {Ambrosia spp.). 

1259 C. suavis (Rent.). SI, Jl, Ds (Kngt). 

1258 C. pulicarius (Fall.). L. Placid, Aug (EPV); Cranberry L., Je-Jl, Wana- 
kena, Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl {Kngt). 


M. elongatus Kngt. Batavia, Je-Jl {Kngt), type locality. Acer saccharum. 

M. longirostris Kngt. Ithaca, Jl {Kngt), type locality; White Plains, Jl, 
Bno (Kngt). Hazelnut {Corylus americana) . 

M. maculipennis Kngt. Batavia, Je {Kngt) ; Conesus L., Je {Kngt). 
Quercus alba. 
1225 M. modestus Reut. Batavia, Je-Jl {Kngt) ; Hamburg, Jl (EPV) ; Gowanda, 
Je (EPV) ; Wyoming, Je {Kngt) ; Conesus L., Jl {Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je 
{Kngt) ; Freeville, Jl (Kngt-CU) ; McLean, Jl {Kngt) ; Grand View, 
Je, Brb (Kngt). Elm (Ulmus) and Quercus alba; observed to be 
predacious on eggs of the elm leaf-beetle {Galerucella luteola) at 
Ithaca, Je, 1911. 

M. nigricornis Kngt. Batavia, Je {Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl {Kngt) ; Ithaca, 
Jl {Kngt), type locality. Aster macrophyllus. 

M. tsugae Kngt. Ithaca, Jl {Kngt) ; McLean Bogs, Jl {Kngt), type 
locality; Taughannock, Jl (Kngt). Hemlock {Tsuga canadensis). 

MiRIDAE 111 

Plagiognathus Fieber 

1237 P. albatus VanD. Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Hamburg, Jl (EPV), type locality; 
Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca, Je (Kngt) ; 
McLean, Jl (Kngt) ; White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; LI: Gardiners L, 
Jl, Schott (Kngt). Sycamore (Platanns occidentalis). 

P. albatus var. vittiscutis Kngt. Ithaca, Je (Kngt), type locality. Butter- 
nut (Juglans cinerea). 

P. albonotatus Kngt. Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt); McLean, Jl (Kngt), type 
locality. Meadowsweet (Spiraea salicifolia). 

P. albonotatus compar Kngt. Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt), type locality; Mc- 
Lean, Jl (Kngt). 

P. alboradialis Kngt. Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Kngt) ; Cranberry L., Wanakena, 
Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt), type locality; Four Mile, Jl 
(Kngt); Ithaca, Jl (Kngt). 
1240 P. annulatus Uhl. Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Ithaca, 
Jl (Kngt); LI: Kissena Pk, Je, Ols (Kngt); North Beach, Jl, Ols 

P. annulatus var. cuneatus Kngt. Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt), 
type locality. Aster sp. 

P. annulatus var. nigrofemoratus Kngt. Ithaca, Jl (Kngt), type locality. 
1234 P. blatchleyi Reut. Batavia, Aug (Kngt) ; Hamburg, Je-Jl (EPV) ; Elma, 
Jl (EPV); Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt), 

P. blatchleyi var. nubilus Kngt. Ithaca, Jl (Kngt), type locality. 

P. brevirostris Kngt. Ithaca, Jl (Kngt), type locality. 

P. caryae Kngt. Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl 
(Kngt), type locality. Hickory (Carya spp.). 

P. chrysanthemi Wolff. Cranberry L., Wanakena, Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Ithaca, 
Je-Jl (Kngt) ; McLean, Jl (Kngt-C\J) . Chrysanthemum leucanthemum. 

P. cornicola Kngt. Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt), type locality; Ithaca, Je (Kngt) ; 
White Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt). Cornus spp. 

P. davisi Kngt Pine I., Je, Ds (Kngt), type locality. 
1230 P. delicatus Uhl. Batavia, Je (Kngt). Honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos) . 

P. dispar Kngt. Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt), type locality; Conesus L., Jl 
(Kngt); Hartsdale, Jl, Bno (Kngt). Hickory (Carya sp.). 

P. flavicomis Kngt. Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt), type locality. 

P. flavoscutellatus Kngt. Ithaca, Je, Btiys (Kngt); Batavia, Aug (Kngt), 
type locality. Salix longifolia. 

P. ilicis Kngt. Ringwood, Jl (Kngt), type locality. Ilex verticillata. 

P. intrusus Kngt. Cranberry L., Je, Drk (Kngt); McLean, Jl (Kngt). 

P. laricicola Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (Kngt), 
type locality; White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt). Larix laricina. 

P. nigronitens Kngt. Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt), type locality; Wyoming Co, 

Jl (Kngt); Ithaca, Jl (Kngt); White Plains, Je-Jl, Bno (Kngt). 

1239 P. obscurus Uhl. Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Kngt) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk 

(Kngt); Cascade L., Aug, Brb (Kngt); Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt); 

Ithaca, Jl (Kngt); McLean, Jl (Kngt). Occurs on herbaceous weeds. 

P. obscurus var. albocunealus Kngt. Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt), type locality; 
Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; 
McLean, Jl, Bno (Kngt); White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt). LI: Baby- 
lon, Jl, Parsh (Kngt); Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, Parsh, Aug, Bno (Kngt). 

1 12 MiRIDAE 

1238 P. obscurus var. fraternus Uhl. Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Kngt) ; Cranberry 
L., Wanakena, Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Cascade L., Aug, Brb (Kngt) ; 
Batavia, j€-Sep (Kngt) ; Portageville, Aug (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug 
(Kngt); McLean, Jl (Kngt); White Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt); LI: 
Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, Parsh (Kngt). 
1241 P. politus Uhl. Cranberr}^ L., Jl, Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, 
Je-Oct (Kngt) ; Hamburg, Jl (EPV) ; Elma, Aug (EPV) ; Gowanda, 
Aug (EPV) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Oct (Kngt) ; McLean, 
Jl (Kngt); White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt); SI, Jl, Ds (Kngt); LI: 
Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, Brb (Kngt); Mamaroneck, Sep, Bno (Kngt). 
Ragweed (Ambrosia spp.). 

P. politus var. flaveolus Kngt. Batavia, Aug-Oct (Kngt), type locality; 
Ft. Montgomery, Jl, Schott (Kngt) ; White Plains, Sep, Bno (Kngt) ; 
SI: Arrochar, Sep, Ds (Kngt); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, Brb 
(Kngt); Forest Hills, Sep, Ols (Kngt); Orient, Sep, Schott (Kngt). 
Ragv^eed (Ambrosia spp.). 

P. politus var. pallidicomis Kngt. Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Kngt) ; Cran- 
berry L., Wanakena, Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; 
Ithaca, Je-Jl (Kngt), type locality; McLean, Jl (Kngt) ; Hartsdale, 
Je, Bno (Kngt). 

P. punctatipes Kngt. Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je (Kngt), type locality. 
Collected on flow^ers of an ornamental Spiraea. 

P. repetitus Kngt. Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Kngt), type locality; McLean 
Bogs, Jl, Biiys (Kngt) ; Conifer, Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Jl-Aug, 
Drk (Kngt). 

P. repletus Kngt. Batavia, Je (Kngt), type locality. 

P. repletus var. apicatus Kngt. Conesus L., Jl (Kngt), type locality. 

P. suffuscipennis Kngt. Rochester Jet., Je, Leon (Kngt), type locality; 
White Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt). Spruce (Picea spp.). 


P. alnicenatus Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Conifer, Jl, Osb 

(Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; McLean Bogs, Jl (Kngt), type locality. 

Alder (Alnus incanus). 
P. alnicola Douglas & Scott. Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; McLean Bogs, Jl (Kngt). 

Alder (Alnus sp.). 
1243 P. ancorifer Fieb. White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, 

Brb (Kngt). 
P. drakei Kngt. Cranberry L., Je, Drk (Kngt), type locality, Je-Jl, Htly 

(Kngt). Willow (Salix sp.). 
P. morrisoni Kngt. Cranberry L., Aug, Drk (Kngt). LI: Cold Sp. Harb., 

Aug, Bno (Kngt). Collected on Myrica sp. 
P. parshleyi Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl, Htly (Kngt). 
P. piceicola Kngt. Ithaca, Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; White Plains, Je-Jl, Bno 

(Kngt), type locality. LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, Parsh (Kngt). Spruce 

(Picea sp.). 
P. strobicola Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Portageville, Je (Kngt) : 

Ithaca, Je-Jl (Kngt) ; Taughannock, Jl (Kjigt) ; White Plains, Jl, Bno 

(Kngt). Pinus strobns. 

MiRIDAE 113 


L. minusculus Kngt. White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt), type locality. 
1088 L. rubidus Uhl. Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; Honeoye Falls, Aug (Kngt) ; 
Ithaca, Jl (Kngt). Salix sp. 
L. rubidus var. atricolor Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt), Aug, 
Htly (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt), 
type locality. Salix sp. 

Criocoris Fieber 

1223 C. saliens (Reut.). Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt); Batavia, Aug (Kngt); 
Buffalo, Je (EPV). 


M. bohemanni (Fall.). Honeoye Falls, Je, Leon (Kngt) ; Rochester Jet., 
Je, Leon (Kngt). Salix spp. 


1228 R. vanduzeii Uhl. Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Kngt) ; Ausable R., Aug (EPV) ; 
Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, div. (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; 
Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; Buffalo, Lancaster, 
Colden, Je-Jl (EPV) ; Hamburg, Jl (EPV) ; Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; 
Portageville, Je (Kngt). Raspberry (Rubus spp.). 

AtraCTOTOMUS Fieber 

A. magnicomis (Fall.). Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; White Plains, Je-Jl, Bno 
(Kngt) ; Hartsdale, Jl, Bno (Kngt). Pinus sylvestris and Picea. 

A. magnicornis var. buenoi Kngt. White Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt), type 
locality. Hemlock (Tsiiga canadensis). 

ReuterOSCOPUS Kirkaldy 

1213 R. ornatus (Reut.). Ithaca, Jl (Kngt); Buffalo, Jl-Aug (EPV); White 
Plains, Jl-Oct, Bno (Kngt) ; Mosholu (Heid) ; Yorktown Hgts., Sep, 
OIs (Kngt) ; DI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; Pinelawn, Sep, 
Ds (Kngt) ; Woodhaven, Jl (Kngt-Brooklyn Museum). Ragweed 
(Ambrosia spp.). 

Macrotylus Fieber 

1200 M. sexguttatus (Prov.). Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Jl 
(Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt). Aster undulo.tus, A. acuminatus. 


1207 L. decolor (Fall.). Cranberry L., Aug, Drk (Kngt); Elka Pk., Wanakena, 
Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Fulton Co, Alex (EPV); Rochester Jet., Jl, Leon 
(Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; McLean, Jl (Kngt) ; White Plains, 
Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; Mosholu (Heid). LI: Huntington, Jl, Schott (Kngt) ; 
Orient, Jl, Ds (Kngt). Juncus diidleyi at McLean. 

114 MiRIDAE 

Orectoderus Uhler 

1101 O. obliquus Uhl. LI: Bay Shore, Jl, Ols\ Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl, Ds 
O. obliquus var. ferrugineous Kngt. LI: Bay Shore, Jl, Ols (Kngt), type 

T. tephrosicola Kngt. LI: Yaphank, Jl, Ds (Kngt), type locality. 


1108 D. agiUs (Uhl.). L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Htly 

(Kngt) ; Wanakena, Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; 
Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; Hamburg, Je-Jl (EPV) ; Lancaster, Jl-Aug 
(EPV) ; Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; Four Mile, 
Jl (Kngt) ; Conesus L., Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (Kngt) ; McLean, 
Jl (Kngt) ; White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; Hartsdale, Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; 
Grand View, Je, Brb (Kngt). Ruhus odoratus, and possibly other 
D. discrepans Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt), type locality (vestitus, 
Drk '22), Je, Htly (Kngt). 

1109 D. famelicus (Uhl.). Axton, Je, MacG (EPV) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk 

(Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; Buffalo, May- Aug (EPV) ; 
Labrador L., May, Buys (Kngt) ; Colden, Jl (EPV) ; Hamburg, Je-Aug 
(EPV); Gowanda, Aug (EPV); Chautauqua, Je (EPV); Otto, Jl, 
Corns f (Kngt) ; Cattaraugus Co, Je (Kngt) ; Portageville, Je-Aug 
(Kngt) ; Honeoye Falls, Je (Kngt) ; Ft. Montgomery, Sep, Schott 
(Kngt) ; Bear Mt., Sep, Schott (Kngt) ; White Plains, Sep, Bno 
(Kngt) ; Grand View, Je, Brb (Kngt). Ruhus odoratus. 

Macrolophus Fieber 

1116 M. separatus (Uhl.). Cranberry L., Wanakena, Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Fulton Co, 
Alex (EPV); Niagara Falls, Aug (EPV); Hamburg, Jl (EPV). 

Hyaliodes Reuter 

1106 H. vitripennis (Say). Cranberry L., Aug, Htly (Kngt); Wanakena (Drk 
'22) ; Saranac L., Aug (EPV) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; Niagara 
Falls, Aug (EPV) ; Buffalo, Sep (EPV) ; Colden, Jl (EPV) ; Elma, 
Sep (£PF) ; Boston, Aug (EPV); Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Salamanca, 
Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca, Ji, Kngt (EPV) ; White Plains, Jl-Aug, Bno 
(Kngt) ; Mosholu (Heid) ; W. Nyack, Aug, Bno (Kngt) ; Bronxville, 
Jl (Wood); SI (Heid); LI: Yaphank, Jl, Ds (Kngt); Wading _ R., 
Aug, Ds (Kngt). Occurs on several plants, but is frequent on Vitis ; 
predacious on plant lice. 

1106a H. vitripennis var. discoidalis Reut. Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; Buffalo, 
Aug (EPV) ; Johnstown, Aug, Alex (EPV) ; Hamburg, Aug (EPV). 
LI: High Hill, Aug (Bno); W. Nyack, Je, Ols (Kngt). 

MiRIDAE 115 


1082 M. filicis (L.). L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk, Htly 

(Kngt) ; Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; 
Mt. Whiteface, Aug {Kngt) ; Niagara Falls, Sep, MCV (EPV) ; Buf- 
falo, Jl-Sep {EPV) ; Hamburg, Jl {EPV) ; Lancaster, Aug {EPV) ; 
McLean, Jl {Kngt) ; White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; Ft. Montgomery, 
Sep, Schott (Kngt). SI: (Heid) ; Tottenville, Aug, Ds (Kngt); LI: 
Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, Brb (Kngt), Aug, Bno (Kngt) ; Yaphank, Jl-Sep, 
Ds (Kngt). 


1079 P. dilatatus Reut. W. Nyack, Aug, 01s {Kngt). 


1074 S. insignis Reut. NY (Reut) ; Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; Hamburg, Je 
{EPV); Gowanda, Aug {EPV). 

Sysinas Distant 

1083 S. linearis Distant. LI: Sea Cliff (Bks, Kngt). 

Cylapus Say 

1090 C. tenuicornis Say. Niagara Falls, Jl {EPV) ; Gowanda, Aug {EPV) ; 

Ithaca, Jl, Plunk (Kngt). SI: Richmond, Aug, Ds (Kngt); LI: 
Queens, Jl, Ds (Kngt); Sea Clifif, Aug {Bks). 


1091 F. brunneus (Prov.). Catskill, Brh (EPV); Ithaca, Mar (Kngt-CU) ; 

Saugerties, Aug, Ds (Kngt) ; LI: Wyandanch, Aug, Schott (Kngt). 


Largidea Van Duzee 

10891 L. davisi Kngt. Bear Mt., Sep, Schott (Kngt). LI: Promised Land, Sep, 
Ds (Kngt); Yaphank, Sep, Ds (Kngt). Occurs on Pinus. 



1054 E. grossus (Uhl.). SI, Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; LI: Yaphank, Sep, Ds (Kngt). 

E. necopinus Kngt. White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt), type locality. Occurs 
on aspen. 

1050 E. venatorius VanD. Hamburg, Aug {EPV), type locality. LI: Central 
Pk., Jl-Aug, Ds (Kngt). 

116 MiRIDAE 


1056 E. luridula Reut. Holley, Jl, Hawl (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl {Kngt) ; Buffalo, 
Jl, EPV (Reut), type locality; White Plains, Je-Jl, Bno (Kngt). 
Occurs on apple trees, 

DeraeoCORIS Kirschbaum 
(Subgenus Camptobrochis) 

1063 D. histrio Reut. Ithaca, Aug (Kngt-CU). LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, Parsh 
(Kngt). Breeds on Polygonum. 

1058 D. nebulosus Uhl. Axton, Je, MacG (EPV) ; L. Placid (EPV) ; Cranberry 
L., Jl, Osh (Kngt) ; Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; Batavia, Je-Sep {Kngt) ; 
Niagara Falls, Je, EPV (Kngt) ; Buffalo, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Salamanca, 
Jl {EPV) ; Ithaca, Feb, under bark of log, Ap, under sycamore bark, 
Jl, Oct {Kngt) ; McLean, Jl (Kngt) ; West Pt., Aug, Brb (Kngt) ; 
Schenectady, Aug, Held (Kngt) ; L. Mahopac, Aug, Bno (Kngt) ; 
Oliverea, Sep, Ds (Kngt) ; White Plains, Je-Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; Mosholu 
(Heid), Nov, by sifting, Brh (Kngt). SI, Jl-Aug, Ols (Kngt), Jl, 
Ds (Kngt). LI: Brooklyn, Oct, Ds (Kngt); Maspeth, Aug, Ols 
(Kngt) ; Rockaway Beach, May, Ds (Kngt), Aug, Ols (Kngt); Cold 
Sp. Harb., Jl, Brb (Kngt) ; Port Washington, Sep, Ols (Kngt) ; Yap- 
hank, Sep, Ds (Kngt). Occurs on white oaks; predacious on Phylloxera 
rileyi Rly. 
D. nubilus Kngt. Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl {Kngt) ; 
Portageville, Je {Kngt) ; Taughannock, Jl {Kngt) ; Ithaca, Feb, under 
bark of log, May-Jl (Kngt), type locality; White Plains, Ap-Aug, 
Bno (Kngt) ; Saugerties, Jl, Brh (Kngt). Breeds on Pinus resinosa. 
D. poecilus McAtee. Ithaca, Jl {Kngt); McLean, Jl, Sep, Sib (Kngt). 
Occurs on Alnus rugosa; probably predacious. 


D. albigulus Kngt. Ithaca, Je (Kngt), type locality; Bear Mt., Je-JI, Schott 
(Kngt) ; Hartsdale, Jl, Bno (Kngt). Breeds on Pinus sylvestris. 

D. alnicola Kngt. Batavia, Je-Jl {Kngt) ; Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; McLean, 
Jl {Kngt), type locality; White Plains, Je-Jl, Bno (Kngt). Breeds on 
Alnus ; probably predacious. 

D. aphidiphagus Kngt. Cranberry L., Je, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Jl 
{Kngt) ; Lancaster, Jl, EPV (Kngt) ; Portageville, Jl {Kngt) ; Conesus 
L., Jl {Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl {Kngt), type locality; McLean, Jl {Kngt) ; 
White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt); Hartsdale, Jl, Bno (Kngt). Occurs 
on Ulmus and is predacious on Eriosoma americanum Rly. 

D. betulae Kngt. Cranberry L., Je-Jl, Drk (Kngt), Jl-Aug, Htly (Kngt) ; 
Long L., Ds (Kngt) ; Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl 
{Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl {Kngt), type locality; Ringwood, Je-Jl {Kngt) ; 
McLean, Jl {Kngt) ; White Plains, Je-Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; Ft. Montgomery, 
Je, Schott (Kngt) ; Hartsdale, Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; SI, Je-Jl, Ds (Kngt). 
LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, Parsh (Kngt). Breeds on beech {Betula 
lutea) ; is predacious on aphids. 

D. borealis (VanD.). Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt); Wanakena, Jl, Drk 
(Kngt) ; Plattsburg, J), Ds (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Jl {Kngt) ; Portage- 
ville, Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl {Kngt) ; McLean, Jl {Kngt) ; White 
Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt); Oliverea, Jl, Ds, Shoe (Kngt); LI: Rocka- 
way Beach, Je, Ols (Kngt). 

MiRIDAE 117 

D. davisi Kngt. SI, Je, Ds (Kngt), type locality. 

D. fasciolus Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk, Htly (Kngt) ; Wanakena, 

Aug, Drk (Kngt): Batavia, Je-Aug {Kngt); Ithaca {Kngt), type 

locality, Je-Jl, Wellhouse (Kngt); White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt). 

Occurs on Crataegus, apple, and occasionally other plants; is predacious 

on aphids. 
D. fasciolus var. castus Kngt. Cranberry L., Aug, Htly (Kngt) ; Batavia, 

Je-Aug {Kngt); Ithaca {Kngt); SI, Je-Jl, Ds (Kngt). Predacious 

on Phyllaphis fagi L. 
1070 D. grandis (Uhl.). Batavia, JI {Kngt); Conesus L., Jl (Kngt); Ithaca, Je 

(Kngt) ; White Plains, Je-Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; W. Hebron, Aug, Bno 

(Kngt) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Jl, collected in wash-up, Ols (Kngt). 

Breeds on hickory {Cai-ya spp.). 
D. laricicola Kngt. Conifer, Jl, Osb (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; 

Batavia, Je-Jl {Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl {Kngt), type locality. Breeds on 

larch {Larix laricina). 
D. nitenatus Kngt. Ithaca, Jl {Kngt) ; Lancaster, Jl, EPV (Kngt) ; White 

Plains, Jl-Aug, Bno (Kngt) ; SI, Jl-Aug, Ds (Kngt) ; LI: Bay Shore, 

Jl, Ols (Kngt) ; Maspeth, Jl-Aug, Ols (Kngt) ; Kings Pk., Jl, Bell 

(Kngt); Roslyn, Aug, Ols (Kngt); Aqueduct, Jl, Ds (Kngt). 

Predacious on Eriosoma lanigerum. 
D. pinicola Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Conifer, Jl, Osh (Kngt) ; 

Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt); Ithaca, Je-Jl {Kngt), type locality; 

Ringwood, Je-Jl {Kngt); White Plains, May, Bno (Kngt); LI: 

Wyandanch, Jl, Ds (Kngt). Occurs on Pinus strohus; predacious on 

Chermes pinicorticis Fh. 
D. quercicola Kngt. Batavia, Jl {Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl {Kngt) ; Portage- 

ville, Je {Kngt); Conesus L., Jl {Kngt), type locality; Ithaca, Je-Jl 

{Kngt) ; White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; Pine I., Je, Ds (Kngt) ; 

Hartsdale, Jl, Bno (Kngt); SI: Roseville, Jl, Ds (Kngt); Richmond, 

Je, Ds (Kngt); LI: Bay Shore, Jl, Ols (Kngt); Massapequa, Jl, Ds 

(Kngt) ; Yaphank, Jl, Ols (Kngt). Breeds on Querents alba. 
D. quercicola var. pallens Kngt. Batavia, Jl-Aug {Kngt), type locality; 

Buffalo, Jl, EPV (Kngt). Breeds on Quercus macrocarpa. 
1067 D. sayi (Reut.). Ithaca, Je {Kngt). Occurs on Quercus. 
1071 D. ruber (L.). White Plains, Je, Bno {Kngt); SI, Jl, Ds {Kngt); LI: 

Brooklyn, Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; Maspeth, Jl, Ols (Kngt). Predacious on 


D. ruber var. bicolor Kngt. LI: Brooklyn, Jl, Ds (Kngt). 
1071b D. ruber var. segusinus (Muller). White Plains, Je, Ols, Je, Bno (Kngt). 
LI: Maspeth, Je-Jl, Ols {Kngt). 

Parthenicus Renter 

1214 P. juniperi (Heid.). Taughannock, Jl {Kngt); W. Nyack, Sep, at light, 
Ols (Kngt); Mosholu, Jl, Bno (Heid), type locality; LI: Rockaway 
Beach, Sep, W AH off man (Kngt) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, Parsh (Kngt) ; 
Coram, Jl, Eng (Kngt). Juniperus virginiana. 

1199 P. vaccini (VanD.). LI: Sea Cliff, Bks (Kngt). Vaccinium. 

118 MiRIDAE 

Halticus Hahn 

1122 H. citri (Ashm.). Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; Buffalo, Sep (EPV) ; Boston, 

Aug (EPV); Hamburg, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; 
Cattaraugus Co, Aug (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt-CU) ; White Plains, 
Je-Sep, Bno (Kngt) ; Yorktown Hgts., Sep, Oh (Kngt). White clover, 
beans, Plantago lanceolaia ; recorded also on many other plants. 
1120 H. intermedius Uhl. Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; Elma, Je (EPV); 
Cattaraugus Co, Aug (Kngt) ; Wyoming Co, Aug (Kngt) ; McLean 
Bogs, Ithaca, Jl, Buys (Kngt} ; Ringwood, Jl (Kngt) ; White Plains, 
Jl, Bno (Kngt). Clematis virginiana. 

Strongylocoris Blanchard 

1123 S. stygica (Say). Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; 

Ithaca, Jl (Kngt). Solidago spp. 

OrthoCEPHALUS Fieber 

1189 O. mutabilis (Fall.). Ithaca, Je-Jl (Kngt); Ringwood, Jl (Kngt); Mc- 
Lean, Jl (Kngt) ; Owego, Jl, JLFrank (Kngt). Chrysanthemum 

Labors Burmeister 

L. hirtus Kngt. Axton, Je, MacG (Kngt) ; Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; 
Conifer, Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Wilmington, 
Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; Clinton Co, Je (Kngt) ; Peru, Je, Ds (Kngt) ; Fulton 
Co, Alex (Kngt). 

Hadronema Uhler 

1153 H. militaris Uhl. LI: Yaphanak, May, Ols, Je, Ds (Kngt). Baptisia 


1185 L malina (Uhl.). Cranberry L., ]\, Drk (Kngt); Wanakena, Jl, Drk 
(Kngt) ; Adirondacks, Aug (EPV); Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; 
Hamburg, Jl (EPV) ; Lancaster, Jl (EPV) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; 
Ithaca, Je-Jl (Kngt) ; Pine I., Je, Brh (Kngt) ; White Plains, Je, Bno 
(Kngt) ; Oliverea, Je, Ds (Kngt). Solidago rugosa, growing in shaded 
damp places at Four Mile. 

1184 I. stalii Rent. "NY", Belfrage (Rent 76) ; Buffalo, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Lan- 
caster, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; LI: Brooklyn, Aug, Ds (Kngt). 
Occurs on cocklebur and other herbaceous weeds. 


1143 L. caesar (Reut.). Ithaca, Jl (Kngt); Enfield Glen, Aug, Buys (Kngt); 

West Point, Sep, Ft. Montgomery, Jl, Ds (Kngt). 
1147 L. confluens (Say). Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Enfield Glen, Aug, Buys (Kngt); 

Golden, Jl, EPV (Kngt) ; Salamanca, Aug, EPV (Kngt) ; White 

Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl-Aug, Parsh (Kngt). 

Polymnia uvedalia, and probably P. canadensis. 
1152 L, cuneata VanD. Lancaster, Sep (EPV), type locality. Populus balsamifera 

and P. deltoides. 

MiRIDAE 1 19 

10891 L. davisi Kngt. LI: Half Way Hollow Hills, Ds (Kngt). Both wild and 
cultivated Phlox. 
L. minor Kngt. Ithaca, Je, Buys (Kngt). 

L. heidemanni Kngt. Batavia, Je (Kngt), type locality; Lancaster, Je, EPV 
(Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; Conesus L., 
Jl (Kngt) ; Honeoye Falls, Je (Kngt) ; Rochester Jet., May, Leon 
(Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je (Kngt-CV) ; West Pt., Je, Ds (Kngt) ; Pine I., 
Je, Ds (Kngt) ; White Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt) ; Grand View, Je, Brb 
(Kngt) ; Oliverea, Je, Ds, Shoe (Kngt) ; W. Nyack, Je, Ols (Kngt) ; 
LI: Farmingdale, Jl, Morrow (Kngt); Yaphank, Jl, Ds (Kngt). 
Ulmus, and Achillea millefolium. 

1145a L. marginalis Reut. Elka Pk., Aug, Blkm (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; En- 
field Glen, Aug, Bitys (Kngt) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; White 
Plains, Jl-Aug, Bno (Kngt); Saugerties, Jl, Brb (Kngt); LI: Cold 
Sp. Harb., Jl, Parsh (Kngt). 

1146 L. media (Say). L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk, Htly 
(Kngt) ; Conifer, Jl, Osb (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; 
Cascade L., Aug, Bi-b (Kngt) ; Wilmington, Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; Batavia, 
Jl (Kngt) ; Niagara Falls, Aug (EPV) ; Buffalo, Jl (EPV) ; Golden, 
Jl (EPV) ; Hamburg. Jl (EPV) ; Elma, Aug (EPV) ; Lancaster, Jl 
(EPV) ; Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; Otto, Jl, 
Comst (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; McLean, Jl, Buys (Kngt) ; 
Ithaca, Aug (Kngt-CU) ; McLean, Jl (Kngt) ; Pine I., Je, Ds (Kngt) ; 
White Plains, Je-Jl, Bjio (Kngt); Mosholu (Heid) ; SI, Jl, Ds ; LI: 
Bellport (Kngt-Brooklyn Museum) ; Bay Shore, Jl, Ols (Kngt) ; Cold 
Sp. Harb., Jl-Aug, div. (Kngt). Solidago rugosa, and probably other 
herbaceous plants. 
L. reuteri Kngt. L. George, Jl, AK Fisher (Kngt) ; Ramapo, Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; 
Bear Mt., Aug, Schott (Kngt). Witch-hazel (Hamamelis virginiana). 

1149 L. robiniae (Uhl.). Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt); Niagara Falls, Aug (EPV); 
Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Wyoming Co, Sep (Kngt) ; Honeoye Falls, 
Aug (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; L. Mahopac, Aug (Bno) ; White 
Plains, Jl-Aug, Bno (Kngt) ; Yonkers, Jl, Bell (Kngt) ; LI: Gardiner's 
L, Aug, Ds (Kngt) ; Flushing, Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; Kings Pk., Jl, Bell 
(Kngt) ; High Hill, Aug (Bno) ; Farmingdale, Jl, Morrow (Kngt) ; 
Cold Sp. Harb., Jl-Aug, Bno, Brb (Kngt) ; Wading R., Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; 
Yaphank, May (Kngt-Brooklyn Museum). Black locust (Robinda 
pseudacacia) . 

L. salicis Kngt. Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; Honeoye 
Falls, Je (Kngt), type locality; Rochester Jet., Je, L^ on (Kngt) ; 
Ithaca, Je (Kngt) ; Owego, Jl, JLFrank (Kngt). Salix nigra. 

L. staphyleae Kngt. Batavia, Jl (Kngt), type locality; Lancaster, EPV 
(Kngt). Staphylea trifolia. 

Mecomma Fieber 

1188 M. gilvipes (Stal). Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Jl-Aug, Drk 
(Kngt); Ausable R., Aug (EPV); Fulton Co, Alex (EPV). 

Cyrtorhinus Fieber 

C. vagus Kngt. LI: Rockaway Beach, Sep, W AH off man (Kngt), type 
locality; Sea Cliff, Aug-Sep, Bks (Kngt) ; Orient, Sep, Schott (Kngt). 
Occurs on sedges. 

120 MiRIDAE 

Orthotylus Fieber 

O. alni Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Mt. Marcy, 5000 ft., Jl, Ds 
(Kngt) ; McLean Bogs, Jl {Kngt), type locality; Lancaster, Aug, EPV 
(Kngt). Alnus rugosa. 

O. basicornis Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) (viridis, Drk '22) ; Lan- 
caster, Aug, EPV (Kngt); Batavia, Aug (Kngt), type locality. Salix 

1178i O. candidatus VanD. Cranberry L., Aug, //f/3; (Kngt). Populus tremuloides. 
1175^ O. catulus VanD. Wanakena, Jl, Osh, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Niagara Falls, 

Je {EPV) ; Hamburg, Je {EPV). Gnaphalium uliginosum. 
11791 O. cruciatus VanD. White Plains, Je, B wo (Kngt) ; LI: Bay Shore, Jl, 
Ols (Kngt), Found on Betula populifolia by Bueno. 

1176 O. dorsalis (Prov.). Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, div. (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Jl, 
Osb (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; Honeoye Falls, Je {Kngt) ; 
McLean, Jl {Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je {Kngt) ; Ringwood, Jl {Kngt) ; White 
Plains, Je, Ols, Bno (Kngt). 

1172 O. flavosparsus (Sahib.). Batavia, Jl-Sep (Kngt); Buffalo, Je {EPV)', 
Hamburg, Jl {EPV)', Tonawanda, Aug {EPV)', Ithaca, Jl {Kngt) ; 
White Plains, Je-Aug, Bno (Kngt). Chenopodium album. 

11791 O. knighti VanD. Batavia, Jl, Kngt (EPV), type locality (actually nearer 
to Attica). Popidus candicans. 

11751 O. modestus VanD. Batavia, Jl, Kngt (EPV) ; Buffalo, Aug {EPV) ; 

Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; Honeoye Falls, Jl, Leon (EPV), type locality; 

Ithaca, Jl {Kngt) ; L, Mahopac, Aug, Bno (Kngt) ; White Plains, Je, 

Bno (Kngt); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Parsh (Kngt). Salix fragilis and 

6^. nigra. 
O. modestus var. immaculatus Kngt. Batavia, Jl {Kngt), type locality; 

Honeoye Falls, Aug {Kngt); White Plains, Bno (Kngt). LI: Cold 

Sp. Harb., Jl, Parsh (Kngt). Breeds on Salix. 
11784 O. necopinus VanD. Cranberry L., Jl, Htly (Kngt) ; Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Ds 

(Kngt) ; Buffalo, Je {EPV) ; Ringwood, Jl {Kngt). Betula lutea. 

O. neglectus Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk, Htly (Kngt) ; Clayville, Je, 
Buys (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je {Kngt) ; Honeoye Falls, Je {Kngt) ; McLean, 
Jl {Kngt), type locality. Salix nigra. 

11791 O. ornatus VanD. Honeoye Falls, Je-Jl, Leon (EPV, Kngt), type locality; 

White Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt). Salix fragilis. 
O. serus VanD. Batavia, Je-Jl {Kngt) ; Colden, Jl {EPV) ; Hamburg, Jl 

{EPV) ; Gowanda, Aug {EPV) ; Salamanca, Jl {EPV) ; Four Mile, 

Jl {Kngt); Ithaca, Je-Jl {Kngt); McLean, Jl {Kngt). Crataegus, 

and cultivated apple. 
1178 O. submarginatus (Say). Hamburg, Jl {EPV); Ithaca, Jl {Kngt); LI: 

Cold Sp. Harb., Jl-Aug, div. (Kngt). Robinia pseudacacia. 
1174 O. translucens Tuck. Batavia, Jl {Kngt) ; Buffalo, Je {EPV) ; Elma 

{EPV). Salix longifolia. 
U75f O. viridis VanD. Batavia, Jl-Aug, Kngt (EPV), type locality; LI: Cold 

Sp. Harb., Jl-Aug, Bno (Kngt). 

MiRIDAE 121 


1168 D. capitata VanD. Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Jl-Aug, 

Drk (Kngt) ; Johnstown, Aug, Alex (EPV), type locality; Batavia, Jl 
{Kngt); Ithaca, Jl {Kngt); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, Bno (Kngt). 
Witch-hazel {Hamamelis virginiana) ; hazelnut (Corylus), ace. Drk '22. 

1166 D. pellucida Uhl. L. Placid, Aug {EPV) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk, 

Htly (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Fulton Co, Alex 
(EPV) ; Mt. Whiteface, Aug {Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Aug {Kngt) ; 
Hamburg, Jl {EPV) ; Gowanda, Aug {EPV) ; Conesus L., Jl {Kngt) ; 
Ithaca, Jl {Kngt) ; McLean, Jl {Kngt) ; White Plains, Je-Jl, Bno 
(Kngt). Apple, Ostrya virginiana, and probably other plants. 

1167 D, provancheri (Burque). Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk, Htly (Kngt) ; 

Batavia, Aug {Kngt) ; Hamburg, Sep {EPV) ; Boston, Jl {EPV) ; 
Gowanda, Aug {EPV) \ White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt). White oak 
{Quercus alba) ; beech and yellow birch (Drk, 1922). 

Reuteria Puton 

1169 R. irrorata (Say). Cranberry L., Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug 

{Kngt) ; Gowanda, Aug {EPV) ; Salamanca, Jl {EPV) ; Saugerties, 
Jl, Brh (Kngt) ; White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; Central Pk., NYC, 
Jl, Ds (Kngt); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, Parsh (Kngt). Tilia, and 
Quercus alba. 

11781 N. fumidus (VanD.). Batavia, Jl-Aug {Kngt). Nocturnal in habits. 

Heterotoma Latreille 

11801 H. merioptera (Scop.). Honeoye Falls, Aug, Leon (Kngt). Probably 
imported on nursery stock. 

HeterocordyluS Fieber 

1127 H. malinus Reut. Ithaca, Brockport, Syracuse, LaFayette, Batavia, Waterloo, 
West Palmyra, Albany (Cy) ; Batavia, Je-Jl {Kngt) ; Colden, Jl, EPV 
(Renter), type locality; Hamburg, Je {EPV) ; Portageville, Je {Kngt) ; 
Wyoming Co., Je {Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je {Kngt) ; Ringwood, Je-Jl {Kngt) ; 
McLean, Jl {Kngt); White Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt). 
Native on Crataegus; breeds on wild apple; frequent on apple trees. 

Ceratocapsus Renter 

C. digitulus Kngt. Cranberry L., Aug, Htly (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl {Kngt) ; 

Cattaraugus Co, Aug {Kngt) ; LI: Wyandanch, Aug, Ols (Kngt) ; 

Yaphank, Jl, Ds (Kngt). Breeds on Salix. 
C. drakei Kngt. Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt), type locality. 
1142 C. fasciatus (Uhl.). Batavia, Aug {Kngt); Niagara Falls, Aug {EPV); 

Hamburg, Aug {EPV); Boston, Aug {EPV); Gowanda, Aug {EPV); 

Salamanca, Aug {EPV); Ithaca, Jl {Kngt); SI, Jl, Ds (Kngt). 

Breeds on hickory (Carya). 
C. fuscinus Kngt. Batavia, Aug {Kngt) ; Honeoye Falls, Aug {Kngt) ; LI: 

Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, Bno (Kngt). Occurs on Salix nigra. 

122 MiRIDAE 

C. incisus Kngt. Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; Cattaraugus Co, Aug (Kngt) ; 
Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; McLean, Jl (Kngt) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, Bno 
(Kngt). Occurs on Salix. 

1137 C. lutescens Reut. LI: Bellport, Sep, Eng (Kngt). 

C. luteus Kngt. White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt), type locality. 

1225 C. modestus Uhl. Cranberry L., Aug, Htly (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Aug, Drk 
(Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; Portageville, Aug (Kngt) ; Ithaca, 
Jl (Kngt) ; Ft. Montgomery, Aug, Schott (Kngt) ; White Plains, Jl, 
Bno (Kngt) ; Central Pk., NYC, Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; LI: Greenport, Aug, 
Eng (Kngt) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, Bno (Kngt) ; Bear Mt., Aug, 
Schott (Kngt). Occurs on basswood (Tilia) and grapevine (Vitis sp.). 
C. nigellus Kngt. Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt), type locality; Conesus L., Jl 
(Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; White Plains, Aug, Bno (Kngt). Breeds 
on hickory (Carya). 

C. pilosus Kngt. Ithaca,^ ]e (Kngt) ; LI: Bay Shore, Je, Ols (Kngt). 
Occurs on Ostrya virginiana. 

1139 C. pumilus (Uhl.). Cranberry L., Aug, Drk, Htly (Kngt); Madison Bar- 
racks, Aug (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; Hamburg, Jl (EPV) ; 
Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; Honeoye Falls, Aug 
(Kngt) ; McLean, Jl (Kngt) ; White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; 
W. Nyack, Aug, Bno (Kngt) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, Bno (Kngt). 
Occurs on Vitis spp. 

C. sericeus Kngt. Mosholu, Aug, Ds (Kngt) ; LI: Pinelawn, Aug, Schott 

C. vicinus Kngt. SI, Jl, Ds (Kngt), type locality; LI: Wyandanch, Aug, 
Ols (Kngt) ; Pinelawn, Aug, Ds (Kngt) ; Yaphank, Aug, Ds (Kngt). 

Alepidia Renter 

1133 A. gracilis (Uhl.). Taughannock, Jl (Kngt) ; White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; 
LI: Bellport, Eng (Kngt); Bay Shore, Jl, Ols (Kngt); High Hill, 
Aug (Bno). Breeds on Pinus resinosa. 

PiLOPHORUS Westwood 

1131 P. amoenus Uhl. LI: Bay Shore, Jl, Ols (Kngt) ;_ Bellport, Eng (Kngt); 
Yaphank, Jl, Ds (Kngt). Breeds on Pinus virginiana. 

P. brunneus Poppius. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Aug, Drk 
(Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; McLean, Jl 
(Kngt) ; White Plains, Jl-Aug, Bno (Kngt). Occurs on Salix. 
1128 P. clavatus (L.). Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk, Htly (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug 
(Kngt); White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt); Oliverea, Je, Ds (Kngt). 
Occurs most frequentl}^ on Quercus. 

P. strobicola Kngt. (crassipes Kngt., Hemip. Conn., p. 542, 1923). L. Placid, 
Aug, EPV (Kngt) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Mt. White- 
face, Aug (Kngt) ; Madison Barracks, Aug (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl 
(Kngt) ; Ringwood, Jl (Kngt). Breeds on Pinus strobus. 

P. juniperi Kngt. White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt), type locality. Breeds on 
Juniperus virginiana. 

P. laetus VanD. LI: Bay Shore, Jl, Ols (Kngt). Breeds on Pinus virginiana. 

MiRIDAE 123 

P. perplexus Douglas & Scott. Batavia, Jl-Aug {Kngt) ; Geneva, Jl, Fulton 

(zualshii, Fulton '13); White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt). Occurs on 

goldenrod (Solidago), and has been taken on cherry, apple, and red 

cedar; predacious on aphids (Fulton, 1913, Ann. Ent. Soc. Am.). 
P. piceicola Kngt. White Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt) ; Hartsdale, Jl, Bno (Kngt), 

type locality; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, Bno (Kngt). Breeds on Picea 

P. uhleri Kngt. Cranberry L., Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; 

Ithaca, Je-Jl (Kngt), type locality; White Plains, Jl (Kngt). Breeds 

on Pinus sylvestris. 
P. vanduzeei Kngt. Taughannock, Jl (Kngt), type locality; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; 

LI: Amagansett, Aug, Ols (Kngt); Bay Shore, Jl, Ols (Kngt); 

Wyandanch, Sep, Ols (Kngt) ; Riverhead, Aug, Ds (Kngt). Breeds 

on Pinus resinosa. 

Sericophanes Reuter 

S. heidemanni Poppius. Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; Kingston, Aug (EPV) ; 
Buffalo, Je (EPV) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; McLean, Jl (Kngt-CU). 
Nocturnal ; males frequently attracted to lights. 


1159 P. regalis (Uhl.). LI: Yaphank, Je, Sf (Kngt). Occurs on live oak 

(Quercus virginiana). 

1160 P. scutellatus (Uhl.). Syracuse, Je, Basinger (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Jl 

(Kngt) ; Buffalo, Je (EPV) ; Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Portageville, 
Je (Kngt) ; Conesus L., Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je (Kngt) ; Grand View, 
Je, Brb (Kngt) ; Bronxville, Je (Wood) ; LI: Nissequogue, Je, Ds 
(Kngt) ; Coram, Bno (Kngt) ; Yaphank, Je, Ds (Kngt) ; Pine I., Je, 
Sf (Kngt). Quercus alba, Q. Muhlenbergii, and occasionally Fraxinus. 


PiTHANUS Fieber 

P. maerkelii H-S. Honeoye Falls, Je (Kngt) ; White Plains, Kngt&Bno (Kngt) ; 
LI: Maspeth, Je, Ols (Kngt). Grasses. 


M. insignis Uhl. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; 
Buffalo, Je-Sep, Cheektowaga, Je, Hamburg, Jl, Conesus L., Aug, Springbrook, 
Je (EPV); Armonk, Je, Bno (Kngt); White Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt). 

COLLARIA Provancher 

C. meilleurii Prov. Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; L. 
Placid, Aug-Sep (EPV) ; Conifer, Jl, Osb (Kngt) ; Sodus Point, Aug, Buys 
(Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; Buffalo, Je-Aug (EPV) ; Hamburg, Jl 
(EPV) ; Lancaster, Jl-Aug, Golden, Jl, EPV (Kngt) ; Otto, Jl, Comst (Uhl) ; 
Ithaca, Ringwood, Jl (Kngt) ; Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; E. Jewett, Aug, Ds 
(Kngt); Mosholu (Heid). Calamagrostis canadensis and other grasses in 
similar situations. 

124 MiRIDAE 

C. oculata Reut. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) 
Hamburg, Jl-Sep, Colden, Jl (EPV) ; White Plains, Je-Oct, Bno (Kngt) 
Mosholu (Heid) ; SI, Aug, Ds (Kngt); LI: Forest Hills, Sep, Ols (Kngt) 
Gardiners I., Je, Ds (Kngt). Grasses in dry sandy meadows. 

MiRlS Fabricius 

M. dolabratus L. Wilmington, Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; Axton, Je, MacG (EPV) ; L. Placid, 
Aug (EPV) ; Wanakena, Je-Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Sodus Point, Je, Buys (Kngt) ; 
Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Victor, Je, EPV (Kngt-CU) ; Buffalo, May- Aug 
(EPV) ; Hamburg, Je (EPV) ; Wyoming Co, Je (Kngt) ; Otto, Jl, Comst 
(Uhl); Ithaca, Te-Jl (Kngt-CU); Four Mile, McLean, Jl (Kngt); Albany, 
Je (Kngt) ; Bronxville, Je (Wood) ; LI: Gardiners L, Je, Ds (Kngt). Blue 
grass {Poa pratensis), timothy, and frequently other grasses. 

M. ferrugatus Fall. Ithaca, Je-Jl, Ringwood, McLean, Jl (Kngt). 

Teratocoris Fieber 

T. discolor Uhl. Buffalo, Aug-Sep, EPV (Kngt) ; Lancaster, Aug-Sep, Hamburg, 
Sep (EPV); Ithaca, Je (Kngt). Sedges; attracted to light. 

T. paludum J. Sahib. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Buffalo, Aug, EPV (Kngt) ; 
Conifer, Jl, Osb (Kngt); Schuyler L., Aug, B^iys (Kngt). Carex vesicaria; 
attracted to light. 


T. uhleri Reut. Mamaroneck, Oct, Bno (Kngt); SI, Je, Sep, Ds (Kngt); LI: 
Sea Cliff, Aug, Ols (Kjigt) ; Rockaway Beach, Sep, Ds, Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, 
Bno (Kngt). Salt meadows. 

T. ruficornis Geoff. Axton, Je, MacG (EPV) ; Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Kngt) ; 
L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Fulton Co, Alex 
(EPV) ; Honeoye Falls, Je (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; Buffalo, Je-Jl 
(EPV, Kngt) ; Hamburg, Aug (EPV) ; Colden, Jl (EPV, Kngt) ; Lancaster, 
Je, EPV (Kngt) ; Wyoming Co, Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je, McLean, Jl (Kngt) ; 
White Plains, Jl, at light (Bno); LI: Maspeth, Je, Ols (Kngt). Oats and 
closely related wild grasses. 

Mesomiris Renter 

M. curtulus Reut. SI, Aug, Ds (Kngt); LI: Bellport, Aug, Eng (Kngt); Sea 
CHff, Aug, Ols (Kngt). 

Stenodema Laporte 

S. trispinosum Reut. Cranberry L., Je-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Fulton Co, Alex 
(EPV); Buffalo, May-Aug (EPV); Portageville, May-Je, EPV {Kngt); 
Lime L., Aug, EPV (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Oct (Kngt) ; Mamaroneck, Oct, Bno 
(Kngt) ; Schuyler L., Aug, Buys (Kngt) ; White Plains, Jl-Oct, Bno (Kngt) ; 
LI: Yaphank, May, Ds (Kngt) ; Wyandanch, Aug, Ols (Kngt) ; May-Sep, 
Ds (Kngt). Grasses in moist meadows; adults hibernate. 

S. vicinum Prov. Axton, Je, MacG (EPV) ; Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Kngt) ; Cran- 
berry L., Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Schuyler L., Aug, Buys (Kngt) ; L Placid, 
Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; Batavia, Ap-Sep (Kngt) ; 
Conesus L., Jl (Kngt) ; Buffalo, Aug (EPV) ; Hamburg, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; 
Lancaster, Je-Sep, EPV (Kngt) ; Colden, Jl, EPV (Kngt) ; Portageville, 
May (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; McLean, Jl (Kngt) ; 
Enfield Glen, Aug, Buys (Kngt) ; Ft. Montgomery, Sep, Schott (Kngt) ; 
White Plains, Oct (Kngt); LI: High Hill, Aug (Bno). 

MiRIDAE 125 



O. clandestina VanD. Ft. Montgomery, Jl, Ds (Kngt). 
O. clandestina var. ventralis Kngt. Ithaca, Jl (Kngt). 

Platytylellus Reuter 

P. borealis Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Aug, Drk 

(Kngt) ; Golden, Jl, EPV (Kngt) ; Conifer, Jl, Osb (Kngt) ; McLean, Jl, 

MacG (Kngt). 
P. circumcinctus Say. Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt). 
P. fraternus Kngt. Ft. Montgomery, Je, Schott (Kngt). 

P. fraternus var. rubromarginatus Kngt. Ft. Montgomery, Je, Schott (Kngt). 
P. insignis Say. Cranberrv L., Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; 

LI: Cold Sp. Harb.,'jl, Parsh (Kngt). 
P. insitivus Say. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Bufifalo, Jl, EPV (Kngt) ; 

Portageville, Je (Kngt); Pine I., Je (Wood); LI: Bellport, Eng (Kngt); 

Rockaway, Je, Ds (Kngt). 
P. nigricoUis Reut. Cranberry L., Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Syracuse, Aug, 

Basinger (Kngt) ; Springbrook, Je (EPV) ; Ringwood, Aug, Buys (Kngt) ; 

Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; McLean, Jl, Jessis Knight (Kngt) ; Elka Pk., Aug, Drk 

(Kngt) ; Catskills, Aug, Ds (Kngt) ; West Pt., Jl, Eng (Kngt) ; LI: Jl, Ds 

(Kngt); Bellport, Jl, Eng (Kngt); Kings Pk., Jl, Bell (Kngt). 
P. nigroscutellatus Kngt. Batavia, Aug (Kngt) ; Enfield Glen, Aug, Buys (Kngt) ; 

Lancaster, Jl, EPV (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Kngt-CU), type locality. 
P. rubrovittatus Stal. Cranberry L., Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; LI: Bellport, 

Eng (Kngt). 

Tropidosteptes Uhler 

T. cardinalis Uhl. Honeoye Falls, Je (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Hamburg, 
Elma, Lancaster, Je (EPV) ; Gonesus L., Je (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl, Ithaca, 
Je (Kngt) ; Ellis, Je, MacG^ (Kngt) ; Pine I., Je, Ds (Kngt) ; Ft. Montgomery, 
Je, Schott (Kngt). Fraxinus americana. 

NeoboRUS Distant 

N. amoenus Reut. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; 
Gonesus L., Jl-Aug (Kngt, EPV) ; Buffalo, Boston, Hamburg, Gowanda, Aug 
(EPV) ; Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; Wyoming Go, Sep (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl 
(Kngt) ; L. Mahopac, Aug, Bno (Kngt) ; Pine I., Je (Brooklyn Museum) ; 
White Plains, Sep, Bno ^ (Kngt) ; LI: High Hill, Aug (Bno). Fraxinus 
americana, F. pennsylvanica; two generations. 

N, amoenus var. scutellaris Reut. White Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt). 

N. amoenus var. signatus Reut. Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Kngt) ; Batavia, Aug 

N. canadensis VanD. Batavia, Aug (Kngt) ; Geneva, Je (EPV) ; Ithaca, Je 

(Kngt). Fraxinus americana. 
N. geminus Say. Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Golden, Je (EPV) ; Ithaca, Je, Four Mile, 

Jl (Kngt). Fraxinus americana. 
N. glaber Kngt. Batavia, Je (Kngt), type locality; Ithaca, Je (Kngt). Fraxinus 


126 MiRIDAE 

N. palmeri Reut. Honeoye Falls, Je, Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; Hamburg, Aug 

(EPV) ; Ithaca, Je (Kngt). Fraxinus americana, and probably other ash 

N. pubescens Kngt. Cranberry L., Je-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Fulton Co, Alex (Kngt) ; 

Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Elma, Je, Hamburg, Jl-Aug, Salamanca, Jl, Gowanda, 

Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt), type locality; Bear Mt., Aug, Schott (Kngt) ; 

White Plains, Je-Jl, Bno, Parsh (Kngt). Fraxinus americana, but found 

developing only on young plants in shaded situations. 
N. rufusculus Kngt. Batavia, Je, Portageville, Je, Wyoming Co, Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, 

May-Je (Kngt), type locality. Fraxinus americana. 

Xenoborus Reuter 

X. commissuralis Reut. Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; 
Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt). Fraxinus nigra. 

X. neglectus Kngt. Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Tompkins Co, Je, MacG (Kngt), type 

X. pettiti Reut. Honeoye Falls, Je (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Colden, Hamburg, 
Geneva, Je (EPV) ; Conesus L., Je (Kngt) ; Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; Wyo- 
ming Co, Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je (Kngt) ; White Plains, Je, Bno, Parsh (Kngt). 

X. plagifer Reut. Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; Batavia, Aug (Kngt). Fraxinus 

LyGIDEA Reuter 

L. mendax Reut. Apple Redbug. LaFayette, Syracuse (Cy) ; W. Palmyra, Brock- 
port (Cy) ; Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt) ; Colden, Jl, EPV (Reut) ; Hamburg, Jl, 
EPV (Reut), type locality; Portageville, Wyoming, Je (Kngt); Gowanda, 
11 (Reut) ; Waterloo, Ithaca (Cy) ; McLean, Jl, Ringwood, Je (Kngt) ; 
Albany (Cy) ; White Plains, 'it, Bno (Kngt) ; LI: Yaphank, Jl, Ds (Kngt). 
Crataegus, Pyriis coronaria, cultivated apple, and to some extent quince. 

L. obscura Reut. Cranberry L., Vv'anakena, Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; L. Placid, Aug, 
EPV (Kngt), type locality; Honeoye Falls, Je, Batavia, Jl (Kngt); 
Tompkins Co, Je, MacG (Kngt) ; White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt). Salix nigra. 

L. viburni Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl, Osh (as ruhecula Uhl. det. Drk) ; Batavia, 
Je-Jl (Kngt), type locality; Wyoming Co, Jl (Kngt). Nannyberry 
{Viburnum lent ago) ; breeds especially on young growth. 


C. sanguinareus Uhl. Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk, 
Htly (Kngt) ; Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt) ; Honeoye 
Falls, Je (Kngt) ; Conesus L., Je (Kngt) ; Buffalo, Jl-Aug, Hamburg, Je-Jl, 
Colden, Jl, Boston, Jl, Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; Ringwood, 
Jl (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Oliverea, Je-Jl, Shoe, Ds (Kngt) ; 
Central Val., Jl (Bno); Ft. Montgomery, Jl, Schott (Kngt). 

Capsus Fabricius 

C. ater L. Wilmington, Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; Cranberry L., Wanakena, Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; 
Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; Niagara Falls, Je (EPV) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; 
Buffalo, May-Aug (EPV) ; Hamburg, Jl (EPV) ; Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; 
Otto, Jl, Comst (CU) ; Ithaca, Je (Kngt-CU) ; McLean Bogs, May, Buys 
(Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; White Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt) ; SI, Je, Ds 
(Kngt); LI: Wading R., May-Jl, Ds (Kngt). Poa compressa, Agropyron 
repens, and probably other' grasses. 

MiRIDAE 127 

C. ater var. tyrannus Fab. Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Je (EPV) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt). 

C. ater var. semiflavus L. Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Niagara Falls, Je 

(EPV) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Colden, Je (EPV) ; Four Mile, Jl, Ithaca, Je 


Platylygus Van Duzee 

P. luridus Reut. Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; L. Placid, Aug, EPV 
(Reut), type locality; Ringwood, Jl (Kngt), Pimis strobus. 

Lygus Hahn 

L. approximatus Stal. Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Kngt) ; Cascade L., Aug, Brb 
(Kngt) ; Cranberry L., Wanakena, Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt). Hemlock (Tsuga 
canadensis) ; frequently attracted to flowers of Solidago macrophylla. 

L. campestris L. Syracuse, Jl, Basing er (Kngt) ; Batavia, May-Jl (Kngt) ; 
Hamburg, Je, Colden, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca, McLean, Jl (Kngt) ; West Pt., Jl, 
Brb (Kngt) ; Schuyler L., Aug, Buys (Kngt) ; Mosholu (Heid). Conium 
maculatum, also on other plants of the family Umbelliferae. 

L. fasciatus Reut. LI: Bayville, Bks (Kngt), taken on Baccharis halimifolia. 

L. pabulinus L. Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Kngt) ; Cascade L., Aug, Brb (Kngt) ; L. 
Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Wanakena, Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; 
Johnstown, Ds (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; Boston, Aug, EPV 
(Kngt) ; Buffalo, Jl-Aug, E. Aurora, Sep, Hamburg, Jl-Aug, Salamanca, Jl, 
Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; Wyoming, Je (Kngt) ; 
Howland I., Cayuga Co, under bark, Nov, Cy (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; 
Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; McLean, Jl, Bno, Sib (Kngt) ; Oliverea, Je, Sep, Ds 
(Kngt); SI (Heid); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, Bno, Flushing, Aug, Ds 
(Kngt). Breeds on Impatiens bi flora. 

L. plagiatus Uhl. Cranberry L., Je-Aug, Wanakena, Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia 
(Kngt) ; Buffalo, Je-Sep CEPV) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; White Plains, Aug- 
Oct, Bno (Kngt); LI: Maspeth, Mar, Ols, Forest Hills, Oct, Ols (Kngt). 
Breeds on great ragweed {Ambrosia trifida). 

L. pratensis var. oblineatus Say. Common throughout the State. This species is 
a pest on nursery stock, ornamental plants, and cultivated crops. 

L. pratensis var. strigulatus Wlk. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; McLean, Aug 

L. rubicundus Fall. Honeoye Falls, Je (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Buffalo, Jl, 
Lancaster, May-Jl, Colden, Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Ap-Jl (Kngt) ; White 
Plains, Ap, Jl, Bno (Kngt). Breeds on Salix amygdaloides, also occurs on 
other willows ; hibernates. 

L. vanduzeei Kngt. Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Kngt) ; Wilmington, Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; 
Cranberry L., Je-Jl, Htly (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Jl (Kngt) ; Clayville, Je, Buys 
(Kngt) ; Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Portageville, Je 
(Kngt), type locality; Hamburg, Je, EPV (Kngt); Wyoming, Je (Kngt); 
Gowanda, Aug, EPV (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Labrador L., May, 
Buys {Kngi) ', McLean, Jl, Sib (Kngt); L. George, Jl, Fisher (Kngt); 
Catskills, Sep, Oliverea, Je, Sep, Ds (Kngt). 

L. vanduzeei var. rubroclarus Kngt. Cranberry L., Je-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Oliverea, 
Je, Ds (Kngt). 

L. (Neolygus) alni Kngt. Wanakena, Jl, Ols, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Cranberry L., 
Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt); Ithaca, Ringwood, Jl (Kngt); McLean, Jl (Kngt), 
type locality. Breeds on Alnus incana. 

128 MiRIDAE 

L. (Neolygus) atritylus Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk, Htly (Kngt). Salix. 

L. (Neolygus) belfragii Reut. Cranberry L., Wanakena, Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; 
Syracuse, Jl, Basinger (Kngt) ; Conesus L., Je, Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; 
Colden, Je, Hamburg, Aug (EPV) ; Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; Wyoming, Je 
(Kngt) ; Gowanda, Aug, Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; McLean, Jl, Ithaca, Je-Jl, 
Ringwood, Jl (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; White Plains, Aug, Bno 
(Kngt). Breeds on Acer spicatum and Viburnum acerifolium. 

L. (Neolygus) canadensis Kngt. Wanakena, Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt). Breeds on 
hazelnut (Corylus rostrata), according to Drk. 

L. (Neolygus) canadensis var. binotatus Kngt. W. Nyack, Je, Ols (Kngt). 

L. (Neolygus) caryae Kngt. Honeoye Falls, Je, Leon (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt), 
type locality; Portageville, Conesus L., Je (Kngt); Hamburg, Je, EPV 
(Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl, McLean, Jl (Kngt). On hickory (Carya). 

L. (Neolygus) caryae var. subfuscus Kngt. Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt), type locality; 
Byron, Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; Conesus L., Wyoming, Je (Kngt) ; Spring 
Brook, Je, EPV (Kngt); Ithaca, Four Mile, Je-Jl (Kngt). Carya. 

L. (Neolygus) communis Kngt. The Pear Plant-Bug. Cranberry L., Wana- 
kena, Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt), type locality; Geneva (as 
invitus Say), Parrott&Hodgkiss; Honeoye Falls, Je (Kngt), Hamburg, Jl, 
Spring Brook, Je, EPV (Kngt) ; Conesus L., Je (Kngt) ; Wyoming, Portage- 
ville, Je (Kngt) ; Salamanca, Jl, EPV (Kngt) ; McLean, Jl, Bno, Ithaca, 
Je-Jl (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Oliverea, Je, Ds (Kngt) ; Bear Mt., 
Je, Schott (Kngt). Breeds on Cornus stolonifera, C. paniculata, and cultivated 

L. (Neolygus) confusus Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk, Htly, "white birch" 

L. (Neolygus) fagi Kngt. Cranberry L., Je-Aug, Drk, Htly (Kngt) ; Honeoye 
Falls, Je (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Conesus L., Je (Kngt) ; Wyoming, Je 
(Kngt) ; McLean, Ringwood, Ithaca, type locality, Jl (Kngt) ; Enfield Glen, 
Aug, Buys (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Hartsdale, Jl, White Plains, 
Je-Jl, Bno (Kngt). Breeds on Fagus grandifolia and perhaps Betula lutea. 

L. (Neolygus) geneseensis Kngt. Batavia, Je (Kngt); Conesus L., Jl (Kngt), 
type locality; Portageville, Je (Kngt); Ithaca, Je-Jl (Kngt); Hartsdale, 
White Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt) ; LI: Wading R., Je, Yaphank, Jl, Ds (Kngt). 
Breeds on Quercus alba. 

L. (Neolygus) hirticulus VanD. Ausable R., L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry 
L., Jl-Aug, Drk, Htly (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Jl 
(Kngt) ; Boston, Jl-Aug, Hamburg, Jl, Lancaster, Aug (EPV) ; Conesus L., 
Je, Portageville, Aug, Wyoming, Je (Kngt) ; Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; Four 
Mile, Ithaca, McLean, Jl" (Kngt) ; Stanford, Aug (Kngt) ; Ashland, Aug, 
Frost, Oliverea, Je, Ds (Kngt) ; Grand View, Je, Brb (Kngt) ; LI: Cold Sp. 
Harb., Jl, Bno (Kngt). Breeds sparingly on several plants; reared from 
chestnut, beech, and woodbine (Kngt) ; reared from yellow birch (Drk). 

L. (Neolygus) inconspicuus Kngt. Honeoye Falls, Je (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Jl 
(Kngt), type locality; Conesus L., Je (Kngt); Ithaca, Je, Ringwood, Jl 
(Kngt) ; White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt). Vitis rotundifolia. 

L. (Neolygus) invitus Say. Honeoye Falls, Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Conesus L., Je 
(Kngt) ; Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Colden, Je (EPV) ; Hamburg, Je-Jl (EPV) ; 
Portageville, Wyoming Co, Je (Kngt) ; Salamanca, Jl, Gowanda, Aug, EPV 
(Kngt); Ithaca, Je-Jl (Kngt); White Plains, Je-Jl, Bno (Kngt). Ulmus 

MiRIDAE 129 

L. (Neolygus) johnsoni Kngt. Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Conesus L., (Kngt) ; Mc- 
Lean, Jl, Ithaca, Je, Ringwood, Je (Kngt) ; Oliverea, Je-Jl, Ds, Shoe (Kngt) ; 
Bear Mt., Je, Schott, White Plains, Je, Parsh (Kngt). Carpinus caroliniana. 

L. (Neolygus) laureae Kngt. Four Mile, Jl (Kngt), type locality; Bear Ml, Je, 
Schoit (Kngt); West Pt., Je, Ds (Kngt). Mountain laurel (Kalmia 
lati folia). 

L. (Neolygus) neglectus Kngt. LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, Bno (Kngt). Carpinus 

L. (Neolygus) omnivagus Kngt. Conesus L., Je, Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; 
Portageville, Je (Kngt); Ithaca, Je-Jl (Kngt), type locality; Four Mile, Jl 
(Kngt); Bear Mt., Jl, Schott; Ft. Montgomery, Je, Schott (Kngt); White 
Plains, Je, Bno, Hartsdale, Jl (Kngt); LI: Bay Shore, Jl, Ols (Kngt); 
Wading R., Je, Ds, Cold Sp. Harb., Jl-Aug, Parsh (Kngt). Quercus alba, 
Q. rubra, Q. coccinea, and probably other oaks ; reared from Cornus, Castanea, 
and Viburnum. 

L. (Neolygus) ostryae Kngt. Cranberry L., Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Honeoye Falls, 
Conesus L., Je (Kngt); Batavia, Je (Kngt), type locality; Portageville, Je- 
Aug (Kngt) ; Gowanda, Aug, EPV (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl, Four Mile, Jl 
(Kngt) ; McLean, Jl, Kngt, Sep, Sib (Kngt) ; Stamford, Aug, EPV (Kngt). 
Osfrya virginiana. 

L. (Neolygus) parrotti Kngt. Geneva, Je, Parrott (Kngt), type locality. Viburnum 

sterilis and V. opulus. 
L. (Neolygus) parshleyi Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt). 

L. (Neolygus) quercalbae Kngt. Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Conesus L., Portageville, 
Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (Kngt), type locality; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; White 
Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt) ; SI, Je, Ds (Kngt). Quercus alba. 

L. (Neolygus) semivittatus Kngt. Conesus L., Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, 
Je (Kngt), type locality; LI: Pinelawn, Je, Ols (Kngt). Quercus alba. 

L. (Neolygus) tiliae Kngt. Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt) ; Conesus L., Jl, Byron, Je, 
Portageville, Je (Kngt), type locality; Hamburg, Spring Brook, Je-Jl, EPV 
(Kngt) ; Wyoming, Je (Kngt) ; Honeoye Falls, Je (Kngt) ; Elma, Aug 
(EPV) ; Four Mile, Jl, McLean, Jl, Ithaca, Je (Kngt). Tilia americana. 

L. (Neolygus) univittatus Kngt. Portageville, Je (Kngt), type locality; Ithaca, 

Je-Jl, Kngt&Wellhouse (Kngt) ; Ringwood, Je (Kngt). Crataegus. 
L. (Neolygus) viburni Kngt. Sodus Pt., Aug, Buys (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Jl 

(Kngt), type locality; Portageville, Je, Aug (Kngt); Wyoming Co, Jl 

(Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je (Kngt). Viburnum lentago. 
L. (Neolygus) vitticoUis Reut. Honeoye Falls, Je (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; 

Golden, Jl, E. Aurora, Je, Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; 

McLean, Je-Jl, MacG (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl, Ringwood, Je (Kngt) ; White 

Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt); LI: Bay Shore, Jl, Ols, Orient, Jl, Ds (Kngt). 

Acer saccharum and A. rubrum. 


D. elegans Uhl. Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Buffalo, Je (EPV) ; Portageville, Je 
(Kngt); Taughannock, Jl (Kngt); White Plains, 5no (Kngt) ; Mosholu 
(Heid). Red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) and white cedar (Thuja 
occidentalis) . 

D. rufipennis Fall. Ithaca, Je-Jl (Kngt). Pinus sylvestris. 

130 MiRIDAE 

D. suspectus Reut. Wilmington, Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je (Kngt). Pinus 

D. viridicans Kngt. Taughannock, Jl (Kngt) ; Saugerties, Jl, Brh (Kngt) ; White 

Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt), type locality; LI: Lloyds Neck, Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; Cold 

Sp. Harb., Jl, Parsh, Bno (Kngt). Juniperus virginiana. 


P. basalis Reut. Batavia, Je-Sep (Kngt) ; Buffalo, Je-Sep (EPV) ; Wyoming Co, 
Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Kngt-CU) ; McLean, Jl, Sib (Kngt) ; Ithaca, 
Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Enfield Glen, Aug, Buys (Kngt) ; White Plains, Je, 
Bno (Kngt) ; Mosholu (Heid) ; Central Pk., NYC, Sep, Ds (Kngt) ; LI, 
Sep, Ds (Kngt). Dog fennel (Anthemis). 

P. fulvipes Kngt. Four Mile, Jl (Kngt), type locality; Grand View, Je, Brb 
(Kngt) ; LI: Bay Shore, Jl, 01s, Pinelawn, Je, Ds (Kngt). 

P. opacus Kngt. Wanakena, Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; McLean Bogs, Jl (Kngt), type 
locality. Aster umbellatus. 

P. punctipes Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt), type 
locality. Lysimachia qtiadrifolia. 

P. unifasciatus var. lateralis Hahn. Wilmington, Aug (EPV) ; Wanakena, Cran- 
berry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt). Galium boreale. 

P. brevirostris Kngt. Lancaster, Jl, EPV (Kngt). 

P. venaticus Uhl. Cranberry L., Je, Wanakena, Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Niagara 
Falls, Aug, Buffalo, Je, Elma, Je, Hamburg, Jl, Lancaster, Je (EPV) ; Batavia, 
Je-Aug (Kngt) ; Wyoming, Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl, Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; 
White Plains, Je-Jl, Bno^ (Kngt) ; SI, Je, Ds (Kngt) ; LI: Maspeth, Je, Ols 
(Kngt). Solidago altissima. 


P. lineatus Fab. Cranberry L., Jl, Wanakena, Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; L. Placid, Aug 
(EPV) ; Fairmount (Sling) ; Walworth, Yeomans (Felt) ; Wayne Co, Jl 
(Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Tl (Kngt, Lint) ; Buffalo, Je (EPV, Sling) ; Portage- 
ville, Je (Kngt) ; Hamburg, Je-Jl (EPV) ; S. Byron (Lint) ; Geneva (Sling) ; 
Otto, Jl, Comst (Uhl) ; Peruville, Utica, Salem, Albany (Sling) ; Ithaca, 
Je-Jl (Sling, Kngt-CU) ; Enfield Glen, Aug, Buys (Kngt) ; Clayville, Je, 
Buys (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Oliverea, Je, Ds (Kngt) ; Hartsdale, 
Je, White Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt) ; Mosholu (Heid) ; SI, Je, Ds (Kngt) ; 
LI: Wyandanch, Jl, Ds (Kngt). A large number of herbaceous plants, but 
especially Rumex; occasionally a pest on currant bushes. 

HORCIAS Distant 

H. dislocatus Say. Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; 

Conesus L., Je (Kngt) ; Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; McLean, Jl, Ithaca, Je, 
- Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Catskills, Aug, Ds (Kngt) ; Valhalla, May, Bno 

(Kngt) ; LI, Jl, Ds (Kngt). Smilacina racemosa, Geranium maculatum, 

ScrophuJaria leporella, and occasionally Caulophyllum thalictroides. 
H. dislocatus var. affinis Reut. Cranberry L., Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; 

Honeoj'e Falls, Je (Kngt); Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt) ; Conesus L., Je (Kngt); 

Buffalo, Golden, Je, Hamburg, Jl (EPV) ; Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; Four 

Mile, Jl, McLean, Jl (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (Kngt-CU) ; Sodus Pt., Je, Buys 


MiRIDAE 131 

H. dislocatus var. coccineus Emmons. Niagara Falls, Je (EPV) ; Batavia, Je-Jl 

(Kngt); Ithaca, Je (Kngt). 
H. dislocatus var. flavidus Kngt. Batavia, Jl, Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; Four Mile, 

Jl (Kngt), type locality. 
H. dislocatus var. goniphorus Say. Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; Niagara Falls, Golden, 

Hamburg, Je, Buffalo, Jl (EPV) ; Sodus Pt., Je, Buys (Kngt) ; Batavia, 

Je-Jl (Kngt) ; Portageville, Wyoming, Je (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; 

Ithaca, Je, Ruckes (Fbs, Kngt-CU) ; Oliverea, Je, Ds (Kngt) ; White Plains, 
Jl, Bno (Kngt); Mosholu (Held); SI: Arrochar, Je, Ds (Kngt). 
H. dislocatus var. limbatellus Wlk. Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Jl 

(Kngt) ; Portageville, Wyoming, Je (Kngt) ; Four Mile, McLean, Jl (Kngt). 
H. dislocatus var. marginalis Rent. Gloversville, Je, Alex (EPV) ; Batavia, Jl 

(Kngt) ; Hamburg, Jl, Buffalo, Je-Jl (EPV) ; Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; 

Ithaca, Je (Kngt); Four Mile, Ringwood, Jl (Kngt); Oliverea, Je, IDs 

H, dislocatus var. nigriclavus Kngt. Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; 

Four Mile, Jl (Kngt), type locality; Ithaca, Je (Kngt); Ringwood, Jl 

(Kngt); Bear Mt., Jl, Schott (Kngt). 
H. dislocatus var. nigritus Reut. Portageville, Wyoming, Je (Kngt) ; Sodus Pt., 

Je, Buys (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Ithaca, 

McLean, Jl (Kngt) ; Catskills, Oliverea, Je, Ds (Kngt) ; Pine I., Je, Ds 

(Kngt); Mosholu (Held). 
H. dislocatus var. pallipes VanD. Niagara Falls, Hamburg, Je (EPV) ; Batavia, 

Je-Jl, Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt). 
H. dislocatus var. scutatus Kngt. Four Mile, Jl (Kngt), type locality. 

Adelphocoris Reuter 

A. rapidus Say. Adirondacks (EPV) ; Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Kngt) ; Cranberry L., 
Jl, Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Fulton Co, Alex (EPV) ; Buffalo, Je 
(EPV) ; Sodus Pt., Aug, Buys (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Sep (Kngt) ; Wyoming, 
Sep, Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; Otto, Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Enfield Glen, Aug, 
Buys (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug, Comst (Uhl) ; White Plains, Je-Jl, Bno 
(Kngt) ; LI: Gardiners L, Je, Ds (Kngt) ; Schuyler L., Aug, Buys (Kngt) ; 
Rockaway, Je (Wood) ; Yaphank, Jl, Ds (Kngt). 

CaloCORIS Fieber 

C. norvegicus Gmelin, White Plains, Je, Sep, Bno (Kngt) ; Mosholu (Held) ; 
LI: Maspeth, Je, Ols (Kngt). Grasses; also abundant on daisy heads (Bno). 

Stenotus Jakovlev 

S. binotatus Fab. Wanakena, Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Jl, 
Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je (Kngt) ; White 
Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt); Mosholu (Heid) ; LI, Jl, Ds (Kngt). Breeds on 
Dactylus glomerata. 


P. scrupeus Say var. typ. Niagara Falls, Jl, Lockport, Je, Hamburg, Jl (EPV) ; 
Batavia, Je-Jl, Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; Ringwood, Jl (Kngt) ; Pine I., 
(Kngt-Brooklyn Museum); West Pt. (Kngt-Brooklyn Museum); LI: Bell- 
port (Brooklyn Museum). Vitis spp. 

132 MiRIDAE 

P. scrupeus var. bidens McAtee. Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl, Ringwood, 
Je (Kngt) ; Bear Mt, Jl, Schott (Kngt) ; Pine I., Je, Ds (Kngt). 

P. scrupeus var. cunealis McAtee. Rochester Jet., Je, Leon (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Jl 
(KJigt), type locality; Ithaca, Je (Kngt). 

P. scrupeus var. lucidus McAtee. Rochester Jet., Je, Leon (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl 
(Kngt), type locality. 

P. scrupeus var. nubilus McAtee. Portageville, Je (Kngt), type locality. 
P. scrupeus var. par McAtee. Rochester Jet., Je, Leon (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je 
(Kngt) ; Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je (Kngt), type locality. 

P. scrupeus var. rubidus McAtee. Batavia, Je (Kngt), type locality; Stony I., 

Je (Kngt). 
P. scrupeus var. sordidus McAtee. Batavia, Je (Kngt), type locality. 

P. scrupeus var. triops McAtee. Pine I., Je, Ds (Kngt), type locality; SI, Je, 
Ds (Kngt). 

P. scrupeus var. varius McAtee. Rochester Jet., Je, Leon (Kngt) ; Honeoye Falls, 

Je (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt), type locality. 
P. hawleyi Kngt. Waterville, Jl-Sep, Hazvl (Kngt), type locality; Hamburg, Jl-Aug 

(EPV). Cultivated hop. 
P. hawlesd var. ancora Kngt. Syracuse, Jl, Basinger, Waterville, Jl-Aug, Hawl 

P. hawleyi var. fissus McAtee. Waterville, Jl-Aug, Haivl (Kngt) ; SI, Ds (Kngt). 
P. hawleyi var. pallidulus McAtee. Rochester Jet., Jl, Leon (Kngt) ; Batavia, 

Je-Jl (Kngt), type locality. Apple. 

P. colon Say. SI, Je, Ds (Kngt). 

P. colon var. castus McAtee. Haverstraw, Jl (McAtee) ; SI, Aug, Ds (Kngt). 

P. colon var. colonus McAtee. Lancaster, Aug, EPV (Kngt) ; Haverstraw, Jl 

(McAtee) ; LI: Wyandanch, Aug, Ols (Kngt) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, Parsh, 

Riskel (Kngt). 

P. multisignatus Reut. LI: Wading R., Je, Ds (Kngt). 

Garganus Stal 

G. fusiformis Say. Cranberry L., Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Buffalo. 
Jl-Aug, Boston, Aug, Colden, Hamburg, Jl (EPV) ; Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; 
Ithaca, Jl (Kngt); White Plains, Je-Jl, Bno (Kngt); LI: Wading R., Jl, 
Ds (Kngt). Tussilago far far a. 

Neurocolpus Reuter 

N. nubilus Say. L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Fulton 
Co, Alex (EPV) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; Buffalo, Jl-Aug, Colden, Jl, 
Lancaster, Aug (EPV) ; Portageville, Aug (Kngt) ; Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; 
Ithaca, Je-Aug (Ruckes, Kngt-CU) ; Enfield Glen, Aug, Buys (Kngt) ; 
Catskills, Aug, Ds (Kngt) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl, Schott (Kngt) ; Palisades, j 
Mosholu (Heid); NYC, Je (Wood); SI: Eltingville, Jl, Ds (Kngt); LI: i 
Bay Shore, Jl, Maspeth, Jl, Ols (Kngt) ; Hempstead, Sep, Ols (Kngt) ; Mon- 
tauk, Aug, Ds (Kngt). Cephalanthus occidentalis, Rhus sp., and probably 
other plants. 

MiRIDAE 133 

PhyTOCORIS Fallen 

P. angustulus Reut. Ithaca, Taughannock, Jl (Kngt) ; McLean, Sep, Sib (Kngt) ; 

Hartsdale, Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; White Plains, Je, Bno (Kngt). Tsuga canadensis. 
P. antennalis Reut. SI, Sep, Ds (Kngt); LI: Central Pk., Sep, Ds, Cold Sp. 

Harb., Jl, Parsh (Kngt) ; Wyandanch, Aug, Bay Shore, Jl, Ols (Kngt). 
P. borealis Kngt. Jamestown, Aug, EPV (Kngt). 
P. brevifurcatus Kngt. Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt), type locality. 
P. buenoi Kngt. White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt), type locality; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., 

Jl, Parsh (Kngt). 
P. caryae Kngt. Batavia, Jl (Kngt), type locality. Carya. 
P. confluens Reut. Batavia, Aug (Kngt) ; Forest Hill, Sep, Ols (Kngt) ; White 

Plains, Jl, B710 (Kngt); SI: Arrochar, Jl, Ds (Kngt); LI: Flushing, Sep,' 

Ols (Kngt) ; Port Washington, Sep, Ols (Kngt) ; Wading R., Je, Ds (Kngt). 

Hickory (Carya). 
P. conspurcatus Kngt. Batavia, Aug (Kngt), type locality; Ithaca, Sep (Kngt) ; 

White Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt) ; LI: Wyandanch, Aug, Ols (Kngt). Bark of 

Tilia and Acer. 
P. corticevivens Kngt. Waterville, Jl, Hazvl (Kngt) ; Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt), type 

locality; Hartsdale, Jl, Bno (Kngt); SI, Jl, Ds (Kngt). Bark of Acer 

P. cortitectus Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt), type 

P. davisi Kngt. LI: Central Pk., Jl, Ds (Kngt). 

P. depictus Kngt. Batavia, Aug (Kngt), tj'-pe locality. Qiiercus macrocarpa. 
P. diversus Kngt. Madison Barracks, Aug (Kngt), type locality; Mt. Whiteface, 

Aug (Kngt); Ithaca, Jl, Sep (Kngt); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, Parsh 

(Kngt). Pinus strobus. 
P. erectus VanD. Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk, 

Htly (Kngt) ; Cattaraugus Co, Aug (Kngt) ; Salamanca, Jl (EPV), type 

locality; McLean, Aug, Sib (Kngt). 
P. eximius Reut. Cranberry L., Aug, Drk, Htly (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; 

Portageville, Aug (Kngt); Ithaca, McLean, Jl (Kngt) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., 

Jl-Aug, Parsh, Bno (Kngt) ; Yaphank, Jl-Aug, Smithtown, Aug, Ds (Kngt) ; 

Wyandanch, Aug, Ols (Kngt). 
P. fulvus Kngt. Cranberry L., Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt), 

type locality. 

P. fumatus Reut. Ft. Montgomery, Je, Schott (Kngt) ; LI: Bay Shore, Jl, Ols 

(Kngt) ; Wading R., Je, Yaphank, Jl, Ds (Kngt). 
P. infuscatus Reut. Niagara Falls, Boston, Aug (EPV) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; 

Conesus L., Jl (Kngt) ; Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; White 

Plains, Jl, Bno (Kngt). Carya. 
P. lacunosus Kngt. Cranberry L., Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; McLean, 

Jl (Kngt), type locality. 
P. lasiomerus Reut. Cranberry L., Aug, Drk, Htly (Kngt) ; Long L., Horv 

(Reut) ; Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt) ; Fulton Co, Alex (Kngt) ; Cold R., 

Horv (Reut) ; Honeoye Falls, Aug (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt). 
P. minutulus Reut. LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, Parsh (Kngt) ; Maspeth, Sep, Ols 

P. neglectus Kngt. Batavia, Je-Sep (Kngt), type locality; Wyoming Co, Je 

(Kngt) ; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (Kngt) ; Greene Co, Jl (Kngt) ; 

134 MiRIDAE 

Ft. Montgomery, Sep, Schott (Kngt) ; White Plains, Aug, Bno (Kngt) ; LI: 

Amagansett, Je, Ds (Kngt). Apple trees. 
P. obtectus Kngt. Honeoye Falls, Je (Kngt), type locality. 
P. olseni Kngt. LI: Bay Shore, Yaphank, Jl, Ols (Kngt) ; Wyandanch, Aug, Ols 

(Kngt) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, Parsh (Kngt). 
P. onustus VanD. Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Portageville, 

Aug (Kngt); Boston, Aug (EPV) ; Salamanca, Jl (EPV), type locality; 

Four Mile, Jl (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt). Bark of hickory trees. 
P. pallidicornis Rent. Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Kngt) ; Fulton Co, Sep, Alex (EPV) ; 

Cranberry L., Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt). 
P. pinicola Kngt. Batavia, Jl (Kngt), type locality; Taughannock, Jl (Kngt); 

LI: Bay Shore, Jl, Ols (Kngt) ; Promised Land, Sep, Ds (Kngt) ; Cold Sp. 

Harb., Aug, Parsh (Kngt) ; Wyandanch, Jl, Ds (Kngt) ; Amagansett, Sep, 

Ds, Coram, Ds (Kngt). Pinus sylvestris, P. resinosa. 
P. puella Rent. "NY" (Rent) ; Ithaca, Sep (Kngt) ; White Plains, Je, Bno 

(Kngt); LI: Yaphank, Jl, Ds, Ols (Kngt); Bay Shore, Aug-Sep, Ols 

(Kngt); Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, Parsh (Kngt); Wyandanch, Aug, Ols (Kngt). 

P. quercicola Kngt. Batavia, Aug (Kngt), type locality; LI: Fire I., Aug, Ds 
(Kngt). Quercus macrocarpa. 

P. rubropictus Kngt. Wanakena, Aug, Drk (Kngt), type locality. 

P. salicis Kngt. Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, Drk, Htly (Kngt) ; Wanakena, Jl, Drk 

(Kngt) ; Honeoye Falls, Aug (Kngt) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt), type locality; 

Ithaca, Je-Jl, McLean, Jl (Kngt) ; Ringvvood, Tl (Kngt) ; W. Nyack, Aug, 

Ols (Kngt) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, Bno (Kngt) ; Orient, Jl, Ds (Kngt). 


P. spicatu's Kngt. Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt), type locality; Four Mile, Jl (Kngt). 

P. sulcatus Kngt. Madison Barracks, Aug (Kngt) ; Batavia, Aug (Kngt), type 
locality; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; SI, Jl, Ds (Kngt). 

P. tibialis Rent. Elma, Aug, Hamburg, Jl-Sep, Lancaster, Aug, Colden, Aug, 
Bufifalo, Jl-Aug (EPV); Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt); Portageville, Aug 
(Kngt) ; Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl, Bno (Kngt-CU) ; McLean, 
Jl-Aug, Sib (Kngt) ; Saugerties, Jl-Aug, Brb (Kngt) ; White Plains, Jl-Sep, 
Bno (Kngt) ; LI: Riverhead, Aug, Ds (Kngt) ; Flushing, Aug, Ds (Kngt) ; 
Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, Butler, Bno, Parsh (Kngt). 

P. tuberculatus Kngt. Four Mile, Jl (Kngt), type locality; Pine I., Je, Ds (Kngt). 

P. uniformis Kngt. LI: Wyandanch, Aug, Ols (Kngt), t3^pe locality; Bear Mt, 
Aug, Schott (Kngt) ; Yaphank, Aug, Ds, Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, Bno (Kngt). 

P. venustus Kngt. Syracuse, Sep, Drk (Kngt). 

P. vittatus Reut. L. Placid, Aug (EPV), type locality; Lewis, Aug (Kngt). 
Rites cynosbati. 

Paraxenetus Renter 

P. guttulatus Uhl. W. Nyack, Aug, Bno (Kngt) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, Brb 
(Kngt) ; Aqueduct, Jl, Ds (Kngt). 

Barberiella Poppius 

B. apicalis Kngt. SI, Jl, Ds (Kngt), type locality; LI: Central Pk., Aug, Ds 

IsoMETOPiDAE — Cryptostematidae — Hydrometridae — Gerridae 135 


Compiled by Harry H. Knight 
CORTICORIS McAtee and Malloch 
C. pulchellus (Heid.). LI: Sea Cliff (Held). 

Heidemannia Uhler 

H. cixiiformis Uhler. Batavia, Jl, Kngt. During July of 1913 and 1914, twenty- 
seven female specimens were found in scraping rough bark from the trunks 
of apple trees; the bugs appeared to be associated with psocids under the 


{Dipsocoridae, Schizopteridae ) 

CerATOCOMBUS Signoret 

C. (Xyloiianmis Reut.) vagans McAtee & Mall. Keene Val., Je, Not (Mc- 
Atee & Mall). This species occurs in damp, rotten wood (Brb). 


Compiled by J. R. de la Torre-Bueno 

Hydrometra Lamarck 

1281 H. martini Kirk. Ithaca, May-Aug (Bno, MacG-CU) ; McLean, Jl 14 
(Bno) ; White Plains, Mar-Aug, in great abundance (Bno) ; Van Cort. 
Pk., Ap, Jl (Bno) ; SI, May, Bno & Ds (Bno), Ap 11 in plowed 
field, Ds (Bno) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl (Bno). 


Compiled by J. R. de la Torre-Bueno 

subfamily GERRINAE 

Gerris Fabricius 

1283 G. remigis Say. Mt. Whiteface, Aug (EPV) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Old 
F'orge (Bno); Cranberry L. (O&D) ; Caledonia Cr., Dec (Lint); 
Colden, Gowanda, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU) ; Fly Cr., 
Aug {Bno) ; White Plains, Scarsdale, Port Chester, Feb-late Nov 
{Bno) ; Mosholu, Van Cort. Pk., Central Pk., NYC, Ap-Je {Bno) ; 
SI, Feb-Mar (Bno), Jl {Ols)\ LI: Flushing, Mar, Hempstead, Jl, 
{Ols) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, in brackish stream (Bno) ; Yaphank, Sep, 
Eng (Bno). 

1285 G. conformis Uhl. Ithaca, Aug (CU) ; Croton-on-Hudson, Aug (Ols) ; 
White Plains, Je-Jl {Brio) ; Mamaroneck, May {Bno) ; LI: Cold Sp. 
Harb., Jl, in brackish stream {Bno). 

1288 G. marginatus Say. Old Forge, Je-Jl (CU) ; Cranberry L. (O&D) ; Fulton, 
Je, Mary Hill (CU) ; Otto (CU) ; Buffalo, Colden, Je-Sep {EPV); 
Ithaca, May-Sep (CU) ; Carmel, Aug (Bno) ; White Plains, Mar and 
throughout the year, adults in spring and fall {Bno) ; Van Cort. Pk., 
Central Pk., NYC, Mar-Oct (Bno); SI, Mar-Sep {Bno, Ols); LI: 
Maspeth, Flushing, Newtown Hgts., Hempstead, Lynbrook, Mar-Nov 
{Ols) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, in brackish stream (Bno) ; Yaphank, Sep, 
Eng (Bno). 

136 Gerridae — Veliidae 

1288i G. argenticollis Parsh. Cranberry L. (O&D) ; White Plains, Mar-May 
(Bno) ; Pleasantville, Sep {Bno). 

1289 G. buenoi Kirk. Cranberry L. (O&D) ; Ithaca, Aug (CU) ; McLean, Jl, 

Kngt (Bno) ; White Plains, Mar-Nov, adults in spring and fall, nymphs 
in early summer {Bno) ; Van Cort. Pk., Oct (Bno) ; LI: Queens, 
Newtown Hgts., Yaphank, Mar-Jl {Ols) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Jl {Bno). 

1290 G. canaliculatus Say. Putnam Co, Sep {Bno) ; White Plains, May-Nov 

{Bno) ; Van Cort, Pk., Central Pk., NYC, Mar-Oct {Bno) ; SI, May 
{Bno); LI: Rockaway Beach, Je {Ols); Cold Sp. Harb., Jl {Bno). 

G. insperatus D, & H. LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Brb (Drk&Hottes). 


1291 L. rufoscutellatus Latr. Old Forge, Aug (CU) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Jl 

{EPV); Ithaca, Jl-Sep (Bno) ; Enfield, Sep (CU) ; Putnam Co, Sep 
{Bno) ; White Plains, May-Jl and off and on throughout the year 
{Bno) ; Van Cort. Pk., Je {Bno) ; LI: Jamaica, Feb, Dow (Bno). 

Metrobates Uhler 

1295 M. hesperius Uhl. Franklin Co (EPV) ; Fulton, Alex (Bno) ; Cranberry L. 

(O&D) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU) ; L. Mahopac, both adults and nymphs 
in enormous numbers, Sep 1 {Bno). 

Trepobates Uhler 

1296 T. pictus H.-S. Cranberry L. (O&D) ; Hamburg, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca, Je- 

Sep (CU) ; L. Mahopac, Sep (Bno) ; Carmel, Aug (Bno) ; White 
Plains, Oct, adults generally found in late summer and early fall (Bno) ; 
LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl (Bno) ; Yaphank, Sep, Eng (Bno). 

Rheumatobates Bergroth 

1297 R. rileyi Bergr. Cranberry L. (O&D) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU) ; White Plains, 

Aug-Oct {Bno); LI: Prospect Pk., Brooklyn, Aug, Ds (Ols); High 
Hill, Aug {Bno) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, in brackish stream {Bno) ; Flat- 
bush, Zab (Heid) ; Yaphank, Sep {Bno, Ols) . 


Compiled by J. R. de la Torre-Bueno 

MiCROVELIA Westwood 

1303 M. borealis Bno. Cranberry L. (O&D) ; Carmel, Aug (Bno) ; Tarry town, 

Je (Bno) ; White Plains, throughout the year (Bno) ; SI, May (Bno), 
Aug (Ols) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl (Bno). 

1304 M. albonotata Champ. Fly Cr., Cooperstown, Aug (Bno) ; Valhalla, Oct, 

Armonk, Je (Bno) ; White Plains, May, winged form, Sep-Oct (Bno) ; 
LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl (Bno). 
1306i M. fontinalis Bno. White Plains, Mar, May, Sep, Dec, but most abundant 
in spring in woodlands (Bno). 

M. buenoi Drk. Cranberry L. (O&D) ; White Plains, May-Sep, Feb 22, 

from among leaves at bottom of a pond, in great abundance on Mar 11, 
Nov 4, sluggish (Bno). 

Veliidae — Saldidae 137 

1307 M. americana Uhl. Cranberry L. (O&D) ; Adirondacks (EPV) ; Golden, 

Pipe Cr., Hamburg, E. Aurora, May-Aug (EPV) ; Fly Cr., Otsego 

Co, Aug (Bno) ; Tarrytown, Je, White Plains, the commonest species, 

Aug, Scarsdale, Sep, Port Chester, Aug, Armonk, Je (Bno) ; Bronx, 
Central Pk., NYC, Mar, Sep (Bno); SI, Mar (Bno); LI: Flushing, 
North Beach I., Yaphank, Mar-Oct (Bno, Ols). 

M. heinei Drk. White Plains, May-Oct (Bno). 

Rhagovelia Mayr 

1309 R. obesa Uhl. Ausable R., Aug (EPV) ; L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Cran- 
berry L. (O&D) ; Niagara Falls, Colden, Hamburg, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; 
Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU) ; Fly Cr., Otsego Co, Aug (Bno) ; Tarrytown, 
White Plains, Armonk, in favorable situations from early spring to late 
fall (Bno) ; SI, Aug (Ols) ; LI: Yaphank, Sep (Bno). 


Compiled by J. R. de la Torre-Bueno 

Pentacora Renter 

1316 P. signoretii Guer. Dutchess Co, Je, Whiting (Bno) ; Rye, Jl, nymphs 

and adults (Bno) ; LI: Long Beach, Aug, Schott (Bno, Ols) ; Freeport, 
Dow (Ols); Gilgo Beach, Whiting (Bno). 

1317 P. hirta Uhl. Rye, Jl-Aug, Mamaroneck, Oct (Bno); LI: Gilgo Beach, Jl 

(Bno) ; Rockaway Beach, Sep, Cold Sp. Harb., Jl (Bno). 

1318 P. ligata Say. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., on stones (O&D) ; Thou- 

sand Isls., Sep (CU) ; Batavia, Sep, Portageville, Je (Kngt) ; shores 
of L. Erie, Niagara R., Jl-Sep (EPV) ; Buffalo, Oct (EPV) ; Ithaca, 
Je-Sep (CU) ; Dutchess Co, Whiting, Je (Bno) ; Ft. Montgomery, Je, 
Schott (Bno); White Plains, Jl, Sep (Bno). ' 
1334 P. sphacelata Uhl. (Saldula). Rye, Jl-Aug (Bno); LI: Gilgo Beach, Jl, 
Whiting (Bno) ; Babylon, Aug (Bno) ; Rockaway Beach, Sea Cliff, Bay 
Shore, Je-Jl (Ols). 

SAlda Linnaeus 

1320 S. littoralis L. Pipe Cr., Jl (EPV). 

1321 S. coriacea Uhl. (anthracina Uhl., teste Bno.). Wallface Mt., Jl, Not 

1322 (Bno) ; Cranberry L. (O&D) ; Oakfield, Je, Not (Bno) ; Batavia, Je, 
Kngt (Bno) ; Hamburg, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl (CU) ; Ft. Hunter, 
May, Not (Bno); White Plains, Jl (Bno). 

Saldula Van Duzee 

1323 S. major Prov. Wallface Mt., Meadow Pond, Essex Co, Not (Bno) ; Cran- 

berry L. (O&D) ; Fulton Co, Alex (Bno) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Buf- 
falo, Hamburg, Je-Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl (CU) ; White Plains, Jl- 
Sep (Bno) ; Mt. Kisco, Je (Bno) ; LI: Je (Bno) ; Rockaway Beach, 
Je, Shoe (Ols); Bay Shore, Je (Ols). 

1324 S. confluenta Say. Fulton Co, Alex (Bno) ; Cranberry L. (O&D) ; Lan- 

caster, Je, MCV (EPV) ; White Plains, Je-Sep (Bno) ; LI: Yaphank, 
Jl, Ols (Bno). 


1325 S. orbiculata Uhl. Cranberry L. (O&D) ; Buffalo (EPV) ; White Plains, 
Je-Jl (Bno) ; Mosholu, Je-Oct (Bno) ; LI: Amity ville, Jl (Bno). 

1328 S. interstitialis Say (pallipes auctt. Am.). Axton, Je (M&H) ; L. Placid, Aug 

(EPV) ; Cranberry L. (O&D) ; Batavia, Aug, Kngt (Bno) ; Buffalo, 
Hamburg, Colden, May-Oct (EPV) ; Canisteo, Je, A^ot (Bno) ; Ithaca, 
Jl-Sep (CU) ; Carmel, Je-Aug (Bno) ; White Plains, Aug-Oct (Bno) ; 
Valhalla, Aug (Bno); LI: Maspeth, Bay Shore, Jl-Nov (Ols) ; Cold 
Sp. Harb., Jl (Bno) ; Rockaway Beach, Ols (Bno) ; Gilgo Beach, Jl 
(Bno); Yaphank, Jl (Bno). 

1329 S. separata Uhl. Wallface Mt, L. Tear, Indian Pass, Essex Co, Jl, Not 

(Bno) ; Cranberry L., Jl (O&D) ; Oakfield, Je, Not (Bno). 

1330 S. reperta Uhl. Wallface Mt., Jl, Not (Bno) ; Cranberry L. (O&D) ; Buf- 

falo, Colden, Jl-Sep (EPV) ; White Plains, May (Bno) ; Scarsdale, 
Sep (Bno) ; Mosholu, Mar-Jl (Bno) ; SI, Jl (Bno). 

1331 S. xanthochUa Fieb. Elma, Je (EPV). 

1335 S. opacula Zett. Cranberry L., Jl (Drk) ; White Plains, by sifting, Mar-Sep 
(Bno) ; LI: North Beach, Jan 14, Schott (Bno). 

1341 S. saltatoria L. White Plains, Mar 22-23, active, Dec 2, sifted from drifted 

leaves about tussocks in swamp (Bno) ; Valhalla, May (Bno) ; LI: 
Huntington, Feb 10, Schott (Bno). 


1342 M. humilis Say. Wallface Mt., Jl, Not (Bno) ; Cranberry L. (O&D) ; 

Rochester, Je (CU) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Gowanda, May- Aug (EPV) ; 
Canisteo, Je, Not (Bno) ; Nichols, May, Not (Bno) ; White Plains, 
Valhalla, Mt. Kisco, and Tarrytown, throughout spring and summer 
(Bno); W. Nyack, Je (Ols); Mosholu, Jl (Bno); LI: Sea CHff 
(CU) ; Rockaway Beach, Bay Shore, May-Je (Ols) ; Cold Sp. Harb., 
Jl (Bno); Amityville, Gilgo Beach, Jl (Bno); Yaphank, Jl (Bno), Je 

Lampracanthia Renter 
1345 L. crassicornis Uhl. Ithaca (Hgfd). 

Chartoscirta Stal 
C. (Chartolampra) cursitans Bno. L. Tear, Jl 27, Not (Bno), type locality. 


Compiled by J. R. de la Torre-Bueno 



1349 N. irrorata Uhl. Keene Val. (Bno) ; Buffalo, Colden, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca, 

Aug (CU) ; White Plains, Sep-Nov (Bno) ; Bronx Pk., Van Cort. 
Pk., Ap-Sep (Bno); NYC (Brb) ; SI, Aug-Oct (Bno); LI: Forest 
Pk., Nov (Bno) ; Queens, Flushing, Maspeth, Mar-Nov (Ols) ; Cold 
Sp. Harb., Jl (Bno). 

1350 N. uhleri Kirk. Putnam Co, Sep (Bno) ; White Plains, Sep-Nov (Bno) ; 

Van Cort. Pk., Ap (,Bno) ; LI: Flushing. Aug-Oct. Schott (Ols). 


1351 N. variabilis Fieb. Cranberry L., Jl-Aug (O&D) ; Keene Val., May, Not 

(Bno) ; Lowville, Je, Not (Bno) ; Ithaca, Aug (Bno) ; Tivoli, May, 
Not (Bno) ; White Plains, Ap-Sep, Nov (Bno) ; Valhalla, May (Bno) ; 
Van Cort. Pk, Mar-Nov (Bno); Central Pk., NYC, Ap {Bno); SI: 
May (Bno) ; Concord, Mar, Ang (01s) ; LI: Flushing (01s), Yap- 
hank, Jl-Sep (01s, Bno). 

1352 N. undulata Say. Mt. Marcy, Jl, Not (Bno) ; Keene Val., May, Not (Bno) ; 

L. Placid (EPV); Cranberry L., Jl (O&D) ; Buffalo and vie, Jl-Aug 
(EPV); Ithaca, Je-Nov (CU) ; Danby, Spencer, Aug, Comst (CU) ; 
Fly Cr., Otsego Co, Aug (Bno) ; Albany (NYS) ; Tivoli, May, Not 
(Bno) ; Putnam Co (Bno) ; White Plains, Feb-Dec (Bno) ; Bronx 
Pk., Central Pk., NYC, Bno, Mar-Sep (Bno); SI: Oct-Nov (Bno); 
Concord, Mar, Ang (01s); LI: Forest Pk., Nov (Bno); Flushing, 
Maspeth, Sep-Nov (Bno) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Jl (Bno) ; Yaphank 
(Bno & Eng). 

1352c N. undulata var. maculata Fieb. Central Pk., NYC, Mar (Bno) ; SI, in 
autumn, Bno&Ds (Bno). 

1352e N. undulata var. latona Kirk. Gowanda, Aug {EPV) ; SI, Oct-Nov (Bno). 

1354 N. raleighi Bno. White Plains, Mar 21, at thawed edges of a pond (Bno). 

1357 N. insulata Kby. Mt. Marcy, Jl, Not (Bno) ; Cranberry L., Jl (O&D) ; 
Buffalo, Gowanda, Jl-Aug {EPV) ; Albany (Bno) ; White Plains, 
Ap-Nov {Bno), Mar (Ols) ; NYC, Brh (Bno); SI, Sep, Ds {Bno)', 
LI: Maspeth, Mar-Nov (Ols). 

BUENOA Kirkaldy 

1362 B. margaritacea Bno. Adirondacks {EPV); Cranberry L. (O&D) ; White 

Plains, Feb-Dec (Bno) ; Pleasantville, Sep 9 (Bno) ; LI: Flushing, 
Huntington, May-Aug (Ols). 

1363 B. platycnemis Fieb. "NY" (VanD. Cat.). 

1364 B. elegans Fieb. White Plains, Aug-Sep {Bno) ; Pleasantville, Sep-Nov 

{Bno); Van Cort. Pk. {Bno); SI, Sep {Bno); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., 
Jl {Bno); Yaphank, Sep, Eng {Bno). 


Plea Leach 

1365 P. striola Fieb. Rochester, Moore (EPV) ; Ithaca, May-Jl (CU) ; White 

Plains, Oct, etc. (Bno) ; Hartsdale, Aug {Bno) ; Van Cort. Pk., Ap- 
Sep (Bno) ; SI, May-Oct, Ds {Bno) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl {Bno) ; 
Maspeth {Ols); Yaphank, Jl (Ols), Sep, Eng {Bno). 


Compiled by J. R. de la Torre-Bueno 
Pelocoris Stal 

1366 P. femoratus Pal. de Beauv. Baldwinsville, Sep, Pettit (CU) ; Carmel, Aug 

{Bno) ; White Plains, May-Nov {Bno) ; Van Cort. Pk., Mar-Jl 
{Bno); SI, May-Oct {Bno), Je (Ols); LI: Maspeth, Je, Rockaway 
Beach, Nov {Ols); Yaphank, Jl {Ols); Sep, Eng {Bno). 

140 Nepidae — Belostomatidae 


Compiled by J. R. de la Torre-Bueno 

Nepa Linnaeus 

1379 N. apiculata Uhl. Fulton Co, Alex (Bno) ; Lancaster (EPV) ; Ithaca, Aug 
(CU) ; White Plains, Aug 16, nymph (Bno) ; Valhalla, Oct 2 (Bno) ; 
Mt. Vernon, Eng (Bno) ; Yonkers, Ang (01s) ; Van Cort. Pk., Ang 
(01s) ; SI, Ds (Bno) ; LI: Flushing, FWinters (01s) ; Cold Sp. Harb., 
Jl (Bno). 

Ranatra Fabricius 

1381 R. kirkaldyi Bno. (fusca Am. auctt. not Pal. de Beauv.). E. Aurora, Oct 
(EPV); Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU) ; L. Mahopac (Bno), type locality; 
Central Pk., NYC (Bno). 

1383 R. americana Montd. Cranberry L., Jl (O&D) ; Squaw I., Niagara Falls, 

--. Sep (EPV); Lancaster (EPV); Ithaca, May-Aug (CU) ; White 

Plains, from early spring to late fall (Bno); Van Cort. Pk., Central 
Pk., NYC, Mar (Bno); LI: Forest Pk., Nov 7 (Bno). 

1385 R. protensa Montd. Ithaca, Nov (CU) ; Central Pk., NYC (Bno). 


Compiled by J. R. de la Torre-Bueno 


1387 B. griseus Say. Cranberry L. and vie. (O&D) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Ap-Sep 

(EPV); Ithaca, May-Jl (CU) ; White Plains, May-Sep (Bno) ; 
Tarrytown, May (Lint-NYS) ; NYC, Jl (Bno, 01s); SI: New 
Brighton. Mar (01s); LI: Maspeth, Oct (Ols) . 

Lethocerus Mayr 

1388 L, americanus Leidy. Adirondacks (Felt) ; Lockport, Jl (Lint-NYS) ; Buf- 

falo, Hamburg, Ap (EPV) ; Caledonia Cr. (Lint) ; Johnstown, Ap 
(NYS) ; Ithaca, Mav-Jl (CU) ; Albany, Ap-Sep (NYS) ; E. Chatham, 
Je (Lint-NYS) ; Kingston (Lint-NYS) ; Stuyvesant Falls (NYS) ; 
White Plains, May-Oct (Bno). 

1389 L. obscurus Duf. Hamburg, Mar (EPV) ; White Plains, Ap-Oct, on 

Nov 4, out of water on vegetation and torpid (Bno) ; Mt. Vernon, Je 
(Bno); SI:, New Brighton, Mar (Ols). 

BelostoMA Latreille 

1393 B. flumineum Say. Cranberry L. and vie. (O&D) ; Buffalo, Sep (EPV- 

NYS) ; Black Rock Harb., Sep (EPV) ; Mooers, Sep, Not (Ols-AM) ; 
Ithaca, Aug-Sep (CU) ; L. Mahopac, Mar (Bno) ; White Plains, Jl- 
Nov (Bno) ; Yonkers (Ols) ; Van Cort. Pk., Bronx Pk., Mar-Sep 
(Bno); SI, Mar (Ols), Aug-Oct (Bno); LI: Flushing, Rockaway 
Beach, Maspeth, Mar-Nov (Ols) ; Forest Pk., Yaphank, Jl-Nov (Bno). 

1394 B. lutarium Stal. Yaphank, Jl, Nov (Bno). 
1401 B. testaceum Leidy. "NY" (VanD. Cat.). 



Compiled by J. R. de la Torre-Bueno 
GelaSTOCORIS Kirkaldy 
1407 G. oculatus Fab. SI, Ds (Bno). 


Compiled by J. R. de la Torre-Bueno 
OCHTERUS Latreille 

1412 O. americanus Uhl. White Plains, May-Sep (Bno) ; Mosholu, May (Bno) ; 

SI, Ds (Bno) ; LI: Jamaica, Jl, Huntington, Jl, Schott (01s). 

1413 O. banks! Brb. White Plains, Je-Jl (Bno). 

Compiled by J. R. de la Torre-Bueno 
1416 C. praeusta Fieb. Cranberry L., Bean Pond, Beaver Meadow (O&D). 

ArctoCORIXA Wallgren 

1422 A. alternata Say. White Plains, Mar-Je (Bno) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl 

(Bno) ; Flushing, Sep-Oct, Maspeth, Dec (01s). 
1424 A. calva Say. Ithaca (Plunk); LI: Flushing, Mar, Oh (Plunk). 

A. compressa Abb. Cranberry L. (O&D). 

1427i A. dubia Abb. Ithaca, Claas (Hgfd). 

1434 A. harrisii Uhl. White Plains, Valhalla, Mar, Sep, Nov (Bno); LI: Cold 
Sp. Harb., Jl (Bno). 

1437 A. interrupta Say. Sodus Bay, Aug, ACWeed (Hgfd) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug 

(Hgfd) ; White Plains, Mar, Plunk (Ols) ; SI, Mar (01s), Jl (Bno) ; 
LI: Flushing, Aug, Plunk (Hgfd); Maspeth, Oct, Plunk (Ols). 

1438 A. kennicottii Uhl. White Plains, Sep-Oct (Bno) ; Van Cort. Pk., May, Jl 

1440 A. laevigata Uhl. "NY", three specimens (Hgfd). 
1442 A. lineata Forst. "NY" (VanD. Cat.). 
1443i A. modesta Abb. Ithaca, Jl (Bno) ; White Plains, Nepperhan, Je (Bno). 

1444 A. nitida Fieb. White Plains, Mar, Ols (Plunk); LI: Maspeth, Mar, Ols 

14441 A. ornata Abb. Ithaca, Claas (Hgfd). 
1444i A. parshleyi Abb. Ithaca, paratypes. 

1445 A. pectenata Abb. LI: Fire I. Beach, Jl 19, in wash-up (Bno). 

A. scabra Abb; Bean Pond, Cranberry L. (O&D). 

A. lobata Hgfd. LI (Hgfd). 

A. obliqua Hgfd. Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Hgfd). 

A. vulgaris Hgfd. Ithaca, Mar-Nov, Alex, Plunk (Hgfd) : White Plains, 

Bno (Hgfd). 



1462 P. buenoi Abb. Cranberry L. (O&D) ; Ithaca, Jl (Bno) ; Carmel, Aug 
(Bno) ; White Plains, Mt. Kisco, Valhalla, May-Sep (Bno) ; Van Cort. 
Pk., Je (Bno); Central Pk, NYC, Ap (Bno); SI, Aug (Bno); LI: 
Cold Sp. Harb., Parsh (Bno). 

CORIXA Geoffroy 

1465 C. macrocerops Kirk. LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Parsh (Hgfd). 
1467 C. verticalis Fieb. LI: Maspeth, Dec 28, 1907, Ols (Plunk). 


The list in the order Homoptera has not had, properly speaking, a 
general editor, although Mr. E. P. Van Duzee was originally designated 
as in charge of this order at the time when the preparation of the state 
list as a whole was first contemplated. Pressure of other duties, and the 
transferral of Mr. Van Duzee's residence to California, have prevented 
him from continuing to take the general responsibility. While the Editor- 
in-Chief has assembled the data for many of the groups, Mr. Van Duzee 
has done an immense amount of work in making determinations, furnish- 
ing records, and correcting synonymy, with the exception of the specialized 
families Coccidae and Aphiidae, which have been checked over by Messrs. 
Harold Morrison, and A. C. Baker and P, W. Mason, respectively. Mr. 
Van Duzee has been kind enough to look over the proof also. 

The following families of this order are especially well represented in 
the State, due to the collecting and study by the specialists mentioned 
in connection with them : Cicadidae, Wm. T. Davis ; Membracidae, W. D. 
Funkhouser, L. B. Woodruff, C. E. Olsen, and J. L. Buys; Cicadellidae, 
Herbert Osborn, D. M. DeLong, C. E. Olsen, and J. L. Buys; and for all 
three of these groups, of course, E. P. Van Duzee. 

Family CICADIDAE is 

Compiled by William T. Davis 

TiBICEN Latreille 

1473 T. linnei (Smith & Grossbeck). Clyde, Aug, Bish; Albion, Ontario, Aug 
(NYS) ; Hamburg, Aug (EPV) ; Buffalo, Aug (EPV) ; Geneva, 
Canandaigua, Sep, Fulton; Gowanda, Aug (EPV); Ithaca, Aug 
(Univ. of Minn.), Aug, Sep, (CU), Aug (la. State Coll.), Aug 
(Morse); Coeymans, Aug-Sep (NYS); Saugerties, Aug, Brb', West 

^' There are but nine species of cicadas in New York State, whereas more inland areas, as 
Kansas and Colorado, have about twenty-five species each, and on the Pacific coast they are even 
more numerous. In Tibicen auletes, however, the State has one of the largest of North American 
cicadas, and in T. chloromera one of the most noisy and energetic. With the exception of the 
seventeen-year cicada, practically nothing is known of the life cycle of any of the specieg, 


Pt., Sep, Robn; Yonkers; White Plains, Aug 29; Rye, Sep, several 
specimens, Junius Bird; W. Nyack, Aug; Central Pk., 1906; Inwood, 
Sep, Ds; Van Cort. Pk., Aug, Ds; City L, Lesisski; SI: generally dis- 
tributed, but less plentiful where the soil is dry, late Jl-Sep; LI: found 
in places from Brooklyn along the north shore to Orient; occurs on 
Gardiners I. and at Montauk, but is probably absent or unusual in the 
pine-barren regions of the island. 

1479 T. canicularis (Harr.). Crown Pt., Aug, Not; Keene Val., Jl-Aug (NYS), 
thirty-nine females, six males, Aug 18-Sep 29, six collected in Aug, 
thirty-nine in Sep, Not, Aug 11-26, Diven, Sep, Eng; Jay, Jl 
(WEBritton) ; Upper Jay, Aug, Not; Mt. Whiteface, Aug, 
FHBenjamin; Ausable Chasm, Sep, Not; Hope, Aug (NYS); New- 
port, Sep (NYS) ; Lowville, Jl-Aug, RBHough; Clinton, three females, 
PB Powell (Ds) ; Utica, Jl (NYS) ; Syracuse, Jl, AJBasinger, Aug- 
Sep, Drk, Sep 11 (la. State Coll.) ; Baldwinsville, Sep (Mich. Agr. 
Coll.) ; Belle Isle, Jl (NYS) ; Oneida, Aug (US) ; Arcadia, Aug 
(Mich. Agr. Coll.) ; Clyde, Aug, Bish; Lake Bluff, Sep, Bish; Honeoye 
Falls, two males, one female, Aug, Kngt; Batavia, Jl-Aug, Kngt; 
Hamburg, Aug (EPV) ; Buffalo, Aug (EPV) ; Geneva, two males, 
one female, Aug, VHLowe, Aug-Sep, BBFulton; Portage, Jl, 
JLHoward; Wyoming Co, Sep, Kngt; Jamestown, Jl, (NYS); Rock 
City, Sep, GlWheeler; Ithaca, eight specimens, Jl 9, Sep 4 (CU), Aug 
(APMorse), Jl, HPMorrison, Aug (Miss. Agr. Coll.), Jl (Univ. of 
Mich.), Aug, Eng; Elmira, Aug, Diven; Preble, Aug (la. State Coll.) ; 
Saratoga Sps., Angus (AM) ; Albany, Jl, Aug; Karner, Jl, Aug, Sep 
(NYS); Nassau, Je (NYS); Big Ind. Val., Aug, Pears; Allaben, 
Aug, Dow, Aug, AHHelme; E. Jewett, Aug, Ds; Elk Bushkill Val., 
Sep; Debruce, Sep, Ds; Callicoon, Jl, Ds; L. Mahopac, Aug, 
TDO' Connor; West Pt., Sep, Robn; Valley Cottage; Peekskill, Aug, 
Sherm; Yonkers; SI: when there were many groves of pines on the 
island, this was not an uncommon species, but it has become the rarest 
of the genus ; on Sep 18, 1917, one was heard singing from a pine tree 
in the Moravian Cemetery; LI: there are no records for the western 
part of the island, but from Central Pk. eastward it is a common 
species, especially in the pine areas ; it is less plentiful along the 
morainal hills of the north shore, but has been found as far east as 
Orient and Promised Land and also on Shelter I. 

1477 T. Isndcen (DeG.). Ilion (Titus); Sodus, Foster (AM); Niagara Falls, 
Aug 18, 1909 (EPV) ; West Pt., Sep, Rohn; White Plains, Aug, Ols, 
JBKnapp; Pleasantville, Kessler; Tarrytown, Jl, Wood; W. Nyack, 
Aug; Bronxville, Jl, Wood, Aug; Bronx Pk., Aug, Ds; Van Cort. Pk., 
Aug; Central Pk., NYC (AM); SI: generally distributed over the 
island, and in 1922 heard singing as early as Jl 8; is more of a tree- 
inhabiting species than chloromera; LI: found all over the island, in- 
cluding Orient Pt., Montauk, Shelter L, and Gardiners I. In late 
Aug, 1917, this species occurred in great numbers in places in the 
woods between Fresh Pond and Montauk; it was so abundant that the 
singing was a continuous performance. 

1477a T. lyricen var. engelhardti (Ds.). Syracuse, Jl, AJBasinger (la. State Coll.) ; 
Ithaca, Je (CU) ; West Pt., Sep 14, three males, Robn; LI: Montauk, 
Sep, Ds, Aug. In the South this variety occurs in the mountains and 
/ is rare in the lowlands. 

/ 1475 T. chloromera (Wlk.) {Cicada sayi Smith & Grossbeck). Gowanda, Aug, 
EPV; Albany, Jl (NYS); Aug, JSBailey (AM); Castleton, Aug 
(NYS); Phoenicia, Aug, EPV) Saugerties, Aug, fifteen specimens. 


Brb; Ft. Montgomery, Sep, Schott; Mt. Vernon, Aug, GBeyer; White 
Plains, Aug-Sep, nine males, two females, JBKnapp; Pleasantville, 
Sep, Kessler; Rye, Sep, Bird, Aug, Ds; Tarrytown, Jl, Wood; W. 
Nyack, Aug, Ols&Ds; Central Pk., Bronx Pk., Van Cort. Pk. ; Throg's 
Neck, Aug, thirty-seven males, eleven females, ASkinner; SI: distrib- 
uted all over the island and often found on low vegetation; Jl 8 (in 
1913) is the earliest date that one has been heard singing on the island; 
on Oct 11, 1919, a very warm day, two were heard at St. George; LI: 
common on the westerly part of the island, but not recorded east of 
Oyster Bay and Hempstead; appears to prefer rather damp, heavy soil; 
occurs in Prospect Pk., Brooklyn. 

1484 T. auletes (Germ.). Van Cort. Pk., Aug, Ds; Manhattan I., Sep, Shoe; SI: 
rather partial to sandy ground; Arrochar, Old Place, Watchogue, Long 
Neck near Travisville, Richmond Val., Jl-Sep. On Sep 10, 1916, there 
were a considerable number of these insects in the trees to the north 
of the Finger Board Road near the corner of Sand Lane, Arrochar. 
They were so numerous that their songs were continuous. LI: Pine- 
lawn, Patchogue, Farmingville, Selden, Coram, Yaphank, Wading R., 
Riverhead, Montauk, Jl-early Oct. No doubt generally distributed over 
the island, especially in the areas of loose soil. Often sings in the late 
afternoon and into the evening. 

Cicada Linnaeus 

1501 C. hieroglyphica Say. LI: A few seen among the pines near Bald Hill, 
Riverhead, Aug, 1917, and six males captured in the same locality, Jl 
18, 1918. The species no doubt occurs elsewhere on LL 

Magicicada Davis 

1510 M. septendecim (L.) and form cassinii (Fisher). Periodical Cicada, or 
Seventeen-Year Cicada. Occurs in certain years very plentifully on 
SI, LI, in the Hudson R. Val., and in the central and western parts of 
the State. Occurs more sparingly elsewhere in the State, and appears 
to be absent from the higher regions. Only a few of the broods recorded 
as occurring in the State are really of prime importance, the others 
feebly representing some outlying swarms, or being perhaps belated 
individuals or else those that have appeared prematurely. 

The small form cassinii appears with the larger septendecim and 
is usually considered as a variety of it. Its song is totally different 
from that of the large septendecim, being a series of chirps. It occurs 
in colonies in the area occupied by its larger relative, and is not so 
numerous or so widely spread. 

On SI: brood 2 (1911-1928) appears in countless numbers; brood 6 
(1915-1932) is the next largest, while broods 1, '3, 4, 5, 10, 13, 14, 15, 
and 17 have also been recorded, but not in large numbers. 

On LI: brood 10 (1919-1936) and brood 14 (1923-1940) are the 
largest. Broods 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, and 9 have also been observed. Brood 1 
(1910-1927) has a considerable swarm in the Half Way Hollow Hills, 
and brood 5 (1914-1931) in several localities from Wyandanch to 
Wading R. 

Elsewhere in the State, brood 2 (1911-1928) is the great swarm in the 
Hudson R. Val., extending as far north as Washington and Saratoga 
Counties. Brood 3 (1912-1929) has been reported from Geneseo (NYS 


Ent, 1912), brood 4 (1913-1930) from West Pt., brood 5 (1914-1931) 
from West Pt., brood 6 (1915-1932) from West Pt. (Robn), also from 
Dutchess, Greene, and Schenectady Counties (Rept. State Ent., 1915, 
and Bui. 71 of U. S. Dept. Agr., 1907); brood 7 (1916-1933) occurs 
in the central and western parts of the State, and has been reported from 
the following counties: Madison, Monroe, Onondaga, Ontario, Living- 
ston, Yates, Cayuga, and Tompkins. Wyoming Co is given, as well 
as the above, in Bui. 71 of the U. S. Dept. Agr., 1907. For brood 8 
(1917-1934) there is a doubtful record for Chautauqua Co. Brood 10 
(1919-1936) is recorded from Monroe, Ontario, Niagara, and 
Columbia Counties. Brood 15 (1924-1941) is recorded from Saratoga 
and Dutchess Counties, in Bui. 71 of the U. S. Dept. Agr., 1907. 

Okanagana Distant 

1518 O. rimosa (Say) (O. novehoracensis Emmons). Wilmington, Jl, Ds; Ithaca; 

1523 Windsor, Je, two females. Not; West Pt., pupa skin, Robn, and heard 

singing on several occasions (Ds) ; top of Bear Mt., Interstate Pk., Je, 
Schott; LI: Rockaway Beach, in drift, Je, Eng, Shoe. 

The following records are supposed to belong to this species, though 
possibly they may belong to the next ; Egleston's Glen, near Keuka L., 
Je, singing (Ds) ; near Potter Swamp, Je, a number singing; Letch- 
worth Pk., Je 13, 1915, pupa skin, also a number singing. This species 
is distributed across the northern part of North America from Me to 

1518 O. canadensis (Prov.). Valcour I., L. Champlain, Aug (PLaurent) ; 
Niagara Falls (AM) ; Buffalo, Je (EPV) ; Canandaigua L., Jl; Ithaca, 
Jl (NYS), Je (Iowa State Coll.) ; Enfield Falls, Aug; Indian Ladder, 
Jl, Schoharie, Je, Not. 


MONECOPHORA Amyot and Serville 

1545 M. bicincta Say. Ramapo, Jl (Ds) ; Mosholu, Bronx Pk., Jl, Joutel (Ds) ; 

Wyandanch, Aug (Ds, 01s); Yaphank, Aug (Ds). 
1545a M. bicincta var. ignipecta Fitch. Mosholu, Jl (Ball). 

Aphrophora Germar 

1546 A. quadrinotata Say. Cranberry L., Jl, Wanakena, Aug, on a variety of 

plants (Osb) ; White L., Zab (AM) ; L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Batavia, 
Aug, Kngt (Morr) ; Buffalo (EPV) ; Lime L., Salamanca, Gowanda, 
Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU) ; Oliverea, Je. Shoe (01s) ; L. 
George, Aug, Zab (Ols-AM) ; SI, Je-Oct (Ds) ; LI : Flatbush, Jl-Aug, 
Zab (Ols-AM) ; Flushing, North Beach, Maspeth, Hempstead, Jl 
(01s) ; Yaphank, Jl (Ds, 01s) ; Massapequa, Fire Place, Wading R., 
Southold, Orient, Jl-Sep (Ds). 

^^ L. A. Stearns, of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, has been so kind as to 
check the manuscript for the family Cercopidae. 

146 Cercopidae 

1548 A. parallela Say. Pine Spittle Bug. Cranberry L., Jl-Aug, on many coni- 
fers, breeding on spruce and pine (Osb) ; Batavia, Jl, Kngt (Morr) ; 
Lancaster, Colden, Hamburg, Elma, Gowanda, Salamanca, Je-Aug 
(EPV) ; Ithaca (div.) ; Karner (Felt) ; E. Jewett, Aug (Ds) ; SI, 
Je-Jl (Ds) ; LI: common and generally distributed on pines, Jl-Oct 
(Ds) ; Bay Shore, Yaphank, Wyandanch (Ols). 

1551 A. saratogensis Fitch. Hamburg, Gowanda, Salamanca, Aug (EPV) ; 
Ithaca (WJBaerg) ; E. Jewett, Aug (Ds) ; Karner, Jl (Felt) ; SI, 
Je-Jl (Ds) ; LI: Bay Shore, Yaphank, Wyandanch, Jl (Ols). On pine. 

1553 A. signoreti Fitch. Keene Val., Jl, Not (Ols) ; Wilmington, Jl (Ds) ; 
Ithaca (WJBaerg); Ramapo, Jl (Ds) ; SI, Je-Aug (Ds) ; LI: Bay 
Shore, Yaphank, Wyandanch, Jl-Aug (Ols). 

Lepyronia Amyot and Serville 

1555 L. quadrangularis Say. Keene Val., Aug, 1895 (Ball-NYS) ; L. Placid, 
Aug-Sep (EPV) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Saranac L., Sep (Ds) ; Roches- 
ter, Jl, Wendt (Ols) ; Portage, May, Kngt (Morr) ; Batavia, May, 
Kngt (Morr) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Gowanda, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca 
(CU) ; L. George, Aug, Zah (AM) ; W. Hebron, Sep, Lg (Ds) ; 
Karner (Felt) ; Yorktown Hgts., Sep (Ols) ; Bronx Pk., Aug (Ols) ; 
SI, Jl-Oct (Ds) ; LI: Sea Cliff (EPV) ; Sands Pt., Oct, Bs, Flushing, 
Aug (Ds) ; Flushing, Hempstead, Wyandanch, Fishers I., Jl-Sep (Ols). 

Philaronia Ball 

1559 P. bilineata Say. Cranberry L., Jl; Wanakena, Aug. 

Philaenus Stal 

1560 P. leucopthalmus L. (spumarius L.). Cranberry L., Wanakena, nearly all 

varieties occur, Jl-Aug (Osb); Ithaca; Salem, Jl (Ball). 
1560a P. leucopthalmus var. falleni VanD. Indian L., near Sabael, Aug, Brb 

(Ols), as form biguttatus Fab. 
1560b P. leucopthalmus var. ulstulatus Fall. Salem, Jl (Ball). 
1560d P. leucopthalmus var. leucocephalus L. L. Placid, Oct (Ds) ; Wilmington, 

Jl (Ds) ; Genesee Co, Je (Ds) ; Salem, Jl (Ball). 
1560h P. leucopthalmus var. pallidus Zett. Salem, Jl (Ball). 

1561 P. lineatus L. Potsdam, Jl, Houghton (Ols) ; L. Placid, Sep (EPV) ; Saranac 

L., Sep (Ds) ; Cranberry L., Wanakena, Jl-Aug (Osb) ; Batavia, Jl- 
Aug, Kngt (Lawson) ; Hamburg, Lancaster, Elma, Salamanca, Je-Sep 
(EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl (div.) ; Oliverea, Jl, Shoe (Ols) ; Debruce, Aug-Sep; 
L. George, Aug, Zab (Ols-AM) ; Salem, Jl (Ball) ; LI: Fishers I., 
Zab (Ols-AM). 

Clastoptera Germar 

1562 C. obtusa Say. L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L., Wanakena, Jl-Aug 

(Osb) ; Albion (EPV) ; Portage, Aug, Kngt (Morr) ; Batavia, Kngt 
(Morr) ; Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Gowanda, Lancaster, Colden, Hamburg, 
Lawtons (EPV) ; Otto (Uhl-CU) ; Ithaca (CU) ; Salem, Je (Ball) 
W. Albany (Lint); Scarsdale (Lint); LI: Sea Cliff (EPV-CU) 
Flushing, Bay Shore, Winfield, Maspeth, Yaphank, Wyandanch, Jl-Sep 

Cercopidae — Membracidae 147 

lS62a C. obtusa var. achatina Germ. Golden, Boston, Gowanda, Salamanca (EPV) ; 

LI: Hempstead, Flushing, Maspeth, Jl-Sep (01s). 
1562b C. obtusa var. testacea Fitch. "NY" (Fitch) ; Ithaca (WJBaerg) ; LI: Bay 

Shore, Wyandanch, Jl-Aug (01s). 
1566 C. proteus Fitch. Ausable R. (EPV) ; Keene Val., Je (Ball-NYS) ; Gran- 
berry L., Wanakena, Jl, Aug (Osb) ; Portage, Aug, Kngt (Morr) ; 

Batavia, Kngt (Morr) ; Buffalo (EPV) ; Hamburg, Aug (EPV) ; 

Ithaca (Kngt, Baerg) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl (Ds). 
1566- C. proteus var. flava Ball. Keene Val., Jl (Ball-NYS). 
1566b C. proteus var. vittata Ball. Hamburg, Aug (EPV); SI, Jl (Ds) ; LI: 

Flushing, Bay Shore, Jl (01s). 
1566c C. proteus var. pini Fitch (var. niQra Ball). Hamburg, Elma, Je-Jl (EPV) ; 

Ithaca (WJBaerg) ; Matteawan, Je (Lint) ; LI: Bay Shore, Yaphank, 

Jl (01s). 
1566- C. proteus saint-cyri Prov. Ithaca, Baerg (Ball). 


Ceresa Amyot and Serville 

1570 C. diceros Say. Keene Val., Elizabethtown, Long L. (NYS) ; Saranac L., 

Kngt (Funk) ; Wells, Yg (Funk) ; Severance, CS Banks (NYS) ; 
Granberry L. (Osb) ; Wilmington (NYS) ; Wanakena (Osb) ; Pots- 
dam, Aug (EPV-GU) ; L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Rochester, Wendt 
(Ols) ; Hamburg, Boston, Golden, Elma, Jl-Aug, Buffalo (EPV) ; 
Naples, Bish (Wood) ; Pike (NYS) ; Ithaca (EPV, Funk) ; Bingham- 
ton, Gortland (Funk) ; Karner (NYS) ; Normansville, Leon (Wood) ; 
Danby Hill, Comst, Aug, 1885 (GU) ; Watervliet Reservoir, Leon 
(Wood) ; Phoenicia (EPV) ; Gallicoon, Ds (Wood) ; Poughkeepsie 
(NYS) ; West Pt., Ds (Wood) ; Millerton, Dicker son (Wood-AM) ; 
White Plains, Jl, Bno (Ols, Wood) ; Allaben, Aug, Pears (Ols) ; 
Bronxville (Wood); SI, Ds (Wood); LI: Ds (Wood); Flushing, 
Aug (Ols) ; Maspeth, Aug (Ols) ; Hempstead, Sep, Rockaway Beach, 
Aug (Ols). Locust, elder, oak, sycamore, sweet clover, blackberry, 
butternut, goldenrod, wild cherry, grape, joe-pye weed. 

1571 C. albescens VanD. Saranac L. (Wood) ; Wilmington (Funk) ; Niagara 

Falls (EPV); Hamburg, Elma, Jl-Aug (EPV); NYG, Ds (Wood). 

1572 C. bubalus Fab. Buffalo Tree Hopper. Waddington (Wood) ; Granberry 

L. (Osb) ; Barber Pt., Wanakena (Osb) ; Wilmington (Funk) ; Long 
L., Keene Val., Glinton Hgts., Hope (NYS) ; Albion, Aug (EPV) ; 
Glyde, Bish (Wood) ; Rochester (Funk) ; Ghurchville TFunk) ; Niagara 
Falls (EPV) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Lancaster, Gowanda, Jl-Sep (EPV) ; 
Pike (NYS) ; Geneva, Hodg (Funk) ; Ithaca (Funk) ; Gortland 
(Funk) ; L. George, Leon (Wood) ; Albany, Karner (NYS) ; Nassau 
L., Leon. (Wood); Salem (NYS); Normansville, Leon (Wood); 
Watervliet Reservoir, Leon (Wood) ; Gallicoon, Ds (Wood) ; Sulli- 
van Go, GFranck (Ols) ; White Plains (Ols) ; High Bridge, Kirkaldy; 

=*" The list in this family has been chiefly compiled from records, published and unpublished, 
furnished by E. D. Ball, W. D. Funkhouser, L. B. Woodruff, and C. E. Olsen. The first three 
specialists have looked over the manuscript and made changes and corrections in synonymy which the 
editor has attempted to harmonize as far as be has been able. 

148 Membracidae 

NYC, Aug (Oh); Bronxville (Wood); SI, Ds (Wood); LI: Far 
Rockaway (Wood) ; Woodlawn, Dickerson (Wood- AM) ; Maspeth, 
Flushing (01s). Sycamore, aster, poplar, potato, butternut, hazelnut, 
pear, sumac, oak, locust, elm, willow, elder, sweet clover, hickory, 
pignut, apple, white oak, joe-pye weed, grape, sweet pepperbush. 
1574 C. brevitylus VanD. LI: Brooklyn (Funk). 

1576 C. taurina Fitch. Wilmington (Funk) ; Keene Val. (NYS) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug, 

Kngt (Funk) ; Buffalo, Golden, Hamburg, Boston, Lime L., Gowanda, 
and Salamanca, Je-Aug (EPV) ; Geneva, Hodg (Funk) ; Ithaca 
(Funk) ; Ballston L., Leon (Wood) ; Watervliet Reservoir, Leon 
(Wood) ; Oliverea, Ds (Wood) ; NYG, Mtch (Funk) ; Bronxville 
(Wood) ; SI, Ds (Wood, Ols) ; LI: Maspeth, Winfield, Flushing, 
Forest Hills (Ols); Brooklyn (Funk). Raspberry, hickory, potato, 
blackberry, dahlia, hazelnut, locust, witch-hazel, blue grass, white and 
red oak, beech, pear, apple, sweet clover, bittersweet, morning glory, 

1577 C. constans Wlk. Wilmington (Funk) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Boston, Aug-Sep 

(EPV); Ithaca (Funk); Bronxville (Wood); SI, Ds (Wood); LI: 
Ds (Wood) ; Yaphank (Wood) ; Wyandanch (Ols). 

1578 C. palmeri VanD. Olcott, Dt (Funk) ; Rochester (Funk) ; Batavia, Kngt 

(Funk) ; Buffalo (EPV) ; Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca (EPV) ; 
Coy Glen (Funk) ; W. Hebron, Ds (Wood) ; Hebron (EPV) ; Bronx- 
ville (Wood) ; Riverdale (Wood) ; Bronx, Ds (Wood) ; NYC (Mtch) ; 
SI (Wood) ; LI: Wyandanch, Flushing (Ols). Hickory, wild cherry, 
red oak, scarlet oak, swamp ,white oak, grass. 

1579 C. borealis Fairm. Mt. Whiteface (Funk) ; Saranac L. (Funk) ; Rochester 

(Funk) ; Hamburg, E. Aurora, Elma, Buffalo, Boston, Lancaster, 
Gowanda, Salamanca, Jl-Sep (EPV) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug, Kngt (Funk) ; 
Geneva, Hodg (Funk) ; Otto, Sep (EPV-CU) ; Danby, Aug 
(EPV-CU) ; Ithaca, Cortland (Funk) ; Scarsdale (Funk) ; Nassau 
L., Leon (Wood); Catskills, Ds (Wood); W. Nyack (Ols); Bronx- 
ville (Wood) ; Millerton, Dickerson (Wood-AM) ; Riverdale (Wood) ; 
NYC (Mtch); SI, Ds (Wood); LI: Ds (Wood); Flushing, Bay 
Shore, Maspeth, Port Washington, Queens, Wyandanch, Hempstead, 
Forest Hills (Ols) ; Lott Wood, Zah, Flatbush, Zab, Schott (Ols) ; 
Woodlawn, Dickerson (Wood-AM). Wild grape, locust, elder, red, 
white, and swamp white oak, willow, hickory, pignut, raspberry, syca- 
more, apple, pear, beech, grass. 

1580 C. basalis Wlk. (turbida Coding). Speculator, Wells, Yg (Funk) ; Wilmington 

(Funk); Keene Val. (NYS); Saranac L., Ds (Ols); North Cr. 
(NYS) ; Mt. Whiteface (Funk) ; Wanakena (Osb) ; New Russia, Bdy 
(Funk) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Albion, Aug (EPV) ; L. Placid, Aug 
(EPV) ; Waddington (Wood) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Boston, Gowanda, 
Jl-Sep (EPV) ; Phoenicia (EPV) ; Kingston (EPV) ; Catskills, Ds 
(Wood) ; LI: Jamaica (EPV-NYS). Sweet clover, rose, clematis. 

1582 C. brevis Wlk. Gowanda, Aug (EPV). 

1583 C. brevicornis Fitch. Buffalo and vie, Jl-Oct (EPV); LI: Ds (Wood); 

Yaphank, Wyandanch, Ds (Wood) ; Bay Shore (Ols). 

Stictocephala Stal 

1587 S. inermis Fab. Keene Val. (NYS); Saranac L., Rochester (Funk); 
Batavia, Jl, Kngt (Funk) ; Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Hamburg, Lancaster, 
Golden, Jl-Sep (EPV) ; Clyde, Bish (Wood) ; Geneva, Hodg (Funk) ; 

Membracidae 149 

Ithaca (EPV) ; Karner (Woo3-NYS) ; White Plains (Funk, 01s) ; 
W. Nyack (01s) ; Ft. Montgomery, Ds (Wood) ; Riverdale (Wood) ; 
LI: Hempstead (01s). Sweet clover, apple, timothy, red clover. 
V1598 S. lutea Wlk. Axton, Je, M&H (EPV-CU) ; Rochester, Wendt (01s); 
Baldwinsville, Buffalo, Hamburg, Portage Falls, Fulton, Gowanda, Mud 
Cr., Ithaca, Caroline to Harford, Slaterville to Caroline, McLean, 
May-Sep (EPV-CU) ; Clyde, Bish (Wood) ; Genesee Co (Wood) ; 
Westfield, Dickerson (Wood-AM) ; Binghamton (Funk) ; Ilion 
(NYS) ; Albany (Wood) ; Poughkeepsie, Yg (Wood) ; Thacher Pk., 
Leon (Wood); Nassau (Wood); E. Jewett, Ds (Wood); Oliverea, 
Shoe (Ols) ; Tivoli (Wood) ; West Pt., Ds (Wood) ; Ft. Montgomery, 
Ds (Wood) ; Bronxville (Wood) ; White Plains (Ols) ; SI, Ds 
(Wood) ; LI: Yaphank, Bay Shore, Wyandanch, Pine Lawn, Maspeth 
(Ols) ; Brooklyn (Funk) ; E. Hampton and West Hills (Funk). Oak, 

1600 ?S. nervosa Buckt. "NY" (Buckton). 

S. sp. Woodruff states that specimens belong here which are identified as 

siibstriata Wlk. in collection. LI: Central Pk. (Wood) ; Bay Shore, 
Ols (Wood). 

ACUTALIS Fairmaire 

1602 A. tartarea Say. Ithaca (EPV-CU) ; Wampus (Wood) ; White Plains, Bno 
(Wood); SI (Ols); LI: Maspeth, Ols (Wood); Winfield, Maspeth, 
Flushing (Ols). Locust. 

A. tartarea var. semicrema Say. Batavia, Kngt (Funk) ; Albany (NYS) ; 

Yonkers, Ols (Wood); White Plains (Funk); Van Cort. Pk., Bronx- 
ville, NYC (Wood); SI (Ols); LI: Winfield, Ols (Funk); Maspeth, 
Flushing (Ols) ; Aqueduct (Ols) ; Brooklyn (Funk). Boneset, 


1604 M. dorsalis Fitch. Johnstown (NYS) ; Buffalo, Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; 

Ithaca (EPV); Calders (Ball); E. Jewett, Ds (Wood). Clematis. 

1605 M. calva Say. Ithaca (Funk) ; Scarsdale (Wood) ; Poughkeepsie, Yg 

(NYS); Bronxville (Wood); NYC (Mtch) ; LI: Flushing (Ols, 
Funk); Sea Cliff (EPV-CU). Alfalfa, locust, boneset. 

Carynota Fitch 

1609 C. mera Say. Batavia, Kngt (Funk) ; Buffalo, Boston, Hamburg, Gowanda, 
Salamanca, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Coy Glen, Dt 
(Funk) ; Albany (Yg) ; White Plains (Ols) ; NYC (Mtch) ; Bronx- 
ville (Wood); SI (Ols); LI: Yaphank (Wood); Flatbush, Dow 
(Mtch). Oak, hickory, butternut. 

1611 C. stupida Wlk. Cranberry L., Wanakena (Osb). 

1613 C. marmorata Say. Near Ausable R., Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; 

Wells, Blue Mt, Yg (NYS) ; L. Placid (EPV) ; L. Pleasant (NYS) ; 
Bronxville, Wampus (Wood) ; LI: Aqueduct (Wood). Alder. 

1614 C. porphyrea Fairm. Michigan Hollow, Ithaca (Funk) ; Saugerties. Jl 

(Funk). White oak. 

150 Membracidae 

Thelia Amyot and Serville 

1615 T. bimaculata Fab. Potsdam (EPV) ; Rochester (Funk) ; Buffalo, Gowanda 

(EPV) ; Wyoming Co, Kngt (Funk) ; Ithaca, Cortland, Binghamton 
(Funk) ; Albany, Yg (NYS) ; W. Hebron, Ds (Wood) ; White Plains 
(Funk); Riverdale (Wood); NYC (Mtch) ; SI, Ds (Wood, Mtch) ; 
LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Sep (Mtch, Funk) ; Flushing, Port Washington, 
Hempstead (01s). Black locust. 

1616 T. uhleri Stal. Buffalo and vie. (EPV); Ithaca (Funk). Plum. 

Glossonotus Butler 

1617 G. acuminatus Fab. Buffalo, Colden, Lancaster (EPV) ; Ridgeway (Ball) ; 

Ithaca (Funk) ; Karner, Jl (Felt) ; Bronxville (Wood) ; NYC (Mtch) ; 
LI: Yaphank, Ds (Wood); North Beach (01s). Black, white, and 
red oak. 

1618 G. turriculatus Emns. Batavia, Knqt (Funk) ; Karner, Jl (Wood) ; SI, 

Ds (EPV); LI: Bay Shore (01s); Wyandanch, Central Pk. (01s); 
Huntington (Wood) ; Yaphank, Z).y (Wood). Scrub oak. 

1619 G. univittatus Harr. (godingi VanD.). Sacandaga Pk., Alex (Funk) ; 

1620 Gloversville, Jl (NYS); Rochester, Wendt (01s), Moore (EPV); 
Batavia, Kngt (Funk) ; Buffalo, Gowanda, Je (EPV) ; Ithaca (Funk) ; 
Karner, Jl (Felt) ; Pine I., Ft. Montgomery, Ds (Wood) ; Riverdale 
(Wood) ; Bronxville (Wood) ; NYC (Mtch) ; LI: Bay Shore, Central 
Pk. (01s); Rockaway Beach, Schott (01s); Yaphank (Wood). 

1621 G. crataegi Fitch. Kendall, Jl (NYS) ; Batavia, Jl, Kngt (Funk) ; Hamburg, 

Lancaster, Jl (EPV); Albion (Funk); Kingston (Wood-AM) ; SI, 
Ds (Wood). Hawthorn, crab apple, quince. 

G. nimbatulus Ball. Karner (Ball-NYS) ; LI: Massapequa, Ds (Ball). 

Scrub oak. 


1622 H. cristata Fairm. "NY", probably Salem (Fitch-NYS) ; LI: Wading R., 

Ds (Wood). 

1623 H. scalaris Fairm. Lancaster, Colden, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca (Funk) ; Pine I., 

Sf (Ball); Bronx (Wood). 

1624 H. projecta Butler. Ithaca, Je-Jl (EPV). 

H. cornutula Ball. Knoll, DeL, Pine I., Sf, Bronx, Oct, Mtch, LI, Ols 

(all Ball). 

H. fitchi Ball. "NY" (Fitch-US). 

Telamona Fitch 

1629 T. pyramidata Uhl. Wilmington, Saranac L. (Wood) ; Gloversville (Wood- 
NYS); Ithaca (EPV); Albany (Ball-NYS). Chestnut, oak, willow. 

1628 T. pyramidata var. declivata VanD. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Rochester, 
Wendt (Ols) ; Honeoye Falls, Kngt (Funk) ; Spring Brook, Je 
(EPV)', Ithaca (CU). This synonymy is Ball's. 

1632 T. westcotti Coding (obsoleta Ball). Keene Val. (Wood-NYS) ; Ithaca, 

1633 Jl (EPV); LI: Central Pk., Ds (Wood). Oaks. 

1634 T. dubiosa VanD. Ithaca (EPV-CU) ; Rye, Ds, Bronxville (Wood). White 


Membracidae 151 

1635 T. reclivata Fitch. Wanakena (Ols) ; Saranac L., Ds (Wood) ; Cobleskill 
(EPV-CU) ; Mt. Whiteface, Ds (Wood) ; Batavia, Kngt (Funk) ; 
Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Hamburg, Colden, Hamburg, Ashford, Gowanda, 
Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Aug (EPV) ; Big Ind. VaL, Ds (Wood) ; 
L. George (Wood-AM) ; Pine L, Ds, Bronxville (Wood) ; SI (Wood) ; 
LI: Central Pk., Cold Sp. Harb., Ds (Wood). Dr. Ball writes that 
almost all references to reclivata, especially those referring to basswood, 
belong to tilliae Ball. White oak, swamp white oak, red oak. 
1630 T. decorata Ball (barbata VanD.). Cranberry L., Osb (Funk); Medina, 
1637 LHWeld (Funk) ; Batavia, Kngt (Funk) ; Boston, Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, 

Je (Funk, EPV) ; Scotia, Yg (Wood-NYS) ; L. Mohonk (Wood) ; 
Pine I., Ds (Wood) ; Central Pk., NYC, Jl, Sf (Ball-Brooklyn 
Museum). Chestnut oak, white oak, linden, basswood. Dr. Ball states 
that most of these references are from males of tilliae Ball. 

1644 T. monticola Fab. (querci Fitch). Mt. Whiteface, Ds (Wood) ; Rochester, 

1645 Wendt (Ols) ; Olcott, Dt, Batavia, Aug, Kngt (Funk) ; Buffalo, 
Lancaster, Jl (EPV); Medina (Ball); Portage, Kngt (Funk); 
Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Conesus L., Ds (Wood) ; Rock City, Kngt 
(Funk) ; western NY (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Funk-CU) ; L. 
Mohonk (Wood) ; Pine I., Ds (Wood) ; Nyack (Wood-AM) ; Ft. 
Montgomery, May (Ball); Bronxville (Wood); SI, Ds (Wood); LI: 
Half Way Hollow Hills, Ds (Wood) ; Wyandanch, Schott (Ols) ; 
Flatbush (Wood) ; Yaphank, Ds (Wood). White, chestnut, and red 

1646 T. ampelopsidis Harr. Potsdam, Houghton (Ols) ; Ogdensburg (NYS) ; 

Wilmington (Funk) ; Oswego (NYS) ; Rochester (Funk) ; LeRoy, 
Cy (Funk) ; Buffalo, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Je-Oct (CU) ; Inter- 
laken, Cortland (Funk) ; Binghamton (Funk) ; Trumansburg (Funk") ; 
Albany (NYS) ; Menands (NYS) ; Ft. Montgomery, Schott (Ols) ; 
NYC, Ds (Wood); SI, Ds (Wood); LI: Yaphank, Ds (Wood); 
Brooklyn (Wood) ; Maspeth (Ols). Virginia creeper. 

1647 T. tristis Fitch. Batavia, Kngt (Funk) ; E. Aurora, Sep (EPV) ; Ashford, 

Gowanda, Jl-Aug (EPV); Ithaca (Funk); SI (Wood-AM). Witch- 
hazel, basswood, oak, hazelnut. 
T. tristis var. coryli Fitch. Wanakena (Osb) ; Batavia, Aug, Kngt (Funk) ; 
Lancaster, Otto, , Gowanda, Jl-Aug (EPV); Ithaca (Funk); SHde Mt., 
Ds (Wood); Orange Co, WTBather (Ols); SI (Wood). Oak, 

1648 T. concava Fitch. Lewiston, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca, GF Atkinson (EPV) ; 

Salem (Ball-NYS, US). 
T. ornata Emrn. Bronxville (Wood). Quercus alba and Q. velutina. Wood- 
ruff considers this distinct from concava. 

1649 T. gemma Ball. Adirondacks, Brb (Ball) ; Lancaster, EPV (Ball) ; Ithaca 

(Funk); Catskills, Ols, Drk (Ball). 

1651 T. unicolor Fitch. Rochester, Wendt (Ols) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug, Kngt (EPV) ; 

Hamburg, Colden, E. Aurora, Spring Brook, Je-Sep (EPV) ; Portage, 
Kngt (Funk) ; Ithaca, Albany (Funk) ; Pine L, Ds (Funk) ; W. Nyack 
(Ols, Wood); Bronxville (Wood); LI: Rockaway Beach, Schott 
(Ols). Hickory, butternut, walnut, basswood. 
1651a T. unicolor var. irrorata Fitch. "NY" (EPV). 

1652 T. extrema Ball. Batavia, Kngt (Funk) ; Karner (Wood-NYS) ; LI: Win- 

field (Ols); Orient Pt., Coram, Ds (Wood). Scrub oak. 

152 Membracidae 

1653 T. coUina Wlk. Hamburg, Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca (EPV, Funk) ; Pine I., 

Bronxville (Wood). Sycamore, bur oak. 

1654 T. maculata VanD. Ithaca. Aug (Funk) ; Pine I., Ds (Funk, Wood) ; 

Bronxville (Wood) ; SI, Ds (Wood) ; LI: Wading R., Schott (Wood) ; 
Yaphank (Funk). Swamp white oak, white oak. 

T. tremulata Ball. Cranberry L., O&D, as barbata (Ball) ; Salem, Jl (Ball). 

T. woodruffi Ball. Pine I., Jl (Ball-BM). 


1661 A. galeata Fab. Buffalo, Jl (EPV); Karner (NYS) ; LI: Wyandanch, Jl, 

Ds (Ball) ; Bay Shore, Ols (Wood) ; Pinelawn, Wading R., Central 
Pk., Ds (Wood). Oaks. 

1662 A. belfragei Stal. Medina, LHWeld (Funk) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Gowanda, 

Je-Jl (EPV) ; Ithaca (EPV, Funk) ; Pine I., Ds (Wood) ; White 
Plains (Funk) ; Bronxville (Wood) ; SI, Ds (Wood) ; LI: Wyandanch, 
Ds (Funk) ; Coram, Eng (Wood) ; Massapequa, Yaphank, Ds (Wood). 

Smilia Germar 

1664 S. camelus Fab. Rochester, Wendt (Ols) ; Batavia, Kngt (Funk) ; Buffalo 
(EPV) ; Ithaca (CU) ; Glenmont, HDHouse (Wood-NYS) ; Nassau 
(NYS) ; Catskills (Mtch) ; Ramapo Mts. (Mtch) ; Bronx Pk., Wat 
(Ols) ; LI, Je, Eng (Mtch, Ols). Locust, oak. 

1664a S. camelus var. guttata Fitch. "NY" (Fitch) ; New Foundland, Je, Wat 

1664d S. camelus var. silvestri Mtch. Otis, Catskills, Je, Silvester (Mtch). 


C. funkhouseri Wood. Ft. Montgomery, Schott (Wood) ; SI, Ds (EPV) 

as celsus belongs here (Wood) ; LI: Central Pk., Shoe (Wood) ; Yap- 
hank, Massapequa, Wading R., Ds (Wood); Bay Shore, Ols (Wood). 

1668 C. ovatus VanD. Ithaca (Funk); SI, Ds (EPV); LI: Bay Shore, Ols 

(Wood); E. Hampton (Funk) ; Yaphank, Ds (Wood). 

1669 C. fuliginosus Emns. Rochester, M&W (Wood, EPV) ; Indian Falls, Ds 

(Wood) ; Ithaca (Funk) ; Salem, Jl (Ball) ; Bronxville (Wood) ; SI, 
Ds (Wood) ; LI (Wood). All large oaks. 

1671 C. arcuatus Emns. Ithaca, Kngt (Funk) ; SI, Ds (Funk) ; LI: Yaphank 


1672 C. fenestratus Fitch. Rochester, Wetidt (Wood) ; Batavia, Ds (Wood) ; 

Catskills (Wood); Bronxville (Wood); LI: Yaphank, Ds (Wood). 
Large oaks. 

1673 C. tuberosus Fairm. Rochester, Wendt (Wood) ; Ithaca (EPV) ; Danby 

(Funk) ; Spencer (Funk) ; Pine I. (Wood) ; LI: E. Hampton (Funk) ; 
Yaphank, Ds (Wood); Coram, Ejtg (Wood); Kings Pk., Bell (Ols). 

1676 C. discoidalis Emns. Genesee Co, Ds (Wood) ; Boston, Aug (EPV) ; 

Ithaca (EPV, Funk) ; LI: Farmingdale, Morrow (Funk). 

C. acuminatus Wood. Pine I., Ds (Wood). 

C. auroreus Wood. Pine I., Ds (Wood) ; Bronxville (Wood) ; LI: Yaphank, 

Ds (Wood). White oak. 

1677 C. cinctus VanD. Ithaca, Je (EPV), type; Bronxville (Wood). White oak. 

Membracidae 153 

1678 C. vau Say {sculptus Fairm.). Albion, Conesus L., Aug (EPV) ; Rochester 
(Funk) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Lancaster, Boston, Salamanca, Je-Aug 
(EPV) ; Olcott, Dt (Funk) ; Red House, Not (Wood) ; Ithaca (EPV, 
Funk) ; Caroline to Harford, Je (EPV-CU) ; Trumansburg (Funk) ; 
Cortland (Funk) ; Karner, Albany (Wood-NYS) ; Tivoli (Wood- 
NYS) ; Pine I., Ds (Funk) ; Bronxville (Wood) ; West Pt., Ds 
(Wood); Ft. Montgomery, Schott (01s); NYC (Mtch) ; LI: E. 
Hampton (Funk) ; Central Pk. (01s) ; Bay Shore, Ols (Funk) ; 
Farmingdale, Morrow (Funk). White, red, chestnut, and scarlet oak. 

C. pulchellus Wood. Pine I., Ds (Wood) ; W. Nyack, Ols (Wood). 

• C. puritanus Wood. LI: Yaphank, Ols, Half Way Hollow Hills, Ds, Central 

Pk., Shoe, Wyandanch, Ols (Wood). 

1681 C. maculifrontis Emns. Rochester, Wendt (Ols) ; Portage, Kngt (Funk) ; 

Batavia, Kngt (Funk) ; Ithaca (Funk) ; Pine I., Ds (Wood) ; Bronx- 
ville (Wood); LI: W^est Hills, Wading R., Central Pk., Wyandanch, 
Ds (Wood). 

1682 C. pallidifrontis Emns. Mt. Kisco (Wood-NYS) ; Rochester, Wendt 

(Wood) ; Red House, Not (Wood) ; Poughkeepsie (Wood-NYS) ; 
Pine I. (Wood) ; Nyack, Ds (Wood) ; W. Nyack (Ols) ; Bronxville 
(Wood) ; LI: Rockaway Beach (Ols) ; E. Hampton, Ds, Central Pk., 
Ols, Kings Pk. (Wood); Yaphank (Wood). 

C. gramatanus Wood. Pine I., Ds (Wood) ; Bronxville (Wood) ; SI (Wood). 

1683 C. intermedius Emns. Mt. Whiteface, R?-(Wood); Wells, Yg (Wood); 

Rochester, Moore (EPV) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Gowanda (EPV) ; 
Batavia, Ds (Wood) ; Ithaca (Funk) ; Salem, Jl (Ball) ; Bronxville 
(Wood) ; SI (Wood) ; LI: Yaphank, Ds, Bay Shore, Ols (Wood). 

1684 C. inermis Emns. Colden, Hamburg, Salamanca, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca 

(Funk) ; LI: Farmingdale, Morrow (Funk) ; Wading R., Ds (Wood) ; 
Central Pk. (Ols). 

1685 C. griseus VanD. Genesee Co, Batavia, Ds (Wood). 

1686 C. cinereus Emns. Batavia, Kngt (Funk) ; Buffalo, Je (EPV) ; Ithaca 

(EPV, Funk); LI: E. Hampton (Funk). Oak. 

C. rufulus Wood. SI, Ds (Wood); LI: Central Pk., Ds, Wyandanch, 

Schott (Wood). 

C. parvulus Wood. Karner (Wood-NYS), paratypes ; LI: Massapequa, Dj, 

Bay Shore, Ols, Central Pk., Shoe (Wood). Quercus prinoides. 

1687 C. fuscipennis VanD. Batavia, X'w^f (Funk); Buffalo, Je (EPV); Red 

House, Not (Wood) ; Ithaca (EPV, Funk) ; Albany, Lansingburg 
(Wood-NYS) ; West Pt., Ds, Pine I. (Wood) ; Ft. Montgomery, Ds 
(Wood); Bronxville (Wood); SI, Ds (EPV, Wood); LI: Deep 
Pond, Ds, Bay Shore, Rockaway, Maspeth, Ols (Wood). Oak. 

C. flavolatus Woodr. LI: Half Way Hollow Hills, Ds (Wood). 

1688 C. maculatus Buckt. "NY" (Buckt). 

C. dixianus Wood. Rochester Jet., Leon (Funk). 

(Subgenus Atymna Stal) 

1690 C. castaneae Fitch. Gloversville, Ap (NYS) ; Olcott, Dt (Funk) ; Buffalo, 
Boston, Jamestown, Gowanda, Salamanca, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Spring- 
water, Not (Wood) ; Red House, Not (Wood) ; Rock City, Kngt 
(Funk) ; Freeville, Jl (EPV-CU) ; Ithaca (EPV, Funk) ; Karner, 

154 Membracidae 

Poughkeepsie (NYS) ; Slide Mt., Ds (Wood) ; Ft. Montgomery 
(Wood) ; Slide Mt., Ds (Wood) ; Westchester Co (Wood) ; SI, Ds 
(Wood); LI: Maspeth, Ols (Wood). Scrub oak, chestnut, white oak. 
C. castaneae var. viridis Emns. Olcott, Dt, Ithaca (Funk). Woodruff 
regards viridis as a color form of castaneae. 
l690a C. castaneae var. lineatus Buckt. Hamburg, Gowanda, Jl-Aug (EPV). 

1691 C. Helena Wood. L. Keuka, Cj; (Funk) ; Bronxville, Je (Wood); LI: 

Farmingdale, Morrow (Funk). Quercus hicolor. 

1692 C. querci Fitch. Hastings, Ds (Wood) ; Rochester Jet., Leon (Funk) ; 

Niagara Falls, Aug (EPV) ; Boston, Gowanda, Salamanca, Jl-Aug 
(EPV) ; Portage, Kngt (Funk) ; Attica (Funk) ; Red House, Not 
(Wood) ; Trumansburg, Ithaca, Cortland (Funk) ; Binghamton (Funk) ; 
Karner, Albany (NYS) ; Salem, Jl (Ball) ; Poughkeepsie (Wood- 
NYS) ; West Pt., Ds (Funk) ; Pine I. (Wood) ; Southfields (Wood) ; 
Bronxville (Wood) ; SI, Ds (Wood) ; LI: Yaphank (Wood) ; Central 
Pk., Ds, Bay Shore, Kissena Pk., Hempstead, Ols (Wood) ; Wyandanch, 
Schott, Coram, Eng^ Wading R. (Wood). Scrub, white, and chestnut oak. 

1693 C. inomata Say. Batavia, Kngt, Ithaca, Plunk (Funk) ; Gowanda, Aug 

(EPV-CU); Poughkeepsie (NYS); LI: Brooklyn (Funk). White 
oak, hickory. 

Xantholobus VanDuzee 

1695 X. muticus Fab. Rochester, Wendt (Wood) ; Rochester Jet., Leon (Funk) 

Batavia, Kngt (Funk) ; Buffalo, Je (EPV) ; Conesus L., Ds (Wood) 
Portage, Kngt (Funk) ; Ithaca (EPV, Funk) ; Nassau (Wood-NYS) 
Bronxville, Pine I. (Wood); SI, Ds (EPV); LI: Maspeth, Ols 
(Wood). Oak. 

1696 X. lateralis VanD. Rochester, Wendt (Wood); Ithaca (EPV-CU). 
1698 X. nitidus VanD. SI, Ds (EPV) ; LI: Bay Shore, Ols (Wood). 

Ophiderma Fairmaire 

1700 O. salamandra Fairm. Mt. Whiteface, Ds (Wood) ; Rochester, Wendt 

(Wood) ; Olcott, Dt (Funk) ; Buffalo, Je (EPV) ; Ithaca (CU) ; 
Albany (NYS); Slide Mt., Ds (Wood); Bronxville (Wood); LI: 
Kings Pk. (Wood); Rockaway, Ols (Wood). Oak. 

1701 O. pubescens Emns. (flaviguttida Coding). Albion, Aug (EPV) ; Rochester, 

Wendt (Wood) ; Olcott, Dt (Funk) ; Fulton, Je (EPV-CU) ; Ithaca 
(CU) ; Caroline to Harford, Je (EPV-CU) ; Slide Mt., Ds (Wood) ; 
Bronxville (Wood) ; SI, Ds (Wood) ; LI: Farmingdale, Morrow 
(Funk) ; Wading R. (Wood) ; Bay Shore, Ols, Wyandanch, Schott 
(Wood). White oak. 

1703 O. flavicephala Coding. Ithaca, Je-Jl (EPV, Funk) ; SI, Ds (Wood) ; LI: 

Wyandanch, Schott, Farmingdale, Morrow (Funk) ; Bay Shore (Ols, 

1704 O. flava Coding. Mt. Mclntyre, summit, Bronson&Chrisp (Wood-NYS) ; 

Mt. Whiteface, Ds (Wood) ; Woodworth, Alex (NYS) ; Ithaca 
(EPV, Funk) ; Albany (NYS) ; Bronxville (Wciod) ; SI, Ds (EPV- 
— O. definita Wood. Mt. Whiteface, Ds (Wood) ; Hamburg, Aug (EPV), 
paratype; Ithaca (Funk) ; Bronxville, Wood (Funk) ; SI (Wood) ; LI: 
Yaphank (Wood). Red oak. 

Membracidae 155 

O. evelyna Wood. Rochester, Wendt (Wood) ; Ithaca (Funk) ; Bronxville 

(Wood) ; SI (Wood) ; LI: Wading R., Ds (Wood). Quercus velutina. 

O. grisea Wood. Rochester Jet., Leon, Olcott, Dt (Funk). Quercus coccinea, 

Q. rubra. 

O. fratema Gibson & Wells. "NY" (Gibson&Wells). This is the male of 

flava Coding (Wood). 

Vanduzea Coding 

1709 V. arcuata Say. Rochester (Funk) ; Buffalo (EPV) ; Ithaca (EPV, Funk) ; 
Cortland, Binghamton (Funk) ; White Plains (Funk) ; Bronxville 
(Wood); SI (Wood); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Sep (Mtch) ; Jamaica, 
Ols, Farmingdale (Funk) ; Yaphank (Wood) ; Mt. Vernon, Je; Wading 
R., Ds (Wood) ; Port Washington, Maspeth, North Beach, Flushing, 
Hempstead, Central Pk. (Ols). 

Entylia Germar 

1716 E. carinata Forst. (bactriana Germ.). Mt. Whiteface, Wilmington, Buffalo 

(Funk) ; Newport (Yg-NYS) ; Lake Bluff, L. Pleasant (NYS) ; E. 
Aurora, Hamburg, Colden, Lancaster, Lawtons, Clarence, Gowanda, 
Otto, Millville, Dryden L., Ithaca (EPV) ; Trumansburg, Binghamton 
(Funk) ; Trenton Falls, Dbl (Wlk) ; Albany, Nassau, Poughkeepsie, 
Stockport, Phoenicia, West Hills, Hoversville (NYS) ; Yonkers (Ols, 
Wood) ; NYC (Mtch) ; Bronx, Mueller (Funk) ; Bronx Pk., Ols, Van 
Cort. Pk. (Wood); SI, Ols (Mtch, Funk); LI: Queens (Mtch); 
Maspeth (Ols) ; Central Pk. (Ols). Thistle, joe-pye weed, sunflower. 

1716a E. carinata var. torva Fitch. Lancaster, Lawtons, E. Aurora, Gowanda, Je- 
Oct (EPV). 

1716b E. carinata var. reducta Wlk. Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca (Funk). 

1717 E. concisa Wlk. Ithaca (Funk); LI: Yaphank, Ols (Funk). 

1718 E. sinuata Fab. "NY" (Fitch). 


1719 P. concava Say. Severance, Bks, and Beede's, Keene Val. (NYS) ; Ilion 

(NYS) ; Norwood, Not (Wood-AM) ; Rochester (Wendt) ; Medina, 
LHWeld (Funk) ; Sodus Pt., Not (Wood-AM) ; Batavia, Kngt 
(Funk) ; Oakfield, Not (Wood) ; Buffalo (EPV) ; Westfield (Wood- 
NYS) ; Otto, Comst, Cattaraugus (EPV-CU) ; Freeville, Dt (Funk) ; 
Ithaca (EPV, Funk) ; Slaterville to Caroline, (EPV-CU) ; Trenton 
Falls (NYS) ; Thacher Pk., Bish (Wood) ; Ravena, Nassau (NYS) ; 
New Baltimore, Yg (NYS) ; White Plains (Funk, Ols) ; W. Nyack, 
Ols (Wood) ; LI: Brooklj^n (Funk). Goldehrod, skunk cabbage. 
1719a P. concava var. nigridorsum Coding. Batavia, Kngt (Funk) ; Buffalo, 
Lancaster, Hamburg, E. Concord, Gowanda, May- Aug (EPV) ; Free- 
ville, Dt (Funk); Ithaca (EPV, Funk); Dryden L, Je (EPV-CU). 



1734 C. latipes Say (curvata Stal). Keene Val. (NYS) ; L Placid, EPV (NYS) ; 
Speculator, Yg (Funk) ; Potsdam, Houghton (Ols) ; Mt. Whiteface, 
Saranac L. (Funk) ; L. Champlain, Bish (Funk) ; near Ausable R. 

156 Membracidae — Cicadellidae 

(EPV) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Rochester (Funk) ; Olcott, Dt (Funk) ; 
Medina, LHWeld, Rochester Jet., Leon (Funk) ; Batavia, Kngt, Albion 
(Funk) ; Thousand Isls. ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Gowanda, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; 
Otto (EPV) ; , Ithaca, Cortland, Trumansburg, Binghamton (Funk) ; 
Trenton Falls (Wlk-Brit.Mus.) ; Washingtonville, Poughkeepsie, 
Slingerlands, North Cr., Conquest, Clinton Hgts., Rensselaer, Albany, 
Nassau (NYS) ; Pine I. (Wood) ; W. Nyack, Ols (Wood) ; Oliverea 
(Wood) ; Bronxville, Riverdale (Wood) ; White Plains (Osb) ; NYC 
(Mtch) ; Bronx, Mueller (Funk) ; LI: Maspeth, Ols, Flushing, Plunk, 
Brooklyn, Woodhaven (Funk) ; E. New York (Funk) ; Bay Shore, 
Ols (Wood) ; Port Washington, Hempstead, Wyandanch (Ols) ; Cold 
Sp. Harb, ((3sb). Aster, daisy, joe-pye weed, alfalfa, prickly lettuce, 
wild carrot, Helenium tenuifolium. 

Enchenopa Amyot and Serville 

1735 E. binotata Say. Speculator, Yg (NYS) ; Rochester, Moore (EPV, Funk) ; 
Buffalo, Hamburg, Gowanda, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Otto, Comst (EPV- 
CU) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Funk, EPV-CU) ; Utica, Sep (Lint) ; Cheviot- 
on-Hudson (Lint) ; Schenectady, Glens Falls, Karner, and New Paltz 
(NYS) ; Watervliet Reservoir, Leon (NYS) ; Scarsdale (Funk) ; 
White Plains (Funk) ; W. Nyack (Ols, Wood) ; Bronxville (Wood) ; 
Central Pk., NYC (Mtch) ; LI: Maspeth, 0/.?'(Funk) ; Flushing, Port 
Washington, Hempstead, Central Pk. (Ols); Kings Fk., Bell (Wood); 
Jamaica, Wlf (NYS). Locust, wild grape, bittersweet, hickory, syca- 
more, butternut, dogwood, daisy, joe-pye weed. 


1747 M. caryae Fitch. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Batavia, Kngt (Funk) ; Buffalo, 

Elma, Hamburg, Gowanda, Aug-Sep (EPV) ; Coy Glen, Dt, Ithaca 
(Funk) ; SI (Mtch, Ols) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Parsh (Funk) ; Pine- 
lawn, Wyandanch (Ols) ; Queens (Mtch). Hickory, oak. 

1748 M. perdita A. & S. Bronxville (Wood); LI: Yaphank (Wood); Flushing 

(Ols); Huntington, Schott (Ols). • 




AgALLIA Curtis 

1762 A. novella Say. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; L. Placid, Aug 
(EPV) ; Batavia, May- Aug Kngt (Ols) ; Buffalo and vie, May-Jl 
(EPV) ; Rock City, Je, Kngt (Ols) ; Ithaca, McLean, May-Jl (Buys) ; 
Oliverea, May, Shoe (Ols) ; Phoenicia (Osb) ; LI: Bay Shore, Yap- 
hank, Jl (Ols). 

^ The list in the family Cicadellidae has been compiled from records, both published and unpub- 
lished, chiefly of E. P. Van Duzee, C. E. Olsen, E. D. Ball, J. L. Buys, D. M. DeLong, and 
Herbert Osborn. Apparently there is still some disagreement concerning the exact status of certain 
of the species, but the editor has attempted to harmonize the views of these specialists to the best 
of his ability. 


1763 A. oculata VanD. Niagara Falls, Hamburg, Salamanca, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; 

Cranberry L, (Osb). 

1764 A. quadripunctata Prov. Axton, Je (M&H) ; L. Placid, Aug-Sep (EPV) ; 

Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Rochester, Jl, Wendt (Ols) ; Batavia, Je-Jl, 
Kngt (Ols) ; Buffalo and vie. May- Aug (EPV) ; Grand I., Clarence, 
Colden, Hamburg, Lawtons, May-Aug (EPV) ; Lancaster, EPV 
(Lint) ; Portage, May, Kngt (Ols) ; Rock City, Jl, Kngt (Ols) ; 
Ithaca, Ap-Je (CU) ; McLean, Ringwood, May-Je (Buys) ; Labrador 
L., May (Buys); Oliverea, Jl, Shoe (Ols); White Plains, Je (Ols); 
W. Nyack, May (Ols) : LI: Forest Pk., Jl, Bno (Osb) ; Jamaica, Cold 
Sp. Harb. (Osb) ; Maspeth, North Beach, Flushing, Yaphank, Wading 
R, May-Je (Ols). 

1765 A. constricta VanD. White Plains, May (Ols) ; SI, May, Ols (EPV), Aug 

(EPV); LI: Maspeth, Forest Hills, Bay Shore, Hempstead, Winfield, 
May-Sep (Ols); Cold Sp. Harb. (Osb); Sea CHff (EPV-CU). 

A. lingulata Ols. W. Nyack, May 30, 1921 (Ols). 

1766 A. deleta VanD. {immaciilata Lathrop). White Plains, May 2, 1915 (Ols). 

1767 A. sanguinolenta Prov. L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; 

Batavia, May-Jl, Kngt (Ols) ; Buffalo and vie, including Lancaster, 
Hamburg, N. Evans, Je-Oct (EPV) ; Phoenicia (EPV) ; Itkaca, May, 
Morr (Osb), Jl-Aug (Buys) ; Karner (Osb-NYS) ; Eagle Bridge, 
Nassau (Osb) ; White Plains, Yorktown Hgts., Je, Sep {Ols) ; 
Mosholu, Oct, Bno (Osb); SI (EPV); LI: Jamaica, Cold Sp. Harb. 
(Osb) ; Maspeth, Flushing, Central Pk., Bay Shore, Bayville, Hemp- 
stead, Flatbush, Forest Hills, Yaphank, May-Nov (Ols). 


1776 I. amabilis Ball. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Batavia, Aug, K^igt (Ols) ; Salamanca, 

Jl (EPV); LI: Bay Shore, Yaphank, Jl (Ols). 

1777 I. nervatus VanD. Albion, Aug (EPV) ; Lancaster, Hamburg, Jl-Aug 

(EPV); Albany (Osb-NYS); NYC, Southwick (EPV); SI (Osb). 

1778 I. pallidus Fitch. L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Sodus Pt., 

Aug (Buys) ; Albion, Aug (EPV) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug, Kngt (Osb, 
Ols) ; Buffalo and vie, including Hamburg, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Chatau- 
qua Co, Sep (DeL) ; Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; Portage, Aug, Kngt 
(Ols) ; Ithaca, Aug (Buys) ; Oliverea, Aug, Ang (AM) ; Salem 
(Osb) ; White Plains, Je (Ols) ; W Nyack, Jl (Ols) ; SI, Sep, Ds 
(Ols); LI: Yaphank, Aug, Ds. Willow and poplar. 

1779 I. suturalis Fitch. L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Keene 

Val., Aug, Not (Ols) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug, Kngt (Ols, Osb) ; Buffalo and 

vie, including Hamburg, Gowanda, Elma, Colden, Je-Sep (EPV) ; 

Chautauqua Co, Jl (DcL) ; McLean, Jl (Buys) ; Karner (Osb-NYS) ; 

Salem (Osb); Phoenicia (EPV). Willow. 
1779a I. suturalis var. lunaris Ball. L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug, 

Kngt (Ols, Osb) ; Gowanda, Hamburg, Je-Aug (EPV) ; Chautauqua 

Co, Jl (DeL) ; Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; McLean, Jl (Buys) ; Salem 

1779c I. suturalis var. vagus Ball. Hamburg, Salamanca, Jl-Aug (EPV). 

I. subnitens S. & D. Cranberry L. (Osb). 

1780 L duzeei Prov. Lancaster, Jl (£PF). 


1781 I. alternatus Fitch. L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Buffalo 

and vie, including Hamburg, May- Aug (EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, Jl 
(DeL) ; Ithaca, Ap-Jl (Buys) ; McLean, Ap, Morr (Osb) ; Salem 
(Osb). Willow. 

I. formosus Ball. Cranberry L. (Osb). 

1782 I. verticis Say. Salem (Osb). 

I. cognatus Fieb. Chautauqua Co, Jl (DeL) ; LI: Winfield, Maspeth, Port 

Washington, Je-Sep (Ols). Introduced from Europe. 

1793 I. scurra Germ. Buffalo, Oct (EPV) ; Ithaca (Leon&Cy) ; Bronx Pk., 
Aug, Matausch (EPV); LI: Brooklyn, Aug, Schott (01s); Maspeth, 
Flushing, Aug-Sep (01s). Poplar. 

1795 I. lachrymalis Fitch. L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Keene 
Val., Not (01s) ; Batavia, Je-Sep, Kngt (Ols, Osb) ; Portage, Je, 
Kngt (Ols) ; Hamburg, Lancaster, Elma, Gowanda, Je-Aug (EPV) ; 
Chautauqua Co, Jl (DeL) ; Ithaca, Aug, McLean, Jl, Taughannock 
Falls, Jl (Buys) ; Atwater, Jl (Buys) ; Salem (Osb) ; Phoenicia 
(EPV) ; LI: Bay Shore, Jl (Ols). Poplar. 

1797 I. snowi G. & B. Lancaster, Aug (EPV). 

1800 I. crataegi VanD. Niagara Falls, Aug (EPV) ; Buffalo and vie, including 

Lancaster, Hamburg, Jl-Sep (EPV) ; Chautauqua, May, Salamanca, 
Jl (EPV) ; Conesus L., Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Aug (Buys). Crataegus. 

1801 I. provancheri VanD. Black Apple-Leaf Hopper. L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; 

Cranberry L." (Osb); Severance (Osb-NYS) ; Oswego (Leon); 
Newark (Leon) ; Wolcott (Mat) ; Williamson (Cy) ; Spencerport 
(Cy) ; Honeo3^e Falls, Rochester Jet. (Leon) ; Holley (Cy) ; Batavia, 
Je-Jl, Kngt (Osb, Ols) ; Buffalo and vie, including Lancaster (EPV) ; 
Penn Yan (Cy) ; Ithaca (Leon) ; McLean, Jl (Buys) ; Ulster Co, Jl 
(Ols) ; Kinderhook, Stuyvesant Falls (Cy) ; LI: Babylon (Leon) ; 
Fishers I., Aug, Zab (AM). Apple, quince, pear. 

1802 I. fitchi VanD. Batavia, Aug, Kngt (Ols) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Salamanca, 

Jl-Aug (EPV) ; White Plains, Je (Ols) ; W. Nyack, Je (Ols) ; 
Mosholu, Bno (Osb); LI: Hempstead, Sep. (Ols). 

MacropSIS Lewis 
(Pediopsis Burmeister) 

1806 M. reversalis O. & B. Golden, EPV (O&B). 

1807 M. gleditschiae O. & B. Chautauqua Co, Je (DeL) ; White Plains, Je 

(Ols); LI: Yaphank, Jl (Ols). 

1808 M. virescens Gmel. var. graminea Fab. Hamburg, Lancaster, Jl-Aug 

(EPV); Salem, Aug (Osb). Willow. 

1809 M. viridis Fitch. L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Batavia, 

Je-Jl, Kngt (Ols) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Golden, Elma, Gowanda, Je-Aug 
(EPV); Chautauqua Co, Je (DeL) ; Salamanca, Jl (EPV); Ithaca, 
Aug (CU), Je (Buys); Karner (Osb-NYS); Salem, Aug (Osb); 
LI: Flushing, Jl (Ols). Willow. 

1811 M. suturalis O. & B. Golden, EPV (O&B); Hamburg, Jl (EPV); Chau- 

tauqua Co, Je (DeL) ; Ringwood, Je (Buys). 

1812 M. crocea O. & B. Hamburg, Jl (EPV). 


1815 M. basalis VanD. Cobble Hill, Adirondacks, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L. 
(Osb) ; Batavia, Je-Jl, Kngt (Ols) ; Colden, Elma, Hamburg, Lancaster, 
Je-Jl {EPV); Salamanca, Aug (EPV). Aspen. 

1817 M. canadensis VanD. L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; 

Batavia, Jl-Aug, Kngt (Ols) ; Portage, Je, Kngt (Ols) ; Lancaster, 
Je (£PF-CU). Willow. 

1818 M. bifasciata VanD. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Karner (Osb-NYS) ; Salem 


1819 M. nigricans VanD. Hamburg, Jl-Aug {EPV) ; Colden, Jl (EPV) ; 

Gowanda, Je (EPV). Poplar. 

1821 M. trimaculata Fitch. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Sodus Pt., Sep {Biiys) ; Batavia, 

Je-Aug, Kngt (Ols, Laws) ; Portage, Je, Kngt (Ols) ; Buffalo, Boston, 
Lancaster, Hamburg, Gowanda, Colden, Je-Aug (EPV) ; McLean 
(Buys); Highland, Felt (Osb). Wild plum. 

1822 M. sordida VanD. Cranberry L., Htly (Osb & DeL) ; White Plains, Je 


Oncopsis Burmeister 

1824 O. variabilis Fitch. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Plattsburg, Jl, Ds (Ols) • L. Tear, 

Jl, Not (Ols) ; Upper Ausable L., Jl, Bcq (Ols) ; Fourth L., Je (Ols) ; 
Buffalo, Otto, Lancaster, Hamburg, May-Jl {EPV) ; Chautauqua Co 
(DeL) ; Gloversville {EPV) ; West Pt., Je, Ds (Ols) ; Bronxville, 
Je, Wood (Ols); LI: Bay Shore, Yaphank, Wyandanch, Jl {Ols). 

1825 O. sobrius Wlk. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Genesee Co, Je, Ds (Ols) ; Niagara 

Falls, Colden, Lancaster, Salamanca, May-Jl {EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, 
Je (DeL); SI, Je, Ds (Ols); LI: Wyandanch, Schott; Bay Shore, 
Yaphank, Je-Jl {Ols). Birch. 

1826 O. cognatus VanD. Plattsburg, Jl, Ds (Ols) ; Cobble Hill, Adirondacks, 

Aug {EPV) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Hamburg, Colden, Gowanda, Lan- 
caster, May- Aug (EPV) ; Wyoming, Je, Ds {Ols) ; Ithaca, Ringwood, 
Je {Buys) ; Albany (Osb) ; Phoenicia (Ols). 

1827 ?0. truncatus Baker. Batavia, Je-Jl, Kngt (Ols). . 

1828 O. fitchi VanD. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Wilmington, Aug (WHBrittain) ; 

Buffalo, Hamburg, Colden, Boston, May- Aug {EPV) ; Wyoming Co, 
Je, Ds (Ols). 

1829 O. pruni Prov. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Mt. Marcy, Jl, Not (Ols) ; Axton, Je 

(Ai&H) ; Upper Ausable L., Jl, Beq (Ols) ; Batavia, Je, Ds (Ols) ; 
Buffalo {EPV) ; Rock City, Jl (Kngt) ; Ellis, Ithaca, Je {Buys) ; 
Albany (Osb) ; Oliverea, Jl, Shoe (Ols) ; Bronxville, Jl, Wood (Ols) ; 
LI: Hempstead, Central Pk., Bay Shore, Maspeth, Yaphank, Je-Oct 

1830 O. minor Fitch. Upper Ausable L., Jl, Beq (Ols) ; Upper Ausable R., Aug 

{EPV) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Buffalo and vie, Je-Aug {EPV) ; Oli- 
verea, Jl, Shoe (Ols); W. Nyack, May-Je (Ols); SI: Richmond, Je, 
Ds (Ols) ; LI: Wading R., May {Ols). 

1831 O. nigrinasi Fitch. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Batavia, Je-Aug, Kngt (Ols) ; 

Portage, Je, Kngt (Ols) ; Buffalo, Colden, Hamburg, Lancaster, 
Gowanda, Je-Aug {EPV); Salamanca, Jl, Rock City, Aug {EPV); 
LI: Flatbush, Je, Zab (AM). Hornbeam. 


1832 O. fagi Fitch. Mt. Marcy, Jl, Not (01s) ; Batavia, Je, Kngt (01s) ; Catta- 

raugus, Je, Kngt (Ols) ; Ellis, Ithaca, Je (Buys) ; Oliverea, Jl, Shoe 
(01s); Ft. Montgomery, Je, Schott (Ols). 

1833 O. distinctus VanD. Buffalo, Lancaster, Hamburg, Jl-Sep (EPV) ; 

Chautauqua Co, Jl (DeL) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl, Schott (Ols) ; Pine I., 
Je, Ds (Ols). Poplar. 

Oncometopia Stal 

1846 O. undata Fab. Oswego (Osb-NYS). 

1847 O. lateralis Fab. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Adirondacks, Brb (Ols) ; Cranberry 

L. (Osb) ; L. Placid, Aug (EPV); McLean, Aug (Buys). 
1847a O. lateralis var. limbata Say. White Plains, Je 29, 1918 (Ols). 

AULACIZES Amyot and Serville 

1851 A. irrorata Fab. LI: Cold Sp. Harb. (Osb) ; Queens, Wyandanch, Je, 
Dec 25, under a stone, Schott (Ols) ; Pinelawn, Kings Pk., Je, 
Bell (Ols) ; Roslyn, Aug, Ballou (Ols). 

CiCADELLA Latreille 

1855 C. gothica Sign. Axton, Je (M&H) ; L. Placid, Aug-Sep (EPV) ; Keene 
Val. (Osb) ; Cranberry L., Htly (Osb & DeL) ; Rochester, Jl, Wendt 
(Ols) ; Batavia, May- Aug, Kngt (Ols) ; Colden, Lancaster, Gowanda, 
May-Sep (EPV) ; Rock City, Je, Ktigt (Ols) ; Portage, May, Kngt 
(EPV-Ols) ; Ithaca, Je (^^3;^) ; Oliverea, Je, Beq (Ols) ; Phoenicia, 
EPV (Osb) ; Karner (Osb) ; Salem, Aug (Osb) ; . Clinton Hgts., 
Nassau (Osb) ; Kingston, EPV (Osb) ; W. Nyack, May-Oct (Ols) ; 
LI: Hempstead, Melville, Bay Shore, Wyandanch, Yaphank, May-Oct 
(Ols) ; Oyster Bay (Osb). 

KOLLA Distant 

1859 K. bifida Say. Keene Val. (Osb-NYS), Aug, Not (Ols); Batavia, Jl, 
Kngt (Ols) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Lancaster, Gowanda, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; 
Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Buys-CU) ; Oliverea, Aug, Zab (AM) ; Phoenicia, 
EPV (Osb) ; Ballston L., Aug, Leon (NYS) ; L. George, Aug, 
Zab (AM) ; Salem (Osb); Saugerties, Jl, Brb (Ols) ; W. Nyack, Jl 
(Ols); Bronxville, Jl, Wood (Ols); NYC, Sep, Bno (Osb); LI: 
Jamaica, Cold Sp. Harb. (Osb) ; Flatbush, Oct, Zab (Ols). 

Helochara Fitch 

1863 H. communis Fitch. L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Saranac Inn, Jl, Ndm (Osb) ; 
Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Sodus Pt., Aug (Buys) ; Rochester, Jl, Wendt 
(Ols) ; Batavia, Aug, Kngt (Osb, Ols) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Ap-Sep 
(EPV) ; Portage, May, Kngt (Ols) ; Ithaca, May-Je, Kngt (Ols, Buys) ; 
McLean, Ap, Morr (Osb), May, Jl (Buys) ; Ringwood, Jl (Buys) ; 
Phoenicia (Osb) ; Salem, Ang (Osb) ; Karner, Albany, Nassau (Osb- 
NYS) ; Eagle Bridge (Osb) ; Kingston (Osb-NYS) ; White Plains, 
May (Ols); W. Nyack, Je (Ols); SI (Osb-NYS); LI: Flushing, 
Maspeth, Bay Shore, Huntington, Forest Hills, Wyandanch, Je-Sep 
(Ols). Juncus. 


Graphocephala Van Duzee 
(Diedrocephala Woodworth) 

1864 G. coccinea Forst. Ausable R., L. Placid, Aug-Sep (EPV) ; Saranac Inn, 
Keene Val., Wilmington (Osb) ; Cranberry L., Htly (Osb & DeL) ; 
Sodus Pt., Aug (Buys) ; Rochester, Jl, Wendt (01s) ; Batavia, Je-Jl, 
Kngt (Osb) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Gowanda, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Portage, 
Aug, Kngt (Osb); Ithaca, Je-Jl (Buys); Salem (Osb); Albany, 
Nassau, Eagle Bridge (Osb) ; Poughkeepsie (Osb) ; W. Nyack, Je-Sep 
(01s); Mosholu (Osb); SI, Jl (Osb, 01s); LI: Forest Pk, Oyster 
Bay (Osb) ; Flatbush, Je-Jl (Buys) ; Bay Shore, Forest Hills, Hunting- 
ton, Schott, Flushing, Central Pk., Sea Cliff, Kings Pk., Bell, Cold Sp. 
Harb., Brb, Rockaway Beach, Queens, Yaphank, Je-Oct (01s). 

1864a G. coccinea var. teliformis Wlk. L. Placid, Sep {EPV) ; Boston, Gowanda, 
Aug {EPV); Trenton Falls (Wlk-Brit. Mus.) ; LI: Bay Shore, Jl, 
Ols (EPV). 

Draeculacephala Ball 

1873 D. angulifera Wlk, Batavia, Aug, Kngt (Ols) ; Ithaca, Je-Sep (Ols, Buys) ; 

McLean Bogs, May, Jl {Buys) ; Nyack, Aug, Zab (AM) ; LI: Flush- 
ing, Winfield, Maspeth, Je-Sep (Ols). 

1874 D. moUipes Say. Axton, Je (M&H) ; L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; CrcWiberry 

L. (Osb) ; Sodus Pt., Aug (^^3;^) ; Batavia, Je-Aug, Kngt (Ols, Osb) ; 
Buffalo, Hamburg, Colden, May-Sep {EPV) ; Portage, Je, Kngt (Ols) ; 
Rock City, Je, Kngt (Ols) ; Ithaca and vie, Je-Oct, div. (CU) ; Mc- 
Lean Bogs, May, Jl {Buys) ; Ringwood, Jl {Buys) ; Phoenicia {EPV) ; 
Trenton Falls (Wlk) ; Salem (Osb) ; Karner, Albany, Nassau, Eagle 
Bridge (NYS) ; Poughkeepsie (NYS) ; White Plains, May {Ols) ; 
NYC, Bno (Osb); SI, May (Osb, Ols); LI: Sea CHff (EPV-CU) ; 
Jamaica, Cold Sp. Harb. (Osb) ; Maspeth, Flushing, Bay Shore, 
Rockaway Beach, Little Neck, Huntington, Schott, North Beach, Yap- 
hank, Ap-Jl (Ols). 

1875 D. minor Wlk. Buffalo and vie. (EPV) (as D. mollipes var. producta Wlk.). 
1877 D. manitobiana Ball. Batavia, Aug, Kngt (Ols). 

1879 D. noveboracensis Fitch. L. Placid, Aug {EPV) ; Keene Val. (Osb) ; 
Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Piseco L. (Osb) ; Albion, Aug {EPV) ; Honeoye 
Falls, Leon (Buys) ; Batavia, Jl, Kngt (Ols) ; Squaw I., Niagara R. 
{EPV) ; Buffalo, Elma, Colden, Hamburg, Je-Aug (EPV) ; Otto, Jl 
(Uhl-CU) ; Portage, Aug, Kngt (Osb) ; Ithaca, Je-Sep (CU) ; Mc- 
Lean, Jl, Buys (Ols) ; Salem (Osb) ; Nassau (Osb) ; Carmel, Aug, 
Buys (Ols); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, Brb (Osb, Ols); Wyandanch, 
Aug (Ols). 

Pagaronia Ball 

1883 P. tripunctata Fitch. Gowanda, Aug {EPV) ; Ithaca (CU) ; Phoenicia, Aug 

{EPV); Salem, Aug (Osb); Albany (Osb); Saugerties, Jl, Brb 
(Ols) ; White Plains, Je (Ols) ; W. Nyack, Oct (Ols) ; Mosholu 
(Osb); SI (Osb); LI: Jamaica, Cold Sp. Harb. (Osb); Sea CHff 
(EPV-CU) ; North Beach, Glen Head, Wyandanch, Je-Sep {Ols). 

EVACANTHUS LePeletier and Serville 

1884 E. acuminatus Fab. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Mt. Whiteface, Cobble Hill, Aug 

{EPV) ; Batavia, Je, Kngt (Ols) ; Niagara Falls, Aug (EPV) ; Lan- 
caster, Gowanda, Jl-Aug {EPV) ; Salamanca, Jl (EPV) ; Chautauqua 
Co, Jl (DeL) ; Oliverea, Jl, Shoe (Ols) ; Slide Mt., Debruce, Aug-Sep 



Penthimia Germar 

1894 P. americana Fitch. Rochester, Jl, Wendt (01s) ; Batavia, Je, Kngt (Osb) ; 
Buffalo and vie, May-Jl (EPV) ; Portage, May, Kngt (Osb) ; Ft. 
Montgomery, Jl, Schott (01s); W. Nyack, May (Oh); LI: Wyan- 
danch, Schott, Pinelawn, Yaphank, Wading R., May-Jl (Ols). 

Gypona Germar 

1896 G. rugosa Spangb. Grand I., Sep (EPV) ; Niagara Falls, Aug (EPV) ; 

Buffalo, Aug (EPV); W. Nyack, Oct (Ols); LI: Flushing, Oyster 
Bay, Bay Shore, Hempstead, Huntington, Wyandanch, Aug-Sep (Ols). 

1897 G. octolineata Say. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Keene Val., Aug, Not (Osb, 

Ols) ; Hope (Osb) ; Sodus Pt., Jl (Buys) ; Batavia, Jl-Sep, Kngt (Osb, 
Ols) ; Niagara Falls, Oct (EPV) ; Portage, Aug, Kngt (Ols) ; Buf- 
falo, Lancaster, Hamburg, Aug-Oct (EPV) ; Ithaca,, Sep (Ols, 
Buys) ; Karner (Osb) ; Salem (Osb) ; W. Nyack, Je-Sep (Ols) ; 
Dunwoodie, Oct, Ang (Ols); NYC, Sep (Osb, Ols); LI: Jamaica 
(Osb) ; Flushing, Maspeth, Bay Shore, Hempstead, Pinelawn, Port 
Washington, Glen Head, Wyandanch, Yaphank, Pennequid Barrens, 
div. (Ols). 
1913 G. octolineata var. geminata Osb. (teste Ball). Sodus Pt., Aug (Buys) ; 
Hamburg, Sep (EPV); Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Buys); LI: Oyster "Bay 
(Osb), types. 

1898 G. octolineata var. cana Burm. Elma, Hamburg, Gowanda, Salamanca, 

Je-Aug (EPV). 

1899 G. octolineata var. quebecensis Prov. Isham House, Adirondacks, Aug 

(EPV); Buffalo, Hamburg, Jl (EPV). 
1904 G. octolineata var. striata Burm. Buffalo, Lime L., Hamburg, Gowanda, 
Salamanca, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; LI: Sea Cliff (EPV-CU). 

1906 G. melanota Spangb. (bipunctulata Woodw.). Gowanda, Aug (EPV); 
1910 Ithaca, Aug-Sep (EPV, Buys); Mosholu (Bno) ; SI (Bno) ; LI: 

Maspeth, Aug (Ols). 

1907 G. verticalis Stal (bimacnlata Spangb. teste Ball). White Plains, Pelham 

Pk., NYC, Sep, Ang (Ols). Both records are with the query that they 

may refer to melanota Spangb. 
1923 G. scarlatina Fitch. Buffalo and vie, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Ft. Montgomery, Je, 

ScJwtt (Ols) ; LI: Maspeth, Aug, Schott (Ols). 
1920 G. scarlatina var. puncticollis Spangb. (alhosignuta Uhl.). Niagara Falls, 1 
1922 Hamburg, Ang (EPV); Batavia, Aug, Kngt (Ols); NYC, Sep, Ang' 

(Ols). I 

1917 G. scarlatina var. pectoralis Spangb. Hamburg, Jl, Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; \ 

Ithaca, Jl (Buys) ; Bronx Pk., Aug (Ols). 
1925 G. sangiiinolenta Spangb. LI: Bay Shore, Jl (Ols). 

Xerophloea Germar 

1930 X. viridis Fab. Rock City, Jl, Kngt (Ols) ; Kingston (EPV) ; Mosholu, Jll 
(Osb) ; LI: Sea Cliff (EPV-CU). I 

1931 X. major Bak. White Plains, May (Ols) ; W. Nyack, Ap-Je (Ols) ; Mosholuf 
(Osb); LI: Flushing, Bay Shore, Jl (Ols); Cold Sp. Harb. (Osb) ;l 
Wading R., Je, Schott (Ols). 



Stroggylocephalus Flor 

1932 S. agrestis Fall. E. Concord, May (EPV) ; Ithaca, May (Buys). 


1933 A. nervosus Schrank. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Johnstown, Aug, Alex (EPV) ; 

Batavia, Jl, Kngt (Ols) ; Ithaca, Aug, Ringwood, Jl (Bitys) . 

1935 A. flavostrigatus (Donov.)- Indian L., near Sabael, Aug, Brb (Ols) ; Eagle 

Bridge, Aug (Osb) ; Phoenicia, Aug, EPV (Osb). 

1936 A. albifrons (L). Cranberry L. (Osb); Wells, Jl, Yg (Ball-NYS) ; 

Rochester, Moore (EPV) ; Conesus L., Buffalo, Lancaster, Colden, 
Hamburg, Portage, Gowanda, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Buys, 
Baker, EPV-CU) ; Phoenicia, EPV (Osb); Salem (Osb); White 
Plains, Je (Ols) ; NYC (Southwick) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Brb (Osb) 
(Bui. 97, NYSMus) ; Queens, Aug, Maspeth, Je, Aug, Flushing, Jl, Sep, 
Winfield, Sep, Bay Shore, Jl, Rockaway Beach, Aug (Ols) ; Kings Pk., 
Bell (Ols) ; North Beach, Jl, Schott (Ols) ; Sea Cliff (EPV-CU). 

1937 A. placidus Prov. W. Nyack, Ap (Ols). 


1940 X. piilicarius VanD. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; L. Placid, Sep, Hamburg, Sep, 

Buffalo, Je-Sep, Elma, Je, Stamford, Aug (EPV) ; Lancaster, Colden, 
Aug (EPV-CIJ) ; Chautauqua Co, Jl-Aug (DeL) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug 
(Buys, Baker-CU) ; Phoenicia, Aug (Osb) ; NYC, Aug, Sonthzmck 
(EPV-CU) ; LI: Sea Cliff (EPV-CU) ; Jamaica, Aug (Osb). 

1941 X. superbus (Prov.) (fulvocapitatus VanD.). Hamburg, Aug (EPV) ; 

Lancaster, Aug (EPV-CU); W. Nyack, Sep (Ols). 

1944 X. nigrifrons. Osb. W. Nyack, Je-Sep (Ols) ; Cranberry L. (Osb). 

1945 X. brunneus Osb. Hamburg, Jl (EPV); Batavia, May, Kngt (Dickerson). 

NiONiA Ball 

1946 N. palmeri (VanD.). Stony Pt, Je, Ds (Ols); White Plains, Je (Ols); 

W. Nyack, Je (Ols) ; Yonkers, Oct, Ang (Ols) ; LI: Forest Pk., Bno 
(Osb); Sea Cliff (EPV). 

Hecalus Stal 

1952 H. lineatus (Uhl). "NY" (VanD. Cat.). 

SpangBERGIELLA Signoret 

1953 S. vulnerata Uhl. "NY" (Osb, Baker-US). 


1955 P. viridis Uhl. Cranberrv L. (Osb); Rochester, Wcndt (Ols); Niagara 

Falls, Je, Hamburg, May-Je, Buffalo, Je (EPV); Batavia, Je, Kngt 
(Laws) ; Chautauqua Co, Je (DeL) ; Ithaca, Je (Buys) ; Mud Cr., 
Tompkins Co, Je (Buys); White Plains (Ols); LI: Jamaica, EPV 
(Bui. 97, NYSMus) ; Maspeth, Ap-Sep (Ols) ; Flushing, Jl, Rockaway 
Beach (Ols). 

1956 P. major Osb. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Wyoming, Je, Cattaraugus Co, Jl, K^igt 




1975 M. vitellina Fitch. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Cobble Hill, Niagara Falls, Lan- 
caster, Elma, Buffalo, Gowanda, Salamanca, Je-Aug (EPV). 

1980 S. sanctus Say. LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Brb (Osb). 

1982 S. cruciatus Osb. LI: Cold Sp. Harb., 57^6 (Osb). 

1983 S. auronitens Prov. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Albion (Osb) ; Hamburg, 

Niagara Falls, Lancaster, Elma, Buffalo, Stamford, Gowanda, Je-Sep 
(EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, Jl-Aug (DeL) ; Ithaca, Aug (Buys) ; Albany 
(Osb); Phoenicia (EPV); W. Nyack, Sep (Ols) ; SI: Jl (Ols) ; 
Clove Val., Jl (Osb-AM) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Brb (Osb) ; Maspeth. 
Aug, Port Washington, Sep, Ols (EPV) ; Hempstead, Sep, Kissena Pk., 
Oct, Forest Hills, Sep (Ols) ; Sea CHff, Aug (Ols, EPV-CU) ; Flat- 
bush, Sep (Osb-AM); Jamaica, Aug (EPV, Osb). 

1984 S. jucundus Uhl. Lancaster, Aug (EPV); Karner, Aug (Osb-NYS) ; LI: 

Hempstead, Jl, Maspeth, Je (Ols). 

1985 S. unicolor Osb. SI (Osb). 

1987 S. censors Uhl. Boston, Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; Oliverea, Sep, Dickerson 


1988 S. scalaris VanD. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Ithaca, Aug (Buys) ; Phoenicia 

(EPV) ; W. Nyack, Aug (Ols). 

1989 S. lobatus VanD. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Lancaster, Sep, W J Palmer Jr 

(EPV-CU) ; Hamburg, Oct, MCV (EPV, Osb) ; Boston, E. Aurora, 
Aug-Sep (EPV) ; Gowanda, Aug (EPV , Osb) ; Chautauqua Co, Aug 
(DeL) ; Ithaca, Aug (Buys, Osb) ; Poughkeepsie (Osb) ; Mosholu 
(Osb); Bryn Mawr Pk., Sep (AM); NYC, Southwick (EPV); LI: 
Jamaica, Cold Sp. Harb. (Osb) ; Kissena Pk., Flushing, Maspeth, Aug 
(Ols) ; Waterworks, Flatbush, Oct, Lott Wood, Flatbush, Aug-Sep, Zab 

1990 S. ochraceus Osb. Cranberry L., Aug (O&D) ; Batavia, Jl, Kngt (Ols); 

Rochester, Oct, Golden, Jl (EPV) ; Buffalo, Aug (EPV, Osb) ; 
Gowanda, EPV (Osb); W. Nyack, Je (Ols); LI: North Beach, Jl 

1991 S. productus Osb. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Mt. Whiteface, Aug (DeL) ; Ham- 

burg, E. Aurora, Gowanda, Aug (EPV); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl, Brb 
(Osb); Sea CHff (EPV-CU). 

1992 S. carinatus Osb. Hamburg, ]\, EPV (Osb); Gowanda, Aug, Ithaca, Jl- 

Aug (EPV); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Brb (Osb); Bay Shore, Jl (Ols). 

1994 S. intricatus Uhl. "NY", Aug, EPV (Osb); LI: Maspeth, Aug (Ols); 

Wyandanch, Sep, Schott (Ols). 

1995 S. luteolus VanD. Hamburg, Jl (EPV) ; near NYC, Jl-Aug, Southwick 

(EPV); SI, Jl (Ols). 

1996 S. immistus Say. Keene Val., Aug, Not (Ols) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; L. 

Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Sodus Pt., Aug (Buys) ; Lancaster, Jl, EPV 
(Lint) ; Batavia, Jl, Kngt (Osb, Ols) ; Niagara Falls, Hamburg, Buf- 
falo, E. Aurora, Gowanda, Salamanca, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Chautauqua 
Co, Jl (DeL) ; Ithaca, Jl (Buys) ; Karner (Osb) ; Phoenicia (EPV) ; 
Kingston (EPV) ; Eagle Bridge, Salem (Osb) ; W. Nyack, Aug, 
Yorktown Hgts., Sep (Ols); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jamaica (Osb); 


Bay Shore, Jl, Ols (EPV) ; Hempstead, Aug-Sep, Wyandanch, Aug, 
Maspeth, Aug, Flushing, Jl, Sep {Ols) ; Flatbush, Jl, Zah, Kissena 
Pk., Aug (Osb-AM). 

1996a S. immistus var. minor Osb. Batavia, Aug, Kngt (Ols) ; Lancaster, Ham- 
burg, Aug (EPV); LI: Bc^y Shore, Aug, Ols (EPV); Wyandanch, 
Aug {Ols). 

1996b S. immistus var. major Osb. Boston, Gowanda, Aug {EPV). 

1998 S. obtusus Osb. Lancaster, Hamburg, Aug-Sep {EPV); LI: Bay Shore, 
Jl, Flushing, Je (Ols). 

2000 S. opalinus Osb. Gowanda, Aug {EPV) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., on red cedar 

Platymetopius Burmeister 

2008 P. hyalinus Osb. Yonkers, Jl, Nyack, Aug {Ols). 

2014 P. acutus Say. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; L. Placid, Aug {EPV) ; Sodus Pt., 
Aug {Buys) ; Batavia, Je-Aug, Kngt (Laws-EPV) ; Wyoming Co, Je, 
Kngt (Ols) ; Hamburg, Colden, Lancaster, Buffalo, Gowanda, Sala- 
manca, Je-Aug {EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, Jl-Aug {DeL) ; Ithaca, Je, 
McLean, Jl {Buys) ; Karner, Felt (Osb) ; Phoenicia, EPV (Osb) ; 
Oliverea, Jl, Shoe (Ols) ; Salem, Eagle Bridge {Osh) ; Kingston, EPV 
(Osb); W. Nyack, Je, Oct {Ols); SI, Aug {Ols); LI: CoW Sp. 
Harb., Jamaica {Osb) ; Maspeth, Je, Sep-Oct, Bay Shore, Jl, Sep, 
Rockaway Beach, Jl, Canarsie, Sep, Hempstead, Jl, Sep, Flushing, Jl, 
Sea Cliff, Aug {Ols) ; Huntington, Sep, Schott (Ols). 

2014a P. acutus var. dubius VanD. Niagara Falls, Hamburg, Elma, Salamanca, 
Jl-Sep {EPV); Ft. Montgomery, Sep, Schott (Ols); LI: Bay Shore, 
Jl {Ols). 

P. acutus var. cinnamoneus Osb. Cranberry L. (Osb). 

2017 P. cuprescens Osb. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Indian L., near Sabael, Aug, Brb 
(Ols) ; Niagara Falls {EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, Aug {DeL) ; Sala- 
manca, Jl {EPV) ; McLean, Jl {Buys) ; Phoenicia, EPV (Osb) ; Ft. 
Montgomery, Sep, Schott (Ols); LI: Sea CHff (EPV-CU). 

2020 P. angustatus Osb. LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, on pine (Osb); Oyster Bay, 

Aug (Osb); Bay Shore, Sep {Ols). 

2021 P. fulvus Osb. Colden, Gowanda, Salamanca, Phoenicia, Jl-Aug {EPV) ; 

LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jl-Aug {EPV) ; Oyster Bay (Osb). 

2023 P. frontalis VanD. Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Hamburg, Je-Sep {EPV) ; 
Chautauqua Co, Je-Jl (div.-CU) ; Ithaca, Je {Buys) ; Karner, Nassau 
(Osb) ; Poughkeepsie, Phoenicia (Osb) ; Kingston (EPV) ; Salem 
(Osb); White Plains, Je, W. Nyack, Oct {Ols); Mosholu, NYC 
(Osb) ; SI (EPV) ; LI: Jamaica, Cold Sp. Harb., Nassau Co (Osb) ; 
Maspeth, Flushing, Hempstead, Newtown Hgts., Huntington, Winfield, 
Bay Shore, Forest Hill, Yaphank, Sea Cliff, Bayville, Je-Sep {Ols). 

2029 P. magdalensis Prov. {obscurus Osb.). Salamanca, Jl {EPV) ; Yorktown 
Hgts., Sep, W. Nyack, Oct (Ols); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Aug, Pine- 
lawn, Je, Ols (Osb) ; Pinelawn, Wyandanch, Ols (Osb) ; Bay Shore, 
Maspeth, Forest Hill, Jl-Sep {Ols). 

Deltocephalus Burmeister 

D. delector S. & DeL. Cranberry L. (Osb). 
2035 D. areolatus Ball. Vic. of NYC (Osb). 
2041 D. sandersi Osb. LI: Sea Cliff (EPV-CU). 


2042 D. pictus Osb. SI (Osb). 

2051 D. configuratus Uhl. Axton, Je, M&H (EPV-CU) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; 

L. Placid, Aug (£PF-CU) ; Lancaster, Hamburg, Buffalo, Golden, 
Je-Aug (EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, Aug (DeL) ; Cattaraugus Co, Je, 
Kngt ; Ithaca, Je, McLean Bogs, May (Buys). 

2052 D. ocellaris Fallen. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Mt. Marcy, Jl, Not (DeL). 

2053 D. sayi Fitch. Axton, L. Placid, Je-Aug (EPV-CU) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; 

Albion, Lancaster, Buffalo, Hamburg, Gowanda, May-Aug (EPV) ; 
Batavia, May-Jl, Kngt (01s) ; Chautauqua Co (DcL) ; Rock City, Jl, 
Kngt (01s) ; Ithaca, Je-Aug (Buys, Morr) ; McLean, May (Buys) ; 
Karner, Phoenicia, Kingston, Poughkeepsie ; Eagle Bridge, Salem 
(Osb); White Plains, Je, W. Nyack, May-Je (Ols) ; SI (Osb); LI: 
Cold Sp. Harb., Jamaica, Maspeth, Flushing, Winfield, Newtown Hgts., 
Port Washington, Bay Shore, Yaphank, North Beach, Forest Hills, 
Bayville, May-Sep (Ols). 

2055 D. weedi VanD. Chautauqua Co, Jl (DeL). 

2055J D. interruptus DeL. Chautauqua Co (DeL); W. Nyack, Je, Ols (DeL). 

2057 D. obtectus O. & B. Hamburg, Aug (EPV) ; Eagle Bridge (Osb) ; Chau- 
tauqua Co, Je (DeL) ; Salem (Osb). 

D. misellus Ball. Cranberry L. (Osb). 

2059 D. compactus O. & B. L. Placid (EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, Je (DeL) ; 
Phoenicia (Osb); SI (Osb); LI: Cold Sp. Harb. (Osb). 

2062 D. apicatus Osb. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Mt. Whiteface, Hamburg, Gowanda, 

Aug-Sep (EPV) ; Chautauqua Co (DeL) ; Salem (Osb) ; W. Nyack, 
Je, Ols; LI: Forest Hills, Sep, Ols (DeL). 

2063 D. inimicus Say. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; L. Placid (EPV) ; Sodus Pt., Aug- 

Sep (Buys) ; Batavia, Je-Aug, Kngt (DeL) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Lan- 
caster, Je-Aug (EPV) ; Portage, Aug, Kngt (Ols) ; Chautauqua Co, 
Je-Sep (DeL); Ithaca, Je-Aug, McLean Bogs, Jl (Buys) ;^ Karner, 
Kingston, Phoenicia; Nassau, Salem (Osb); White Plains, W. Nyack, 
Je, Ols (DeL); SI (Osb); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jamaica (Osb); 
Maspeth, Winfield, Flushing, Bay Shore, Sea Cliff, Je-Sep, Ols (DeL). 
2065 D. fiavicosta Stal. Batavia, Jl, Kngt (DeL) ; Lawtons (EPV) ; Eagle 
Bridge (Osb) ; Chautauqua Co, Jl (DeL) ; Eagle Bridge, Nassau, Salem 
(Osb); Yorktown Hgts., Sep, Ols (DeL); LI: Nassau Co, Cold Sp. 
Harb., Jamaica (Osb). 

2071 D. debilis Uhl. L. Placid, Buffalo, Hamburg, Lancaster, Je-Aug (EPV). 

2072 D. abdominalis Fab. Cranberrv L. (Osb) ; Batavia, Je, Kngt (Ols) ; W. 

Nyack, Jl, Sep, Ols (DeL) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb. (Osb) ; Maspeth, Je 

2073 D. pascuellus Fall. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; L. Placid, Sep (EPV) ; Batavia, 

Rock City, Jl, Kngt (Ols) ; Ithaca, Ringwood, Trenton Falls, Je-Jl 
(Buys) ; Phoenicia, Kingston, Aug (EPV) ; Salem, Eagle Bridge 
(Osb); LI: Cold Sp. Harb. (Osb). 
2075 D. melsheimerii Fitch. Axton, Je, A4&H, Cranberry L. (Osb) ; L. Placid, 
Buffalo, May-Aug (EPV-CU) ; Hamburg, Lawtons, Gowanda, Aug- 
Oct (EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, Aug 9 (DeL) ; Ithaca, Je (Buys) ; Eagle 
Bridge, Salem (Osb); W. Nyack, Je, Ols (DeL). 

2082 D. littoralis Ball. LI: Sea Cliff (EPV-CU). 

2083 D. sylvestris O. & B. Ausable R., Cobble Hill, Hamburg, Aug-Sep (EPV) ; 

Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Batavia, Je, Kngt (DeL) ; Chautauqua Co, Jl- 
Aug (DeL) ; W. Nyack, Je, Ols (DeL) ; LI: Maspeth, Je, Ols (DeL). 


2089 D. simplex VanD. (simplarius O. & B.). LI: Astoria, Jl, Southzvick, Sea 

Cliff (EPV). 
D. nominatus S. & DeL. {oculatus O. & B.). Cranberry L. (Osb). 

D. flavo-virens G. & B. Cranberry L. (Osb). 

2090 D. osborni VanD. Lancaster, Gowanda, Aug-Sep {EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, 

Jl-Aug {DeL). 
2097 D. nigrifrons Forbes. Lancaster, Hamburg, Phoenicia, Je-Sep {EPV). 

D. acus S. & DeL. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Chautauqua Co, Jl-Aug {DeL) ; 

LI: Bay Shore, Jl, Ols (S&DeL). 

2079 D. striatus L. {affinis G. & B.). Batavia, Je, Kngt (S&DeL) ; Niagara Falls, 
Buffalo, Hamburg, Salamanca, Je-Aug (EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, Je- 
Aug (DeL) ; Rock City, Jl, Knot (Ols) : White Plains, Je, Ols 
(S&DeL); LI: Yaphank, Maspeth, May, Ols (DeL); Sea Cliff 

D. nigriventer S. & DeL. Cranberry L. (Osb). 

ACONURA Lethierry 
2117 A. acuticauda Bak. Axton, Je, M&H (EPV); Cobble Hill, Aug {EPV). 

Driotura Osborn and Ball 

2126 D. gammaroides VanD. Hamburg, Mosholu (Osb) ; White Plains, W. 
Nyack, Jl (Ols) ; LI: Bay Shore, Jl (Ols) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Jamaica 

2126b D. gammaroides var. fulva Ball. LI: Hempstead, Jl (Ols). 


2131 E. obscurinervis Stal {exitiosus Uhl.). "NY" (VanD. Cat.). 

2132 E. striolus Fall. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Batavia, Jl, Kngt (Ols) ; Buffalo, 

Hamburg, Lancaster, Gowanda {EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, Aug {DeL) ; 
Phoenicia (EPV); Ksrner, Aug (Osb). 

E. stactogalus Fieb. {Enteitix osborni Ball). NYC, Sep (Ols, Ball); SI: 

Westerleigh, Jl, Bs (Ols); LI: Maspeth, Je (Ols). 

2133 E. parallelus VanD. McLean, Jl (Buys). 

2134 E. extrusus VanD. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; summit of Mt. Whiteface, Aug 

(EPV) ; Axton, Je, M&H (EPV-CU) ; Rock City, Jl, Kngt (Laws) ; 
Oliverea, W. Nyack, May, Jl (Ols) ; Mosholu, Sep (AM) ; SI, May 
(Ols); LI: Yaphank, Wading R., Bay Shore, Wyandanch, May-Jl 

2136 E. relativus G. & B. Buffalo, Lancaster, Jl {EPV). 

2136! E. deceptus S. & DeL. Cranberry L. (Osb); Chautauqua Co, Jl {DeL). 

2138 E. uhleri Ball. Speculator, Jl, Yg (Ball-NYS) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; L. 
Placid, Hamburg, Buft'alo, Salamanca, Gowanda, May-Aug {EPV) ; 
Batavia, Aug, Kngt (Ols) ; Ithaca, Jl {Buys) ; Oliverea, Jl, Shoe (Ols) ; 
White Plains, Je (Ols) ; Mosholu (Bno) ; LI: Maspeth, Flushing, Bay 
Shore, Huntington, Je-Aug (Ols). 


2139 E. anthracinus VanD Adirondacks, How (EPV) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; 

Axton, MacG (EPV) ; Hamburg, Jl {EPV). 
2142 E. arctostaphyli Ball. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Indian L., near Sabael, Aug, 

Brh (01s). 
E. humidus Osb. Cranberry L. (Osb). 

2144 E. striatulus Fall. Hamburg, Jl {EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, Je-Jl {DeL) ; 

LI: Bay Shore, Jl, Hempstead, Aug (01s); Cold Sp. Harb. (Osb). 

2145 E. vaccinii VanD. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Mt. Whiteface, Cobble Hill, Ham- 

burg, Salamanca, Jl-Aug {EPV) ; Karner, Poughkeepsie (Osb-NYS) ; 
White Plains, Je (01s) ; LI: Bay Shore, Yaphank, Hempstead, May-Jl 

2146 E. instabilis VanD. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Hamburg, Colden, Je-Jl {EPV) ; 

McLean, Jl-Aug (Buys). 

2147 E. angustatus Osb. "NY" (VanD. Cat.) ; Cranberry L. (Osb). 

2148 E. elongatus Osb. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Chautauqua Co, Jl {DeL). 

2156 E. curtisii Fitch. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; L. Placid, Buffalo, Hamburg, Lan- 
caster, Lawtons, Gowanda, Je-Aug {EPV) ; Sodus Pt., Aug {Buys) ; 
Batavia, Aug, Kngt (Laws) ; Portage, Aug, Kngt (Laws) ; Wyoming, 
Kngt (Ols) ; Otto, Jl (Uhl-CU) ; Chautauqua Co, Je {DeL) ; Ithaca, 
Je, Ringwood, Jl {Buys) ; Nassau, Eagle Bridge, Salem (Osb) ; 
Karner; Clinton Hgts. ; Phoenicia; Kingston; Warwick; W. Nyack, 
May, White Plains, Je (Ols); NYC; SI, Aug, 0/.? JEPV) ; LI: 
Maspeth, Huntington, Je (Ols) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Jamaica (Osb). 

E. comma VanD. Cranberry L. (Osb). 


2160 E. luridus VanD. "NY" (Ball) ; Karner (Osb-NYS) ; LI: Bergen L, May, 

Zab (AM). 

2161 E. marmoratus VanD. LI: Melville, Sep, Schott (Osb); Yaphank, Central 

Pk., Ap-May, Ols (Osb). 

2162 E. southwicki VanD. Hamburg, Boston, Salamanca, Jl-Aug {EPV) ; 

Gowanda, Karner, Aug (Osb) ; Ft. Montgomery, Sep, Schott, W. 
Nyack, Je (Ols) ; NYC (Ball) ; LI: Bay Shore, Jl (Ols) ; Wyandanch, 
Huntington, Aug-Sep, Schott (Ols). 

2163 E. subaeneus VanD. LI (Ball-Osb). 

2164 E. querci G. & B. LI: Hempstead, Jl (Ols). 

2167 E. pictus VanD. LI: Bay Shore, Hempstead, Jl, Ols (EPV). 

2168 E. slossoni VanD. LI: Bay Shore, Jl, Ols (EPV). 

2170 E. johnsoni VanD. Gowanda, Aug {EPV) ; White Plains, W. Nyack, Je, 
Sep (Ols) ; Mosholu, Mount Castle, Bryn Mawr Pk., Je, Sep (AM) ; 
SI, Aug {EPV, Osb); LI: Jamaica {Osb); Flatbush, ]e-]\'{Buys) ; 
Flushing, North Beach, Forest Hills, Winfield, Maspeth, Hempstead, 
Bay Shore, Jl-Oct (Ols). 

2179 E. seminudus Say. Batavia, Je-Aug, Kngt (Ols) ; Hamburg, Buffalo, 
Lancaster, Je-Aug {EPV) ; Wyoming, Je, Kngt (Ols) ; Chautauqua 
Co, Jl {DeL) ; Ithaca, Je {Buys) ; Albany (Osb) ; E. Albany, Oct 
(Lint-NYS) ; Nassau, Eagle Bridge, Salem, NYC (Osb) ; W. Nyack, 
Je-Jl (Ols); SI (Osb); LI: Cold Sp. Harb. (Osb); Huntington, 
Schott (Ols). 


2180 E. cinctus O. & B. LI: Glen Head, Sep, Bade (01s); Wyandanch, Aug, 

Ols (Osb) ; Huntington, Sep, Schott (01s). 

2181 E. chenopodii Osb. {strohi Fitch). Buffalo (EPV) ; eastern NY, EPV 

(Ball); LI: Maspeth, Aug, Ols (EPV); Yaphank, May, Ols (Osb). 
This synonymy is that of DeLong. 

2182 E. scitulus Ball. Cranberry L., ii'^ (Osb&DeL). 

Phlepsius Fieber 

2195 P. majestus O. & B. Mosholu (Osb); LI: Glen Head, Sep, Bade (Ols), 

2197 P. excultus Uhl. "NY" (Uhl). 

2201 P. decorus O. & B. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Hamburg, Niagara Falls, Elma, 

Gowanda, Salamanca, Jl-Aug {EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, Aug (DeL). 
2212 P. uhleri VanD. LI: Yaphank, May, Ols (Osb). 

P. strobi Fitch {Eutettix strohi Fitch, 2181). "NY" on pine (Fitch); 

NYC, Jl, Southwick (EPV). 
2215 P. maculosus Osb. (maculatus Osb.). Bronxville, Jl, Wood (Ols). The 

synonymy is Olsen's. 
2223 P. incisus VanD. Indian L., near Sabael, Aug, Brb (Ols) ; Ausable R., 

Saranac L., Lancaster, Buffalo, Boston, Gowanda, Salamanca, Jl-Sep 

(EPV) ; Batavia, Aug, Kngt (Osb) ; Chautauqua Co, Aug (DeL) ; 

Ithaca, Aug (Buys). 
P. maculellus Osb. Cranberry L. (Osb). 

2226 P. fuscipennis VanD. Montgomery, Sep, Schott (Ols) ; Albany, Bno (Osb- 

NYS); NYC, Jl, Southwick (EPV); LI: Maspeth, Oct, Ols (Osb). 

2227 P. turpiculus Ball. Buffalo, Sep (EPV); LI: Bay Shore, Jl, Ols (EPV). 

2228 P. irroratus Say. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Batavia, Je-Jl, Portage, Aug, 

Kngt (Ols) ; Niagara Falls, Elma, Hamburg, Lawtons, Buffalo, Lan- 
caster, Gowanda, Salamanca, Je-Sep (EPV) ; Ithaca, Je (Buys) ; 
Nassau, Salem (Osb) ; Nyack, Zab (AM) ; W. Nyack, Je, Oct, White 
Plains, Je (Ols) ; NYC, Bno (Osb) ; SI (Osb) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., 
Jamaica (Osb) ; Flatbush, Oct, Zab (AM) ; Wyandanch, Oct, Schott 
(Ols) ; Newtown Hgts., North Beach, Winfield, Maspeth, Forest Hills, 
Yaphank, Bay Shore, Port Washington, Je-Oct (Ols). 

2230 P. coUitus Ball. Gowanda. Salamanca, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, 
Jl-Aug (DeL) ; White Plains, Je, W. Nyack, Oct (Ols) ; Bronxville, 
Je, Wood (Ols) ; Mosholu, Sep (AM) ; SI, Sep (AM) ; LI: Flushing, 
Bay Shore, Forest Hills, Sea CHff, Jl-Aug (Ols). 

2234 P. lobatus Osb. LI: Sea Cliff, Aug, Maspeth, Sep (Ols). 

2235i P. tennessa DeL. LI: Flushing, Aug (Ols); Pennequid Barrens, Coram, 
Jl, Eng (Ols). 

2236 P. apertus VanD. Ausable R., Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Keene 

Val., Felt (Osb) ; L. George, Aug, Zab (AM). 

2237 P. fulvidorsum Fitch. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; L. Placid, Elma, Lancaster, 

Boston, Gowanda, Salamanca, Jl-Sep (EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, Je-Aug 
(DeL) ; L. Waccabuc, Jl, Zab (AM) ; L. George, Aug, Zab (Ols-AM) ; 
NYC, Je, Southwick (EPV) ; LI: Wyandanch, Aug (Ols). 

2241 P. slossoni Ball. LI: Bay Shore, Jl (Ols). 

2244 P. nebulosus VanD. LI: Cold Sp. Harb. (Osb). 


2246 P. solidaginis Wlk. (humidus VanD.). Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Batavia, Aug, 

K7igt (01s); Buffalo, Aug (EPV-CU) ; W. Seneca (EPV) ; Chau-f 
tauqua Co, Je (DeL) ; Ithaca, Aug (Buys); Phoenicia; W. Nyack, 
Jl (01s); NYC, Southzvick (EPV-CU); LI: Maspeth, Bay Shore, 
Jl-Aug, Ols (EPV). 

2247 P. ramosus Baker. Gowanda, Aug {EPV). 

Thamnotettix Zetterstedt 

2251 T. kennicotti Uhl. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Cobble Hill, Oct {EPV) ; Batavia, 

Jl, Kngt (Osb, Ols) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Colden, Elma, Gowanda, 
Salamanca, Je-Sep {EPV); Ithaca, Aug, Baker (CU) ; LI: Sea Cliff 
(EPV-CU) ; Winfield, Bay Shore, Aug-Sep, Ols (EPV) ; Huntington, 
Sep, Schott (Ols) ; Hempstead, Jl {Ols). 

2252 T. subcupraeus Prov. Oliverea, Sep, Dickerson (AM). 

2253 T. brittoni Osb. Boston, Aug {EPV); Cattaraugus Co, Jl, Kngt (Ols) ; 

Oliverea, 2300 ft., Sep, Dickerson (AM) ; LI: Yaphank, Bay Shore, 
Aug, Ols (Ball). 
2263 T. morsel Osb, McLean, Aug, Sib (Buys) ; Ft. Montgomery, Bear Mt., 
Sep, Schott (Ols). 

2265 T. clitellarius Say. Rochester, Jl, Wendt.{0\s) ; L. Placid, Buffalo, Ham- 

burg, Niagara Falls, Colden, Salamanca, Gowanda, May- Aug {EPV) ; 
Batavia, May-Jl, Kngt (Ols) ; Chautauqua Co, Je-Oct {DeL) ; Ithaca, 
Je-Jl, Ringwood, Je {Buys) ; Albany, Highland, Clinton Hgts., Phoe- 
nicia, Eagle Bridge, Salem, Mosholu (Osb) ; White Plains, Sep {Ols) ; 
Yorktown Hgts., Sep (Ols); LI: Forest Pk. (Osb); Flatbush, 
Jl {Buys) ; Cold Sp. Harb. (Osb) ; Maspeth, Flushing, North Beach, I 
Bay Shore, Forest Hills, Je-Sep (Ols). |! 

. T. cockerelli Ball. Cranberry L. (Osb). \ 

2266 T. eburatus VanD. Johnstown, Aug, Alex (EPV) ; Indian L., near Sabael, 

. Aug, Brb (Ols) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Boston, Salamanca, Jl {EPV) ; 

Bear Mt., Sep, Schott (Ols). 
2269 T. collaris Ball. Hamburg (Osb) ; Chautauqua Co, Aug {DeL) ; Ithaca, 

Hine (Osb); NYC, Park (Ball). 
2275 T. belli Uhl., Cranberry L. (Osb); "NY" (Osb-NYS). 
2275a T. belli var. gilletti VanD. Speculator, Colden, Je-Jl {EPV). 

T. belli var. brunneus Osb. Cranberry L. (Osb). 

2278 T. aurantiacus Prov. Speculator, Aug (EPV). 

T. waldanus Ball. Cranberry L. (Osb). 

2292 T. chlamydatus Prov. L. Placid, Aug, EPV (Osb) ; Johnstown, Je, Alex 

2305 T. melanogaster Prov. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Batavia, Jl, Kngt (Ols) ; 
Hamburg, Buffalo, Lancaster, Elma, Gowanda, Je-Sep {EPV) ; Chau- 
tauqua Co, Aug {DeL) ; Ithaca, Aug {Buys) ; McLean, Jl (Buys) ; 
White Plains, Je, Ols (Ball); LI: Sea Cliff (EPV-CU). 

2307 T. decipiens Prov. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; L. Placid, Ausable R., Aug-Sep 
{EPV) ; Mountain View, Sep, Not (Dickerson-AM) ; McLean, Sep, 
Sib (Buys). 

2312 T. fitchii VanD. Buffalo, Lancaster, Colden, Lawtons, Albion, Gowanda, 
Hamburg, Aug-Sep {EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, Sep {DeL) ; Phoenicia 


(Osb) ; White Plains, Je, Oh (DeL) ; SI; LI: Cold Sp. Harb. (Osb) ; 
Maspeth, Sea Cliff, Winfield, Je-Sep, Ols (Ball) ; Flushing, Bay Shore, 
Aug-Oct {Ols). 

T. pallidulus Osb. Cranberry L. (Osb). 

T. smithi VanD. Cranberry L. (Osb). 

T. ciliatus Osb. Cranberry L. (Osb). 

2314 T. nigrifrons Forbes {perpnnctata VanD.). Batavia, Jl, Kngt (Ball); Ham- 
burg, Buffalo, Lancaster, Aug-Sep (EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, Jl-Sep 
(DeL); NYC; LI: Sea Cliff (EPV-CU) ; Newtown Hgts., Ols 
(EPV) ; Maspeth, Jl, Oct, Ols (DeL) ; Bay Shore, Jl, Ols (Ball). 

2318 T. inornatus VanD. Ausable R., Lancaster, Buffalo, Jl-Sep (EPV) ; Indian 

L., near Sabael, Aug, Brb (Ols) ; Batavia, Sep, Kngt (Ols) ; Chautau- 
qua Co, Aug (DeL) ; Ithaca, McLean, Jl (Buys) ; Salem (Osb) ; LI: 
Sea Cliff, Aug, Ols (Ball). 

2319 T. placidus Osb. Ausable R., L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Cranberry L. (Osb). 

2320 T. cypraceus Osb. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Fulton Co, Sep, Alex (EPV) ; 

Hamburg, Buffalo, Jl-Oct (EPV). 


2324 C. unicolor Fitch. Lewiston ; Cranberry L. (Osb); Keene Val., Saranac 
Inn (Osb) ; Rochester, Aug, Baker (CU) ; Sodus Pt., Aug (Buys) ; L. 
Placid, Hamburg, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Lancaster, Gowanda, Je-Sep 
(EPV) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug, Kngt (Osb, Ols) ; Chautauqua Co, Aug 
(DeL); Ithaca, Je-Aug, McLean, Jl (Buys) ; White Plains, Jl (Ols) ; 
Phoenicia, Eagle Bridge, Salem, Mosholu; SI; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., 
Oyster Bay, Jamaica (Osb) ; Hempstead, Winfield, Flushing, Jl, Ols 
(EPV) ; Bay Shore (Ols) ; Central Pk., Je, Shoe (Ols) ; Kings Pk., 
Jl, Bell, Coram, Jl, Eng (Ols). 

2327 C. tergatus Fitch. L. Placid, Buffalo, Hamburg, Lancaster, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; 
Batavia, Jl-Aug, Portage, Aug, Kngt (Ols) ; Chautauqua Co, Jl (DeL) ; 
Ithaca, Jl (Buys) ; W. Nyack, Aug-Sep (Ols) ; Karner, Eagle Bridge, 
Salem, Nassau, Mosholu, NYC (Osb) ; SI; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., 
Jamaica (Osb); Hempstead, Jl (Ols); Maspeth, Aug (Ols). 

2329 C. viridius VanD. L. Placid (EPV-CU) ; W. Nyack, Sep (Ols) ; NYC, Jl, 
Southwick (EPV) ; SI (EPV) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jamaica (Osb) ; 
Bay Shore, Canarsie, Jl, Sep, Ols (EPV) ; Floral Pk., Sep, Bell (Ols) ; 
Glen Head, Sep, Bade (Ols) ; Sea Cliff, Aug (Ols). 

2331 C. galbanatus VanD. Chautauqua Co, Aug (DeL) ; Nassau, Salem (Osb) ; 

W. Nyack, Sep, White Plains, Je (Ols); SI: Ft. Wadsworth, Jl, Bs 
(Ols); LI: Jamaica, Sea Cliff (EPV); Maspeth, 'O/.? (EPV); Bay 
Shore, Je, Sep (Ols) ; Pennequid Barrens, Coram, Jl, Eng (Ols) ; 
Hempstead, Wyandanch, Aug-Sep (Ols). 

2332 C. balli Osb. Boston, Hamburg, Gowanda, Salamanca, Jl-Sep (EPV) ; 

Chautauqua Co, Aug (DeL); LI: Japiaica, Aug (Osb). 

2336 C. lusorius O. & B. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Ausable R., L. Placid Club, 
Niagara Falls, Hamburg (EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, Aug (DeL) ] Phoe- 
nicia (EPV); Poughkeepsie (Osb). 


JASSUS Fabrlcius 

2340 J. clitorius Say. Albion, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Salamanca, Gowanda, Jl-Sep 
(EPV) ; Batavia, Aug, Kngt (01s) ; Hamburg (Osb) ; Chautauqua 
Co, Aug (DeL) ; Ithaca, Aug (Buys) ; L. George, Aug (AM) ; 
Karner, Salem (Osb); Phoenicia (EPV); Mosholu (Bno) ; SI; LI: 
Cold Sp. Harb., Jamaica (Osb) ; Hempstead, North Beach, Flushing, 
Bay Shore, Maspeth, Wyandanch (Ols) ; Flatbush, Aug-Sep (AM). 

Paracoelidea Baker 
2353 P. tuberculata Baker. LI: Oyster Bay (Osb). 

CiCADULA Zetterstedt 

2356 C. punctifrons Fall. Lancaster, Jl, EPV (Baker) ; Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; 
Ithaca, Jl (Baker-CU); Callicoon, Jl, Ds (Ols). 

2356a C. punctifrons var. repleta Fieb. (americana VanD.). Batavia, Aug, Kngt 
(Ball) ; Keene Val. (Osb-NYS) ; Lancaster, Buffalo, Hamburg, Golden, 
Gowanda, Jl-Aug (EPV); Ithaca, Jl (Buys). 

2358 C. variata Fall. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; L. Placid, Lancaster, Lime L., Ham- 

burg, Elma, Phoenicia, Je-Sep (EPV) ; Batavia, Jl, Kngt (Osb) ; 
Chautauqua Co, Jl (DeL) ; Ithaca, Je (Bums) ; Nassau (Osb) ; Oliverea, 
Sep (AM); W. Nyack, Je, Ols (DeL)'; LI: Maspeth, Ols (Ball); 
Flushing, Sep, Winters, Bay Shore, Jl-Sep, Ols (Ball) ; Newtown Hgts., 
Je, Ols (EPV). 

2359 C. lepida VanD. Sodus Pt., Aug, Buys] Ithaca, Aug (Baker-CU); NYC, 

Je, Southwick (EPV). 

2362 C. sexnotata Fall. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Saranac Inn, Jl, Ndm (Osb) ; 
Axton, L. Placid, Hamburg, Buffalo, Je-Aug (EPV) ; Big Moose, 
Keene Val., Karner, Nassau, Eagle Bridge, Salem (Osb) ; Sodus Pt., 
Aug (Buys) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug, Kngt (Ball) ; McLean Bogs, May, 
Ithaca, Je (Buys) ; Phoenicia, Kingston (EPV) ; Oliverea, Sep, 
Dickerson (AM) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Jamaica (Osb) ; Maspeth, Bay 
Shore, May-Jl, Ols (EPV) ; North Beach, Flushing, Je, Oct, Ols 
(Ball) ; Forest Hills, Yaphank, Je, Ols (DeL) ; Orient, Sep, Schott 

2364 C. divisa Uhl. Saranac Inn, Jl, Ndm (Osb). 

2368 C. slossoni VanD. Cranberry L. (Osb); L. Placid, Clarence, Hamburg, 

Lancaster, Gowanda, Jl-Sep (EPV) ; Chautauqua Co, Aug (DeL) ; 
High Bridge, NYC, Je, Southwick (EPV-CU) ; LI: Forest Hills, 
Flushing, Je, Ols (DeL). 

2369 C. potoria Ball. "NY" (VanD. Cat.). 
C. pallida Osb. Cranberry L. (Osb). 

Balclutha Kirkaldy 

2370 B. punctata Thunb. Axton, Je, M&H (EPV-CU) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; 

L. Placid, Buffalo, Hamburg, Golden, Gowanda, Stamford, May-Aug 
(EPV)', Sodus Pt., May, Aug (Buys) ; Labrador L., May (Buys) ; 
Batavia, Ap, Je, Kngt (DeL); Portage, May-Aug, Kngt (Laws); 
Ithaca, May-Aug, McLean, May (Buys) ; Albany, Poughkeepsie (Osb) ; 


Phoenicia, Kingston (EPV) ; Oliverea, Aug, Dickerson (AM) ; Slide 
Mt., Sep, Dickerson (AM) ; Ft. Montgomery, Sep, Schott (01s) ; White 
Plains, W. Nyack, Ap-May, Ols (DeL) ; LI: Yaphank, May, Ols 
(DeL) ; Jamaica, Aug (Osb). 

2371 B. osborni VanD. Summit of Mt. Whiteface, Aug, EPV (Osb) ; W. Nyack, 

Je, Ols (DeL) ; Golden, Lancaster, Hamburg, Gowanda, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; 
LI: Sea GHff (EPV-GU). 

2372 B. confusa G. & B. Hamburg, Aug (EPV); Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Baker-CU). 

2373 B. impicta VanD. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Hamburg, Lancaster, Gowanda, 

Stamford, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Portage, Aug, Kngt (DeL) ; Ithaca, Jl 
(Baker-CU) ; LI: Maspeth, May, North Beach, Je, Ols (EPV). 
2373a B. impicta var. flava Baker. Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Baker-CU). 

2377 E. abdominalis VanD. LI: Sea Cliff (EPV-GU). 


Alebra Fieber 

2380 A. albostriella Fall. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Batavia, Aug, Kngt (DeL) ; 

Hamburg, Kingston, Jl-Aug (EPV); Ithaca, Ap-May (Buys); LI: 

Maspeth, Bay Shore, Yaphank, May-Jl, Ols (DeL). 
2380a A. albostriella var. fulveola H.-S. (aurea Walsh). Lancaster, Hamburg, 

Elma, Gowanda, Salamanca, Je-Aug (EPV); Phoenicia, Kingston; LI: 

Jamaica (EPV). 
2382 A. fumida Gill. Cranberry L., Htly (Osb&DeL) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Boston, 

Elma, Je-Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Jl (Gill-CU). 


2384 D. cruentata Gill. Ithaca, Ap-May, Aug (Buys, Gill-CU) ; Cranberry L. 

2386 D. mali Prov. (communis Gill.)." Summit of Mt. Whiteface, Lancaster, 

Hamburg, Buffalo, Conesus L., May-Aug (EPV) ; Batavia, Aug, Kngt 

(DeL) ; Ithaca, Jl (Gill-CU) ; White Plains, May-Je, Ols (DeL) ; 

Phoenicia (EPV); LI: Maspeth, Flushing, Yaphank, May-Oct, Ols 

(DeL); Sea CHff (EPV-CU). 

2393 D. fieberi Lw. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Sodus Pt., Aug (Buys) ; Batavia, Aug 

Kngt (DeL) ; Hamburg, Lancaster, Lawtons, Buffalo, Je-Sep (EPV) 
Ithaca (Gill, Buys) ; McLean (Buys) ; White Plains, Je, Ols (DeL) 
LI: Forest Hills, Je, 0/.y (DeL) ; Maspeth, Ols (EPV, DeL) ; Flatbush, 
Nov, Schott (Ols). 

Empoasca Walsh 

2394 E. trifasciata Gill. Lancaster, Gowanda, Aug (EPV). 

2395 E. smaragdula Fall. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Sodus Pt., Aug, Buys (McAtee) ; 

Buffalo, Hamburg, Je-Sep (EPV) ; McLean, Jl, Buys (McAtee) ; 
Salem (Osb) ; Oliverea, Aug, Diven (AM) ; White Plains, Je, Ols 

'■^"^ Considered as a tribe — Typhlocybini^ — in Van Duzee's catalog, but by several recent workers 
considered as a subfamily and therefore so used here. 


2399 E. maligna Walsh (unicolor Gill.)- Hamburg, Salamanca, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; 

LI: Sea Cliff (EPV-CU). 
2398 E. obtusa Walsh. Batavia, Je-Sep, Kngt, Morr (Osb) ; Hamburg, Jl-Sep 

(EPV); Ithaca, Alorr (Osb) ; Phoenicia, Kingston (EPV) ; White 

Plains, Je, 01s (DeL) ; LI: Maspeth, Oh (EPV); Yaphank, North 

Beach, Hempstead, Je-Sep, Oh (DeL). 
E. aureoviridis Uhl. Cranberry L. (Osb). 

2400 E. unica Prov. {splcndida Gill.). Gowanda, Aug {EPV) ; Ithaca, Je, Buys 


2401 E. atrolabes Gill. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; L. Placid, Gowanda, Salamanca, 

Jl-Aug {EPV). 
2406 E. coccinea Fitch. Cranberry L. (Osb); "NY" (Fitch, Wlk-Brit. Mus.). 
2418 E. alboneura Gill. "NY" (EPV); LI: Jamaica, EPV (NYS). 

2421 E. fabae Harr. {mali Le B., viridescens Walsh, consohrina Walsh, male fie a 

Walsh). Apple Leaf Hopper. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug, 
Kngt (DeL) ; Fulton, Buffalo, Phoenicia, Hamburg, Lancaster, Geneva, 
Je-Aug {EPV) ; Waterville, Aug, Hararl (EPV) ; Ithaca; SI (EPV); 
LI: Sea CHff (EPV-CU); Bay Shore, Forest Hills, Jl-Oct, Oh 

2422 E. flavescens Fab. Near Ausable R., Hamburg, Je-Oct {EPV) ; Sodus Pt., 

Aug, Btivs (McAtee) ; Batavia, Oct, Kngt (DeL) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl, 
Buys (McAtee); McLean, Jl, Buys (McAtee); LI: Sea Cliff 
(EPV-CU); Maspeth, Yaphank, Aug-Sep, Oh (DeL). 
2424 E. birdii Godg. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Batavia, Aug, Kngt (DeL) ; Hamburg, 
May {EPV); Ithaca, Aug (Gill-CU) ; Albany (Osb-NYS) ; LI: 
Lynbrook, Ap, Nie, Queens Village, Mar, Schott (DeL). 

TyphlOCYBA Germar 
{Eupteryx Curtis) 

2426 T. collina Flor. Fredonia, Nov, Cy (EPV). 

T. melissae Curt. Batavia, Aug, Kngt (DeL) ; LI: Maspeth, Newtown 

Hgts., May-Je (Oh). 

2427 T. vanduzeei Gill. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Isham House, Adirondacks, Aug 

{EPV); Hamburg, Jl-Aug, Alex {EPV, Gill). 
2429a T. flavoscuta var. nigra Osb. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; LI: Jamaica, Oct 20, 

1904 (Osb). The synonymy is McAtee's. 
2429 T. flavoscuta Gill. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; L. Placid, Hamburg, Golden, 

Gowanda, Je-Aug {EPV) ; Sodus Pt., Aug, McLean, Jl, Ithaca, Je 

{Buys); Phoenicia (Osb); LI: Sea Cliff (EPV-CU); Wyandanch, 

Oct, Schott (DeL); Hempstead, Sep, Oh (DeL). 

Empoa Fitch 

{Typhlocyha Germar) 

24v30 E. querci Fitch. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Mt. Whiteface, Stamford, Lancaster, 
Gowanda, Phoenicia, Kingston, Jl-Aug {EPV) ; Ithaca, Oct (Osb- 
Morr) ; Slide Mt., Sep, Diven; Bronxville, Wood (01s) ; LI: Sea Cliff 


2430a E. querci var. gillettei VanD. (bifasciata G. & B.)- Essex Co, Jl, Not (DeL) ; 
Cranberry L. (Osb) ; L. Placid, Hamburg, Lancaster, Gowanda, Phoe- 
nicia, Kingston, Aug (EPV) ; Batavia, Je-Aug, Kngt (DeL) ; LI: 
Maspeth, Je, Ols (DeL). 

2433 E. ulmi L. Albany, Oct (Gill). 

2435 E. tenerrima H.-S. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Ausable R., Aug (EPV). 

2436 E. lethierryi Edws. Cranberry L. (Osb); Hamburg, Jl-Aug (EPV). 

2437 E. rosae L. Rose Leaf Hopper. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; L. Placid, Buffalo, 

Hamburg, Je-Oct (EPV) ; Batavia, Jl-Sep, Kngt (DeL, Osb) ; Ithaca, 
Oct, Morr (Osb); Ghent, Oct (Felt); Albany, EPV (NYS) ; LI: 
Sea Cliff (EPV-CU) ; Maspeth, Oct, Ols (DeL). 

Hymetta McAtee 

2440 H. trifasciata Say. Lancaster, Hamburg, Gowanda, May-Sep (EPV) ; 

Batavia, Aug, Kngt (DeL) ; Ft. Montgomery, Sep, Schott (Ols). 

Erythroneura Fitch 

2441 E. tricincta Fitch. Rochester. Jl, Wendt (DeL) ; Batavia, Aug, Kngt (DeL) ; 

Lancaster, Jan (div.) ; Ithaca, Aug (Gill-CU). 
2443 E. hartii Gill. Bronxville, Aug, Wood (Ols). 

2445 E. comes Say. Grape Leaf Hopper. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Batavia, Aug, 

Kngt (Osb) ; Buffalo, Hamburg, Ap-May (EPV); Albany, Oct 
(NYS); LI: Sea CHff (EPV-CU); North Beach, Maspeth, Flushing, 
Mar-Ap, Ols (EPV) ; Forest Pk., Yaphank, May, Ols (DeL) ; Lyn- 
brook, Ap 27, Nic (DeL). 

2445a E. comes var. vitifex Fitch. Ithaca, Ap, Aug, Buys (McAtee) ; Pawling, 
ALMarshall (McAtee). 

2445b E. comes var. ziczac Walsh. Lancaster, Lawtons, Gowanda, Stamford, 
Jl-Oct (EPV). 

2445c E. comes var. vitis Harr. Batavia, Aug, Kngt (DeL) ; Lancaster, May 
(EPV); Rochester, Jl, Wendt (Ols); Ithaca, May, Aug, ^^3;^ (Mc- 
Atee, Gill-CU); LI: Aqueduct, May, Ols (DeL); North Beach, Yap- 
hank, Mar, May, Ols. 

E. comes var. corona McAtee. Hamburg, Aug (EPV). 

2445d E. comes var. basilaris Say. "NY" (Osb, McAtee) ; Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; 

Lancaster, Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, May, Buys (McAtee). 
2445f E. comes var. rubra Gill. Batavia, Aug, Kngt (DeL) ; LI: Brooklyn, Forest 

Pk., Mar, Oct, Ols (DeL). 
2445g E. comes var. maculata Gill. LI: Forest Pk., Maspeth, Mar, Ols (DeL). 

E. comes var. gemina McAtee. Ithaca, Aug, Bviys (McAtee). 

2445i E. octo-notata Walsh. Ithaca, Jl, MacG (Gill-CU); LI: Sea Cliff 

2446 E. minoiensis Gill. Hamburg, EPV (Osb). 

2447 E. obliqua Say. Cranberry L. (Osb) ; L. Placid, Hamburg, Golden, May- 

Sep (EPV) ; Buffalo, May-Sep (EPV) ; Ithaca, Ap, Buys (McAtee, 
Gill-CU); LI: Sea Cliff (EPV). 
2447a E. obliqua var. dorsalis Gill. Golden, Stamford, May-Aug (EPV); LI: 
Sea Cliff (EPV-CU). 


2447c E. obliqua var. fumida Gill. Gowanda, Stamford, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; LI: Sea 
Cliff (EPV-CU). 

E. obliqua var. noevus Gill. Cranberry L. (Osb). 

2448 E. vulnerata Fitch. Lancaster, Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca, Aug (Gill-CU) ; 

Albany, Oct, EPV (NYS) ; LI: Sea Chff (EPV-CU). 
2448a E. vulnerata var. nigra Gill. Lancaster, Aug (EPV). 
2450 E. crevecoeuri Gill. "NY" (McAtee, EPV~CU). 

Compiled by Z. P. Metcalf 

2462 D. microrhina Wlk. SI, Aug (EPV, Ds, Zab-AM) ; LI: Aqueduct, Aug 

(Ds) ; Maspeth, Sep (01s); New Lots, Zab (AM). 

2463 D. lingula VanD. SI, Aug-Sep (Ds) ; LI: Maspeth, Sep (01s). 


2466 S. sulcipes Say. Wells (Yg) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; White L., Zab (AM) ; 
L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Lancaster (EPV) ; Nassau, Salem, Albany, 
Karner (NYS) ; Kingston (EPV) ; Phoenicia (EPV) ; New Balti- 
more (Yg) ; W. Nyack, Sep; Mosholu, West Farms, Kissena L. (AM) ; 
SI, Jl (Ols) ; LI: Kissena Pk., Maspeth, Winfield, Port Washing- 
ton, Jl-Sep (Ols); Aqueduct, Je, Shoe; Sea Cliff, Aug, Forest Hills, 
Sep (Ols). 

2469 S. desiccatus Uhl. SI (Ds) ; also other localities (Ols). 

2470 S. perdix Uhl. LI: Bay Shore, Maspeth, Winfield, Aug-Sep (Ols). 

2477 S. angustatus Uhl. Ithaca (CU) ; Mosholu (Sm) ; Van Cort. Pk., Aug; 
SI (EPV); LI: Cold Sp. Harb, Jamaica (EPV); Winfield, Wyan- 
danch, Rockaway, Maspeth, Jl-Aug (Ols) ; Orient, Flatbush, Jl, Aug, 
Zab (AM). 

Phylloscelis Germar 

2484 P. atra Germ. Cranberry Toad Bug. Carmel, Aug (AM) ; White Plains 

(Ols) ; LI: Sea Cliff (CU) ; Calverton, Riverhead (Sirrine & Fulton). 
2484a P. atra var. albovenosa Melich. White Plains (Ols) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Sep 

2485 P. pallescens Germ. LI (Sirrine & Fulton). 

Epiptera Metcalf 

2498 E. colorata VanD. Gowanda (EPV). 

2499 E. opaca Say. Phoenicia (EPV) ; near L. Erie (Say). 

2502 E. slossoni VanD. Cranberry L. (Osb). 

2503 E. septentrionalis Prov. LI: Bay Shore, Sep (Ols) ; Calverton, Sep (Ds), 

2504 E. floridae Wlk. LI: Bay Shore, Aug (Ols); Wyandanch,' Jl, Schott. 

2505 E. variegata VanD. LI: Bay Shore, Sep (Ols). 

E. brittoni Mete. West Pt., Sep. 


Catonia Uhler 

2507 C. nava Say. Gowanda, Hamburg, Aug. 

2508 C. cinctifrons Fitch. LI: Sea Cliff (EPV) ; Melville, Wyandanch, Sep, Oct, 

Schott; Forest Hills, Sep (01s). 

2510 C. picta VanD. LI: Huntington, Sep, Schott". 

2511 C. grisea VanD. Niagara Falls, Hamburg, Gowanda, Phoenicia (EPV) ; 

L. George, Aug-Sep, Zah (AM). 

2512 C. pumila VanD. LI: Jamaica (EPV). 

2514 C. impunctata Fitch. Buffalo, Golden, Phoenicia (EPV); L. George, Sep; 

Ramapo, Jl (Ds) ; LI: Bergen L, Orient, Jl, Aug, Zab (AM) ; Wyan- 
danch, Aug (01s). 

2515 C. dimidiata VanD. Phoenicia (EPV) ; Ft. Montgomery, Sep, Schott. 


Oliarus Stal 

2528 O. quinquelineatus Say. Buffalo, E. Aurora (EPV) ; Rock City, Ithaca, Jl 

(Ds) ; Karner (EPV) ; SI, Je-Jl (01s) ; LI: Pinelawn, May-Jl (Ds) ; 
Bay Shore, Yaphank, Je-Jl (01s) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl, Sep, Hunting- 
^ ton, Schott. ' 

2529 O. placitus VanD. LI: Flatbush, Zah (AM). 

2531 O. franciscanus Stal. Niagara Falls, near Buffalo, Boston, Gowanda 
(EPV) ; Crugers, Jl (AM) ; White Plains, W. Nyack, Je (01s) ; LI: 
Yaphank, Bay Shore, Flushing, Jl (01s). 

2540 O. humilis Say. Buffalo, Hamburg (EPV) ; Goshen, Carmel, Aug, Sep 


2541 O. cinnamomeus Prov. "NY" (VanD. Cat.). 

CIXIUS Latreille 

2545 C. misellus VanD. Speculator, Wells (Yg) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Buffalo, 

L. Placid, Salamanca, Gowanda, Hamburg, Chautauqua, Golden, Lewis- 
ton (EPV); Elizabethtown, Trenton Falls (NYS). 

2546 C. basalis VanD. L. Placid, Hamburg, Gowanda, Salamanca (EPV) ; 

Phoenicia (NYS); L. George, Zah (AM); NYC (AM); LI: Fiat- 
bush, Jl, Zah (AM). 

2547 C. coloepium Fitch. Mt. Marcy, Jl (01s) ; Cranberry L. (Osb) ; Speculator, 

Blue Mt. ; L. Placid, Lime L., Lewiston, Salamanca (EPV); Oliverea, 
Jl (01s); SI, Jl (01s). 
C. apicalis Mete. Ithaca, Je. 

Oecleus Stal 

2554 O. borealis VanD. Hamburg (EPV) ; LI: Yaphank, Port Washington, May, 
Jl, Sep (01s). 

Myndus Stal 

2565 M. pictifrons Stal. Buffalo, Hamburg, Aug. 

2566 M. sordidipennis Stal. Near Buffalo, Hamburg, Je, Jl, Golden,. Je. LI: 

Lott Wood, Flatbush, Jl, Zah (AM). 



2580 F. robertsoni Fitch. "NY" (VanD. Cat.). 

BrucHOMORPHA Newman 

2583 B. oculata Newm. Ithaca (CU) ; Cranberry L., Jl, Aug (Osb) ; Speculator, 
Wells, Yg; Buffalo, Boston, Colden, Hamburg, Gowanda, Salamanca, 
Phoenicia (EPV) ; Salem (NYS) ; W. Nyack, Je (Ols). 

2585 B. dorsata Fitch. "NY." 

2588 B. tristis Stal. Niagara Falls (EPV). 

ApheLONEMA Uhler 

2591 A. histrionica Stal. Cranberry L., Aug (Osb) ; Hamburg, L. Placid, Cobble 
Hill, Lancaster, Buffalo (EPV). 

ThioniA Stal 

2634 T. bullata Say. Niagara Falls, Gowanda, Hamburg (EPV); LI: Maspeth, 
Jl, Sep, Port Washington, Sep (Ols) ; Flatbush, Aug, Zab (AM) ; 
Aqueduct, Jl (Ds). 



2639 A. bivittata Say. Ithaca (Ols, CU) ; Schenectady (Ols) ; Albany, Karner 
(Yg) ; Phoenicia (EPV) ; Salem (NYS) ; Poughkeepsie (CU) ; West 
Pt., Sep, Robn (Ds) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl (Ds) ; W. Nyack, Sep 
(Ols); Mosholu; Bryn Mawr Pk. (AM); SI (EPV); LI: Bay 
Shore, Maspeth, Winfield, Sea Cliff, Wyandanch, Port Washington, 
Pelham Parkway, Yonkers, Bayville, Jl-Oct (Ols) ; Promised Land, 
Wading R., Southold, Amagansett, Pinelawn, Yaphank, Brooklyn, 
Flushing, Aug-Oct (Ds). 

Ormenis Stal 

2649 O. pruinosa Say. Mealy Lantern Fly. Rochester, Wendt; Buffalo, 
Gowanda, Lancaster (EPV); Ithaca (Ols); Albany; Nassau, Troy 
(NYS); Normanskill, Leon', Poughkeepsie; W. Nyack, Aug (Ols); 
Bronxville; NYC (Ols); West Farms (AM); Kingston; Bronx, Aug 
(Ols) ; LI: Maspeth, Jl, Aug (Ols) ; Yaphank, Wading R., Ft. Mont- 
gomery, Fire Place, Jl-Oct (Ds) ; Wyandanch, Port Washington, JI- 
Aug (Ols). 

2656 O. septentrionalis Spin. Mt. Sinai (Ds) ; Albany; Poughkeepsie; White 
Plains, Sep, Dunwoodie, Yonkers, Sep (Ols) ; West Farms, Aug (AM) ; 
MacLean Ave., NYC, Aug (Ols); SI, Jl-Oct (Ds) ; LI: Sea Cliff 
(EPV) ; Jamaica (NYS) ; Syosset (NYS) ; Maspeth, Jl, Sep, Flush- 
ing, Sep (Wlk) ; Wading R., Orient, Aug-Oct (Ds) ; Yaphank. 


Patara Westwood 

2671 P. vanduzei Ball. Cranberry L., Htly (Osb&DeL). Gowaiida (EPV). 

Cedusa Fowler 

2672 C. vulgaris Fitch. L. Placid, Buffalo, Boston, Hamburg, Salamanca, Ithaca 

(EPV); Batavia, i<:w(7f; Otto; Karner, Albany (NYS) ; L. George, 
Aug, Zab (AM) ; Ohverea, Jl, Shoe; LI: Jamaica (EPV) ; Bay Shore, 
Yaphank, Jl-Sep (01s). 

2673 C. obscura Ball. Elma, Hamburg, E. Aurora (EPV) ; W. Nyack, Sep (OIs) ; 

LI: Bay Shore, Wyandanch, Jl-Aug (OIs). 
C. incisa Mete. Cranberry L., Htly (Osb&DeL). 

Cenchrea Westwood 
2678 C. uhleri Ball. LI: Hempstead, Sep (OIs). 

Amalopota Van Duzee 

2681 A. uhleri VanD. Lancaster, Niagara Falls (EPV) ; Hamburg, Gowanda, 

Aug (EPV). 

2682 A. fitchi VanD. Colden, Buffalo (EPV). 

Anoxia Kirby 

2683 A. bonnetii Kby. Buffalo (EPV); Karner (NYS). 

2684 A. westwoodi Fitch. "NY" (Fitch). 

2685 A. burnetii Fitch. Albion (EPV). 
2687 A. sayi Ball. Albion (EPV). 

Otiocerus Kirby 

2689 O. degeerii Kby. New Russia, Bdy, Buffalo, Lancaster, Stamford, Sala- 

manca, Gowanda (EPV); Phoenicia (EPV); SI, Aug (Ds) ; LI: 
Amagansett, Fire Place, Yaphank, Aug-Sep (Ds). 

2690 O. stollii Kby. Buffalo Plains (EPV). 

2691 O. abbotii Kby. Rye, Sep (Ds). 

2693 O. coquebertii Kby. Old Forge (Yg) ; Cranberry L., Jl, Aug (Osb) ; Colden, 
Hamburg, Gowanda, Stamford, Salamanca, Buffalo, Poughkeepsie 
(EPV); S. Wales, MCV ; Otto (Uhl) ; Ithaca (NYS); Phoenicia 

2695 O. signoretii Fitch. Lancaster, Hamburg, Conesus L. (EPV). 

2696 O. wolfii Kby. Lancaster, Gowanda, Hamburg, Albion, Aug, Sep (EPV) ; 

SI, Aug (Ds). 

2697 O. amyotii Fitch. LI: Port Washington, Bay Shore, Sep (OIs) ; Yaphank, 

Jl, Wood. 

2698 O. kirbyii Fitch. "NY". 

2699 O. scheUenbergii Kby. Gowanda (EPV). 



Stenocranus Fieber 

2701 S. dorsalis Fitch. Cranberry L., Jl (Osb) ; Buffalo, L. Placid, Coldeii, Ham- 
burg, Gowanda, Aug, Sep (EPV) ; Phoenicia (EPV) ; Johnstown, 
Albany, Karner, Newport (NYS) ; W. Nyack, Sep (01s) ; Ft. Mont- 
gomery, Schott. 

2703 S. felti VanD. Cranberry L., Aug (Osb) ; Speculator (Felt). 

2704 S. palaetus VanD. "NY" (EPV). 

S. vittatus Stal. NYC (EPV). 

KelisIA Fieber 

2706 K. axialis VanD. Cranberry L., Aug (Osb) ; Lancaster, Gowanda, Aug 
(EPV); LI: Maspeth, Sep (01s). 

Megamelanus Ball 

2712 M. elongatus Ball. LI: Winfield, Jl (01s). 

2713 M. spartini Osb. SI; LI: Oyster Bay, Cold Sp. Harb. (Osb) ; Sea Cliff 


Prokelisia Osborn 

2715 P. setigera Osb. LI: Sea Cliff (EPV). 

2716 P. marginata VanD. SI (WMG) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Sep (01s); Cold 

Sps., Sea Cliff (WMG). 

Megamelus Fieber 

2717 M. notulus Germ. Colden, L. Placid, Hamburg, Lancaster, Concord, Buffalo, 

May-Jl (EPV). 

2718 M. piceus VanD. Potsdam, Je, Jl (EPV) ; Lancaster, Clarence, Grand I. 

(EPV) ; Colden, Je, Jl (EPV) ; LI: Yaphank, Je-Jl (EPV). 

M. inflatus Mete. NY. 


2723 P. marginatus VanD. East Lake (Yg) ; Lancaster, Hamburg, Phoenicia 

(EPV); NYC; LI: Sea CHff (EPV); Ravenswood, Long Island 
City, Southwick. 

2724 P. basalis VanD. Johnstown, Alex; Lancaster (EPV); White Plains; W. 

Nyack, Je (01s). 

2726 P. ater VanD. Speculator (Yg) ; Cranberry L., Aug (01s) ; Grand I., Buf- 

falo, Hamburg, Elma, Je (EPV). 

2727 P. divaricatus Spur. Middletown, Spooner. 

2731 P. delicatus VanD. Niagara Falls, Aug; LI: Sea Cliff (CU). 

2732 P. guttatus Spnr. Ithaca (CU). 

2733 P. dorsalis VanD. Cranberry L., Aug (Osb) ; L. Placid, Lancaster, Colden, 

Boston, Phoenicia, Jl (EPV); Ithaca (CU). 

22* F. Muir, of the Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Experiment Station, has assisted in the preparation 
of the list in the subfamily Delphacinae. 


2735 P. brunneus VanD. Clarence (CU) ; Grand I. (EPV) ; White Plains (01s) ; 

NYC, Southwick; SI (NYS) ; LI: Sea Cliff (CU) ; Jamaica (NYS) ; 
Maspeth, Je (01s). 

2736 P. piceus Spnr. Middletown, Spooner. 

2737 P. aphidioides VanD. Elm L. (Yg) ; Salamanca, Colden, Niagara Falls, 

Hamburg, Boston, Buffalo, Jl-Aug (EPV) ; Ithaca (CU) ; Washington- 
ville (Yg); LI: Sea Cliff (CU). 

Phyllodinus Van Duzee 

2739 P. nervatus VanD. Newport (Yg) ; Buffalo, Lancaster, Hamburg, Colden, 
Je, Jl (EPV); Caroline to Harford (CU) ; White Plains, Je (01s). 

2743 P. flabellatus Ball. Ithaca; White Plains (01s); SI, Aug (EPV); LI: 
Maspeth, Je, Aug (01s). 

Laccocera Van Duzee 

2745 L. vittipennis VanD. Axton, Cobble Hill, L. Placid (EPV) ; Speculator, 
Corinth (Yg) ; Cranberry L., Aug (Osb). 

Stobaera Stal 

2750 S. tricarinata Say. Lancaster, Hamburg, Lawtons, Jl (EPV) ; N. Evans, 
Oct (MCV) ; LI: Flushing, Winfield, Maspeth, Sep-Oct (01s) ; Orient, 
Wyandanch, Sep, Oct, Schott. 

2753 S. pallida Osb. LI: Oyster Bay (Osb). 


2758 L. ornata Stal. Cranberry L., Jl-Aug (Osb) ; Hamburg, Jl (WMG) ; 
Lawtons, Buffalo, Oct (EPV) ; White Plains, W. Nyack, Je (01s) ; 
SI, Oct (Ds) ; LI: Sea Cliff (EPV) ; Maspeth, Je (01s). 

Delphacodes Fieber 

(Liburnia Stal) 

2762 D. laminalis VanD. Mt. Whiteface; L. Placid, Phoenicia (EPV). 

2763 D. lateralis VanD. Lancaster, Colden, Niagara Falls, Hamburg, E. Aurora, 

Buffalo, Gowanda, Je-Oct (EPV). 

2764 D. kilmani VanD. Colden, Elma, Buffalo, Hamburg, May-Je (EPV). 
2766 D. pellucida Fab. Cranberry L., Aug (Osb) ; Saranac Inn, Ndm; Ithaca, 

Mt. Whiteface, Lancaster, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Hamburg, May, Aug 

2768 D. puella VanD. Mt. Whiteface, Lancaster, L. Placid, Buffalo, Gowanda, 

Lawtons, Aug-Oct (EPV) ; LI: Sea Cliff (EPV) ; Wyandanch (01s). 

2769 D. basivitta VanD. White Plains (01s). 

2771 D. osborni VanD. Lancaster, Phoenicia, Aug (EPV). 

2773 D. campestris VanD. Cranberry L., Je, Aug (Osb) ; Lancaster, Portage, 
Ithaca, Isham House, Kingston, L. Placid, Niagara Falls, Hamburg, 
Gowanda, Buffalo, Je-Aug (EPV) ; Karner (NYS) ; Whit© Plains, 
May (Ols) ; LI: Maspeth, Yaphank, May (01s). 


2774 D. furcata Prov. About Buffalo (EPV). 

2776 D. detecta VanD. NYC (EPV) ; LI: Sea Cliff (EPV). 

2779 D. foveata VanD. Portage, Lancaster, Clarence, Hamburg, Je (EPV). 

2780 D. lutulenta VanD. Axton, MacG; Speculator (Yg) ; Cranberry L., Aug 

(Osb) ; Buffalo, Ithaca, L. Placid, Portage Falls, Hamburg, Colden, 
Niagara Falls, Lawtons, Gowanda, Aug (EPV) ; W. Nyack, White 
Plains, May-Je (OIs) ; LI: Sea Cliff (EPV); Bay Shore, Maspeth, 
May-Jl (01s). 

2781 D. obscurella Bohm. Concord, Colden, Portage Falls (EPV). 
2785 D. incerta VanD. Buffalo (EPV). 

2790 D. lineatipes VanD. Lancaster, Buffalo, Hamburg, Jl, Oct (EPV). 

2792 D. nigridorsum Crawf. White Plains, May (01s). 

2793 D. dolera Spnr. Ithaca (EPV). 

PentagrAMMA Van Duzee 
2807 P. vittatifrons Uhl. Axton, Je, MacG; Oswego (CU). 



LiVIA Latreille 

2810 L. maculipennis Fitch. Speculator, L. Placid, Aug (EPV) ; Phoenicia, Aug, 
EPV (Patch) ; Oneida, Aug (NYS) ; Hamburg, Lawtons, Aug 
(EPV) ; Belden Hill, May, Cy (Yg) ; Karner, May (Felt) ; Nassau, 
Ap (Felt); Stony Pt., Ap (NYS); NYC (Felt); LI: Orient, Jl 

2812 L. vernalis Fitch. Speculator, Aug, Yg (EPV) ; Newport, Jl, Yg; L. Placid, 
Aug, EPV (NYS) ; Hamburg, Gowanda, Je-Sep (EPV) ; Stamford, 
Aug (EPV) ; Karner, Ap (NYS) ; Nassau, Ap (NYS) ; New Balti- 
more, Jl, Yg. 

Aphalara Foerster 

2815 A. calthae L. Hamburg, Aug (EPV) ; Hudson Falls, Jl, on Polygonum 

2818 A. angustipennis Crawf. Speculator, Jl, Yg, Karner, Je (Felt). 
2822 A. veaziei Patch. Speculator, Aug, Yg; L. Placid, Aug. EPV (NYS); 

Cranberry L., Je-Jl (Osb) ; Colden, Je (EPV) ; Freeville, Jl, Caroline, 

Je (Patch); Karner, Je (NYS); Phoenicia, Aug, EPV (NYS); SI, 

Aug, EPV (NYS). 
2826 A. fascipennis Patch. Mud Cr., Tompkins Co, Je (Patch). 

Heteropsylla Crawford 
H. quassiae Crawf. LI, Ap, on Quassia sp. (Crawford). 

Chermidae 183 

Calophya Loew 

2844 C. nigripennis Rly. Karner, Je, on white birch (Patch) ; N. Chatham, Je 


TRIOZA Foerster 

2857 T. diospyri (Ashm.). Buffalo, May 25, 1900 (EPV). 

2860 T. quadripunctata Crawf. Canastota, Mar 12, hibernating on grass stems, 

Faure (Crawford). 
2867 T. tripunctata Fitch. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Penn Yan, Sep, Cy (Felt); 

Karner, Ap (Patch); LI: Sea Cliff (CU) ; Jamaica, Oct, Sirrine 


2869 T. maura Foerst. Cranberry L., Htly (Osb). 
28691 T. forcipula Patch. Ithaca, May (Patch). 

2870 T. nigrilla Crawf. Cranberry L., Aug (Osb). 


2886 P. venusta O. S. Peekskill (Bt) ; vie. NYC (Bt). 

2887 P. celtidis-mamma Rly. Ithaca, Sep (CU) ; Athens, Aug (Felt) ; vie. NYC 


2889 P. celtidis-vesiculum Rly. Ithaca (Crawford) ; Stony Pt., Ap (NYS) ; vie. 

NYC (Bt). 

2890 P. celtidis-gemma Rly. Albion, May (CU) ; Rochester, Ap, John Dunbar 

(Felt) ; Ithaca, Cy (EPV) ; Kingston, Mar (CU) ; White Plains. May, 
Jl (Felt); vie. NYC (Bt). 
P. coagulata Uhl. MS. Ithaca, Oct, Dudley (Uhl-CU). 


2913 P. fraxinicola Foerst. Rochester, Je, on ash (NYS) ; Richfield Sps., Aug, 
on walnut (Crawford). 

PSYLLIA Kirkaldy 

2922 P. pyricola Foerst. Pear-Tree Psylla. Bluff Pt. ; W. Brighton, May; 
Lincoln, Ap ; Lewiston, Oct; Mt. Morris; S. Byron; Ithaca, Je, Aug; 
Glenmont ; Kinderhook ; Menands ; Clinton Hgts., Mar ; Ghent ; Med- 
way ; Athens, Je ; Catskills ; Ulster Co, Aug ; Milton, Je ; New Balti- 
more, May; SI: Annadale. 

2924 P. quadrilineata Fitch. "NY" (Fitch). 

2930 P. striata Patch. Elizabethtown, Aug (Patch) ; Cranberry Cr., Jl, abundant 

on yellow birch (Osb) ; L. Placid, Aug, EPV (Patch) ; Northville, Je 
(NYS) ; Mud Cr., McLean, Ithaca, Je-Aug (Patch) ; Karner, Aug 

2931 P. carpinicola Crawf. Barber Pt., Cranberry L., Jl, on yellow birch, white 

pine, and fire cherry (Osb) ; Karner, Je, on white birch (Felt). 

2932 P. cephalica Crawf. Elizabethtown, Aug, on ironwood, Yg ; L. Placid, Aug 

(NYS) ; Mud Cr., and several other localities, Tompkins Co (Patch) ; 
Karner, Je (NYS). 

184 Chermidae — Aphiidae 

2933 P. annulata Fitch. Karner, Je, on white birch (NYS). 

2936 P. floccosa Patch. Cranberry L., Barber Pt., C hildiv old & Ranger (Osb). 

2938 P. trimaculata Crawf. L. Placid, Aug, CS Sheldon (Crawford) ; Cranberry 

Cr., abundant on Prunus pennsylvanica; Elma, Gowanda, Salamanca 

2940^ P. buxi L. NYC, abundant on box hedge (Bks). 
2942 P. galeaformis Patch. Speculator, Aug, Yg; Blue Mt., Jl (NYS) ; L. Placid, 

Aug, EPV (NYS) ; North Cr., Aug (NYS) ; Freeville, Jl (Patch) ; 

Karner, Mar (Patch); Stamford, Aug (EPV). 
P. quadrisignata Wlk. "NY"(Wlk). 

Family APHIIDAE 23 


Tribe Lachnini 

Anoecia Koch 

A. querci (Fitch). Ithaca, very common on leaves of red oak (Morr). 

EULACHNUS Del Guercio 
E. agUis (Kalt). Albany, NYC, Jl, on pine (Gill-NYS). 


D. abietis (Fitch). L. Placid, Sep, CHPeck (NYS)., 
D. laricifex (Fitch). Ithaca, Je, on larch (Morr). 

D. strobi (Fitch). Ithaca, on white pine (Morr, with query) ; LI: Wading R., 
May, on pine (01s). 


L. caryae (Harr.). S. Byron, Je, JFRose (NYS). 

Lachnus Burmeister 

L. curvipes Patch. Old Forge, on balsam, Aug (Felt). 

L. viminalis (Fonsc.) {dentatus Le B.). Poughkeepsie, May; Ossining, May 
(NYS) ; LI: Flushing, Sep, on willow (NYS). 

Tribe Callipterini 

Phyllaphis Koch 

P. fagi (L.). A woolly species which appears to be very common on the leaves of 
copper beech, in various parts of the State ; probably widely distributed : 
Albany, Tivoli, Rochester, Brewster, Tarrytown. 

23 The present list is based upon one prepared by Dr. E. P. Felt several years ago, compiled from 
literature and from specimens and records in the New York State Museum, which has been further 
added to by the editor. A. C. Baker and P. W. Mason, of the United States Bureau of Ento- 
mology, have kindly rearranged the synonymy in the present list and have gone over the manuscript 
for possible errors. Dr. Edith M. Patch also has looked over the manuscript and made several 
changes and suggestions. 

Aphiidae 185 


C. betulaecolens (Fitch). Buffalo, Je; Rochester, Je (Gill); E. Greenbush, Aug; 
Karner, Leon (Patch), on gray birch; Newark, Je; Cranberry L., on yellow 
birch (Osb) ; reported also from Newport, Geneva, Rochester, and Pough- 
keepsie, Je (Gill). 

?C. betulae (Buckt.). Albany, Jl; Geneva, Je (Gill). 

C. castaneae (Fitch). Albany, Ithaca, very common (Morr). 

Therioaphis Walker 

T. bellus (Walsh). Rochester, Je, on Quercus rubra (Gill); Ithaca (Morr); 

White Plains, Nov (01s) ; LI: Flushing, Oct, on Quercus rubra (01s). 
T. tiliae (L.). Geneva, Je (Gill) ; Ithaca, common (Morr). 
T. ononidis (Kalt.). Albany, Geneva, Je-Jl (Gill). 


E. betulae (Koch). Geneva, Je (Gill) ; Ithaca, May (Patch) ; White Plains, Nov, 

on Betula lutea (01s). 
E. lineata Baker. Karner, on gray birch, Leon (Patch). 

MONELLIA Oestlund 

M. caryella (Fitch). Ithaca, very common on hickory (Morr). 

M. costalis (Fitch). Watervliet, Aug, abundant on pignut, Leon (Patch). 

Myzocallis Passerini 

M. alnifoliae (Fitch). "NY" (Fitch). 

M. asclepiadis (Mon.). Geneva, Jl (Gill); Sheridan (Hayhurst). 

M. discolor (Mon.). Ithaca, Je, very common and injurious on white oak (Morr) ; 
LI: Maspeth, Oct, Quercus prinus. 

M. fumipenellus (Fitch) {caryfoliae Davis). "NY" (Fitch). 

M. ulmifolii (Mon.). Common and frequently destructive on the American elm: 
Albany, Broome, Chautauqua, Fulton, Monroe, Montgomery, Oneida, Ontario, 
St. Lawrence, and Warren Counties, probably generally distributed through- 
out the State. 

M. punctatellus (Fitch). "NY" (Fitch). 

M. walshi (Mon.). Geneva, Je, on Quercus rubra (Gill). 

Drepanaphis Del Guercio 

D. acerifoliae (Thos.). A common, though rarely abundant, species on soft-maple 

leaves, probably widely distributed throughout the State since it has been 
recorded or reported from Albany, Dutchess, Herkimer, Rensselaer, Saratoga, 
Tompkins, and Westchester Counties. LI: Maspeth, Je, Oct, on Acer 
saccharinum (01s). 


D. platanoides (Schrank). Ithaca, Je (Morr); LI: Orient, Jl, Lath (Felt). 
Sycamore, maple. 

186 Aphiidae 

Chaitophorus Koch 

C. populifoliae Oest. Ithaca, on Carolina poplar (Morr). 
C. viminalis Mon. Geneva, Jl (Gill). 

Periphyllus Van der Hoeven 

P. lyropictus (Kess.)- It is presumably this species which has been extensively 
recorded in economic literature in recent years as Chaitophorus aceris L. 
Ogdensburg- (JJDavis) ; Albany, Greene, and Ontario Counties. Probably 
this is the species which has been very destructive to Norway maples in many 
widely separated localities in the State. 

P. negundinis (Thos.). Box-Elder Aphid. Newport; Ithaca (Morr); Albany, 
Jl (Gill) ; Nassau. Box elder. 

Neothomasia Baker 

N. populicola (Thos.). Ithaca (Morr) ; Karner, Jl, abundant on the common aspen; 
LI: Maspeth, Nov, on Populus sp. (Ols). 

ClAVIGERUS Szepligeti 

C. smithiae (Mon.). LI: Wading R., May, on Salix fragilis (Ols) ; Winfield, Oct, 

on willow (Ols). 
C. populifoliae (Fitch). "NY" (Fitch). 
C. salicis (L.). Buffalo, Sep; Karner, Je (NYS). 
C. saliceti (Kalt.). Ithaca, very common on willow (Morr). 


Anuraphis Del Guercio 

A. cardui (L.) {pruni Koch). Sheridan, Hayhurst; Geneva, Je (Gill); Ithaca, 

Oct (Morr); Schoharie, Je ; Rensselaer. 
A. crataegifoliae (Fitch). Sheridan, Hayhurst. 
A. maidi-radicis (Fbs.). Albany, on aster (NYS). 
A. persicae-niger (Smith). Portland (Sling). 
A. roseus Baker (sorbi Am. auct.). Rosy Apple Aphis. Very injurious in apple 

orchards, and probably generally distributed throughout the State. 
A. tulipae Boyer (gladioli Felt). Berlin, on gladioli (Felt). 
A. vibumicola (Gill.). LI: Maspeth, Je, on Viburnum sp. (Ols). 

Aphis Linnaeus 

A. asclepiadis Fitch. Sheridan, Hayhurst; Geneva (Gill). 

A. carduella Walsh. Ithaca, Oct, on Cirsiwn lanccolatum (Morr). 

A. cerasifoliae Fitch. Sheridan, Hayhurst; Geneva, Je (Gill); Ithaca (Morr); 

Albany, Je. Probably widely distributed on chokecherry. 
A. cephalanthi Thos. LI: Wading R., May, on Cephalanthus occidentalis (Ols). 
A. coreopsidis (Thos.). Sheridan, Hayhurst; LI: Maspeth, Aug, on Bidens 

frondosa (Ols). 

Aphiidae 187 

A. forbesi Weed. LI: Maspeth, Je, on Fragaria virginiana (01s). 

A. gossypii Glover. Melon Aphis. Albany, Aug, SHPeck ; Fredonia, Hayhiirst ; 

Menands, Aug (Felt); Ithaca; NYC, Jl (Gill); LI: Maspeth, Oct, on 

Hibiscus syriacus (01s). Common and widely distributed in the State. 
A. helianthi Mon. Ithaca, on sunflower (Morr) ; Blissville, Oct, Nov, on Helian- 

thiis rigidus. Probably widely distributed. 
A. maidis Fitch. LI: Orient Pt., Nov, on corn. Lath (NYS). 
A. lutescens Mon. LI: Winfield, Je, on milkweed (Ols). 
A. pomi DeG. Apple Aphid. LI: Wading R. (Ols). A widely distributed, very 

common, and occasionally rather destructive, orchard pest. 
A. pseudoavenae Patch. Ithaca, Mar, in greenhouse on wheat, Griswold (Patch). 
A. rumicis L. Bean Aphid. Albany; Port Kent, May; Geneva, Je (Gill) ; Elmira, 

Sep, on buckwheat (Cy) ; Ithaca (Morr) ; LI: Maspeth, Je, on Arctium. 

lappa, Oct, on Cheno podium sp. (Ols). 
A. sanborni Patch. LI: Maspeth, May, on Samhucns canadensis. 
A. spiraecola Patch. Albany; Geneva, Je-Jl (Gill). 
A. salicicola Thos. Albany; Geneva, on willow (Gill). 

A. illinoisensis Shimer. Grape-Vine Aphid. Troy, Jl (Leon) ; Middletown, Aug 

(Chap). LI: Maspeth, Je, Jl (Ols). Sometimes injurious to grape. 

Brevicoryne Das 

B. brassicae (L.). Cabbage Aphis. Widely distributed throughout the State. 

Cavariella Del Guercio 

C. pastinaceae (L.) (Siphocoryne) . Ithaca, very common on wild parsnip (Morr) ; 

LI: Maspeth, Nov (Ols), on Lonicera japonica. 
C. capreae Fab. LI: Maspeth, Jl, on cultivated parsnip (Ols). 

H. setariae (Thos.). LI: Maspeth, Nov (Ols), on Digitaria sanguinaJis. 

Hyalopterus Koch 

H. atriplicis (L.). Fredonia, Jamestown, Lilly Dale (Hayhurst), on Chenopodium. 
H. arundinis (Fab). Mealy Plum Aphid. Fredonia, on plum (Pergande) ; 

probably this species in Montezuma Marshes, HDHousc (Felt), on Phrag- 

mites ; Ithaca, Je, Cy (Patch, as pruni Fab.). 
H. trirhoda Wlk. Ithaca, Jl, on cultivated columbine, Griswold (Patch). 


L. rhois (Mon.) {Rhopalosiphnm, Amphorophora) . Ithaca, Je, on the terminal 
shoots and leaves of sumac (Morr). 

Rhopalosiphum Koch 

R. rubiphila (Patch). Ashokan Reservoir, Je, abundant on wild raspberry plants 
affected with mosaic, Leon (Patch). 

188 Aphiidae 

R. pseudobrassicae (Davis). Turnip Aphid. Geneva; Ithaca; LI. Probably 

widely distributed throughout the State, since it is readily confused with the 

common cabbage aphid, Brevicoryne hrassicae (L,). 
R. prunifoliae (Fitch) (avenae Fab. and Am. auctt.). Apple Grain Aphid. 

Reported from many localities, and undoubtedly present wherever wild or 

cultivated apple occurs in the State. 
R. angelicae (DelG). LI: Maspeth, Aug (01s), very abundant on Artemisia 

R. rufomaculata (Wils.). Ithaca, Dec, in greenhouse on Chrysanthemum indicum 

hybrid, Griswold (Patch). 

Amphorophora Buckton 

A. solani (Thos.). Port Jervis, Je (Felt) ; sometimes prevalent and injurious 
on potatoes (Felt). Dr. Patch writes: ''A. solani Thomas of most American 
authors is only Myzus persicae. The type slide is not a Solanum species at all 
— probably accidental. The description of colony applies to another Solanum 

Francoa Del Guercio 

F. rosarum (Kalt.) (Mysus rosarvim auct.). Ithaca, Oct, in greenhouse on rose, 
Griswold (Patch). 


I. liriodendri (Mon.). Sometimes common on tulip leaves, at least in the vicinity of 
NYC (Felt). . 

I. pisi (Kalt.) (Macrosiphum). Pea Aphid. Probably widely distributed 
throughout the State. Definitely recorded from : Albany ; Rensselaer ; LI : 
Floral Pk. ; Wading R. Pea and red clover, often very injurious. 

I. solanifolii (Ashm.) (Macrosiphum) . Potato Aphid. Widely distributed through- 
out the State. 

I. lilii (Mon.). LI: Orient, Aug, Lath (Patch), on Lilium canadense. 

Macrosiphoniella Del Guercio 
M. sanborni (Gill.). Ithaca, Feb, on chrysanthemum (Patch). 

Tritogenaphis Oestlund 

T. chrysanthemi Oest. Sheridan, Hayhnrst (Felt). 

T. rudbeckiae (Fitch). Probably widely distributed throughout the State. Bemis 
Hgts. ; Albany, Je ; Nassau ; LI : Maspeth, Je-Nov, on Silene noctiflora, 
cultivated aster, goldenrod, Lactuca, Xanthium canadense, Rudbeckia laciniata, 
cultivated lettuce (01s); Rockaway Beach, Jl, on goldenrod; Wading R., 
May, on Antennaria neodioica. 

T. taraxici Kalt. Ithaca, Je, J oh (Patch) ; LI: Maspeth, Je, on dandelion (01s). 

T. solidaginis Fab. Probably widely distributed throughout the State. Albany, Jl, 
on aster (Gill). 

Macrosiphum Passerini 

M. cornelli Patch. Ithaca, throughout the year, in greenhouse on Pelargonium 
quercifolium hybrid, P. odoratissimiim, P. domesticum, P. graveolens, P. pelta- 
tum, and P. radula, Griswold (Patch). 

M. rosae (L.). LI: Maspeth, on rambler rose (01s). 

.Aphiidae 189 

M. granarium Kby. (not avenae). English Grain Aphid. Doubtless widely dis- 
tributed throughout the State. Canaseraga; Chatham; Hudson; Kinderhook; 
Niverville ; Stone Ridge ; LI : Glen Cove. 

M. dirhodum Wlk. Ithaca, Mar, on greenhouse roses (Morr). 

M. pseudodirhodum Patch. Ithaca, Ap, May, Nov, in greenhouse on roses, 
Griswold (Patch). 

Myzus Passerini 

M. cerasi (Fab.). Black Cherry Aphid. Generally distributed throughout the 

State, definite records extending from Saranac Inn to Wading R., LI. 
M. circumflexus (Buckt.). Ithaca, on liliaceous greenhouse plants in Mar and May 

M. persicae (Sulz.). Green Peach Aphid. Widely distributed throughout the 

State on greenhouse plants and on a variety of outdoor fruits and vegetables. 
M. pseudosolani Theo. Ithaca, Jl, on potato, Nov, in greenhouse on Verbena hyhrida, 

Griswold (Patch). 

Cryptomyzus Oestlund 

C. ribis (L.). Currant Aphid. Widely distributed throughout the State and 
destructive to currants ; recorded from St. Lawrence Co southward to West- 
chester Co and across the State. 

C. galeopsidis (Pass.). LI: Maspeth, Je-Aug, on Polygonum (01s). 

Capitophorus Van der Goot 
C. fragaefolii Ckll. LI: Maspeth, Je (01s), on Fragaria virginiana. 
C. hippophoes Koch (Rhopalosiphum) . LI: Maspeth, Nov, on Polygonum 


Phorodon Passerini 

P. hurnuli (Schrank). Hop Aphid. Probably widely distributed over the State, 
since it has been reported on hop in Cattaraugus, Dutchess, Madison, Mont- 
gomery, Otsego, and Schoharie Counties. 


I. nephrolepidis_ Davis. Ithaca, Feb, Mar, Dec, in greenhouse on Adiantum, 
Nephrolepis exaltata var. hostoniensis, Cyrtomium, and Pteris, Griswold 

subfamily MINDARINAE 


M. abietinus (Koch). Star L., St. Lawrence Co, Je; L. Clear, Paul Smiths, 
Franklin Co, Elizabethtown, Je; Watertown, Jl; Mt. Kisco, Je, on balsam 
and Scotch pine (NYS) ; Warwick, Jl. 


Tribe Eriosomatini 


C. ulmicola (Fitch). Known to occur in Onondaga, Genesee, Erie, Ontario, 
Washington, Albany, Rensselaer, and Westchester Counties, and probably 
moderately abundant and generally distributed throughout the State (Felt). 

190 Aphiidae 

Eriosoma Leach 

E. lanigerum (Hausm.). Woolly Apple Aphid, or Elm Rosette Aphid. Widely 
distributed throughout the State from St, Lawrence and Essex Counties south- 
ward to Maspeth, LI. Apple, Crataegus, and elm, often injurious. 

E. rileyi (Thos.). Probably generally distributed throughout the State, but 
recorded only from W^atertown and Northville (Felt). Elm. 

E. americanum Rly. Elm Leaf-Curl Aphid. Probably generally distributed 
throughout the State, available records including from St. Lawrence and Essex 
Counties southward to Westchester Co and Maspeth, L.I (Felt). Probably 
blamable for the early summer curling of American elm leaves (Felt). 

E. ulmi (L.). The distribution of this species within the State is probably coincident 
with that of E. americanum Rly., but E. ulmi is probably less common 
(Baker & Mason) ; common on certain English elms (Patch). 

GOBAISHIA Matsumura 

G. ulmifuscus (Walsh). Reported from Warren, Ontario, Fulton, Greene, and 
Westchester Counties, but is presumably widely distributed in the State 
though rarely abundant (Felt). Produces a good-sized, somewhat irregular, 
gall on leaves of slippery elm (Felt). 

Tetraneura Hartig 

T. graminis Mon. Albany, Sep (Felt), on heads of rice cut-grass, Leersia 
(Homalocenchrus) orysoides] LI: Maspeth, on elm, Winfield, Je (01s). 

T. ulmisacculi Patch. Elm Sack Gall. Kenwood, May, HDHouse (Felt), gall 
on Ulmus montana; LI: Roslyn, Maspeth, Je (Ols). 



M. vagabundus Walsh. Reported from Monroe, Washington, Saratoga, and 
Rensselaer Counties, and is probably rather generally and commonly present 
in sections of the State where poplars grow (Felt). Produces a very ir- 
regular, frequently massed, deformation of poplar leaves (Felt). 

Pemphigus Hartig 

P. popularius Fitch. Saranac Inn, Jl, gall on poplar. 

P. populicaulis Fitch. Ithaca, Albany, Je (Morr) ; LI: Mineola, Jl (Morr). 

P. populiglobuli Fitch. New Rochelle, Je, TJWade, gall on Lombardy poplar. 

P. populimonilis Rly. Alder Cr., Aug, gall on balm of Gilead. 

P. populitransversus Rly. Rochester, Je (Gill); Cambridge, Jl; Albany, Je. 

Galls on cottonwood. 
P. lactucae Fitch (Tychea hrevicornis Hart, Rhisohius lactucae). A common 

lettuce root-louse, and probably rather generally distributed (Felt) ; Fredonia 


Aphiidae 191 

Tribe Melaphini 


M. rhois Fitch (Pemphigus). Little Falls, Sep (Felt); Clinton (Lint); Canan- 
daigua, Sep (Felt); Schenectady, Sep (Lint). Produces a red-tinted pouch 
gall on sumac leaves. Has been observed in the lower Hudson Valley, and is 
probably generally distributed though comparatively rare (Felt). 


Neoprociphilus Patch 

N. aceris (Mon.) (Pemphigus). Union, Aug, rather injurious on maple, Cy 

N. attenuatus O. & S. Karner, Oct, Cy (Patch), on Smilax herbacea. 

Prociphilus Koch 

P. imbricator (Fitch). Beech Blight. Probably widely distributed and somewhat 
common to abundant. Newport, Oct; Ithaca (Morr) ; Richfield Sps., Sep 
(Felt); Barneveld, Aug; Indian Ladder, Albany Co; Scarsdale, Aug. 

P. corrugatans Sirrine. Ithaca, May (Patch), on Amelanchier. 

P. tessellata (Fitch) (Pemphigus fessellata and P. acerifolii Rly.). Alder Blight. 
Somewhat generally distributed, but especially abundant in the Adirondacks 
(Felt) ; Essex, Monroe, Tompkins, Orange, and Suffolk Counties. 

FORDA Heyden 

F. occidentalis Hart. LI: Maspeth, Je, on Polygonum roots (Ols). 

Geoica Hart 

G. radicicola Essig (Triphidaphis) . Warsaw, Aug, on bean roots, Cy (Patch). 

HORMAPHIS Osten Sacken 

H. hamamelidis Fitch. A common and probably widely distributed species, pro- 
ducing a characteristic conical gall on the leaves of witch-hazel (Felt). New- 
port; Oneonta; Nassau; LI: Wading R., May (Ols). 

H. papyraceae Oest. Cranberry L., galls on willow birch (Osb). This may be a 
synonym (Baker & Mason). 


H. spinosus Shim. Probably widely distributed, though not usually abundant except- 
ing possibly on birch, its alternate food plant. Albany, Jl (Gill) ; Hudson 
(Felt); Canandaigua, Aug; Tarrytown, Je. Produces a peculiar spiny bud- 
gall on witch-hazel. 

192 Aphiidae — Phylloxeridae 

Cerataphis Lichtenstein 

C. lautaniae (Bdv). Ithaca, Dec-Mar, in greenhouse on Sohralia macrantha, 
Griswold (Patch). 



Adelges Linnaeus 

A. abietis L. Spruce-Gall Aphid. Moderately abundant to injurious from the 
Adirondacks to Westchester Co and presumably LI, probably occurring in 
most places where Norway spruce is growing. 

A. cooleyi Gill. Watertown, Jl (NYS) ; White Plains, Aug, on Colorado blue 
spruce; LI: Westbury, Jl (Felt). 

A. floccus Patch. Star L., St. Lawrence Co, Aug; St. Huberts, Essex Co, Dec 

A. piceae Ratz. Rochester, May, on Nordmann's fir, probably a recent introduction 


A. pinicorticis Fitch. Pine-Bark Aphid. A moderately common species recorded 
definitely only from Albany, Chenango, Fulton, Saratoga, Dutdhess, Ulster, 
Putnam, Rockland, Westchester, and Suffolk Counties, but widely distributed 
and occasionally destructive even to large pine trees. 

A. pinifoliae Fitch (abieticolens Thos.). Pine-Leaf Aphid. Forms a cone-like 
gall, with the needles modified to thin scales on black spruce, the adults 
maturing in mid- June and the migrants ovipositing on white pine (Patch). 
St. Huberts, Jl (Felt) ; Utica, Jl (NYS) ; Woodstock (Felt) ; Berlin, Jan. 

A. strobilobius Kalt. (laricifoliae Fitch). This species has been referred to the 
European genus Gnaphalodes. The woolly aphid is sometimes very abundant 
on larch. Reported only from Ontario, Tompkins, Oneida, Dutchess, and 
Rockland Counties, but presumably somewhat generally distributed and occa- 
sionally rather injurious. 


Phylloxera Boyer 

P. caryaecaulis Fitch. Hickory-Gall Aphid. Widely distributed throughout the 
State, probably occurring wherever hickory grows and often injurious to it. 
P. caryae-fallax Walsh. Rochester, Je (Gill). 

P. caryaefoliae Fitch. Salem (Fitch) ; Ithaca (Morr), on Hicoria glabra. 
P. caryaeglobuli Walsh. LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Je, Luts (NYS). 
P. caryae-venae Fitch. Rochester, Je (Gill-NYS). 
P. depressa Shim. Howe Cave, Schoharie Co, Je (NYS). 
P. foveola Perg. Canandaigua, Je (NYS). 
P. intermedia Perg. Rochester, Geneva, Je (Gill). 

P. vitifoliae Fitch (vastatrix Rly.). Grape Phylloxera. Moderately common 
and widely distributed. Recorded from Chautauqua, Onondaga, Ontario, 
Chenango, Rensselaer, and Ulster Counties. Probably occurs in most sections 
of the State where grapes grow. 

Aleyrodidae COCCIDAE 193 

A. forbesii Ashm. Ithaca, Nov (CU), on silver maple. 

Aleyrodes Latreille 

A. asarumis Shim, (acteae Britton). Taughannock Falls, Jl (CU), on Asariim 
cmtadense; Fort Plain (Felt) ; probably widely distributed. 

Trialeurodes Cockerell 

T. coryli Britton. Nassau, Jl (Felt), on hazel. 

T. morrilli Britton. Tarrytown, Aug (Britton), on Impatiens fulva. 
T. packardi Morrill. Sparkill (Sling) ; SI: Richmond (Sling). 
T. vaporariorum Westw. Greenhouse Whitefly. Generally distributed in green- 
houses throughout the State, infesting a variety of plants. 

Tetraleurodes Cockerell 

T. mori Quaint. Mt. Kisco, Jl (Felt), abundant on Kalmia latifolia; New Rochelle, 
Sep, on Norway maple (Felt). 

Family COCCIDAE 25 

Compiled by E. P. Felt and Harold Morrison 


ICERYA Signoret 

I. purchasi Mask. Cottony Cushion Scale, or Fluted Scale. Rochester, Ithaca 
(USBE); Albany (NYS) ; New Rochelle (USBE) ; LI: Lynbrook, 
LCGriffith (NYS). On Acacia and grapefruit. A greenhouse species in this 
latitude, and well known in the citrus-growing sections of the country. It 
has been recorded from a large variety of plants and has an extended dis- 
tribution in the warmer sections of the world. 


Matsucoccus Cockerell 

M. matsumurae (Kuw.). This species has caused considerable damage to the pines 
on the De Forest Estate on LI (Herbert, Proc. Ent. Soc. Wash., vol. 23, 
p. 19). 

^* The list in this fartiily was originally prepared by Dr. E. P. Felt, and the manuscript has been 
looked over by Dr. W. E. Britton. 

25 To the list of the Coccidae compiled by Dr. E. P. Felt several years ago, has been added, 
through Harold Morrison, a summary of the numerous New York species, host, and distribution 
records contained in the coccid note files of the Bureau of Entomology of the United States 
Department of Agriculture. About fifty new species and many additional locality records 
have been obtained from this source. The majority of these are based on determinations by Mr. 
Morrison. No special attempt has been made to separate the statements made by each, nor is 
either of these authorities to be held responsible for errors in the list. All dates are omitted, since 
many specimens are collected long after their death. 



ORTHEZIA Bosc d' Antic 

O. insignis Dougl. Ithaca (Comst) ; NYC (Pettit&King). On Coleus. This 
cosmopolitan species occurs in nearly all greenhouses in the State on a very 
large variety of plants, mostly herbaceous. 

O. solidaginis Sanders. Ithaca. On Solidago, red clover, mint, and Prunella 

ASTEROLECANIUM Targioni-Tozzetti 

A. bambusae Bdv. NYC (USEE). On Bambusa in greenhouse. 

A. pustulans (Ckll.). Chatham (NYS). A subtropical species occurring on a 
variety of plants. 

A. variolosum (Ratz.). Rochester, Geneva, Cortland, Newburgh, Yonkers (NYS) ; 
Tarrytown (USEE); NYC (NYS); LI: Flushing (NYS); Westbury, 
Brooklyn (USEE). This species is limited to oak, and is an introduction 
from Europe. 

CeROCOCCUS Comstock 
C. parrotti (Hunter). LI: Brooklyn (USEE). On horse-chestnut. 

Kermes Boitard 

K. galliformis Rly. Ithaca (CU) ; Karner, Middletown (NYS); LI: Brooklyn 
(NYS). On black oak. This name has been indifferently applied to species 
of Kermes, and the records here given may therefore include more than one 

K. kingii Ckll. Middletown (NYS). On red oak. 

K. pettiti Ehrh, Ithaca, Pettit (Ehrh) ; Middletown, on oak. Thro (EEBogue). 

K. pubescens Bogue. Scarsdale (USEE). On oak. 

K. trinotatus Bogue. Albany (NYS). Apparently widely distributed in the United 
States. On Quercus nigra. 


G. spuria (Mod.) {ulmi Geoff.). European Elm Scale. Many localities show 
this species to be widely distributed throughout the State from LI and NYC 
along the Hudson R., northward to Round L., and westward to Newfane. Its 
occurrence at Binghamton and Ogdensburg also indicates a wide distribution, 
which may be restricted only by the lack of its food plant. 

ErioCOCCUS Targioni-Tozzetti 

E. azaleae Comst. Canton (NYS) ; Geneva (Comst-CU) ; Ithaca (Comst-CU) ; 

LI: Brooklyn (NYS). On wild azalea. Azalea mendula, Rhododendron, 

huckleberry, Crataegus coccinea. 
E. borealis var. Ckll. & Robn. "NY" (Ckll-USBE). On Gaylussacia. 
E. coccineus Ckll. NYC (USEE). On various greenhouse Cactaceae. 


Gymnococcus Douglas 
G. agavium (Dougl.). NYC (USEE). On Agave spp. 

Dactylopius Costa 
D. indicus (Green). NYC (USEE). On Opuntia sp. in greenhouse. 

Phenacoccus Cockerell 

P. acericola (King). False Maple Scale. Numerous records covering a series 
of years indicate the common occurrence of this insect in the Hudson Val. 
northward to Troy. Sometimes very abundant on hard maple, and erroneously 
referred in earlier years in this country to Pseiidococciis aceris Geoff. Also 
reported from Johnstown, Oneonta, and Eatavia, indicating a wide distribution 
and suggesting that the area of greatest injury is in the southern part of the 
Hudson Val. The U. S. Bur. Ent. has many records throughout the State. 
On maple, hornbeam, lime, and horse-chestnut. 

P. dearnessi King. Albany (USEE). On Crataegus. 

Trionymus Eerg 
T. americanus (Ckll.). Earneveld (USEE). 


P. adonidum (L.) (frequently referred to as longispinus) . A common mealy-bug 
recorded from Ithaca, Albany, and one LI locality and Brooklyn, in green- 
house (USEE). Like citri, it is probably widely distributed throughout the 
State on a considerable variety of subtropical and tropical plants. 

P. citri (Risso). Citrus Mealy-Eug. This common mealy-bug of the greenhouse 
is represented from Ithaca, Albany, LI (Maspeth, Brooklyn, Flushing), on 
many plants (USEE). This must be only a very small fraction of localities 
in the State where this insect occurs, since it is presumably world-wide in 
distribution and occurs on a very large variety of tropical and semitropical 

P. comstocki (Kuw.). Palisades, NYC, SI, and LI (Brooklyn, Mineola, Bayside) 
(all USEE). On a variety of plants. 

P. gahani Green. NYC (USEE). On ampelopsis. 

P. ledi Ckll. Oneida, HDHouse (NYS) ; Sand L., Rensselaer Co (Ckll-CU). On 
Ledum groenlandicum. 

P. maritimus (Ehrh.). NYC (USEE). On a variety of plants. 

P. nipae (Mask.). Coconut Mealy-Eug. New Rochelle, NYC (USEE); LI: 
Locust Val. (USEE). On a variety of plants in the greenhouse. 

P. trifolii Fbs. Clover-Root Mealy-Eug. Ithaca (CU). On roots of red clover. 

R. maritima (Ckll.). LI: Sea Cliff (USEE). On roots of Spartina. 


PULVINARIA Targioni-Tozzetti 

P. acericola Walsh & Rly. Ithaca, Pettit&Lochhcad (CU) ; Albany (USEE) ; 
Tarrytown (NYS) ; LI: Maspeth (USEE). Occurs on the leaves of soft 
maple and on Cornus ; is relatively scarce, and probably widely distributed 
throughout the State. 

P. amygdali Ckll. Cottony Peach Scale. Williamson, Morton, Lockport, 1925, 
several infested peach orchards in each. Here first definitely recorded from 
the State (Morr-CU). 

P. psidii (Mask.). Green Shield Scale. NYC (USEE). On several green- 
house plants. 

P. vitis (L.). Cottony Maple Scale. Recorded by numerous observers from 
many localities in the State. Particularly abundant on LI and in the Hudson 
Val. localities northward to Hudson Falls. Reported in addition from : 
Adams ; Rome ; Phoenix ; Rochester ; Eatavia ; Euffalo ; Salamanca ; Ithaca ; 
Auburn ; Schenectady. Thrives on soft maple, is frequently reported on grape 
and under the name P. innumerabilis Rathv., and has been recorded from a 
large number of other food plants. 

Protopulvinaria Cockerell 

P. pyriformis (Ckll.). Pyriform Scale. NYC (USEE). On Antidesma in 

P. quaintancii Ckll. Port Jervis (NYS). On pitch pine. 

EriopeltiS Signoret 
E. festucae Fonsc. Gravesville (USEE). On grass. 
E. lichtensteinii Sign, Stark (NYS). On grass. 

Ceroplastes Gray 

C. grandis Hemp. Lancaster, EPV (CU). On Azalea in greenhouses. A Erazilian 
species previously recorded on Zanthoxylum, Eaccharis, Ilex, and Psidium. 

E. tessellatus (Sign.). NYC (USEE). On many greenhouse plants. 

Coccus Linnaeus 

C. acuminatus (Sign.). NYC (USEE). On Jasminum in greenhouse. 

C. elongatus (Sign.). NYC (USEE). On many greenhouse plants. 

C. hesperidum L. Soft Scale. A common soft scale on greenhouse and house 
plants. Ogdensburg, Oswego (NYS) ; Sinclairville (USEE) ; Rogers Rock, 
L. George (USEE); Albany, Schenectady (NYS); Richfield Sps. (USEE); 
Chatham Center (NYS) ; Lebanon Sps. (USEE) ; Kingston (NYS) ; Milton, 
Monticello (USEE) ; Warwick (NYS) ; New Rochelle (USEE) ; Irvington 


(NYS) ; White Plains (USEE) ; Kenilworth (USEE) ; Nyack (USEE) ; 
NYC (NYS); SI: Rosebank (USEE); LI: Roslyn (USEE). This species 
is cosmopoHtan and infests a considerable variety of plants. 

C. pseudohesperidum (Ckll.). Ithaca, Garrison (USEE). On orchid. 

C. viridis (Green). NYC (USEE). On citrus in greenhouse. 

NeoleCANIUM Parrott 

N. cornuparvum Thro. Mag>70lia Scale. E. Aurora, Aurora, Jamestown 
(USEE); Trumansburg (Thro-CU) ; Elmira, Mt. Vernon (USEE). 


T. corrugatum neglectum Pett. & McDaniel. W. Danby (USEE). On pine. 

T. liriodendri (Gmel.). Tulip-Tree Lecanium. Recorded from many localities 
in the State, principally on LI and in the Hudson Val. Probably distributed 
coincident with its food plant. On tulip tree and magnolia. 

T. pini (King). Rochester (NYS); Ithaca (CU) ; Karner (NYS). On P'mus 
divaricatOr and P. rigida. 

Lecanium Burmeister 

L. caryae Fitch. Otto (CU) ; Albany (NYS); NYC (Fitch). On black cherry 

and hickory. 
L. comi Bouche, and its synonyms, varieties, etc. European Fruit Lecanium. 

Throughout the State on many hosts (USEE). 
L. fletcheri Ckll. 20 Valcour, Canandaigua (NYS) ; has been taken also by Pettit, 

presumably at Ithaca; Yonkers (USEE); LI (USEE). On cedar and 

arbor vitae. 
L. nigrofasciatum Perg. The Terrapin Scale. This is a common species occurring 

on a variety of trees. It has been recorded from widely separated localities 

in the State, such as Port Jervis, various places in the Hudson Val., Elmira, 

Unadilla Forks, and Stanley. Particularly abundant on plum, apple, linden, 

birch, olive, and Vaccinium. 
L. persicae (Fab.).^^ NYC; LI: Brooklyn (USEE). On kudzu vine and Eerberis. 
L. quercifex Fitch. ^s New Russia, on chestnut (NYS); Otto, on elm (CU) ; 

Ithaca, on Rubus and elm (CU) ; Albany, on black currant (NYS) ; 

LI: Wading R., on oak (01s). 

SaisSETIA Deplanches 

S. hemisphaerica (Targ.). Hemispherical Scale. Gouverneur, Rome, Rochester, 
Buffalo, Jamestown, NYC, SI (Prince Bay), LI (Locust Val., Flushing, 
Bayside) (all USEE) ; LI: Maspeth, on fern in greenhouse (01s). 

S. nigra .(Nietn.). NYC (USEE). On a variety of greenhouse plants. 

S. oleae (Bern.). Black Scale. Rochester, NYC, LI (Brooklyn) (USEE); 
Maspeth, on lemon (NYS). A subtropical or tropical species occurring on a 
variety of greenhouse plants and on citrus fruits. It is cosmopolitan in 
distribution and is recorded from a very large variety of food plants. 

^** Pettit and McDaniel have recently (Michigan Tech. Bui. 48, Mar., 1920, p. 12-14) regarded 
this as comi Bouche. 

^^ All the early records of the occurrence of this species in New York State apparently relate 
to L. comi 'Qonchi. — Morr. 

2" There is a question as to the correctness of records on hosts other than oak (Morr). 


Physokermes Targioni-Tozzetti 

P. piceae (Schr.). Spruce Bud-Scale. Port Henry (NYS) ; Ithaca (common), 
Yonkers (USEE); Blauvelt (NYS); Mt. Vernon, on spruce (NYS). A 
European species which has been recorded, in addition, on pine. 


ChIONASPIS Signoret 

C. americana Jn. White Elm Scale. Newark (NYS) ; Geneva (USEE) ; 
Schenectady (NYS) ; Albany (NYS) ; Cohoes (USEE) ; Tarrytown (NYS) ; 
NYC (USEE); LI: Brooklyn, Westbury (NYS); Maspeth (Ols). Appears 
to be confined to elm and is probably widely distributed, though the 
infestation is usually inconspicuous and generally overlooked. 

C. comi Cool. Rochester (USEE) ; Geneva (NYS) ; Youngstown, Ithaca, Albany 
(USEE) ; LI: Westbury (NYS). Apparently occurs only on Cornus. 

C. euonymi Comst. Evonymus Scale. Hudson (NYS) ; Lexington, Fishkill 
(Felt) ; Irvington, Mt. Kisco, Tarrytown, Felt, Blauvelt, Nyack (NYS) ; 
NYC, Mamaroneck (USEE) ; SI: Tottenville (Ds, Ols) ; LI: Roslyn, Mas- 
peth (Ols) ; Great Neck (NYS) ; Flatbush, Brooklyn, Babylon, Westbury, 
Baldwin, Stony Br. (USEE). On Evonymus, Celastrus, privet, and lilac. 

C. furfura (Fitch). Scurfy Scale. Is represented by specimens in the NYS and 
CU collections, and has been received from many contributors in different 
localities from the following counties : Madison, Wayne, Monroe, Niagara, 
Erie, Chautauqua, Ontario, Tompkins, Cayuga, Albany, Rensselaer, Greene, 
Columbia, Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Westchester, New York, Richmond, 
Nassau, Suffolk (Felt) ; and from many points in the State (USEE). These 
records indicate a general distribution in the southern and more temperate 
sections of the State. The insect does not appear to have attracted notice in 
the Adirondacks. It is recorded from a large variety of food plants, has a 
wide distribution in Canada and the United States, and has become estab- 
lished in England. 

C. lintneri Comst. Rochester, on Cornus (NYS) ; Buffalo (Felt) ; Ithaca 
(USEE) ; Albany, on Alnus (Comst-CU). Occurs, in addition to the above 
food plants, on willow. Viburnum, benzoin, Amelanchier, Betula, etc. 

C. longiloba Cool. Ithaca (EEBogue). Recorded from Texas on cottonwood. 

C. pinifoliae (Fitch). Pine-Leaf Scale. Apparently widely distributed in the 
State. Has been reported by a number of observers from the following 
counties : Clinton, Monroe, Ontario, Tompkins, Schenectady, Saratoga, Albany, 
Columbia, Dutchess, Orange, Westchester, Kings, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk 
(Felt) ; and from many points in the State (USEE). It occurs in particular 
on the Scotch, Austrian, and white pines, especially in parks, and also on 

C. pinifoliae heterophyllae Cool. LI: Glen Cove, Southold (USEE). On Pinus 
densiftora and P. rigida. 

C. salicis-nigrae (Walsh). "NY" (USEE). On poplar. 

C. spartinae Comst. LI: Orient Pt., Lath (NYS). On Spartina alterniflora, 
S- glabra, and S. strtcta. 

C. sylvatica Sanders. NYC (USEE). On Benzoin (?). 

HOWARDIA Eerlese and Leonardi 
H. biclavis (Comst.). Ithaca, NYC (USEE). On a number of greenhouse plants. 


DiASPIS Costa 

D. boisduvalii Sign. Gouverneur, on orchid (NYS) ; Rochester (USBE) ; Albany 
(NYS) ; Garrison (USBE) ; Millbrook, on cycad (Morr) ; Ithaca (USBE) ; 
NYC (USBE); LI: Brooklyn (USBE). Probably somewhat widely dis- 
tributed within the State on greenhouse plants, such as palms, cattleya, etc. 

D. bromeliae (Kern.). Pineapple Scale. NYC (USBE). On Bromelia. 

D. carueli Targ. Rochester, on Juniperns virginiana and Pinus aristata (John 
Dunbar); Ithaca (CU) ; Ossining, on juniper (NYS); NYC (NYS); LI: 
Garden City, on arbor vitae (CU) ; Lynbrook, on Juniperus chinensis (Cy) ; 
several localities (USBE). A moderately common and widely distributed 

D. echinocacti (Bouche) var. cacti Comst. Rochester (USBE) ; Ithaca, on cactus 
(Comst-CU); NYC, on cactus (Joutel-NYS). 

D. zamiae Morg. Altamont, on Cycas revoluta (NYS) ; Albany, on Cycas 
(USBE) ; Ithaca; NYC, on Encephalartos villosus (USBE). 


A. pentagona (Targ.). West Indian Peach Scale. Chatham, on flowering 
cherry (NYS) ; Kingston, on imported Japanese flowering cherry (NYS) ; 
New Rochelle, on Primus pseudo-cerasus (NYS) ; NYC, on cherry (NYS) ; 
LI: Brooklyn, on peach and cherry (USBE). A southern form, and probably 
unable to breed in the open except possibly in the southern part of the State. 

A. rosae (Bouche). Rose Scale. Pompey, on rose (NYS) ; Brighton, on black- 
berry (NYS); Stanley, on blackberry and rose (NYS); Ithaca; Cobleskill, 
on rose (NYS) ; Ballston Spa, on rose (NYS) ; Albany, on raspberry 
(NYS) ; Castleton, on rose (NYS) ; Troy, on rose (NYS) ; Hudson, on 
blackberry (NYS) ; Kingston, on rose (NYS) ; Fishkill, on rose (NYS) 
Cornwall, on blackberry and raspberry (NYS) ; NYC, on blackberry (NYS) 
SI: New Brighton, on blackberry (NYS) ; LI: Brooklyn, on rose (NYS) 
Maspeth (01s) ; many records from State (USBE). 

Hemichionaspis Cockerell 

H. aspidistrae (Sign.). Fern Scale. Geneva (USBE) ; Jamestown (USBE) ; 
Ithaca, on grass in a greenhouse (CU) ; Albany, on grass in a greenhouse 
(NYS) ; New Rochelle and Hyde Park (USBE) ; LI: Brooklyn, Locust Val., 
Jamaica (USBE). On fern and other greenhouse plants. 

PiNNASPIS Cockerell 

P. buxi (Bouche). Irvington-on-Hudson, NYC (USBE). On Spathyllum, Cordy- 
line, and Phoenicophorium, in greenhouse. 

Leucaspis Targioni-Tozzetti 
L. cockerelli (de Charmoy). NYC (USBE). On Sabal, Trachycarpus. 

FlORINIA Targioni-Tozzetti 
F. fioriniae (Targ.). New Rochelle (USBE). On Kentia belmoreana. 
F. japonica Kuw. Albany, on Japanese hemlock (USBE) ; LI: Queens, on Tsuga 

and Japanese hemlock (USBE). 
F. theae Green. "NY" (USBE). On Camellia japonica. 


EpidiaspiS Cockerell 
E. piricola (DelG.). Albany, Garrison, Hunt's Pt., LI (USEE). On pear. 

, "^ ASPIDIOTUS Bouche 

A. abietis (Schr.). Hemlock Scale. Ithaca, on Pimis rigida and Abies cana- 
densis (Comst-CU) ; Karner, on pine (NYS) ; NYC, on hemlock (NYS). 

A. aesculi Jn. Buffalo, on horse-chestnut (USBE). 

A. ancylus Putn. Putnam's Scale. Recorded from many localities in the follow- 
ing counties : Oswego, Wayne, Monroe, Orleans, Genesee, Erie, Chautauqua, 
Ontario, Seneca, Tompkins, Cayuga, Albany, Greene, Columbia, Ulster, Rock- 
land, Queens. Presumably widely and generally distributed throughout the 
State, except possibly in the Adirondack section. Has been recorded in NY 
from the following host plants : apple, beech, purple-leaved chestnut, Cornus, 
Florida currant, elm, hemlock. Ilex, linden, maple, mountain ash, nectarine, 
olive, Osage orange, pear, white birch, willow. 

A. camelliae Sign, (rapax Comst.). Geneva, on bay tree (CU) ; NYC, on bay 
and other plants (USBE); LI: Roslyn, Brooklyn (USBE). 

A. comstocki Jn. "NY" (Fern. Cat.). On maple. 

A. cyanophylli Sign. NYC (USBE). On palm. 

A. forbesi Jn. Cherry Scale. Syracuse (USBE) ; E. Aurora, on apple (NYS) ; 
Geneva, on pear (NYS) ; Manchester, on apple (NYS) ; Crescent Station, 
on apple (NYS); Albany (NYS); Highland, on peach (NYS); Cornwall, 
on Japanese plum (NYS) ; Blauvelt, NYC (USBE). Recorded from a 
considerable variety of plants, and presumably widely and somewhat generally 
distributed throughout the State. 

A. hederae (Vail.). Oleander Scale. Gloversville (USBE) ; Lockport (NYS) ; 
Buffalo, Alden, Geneva (USBE) ; Ithaca, on English ivy (NYS) ; Watervliet, 
on ivy (NYS) ; Albanv, on Cyperus (NYS) ; Idlewild (USBE) ; Mt. Kisco, 
on Cattleya; Kenilworth (USBE) ; NYC (USBE) ; LIrEdgemore (USBE) ; 
Maspeth (01s). Subtropical; presumably generally distributed throughout the 
State in greenhouses, and recorded as occurring on a great variety of plants. 

A. juglans-regiae Comst. Walnut Scale. Brighton, on European mountain ash 
(NYS) ; Lockport, Fredonia, on willow (USBE) ; Ithaca, on willow 
(USBE) ; NYC, on Tilia; LI: Brooklyn (USBE). Recorded also from the 
State by others, but without definite record as to locality or food plants. 

A. lataniae Sign. Lancaster, on palm, EPV (CU) ; Albany (NYS) ; NYC, on 
several plants (USBE). 

A. osborni Newell & Ckll. Mt. Vernon, on w^hite oak (NYS). A very incon- 
spicuous species, evidently with a greater range than is indicated by the fore- 
going record. 

A. ostreaeformis Curt. European Fruit Scale. Recorded from many localities 
in the following counties : Oswego, Monroe, Orleans, Niagara, Erie, Chautau- 
qua, Ontario, Columbia, Rockland (Felt) ; records from many places and 
hosts in the State (USBE). Probably generally distributed throughout the 
State. Has been recorded in NY from the following food plants: apple, 
cherry, currant, elm, pear, plum, poplar, willow. 

A. perniciosus Comst. The San Jose Scale. An introduced species which has 
become established in nearly every county in the State, with the possible 
exception of Clinton Co, where it has not yet been found. Lives on a great 


variety of trees and shrubs. Has been recorded in NY as occurring on the 
following : apple, birch, cherry, Crataegus, currant, elm, hornbeam, Japanese 
quince, pear, peach, plum, lilac, Osage orange, rose, spiraea, willow. Will 
probably become generally distributed in most regions except the Adirondacks. 

A. townsendi Ckll. LI: Westbury (USEE). On tulip tree. 

A. ulmi Jn. Buffalo, on catalpa (NYS) ; Albany (NYS) ; NYC (USEE). 

A. uvae Comst. Grape Scale. Ithaca (Ckll) ; LI: Greenbush (Felt-NYS). On 

Crytophyllaspis Cockerell 

C. liquidambaris Kot. NYC (USEE). On sweet gum (Liqnidambar styracifliia) . 

P. paeoniae (Ckll.). NYC (USEE). On Camellia. 


C. aonidum (L.). Gloversville, Lvndonville, Menands (NYS); Ithaca; New 
Rochelle (USEE); Yonkers (NYS); NYC (USEE); LI: Locust Val. 
(USEE). Recorded from several of the above localities on rubber plant; 
well known as a greenhouse pest on a considerable variety of plants. 

C. aurantii (Mask.). California Red Scale. "NY" (Fern. Cat.). 

C. dictyospermi (Morg.). Morgan's Scale. Rochester (USEE) ; Albany, on sago 
pine and palms (NYS) ; Millbrook, on cycad and palms (Morr) ; New 
Rochelle and NYC (USEE). A greenhouse species occurring on a variety 
of hothouse plants. 

C. odontoglossi (Ckll.). NYC (USEE). On Alhizzia Ichhck. 

C. perseae (Comst.). NYC (USEE). On Anthurium and Spathyllum in 

C. rossi (Mask.). NYC (USEE). On Macrozamia moorci in greenhouse. 

C. smilacis (Comst). NYC, on smilax, Southzvick (NYS) ; LI: Maspeth, on smilax 

C. tenebricosus (Comst.). Euffalo (USEE). On soft maple. 

P. bowreyi (Ckll.). NYC (USEE). On Agave and Livistona in greenhouse. 

Aonidia Targioni-Tozzetti 

A. lauri (Eouche). Albany (USEE); NYC, on bay tree (NYS); LI: Roslyn 
(USEE). Probably brought in on its European host. 

Gymnaspi§ Newstead 

G. achmeaeNewst. NYC (USEE). On Achmea, Ananas, Hohenbergia, Eromelia, 
and Billbergia, in greenhouse. 


Lepidosaphes Shimer 

L. beckii (Newm.). Purple Scale. Rochester, Geneva (USEE) ; Albany 
(NYS) ; NYC, Inwood (USEE) ; LI: Maspeth, on orange and lemon (Ols, 
Felt). On Citrus and Elaeagnus in the greenhouse or market. 

L. gloyerii (Pck.). NYC, on orange and lemon (NYS). Undoubtedly brought 
in on its food plant. 

L. lasianthi (Green). NYC (Sasscer-USBE). On Camellia japoiiica. 

L. newsteadi (Sulc). Rye (Sasscer-USBE). On Sciadopitys. 

L. philococcus (Ckll.). NYC (USEE). On Opuntia. 

L. ulmi (L.). Oyster-Shell Scale. Recorded from the following counties: St. 
Lawrence, Herkimer, Lewis, Oswego, Fulton, Monroe, Orleans, Genesee, 
Erie, Ontario, Cayuga, Otsego, Schoharie, Saratoga, Washington, Albany, 
Rensselaer, Greene, Dutchess, Putnam, Sullivan, Orange, Westchester, Rich- 
mond, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk (Felt) ; records from many localities and hosts 
in the State (USEE). Is presumably generally distributed throughout the 
State. Occurs in NY on the following food plants : apple, ash, balm of 
Gilead, white birch, butternut, Cornus, Crataegus, grape, horse-chestnut, lilac, 
maple, Pennsylvania maple, silver magnolia, pear, privet, syringa, willow. 
Has been recorded in literature from a considerable variety of other plants. 


I. longirostris (Sign). Thread Scale. Albion, on Chinese fan^palm, JB Achilles 
(NYS) ; Fishkill, Pawling, Mamaroneck, NYC (USEE). SI: New Brighton 
(USEE). On various plants in greenhouse. 

Parlatoria Targioni-Tozzetti 

P. pergandii Comst. Chaff Scale. Rochester ; Geneva ; NYC. 

P. pergandii crotonis Ckll. Rochester (USEE). On Codiaeum variegatum. 

P. proteus Curt. Geneva (CU) ; Ossining (NYS) ; NYC, on tangerine (NYS) ; 

LI: Maspeth, on orange (Ols-NYS). 
P. theae Ckll. Rochester, on Japanese maple (NYS) ; Schenectady, on Japanese 

maple (^^YS). 


Compiled by William T. Davis 



AnisolabIS Fieber 

A. maritima Gene. Larchmont, Nov, TDO' Connor (Hebard) ; Palisades of the 
Hudson, along the shore, May {Ds) ; along the East River under rubbish, 
very common (Joutel) ; SI: collected and still to be found at numerous 
localities along the easterly shore of the island from St. George to Totten- 

^ Adventive species. — The following adventive species have been reported in New York State: 
Labtdura riparia (Pallas), SI, male, in head of imported lettuce, Jan, 1916; Prolahia pulchella 
(Serv.), original type from Niagara; Doru lineare (E'ch.), SI, male, in spinach, Feb 4, 1920. 
Euborellia annulipes (Lucas) has been found in Mass. 


ville; in 1880 it was a common species under stones and drift on the shore at 
St. George Point where the present ferry slips are; LI: Rockaway Beach, 
Sep; North Beach, Je, Ols; Center L, Oyster Bay, May; Southold, Sep; 
Greenport, Aug; Orient, Jl, eggs and young (Ds), Sep, Lath; Gardiners I., 
May, nymph, Cy. 


Labia Leach 

L. minor L. Ithaca, May-Aug, under a light (CU) ; Tuxedo, May, TD O'Connor 
(Hebard) ; Mosholu, Van Cort. Pk., Sf; Bronx, Aug, in numbers at light, 
Wat; Riverdale, Sep, Woodr (Ds) ; Manhattan I., Central Pk., Je, Sep, 
Joutel; SI, a male taken in May, a female in Aug, and a second male in Je; 
it sometimes comes to light and is also taken on plants ; LI, represented in the 
collection of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. 


DORU Burr 

D. aculeatum Scud. "NY (Coll. Uhler)" is cited by Scudder (Proc. Boston Soc. 
Nat. Hist., vol. 18 (1875-76), p. 263) and by Rehn and Hebard (Journ. N. Y. 
Ent. Soc, Je, 1914) ; SI, one female found on the edge of the meadows near 
Dongan Hills, Sep; LI: Hewlett, Nov, in rotten birch log, Schott. 


F. auricularia L. European Earwig. E. Aurora, Aug, numerous specimens of 
both sexes captured out-of-doors by JBAchilles. This introduced earwig has 
become well established at Newport, RI, where Morse states the occupied area 
is ten square miles. 


General Editor, Charles W. Leng 

Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences 

The list of Coleoptera is based on published lists and numerous manu- 
script communications. It is fairly complete in some families, especially 
for the southeastern part of the State v^here records have been obtained 
from many collectors in New York City and vicinity. In the Rhyn- 
chophora and in the Staphylinidae and other families of small beetles, 
however, many names may be added by further study and collecting. On 
the other hand, a few of the names included may eventually prove to be 
synonyms. The distribution of some species within the State is imper- 
fectly shown because records for them are lacking from the central and 
western counties. Using as a guide those species for which the records 
are comparatively complete, it is evident that there are on Staten Island, 
on Long Island, and in the lower Hudson Valley, a considerable number of 
southern species ; and in the higher parts of the Catskill and Adirondack 
Mountains, a number of northern species. Otherwise there is no clear 
evidence in the records assembled of any strong faunal boundary within 


the State. The sequence of families, genera, and species is that of Leng's 
Catalog, except in a few cases in which genera and species have been 
changed about for reasons explained in the text. The Leng catalog num- 
bers precede each species, for convenience in referring to that work. 


Tetracha Hope 
38 T. virginica L. LI: Central Pk., Sep (Ds). 

CiCINDELA Linnaeus 

39b C. formosa Say var. generosa Dej. Keene Val., Je (Not) ; Elizabethtown, 
Aug (Harr) ; Horicon, Jl 17, 1925 (Frost); Luzerne, Jl (HarrED) ; 
Rochester (M&W) ; Ballston, Je (Harr) ; Schenectady (Dt) ; Albany 
(Lint); Karner, Je (NYS) ; Hoosick, Je (Harr); Yonkers, Sep 
(Harr) ; White Plains (Sq) ; Bloody Pond, Sep (Harr) ; Guymard, 
Je (HarrED); Mosholu, Jl (Bno) ; Van Cort. Pk., Oct (Bno) ; SI: 
Watchogue, Mar-Oct (L&D) ; LI: Springfield Gardens, Sep 
(HarrED) ; Cold Sp. Plarb., Sep (Ds) ; Aqueduct, Sep (Ds) ; Amagan- 
sett, Sep (Ds) ; Yaphank, Je (Ds) ; Wading R., May-Aug (Ds) ; 
Hauppauge, Je (Ds) ; Quogue, Sep (HarrED). 

42 C. purpurea Oliv. Keene Val., Jl, Sep (Not) ; Jay, Aug (Harr) ; Lewis 
Co, Jl (NYS-Hill) ; New Russia, Aug (CU) ; Potsdam, Ap 
(HarrED) ; Newport, Ap (NYS) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Onondaga Co, 
Mar 18 (H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Avon, Feb, May (Cls) ; Olcott 
(Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R,HarrED) ; Pike, Je (NYS); Castile, Je, Brad 
(Flet) ; Rock City, Je (Ds) ; Potters, Je (Ds) ; Ithaca, May-Je, Sep 
(Morr) ; Stamford, Tl (HarrED) ; Saratoga Sps., Je (HarrED) ; 
Haines Falls, Jl (HarrED) ; Debruce, Je, Sep (Ds,HarrED) ; East 
Branch, Oct (Ang) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains (Sq) ; NYC 
(Lg, Bt) ; SI, Mar-Sep, not common in recent years (L&D) ; LI: 
Bethpage, May (HarrED) ; Islip, Sep (HarrED) ; E. Hampton, Sep 
(HarrED) ; Amagansett, Sep (Ds) ; Calverton, Sep (Ds) ; Yaphank, 
May-Oct (Ds) ; Wyandanch, May (Ds) ; Southold, Sep (Ds) ; Wading 
R., May-Je (Ds) ; Gardiners L, Je (Ds). 

44 C. splendida Hentz. "NY" (Lee), also from Schaupp Coll. (HarrED). It 

is possible that these records refer to limhalis (Lg). 

45 C. limbalis Klug. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Rock City, Je 

(Ds) ; West Pt., Rohn (Ds) ; Peekskill, Jl (Harr) ; Bear Swamp, 
Ramapo, Ap-Sep (Ds) ; Southfields, Oct (Ds). 

48 C. ancocisconensis Harr. Buffalo (HarrED) ; Ebenezer, Je (Rein) ; 

Cazenovia Cr., May-Aug (Rein) ; Debruce, Je, Sep (HarrED, Ds). 

49 C. duodecimguttata Dej. Raquette L., Jl (Harr) ; Wilmington, Jl-Aug 

(Ds, Dt); Elizabethtown, Aug (HarrED); Jay Mt., Aug (HarrED); 
Cranberry L., Je-Aug (H) ; Keene Val., May-Aug (Not) ; Luzerne, 
Je (HarrED) ; Clearwater, Jl (HarrED) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ebenezer, 
Je (HarrED) ; Salmon Cr. (M&W) ; Tarbel, Je (Ds) ; Ithaca, Aug 
(Dt) ; Stamford, Aug-Sep (Harr) ; North Branch, Aug (Schaupp) ; 
Pawling, Aug-Sep (HarrED) ; L. George, Aug (HarrED) ; SI, May- 
Oct (L&D) ; LI: Far Rockaway, Sep (HarrED) ; Coram, May (Ds) ; 
Yaphank, Sep (Ds). 


50 C. repanda Dej. Abundant in partly damp localities throughout the State 

(Lg). Keene Val. (Lint); Potsdam (Houghton); Axton, Je (M&H) ; 
Ausable Pt., Sep (Not) ; Raquette L., Jl (HarrED) ; Wilmington, Jl 
(Ds) ; Elizabethtown, Aug (HarrED) ; Long L,, Piseco, L. Pleasant. 
Jl-Aug (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Mountain View, Sep (Not) ; 
Clearwater, Jl (HarrED) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Rochester Jet., Jl 
(CU) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ebenezer, Je (HarrED) ; Westfield, May 
(Not) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Geneva, Middlesex, Aug (Cls) ; Ithaca, 
Jl (CU); Karner, Ap-Sep (NYS); Guymard, Je (HarrED); L. 
George, Jl (HarrED) ; Hoosick, Je (Harr) ; Saratoga, Je (HarrED) ; 
Debruce (Dow) ; Callicoon, Jl (HarrED,Ds) ; Quaker Hill, Sep 
(HarrED) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Newburgh (Robn) ; Peekskill, Has- 
tings, Yonkers, Dobbs Ferry, May-Jl (HarrED) ; White Plains (Sq) ; 
Van Cort. Pk., Oct (Bno) ; SI, Mar-Oct, often rather numerous on 
moist areas (L&D) ; LI: inhabits the loose sand beyond the beach 
(Lg) ; Flatbush, Coney L, Rockaway, Lawrence, Ruffle Bar, Long 
Beach, Oak L, Patchogue, Edgemere, Bay Shore, Quogue, Easthampton, 
Nissequogue, May-Sep (HarrED) ; Amagansett, Wading R. (Ds) ; 
Fire L, Sep (Ds) ; Gardiners L, Je (Ds) ; Orient, Lath (NYS). 

51 C. hirticollis Say. SI, on seashore from early spring until late fall (L&D) ; 

LI: Coney L, Aug (Ds) ; Rockaway, Long Beach, Je-Aug (Harr) ; 
Oak L, Fire L (Ds) ; Patchogue, Sep (HarrED) ; Promised Land, 
Wading R. (Ds). 

51b C. hirticollis var. rhodensis Calder. LI: Gardiners L (Ds) ; Far Rocka- 
way (HarrED). 

53 C. tranquebarica Hbst. (vulgaris Say). Wilmington, Jl (Ds, Dt) ; Eliza- 
bethtown, Aug (HarrED) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Raquette L., Jl 
(Harr) ; Jay Mts., Aug (HarrED) ; Potsdam (Houghton) ; Keene 
Val., Aug (Not) ; Mountain View, Sep (Not) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl 
(H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Avon, May (01s) ; Rock 
City, Je (Ds) ; Ithaca, Mar (Morr) ; Debruce, Je, Aug-Sep 
(HarrED) ; Cooks Falls and East Branch, Oct (Ang) ; Newburgh 
(Robn); Yonkers, Jl (HarrED); White Plains (Sq) ; SI, Mar-Sep, 
found only on a sand dune at Old Place in recent years (L&D) ; LI: 
West Hills; Wyandanch (Sf) ; Yaphank; Southold; Calverton, Springs, 
Gardiners I., Montauk, Mar-Sep (Ds) ; W. Hampton, E. Hampton, 
Quogue, Amagansett, Islip, Sep (Harr) ; Orient, Oct, Lath (Ds). 

53c C. tranquebarica var. horiconensis Lg. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Lw George 
(Lg) ; Pembroke (CU). 

59 C. longilabris Say. Jay, Jl-Aug (HarrED, Britton) ; Mt. Whiteface, Jl 
(Ds) ; Keene Val., Jl-Aug (Not) ; Axton (M&H) ; Long L. (Ds). 

68a C. scutellaris Say var. lecontei Hald. Elma, May (NYS). 

68c C. scutellaris var. rugifrons Dej. Confined to the pine-barren regions of 
LI (Lg). Immaculate forms have been found at Aqueduct, Quogue, 
Southampton, and Amagansett in Sep (HarrED). The Aqueduct 
locality published by Joutel (Journ. N. Y. Ent. Soc, vol. 10, p. 249) is 
now destroyed (Lg). A form intergrading this with var. modest a very 
rarely found at Aqueduct and Southampton (HarrED). LI: Jamaica 
(Schaupp) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Aqueduct, Valley Stream, Springs, Calver- 
ton, Manorville, Yaphank, Wading R., May, Aug, Sep (Ds) ; Amagan- 
sett, E. Hampton, Southampton, Quogue, Islip, Springfield, Sep 
(HarrED) ; Shinnecock Hills, Sep, Lg (Bt). 


68 C. scutellaris var. modesta Dej. Confined to pine barrens on LI and SI. 

Immaculate specimens mimicking nigrior formerly found at : Aqueduct 
(Lg); SI, Ap, Sep-Oct (L&D) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., May, Sep (Sf, 
Ds) ; Aqueduct, Aug-Sep (HarrED) ; Valley Stream, Aug (HarrED) ; 
Springfield, Sep (HarrED). 

69 C. sexguttata Fab. Wilmington, JI (Ds) ; Keene Val., May, Aug (Not) ; 

Newport, May (NYS) ; Elizabethtown, Aug (HarrED) ; Potsdam 
(Houghton); Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Lewis Co, Je (Hill-NYS) ; 
Luzerne, Je (HarrED) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Syracuse, Ap, May (H) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Avon, Geneva (Cls) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Pike, 
May (NYS); Westfield, Je (NYS); Rock City, Je (Ds) ; Elmira, 
May (Diven) ; Ithaca, May-Je (Morr) ; McLean, Mar (Morr), May 
(Ds) ; Tarbel, Je (Ds) ; Saratoga, Je (HarrED) ; De Bruce (NYS) ; 
Schoharie (Not) ; Albany (Lint) ; Delmar, May (NYS) ; Nassau, 
May (NYS); Hoosick, Je (HarrED); West Pt. (Robn) ; Peeks- 
kill, Je; Hastings, Cornwall, May-Jl (HarrED); Haines Falls, Jl 
(HarrED); Guymard, Je (HarrED); White Plains (Sq) ; West 
Farms, May (Harr) ; SI, Mar-Aug (L&D); LI: Flushing, Wyan- 
danch, Smithtown, Wading R., Yaphank, Gardiners I., Mar-Sep (Ds) ; 
Nissequogue, Je (HarrED) ; Farmingdale, Jl (CU). Inhabits climax 
forests, openings, paths, etc., sometimes in gardens (Lg)., Rare, 
without spots, at Hoosick, Je ; with two spots at Peekskill and Hastings, 
May; often with eight spots (HarrED). 
69c C. sexguttata var. harrisi Lg. Elizabethtown, Aug (Lg) ; Luzerne, Jl 
(HarrED) ; L. George, Aug (Lg) ; Debruce, Je, Sep (Dow,Ds) ; 
Quaker Hill, Aug (HarrED) ; Cornwall, Jl (HarrED) ; Cooks Falls, 
Aug (Ang) ; E. Jewett, Aug (Ds) ; Stamford, Catskills, Aug 
(HarrED). An altitudinous variety of sexguttata (Lg). 

70 C. patruela Dej. Conesus L., Je (Ds) ; Karner, May, Sep (NYS); West 

Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill (HarrED), Confined to mountains; local (Lg). 

70a C. patruela var. consentanea Dej. Confined to pine-barren regions of LI 
and known from few localities (Lg). LI: Port Jefferson (HarrED) ; 
Wyandanch, Mar-Ap, Schott (HarrED) ; Riverhead, Aug (Ds) ; 
W. Hampton, Sep (Wood); Quogue, Sep (HarrED). 

74 C. punctulata Oliv. Upper Jay, Aug (Not) ; Jay Mts., Aug (HarrED) ; 
Crown Pt., Aug (Not) ; Elizabethtown, Aug (HarrED) ; Luzerne, Jl 
(HarrED) ; Keene Val., Jl (Not) ; Geneva (Cls) ; Rochester (M&W) ; 
Ithaca, Sep (CU) ; Saratoga, Aug (Dt) ; L. George, Aug-Sep 
(HarrED) ; Albany, Aug (Felt) ; Debruce, Sep (HarrED) ; Quaker 
Hill, Aug-Sep (HarrED); Haines Falls, Jl (HarrED); Kinderhook, 
Jl (HarrED) ; Yonkers, Jl (HarrED) ; Montrose, Jl (HarrED) ; 
West Pt. (Robn); White Plains (Sq) ; Mosholu, Jl (Bno) ; SI, 
Je-Sep, the most common species (L&D) ; LI: Far Rockaway, E. 
Hampton, Yaphank, Sep (HarrED) ; Farmingdale, Jl (CU) ; Southold, 
Montauk, Sep, Gardiners L, Aug (Ds). Widely distributed; flying to 
light and occasionally seen even in city streets and garden paths (Lg). 

79 C. abdominalis Fab. LI: Riverhead, near Bald Hill; also in sandy road 
near Peconic R., Aug (Ds). 

84 C. marginipennis Dej. Callicoon, Jl (HarrED, Lg, Ds) ; confined to 
pebbly flats of Delaware R. (Lg). 

93 C. unipunctata Fab. Ft. Green, Je (Schaupp) ; Bronx Pk., Je (Lg, Bt) ; 
LI: Brooklyn (Schaupp). The records for this species are few and 
ancient, and do not clearly indicate it as an inhabitant of this State. 

Cicindelidae^Carabidae 207 

101 C. dorsalis Say. Albany, 1867 (NYS) ; LI: Coney L, Rockaway Beach, 
Jl-Sep (Sf ) ; Fire I., Oak I., Long Beach, Edgemere, Arverne, Jl-Aug 
(HarrED). Confined to sea beach of LI, Montauk, etc.; formerly 
found also on SI, but probably exterminated about 1895 by commercial 
use of beaches (Ds). C. signata Dej. is a nearly immaculate form of 
dorsalis, found at Fire I., Rockaway, Coney I. (HarrED). 

104 C. marginata Fab. Confined to muddy beaches of SI and LI (Lg) ; NYC, 
Ang (H) ; SI, Jl-Aug (L&D) ; LI: Coney I. (Lg) ; Sheepshead, Aug 
(NYS) ; Northport, Canarsie, Jl-Sep (Schaupp) ; Bay water. Far 
Rockaway, Ruffle Bar, Edgemere, Jl-Aug (HarrED) ; Wading R., Jl 
(Ds) ; Gardiners I., Aug (Ds) ; Montauk, Jl (Ang). 

108b C. cuprascens Lee. var. puritana Horn. "NY*' (Schaupp). The only 
record is ancient and indefinite. This species lives on river banks in 
sandy beaches and occurs in midsummer (Lg). 

110 C. lepida Dej. Buffalo (Z&R) ; LI: Coney I., Je--Jl (Lg,Bt) ; Rockaway 
Beach (Lg) ; Long Beach, Arverne, Jl (HarrED). Confined in this 
State to limited areas of white sand near the beach (Lg). 


Compiled by Howard Notman 



125 S. elevatus Fab. Bronxville, Aug (Ds) ; NYC and vie. (Not) ; Van Cort. 
Pk., Aug (Woodr) ; SI, formerly common (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica Woods, 
May (Schaupp) ; Yaphank, May-Oct, Shoe (Eng) ; Brooklyn, Central 
Pk., May-Oct, Shoe; Syosset, Nassau Co, Nov, Eng (Not). 

128 S. viduus Dej. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Whiteface Mt., 4200 ft., Oct (Lg) ; 
Keene VaL, 1000 ft., Aug (Not) ; Crown Pt., Aug (Not) ; Keeseville, 
Sep (Lg) ; Hope (Castle) ; Mt. Hopkins, 2500 ft., Je (Not) ; Batavia, 
Je, Kngt (Lg) ; Bufifalo and vie. (Z&R) ; Cattaraugus Co, Je, Ds; 
Tompkins Co, several localities (Dt, Vdyk) ; Ithaca, Mar, Kngt; Hunter, 
Je; Catskills, Vdyk (Pears, Roeschke) ; North Branch (Schaupp); 
Yonkers (L&B) ; Mosholu (L&B) ; W. Dunwoodie; Manhattan L, 
Joutel; NYC, Oct (Lg) ; SI, rare (L&D); LI: Inwood, Jl, Sep, 
Skinner, Oct, Joutel. 


134 N. bilobus Say. Whiteface Mt., Jl, Ds; Wallface Mt., 3000 ft., Jl. Nic 
(Not); Buffalo vie. Rein; Catskills, Jl (Beyer). 

Sphaeroderus Dejean 

160 S. canadensis Chd. Mt. Whiteface (Lg) ; Mt. Marcy, 3500 ft., Jl (Not) ; 
Wilmington, 1500 ft., Aug (Dt) ; Keene Val., 1500 ft., Je (Not) ; 
Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Monroe Co, Moore (Wendt) ; Rock City, Je, Dt 
(Vdyk) ; Ithaca, Ap (Vdyk), Oct 9, Walton (Vdyk) ; Coy Glen, Jl, Dt 
(Vdyk) ; Caroline, Ap, Dt (Vdyk) ; Hebron (Lg) ; Slide Mt., 2500 
ft, Jl, Shoe; North Branch (Schaupp); Debruce, Jl, Shoe (Lg) ; 
Minnewaska, Aug (Nic). 

208 Carabidae 

162 S. lecontei Dej. Upper Jay, Sep (Lg) ; Keene Val., Je, Aug, Oct (Not) ; 
Chateaugay, Sep (Lg) ; Johnstown, Oct (Vdyk) ; Syracuse, Ap (H) ; 
Monroe Co (M&W) ; Karner, Nov (Vdyk) ; Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; 
Buffalo vie. (Z&R) ; Erie Co, May (Dnd) ; Rock City, Je ; Red House, 
Je (Not) ; Ithaca, Ap (Kngt) ; McLean, May, Ds; Albany, Lint; White- 
hall, Oct (Not) ; W. Hebron, Oct (Lg) ; Catskill (Lg) ; Ulster Co, 
Sep (Lg) ; Peekskill, Sherman; West Pt., Robn; Greenwood L. ; 
Ramapo, Ap, Ds; Mosholu; White Plains, Ap (Sq) ; Bronxville, 
Mar-Ap (Woodr) ; NYC, Sep (Lg) ; Inwood, Manhattan L, Oct, 
Sep, Ds; Manhattan L, Sep, Joutel; Van Cort. Pk., Mar-Ap (Not, 
Woodr) ; SI: Mar-May, Nov, once not uncommon, now rare (L&D) ; 
Sandy Brook, Ap ; LI: Yaphank, Jl-Aug, Wading R., May, Ds; 
Brooklyn, Ap-Oct, Shoe. 

162a S. lecontei var. niagarensis Lap. "NY", Lee. Probably only a synonym of 
lecontei (Nic). 

164 S, nitidicoUis Chev. var. brevoorti Lee. Mt Whiteface, Sep (Lg) ; Vv^allface 
Mt., Je (Quirsfeld & Nic) ; Green Mt., 3000 ft, Jl (Not) ; Mt. Marcy, 
5000 ft., Jl (Not). 

Carabus Linnaeus 

170 C. sylvosus Say. Keene Val., Sep (Not); Cascade Lakes, Aug, Brb; 

Gloversville, May; Monroe Co, May, M&W; Buffalo (Dnd); Carmel, 
Aug; LI: near Ridgewood, Greenville, Je (Schaupp) ; Yaphank (Eng) ; 
Bellport, Wading R. (Nic). Apparently occurs wherever pines are 
found (Nic). 

171 C. serratus Sav. Keene Val., May-Jl, Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Gloversville, 

May (Sf) ; Monroe Co, M&M/; Buffalo vie. (Z&R) ; Rock City, Je 
(Vdyk) ; Ithaca, Aug (Vdyk) ; Butternut Cr., May (Dt) ; Larch 
Meadows, Tompkins Co, Je (Dt) ; Catskill, Jl, Catskills, Aug (Sf) ; 
West Pt., Robn; Morrisania; Peekskill (Vdyk) ; Ramapo Mts. ; Lowerre, 
Ap (Woodr); NYC vie, Ap (Woodr); SI, Mar-Je (L&D); LI: 
Bronx Pk., Brooklyn, Ap-Aug, Shoe. 

172 C. limbatus Say. Gloversville, Aug (Lint) ; Olcott, Je (Dt) ; Monroe Co 

(M&W); Buffalo (Z&R); Westfield, May (Not); Ithaca, Ap, Aug, 
Larch Meadows, May, Six Mile Cr., Sep (Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; 
Karner, Ap, Kenwood, May (Lint) ; Washington Co, Je, Lg ; W. Hebron, 
Je (Lg) ; Greenwood L. ; Poughkeepsie, Je (Lint); West Pt. ; Pine I. 
(Ang) ; Peekskill (Vdyk) ; White Plains, Mar-Aug, Brownell; Carmel, 
Aug; Mosholu; NYC, Ap-May, Sep, Shoe; Van Cort. Pk., Mar-Ap 
(Woodr); SI, Mar-Aug (L&D); Clifton, Ap ; Clove Val., Jl-Aug, 
Ds (Not) ; LI: Greenville, Jamaica Woods, Bay Ridge, May-Sep 
(Schaupp) ; Yaphank, Sep, Oct, Ds (Not) ; Brooklyn, Ap-May, Sep, 
Shoe; Parkville ; Selden, Aug, Ds; Central Pk., Ap (Not) ; Half Way 
Hollow Hills, Jl, Wading R., May, Ds (Not). Common everywhere 
under stones and boards, and in bait bottles (Nic). 

173 C. vinctus Web. Buffalo (Z&R); Cedar Hill, Ap ; Karner, Jl, Hill; 
West Pt., Robn ; Nyack, Je, Brozvnell ; Westchester Co, May, Ap 
(Woodr) ; Van Cort. Pk., Mar-Ap (Woodr) ; NYC, Inwood, Ds; SI, 
Ap-Je, Sep (L&D, Not) ; LI: Pennybridge, E. New York, Bay 
Ridge, May-Sep (Schaupp). Found with preceding species but not 
so abundant, and, although fairly generally distributed, more local 

Carabidae 209 

175 C. nemoralis Mull. Monroe Co, May (M&W) ; White Plains, Mar-Nov 

(NYS) ; Bronx (Ang) ; Van Cort. Pk., May, Ang ; SI, May, Ds ; LI: 
Winfield, Jl (01s) ; Brooklyn, Ap-May, Schott, Shoe. 

Calosoma Weber 

176 C. externum Say. Newburgh, Martin; NYC; Central Pk., Ds (Martin); 

SI, Je-Jl, Ds; LI: Ridgewood, Greenville, Jl-Sep (Schaupp). 

180 C. scrutator Fab. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Monroe Co, M&JV; Ithaca, Jl (Vdyk) ; 

Albany, Lint; Poughkeepsie, Je (Sf) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Nyack, Je, 
Brownell; White Plains (Sq) ; NYC, May-Jl, Ds (Woodr) ; SI, 
Je-Aug, Nabenhauer (L&D) ; LI: Orient, May, Jl, Lath (Not-NYS) ; 
Rockaway Beach, Je-Jl, Shoe (Vdyk) ; Coney I. (Schaupp) ; Green- 
bush, Jordan (Lint) ; Yaphank, Je, Ds; Long Beach, Babylon, Brad- 
ford; Brooklyn, Je-Jl, Shoe; seashore (Not). Often common in 
wash-up on seashore, Je-Sep (Nic). 

181 C. wilcoxi Lee. Buffalo (Z&R); West Pt. (Robn); White Plains (Sq) ; 

NYC, May-Je ( Schaupp& Woodr) ; LI: Bellport, Wading R., May, 
Nic&Ds (Nic) ; Rockaway Beach, May-Je, Shoe (Woodr, Not) ; Wad- 
ing R., Je (Not); Orient Lath (NYS); Long Beach, Brozvnell (Lg). 

182 C. sycophanta L. Albany (Lint); White Plains (Frost, Sq) ; LI: 

Flatbush (Schott, Sf). 

183 C. frigidum Kby. Newport, May, Saranac Inn, Je (Felt) ; Wallface 

Mt., 3100 ft., Jl (Nic) ; shore of L. Ontario, near Pulaski, Je, Chapman. 
Olcott, Jl (Dt); Monroe Co, M&W; Buffalo (Z&R); Pike (Felt): 
Batavia, Ap, Je, Kngt; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Chipmunk Swamp, Vandalia 
Je, Ds (Not) ; Rock City, Je, Ds (Not) ; Castile, {Brad, Flet) : 
Tarbel, Je, Ds; Elmira, May (Diven) ; Nichols, May (Not); Ithaca 
Je (Dt) ; Albany, Je (Felt) ; Garrison, Cattell; West Pt., Je (Robn) 
Bronxville, Je (Woodr) ; White Plains, Je (Sq) ; LI: Bellport (Nic) 
Wading R., May, Ds (Nic) ; Nissequogue, Je, Ds. 

184 C. sayi Dej. Vic, NYC tollgate. May (Schaupp); SI, Ds; LI: Babylon, 

Je (Bradford). 

204 C. calidum Fab. Peru, Je, Cy&Fbs^ (Vdyk) ; Axton, Je, M&H; St. Law- 
rence Co (Houghton) ; Wilmington, Jl, Ds; Keene Val., May-Je 
(Not); Lowville, Houqh; Monroe Co, M&W; Olcott, May, Jl (Dt) ; 
Batavia, Je, Jl, Aug, Kngt; E. Aurora, Boston (Dnd) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 
Ithaca, Ap-Je, Hamilton (Vdyk, Dt) ; Butternut Cr., May (Dt) ; 
McLean Bogs, Je (Dt) ; Tarbel, Je, Ds; Groton, Je, Chapman; Elmira, 
May (Diven); Windsor, May (Not); E. Jewett, Aug, IDs; Orange 
Co, Ap, Faiire; Albany, Lint; West Pt. (Robn) ; Nyack, Je, Brownell; 
White Plains, Ap (Sq) ; NYC, May-Oct (div.) ; SI: Ap-Je, Ds; 
Castleton Grounds, St. George, Sep, Ds; LI: Brooklyn (Vdyk) ; Orient, 
May-Je, Lath; Hauppauge, Je, Ds; Bergen Beach, May; Brooklyn, 
Apr-Jl, Shoe. Common in fields (Nic). 

ElaphruS Fabricius 

222 E. clairvillei Kby. Wallface Mt., Jl, common (Not&Nic) ; Ausable L., Jl 
(Not) ; Mt. Redfield, 3000 ft., Jl (Not) ; top of Whiteface Mt., Jl, Ds; 
Cape Vincent, Sep (Not); Oakfield, Je (Not); Buffalo, Rein; Ithaca, 
May (Dt) ; McLean Bogs, Jl (Dt). 

210 Carabidae 

230 E. riparius Linn. Tompkins Co: Inlet Val., Jl {Dt) ; Beebe L., Jl (Vdyk) ; 
Ithaca, Je (Vdyk); N. Lansing, Je (Vdyk). 

225 E. olivaceus Lee. L. Tear, 4200 ft., Jl, Moss Pond, 4200 ft., Mt. Redfield, 

Wallface Mt., 3000 ft., Jl (Not) ; McLean Bogs, May, Diven (Vdyk, 
Dt) ; Catskills, Ulke (Lee). 

226 E. cicatricosus Lee. Buffalo, Je; Red House, Je (Not); Larch Meadovv^s, 

Aug, Hamilton (Vdyk) ; Ringwood, Jl, Dt (Vdyk) ; Windsor, May 
(Not) ; Orangeburg, Ap-May (Not&Nic) ; LI: Steinway, Julich 
(L&B) ; Brooklyn, May-Jl, div. 

228 E. fuliginosus Say. Lower Ausable L., Keene Val. (Not) ; Tarbel, Je, Ds; 
Catskill ; LI: Brooklyn, Ap, May, Shoe (Sf) ; Jamaica Bay Marshes, 
Ap (Woodr) ; Canarsie, Ap-May (Not). 

233 E. ruscarius Say. Common everywhere along mud flats, Ap-Je (Nic) ; 
Ausable L., Jl, Moss Pond, 4200 ft., Jl, Crown Pt., Jay, Aug, Mountain 
View, Sep (Not); Newport, May; St. Lawrence, Houghton; 
Waterville, Je (Not); Syracuse, May (H) ; Monroe Co, M&W; 
Sodus Pt, Je (Not); Batavia, May, Je, Kngt; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Erie 
Co (Dnd) ; Pike, Je (NYS) ; Westfield, May; Mayville, May (Not) ; 
Chautauqua, Thompson; Inlet Val., Jl, Dt (Vdyk) ; Cascadilla Cr., 
May (Vdyk); Ithaca, May-Je (Vdyk); Tarbel, Je, Ds; Windsor, Je 
(Not) ; Schoharie, Je (Not) ; Greenville (Schaupp) ; Wingdale 
(Vdyk); West Pt, Rohn; Ft. Hunter, May-Je (Not); Westchester, 
Ap (Woodr); White Plains (Sq) ; Bronxville, May (Woodr) r Van 
Cort Pk., Je (Woodr); NYC (Martin); West Farms, Mar, Joutel; 
LI: E. New York, Brooklyn, Ap-Je, May, Ds, Shoe; Ft Hamilton, Ap 

BlethISA Bonvouloir 

237 B. quadricoUis Hald. Buffalo (Z&R) ; McLean Bogs, Jl (Dt, Vdyk) ; 

Catskill, Sep. 

238 B. multipunctata L. St. Lawrence Co, Houghton. 

LORICERA Latreille 

241 L. caerulescens L. (piliconiis Fab.). Ausable L., Jl-Aug, Crown Pt., 
Aug, Mountain View, Sep (Not) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Batavia, Je, 
Lg; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; McLean, Ap (Flet). 


246 N. aeneus Herbst. Keene Val., Je-Jl, Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Tarbel, Je, Ds; 

McLean, Ap (Flet) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; NYC, Je-Sep (Schaupp) ; SI, 
Ap, Jl, Lg; LI: Rockaway Beach, Shoe (Vdyk) ; Wading R., May, Ds; 
Parkville; Aqueduct, May-Je, Shoe; Far Rockaway, Je (Woodr). 

247 N. semistriatus Say. Mt. Whiteface, 2000 ft., Aug, Bdy; St. Lawrence 

Co, Houghton; Peekskill (Vdyk); Nyack, Je, Brownell; NYC 
(Schaupp) ; SI, Je, Lg (Fall, Say) ; LI: Wading R., Mav, Yaphank, 
Sep, Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl, Ds. 

248 N. aquaticus Linn. Keene Val., Ap (Not) ; Mt. Marcy, 5300 ft., Jl, Oct 

(Not&Lg), 4500 ft, Jl, Lg (Fall&Not) ; Mt Redfield, 4500 ft, 
Moss Pond, 4200 ft., Jl (Not); Mt View, Sep (Not). 

Carabidae 211 

251 N. novemstriatus Lee. Batavia, Je, Lg ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill 

(Vdyk) ; Bronxville, Mar-Ap (Woodr) ; SI, Ap, Je, Nov (Lg&Shoe) ; 
LI: West Hills, Ap, Ds; Aqueduct, Mar, Shoe; Yaphank, May 
(Not); Farmingdale, Mar (Not). 

N. parvus Csy. Catskills, SmHH (Csy). NY, type locality (Lg). 

252 N. nemoralis Fall. Wallface Mt., 3000-4000 ft., Jl (Not). 

Nebria Latreille 

276 N. sahlbergi Fisch. Summit of Mt. Marcy, Jl (Not) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; 
Pike (Say). 

285 N. suturalis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). 

292 N. pallipes Say. Upper Ausable L., Jl-Aug, Ausable Pt., Sep, Mooers, 
Sep (Not); Wilmington, Plattsburg, Jl, Ds (Not); Mt. Marey, Dee; 
Mountain View, 1500 ft., Sep, Chaumont, Sep (Not) ; Chateaugay L., 
2000 ft., Aug-Sep; Waterville, Je (Not) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Forest 
Lawn, Je, Zab (Not); Buffalo (Z&R) ; Conesus, Aug; Pike, Je ; 
Montour Falls, Je (H) ; Chautauqua, Thompson; Westfield, May 
(Not) ; Ithaca, Jl, Aug-Sep, Hamilton (Vdyk&Dt) ; Buttermilk Cr., 
Jl (Dt) ; Inlet Val., Jl (Dt&Vdyk) ; Ft. Hunter, Je (Not) ; Scho- 
harie, Je (Not) ; Albany, Lint; W. Hebron, Je (Woodr) ; Washington 
Co, Je, Lg; West Pt, Je, Aug, Robn&Ds (Not); Peekskill; White 
Plains, Sep, Sq (Si); Bronx R. (L&B) ; Bronx Pk., Jl, Shoe; 
SI, Je-Sep, Nov, Ds; LI: Forest Pk., Je (Not). Common everywhere 
near water all the year (Nie). 

PASIMACHUS Bonvouloir 

302 P. sublaevis Beauv. SI, Bischoff ; LI: Coney I., Je (Sehaupp) ; Roekaway 
Beach, Je-Jl, Shoe (L&B); Fire L, Sep, Ds; Long Beach, Jl (Lg) ; 

302a P. sublaevis var. substriatus Hald. LI (Hald&Lee) ; Coney I. (Sehaupp). 

308 P. depressus Fab. SI (Bischoff, Stortz & Not); LI: Yaphank, Wks 
(Sf) ; Coram, Yaphank, Aug (Nie). 

SCARITES Fabrieius 

316 S. subterraneus Fab. Common everywhere, even in cities, almost all the 
vear around (Nie) ; Buffalo {Z&R) ; Boston (Dnd) ; Albany, Oct, 
'Lint (Say) ; W. Hebron, Je (Lg) ; West Pt., Born; Peekskill (Vdyk) ; 
Bronx, Ap ; Dunwoodie ; White Plains, Jl (Sq) ; NYC vie. (Sehaupp) ; 
NYC, Aug, Oct (Woodr); Central Pk., Nov, Ds; SI, spring-Dee, Lg 
(Vdyk) ; LI: Nissequogue, Je, Wading R., Aug, Ds; Astoria; Brooklyn, 
Ap; Orient Pt, May, Lath (Say). 

DyschiRIUS Bonvouloir 

323 D. aeneus Dej. {integer Lee.). Croton, Je, Brozvncll (Lg). 

324 D. nigripes Lee. Mooers, Sep, Ausable Pt., Sep, Chapel Pond, Je, Upper 

Jay, Aug, Crown Pt., Aug, Lowville, Je, Waterville, Je (Not) ; Syra- 
cuse, May (H) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Oakfield, 
Je (Not) ; McLean Bogs, Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; Ithaca, Jl, Howland I., 

212 Carabidae 

Nov (Vdyk); Washington Co; Peekskill (Vdyk) ; SI, Jl, Ds; LI. 
Common in spring. Generally distributed (Nic). 

330 D. longulus Lee. Keene Val., May-Aug, Wallface Mt., Jl, Mt. Skylight, 

4900 ft., Jl, Mt. Colden, 4500 ft., Jl, Mt. Marcy, 5300 ft., Jl (Not) ; 
Batavia, Je, Lg. 

331 D. globulosus Say. Common everywhere in spring (Nic) ; Whiteface Mt., 

Jl, Mt. Marcy, Oct, Lg ; Keene Val., Aug (Not); St. Lawrence Co, 
Houghton; Sodus Pt., May (Not); Monroe Co (M&W) ; Olcott, Oct 
(Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Jan, May, Jl-Aug, div. (Vdyk) ; Can- 
isteo, Je (Not) ; McLean Bogs, Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; Nichols, May (Not) ; 
Windsor, Je (Not) ; W. Hebron, Je (Lg) ; West Ft., Rohn; Ft. Mont- 
gomery, May (Not) ; Peekskill (Vdyk) ; Bronxville, Mar (Woodr) ; 
NYC vie, Je, Ds (Schaupp) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, May-Je, Ds, Shoe 
(Not) ; Far Rockaway, Aug (Woodr) ; Farmingdale, Mar, Canarsie, 
May (Not) ; Wyandanch, May, Ds. 

Z2>Z D. terminatus Lee. Monroe Co (M&W) ; Hudson Falls, Aug (Vdyk) ; 
Peekskill (Vdyk). 

334 D. haemorrhoidalis Dej. Sacandaga, Aug (H) ; Sylvan Beach, Je (Not) ; 
Pike, Aug (H) ; Peekskill, Sherm. 

336 D. afBnis Fall. Peekskill, Shenn. 

339 D. sphaericoUis Say. Crown Pt., Aug (Not) ; St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; 

Sylvan Beach, Je, Waterville, Je (Not) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Westfield, May, Canisteo, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, 
May, Jl, div. (Vdyk); Inlet Val., Dt (Vdyk); Ft. Hunter, May-Je, 
Schoharie, Je (Not) ; Washington Co (Vdyk) ; Wingdale (Vdyk) ; 
NYC, May-Sep (Schaupp); SI, Je, Lg ; LI: Coney I. (Schaupp); 
Rockaway (L&B) ; Long Beach (L&B). 

340 D. edentulus Putz. Ithaca, Jl, Hamilton (Vdyk). 
D. aureolus Not. Schoharie, Je (Not). 

342 D. erythrocerus Lee. Canisteo, Je (Not) ; W. Hebron, Je (Lg) ; NYC, 
May-Sep (Schaupp); SI, Jl, Ds; LI: Coney L, Rockaway, and Long 
Beach (L&B); Rockaway Beach, May, Ds (Not). 

345 D. sellatus Lee. LI: Rockaway Beach, Jl, Shoe, Ds (Vdyk) ; Coney I., 

Je-Sep, Jidich (Schaupp) ; Long Beach (L&B). 

346 D. pallipennis Say. Sylvan Beach, Je (Not) ; LI: Coney I., Schaupp, Long 

Beach (L&B). 
349 D. filiformis Lee. LI: Coney I., Je-Sep, Jidich (Lec&Lg) ; Rockaway 

Beach, May-Je, div. (Not). 
352 D. pumilus Dej. LI: Coney I., Rockaway Beach (L&B). 

355 D. hispidus Lee. Rochester (M&W). 

356 D. setosus Lee. Batavia, Je, Lg ; Oakfield, Je (Not); Red House, Je, 

Nichols, May (Not); LI: Brooklyn, May, Ds (Not). 

Clivina Latreille 

358 C. dentipes Dej. LI: Orient Pt., Je; Rockaway. 

359 C. impressifrons Lee. Sacandaga R., Aug; Rochester (M&W); Olcott, 

Je-Jl (Dt) ; Batavia, Aug, Kngt; E. Aurora (Dnd); Buffalo (Z&R); 
Croton, Je, Brownell; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Durlandville, Ap, SW Frost 
(Vdyk); LX: Rockaway (Vdyk); Babylon; Rockaway Beach, May, 
Je, Shoe (Woodr); Orient, Lath (NYS). 

Carabidae 213 

366 C. rufa Lee. Ausable Pt., Sep (Not) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; SI, May, Ds. 

369 C. americana Dej. Ausable Pt., Sep, Crown Pt., Aug (Not) ; Hessian L. 

(Vdyk) ; Lowville, Je, Waterville, Je, Oakfield, Je, Westfield, May 
(Not) ; Olcott, May, Jl (Dt) ; Ithaca, May, Sep, Dt (Vdyk) ; McLean 
Bogs, Jl-Aug, Hamilton, Dt (Vdyk) ; Ft. Hunter, May (Not) ; W. 
Hebron, Je (Lg) ; Tivoli, May, Ft. Montgomery, May (Not) ; West 
Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill; Bronx Pk. (Not); NYC vie. (Schaupp) ; SI, 
May, Lg ; LI: Lg ; Brooklyn, Mar, Je, Shoe. 

372 C. striatopunctata Dej. Fishkill, May, Brownell (Lg) ; Orangeburg, May 
(Nie) ; SI, Ap, Lg-, LI: Brooklyn, Ap-May, Shoe; Rosedale, Je 3 

375 C. bipustulata Fab. Monroe Co (M&W); NYC, Bt; SI, May-Jl, L&D 
(L&B) ; LI: Roekaway Beaeh, Ap-Je, Shoe (Woodr). 

370 ?C. morula Lee. LI (Lee, Horn). 


382 S. planulatus Lee. E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Canisteo, Je (Not) ; Taughannoek 

Gorge, May, Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; LI: Coney I. (Sehaupp). 

383 S. lineolatus Say. Mooers, Sep, Jay, Aug (Not); Newport, May, Yg; 

Lowville, Je (Not) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Buf- 
falo (Z&R) ; Portage, Yg (Lint) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Canadiee, Je, 
Canisteo, Je (Not) ; Inlet Val., May, Jl, Taughannoek Gorge, May, 
Aug, Hamilton, Dt (Vdyk) ; Ithaea, Je, Aug, Hamilton (Vdyk) ; 
Norton's, Cayuga L., May, SmHH (Vdyk) ; Niehols, May, Windsor, 
Je, Ft. Hunter, May-Je, Sehoharie, Je (Not); Albany, Lint; W. 
Hebron, Je (Lg) ; Esopus (Vdyk) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Stony Pt., 
Ramapo, Je, Ds. 

385 S. ferrugineus Putz. Monroe Co (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI, May 

(Bisehoff) ; LI: Rock Beaeh (Vdyk). 

386 S. amphibius Hald. Newport, May, Yg; Lowville, Je (Not) ; Keene Hgts., 

Jl (Not) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Westfield, May 
(Not) ; Canadiee, Je (Not) ; Canisteo, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, May, Jl, 
Hamilton (Vdyk) ; Taughannoek Gorge, May, Dt (Vdyk) ; Inlet Val., 
May, Jl, Dt, SmHH (Vdyk) ; Norton's, May, SmHH (Vdyk) ; Croton, 
May, Je, Brownell; Nichols, May (Not) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Ft. 
Hunter, Je (Not); Albany, Lint; Esopus (Vdyk); West Pt. (Robn); 
Stony Pt., Je, Ds; Ft. Montgomery, May (Not); Peekskill, Sherm 

ArdiSTOMIS Putzeys 

395 A. viridis Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Esopus (Vdyk) ; Peekskill, Je, Sherm 
(Vdyk) ; LI: Roekaway, Je (Schaupp). 

Panagaeus Latreille 

398 P. crucigerus Say. LI: Cypress Hill Cemetery, May-Je, under stone 

(Sehaupp) ; Amity ville, May (NYS) ; Roekaway Beach, Brooklyn, 
May, Shoe, at beach, in wash-up and under stone (Sf). 

399 P. fasciatus Say. Albany, May, Yg (NYS); LI: Cypress Hill Cemetery, 

May-Je, under stones (Schaupp) ; Roekaway Beach, Je, Ds. 

214 Carabidae 

NOMIUS Laporte 

404 N. pygmaeus Dej. Keene Val, Je (Not) ; Saranac, Aug (NYS) ; St. 
Lawrence Co, Houghton; Ithaca, Je, Sep, at light (Vdyk). 

Bembidion Latreille 

731 B. fraternum Lee. Callicoon (Lg) ; LI: Newtown, Je (Lg). 

408 B. inaequale Say. Adirondack (Hayw) ; Keene Val., Je (Not) ; Crown Pt., 

Aug (Not) ; Mountain View, Sep (Not) ; Sodus Pt., May, Je (Not) ; 

Sylvan Beach, Je (Not) ; Waterville, Je (Not) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; 

Buffalo (Hayw) ; Lancaster, Jl (Lg) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Westfield, 

May (Not) ; Canisteo, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, Jl (Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; 

Ft. Hunter, Je (Not) ; Schoharie, Je (Not) ; Orangeburg, Ap (Not) ; 

Bronx Pk., Ap; West Farms. 

411 B. littorale Oliv. Saranac Inn, Je (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R). 

412 B. lacustre Lee. Ausable L., Je, Jl (Not) ; Keene Val., Je (Not) ; Indian 

Pass, Jl (Not) ; "NY" (ANSP). 

416 B. carinula Chd. Adirondacks (Hayw); Crown Pt., Aug (Not); Ausable 
L., Jl (Not); Hamilton Co; Monroe Co, rare (M&W); Buffalo and 
vie. (Z&R); Caldwell, L. George, Jl, Zah (Not). 

419 B. punctatostriatum Say. Inlet of Upper Ausable L., Jl, on sand bank, 
(Not) ; Lower Ausable L., Je (Not) ; Keene Val., Je (Not) ; Indian 
Pass, Jl (Not) ; Newport, Sep (NYS) ; Sylvan Beach, Je (Not) ; 
Sodus Pt., May, Je (Not) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. 
Aurora (Dnd) ; Canisteo, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, May, Jl (Morr, Dt) ; 
Nichols, May (Not) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Albany, Je (NYS) ; Ft. 
Hunter, May, Je (Not). 

426 B. confusum Hayw. {coxendix Say). Sylvan Beach, Je, very abundant 

429 on beach, L. Oneida (Not); Pike, Aug (NYS). 

432 B. americanum Dej. Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Monroe Co, rare (M&W) ; 
Red House, Je (Not) ; Whitehall, Oct (Not) ; Van Cort. Pk., Brad- 
ford; Bronx Pk. ; SI: May-Je, Aug (Nic) ; Clove Val., Sep, on mud 
flat, flying when approached, Ds; LI: Jamaica (Nic) ; Far Rockaway, 
Je (Woodr) ; Flushing, Je, Bell (Not) ; Calverton, Sep, Ds. 

438 B. nitidum Kby. Keene Val., Je-Jl (Not) ; summit of Mt. Whiteface, Jl, 
Ds (Not) ; N. Elba, Oct (Lg) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Monroe Co 
(M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R). 

440 B. laevigatum Say. Buffalo (Dnd); Olcott, Sep (Dt). 

B. basicorne Not. Keene Hgts., Je-Jl (Not) ; Springwater, Je (Not) ; 

Westfield, May (Not); in "the Gulf," Chautauqua Co; Windsor, May 
(Not) ; Rensselaervilie, May (Not). 

476 B. rusticum Csy. Catskills, SniHH (Cy). 

486 B. simplex Hayw. Ausable L., Keene Val., Je-Jl (Not) ; John's Br., Aug 
(Not) ; Crystal Br., Ausable L., Je-Aug (Not) ; Indian Pass, Jl (Not) ; 
Keene Hgts., Je-Jl (Not) ; E. Marcy Br., 3200 ft., Jl (Not) ; Feldspar 
Br., Mt. Marcy, 4000 ft., Jl (Not) ; Cliff Mt., 3500 ft., Jl (Not) ; Low- 
ville, Je (Not) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Springwater, Je (Not) ; West- 
field, May (Not) ; Canisteo, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; 
Windsor, May, Je (Not) ; Ft. Hunter, Je (Not) ; Hebron, Je (Lg) ; 
Catskills, Nic (Not); LI: Jamaica, Nic (Not). 

Carabidae 215 

- B. occultator Not. Mt. Redfield, Jl (Not). 

B. notmani Csy. NY, type locality, 

B. essexense Csy. NY, type locality. 

B. keeneanum Csy. NY, type locality. 

487 B. planiusculum Mann. Keene Val., Jl (Not); Indian Pass, Jl (Not); 
Keene Hgts., Jl (Not) ; Keene, Jl (Not) ; Waterville, Je (Not) ; West- 
field, May (Not) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Canisteo, Je (Not) ; Butter- 
milk Glen, Ithaca, Jl (Lg) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Schoharie, Je (Not). 

489 B. complanulum Mann. Ausable L., Jl (Not) ; Indian Pass, Jl (Not) ; 
Keene Val, 1500 ft., Jl-Aug (Not) ; Keene Hgts., Jl (Not) ; Water- 
ville, Je (Not); Westfield, May (Not); Windsor, Je (Not). 

512 B. nigrum Say. Indian Pass, Jl (Not) ; Ausable Forks, Aug (Not) ; Upper 
Jay, Aug (Not) ; Jay, Aug (Not) ; Ausable L., Jl (Not) ; Keene Hgts., 
1500 ft, Jl (Not) ; Keene, Jl (Not) ; Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Keene Val., 
Je (Not) ; Lowville, Je (Not) ; Saranac L., Sep, Shoe, under pebbles 
on beach (Sf) ; Waterville, Je (Not) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Monroe 
Co (M&W) ; Erie Co (Dnd) ; Canadice, Je (Not) ; Westfield, May 
(Not) ; Waccabuc, Jl (Not) ; Canisteo, Je (Not) ; Tarbel, Je, Ds (Not) ; 
Nichols, May' (Not) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Ft. Hunter, May-Je (Not) ; 
Bolton, Aug (Lg) ; W. Hebron, Je (Lg) ; Whitehall, Oct (Not) ; 
Catskills, Nic (Not) ; Ulster Co, Sep, Nic (Lg) ; Ft. Montgomery, May 
(Not); Bronxville, May (Woodr) ; NYC and vie; SI, Jl, Sep; LI: 
Jamaica, Nic (Not). 

521 B. concolor Kby. Buffalo, vie. (Z&R) ; Ausable Pt., abundant, Whitehall, 

Crown Pt., Aug-Oct (Not). Abundant on beach, L. Champlain. 

522 B. consessor Csy. Bluff Pt., L. Champlain (Csy). 

533 B. planum Hald. Keene Hgts., 1500 ft., Crov^n Pt., Keene, Upper Jay, Jay, 
Mooers, Cape Vincent, Lowville, Waterville, Sodus Pt., Je-Sep (Not) ; 
Monroe Co (M&W) ; Buffalo (L&B) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Canadice, 
Westfield, Canisteo, May, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, May, Dt (Morr, Vdyk) ; 
Taughannock, Nichols, Windsor, Ft. Hunter, Whitehall, Catskills, May- 
Oct (Not); NYC (Hald). 

536 B. fugax Lee. Monroe Co, rare (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Canisteo, 
Nichols, May, Je (Not) ; Taughannock Gorge, Jl (Lg) ; Ft. Hunter, 
May-Jl, Not (Lg) ; Esopus, Aug, Shermjr. (Lg) ; Suffern ; Ramapo, 
Je; West Pt. (Robn). 

540 B. transversale Dej. Newport, Albany, May (Say) ; Inwood, May, Oct. 

560 B. nitens Lee. Mt. Marcy, 5000 ft., Wallface, 3500 ft., Keene Val., 1000 ft., 
summit of Mt. Dix, Mt. Marcy, 5300 ft., Mt. Haystack, 4900 ft., Mt. 
Golden, 4500 ft., Mt. Whiteface, top, Ap-Oct (Not). 

567 B. militare Csy. LI: Willetts Pt. (Csy). 

572 B. picipes Kby. Port Kent, in small brook near L. Champlain, Sep (Not) ; 
Newport, Je, Yg (NYS) ; St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Chaumont, 
Lowville, Utica, Waterville, Je-Sep (Not) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; 
Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Montour Falls, Ap (H) ; Pike, Jl, 
Yg (NYS) ; Canadice, Springwater, Westfield, Canisteo, Windsor,^ 
Schoharie, Whitehall, Mav-Oct (Not) ; Ithaca, Spencer, Dt (Vdyk) ; 
Poughkeepsie, Je, Yg (NYS) ; Peekskill, Shcrm (L&B) ; Tivoli, May 
(Not) ; Newport, Je, Yg (NYS) ; LI: Coney I., Rockaway, Je-Jl, Lg 
(Schaupp, L&B). 

216 Carabidae 

573 B. scopulinum Kby. John's Br., Crystal Br., Upper Ausable L., Ausablc 
Lakes, 2000 ft., Ausable Chasm, Wallface Mt., 3000 ft., Keene Hgts., 
Cliff Mt., 3000 ft.. Shanty Br., shore of L. Ontario, near Pulaski, Low- 
ville, on Roaring Br., Je-Sep (Not) ; Johnstown, Gloversville, Ap 
(NYS); Sodus Pt., Westfield, May, Je (Not); Olcott, Jl, Sep (Dt). 

577 B. postremum Say. Monroe Co (M&W) ; Springville, Marilla (Dnd) ; 
Pike (NYS) ; Canisteo, Windsor, Schoharie, Je (Not). 

582 B. canadense Hayw. On beach, L. Erie, Sodus Pt., Westfield, Ft. Hunter, 
Ft. Montgomery; very rare, May-Je (Not). 

588 B. tetracolum Say. Ausable Chasm, Ausable Lakes, Keene Hgts., Mt. Red- 
field, 3000 ft., Jl-Sep (Not) ; St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Gloversville, 
May, Aug (NYS) ; Monroe Co, Sodus Pt., Mav-Je (Not) ; Olcott, 
Mar, Jl, Sep (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Westfield, Canisteo, Nichols, May- 
Je (Not) ; Ithaca, May, Dt (Morr, Vdyk) ; Westchester, Jl (Lg) ; 
Yonkers; Bronxville, Mar-May (Woodr) ; West Farms; NYC (Dej); 
SI, Feb-Nov (Lg) ; LI: Canarsie, Ap (Not); Brooklyn, Mar-Jl, 
Shoe {Si) \ Flatbush, May (Not) ; Manitou Beach, Je, Zab (Not); 
Jamaica, Rockaway Beach, May (Nic) ; Ft. Hamilton, Ap (Woodr). 

588b B. tetracolum var. nactum Csy. Lower Hudson Val. (Csy). 

591 B. honestum Say. Elizabethtown, Je (NYS) ; Ausable Forks, Upper Jay, 

Jay, Keene, Mooers, Wilmington, Stony Pt., Canisteo, Nichols, White- 
hall, Ft. Hunter, Waterville, Windsor, Tarbel, Ft. Montgomery, May- 
Aug (Not) ; Ithaca, Ap, Jl, Dt (Vdyk) ; W. Hebron, Je-Jl (Lg) ; 
Taughannock Gorge, Je-Jl (Lg) ; Howasacra, Je (NYS). 

592 B. chalceum Dej. Ausable Pt., Crown Pt., Upper Jay, Jay, Ausable Lakes, 

Keene Hgts., Keene, Mooers, Lowville, Waterville, Westfield, Nichols, 
Schoharie, Ft. Hunter, Whitehall, Ft. Montgomery, May-Sep (Not) ; 
Monroe Co, rare (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Mar, Aug, Dt 
(Vdyk) ; West Pt. (Robn). 

600 B. grandiceps Hayw. Lowville, Cape Vincent, L. Ontario, Westfield, 
Canisteo, Nichols, Windsor, Ft. Hunter, Whitehall, May-Oct (Not) ; 
Ithaca, Aug, Dt (Vdyk). 

B. rolandi Fall. NY, type locality (Lg). 

604 B. semistriatum Hald. Waterville, Windsor, Ft. Montgomery, May (Not) ; 
McLean Bogs, May (Dt) ; Ulster Co, Nic (Not); LI: Jamaica, Nic 

612 B. nigripes Kby. Ausable Lakes, 2000 ft., Jl (Not). 

648 B. posticum Hald. Wilmington, Mt. Wallface, Lowville, Ausable Pt., Au- 
sable Lakes, Ausable Forks, Chaumont, Mountain View, Norwood, 
Cape Vincent, Crown Pt., Ausable Chasm, Keene Val., Mt. Marcy, 
Waterville, Mt. Skylight, Upper Jay, Jay, Keene Hgts., Keene, Mt. 
Redfield, Mooers, Sodus Pt., Mayville, Westfield, Red House, Oakfield, 
Canadice, Canisteo, Windsor, Nichols, Schoharie, Whitehall, Pine I., 
Tivoli, May-Oct (Not) ; Ithaca, Jl, Dt (Vdyk) ; Callicoon, Jl (Lg) ; 
LI: Rosedale, Canarsie, Ap-May (Not) ; Coney L, Rockaway, Je, Jl 

651 B. patruele Dej. Crown Pt., Ausable Forks, Upper Jay, Jay, Waterville, 
Lowville, Sylvan Beach, N. Brookfield, Sodus Pt., Mayville, Red House, 
Westfield, Canisteo, Nichols, Windsor, Schoharie, Ft. Hunter, Orange- 
burg, May-Aug (Not); Buffalo (Z&R); Batavia, Ds; E. Aurora 
(Dnd); White Plains, Sq (Frost). 

Carabidae 217 

655 B. intermedium Kby. Oneida L., Aug (Drk) ; Olcott, May-Jl (Dt) ; 
Buffalo (L&B) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Jl, McLean, Aug, Dt 
(Vdyk) ; LI: Coney I., Rockaway, Je-Jl (Schaupp). 

657 B. marcidum Csy. Lower Hudson Val. (Csy). 

659 B. versutum Lee. Wallfacc Mt., Indian Pass, 2200 ft., Waterville, Nichols, 

Ft. Hunter, May-Jl (Not). 

660 B. variegatum Say. Syracuse, Ap-May (H) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Red 

House, on Allegheny R., Nichols, Windsor, Orangeburg, May-Je 
(Not) ; Ithaca, Jl, Dt (Vdyk) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Mar-Sep (L&D). 

679 B. arcuatum Lee. Indian Pass, 2200 ft., Wallface Mt., Waterville, Jl 

(Not); Monroe Co (M&W). 

680 B. graciliforme Hayw. Axton, Je, M&H; Adirondacks, Houghton; Ausable 

Pt., Chaumont, Lowville, Waterville, Sodus Pt., Oakfield, Canadice, 
Whitehall, Orangeburg (Not) ; E. Aurora, Springville (Dnd) ; Olcott, 
Ap-Je (Dt) ; Ithaca, Feb (Lg, Dt) ; Tivoli ; Mosholu (Not); SI, 
Je-Sep (Not) ;' LI: Ap, Hamilton (Woodr). 

B. lengi Not. NY, type locality (Ug)- 

686 B. cordatum Lee. Monroe Co, rare (M&W) ; SI, Nic (Not). 

694 B. contractum Say. Westchester, Mar (Lg) ; Canarsie, May (Not); West 

Farms; Van Cort. Pk., Nic; SI: Oakwood, in salt meadow, Sep, Ds; 
Watchogue (Lg) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, May-Sep, Shoe (Si) ; Rocka- 
way, Babylon, Je, Bradford ; Bellport, Je-Aug, Nic ; Jamaica, May, 
Nic; Far Rockaway, Ap-May (Woodr); Nissequogue R., Ap (Not); 
Center I., May, Ds (Not). 

— B. proximum Not. NY, type locality. 

695 B. constrictum Lee. SI: Oakwood, Mar, Nic; LI: Coney I., Rockaway, 

Je-Jl (Schaupp) ; Rockaway Beach, May, Shoe, Nic (Sf) ; Bellport, 
Jl (Nic); Wading R., May, Nic; Far Rockaway, May, Jamaica Bay, 
Ap (Woodr). 

705 B. affine Say. Canadice, Oakfield, Westfield, Red House, Tivoli, Canisteo, 
May-Je (Not); Oneida L., Aug (Drk); Catskills, Ulster Co, Nic; 
Orange Co, Ap, Faure (Morr) ; Bronxville (Woodr); Mosholu; Van 
Cort. Pk. ; SI: Ds (Not): seashore and south shore; LI: Brooklyn, 
May, Oct, Shoe (Sf) ; Jamaica, Nic; Rockaway, May (Woodr) ; Rose- 
dale, Wyandanch, Ap-()ct (Not). 

713 B. decipiens Dej. Wallface Mt. ; Indian Pass; Ausable Pt. ; Mountain 

View ; Norwood ; Cape Vincent ; Keene Val. ; Ausable Forks ; Mt. 
Marcy, 5000 ft. ; Moss Pond ; Upper Jay ; Keene ; Chapel Pond ; Mt. 
Redfield ; Mt. Colden ; Mt. Skylight ; Mooers ; Windsor ; Schoharie ; 
Lowville ; Waterville ; Sylvan Beach ; Sodus Pt. ; Oakfield ; Westfield ; 
Mayville; Nichols; Ft. Hunter; Whitehall; Tivoli; Orangeburg; 
May-Sep; (all Not). 

714 B. rotundiceps Csy. LI, Shoe (Csy). 

723 B. versicolor Lee. L. Tear, Ausable Pt., Mountain View, Crown Pt., Nor- 
wood, Cape Vincent, Keene Val., Ausable Forks, Mt. Marcy, 5000 ft.. 
Moss Pond, Keene Hgts., Upper Jay, Jay, Chapel Pond, Ausable 
Lakes, Mt. Redfield, Mt. Colden, Mt. Skylight, Cliff Mt., Mooers, Mt. 
Whiteface, Lowville, W^aterville, Sodus Pt., Oakfield, Red House, West- 
field, Windsor, Tarbel, Ft. Hunter, Stony Pt., Whitehall, Rensselaerville, 

218 Carabidae 

May-Sep (Not) ; Oneida L., May-Aug (H) ; western NY, common on 
mud flats (Dnd) ; Olcott, Ap-Jl, Sep, Ithaca, May, Aug, McLean Bogs, 
May, Aug (Dt) ; Durlandville, May, FrostSW (Dt) ; White Plains, Jl, 
Sq (Frost) ; SI, south shore, May-Sep (Not), 

725 B. muscicola Hayw. Cape Vincent, Waterville, abundant in cedar swamp, 
Je-Sep (Not) ; Johnstown, Gloversville, Mar-Dec (NYS) ; Montour 
Falls, Je (H) ; Olcott, Ap, Jl (Dt) ; Ithaca, Nov, Dt (Vdyk). 

B. semicinctum Not. Mooers, Orangeburg, Ap-Sep (Not). 

B. quadratulum Not. Mt. Redfield, 4200 ft., Jl (Not). {B. proximum is 

probably synonymous.) 
730 B. oberthuri Hayw. Crown Pt., Mountain View, Upper Jay, Windsor, 

Schoharie, Sylvan Beach, Red House, Canisteo, Nichols, Ft. Hunter, 

Whitehall, May-Oct (Not); Marilla (Dnd). 
72)7 B. quadrimaculatum L. Castile, Brad (Flet) ; generally distributed and 

common throughout the State. 
744 B. pedicellatum Lee. West Pt. (Robn) ; Bronx Pk., Ap, Nic (Not) ; 

Bronxville, Ap (Woodr) ; SI: Bulls Head, Ap (Woodr). 
747 B. mutatum G. & H. Mt. Whiteface, Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; Keene Val., Moss 

Pond, Chapel Pond, Mt. Colden, Mt. Marcy, 5300 ft., May-Jl (Not) ; 

St. Lawrence Co, Houghton. 
754 B. sulcatum Lee. Keene Val., Westfield, May-Jl (Not) ; Monroe Co 

(M&W) ; McLean Bogs, May (Dt). 
759 B. frontale Lee. Ausable Chasm, Lowville, Waterville, Utica, Oakfield, 

Westfield, Red House, Nichols, Whitehall, Sodus Pt., Tivoli, Orange- 
burg, Clove Val., Ma3^-0ct (Not) ; Batavia, Je (Lg) ; Monroe Co 

(M&W) ; Olcott, May, Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Nov, Dt 

(Vdyk); Albany, Ap; West Pt., Je, Ds (Not); Mosholu; Van Cort. 

Pk., May, Oct, Nic, LI: Brooklyn, May, Shoe (Sf) ; Greenport, Aug, 

Ds (Not). 
772 B. cautum Lee. Summit of Mt. Skylight, 4900 ft., Jl (Not) ; Genesee Co, 

Je (Lg). 
776 B. anguliferum Lee. Keene Val., Cape Vincent, Mt. Skylight, Waterville, 

very abundant under leaves in cedar swamp, McLean, May-Sep (Not) ; 

Westport, Aug; West Pt. (Robn); LI: Flatbush, Jl, Zah (Not). 

B. kuprianovi Mann. Buffalo (Z&R). The type locality is doubtfully N. 
Am. (Lg). 

Amerizus Chaudoir 

778 A. oblongulus Mann. Mt. Whiteface, Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; Mt. Hopkins, Mt. 
Skylight, Mt. Wallface, Mt. Marcy, Norwood, very unusual, taken 
under stones, shore Raquette R., Mt. Redfield, Mt. Whiteface, May-Sep 
(Not) ; Westfield (Not) ; N. Elba, Oct (Lg) ; Monroe Co, rare 
(M&W); NYC, Palm (L&B). 

Pericompsus LeConte 

792 P. ephippiatus Say. Monroe Co, not common (M&W) ; Nichols, abundant 
on Susquehanna R., May (Not) ; near Hudson R., Sherm (L&R) ; 
Hudson Falls, Shermjr (Lg) ; SI (L&D). 

Carabidae 219 

Tachyura Motschulsky 

805 T. incurva Say. Keene Val., Norwood, Ausable Forks, Upper Jay, Keene, 
Ausable Lakes, Mt. Redfield, Mt. Golden, Mt. Skylight, Cliff Mt., 
Mooers, Sodus Pt., Westfield, Egleston's Glen, L. Keuka, Waterville, 
Windsor, Schoharie, Tivoli, Ft. Hunter, W. Hebron, Van Gort. Pk., 
May-Sep (Not) ; Newport, Gloversville, Ap-Nov (NYS) ; Olcott, 
Feb-Oct (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, Je; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; 
Taughannock (Lg, Vdyk) ; Ithaca, May-Jl (div.) ; McLean Bogs, 
Jl-Aug, Caroline, Ap, Inlet Val., May-Jl, Coy Glen, May, Dt (Vdyk) ; 
Catskills, Nic; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI: seashore, May-Sep, Clove Val., 
Mar (Not) ; LI: Flatbush, Ap (Not) ; Jamaica, Brooklyn, Nic (Not) ; 
Amagansett, Sep, Ds (Not) ; E. New York, May (Not) ; Wyandanch, 
Ap, Ds (Not). 

Sn T. granaria Dej. Keene Val., Westfield, May-Aug, Keene Hgts., Moss 
Pond, Mt. Golden, Mt. Skylight, Mt. Marcy, Je-Aug (Not) ; Monroe 
Co (M&W); Catskili, Ap, Aug (Not); Gatskills, Nic (Not); West- 
chester, Feb (Lg) ; Bronx, NYC; Bronxville, Mar-Ap (Woodr) ; SI, 
Mar (Lg) ; LI: Brooklyn, Ap-May, Shoe; Jamaica, Nic (Not). 

813 T. laetifica Csy. NYC, Julich (Csy). 

819 T. xanthopus Dej. Esopus, Peekskill, Ap (Vdyk) ; Tivoli, Van Gort. Pk., 

Mar (Not) ; SI, Jl (Lg). 

820 T. levipes Csy. LI: Bellport, Je, Nic (Not). 
825 T, capax Lee. West Pt. (Robn). 

829 T. tripunctata Say. Waterville, Sodus Pt., Westfield, Red House, Ft. 

Hunter, Schoharie, Whitehall, Windsor, Tivoli, Ft. Montgomery, May- 
Oct (Not); Taughannock Gorge, May-Jl, Dt; Ithaca, May (Vdyk); 
Tarrytown, May, Bradford; SI, Nov (Lg). 

830 T. vivax Lee. Ausable Forks, Jay, Waterville, Westfield, Nichols, Scho- 

harie, Whitehall, Tivoli, May-Oct (Not) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Buf- 
falo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Je, Hamilton (Vdyk) ; Taug- 
hannock Gorge, May-Aug, Dt, Hamilton (Vdyk) ; Inlet Val., May, Jl, 
McLean Bogs, Aug, Dt (Vdyk); Coy Glen, May (Morr). 
832 T. serva Csy. Bluff Pt. (Csy). 

834 T. ferrugineus Dej. Peekskill, Mar (Vdyk) ; Greenwood L., May (Not) ; 

Riverdale, Je (Woodr) ; SI, Ap, Shoe. 

835 T. frontalis Hayw. Canisteo, Je (Not) ; Peekskill, Je (Vdyk) ; LI: Jamaica 

(Lg) ; Rockaway Beach, May, Nic (Lg). 

Tachys Stephens 

841 T. cuneatus Csy. NYC (Csy). 

849 T. proximus Say. Monroe Co (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Olcott, Mar 
(Dt) ; Oakfield, Westfield, May-Je (Not) ; Ithaca, May-Je, McLean 
Bogs, Jl-Aug (Vdyk) ; Sandy Hill, Aug (Vdyk) ; Peekskill, May, Dt 
(Vdyk); SI: seashore, Je, Ds (Not). 

T. rectangulus Not. Sodus Pt., Je, Tivoli, May, Je (Not). 

851 T. scitulus Lee. Manlius, May (Vdyk) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; Westfield, Canisteo, Windsor, Ft. Hunter, Schoharie, May-Je 
(Not); Inlet Val., Tl, Sep, Dt; Peekskill, Dt (Vdyk); Catskili, Ap, 
Ang (Not); West Pt. (Robn); Bronx Pk. ; SI, May-Je (Lg) ; LI: 
Brooklyn, Ap, May, Shoe (Sf). 

854 T. temporalis Csy. NYX (Csy). 

220 Carabidae 

856 T. obliquus Csy. LI: Willetts Pt. (Csy). 

857 T. coruscus Lee. Waterville, Svlvan Beach, Sodus Pt., Windsor, Scho- 

harie, May-Je (Not) ; Peekskill, May (Vdyk) ; SI, Ap, Shoe (Sf ) ; 
LI: Canarsie, Rockaway Beach, E. New York, May (Not). 
T. reflexicollis Mots. Vic. NYC (Motschulsky). 
883 T. laevus Say. Manlius, Ap, Comst (Vdyk) ; Newport, Ap (NYS) ; Au- 
sable Chasm, Westfield, Ft. Hunter, Windsor, Schoharie, Wliitehall, 
Je-Oct (Not) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 
McLean Bogs, Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; Ithaca, Ap (div.) ; Six Mile Cr., Ap 
(Morr) ; Peekskill (Vdyk) ; Van Cort. Pk., Nic (Not) ; SI: Shoe (Sf) ; 
Arrochar, Je-Oct (Not); LI: Brooklyn, Bronx Pk., Ap, Shoe (Sf). 


890 T. nana Gyll. Cranberry L., Jl (Hatch); Cortland Co (Dnd). 

892 T. inornata Say. Axton, M&H; St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; N. Elba; 
Keene Val., Wallface, Mt. Skylight, Red House, Westfield, W. Hebron, 
Sloatsburg, Catskills, Big Ind. Val, Van Cort. Pk., Feb-Jl (Not) ; 
Monroe Co (M&W) ; Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; Pike, Ap (NYS) ; McLean, Ap (Morr) ; Ithaca, Aug, Hamilton 
(Vdyk) ; Fall Cr., Renwick, Freeville, Ap-Je, Dt (Vdyk) ; Shokan 
(Lg) ; Karner, Mar (NYS) ; Peekskill (Vdyk) ; SI: Clove Val, Feb-Jl 
(Not) ; LI: Flatbush, Sep-Oct, Zah (Not) ; Jamaica, Bellport, Jl-Aug, 
Nic (Not); E. Hampton, Jl (Woodr) ; Brooklyn, May, Shoe (Sf). 

895 T. debilicollis Csy. Ausable Pt. ; Mountain View; Keene Val.; Red 
House; Westfield; Sloatsburg; LI: Yaphank; Ap-S,ep; (all Not). 

Tachymenis Motschulsky 

898 T. fiavicauda Say. Keene Val., Ausable Pt., Sodus Pt., Oakfield, Je-Sep 
(Not) ; Olcott, Aug, Oct (Dt) ; Windom, Oct, Knapp (Vdyk) ; West- 
field; Red House, Schoharie, Ft. Hunter, Je (Not) ; Syracuse, Ap-May 
(H) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Ap, Aug, M&H 
(Vdyk) ; McLean, Ap (Morr) ; Renwick, Mar-Ap, Dt (Vdyk) ; 
Croton L, Ap (Not) ; Peekskill (Vdyk) ; Nassau, May (NYS) ; 
Mosholu, Nov, Ang (Not); Tarrytown; Van Cort. Pk., Oct, Nic 
(Not); SI: Clove Val., May (Not); Arrochar, Ap (Woodr); LI: 
Brooklyn, Ap-May, Shoe ; Flatbush, Ap-Oct, Zah ; Jamaica, Ap-May, 
Bellport, Aug, Nic; Central Pk., Ap (Woodr) ; Yaphank, May (Not) ; 
Hauppauge, Ap (Not) ; Baldwin, Amagansett, Sep, Ds (Not) ; Orient, 
Lath (NYS). Common under bark of dead trees (L&D). 

Patrobus Dejean 

901 P. longicornis Dej. Keene Val., Crown Pt., Jay, Mooers, Long L., Nor- 
wood, Waterville, Conesus, Conesus L., Westfield, Schoharie, May-Sep 
(Not) ; St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Newport, May, Holiday (NYS) ; 
Monroe Co (M&W) ; Olcott, May, Jl, Oct (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 
western NY, common in damp places (Dnd) ; Pike (NYS) ; Batavia, 
Je, Ds; Ringwood, Inlet Val., Je, Jl, Dt (Vdyk); Ithaca, Ap-Sep, 
Dt, Hamilton &Ynasa (Vdyk) ; Windom, Oct, Knapp (Vdyk) ; Hebron 
(Lg); Catskills, Nic (Not); White Plains, Aug-Sep, Sq (SfNYS) ; 
Van Cort. Pk., Nic (Not) ; Bronx (Woodr) ; Bronx Pk. (Not) ; NYC, 

Carabidae 221 

May-Sep (Schaupp) ; SI; LI: Brooklyn, May-Je, Shoe; Jamaica, May, 
Nic (Not); Forest Lawn, Jl, Zah (Not); Bellport, Jl, Aug, Nic; 
E. New York, Je (Not). 

902 P. septentrionis Dej. var. tenuis Lee. Mt. Marcy ; Mt. Redfield; Moss 
Pond; Jl; (all Not). 

Platidius Chaudoir 

908 P. rugicoUis Rand. Keene Val., Westfield, May- Aug (Not) ; Catskills, ex 

coll. Nic; Hemlock Mt., Je, Woodr (Not) ; Callicoon (Schaupp) ; NYC 
- — P. longipalpus Not. Keene Hgts., Jl (Not), type. 

Trechus Clairville 

909 T. borealis Schaef. Whiteface Mt., Jl-Sep, Bdy (Lg&Vdyk) ; Cliff Mt 

Mt. Redfield, Mt. Marcy, Jl-Oct (Not) ; Chapel Pond, Je, Bish (Dt) 
Olcott, Mar (Dt) ; Rowland L (Vdyk) ; Ulster Co, Jl, Sep, Nic; LI 
North Beach (Sf). 

910 T. chalybeus Dej. Mt. Whiteface, Mt. Marcy, Sep-Oct (Lg) ; Rochester 

(M&W); LI: Bellport, Nic (Sf). 
T. hydropicus Horn. Catskill, Oct (Not). 

Myas Dejean 

929 M. coracinus Say. Manlius (Vdyk) ; Rock City, Je, trapped in molasses 

jar (Not); Ithaca, May (Dt) ; Coy Glen, Jl, one under stone and 
another under log in deep woods, Dt (Vdyk) ; North Branch (Schaupp) ; 
SI, Je-Sep (L&B); Silver L., Sep (Sf) ; Montauk, Jl (Ang) ; Hun- 
tington, Je, Schott (Sf). 

930 M. foveatus Lee. "NY" (Lee) ; Catskills, Aug, HarrED (Sf) ; LI: Wading 

R., Eng (Sf). 

Cylindrocharis Casey 

933 C. rostrata Newn. Old Forge, Aug (Vdyk) ; Westfield (Not) ; Rock City, 
Caroline, Ringwood, Coy Glen, Je-Jl, Dt (Vdyk) ; Ithaca, Ap-Sep, 
div. (Vdyk). 

935 C. piceata Csy. Saranac L., Keene Val, Upper Ausable L., Wilming- 
ton, Sodus Pt., Westfield, Rock City, Je-Sep (Not) ; Johnstown, Ap, 
Pike, Sep (NYS) ; Hebron; North Branch (Schaupp) ; LI: Jamaica, 
Nic (Not). 
C. grandiceps Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

Pterostichus Bonvouloir 

P. rejectus Lee. Keene Val., Red House, Tivoli, Rensselaerville, May-Je 
1006 P. adoxus Say. Keene Val, Norwood, Saranac L., Long L., Mt. Marcy, 
Wilmington, Lowville, White L., Sodus Pt., Westfield, Rock City, 
Rensselaerville, Hebron, Catskills, Catskill, Ramapo, Je-Sep (Not) ; 
Westport, Sep, Nic; St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Rochester (M&W); 
Saranac Inn (NYS) ; Boston, Erie Co (Dnd) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 

222 Carabidae 

Ithaca, Je-Sep, div (Vdyk) ; Ringwood, Coy Glen, Windom, McLean 
Bogs, Cortland Co, McLean Bogs, Junius, Aug, Norton's, May-Aug, 
Dt (Vdyk) ; Peekskill (Vdyk) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI: North Branch 
(Schaupp) ; Clove Val., Jl-Aug, Ds (Not) ; LI: Flatbush, Zab (Not) ; 
Bellport, Jl-Aug, Nic ; Yaphank, Je, Sep, Ds (Not). 


1024 G. honestus Say. Keene Val., Upper Ausable L., Saranac L., N. Elba, 
Wilmington, Lowville, White L., Parkers, Waterville, Sodus Pt., West- 
field, Canisteo, Windsor, Je-Oct (Not) ; Olcott, Mar, Je, Aug, Oct (Dt) ; 
Taughannock Gorge, Aug, Hamilton (Vdyk) ; Hebron; St. Lawrence 
Co, Houghton; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Alle- 
gheny R. (Dnd) ; Pike, Nov (NYS) ; Portageville, Je (Vdyk) ; Ithaca, 
McLean Bogs, Coy Glen, Caroline, Ap-Nov, Dt (Vdyk) ; Catskills, Nic, 
Big Ind. Val., Aug, Pears (Not) ; Haines Falls (Vdyk) ; North Branch 
(Schaupp) ; Slide Mt, Je-Jl, Shoe; Rensselaer, Houghton (NYS) ; LI? 
Jamaica, Nic (Not). 

Anaferonia Casey 
1030 A. substriata Lee. "NY", Julich, Say (div.). 

Cyclotrachelus Chaudoir 
1045 C. unicolor Say. "NY" (Schaupp, L&B). 


1056 E. furtiva Lee. Westfield, May (Not). 

1058 E. sodalis Lee. Boston, Hamburg, Marilla (Dnd) ; Windom, Oct, Knapp 

1067 E. sigillatus Say. Albany (Say). 


1077 M. osculans Csy. (diligendus Lee. nee Chd.). Keene Val., Upper Ausable, 
Parkers, Saranac L., Ausable Lakes, Canisteo, May-Sep (Not) ; Manlius, 
May, SmHH (Vdyk) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Ithaca, McLean Bogs, 
Ringwood, Caroline, Ap-Jl, Dt (Vdyk); Catskills, Sep, Nic; Big Ind. 
Val., Jl, Pears (Not); West Pt. (Robn). 


1085 E. relicta Newn. Mt. Marcy (NYS); Ausable, Westfield, May-Je (Not); 
Ithaca, Coy Glen, Ringwood, Ap-Sep, Dt (Vdyk) ; Ramapo Mts. (AM). 

1088 E. vapida Csy. Adirondack Mts., Kemp (Csy). 

1089 E. stygica Say. Crown Pt., Ausable Chasm, Waterville, Ausable Forks, 

Jay, Batavia, Rock City, Windsor, Whitehall, Sodus Pt., May-Oct 
(Not) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Feb, Je, Oct (Dt) ; western NY. 

Carabidae 223 

common in damp places (Dnd) ; Pike, Ap (Say) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 
Olean, Sep (Vdyk) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; 
Ithaca, Ap-Sep, div. (Vdyk) ; Honeoye Falls, May (Vdyk) ; McLean 
Bogs, Caroline, Ringwood, Ap-Jl (Vdyk) ; Albany, May (Say) ; E. 
Jewett, Ds (Not) ; Peekskill (Vdyk) ; West Ft. (Robn) ; Mosholu, 
Bronx, May; Forest Lawn, Huguenot, Jl, Zab (Not); Bronxville, 
Bronx, NYC, Ap-Jl (Woodr) ; Van Cort. Pk., Mar-Oct, Nic (Not) ; 
SI (L&D) ; LI: Babylon, Je, Tl, Bradford; L. George, Aug, Zab; 
Jamaica, Nic (Not). 

1093 E. coracina Newm. Essex Co, Dt (Vdyk) ; St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; 
Keene Val., Upper Ausable, Ausable Chasm, Ausable Forks, Mountain 
View, Mt. Marcy, N. Elba, Whiteface Mt., Port Kent, Parkers, Batavia, 
Rock City, Red House, Westfield, Forest Lawn, Tivoli, May-Sep 
(Not) ; Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Manlius, May, SmHH (Vdyk) ; Rochester 
(M&W) ; Olcott, May-Oct (Dt) ; Niagara (Lee) ; Buffalo, Ithaca, 
Ap-Sep, div. (Vdyk) ; Taughannock Gorge, Caroline, Coy Glen, Smith 
Hill, Ringwood, Junius, Ap-Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; McLean, Ds (Not) ; 
Long Eddy, Cy (Vdyk); Haines Falls (Vdyk); Catskills, Nic; Big 
Ind. Val., Aug, Pears; Poughkeepsie (NYS) ; E. Jewett; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; LI: Yaphank, Je (Not) ; E. Patchogue, Wyandanch, Jl-Sep, 
Ds (Not). 

1095 E. adjuncta Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

1097 E. lachrymosa Newm. Newport, May (NYS) ; Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Man- 

lius, Aug. SmHH (Vdvk) ; Olcott, Ap, Sep-Oct (Dt) ; Pike, May 
(Vdyk, NYS) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Canisteo, 
Je (Not) ; Ithaca, Ap-Sep, Hamilton, Dt (Vdyk) ; McLean Bogs, Coy 
Glen, Caroline, Ap-Jl, Dt (Vdyk); Callicoon, Jl ; West Pt. (Robn). 

Lyperopherus Motschulsky 

1098 L. punctatissimus Rand. Mt. Whiteface, 4000 ft., Jl-Aug, div. (Vdyk) ; 

Mt. Marcy, 4500 ft., Wallface Mt., 3000 ft.. Upper Ausable L., 2000 ft., 
Jl-Sep (Not). 

Refonia Casey 

1100 R. moesta Say. Pike, Mar, Yg (NYS); Rock City, Je (Not); Ramapo, 

Suffern, Ap-Oct; NYC, Je-Sep (Schaupp) ; SI (L&D). 

1101 ?R. superciliosa Say. Ithaca, Ap (Morr). 

Abacidus LeConte 
1103 A. sculptus Lee. "NY" (Wickham). 

Gastrosticta Casey 
1110 G. obscura Say. "NY" (Lee). 

CryobiuS Chaudoir 
1137 C. hudsonicus Lee. Summit of Mt. Marcy, Whiteface Mt., Jl, Oct (Not). 
1141 C. arcticola Chaud. Whiteface Mt., Sep (div.) ; Mt. Marcy, Mt. Hopkins, 

Mt. Skylight, Moss Pond, Green Mt., Jl-Oct (Not). 
1145 C. mandibularis Kby. Mt. Marcy, Mt. Whiteface, Sep-Oct (Vdyk). 

224 Carabidae 

POECILUS Bonvouloir 

1161 P. chalcites Say. Lower Ausable L., Ausable Lakes, Mt. Marcy, Sodus Pt., 

Westfield. Pulaski, May-Jl (Not) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Honeoye Falls. 
Je (Vdyk) ; Montour Falls, Ap (H) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; Ithaca, Ap-Sep, Hamilton (Vdyk); W. Hebron; Orange Co, 
Ap, Faure (Morr) ; Peekskill (Vdyk) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; NYC, 
Mar-Jl (Woodr) ; Van Cort. Pk. ; SI, May-Sep, Ds; LI: Farmingdale, 
Jl, Morrow (Vdyk) ; Rockaway Beach, May-Jl, Shoe, Nic 
(Not, Woodr); Babylon, Bradford; Flatbush, Jl, Coney I., Oct, Zab; 
Jamaica, Feb, Nic (Not). 

1162 P. lucublandus Say. Castile, May, Brad (Flet) ; generally distributed and 

common throughout the State. 

1163 P. bicolor Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

1164 P. convexicollis Say. St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Batavia, Je, Ds. 


1165 L. gravis Lee. SI: Watchogue, edge of salt meadow (L&D). 

1167 L. tartaricus Say. SI (L&D). 

1168 L. strenuus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; LI: Ridgewood, May (Schaupp) ; 

Brooklyn (Fuchs) ; Astoria, Sep (Bt) ; Cypress Hills, May, Zab. 

1169 L. scrutator Lee. Ausable Pt., Crown Pt., Cape Vincent, Oakfield, Aug-Sep 

(Not); Batavia, Je, Ds; Buffalo (Z&R); Ithaca, Aug, Dt (Vdyk); 
LI: Jamaica, Mar, Queens, Nic. 

Omaseus Ziegler 

1174 O. caudicalis Say. Peru (Vdyk) ; Axton, Je, M&H; Newport, May 

(NYS) ; Keene Val., Ausable Pt., Lowville, Norwood, Crown Pt., 
Mooers, Port Kent, Ausable Chasm, Red House, Westfield, Canisteo, 
Nichols, Whitehall, Inwood, May-Sep (Not) ; Olcott, Feb, Sep (Dt) ; 
Pike, Oct (NYS) ; Batavia, Je, Ds; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Ap-Sep, 
Diven (Vdyk) ; McLean Bogs, Aug, Ynasa (Vdyk) ; West Pt. 
(Robn); NYC, Ap (Vdyk). 
1173 O. ebeninus Dej. Rochester (M&W); Ithaca, Ap-May (Morr). 

1175 O. luctuosus Dej. Axton, Je (M&W) ; Plattsburg, Ausable Chasm, Upper 

Ausable, Unadilla, Norwood, Cape Vincent, Batavia, Canadice, Oakfield, 
Sodus Pt., Potter Swamp, W. Hebron, Whitehall, Schoharie, E. Jewett, 
Tivoli, Forest Lawn, Catskills, Windsor, Je-Sep (Not) ; Syracuse, 
Montour Falls, Ap (H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Mar, May, 
Jl, Oct (Dt) ; Ithaca, South Hill, Turkey Hill, Taughannock Gorge, 
Renwick, McLean Bogs, Jl-Nov, Dt (Vdyk) ; Van Cort. Pk., Bronx, 
Mar. Ap (Woodr) ; LI: Rockaway Beach (Vdyk) ; Canarsie, Ap, May 
(Not) ; Brooklyn, Ap-Oct, Ds, Shoe (Not) ; Rockaway Beach, May, 
Ds, Nic (Not); Greenport, Aug, Ds; Rosedale, Ap (Not); Jamaica, 
Ap, Bellport, Ap-Je, Nic (Not) ; Jamaica Bay, Ap (Woodr). 

1176 O. corvinus Dej. Generally distributed and common throughout the State, 

except at elevations above 500 ft. in northern NY, where it is absent. 
O. brevibasis Csy. NY, type locality. 

Carabidae 225 

DysIDIUS Chaudoir 

1177 D. purpuratus Lee. Elmira, May, on ground in field (Diven). 

1178 D. mutus Say. Castile, Brad (Flet) ; generally distributed and common 

throughout the State. 


1181 P. erythropus Dej. Axton, Je, M&H; St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; 

Keene Val., Whiteface Mt., N. Elba, Oakfield, Batavia, Windsor, White- 
hall, Je-Oct (Not) ; Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Olcott, Ap, Sep (Dt) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; Chaffee (Dnd) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Ringwood, McLean Bogs, 
Taughannock, South Hill, May-Nov, Dt (Vdyk) ; Albany, May, SmHH 
(Vdyk) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Dunwoodie, Ap (Woodr) ; SI (L&D) ; 
LI: Rockaway Beach, Ap-May (div.) ; Cypress Hills, May, Zah (Not) ; 
Coney L, May, Nic ; Brooklyn, Jamaica, Mar-Ap, Nic ; Jamaica Bay, 
Cedarhurst, Ap (Woodr) ; Yaphank, Je (Not) ; E. New York, Je 
(Not); Rosedale, Ap (Not). 


1182 M. patruelis Dej. St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Upper Ausable, Cape Vin- 

cent, Sodus Pt., Batavia, Oakfield, Whitehall, Tivoli, Orangeburg, 
Je-Sep (Not) ; Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Feb-Jl 
(Dt) ; Buffalo (Dnd) ; Pike, Ap (NYS) ; Howland I., Nov (Vdyk) ; 
Ithaca, Mar- Aug, Hamilton (Vdyk) ; Ringwood, McLean Bogs, Ren- 
wick, Mar-Nov, Dt (Vdyk) ; McLean, Ap (Morg) ; Peekskill (Vdyk) ; 
Ramapo, Je (Not) ; Bronxville, Je (Not) ; Van Cort. Pk., Nic (Not) ; 
SI, Feb-Nov; LI: Rockaway Beach, Ap-May, Diven (Not) ; Pinelawn, 
Mar, Ds (Not) ; Rosedale, Ap (Not) ; Jamaica, Brooklyn, Jamaica Bay, 
Mt. Hamilton, Ap (Woodr) ; Canarsie, Ap-May (Not) ; Brooklyn, 
May, Ds (Not). 

1183 M. femoralis Kby. Rochester (M&W) ; Pike, Aug (NYS) ; Norton's, Oct, 

SmHH (Vdyk) ; Taughannock Gorge, May, Dt (Vdyk). 

1186 M. corrusculus Lee. Rochester (M&W) ; LI: Wyandanch, Oct, E. New 
York, May, Rosedale, Ap (Not). 


1 188 B. pennsylvanicus Lee. Keene Val., Mountain View, Waterville, Ausable 
Chasm, Parkers, Forest Lawn, Whitehall, Je-Oct (Not) ; Olcott, Ap, 
Oct (Dt) ; Grand I., Niagara R. (Dnd); Batavia, Je ; Coy Glen, 
Turkey Hill, South Hill, Ithaca, McLean Bogs, Caroline, Ap-Nov, Dt 
(Vdyk) ; LI: Babylon, Je, Bradford; Manitou Beach, Je, Zab (Not). 

1190 B. oblongonotatus Say. Hebron (Not). 

1192 B. adstrictus Esch. St Lawrence Co, Houghton; Buffalo (Z&R). 

1194 B. luczoti Dej. Wilmington, Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; Mt. Whiteface, 2000 ft., 
Aug-Sep (div.); St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Ilion (NYS); Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; Keene Val., Upper Ausable L., Mountain View, N. Elba, 
Saranac L., Mt. Marcy, Long L., May-Oct (Not). 

1214 L. erraticus Dej. SI, Feb, Lg, a single specimen. 

226 Carabidae 


1251 C. brunnipennis Dej. NY, Edw (AM). 

1258 C. elongatus Lee. NY, Edw (AM). 

1259 C. pennsylvanicus Hayw. Port Kent, Cape Vincent, Sep (Not) ; Olcott, 

Sep (Dt) ; Ithaca, Sep, Lg ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Van Cort. Pk. 
(Woodr) ; SI: Maf, Ds; Tottenville, Sep, Ds (Not); LI: Rockaway 
Beach, Sep, Ds, Nic (Not) ; Brooklyn, Je-Aug, Shoe. 

StereoCERUS Kirby 

1260 S. haematopus Dej. "NY" (AM). 

Leironotus Ganglbauer 

1261 L. arenarius Lee. Keene Val., Lower Ausable L., Indian Pass, Wall face 

Mt., L. Tear, Westfield, Je-Jl (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R). 

LetocNEMIS Zimmermann 

1262 L. avida Say. Axton, Je, M&H ; Lower Ausable L., Sodus Pt., Nichols, 

May-Aug (Not) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; E. Aurora 
(Dnd) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Olean, Sep (VdykCU) ; Ithaca, Mar (Vdyk) 
W. Hebron, Je, Lg ; Mosholu (Not-AM) ; Bronx, Ap-Nov (Woodr) 
NYC, Ds (Not); SI, Je, Ds (Not); LI: Rockaway Beach (AM) 
Ravenswood (AM) ; Jamaica, May (Not) ; Bellport, Aug (Not). 

Brad YT US Stephens 

1265 B. exaratus Dej. Rochester (M&W) ; Red House, Ithaca, Mar-Je (Not) ; 
Mosholu (AM) ; Dunwoodie, Ap, Bronxville, Je (Woodr) ; Van Cort. 
Pk., Oct-Nov (Not); SI, Sep, Lg ; LI: Brooklyn, Je-Sep, Shoe; 
Ravenswood (AM) ; Rockaway (AM) ; Jamaica, May (Not) ; Port 
Washington, Oct (Not) ; Rockaway Beach, Aug-Sep (Woodr) ; Half 
Way Hollow Hills, Selden, Jl-Aug, Ds (Not) ; Orient, Jl, Lath (Not). 
1267 B. apricarius ' Payk. Adirondack Mts. (Rehn&Hebard) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; 
Crown Pt., N. Elba, Keene Val., Batavia, E. Jewett (Not) ; Olcott, 
Je-Jl (Dt) ; Ithaca, Je-TI, Sep, Dt, Hebron, W. Hebron, Je (Lg) ; SI, 
May-Aug (Not); LI: Brooklyn. Oct (Not-AM); Woodside, Ds; 
Orient, Jl-Sep, Lath (Not). 

1271 B. schwarzi Hayw. Buffalo, Boston (Dnd); LI: Babylon, Jl (AM). 

1272 B. latior Kby. Keene Val., Mountain View, Norwood, Je-Sep (Not) ; 

Olcott, Oct (Dt) ; Batavia, Je, Lg ; E. Aurora (Dnd); Castile, Apr, 
Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Je (Dt) ; Albany, Aug (NYS) ; Catskills (Not). 

Percosia Zimmermann 

1281 P. obesa Say. Keene Val., Mountain View, Norwood, Ausable Lakes, Long 
L., Waterville, Schoharie, Whitehall, Debruce, Je-Sep (Not) ; 
Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, May (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora 
(Dnd); Genesee Co, Je, Ds; Batavia; Orleans Co, Je (Ds) ; Sullivan 
Co (Ds) ; Hebron (Lg) ; NYC, May-Nov (Schaupp) ; SI (Not) ; 
LI: Rockaway Beach, Je (NYS). 

1284 P. ventricosa Csy. LI (Csy). 

Carabidae 227 

Celia Zimmermann 

1285 C. patruelis Dej. Mt. Whiteface (Not) ; St. Lawrence (Houghton) ; Erie 
Co (Dnd) ; NYC (Schaupp) ; SI: Watchogue, Ap-Jl, Ds (Not) ; LI: 
Jamaica, Rockaway Beach, May, Nic (Not). 

1289 C. erratica Sturm. Keene Val. ; Lower Ausable; Whiteface Mt. ; Wilming- 
ton; Mt. Marcy; 4p-Sep ; (all Not). 

1302 C. laxicollis Csv. Keene Val., Je (Not) ; Johnstown, Ap (NYS) ; Van 
Cort. Pk., Nic (Not); SI, Nov (Lg) ; LI: Sheepshead Bay (Csy) ; 
Rockaway Beach (Csy, Lg-AM) ; Babylon, Je (AM) ; Jamaica, Wading 
R., May, Nic (Not); Orient, Aug, Ds (Not). 

1308 C. mimica Csy. Ausable Pt., Sep (Not). 

1309 C. remotestriata Dej.' Buffalo, scarce (Dnd). 

1318 C. sodalis Csy. SI (Csy). 

1319 C. chalcea Dej. Ausable Pt., Sep (Not) ; Axton, Je (AM) ; Peekskill, 

Dec, Lg (AM); Westchester, Ap, Lg ; Bronxville, Mar (Woodr) ; 
NYC, May-Nov (Schaupp); SI, Feb-Sep, Lg (Not); LI: Rockaway 
(AM) ; Jamaica, Bellport, Farmingdale (Not) ; Rockaway Beach, 
Baldwin, May-Je, Ds (Not). 

1324 C. schotti Csy. LI: Jamaica, 5c/iof^ (Csy). 

1325 C. sphaerops Csy. LI: Wyandanch (Csy). 
1334 C. brunnea Gyll. Mt. Whiteface (Not, Lg). 
1348 C. nupta Csy. L. Champlain (Csy). 

1350 C. subaenea Lee. Keene Val., Jl (Not); SI, Sep (Lg) ; LI: Rockaway 

Beach, May (Woodr). 

1354 C. lyncea Csy. LI: Sheepshead Bay (Csy). 

1358 C. liquida Csy. LI (Csy). 

1360 C. shoemakeri Csy. LI, Shoe (Csy). 

1361 C. pallida Csy. LI: Willetts Pt. (Csy). 

1362 C. politissima Csy. LI (Csy). 

1367 C. nigripennis Csy. LI: Willetts Pt. (Csy). 

1372 C. musculus Sav. N. Elba (Not) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott. Je, Aug 
(Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike (NYS) ; L. George, Sep, Zab (AM) ; 
SI, Sep (Lg) ; LI: Coney I., May-Sep, Zah (SchauppAM) ; Rocka- 
way Beach, May-Sep (div.) ; Jamaica, Nic; Wading R., Jamaica, May- 
Sep (Not). 

1375 C. paulula Csy. LI: Wading R. (Csy). 

1378 C. rubrica Hald. Keene Val., Aug-Sep (Not) ; N. Elba (Not) ; Rochester 
(M&W) ; L. George, Aug, Zab (Not) ; Nyack, Van Cort. Pk., Sep, 
Zah (Not); SI (Lg) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, May (div.); Brooklyn, 
Je, Shoe; Long Beach (AM); Babylon, Je (AM); Flatbush, Zab 
(Not) ; Bellport, Aug, Nic (Not) ; Maspeth, Sep, Baldwin, May, Yap- 
hank, May, Ds (Not). 

A MARA Bonvouloir 

1384 A. arcuata Csy. LI: Willetts Pt. (Csy). 

1385 A. impuncticollis Say. Castile, Brad (Flet) ; generally distributed and 

common throughout the State. 

228 Carabidae 

1389 A. fallax Lee. Keene Val., N. Elba, Mt. Whiteface, Mt. Marcy, Sodus Pt., 
Genesee Co, Westfield, Bronx Pk., Ap-Jl (Not) ; Rochester Jet., 
Honeoye Falls, Je, Leon (Vdyk) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 
SI, Ap-Jl (Not); LI: Brooklyn, Rockaway Beach, May-Sep, Shoe; 
Tarrytown (AM) ; Jamaica, Bellport, Forest Pk., Aug, Nic (Not). 

1398 A. humilis Csy. Keene Val., Canisteo, Nichols, May-Je (Not) ; LI: 
Rockaway Beach, May, Ds, Nic (Not) ; Jamaica, Forest Pk., Nic 
(Not); Wading R., May (Not). 

1400 A. cupreolata Putz. Keene Val., Mt. Haystack, Mt. Marcy, Wilmington, 
Ap-Aug (Not) ; Syracuse, Ap-May (H) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Castile, 
May, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Ap-Jl (VdykCU) ; White Plains, May 
(Sf); Bronx, Ap. Van Cort. Pk., May (Woodr) ; SI: Clove Val., 
Ma3% Aug, Lq ; LI: Brooklyn (Vdyk); Rockaway Beach, May, Nic 
(Not); Flatbush, May, Zab (AM). 

1402 A. marquettensis Csy. Ithaca, Ap, Kngt (Not). 

1403 A. aeneopolita Csy. Mt. Marcy, Keene Val., Mt. Whiteface, Windsor, 

May-Jl (Not). 
1415 A. polita Lee. Mt. Reserve, Keene Val., Ausable Forks, Pulaski, Sodus Pt., 
Je-Aug (Not) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Alar-Oct (Dt) ; western 
NY, common (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Ap (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Bronx- 
ville, NYC, Van Cort. Pk., Ap-May (Woodr). 

1423 A. crassispina Lee. Turkey Hill, Ithaca, Nov, Dt (Vdyk) ; SI, Mar 


1424 A. parviceps Hayw. West Pt. (Robn). 

1429 A. basillaris Say. Bronx, Bronxville, Ap (W^oodr) ; LI: Brooklyn, Rocka- 

way Beach, Sep, Shoe. 

A. edax Not. Windsor (Not). 

A. teres Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

Triaena LeConte 

1430 T. pallipes Kby. Keene Val, Wot; Windsor, Je-Jl (Not); St. Lawrence 

Co, Houghton; northern NY (Lee) ; West Pt. (Robn). 

■ T. lawrenceana Csy. NY, type locality. 

• T. parallela Csy. NY, type locality. 

1433 T. angustata Say. Generally distributed and common throughout the State. 

RembuS Latreille 

1441 R. major Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Jl (Vdyk). 

1442 R. laticollis Lee. Norwood, Sodus Pt., Westfield, May-Sep (Not) ; Syra- 

cuse (Lint) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, Je (Lg) ; 
E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Montour Falls, Ap (H) ; McLean, Jl-Aug, Ithaca, 
Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; SI (Lg) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Brooklyn, Ap, Je, 
1442c R. laticollis var. assimilis Lee. "NY" (Lint). 

1443 R. impressicollis Dej. Waterville, Je ; Sodus Pt., May, Je (Not) ; Genesee 

Co, Je, Ds; Batavia, Je (Lg) ; Taughannock, Je, and Ithaca, Aug 
(Vdyk) ; Whitehall, Oct (Not) ; SI, May (L&D). 

Carabidae 229 

1444 R. obtusa Lee. Keene Val., Sep (Not) ; Syracuse, May (H) ; Sturgeon 

Pt., on L. Erie (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Aug (Vdyk). 
1446 R. alternans Csy. Cape Vincent, Waterville, Sodus Pt., May-Sep (Not) ; 

Genesee Co, May (Lg) ; McLean Bogs, Ithaca, Jl (Vdyk). 

R. brevicollis Csy. Ogdensburg (Csy). 

R. foveata Csy. NY, type locality. 

DiCAELUS Bonelli 

1450 D. dilatatus Say. Syracuse, May, Oct (H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; Ithaca, Ap-Sep, div. (Vdyk) ; Fall Cr., Cascadilla Cr., Larch 
Meadows, Ap-May (Dt) ; Karner, May (NYS) ; Greenwood L., May 
(AM) ; Schoharie, Ft. Montgomery, May-Je (Not) ; Catskills, Je, Nic 
(NotNYS) ; Big Ind. Val., Aug (Not) ; Peekskill (VdykCU) ; North 
Branch (Schaupp) ; West Pt. (Robn). 

1454 D. purpuratus Bon. "NY" (AM) ; SI, Aug, L&D (Not). 

1463 D. crenatus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). 

1464 D. ovaiis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R); McLean Bogs, Nov (Vdyk). 

1465 D. elongatus Bon. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Erie Co, frequent in woods under 

cover (Dnd) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, May-Sep, div. (Vdyk) ; Mc- 
Lean Bogs, Jl, div. (Vdyk) ; Cascadilla Cr., Ap-Mar (Dt) ; Freeville, 
Ringwood, Caroline, Ap-Jl (Vdyk) ; Schoharie, Whitehall, Je-Oct 
(Not) ; Peekskill (Vdyk) ; Catskills, Nov, Nic (Not, Lg) ; Hebron 
(Lg) ; Van Cort. Pk., Ap (Woodr) ; Ramapo, Rockland, Sep-Oct 
(Ds) ; SI: Clove Val., Mar-Aug (Lg) ; LI: Bellport, Jamaica, Je-Aug, 
Nic (Not) ; Bergen Beach, May, Je (Not AM) ; Woodhaven, Je, Zab 
(AM); Flatbush, May, Zab (AM); Brooklyn, May-Je, Shoe; Orient 
Pk., May, Lath (NYS) ; Yaphank, Je (Not) ; Oyster Bay, Aug (Ds) ; 
Selden, Half Way Hollow Hills, Orient, Ds (Not). 

1466 D. ambiguus Laf. Streetroad, Je (NYS). 

1467 D. teter Bon. Upper Jay, Aug (Not) ; Syracuse, Montour Falls, Ap (H) ; 

Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Je, Aug (Dt) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R); Westfield, May (Not); Rock City, Je, Ds (Not) ; Ithaca, 
May-Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; Caroline, Ap, Dt (Vdyk) ; Schoharie, Je 
(Not); Catskills, Nic (Not,Lg) ; Peekskill, Ap (Vdyk CU) ; 
Ramapo, Ap, Ds. 

1468 D, politus Dej. Keene Val., Je (Not) ; Syracuse, Montour Falls, Ap (H) ; 

Rochester (M&W) ; E. Aurora, Allegany Pk. (Dnd) ; Westfield, May 
(Not) ; Ithaca, div. (Vdyk) ; Coy Glen, Larch Meadows, May (Dt) ; 
Ringwood, Jl, Taughannock, May, Dt (Vdyk) ; W. Hebron (Lg) ; 
Catskills, Sep, Nic (Not) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Inwood, NYC, Ap 
(Woodr); SI, Ap ; LI: Queens, Ap, Wyandanch, May, Nic (Not); 
Half Way Hollow Hills, May, Ds (Not). 

Badister Clairville 

B. gilvipes Csy. LI (Csy). 
1470 B. notatus Hald. St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Syracuse, Ap-May (H) ; 
Ithaca, Mar-Oct (Vdyk CU) ; Turkey Hill, Nov (Vdyk) ; Six Mile 
Cr., Ap (Not) ; Schoharie, Je (Not) ; Van Cort. Pk., Mar (Woodr) ; 
SI, May, Je (div.); LI: Brooklyn, Ap, May, Shoe; Forest Pk., Ap, 
Nic (Not). 

230 Carabtdae 

1471 B. pulcheUus Lee. Keene Val., Cape Vincent, Wilmington, Je-Sep (Not) , 

Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug, Kngt (Not) ; 
E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je, Snn (Vdyk) ; McLean 
Bogs, Aug, Hamilton (Vdyk) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Suffern (AM) ; 
Bronx, Dec, Nic (Not) ; SI, May (Lg). 

1472 B. bipustulatus Fab. St. Lawrence Co (Houghton). 

1476 B. ferrugineus Dej. Buffalo (Z&R). Known from Alaska and Calif. 

1478 B. flavipes Lee. "NY" (Wickham). 

1479 B. micans Lee. Ausable Pt., Cape Vincent, Waterville, Je-Sep (Not) ; 

Olcott, Oct (Dt) ; Ithaca, Ap, Jl, SmHH (Vdyk) ; Peekskill. Jl 
(Vdyk CU) ; NYC, Bronx, Ap-Je (Woodr) ; Van Cort. Pk., Mar 
(Woodr) ; LI: Jamaica Bay, Ap (Woodr). 

1480 B. laticeps Blatch. Taughannock, May, Dt (Vdyk). 

1481 B. reflexus Lee. Howland I. (VdykCU) ; McLean Bogs, Aug, Dt (Vdyk). 

Calathus Bonelli 

1482 C. gregarius Dej. Castile, Ap, Brad (Flet) ; generally distributed and 

common throughout the State. 

1483 C. ingratus Dej. Wilmington, Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; Mt. Whiteface, Jl-Sep, 

div. (Vdyk, Not) ; Parkers, Je (Not) ; Green Mt, Jl (Not). 

1484 C. opaculus Lee. Syracuse, Ap (H, VdykCU) ; Forest Lawn, Jl (Not) ; 

McLean Bogs, Nov, Dt (Vdyk) ; Ithaca, Aug (Vdyk) ; Bronx, Ap 
(Woodr) ; SI, Mar (Lg) ; LI: Yaphank, Aug, Nic (Not) ; Shinnecock 
Hills, Ds. 


1488 P. advena Lee. Mt. Whiteface, trail, Aug, Dt (Vdyk, Not) ; Mt. Marcy. 

Mt. Redfield, Moss Pond, Mt. Redfield, Jl (Not). 

1489 P. impunctata Say. Axton, Je, M&H\ Wilmington, Aug, Ds (Vdyk); 

Keene Val., Ausable Forks, Mooers, W. Hebron, Parkers, Sodus Pt., 
Catskills, Ulster Co, Debruce, Je-Aug (Not) ; Olcott, Sep (Dt) ; L. 
Champlain (Sf) ; Hamilton Co, Ds; Crugers, Je (Not AM); Ithaca, 
Sep (VdykCU) ; McLean, Ap (Flet) ; Albany (NYS AM) ; North 
Branch (Schaupp) ; Peekskill (VdykCU); SI: Clove Val., Aug, Ds 
(Not) ; LI: Long Beach (Vdyk) ; Bellport, Jl, Nic (Not) ; Rockaway 
Beach, Wyandanch, Yaphank, Je-Oct, Ds (Not). 

PlatynUS Bonelli 

1507 P. hypolithos Say. Gloversville, Je (NYS); Oneida Co, Sep, Shoe; 

Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Je-Jl, Sep-Oct (Dt) ; E. Aurora and 
Allegany Pk., common (Dnd) ; Batavia, Je, Kngt (Ds,Lg) ; Buffalo 
(Lg,Z&R) ; western NY (Lint) ; Chautauqua (VdykCU) ; Manlius, 
Aug, SmHH (Vdyk); Red House; Unadilla, Westfield, May (Not); 
Olean, Sep (VdykCU) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Aug, Larch 
Meadows, Jl (Hamilton) ; McLean Bogs, Jl-Aug, Dt (Vdyk). 

1508 P. angustatus Dej. John's Br., and Upper Ausable L., Aug-Sep, Nic 

(Not) ; Wilmington, Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; Fourth L., Je (NYS) ; Haines 
Falls (VdykCU); Pike (VdykCU); western NY (Lint) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; Olean, Sep (Vdyk) ; Chautauqua (Ds) ; Rock City, Jl, Kngt 

Carabidae 231 

(Not) ; Canisteo, Windsor (Not) ; Ithaca, May, Sep, Hamilton, Di 
(Vdyk) ; McLean Bogs, Ringwood, Coy Glen, Je-Jl (Dt) ; Catskilis 
(Lint) ; North Branch (Schaupp) ; L. George, Aug, Zab (AM) ; 
Peekskill (Vdyk CU) ; OHverea, Je-Jl, Shoe; West Pt. (Robn) ; Ulster 
Co, Aug- Sep, Nic (Not) ; SI (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica, A^^V (Not). 
P. aesopus Csy. Adirondack Mts. (Csy). 
1511 P. stygicus Lee. Keene Val. ; Ausable Lakes; Mountain View; Mt, Marcy ; 
Whiteface Mt. ; Jl-Oct; (all Not). 

1513 P. decens Say. Mt. Marcy, Whiteface Mt., N. Elba, Keene Val, Upper 

Ausable L., Mountain View, Waterville, Cattaraugus Co, i\uck City, 
Windsor, Catskilis, W. Hebron, Orangeburg, White'nail, Ap-Oct 
(Not); Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; Pike, Oct (NYS; ; 
Batavia, Sep, Kngt (Not) ; Renwick, Ap, Ithaca, Sep (Vdyk) ; Schenec- 
tady, Dec (Dt) ; Haines Falls (Vdyk CU) ; Bronx Pk. (AM) ; Pali- 
sades-on-Hudson, Ap, Van Cort. Pk. (Woodr. Not AM) ; Bronxville, 
Ap (Woodr) ; SI, Ap-Oct (Not) ; LI: Flatbush, Ap, Nov, Zab (Not) ; 
Parkville, (Not AM) ; Jamaica, Mar, Queens, Nov, Nic (Not) ; 
Hauppauge, Ap, Nic (Not) ; Wyandanch, Jl, Long Pond, Wading R., 
Je, Ds (Not). 

1514 P. sinuatus Dej. Generally distributed and common throughout the State. 

1516 P. opaculus Lee. Keene Val., Je (Not) ; NYC (Schaupp) ; Van Cort. Pk., 

May (Not AM); LI: Rockaway, May (Woodr). 

1517 P. tenuicollis Lee. Manlius, May, SmHH (Vdyk) ; NYC (Lg). 

1518 P. cincticollis Say. Keene Hgts., John's Br., Mooers, Lowville, Port Kent, 

Ausable Pt., Sodus Pt., Westfield, Schoharie, Ft. Montgomery, May- 
Sep (Not) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Pike, Je (NYS) ; Inlet Val., Ithaca, 
May (Not) ; Renwick, Ap, Dt (Vdyk) ; Canisteo, Je (Not) ; NYC 
(Not, Lg) ; SI, Shoe, Ds (AM); LI: Brooklyn, Rockaway Beach, 
Ap-Oct, Shoe (Not) ; Forest Pk., Nic (Not) ; Jamaica, Mar, Nic 
(Not); Far Rockaway, May (Woodr); Wading R., May, Ds (Not). 

1519 P. reflexus Lee. Upper Ausable L., Mountain View, Cape Vincent, Keene 

Hgts., Mooers, Waterville, Ausable Pt., Lowville, Tivoli, Westfield, 
Catskilis, Windsor, May-Sep (Not) ; Syracuse, Ap-May (H) ; 
Rochester (M&W) ; Montour Falls (H) ; Buffalo (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Ren- 
wick, May-Nov, Dt (Vdyk) ; Taughannock, Ap, Snn (Vdyk) ; McLean 
- Bogs, Je, Dt (Vdyk) ; Egleston's Glen, Je, Peekskill, May (Vdyk 
CU) ; Albany, May (AM) ; L. George, Aug, Zab (Not) ; West Pt. 
(Robn); SI, Ap (Not, Lg) ; LI: Newtown Hgts., May (Not AM); 
Rockaway, Aug, Flatbush, Je, Oct, Zab (Not) ; Jamaica, Nic (Not) ; 
Far Rockaway, May f Woodr) ; Rockaway Beach, May-Je, Wading R., 
Aug, Ds (Not). 

1520 P. parmarginatus Ham. Pike, Mar (NYS); LI: Orient, Lath (NYS). 

1521 P. brunneomarginatus Mann. Buffalo (Z&R). A well-known Calif, sp. 


1522 P. extensicoUis Say. Generally distributed and common throughout the 


lS22b P. extensicoUis var. viridis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). 
P. gaudens Csy. (Anchomenns) . L. Champlain (Csy). 

1523 P. decorus Say. Crown Pt., Oakfield, Nichols, May-Aug (Not) ; L. 

Onondaga (Lint) ; Syracuse, Ap-May, Oct (H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; 
Olcott, Ap, Jl (Dt) ; Six Mile Cr., Ap (Not) ; McLean Bogs, Jl-Aug, 

232 Carabidae 

Hamilton, Dt (Vdyk) ; Inlet Val., Sep, Dt (Vdyk) ; Ithaca, Jl (Vdyk 
CU) ; Peekskill (Vdyk CU) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains, Aug 
(Sq); NYC, May (Woodr) ; SI: May (Woodr, Ds) ; New Brighton, 
Aug (Ds) ; LI: Rockaway Beach (Vdyk CU) ; Brooklyn, Ap, Jl, 
Shoe (AM) ; Cypress Hills, Aug (AM) ; Queens, Ap, Bellport, Jl, 
Nic (Not); E. New York, Je (Ds). 

P. decorus ab. syracusensis Hatch (Anchomenus) . Syracuse, Ap, Oct (H). 

1529 P, anchomenoides Rand. Keene Val., Ausable Lakes, Waterville, Red 

House, Nichols, Canisteo, Windsor, Schoharie, May-Je (Not) ; 
Rochester (M&W) ; Niagara, Buffalo (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Je, Hamilton 
(Vdyk) ; Inlet Val., Jl, Renwick, Ap, Dt (Vdyk CU) ; NYC (Rand 

1537 P. errans Say. Manlius, Ap, SmHH (Vdyk). 

1537a P. errans Say var. subcordatus Lee. Rochester (M&W). 

1538 P. moerens Dej. St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Oneida L., Aug (Drk) ; 

LI (Dej ANSP). 

1539 P. tenuis Lee. N. Elba (Not,Lg) ; Ithaca, Aug (Vdyk CU) ; White 

Plains, May (Sq) ; SI (Not,Lg) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Brooklyn, 
Ap-Nov, Shoe. 

P. militaris Csy. West Pt., Robn (Csy). 

1540 P. coUaris Say. Buffalo (Z&R). 

1541 P. mutatus G. & H. (atratus Lee). St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Keene 

Val., Upper Ausable L, Windsor, Chauncey, Sloatsburg, N. Elba, 
Tarbel, Mar-Je (Not) ; Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Rock 
City, Je (Vdyk CU) ; McLean Bogs, Inlet Val., Ringwood, Jl-Oct, Dt 
(Vdyk) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Vdyk CU) ; Catskills, Nic (Not) ; Bronx- 
ville. Mar (Woodr); SI, May (Lg) ; LI: Brooklyn, May-Sep, Shoe; 
Jamaica, Bellport, Wading R., Mar-Aug, Nic (Not) ; Jamaica Bay, Ap, 
Ft. Hamilton, Ap (W^oodr). 

1542 P. melanarius Dej. Generally distributed and common throughout the State. 

1543 P. propinquus G. & H. Cape Vincent, Crown Pt., Mt. Marcy, Waterville, 

Batavia, May-Sep (Not); Howland I., Cayuga Co (Dt). 

1546 P. affinis Kby. Peru, Jl, M&E (Vdyk); St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; 

Keene Val., Indian L., Norwood, Keene Hgts., Ausable Lakes, Mt. Sky- 
light, Lowville, Ausable Pt., Batavia, Sodus Pt., Canadice, Westfield, 
Nichols, Tivoli, Whitehall, May-Oct (Not) ; Rochester (M&W) ; 
Olcott, Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora (Dnd); Montour Falls 
(H) ; McLean Bogs, Ringwood, Inlet Val., Ithaca, Keuka Pk., Mar- 
Oct, Dt (Vdyk) ; Nyack, Zab (Not AM) ; Bronxville, Mar-Ap, Bronx, 
Ap, Van Cort. Pk., Ap (Woodr) ; NYC, Schaupp (Lg) ; LI: Babylon, 
Je (AM). 

1547 P. carbo Lee. Pine I., Sep (Not AM) ; LI: Newtown Hgts., Ap (Not 


1548 P. corvus Lee. Mt. Redfield, Jl (Not) ; Van Cort. Pk., Mar (AM) ; NYC 

(Schaupp); LI: Canarsie, Ap (Not); Jamaica (Lg) ; E. New York, 
May, Nic (Lg) ; Brooklyn, Ap-Sep, Shoe (AM). 

1551 P. metallescens Lee. Mt. Marcy, Jl, Keene Val., May (Not) ; St. Lawrence 

Co, Houghton, 

P. fidele Csy. Keene Val., Moss Pond, Parkers, May-Jl (Not). 

1552 P. deceptivus Lee. Mt. Marcy, Mt. Redfield, Jl (Not). 

Carabidae 233 

1553 P. cupripennis Say. Castile, Ap, May, Brad (Flet) ; generally distributed 
and common throughout the State. 

1555 P. excavatus Dej. Lowville, Keene Val., Waterville, Canadice, Oakfield, 

Sodus Pt., Canisteo, Sylvan Beach, Red House, Nichols, Tarbel, Ft. 
Hunter, Orangeburg, Van Cort. Pk., Ap-Je (Not) ; Rochester 
(M&W) ; Olcott, May, Jl (Dt) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug, Hamilton (Vdyk) ; 
Butternut Cr., Je, Dt (Vdyk) ; McLean Bogs, May, Jl (Dt) ; Hudson 
Falls, Aug (Vdyk CU) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Suffern (AM) ; NYC 
(Schaupp) ; SI (L&D) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Brooklyn, May-Je, 

1556 P. ferreus Hald. Ithaca, Je, Dt (Vdyk CU) ; Tivoli, May (Not) ; Orange- 

burg, Ap (Not) ; Nyack, Zab (Not) ; Bronxville, Ap (Woodr) ; Peeks- 
kill, Ap (Vdyk CU) ; West Pt. (Robn); Mosholu, Sep, Bronx Pk., 
• Van Cort. Pk. (AM) ; SI: Mar-Je, Nic (Not) ; Clove Val., Mar (Lg) ; 
LI: Brooklyn, May, Nov, Shoe; Flatbush, Ap (Not AM); Jamaica, 
May, Nic (Not); Forest Pk., May (Vdyk CU). 

1557 P. basalis Lee. "NY" (Lint,Csy). 

1558 P. nutans Say. Waterville, Je (Not) ; St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Olcott, 

Ap, Je (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Cortland Co (Dnd) ; West- 
field, May (Not) ; Ithaca, Je, Ringwood, Jl, Turkey Hill, Je-Nov, Dt 
(Vdyk) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; NYC, Bronx, Bronxville, Mar-Jl 
(Woodr) ; SI, May (Lg) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, May, Nic (Not) ; 
Brooklyn, Ap, Far Rockaway, Ap-May (Woodr). 

1561 ?P. maculicollis Dej. Buffalo (Z&R). Known from Kans. and Calif. (Lg). 

1562 ?P. variolatus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). Known from southern Calif. (Lg). 

1566 P. octopunctatus Fab. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Mt. Skylight, Wallface Mt., 

Keene Val., Sylvan Beach, Nichols, May-Jl (Not) ; Newport, Je, Aug 
(NYS) ; St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Feb 
(Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike, Je (NYS) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Ithaca, 
Sep (Dt) ; McLean, Jl, Dt (Vdyk) ; Albany, Je, Nassau, Aug (NYS) ; 
White Plains (Sq) ; Nyack, Zah (Not) ; High Bridge (AM) ; Van 
Cort. Pk. (AM) ; Bronx, Ap (Woodr) ; Peekskill, Sep, NYC (Lg) ; SI 
(Lg) ; LI: Brooklyn, May, Shoe (AM); Jamaica, Ap, Nic (Not); 
Babylon, Jl (AM) ; Flatbush, Ap, Zah (AM) ; Bergen Beach, Ap-Mav 
(Not AM); Forest Lawn, Jl, Zab (Not); Rockaway Beach (div.). 

1567 P. placidus Say. Peru, Jl, M&E (Vdyk) ; Ausable Pt., Port Kent, Sep 

(Not) ; Wilmington, Je (Ds) ; Syracuse, Ap-May (Vdyk,H) ; 
Rochester Jet., Je, Leon (Vdyk) ; Sodus Pt., May (Not) ; western NY, 
common (Dnd) ; Olcott, Mar, Jl, Oct (Dt) ; Batavia, May-Jl, Kngt 
(Not) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Geneva, Nov (Vdyk CU) ; Cattaraugus 
Co, Jl (Ds) ; Ithaca, Coy Glen, Renwick, Taughannock Gorge, Ap-Sep, 
Dt (Vdyk) ; Whitehall, Oct (Not) ; Peekskill (Vdyk CU) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; Bronxville, NYC, Je-Jl (Woodr) ; Bronx, SI, Mar-Je 
(Woodr) ; LI: Jamaica, E. New York, Port Washington, Mar-Sep, 
Nic (Not) ; Far Rockaway, Lawrence, Ft. Hamilton, Ap-Je (Woodr) ; 
Orient, Lath (NotNYS) ; Flushing, Ap, Kngt (Not). 
1573 P. bogemanni Gyll. Keene Val., Mt. Whiteface, Lowville, Je-Aug (Not) ; 
St. Lawrence Co, Houghton ; Saranac Inn, Je (Woodr) ; Gloversville, 
Ap (NYS) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Mav-Aug 
(div.) ; Karner, Mar, Bish (Dt) ; Pine I., Je, Ds (Not) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; NYC, Van Cort. Pk., Je, Nic (Not) ; SI: May (div. NYS) ; 
Tottenville, Je, Ds (Not); LI: Babylon, Je-Jl (AM); Flatbush (Not 
AM) ; Bellport, Jamaica, Mav-Je (Not) ; Rockaway Beach, Wyan- 
danch, Half Way Hollow Hills, Jc-Jl, Ds (Not). 

234 Carabidae 

1574 P. quadripunctatus Dej. Keene Val., Wallface Mt., Jl, Oct (Not) ; Mt. 
Marcy, May (Not,Lg) ; Mt. Whiteface, Sep (div.) ; N. Elba, Oct 
(Lg) ; St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Green Mt., Jl 

1577 P. aeruginosus Dej. Ausable Pt., Sep, Westfield, May (Not) ; Catskills, 
Jl, Pears (Nic) ; Orangeburg, Ap (Not) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Mosholu, 
Bronx Pk. (AM) ; Bronxville, Je (Woodr) ; NYC (div.) ; SI, Nic 
(Not); LI: Brooklyn, May-Je, Shoe; Bellport, Rockaway Beach, 
May-Jl, Nic (Not) ; E. New York, May, Flushing, Aug, Ds (Not). 

1579 P. crenistriatus Lee. Cape Vincent, Sep (Not) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buf- 

falo (Lec-ANSP); Pike, Aug (NYS) ; Batavia, Jl, Kngt (Not); 
Ithaca, Jl, Dt (Vdyk) ; Junius, Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; Catskills, Nic (Not) ; 
Peekskill (Vdyk CU) ; Westchester Co, Sep (Lg) ; Bronxville, Ap 
(Woodr) ; SI: Nov-Dec (Lg) ; Tottenville, Sep, Ds (Not) ; LI: Rock- 
away Beach, Je-Jl (div.) ; Long Beach (AM) ; Sheepshead Bay, Aug, 
Long Beach, Forest Lawn, Jl (Not) ; Bergen L, Forest Lawn, Jl, 
Zab (Not). 

1580 P. rubripes Lee. St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Ithaca, Ap (Vdyk CU) ; 

Inlet Val., May, Oct, Dt (Vdyk) ; Unadilla, Sep, Nic (Not AM) ; 
Bronxville, Mar (Woodr) ; NYC (Schaupp,Lg) ; SI, Feb-Dec (Lg) ; 
LI: Far Rockaway, Jl-Sep (Woodr). 

1581 P. punctiformis Say. Erie Co (Dnd) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Ithaca, Jl, 

Hamilton (Vdyk) ; Hebron (Lg) ; Peekskill (Vdyk CU) ; Nyack, Zab 
(Not) ; Tarry town (AM) ; Van Cort. Pk., Bradford. (AM) ; NYC, 
Sep (Woodr); SI, Feb-Dec (Lg) ; LI: Jamaica, May, Nic (Not); 
Jamaica Bay, Ap (Woodr) ; E. New York, May (Not,Ds) ; Brooklyn, 
May, Ds (Not). 
P. politissima Csy. subsp. statenensis Csy. SI, type locality. 

1582 P. sordens Kby. L. Tear, Keene Val., Keene Hgts., Mt. Whiteface, and 

Wilmington, May-Jl (Not); Rock City, Je (Vdyk CU). 

1584 P. ruficornis Lee. Mountain View, Cape Vincent, Keene Val., N. Elba, 

Waterville, Sodus Pt., Batavia, Canadice, May-Oct (Not) ; Wilmington 
and base of Mt. Whiteface, Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; St. Lawrence Co, 
Houghton; Rochester (M&W); Olcott, Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R); 
Howland I., Nov (Vdyk CU) ; McLean, Ap, Kngt (Not) ; Renwick, 
Inlet Val., Taughannock Gorge, Ithaca, Ringwood, Jl-Nov, Dt (Vdyk) ; 
Unadilla, Sep, Nic (Not) ; Karner, Mar, Bish (Dt) ; Catskills, Nic 
(Not); West Pt (Robn); NYC (Schaupp) ; Bronx, Ap (Woodr); 
LI: Brooklyn, Ap-May, Nov, Shoe; Richmond Hill (AM); Flatbush, 
Ap (Not AM) ; E. New York, Wading R., May, Nic (Not) ; Flushing, 
Mar, Rosedale, Ap (Not) ; Orient, Lath (NYS). 
1587 P. elongatulus Hald. Keene Hgts., Keene Val., Upper Ausable L., Ausable 
Forks, N. Elba, Mt. Hopkins, Batavia, Catskills, Big Ind. Val., 
Parkers, May-Oct (Not) ; St. Lawrence, Houghton; Pike, Ap (NYS) ; 
Ithaca, Renwick, Ap-Nov, Dt (Vdvk) ; Buttermilk Cr., Mar (Vdyk 
CU); Peekskill (Vdyk CU) ; NYC (Schaupp); SI (L&D) ; LI: 
Brooklyn, May, Shoe; Flatbush, Sep, Zab (Not); Jamaica Bay, Ap 
(Woodr) ; Wyandanch, Jl, Pinelawn, Mar, Ds (Not). 

1585 P. retractus Lee. Adirondacks, Houghton; Sodus Pt., May (Not). 

1586 P. gemellus Lee. Ithaca, Mar-Aug, Hamilton, Dt (Vdyk CU). 

1587 P. picipennis Kby. Syracuse, Ap, Je (H) ; Cape Vincent, Tivoli, Canadice, 

Westfield, Canisteo, Windsor, Orangeburg, Ap-Sep (Not) ; Glovers- 

Carabidae 235 

ville, Mar (NYS) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z«&R) ; E. Aurora 
(Dnd) ; Batavia, Te (Lg) ; Ithaca, Ap (Not) ; Bronx Pk., West Farms 
(AM) ; Van Cort. Pk., Tarrytown, Bradford (AM) ; NYC (Not,Lg) ; 
SI, Je (Woodr.Lg) ; LI: Brooklyn, May, Nov, Shoe; Far Rockaway, 
May, Ft. Hamilton, Ap (Woodr) ; Canarsie, Ap, E. New York, Je 
(Not); Flushing, Mar (Not). 

1588 P. lutulentus Lee. St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Sodus Pt., May (Not) ; 

Batavia, Jl, Kngt (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; 
Renwick, Ithaca, Inlet Val., Mar-Oct, Dt (Vdyk) ; Peekskill, Jl 
(VdykCU) ; LI: Brooklyn, Ap-May, Shoe (NotAM) ; Babylon, Je 
(AM) ; Bellport, Je (Not) ; Jamaica Bay, Ft. Hamilton, Ap (Woodr) ; 
Canarsie, E. New York, Ap-May (Not). 

1589 P. nigriceps Lee. "NY", Rein (L&B). 

1591 P. quadrimaculatus Horn. Northwestern NY, Hamilton (L&B). 

1592 P. obscurus Hbst. Adirondacks, Houghton; L. Onondaga (Lee) ; Syracuse, 

Ap, Oct (H) ; Canastota, March (Not) ; Genesee Co, Je (Ds) ; Batavia, 
Je (Lg,Ds) ; Oakfield, Je (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R, Lee) ; E. Aurora 
(Dnd) ; Pike (AM) ; Red House, Je (Not) ; Howland I., Nov (Vdyk) ; 
Ithaca, Mar-Ap, Nov, Hamilton, Dt (Vdyk) ; Renwick, Mar-Ap, Nov, 
Dt (Vdyk) ; W. Hebron (Woodr,Lg) ; Whitehall, Oct (Not) ; West 
Farms (AM); SI (Lg) ; LI: Orient, Lath (NYS). 

Olisthopus Dejean 

1595 O. parmatus Say. Keene Val., Whiteface Mt., Sodus Pt., May-Jl (Not) ; 

Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Sep (Dt) ; E. Aurora, Allegany Pk. 
(Dnd) ; Spencer, Oct, Dt (Vdyk) ; Howland I. (VdykCU) ; NYC 
(Lg) ; Bronxville, Nov (Woodr) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Mar-May, 
Shoe,Nic (Not) ; Far Rockaway, May (Woodr). 

1596 O. micans Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; West Pt., Je, Ds (Not) ; NYC 

(LecANSP) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Je, Shoe. 

Atranus LeConte 

1609 A. pubescens Dej. Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Westfield, May 

(Not) ; Howland I., Je, Dt (Vdyk) ; Taughannock Gorge, May, Aug, 
Hamilton (Vdyk) ; Ithaca, Jl-Sep, Dt (Vdyk) ; Canisteo, Je (Not) ; 
Peekskill (VdykCU); West Pt (Robn) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Ap, 
Shoe; Brooklyn, May, Shoe. 

Leptotrachelus Latreille 

1610 L. dorsalis Fab. NYC (LgAM) ; SI (Lg) ; LI: (Schaupp) ; Brooklyn, 

Shoe (Ds). 

Casnonia Latreille 

1612 C. pennsylvanica L. Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; Pike, Je (NYS) ; Ithaca, Je-Sep (VdykCU) ; Albanv, Je, 
Nassau and Poughkeepsie, May (NYS) ; Catskills, Nic (Not) ; Calli- 
coon, Jl, Ds (Not) ; Florida, Je, FrostSW (Vdyk) ; Peekskill, Ap 
(VdykCU,Lg) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains (Sq) ; SI: May-Sep 
(div.) ; Tottenville, May, Ds (Not) ; LI: Rockawav Beach, May-Je 
(div.) ; Brooklyn, Ap-Je, Shoe (AM) ; Flatbush, Aug-Oct, Zab (AM) ; 

236 Carabidae 

Prospect Pk., Feb, Queens (AM) ; Jamaica, May, Nic (Not) ; Half 
Way Hollow Hills, Jl, Ds (Not) ; E. New York, Je, Long Beach, 
Jl (Ds). 

GalERITA Fabricius 

1616 G. janus Fab. Newport, May (NYS) ; Pulaski, Je (Not) ; Syracuse, Ap 
(VdykCU) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 
western NY (Dnd) ; Rock City, Windsor, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, Caroline, 
Ringwood, Ap-Sep, Dt (Vdyk) ; Six Mile Cr., Ap (Not) ; Spencer, 
Nov (VdykCU,NYS) ; Karner, May, Hill (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
Carmel, West Farms (AM) ; White Plains, Mar (Sq) ; NYC, Bronx- 
ville, Van Cort. Pk., Aug-Sep (Woodr) ; SI: Nic (Not, Ds) ; Clove 
Val., Ap (Not,Lg) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, May-Je, Shoe; Parkville 
(AM) ; Jamaica, Bellport, Je-Aug, Nic (Not) ; Yaphank, Jl 
(Woodr,Not,Ds) ; Cold Sp., May (Not,Ds) ; Orient, May, Lath (Not). 

1620 G. bicolor Drury. Ausable Pt., Sep (Not) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; western 
NY (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Ap-Sep, Dt (Vdyk) ; Whitehall, Oct (Not) ; 
Windsor, May (Not); NYC (Lg) ; SI: May-Sep (Ds) ; Clove Val., 
Jl (Not,Ds) ; LI: Bellport, Jl-Aug, Nic (Not); Farmingdale, Mar, 
Wading R., May (Not) ; Yaphank, Oct, Ds (Not). 

Tetragonoderus Dejean 

1636 T. fasciatus Hald. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Sylvan Beach, Je (Not) ; LI: Aque- 
duct, Mar, Shoe) Jamaica, May, Rockaway Beach, Sep, Nic (Not). 

Lebia Latreille 

1641 L. grandis Hentz. Newport, Je, Lewis Co, Aug (NYS) ; Keene Val., 

(Not) ; Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Je, Sep-Oct 
(Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Mar-Jl, Dt (Vdyk) ; 
Peekskill (VdvkCU) ; Port Jervis, Oct (Lint) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
White Plains, Mar (Sq) ; Nyack, Je (Not.Lg) ; Van Cort._ Pk., Je 
(Not AM) ; Inwood, Feb, Westchester Co, Ap, Bronxville, Sep 
(Woodr) ; NYC (Ds,Lg) ; SI: (Ds,Lg) ; Watchogue, Aug (Ds) ; LI: 
Brooklyn, May-Je, Scp-Nov, Shoe (AM) ; Parkville, Long Beach 
(AM) ; Jamaica (NYS) ; Flatbush, Ap-Oct, Zah (AM) ; Bergen 
Beach, Ap-May, Oct (AM) ; Queens, Port Washington, Bellport, 
Mar-Nov, Nic (Not) ; Far Rockaway, May, E. Hampton, Jl (Woodr) ; 
Rockaway Beach, Aqueduct, Flushing, Je-Aug, Maspeth, Orient, May- 
Aug, Ds (Not). 
L. enormis Csy. NYC (Csy). 

1642 L. atriventris Say. Cranberry L., Sep (Drk) ; Wilmington, Pulaski, Water- 

ville, Westfield, Windsor, Tivoli, May-Jl (Not) ; Rochester (M&W) 
White L., Aug, Zah (AM) ; Olcott, Mar, Je (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) 
E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Mar-Sep, Dt (Vdyk) 
Albany, Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS); W. Hebron (Lg) ; Catskill (Lg) 
Esopus (Vdyk,Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Florida, Jl, FrostSW 
(VdykNYS) ; White Plains, May (Sq) ; Westchester Co, Ap, Bronx- 
ville, Aug-Sep (Woodr) ; West Farms (AM) ; Goshen, Sep (NotAM) ; 
Van Cort. Pk., Dec-Feb, Nic (Not) ; NYC, Je-Aug (Woodr) ; SI 
(div.) ; LI: Rockaway Beach (div.) ; Brooklyn, May, Oct, Shoe; Man- 
itou Beach, Coney I., Flatbush, Je-Sep, Zah (AM) ; Bergen Beach, 
Jamaica, Mar-May, Nic (Not) ; Yaphank, Je (Not). 

Carabidae 237 

1643 L. tricolor Say. Keene Val., May-Je (Not) ; Wilmington, Jl, Ds (Not) ; 

Axton, Je (M&H) ; St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Canisteo, Je (Not) ; 

Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; Buffalo (VdykCU) ; Ulster Co, Shoe; Van Cort. Pk., 

Ap (Woodr) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI (Ds) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, 

Brooklyn, May, Sep, Shoe. 
1646 L. atriceps Lee. Mosholu, Aug (NYS). 
1649 L. pulchella Dej. Peekskill, Ap, Oct (div.) ; Morrisania, Jidich (Schaupp) 

NYC (Woodr, LgAM) ; SI, Ap (Lg) ; Silver L., Ap (Ds) ; LI 

Yaphank, May-Sep, Shoe; Bellport, Rockaway, May, Sep, Nic (Not) 

Amagansett, Sep (Ds). 

1654 L. marginicoUis Dej. LI: Flatbush (Ent. News, 1909). 

1655 L. viridis Say. Generally distributed and common throughout the State. 
1655b L. viridis Say var. moesta Lee. Buffalo (NYS,AM). 

1656 L. cyanea Dej. "NY" (NYS). 

1658 L. pumila Dej. Adirondacks, Houghton (NYS) ; Essex Co, Aug (NYS) ; 
Saranac L., Sep, Shoe; White L., Sep, Zab (AM); Ausable Forks, 
Mt. Marcy, Keene Val., Mt. Whiteface, Sodus Pt., Port Kent, Bronx 
Pk., Crugers, Carmel, Je-Sep (Not) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; Pike (NYS) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Rock City, Je (Not) ; L. 
George, Aug, Zab (AM) ; Washington Co (Lg,Ds) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
Greenville; Van Cort. Pk. (NotAM) ; SI (Lg) ; LI: Yaphank, 
Wyandanch, Bellport, May (Not). 
1659 L. pleuritica Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains, Mar 
(Sq) ; Westchester Co, May (AM) ; Van Cort. Pk., Dec, Nic (Not) ; 
SI, Ap (L&D) ; LI: Flatbush; Brooklyn, Ap-Sep, Shoe; Jamaica, 
Queens, Central Pk., Aug-Nov, Nic (Not) ; Massapequa, Rockaway 
Beach, May-Je (Woodr) ; Nassau Co, May-Je, Orient, Je (Not,Ds). 
1664 L. viridipennis Dej. Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Peekskill 
(div.) ; LI: Jamaica woods. Mar, Oct-Nov (Schaupp) ; Aqueduct, 
Aug-Sep, Shoe; Bergen Beach, Je (NotAM); Jamaica, Nic (Not); 
Fire L, Sep, Ds (Not). 

1666 L. lobulata Lee. West Pt., Je, Ds (Not); Peekskill, Je (Lg). 

1667 L. ornata Say. Keene Val., Aug-Sep (Not) ; Newport, Je (NYS) ; Wil- 

mington, Jl, Ds (Not) ; Mt. Whiteface, Sep (Lg) ; White L., Aug-Sep, 
Zab (AM); Buffalo (Z&R); Pike, Je (NYS); western NY, scarce, 
but generally distributed (Dnd) ; Rock City, Je (Not, Ds) ; Castile, 
May, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, May-Sep, Dt (Vdyk) ; L. George, Aug, 
Zab (AM) ; Seneca and Rowland I., Je-Nov (Vdyk) ; Karner, Je 
(NYS) ; Windsor, May, and Debruce, Sep (Not) ; Catskills, Nic 
(Not) ; New Baltimore, Zab (AM) ; Ramapo Mts., Suffern (AM) ; 
Greenville (Schaupp) ; Van Cort. Pk., N'ic (Not) ; Bronxville, Sep 
(Woodr) ; NYC (Lg) ; SI: Sep (AM) ; Watchogue (Ds) ; Richmond, 
Je (Woodr) ; LI: Riverhead, Sep (VdykCU) ; Yaphank, Rockaway, Je, 
Sep, Shoe (AM) ; Flatbush, Sep, Fishers I., Aug, Zab (AM) ; Jamaica, 
Nic (Not) ; Bellport, Aug. Nic (Not) ; Orient, Lath (NYS) ; 
Amagansett, Montauk, Sep (Ds). 

L. reperta Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

1669 L. collaris Dej. "NY" (Lee). 

1671 L. analis Dej. Batavia, Je (Ds) ; Poughkeepsie, May (NYS) ; Callicoon, 
Jl (Ds) ; Florida, Jl, FrostSW (Vdyk) ; White Plains (Frost,Sq) ; 
NYC (Lg); Van Cort. Pk., Nic (Not); West Farms (AM); LI: 
Jamaica (Schaupp) ; Westbury, Aug (Champlain) ; Bellport, Aug, Nic 
(Not) ; Flushing, Mar (Not). 

238 Carabidae 

1672 L. fuscata Dej. Generally distributed and common throughout the State. 

L. esurialis Csy. Catskills, Pears (Sf). 

1675 L. scapularis Dej. Manlius, Aug, SmHH (VdykNYS) ; Oneida L., Aug 
(Drk) ; Sylvan Beach, Je (Not); Oswego, Jl ; Rochester (M&W) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Aug (VdykCU) ; TivoH, May (Not) ; NYC, 
Ap (LgAM) ; SI, Je, Aug (Lg) ; LI: Jamaica woods, Mar, Oct-Nov 
(Schaupp) ; Jamaica, Nic (Not); Rockaway Beach, May-Je, Shoe; 
Long Beach (AM); Forest Hills, Jan (Woodr). 

1677 L. furcata Lee. Keene Val., Sep, Ds (Not) ; Long L., Aug, Gloversville, 
Je (NYS); Rochester (M&W); Catskills, Nic (Not); LI: Quogue, 
Zab (Not) ; Bellport, Aug, Nic (Not) ; Selden, Aug, Wading R., Je, 
Rockaway Beach, May, Ds (Not) ; Yaphank, Jl, Ds. 

1681 L. vittata Fab. "NY" (L&B) ; Peekskill (VdykCU). 
1681b L. vittata var. conjungens Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

1682 L. pectita Horn. Shokan (Lg) ; West Farms (AM) ; Van Cort. Pk., Nic 

(Not); SI (div.) ; LI: Yaphank, May, Sep, Shoe; Richmond Hill, 
Jamaica, Bellport, Jl-Aug, Nic (Not) ; Rockaway Beach, May, Ds 
1686 L. bivittata Fab. Peekskill (VdykCU); LI: Rockaway Beach, Yaphank, 
May-Je, Oct, Shoe; Jamaica, Nic (Not). 

1688 C. aerata Dej. SI, Je (Lg). 

DromIUS Bonelli 

1691 D. piceus Dej. Keene Val., May- Aug (Not) ; Olcott, Je (Dt) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R,Lg) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Penn Yan, Mar, Cy (Vdyk) ; Ithaca, 
Fall Cr., Feb, Nov (Vdyk) ; White Plains, Mar, Ols (Not) ; Mosholu, 
Je (AM) ; Van Cort. Pk., Nov (Woodr) ; NYC (Lg) ; SI (Lg) ; LI: 
Wyandanch, Cold Sp., Yaphank, Pine Lawn, Promised Land, May-Sep, 
Ds (Not) ; Rockaway Beach, Sep (Woodr) ; Huntington, Dec (Not). 

1692 D. atriceps Lee. LI: Rockaway Beach (Dietz). 

Apristus Chaudoir 

1693 A. cordicollis Lee. Newport, May (NYS) ; Lowville, Sodus Pt., Canadice, 

Westfield, Nichols, Windsor, Tivoli, Ft. Hunter, Catskills, May-Je 
(Not) ; Rochester; Pike, May, Oct (NYS) ; Norton's, May (VdykCU) : 
Taughannock Gorge, Jl-Aug, Ithaca, May (Vdyk,Lg) ; SI, May, Shoe 
(Lg) ; LI: Rockaway Beach (VdykCU). 

1694 A. subsulcatus Dej. Sodus Pt., Canadice, Mayville, Canisteo, Westfield 

Nichols, May-Je (Not) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Peekskill (VdykCU) : 
West Pt. (Robn) ; SI: Je-Aug (L&D) ; south shore, Aug (Lg) ; LI 
Peconic Bay, Aug, Nic (Not) ; Southold, Sep, Shelter I., Aug, Ds 

BLECHRUS Motschulsky 

1696 B. glabratus Duft. St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Mt. Whiteface, Aug 
(VdykCU) ; Olcott, Je, Sep (Dt) ; Canastota, Mar (Not) ; Oakfield, Je 
(Not) ; Ithaca, Ap (VdykCU) ; Catskills, Nic (Not) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, May, Shoe (Not,Ds). 

1698 B. pusio Lee. LI: Jamaica, Nic (Not). 

Carabidae 239 

Metabletus Schmidt- Goebel 

1699 M. americanus Dej. Keene Val., Keene Hgts., Mt. Marcy, Upper Ausable L., 

Mt. Haystack,' Mt. Whiteface, Waterville, May-Sep (Not) ; Rochester 
(M&W) ; N. Elba, Oct (Lg) ; St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; E. Concord 
(Dnd) ; Olcott, Ap, Je, Sep-Oct (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je-Aug, 
Hamilton, Fall Cr. Val., Nov, Dt (Vdyk) ; Karner, Mar (NYS) ; 
Catskills, Nic (Not) ; PeekskiU (VdykCU) ; West Ft. (Robn) ; W. 
Hebron, NYC (Lg) ; SI (L&D) ; LI: Bellport, Je, Aug, Nic (Not); 
Yaphank, Je, Ds (Not); Wyandanch, Oct (Not). 


1700 A. biplagiatus Dej. St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Keene Val, May, Low- 

ville, Je (Not) ; Olcott, Aug (Dt) ; Feekskill (VdykCU) ; NYC 
(Schaupp) ; LI: Central Fk., Je, Shoe. 

Calleida Dejean 

1707 C. viridipennis Say. Buffalo (Z&R, Say). 

1710 C. punctata Lee. Norwood, Sep (Not); St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; 
Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, May (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ft. Erie, Sep, 
Julich (LgAM) ; Hamburg, Aug (NYS) ; Cattaraugus, Sep (Vdyk,Dt) ; 
Gowanda (Dnd) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Canisteo, Je (Not) ; Tivoli, 
May (Not) ; White Flains (Frost,Sq) ; Bronx Fk. (NYS) ; NYC, 
Julich (Lg) ; SI (Lg) ; LI: Shoe; Brooklyn, Sep, Shoe. 

1712 C. purpurea Say. LI: Jamaica woods, Je (Schaupp) ; Yaphank, May, Sep, 
Shoe; Babylon, Je (AM) ; Hempstead Bay, Aug (Not) ; Bellport, Ap, 
Nic (Not) ; Central Fk., May (div.) ; Fire I., Sep, Fromised Land, 
Je, Riverhead, Aug, Ds (Not) ; Finelawn, Sep (Ds) ; Hicksville 

Philophuga Motschulsky 
P. obscura Csy. NY, type locality. 

PlocHIONUS Dejean 

1723 P. timidus Hald. Buffalo (Z&R) ; NYC (Schaupp) ; SI, Je, Pears 
(Nic,Lg) ; LI: Jamaica, Pears (Nic); Brooklyn, Jl, Shoe (AM). 

PinaCOBERA Schaum 

1725 P. limbata Dej. Rochester (M&W) ; White L., Jl, Zab (AM) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R); Coy Glen, Aug, Inlet Val, Sep, Dt (Vdyk); Ithaca, Aug 
(VdvkCU); Feekskill (VdykCU); West Ft. (Robn); Ramapo, Ap, 
Ds; Carmel, Aug (AM) ; NYC (Lg) ; SI, May-Je (div.) ; LI: Coney 
I., Je (Schaupp) ; Orient, May (NYS) ; Brooklyn, Rockaway Beach, 
May-Sep, Shoe; Babylon, Long Beach, Flatbush, May-Je (AM) ; 
Jamaica, Ap, Bellport, Jl, Belle Terre, Je, Nic (Not) ; Far Rockaway, 
Yaphank, May-Aug (Woodr) ; Wading R., May, Ds (Not). 

1726 P. platicollis Say. Rochester (M&W) ; Ithaca,. Mar-Ap, Dt (VdykCU) ; 

W. Hebron, Je (Lg) ; West Ft., Je, Ds (Not) ; Feekskill (VdykCU) ; 
Bronxville, Ap (Woodr); NYC (Lg) ; Arlington, Ap (Woodr); 

240 Carabidae 

SI, Oct (L&D) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Je (VdykCU) ; Jamaica, Mar, 

Bellport, Jl, Nic (Not) ; Yaphank, May (Not) ; West Hills, Ap, Ds 

1726a P. platicollis var. fuscata Dej. "NY" (L&B) ; Bronx Pk., SI, Ap, Shoe. 

Cymindis Latreille 

1738 C. cribricollis Dej. Mt. Whiteface, Shoe, Dt (Vdyk) ; N. Elba (Not) ; 
Minerva, Aug (Lg) ; Saranac L., Jl, Sep, Shoe; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca 
(VdykCU) ; Hebron (Lg). 

1746 C. pilosa Say. Mountain View, Sep (Not) ; Westport, Sep, Nic (Not) ; 

Minerva, Aug (Lg) ; Gloversville, Sep (NYS) ; Manlius, SiiiHH 
(VdykCU) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug, Dec, Hamilton 
(VdykCU); Albany, Jl (NYS); Catskills, Nic (Not); W. Hebron 
(Lg) ; Debruce, Sep (Not) ; West Farms (AM) ; Bronxville, Mar 
(Woodr) ; NYC (Lg) ; SI, May-Je (L&D); LI: Rockaway Beach, 
Je, Shoe (Si); Bellport, Aug-Sep, Nic (Not). 

1747 C. borealis Lee. Elniira (NYS); NYC (Lg) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Je, 

Shoe (Si). 

1748 C. neglecta Hald. Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Ithaca, Sep, 

Dt (Vdyk) ; Catskills, Nic (Not) ; Manlius, Feb (VdykCU) ; Shokan 
(Lg); NYC, SI (Lg). 

1749 C. cribrata Lee. St. Lawrence Co, Houghton. 

1751 C. venator Dej. "NY" (Lee). 

1752 C. americana Dej. Manlius, Nov, SniHH (Vdyk) ; Rochester (M&W) ; 

Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Caroline, 
McLean, Inlet Val., Ithaca, Ap-Sep, Dt (Vdyk) ; Schenectady, Dec 
(Dt) ; Catskills, Nic, Big Ind. Val., Aug (Not) ; West Pt (Robn) ; 
Mosholu (AM) ; Van Cort. Pk., Mar, Bronxville, Ap (Woodr) ; SI: 
(Lg) ; Clove Val., Ap (Lg) ; LI: Brooklyn, Ap, Oct, Shoe; Flatbush, 
Ap (AM). 

Apenes LeConte 

1753 A. lucidula Dej. NYC, Jl (Woodr); SI, Je, Ds (Not); LI: Coney L, 

Mav-Je (Schaupp) ; Rockaway Beach, May, Shoe (SfAM) ; Long 
Beach (NotAM) ; Fire I. (Lg). 
1756 A. sinuata Say. Peekskill (VdykCU) ; LI: Coney I., May-Je (Schaupp) ; 
Rockaway Beach, May-Je, Shoe (Si AM) ; Long Beach (AM) ; 
Jamaica, Mar, Nic (Not) ; Far Rockaway, Sep (Woodr). 

Helluomorpha Laporte 

t765 H. nigripennis Dej. LI: Rockaway Beach, May, Shoe (Si) ; Bellport, Je, 

Nic (Not). 

1766 H. ferruginea Lee. Greenville, Je, Sep (Schaupp). 

1769 H. praeusta Dej. "NY" (NYS). 

1770 H. bicolor Harris. "NY" (Lee) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Nyack, May (Lg) ; 

Mosholu (L&B) ; Van Cort. Pk., Nic (Not) ; LI: Massapequa, Ap- 
May, Shoe; Yaphank, Sep (Ds). 

Carabidae 241 

BraCHINUS Weber 

1774 B. americanus Lee. Rochester (M&W) ; Pike, Je (NYS) ; Nassau, Oct 


1775 B. janthinipennis Dej. L. Onondaga (Lint) ; L. George, Nic (Not) ; Inlet 

Val, Jl, Butternut Cr., May, Dt (Vdyk) ; Schoharie, Je (Not). 

1776 B. viridipennis Dej. Unadilla, Sep, Uic (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Albany, 

Poughkeepsie, May (NYS) ; NYC (Schaupp) ; Croton R., May (Ds) ; 
SI, May-Je (div.). 
1776a B. viridipennis var. perplexus Dej. Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; McLean Bogs, 
Caroline, Ithaca, Ap-Sep, Dt (Vdyk) ; LI: Orient, Lath (NYS). 

1777 B. pulchellus Blatch. Olcott, Ap-May, Oct (Dt) ; LI: Jamaica, Ap, Nic 

(Not); Flushing, Mar (Not); Orient, Lath (NYS). 

1778 B. minutus Harris. L. Onondaga (Lee) ; Chautauqua (Lg) ; Schoharie, Je 

(Not) ; W. Hebron (Lg AM) ; Catskills, Jl (AM) ; NYC (Schaupp) ; 
LI: Wading R., Aug, Ds (Not). 

1779 B. medius Harris. L. Onondaga (Lee) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Lg 

AM) ; Ithaca, Aug, McLean Bogs, Jl-Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; W. Hebron 
(Lg) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI (Lg) ; LI (Lg). 

1780 B. quadripennis Dej. NYC, Schaupp (L&B) ; Westfield, May (Not). 

1782 B. conformis Dej. Buffalo (Z&R, Dej ANSP) ; Pike, May (NYS) ; White 

Plains, Aug (Sq). 

1783 B. cyanipennis Say. Olcott, Ap, Jl (Dt) ; Batavia, Je (L&D) ; Genesee 

Co, Je (Ds) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; McLean Bogs, Ringwood, Ithaca, 
Caroline, Ap-Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; Schoharie, Je (Not) ; NYC (Schaupp). 

1784 B. gracilis Blatch. Sodus Pt., Je (Not); Westfield, May (Not). 

1786 B. alternans Dej. Buffalo (Z&R); West Pt. (Robn); NYC (Schaupp); 
LI: Rockaway Beach (Not AM). 

1788 B. ballistarius Lee. Olcott, Ap, Sep (Dt) ; E. Aurora, common (Dnd) ; 

Ithaca, McLean Bogs, Taughannock Gorge, May-Sep, Dt (Vdyk) ; 
Windsor, May (Not) ; Catskills, Nic (Not) ; LI: Jamaica, Nic (Not). 

1789 B. fumans Fab. Lowville, Je (Not) ; Olcott, Jl (Dt) ; E. Aurora, common 

(Dnd) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike, May (NYS) ; Batavia, Westfield, 
Windsor, Schoharie, Alay-Je (Not) ; Danby, McLean Bogs, Caroline, 
Taughannock Gorge, Ithaca, May-Sep, Dt (Vdyk) ; Karner, Jl 
(NYS) ; Croton R., May (Ds) ; W. Hebron (Lg) ; NYC, May, Jl 
(Woodr) ; SI, Nic (Not) ; LI: Brooklyn, May, Shoe; Flatbush, May, 
Zah (AM) ; Jamaica, Bellport, Nic (Not) ; Far Rockaway, May 
1789a B. fumans var. similis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). 

1790 B. cordicollis Dej. Mooers, Sep, Schoharie, Je (Not) ; Rochester (M&W) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R) ; Six Mile Cr., Ap (Morr) ; Ithaca, McLean, Taug- 
hannock Gorge, Mav-Sep, Dt (Vdyk) ; Kenwood, May (NYS) ; West 
Pt. (Robn) ; LI: Jamaica, Ap (AM) ; E. New York, May, Ds (Not) ; 
Rockaway Beach, May, Ds, Flushing, Mar (Not). 

■ ■ B. ovipennis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). 

■ B. rejectus Lee. SI: Clove Val., May, Ds {^oi). 

MiSCODERA Eschschohz 
1801 M. arctica Payk. Keene Val., Je-Jl (Not). 

242 Carabidae 

ChlaenIUS Bonelli 

1806 C. tomentosus Sav. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Severance, Je, Gloversville, Sep 
(NYS) ; Wilmington, Aug (Dt) ; Keene Val. (Not) ; Pulaski, Je, Ds 
(Not); Olcott, Je, Aug (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je (Dt) ; W. 
Hebron, Je (Lg) ; Unadilla, Sep, Nic (Not) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
Mosholu (AM); NYC, Bronx, Ap (Woodr) ; SI (div.) ; LI: Rocka- 
way Beach, Brooklyn, May-Je, Shoe; Long Beach (AM); Jamaica, 
Bellport, Jl, Nic (Not) ; Amagansett, Sep (Not, Ds) ; Orient, May 
(Not, Ds). 

1808 C. purpuricollis Rand. LI: Far Rockaway, Sep (Woodr). 

1810 C. niger Rand. Rochester (M&W) ; Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; Van Cort. Pk., 
Bradford (AM) ; Manhattan, Je (AM) ; LI: Brooklyn, Ap (Woodr) : 
Canarsie, Ap (Not) ; E. New York, May-Je (Not, Ds) ; Flushing, 
Mar (Not). 

1814 C, impunctifrons Say. Essex Co, Aug (NYS) ; Crown Pt., Waterville, 
Westfield, Mayville, Canadice, Nichols, Orangeburg, Tivoli, Ap-Aug 
(Not) ; Olcott, Ap, Jl (Dt) ; E. Aurora, Buffalo (Dnd) ; Genesee Co. 
Je (Ds) ; Batavia, Je, Chautauqua (Lg) ; Bronx Pk., West Farms 
(AM) ; Van Cort. Pk., Ap (Not, Woodr) ; Bronx, Mar (Woodr) ; 
SI, Je (Ds) ; LI: Flatbush, Ap (Not); Brooklyn, May, Nic (Not). 

1817 C. pennsylvanicus Say. Generally distributed and common throughout the 
State, Ap-Sep. 

1819 C. brevilabris Lee. Lowville. Westfield, Nichols, Canisteo, Whitehall, May- 
Oct (Not) ; Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Batavia, Je, Kngt (Morr) ; Ithaca, 
Ap-May (Morr) ; Unadilla, Sep, Nic (Not) ; LI (Lee). 

1821 C. tricolor Dej. Generally distributed and common throughout the State, 


1822 C. nemoralis Sav. Rochester (M&W) ; western NY, frequent (Dnd) ; 

Batavia, Je (Lg) ; Genesee Co, Je, Ds (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; West- 
field, May (Not) ; Ithaca, Ap-Aug (div.) ; McLean, Caroline, Ap, 
Aug (Dt) ; Catskills, Nic (Not) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; West Farms, 
Mosholu (AM) ; NYC, Bronx, Mar-Aug (Woodr) ; SI, Nic (Not, 
Lg) ; LI: Brooklyn, May-Aug, Shoe; Long Beach (AM); Flatbush, 
May- Aug, Zab (AM) ; Jamaica, Nic (Not) ; Hauppauge, Ap (Not) ; 
Rockaway, Central Pk., Ap-May, Ds (Not) ; Calverton, Sep, Yaphank, 
Jl, Ds (Not). 
1827 ?C. vafer Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). Described from Tex. (Lg). 

1830 C. solitarius Say. Buffalo (Z&R). 

1831 C, leucoscelis Chev. Ausable Pt., Crown Pt., Sodus Pt., Westfield, Canisteo, 

Nichols, Whitehall. Ft. Hunter, May-Oct (Not) ; Rochester (M&W) ; 
Lakes Erie and Ontario; Olcott, Ap, Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Lg) ; Ithaca, 
May-Je (div.) ; Taughannock Gorge, May, Aug (Dt) ; North Branch, 
Aug (Schaupp); Croton R. (L&B) ; Suffern, Sf (Lg AM); LI: 
Forest Lawn, Aug (Not AM). 
1831a C. leucoscelis var. cordicollis Kby. Buffalo (Z&R). 

1934 C. prasinus Dej. Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; 
Westfield, May (Not). 

1838 C. aestivus Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; Albany, Pough- 
keepsie, May (NYS) ; Tivoli, May (Not) ; Ft. Montgomery, May 
(Not) ; Peekskill (Lg) ; Palisades-on-Hudson, Ap (Not AM) ; West 
Pt., Je, Ds (Not) ; Nyack, Zab (AM) ; White Plains, Ap (Sq) ; Van 

Carabidae 243 

Cort. Pk. (div.) ; Bronx, Mar-Ap (Woodr) ; Mosholu, May (Ds) 
NYC, Sep (Vdyk) : Yonkers, Ap, Bronxville, Ap-May (Woodr) ; SI 
May-Sep (div.) ; Clove Val., Jl, Ds (Not) ; LI: Jamaica, Nic (Not) 
Wading R., Aug, Ds (Not). 

1841 C. diffinis Chd. Van Cort. Pk., Nic (Not); LI: Rockaway Beach, Ap 

(AM) ; Jamaica, Brooklyn, E. New York, Ap, Nic (Not). 

1842 C. laticollis Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Oct, Flct (Dt) ; Van Cort. Pk. 

(Not AM); SI, Ap, Ds; LI: Rockaway Beach, Brooklyn, Ap-May, 
Shoe (AM) ; Bergen Beach, Ap (Not AM) ; Jamaica (div.) ; E. New 
York, Rockaway, May, Ds (Not). 

1846 C. sericeus Forst. Generally distributed and common throughout the State, 


1847 C. fuscicornis Dej. Buffalo (Z&R). 

1848 C. erythropus Germ. Buffalo (Z&R); LI: Jamaica, Nic (Not). 


1854 A. delectans Csy. Central New York (Csy). 

1856 A. emarginatus Say. Wallface Mt., Jl, Nic (Not) ; Keene Val., Jl (Not) ; 
Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Je (Dt) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Castile, Brad 
(Flet) ; Pike, May (NYS) ; McLean, May, Ds (Not) ; Ithaca, Free- 
ville, Taughannock Gorge, May-Sep (Dt) ; Peekskill (Lg) ; Mosholu, 
West Farms, Dunwoodie, Van Cort. Pk. (AM) ; NYC, Van Cort. Pk., 
Ap (Woodr); SI, Ap (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica, May-Oct (Schaupp) ; 
Rockaway Beach, Je, Shoe; Parkville, Long Beach (AM); Rockaway, 
Aug, Zab (AM) ; Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl, Yaphank, Je, Ds (Not). 

1858 A. pusillus Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Mosholu (AM) ; Bronx, Ap, NYC, Aug 
(Woodr) ; SI, Mar-Oct (Lg) ; LI: May-Sep (Schaupp) ; Rockaway 
Beach, Je, Shoe (AM) ; Coney I., Lg. 

A. coeruleicollis Chd. Van Cort. Pk. (AM) ; SI, Nic (Not) ; LI: Babylon, 

Jl (AM); Jamaica, Nic (Not). 

Brachylobus Chaudoir 

1860 B. lithophilus Say. St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Mooers, Waterville, 
Canisteo, Westfield, Nichols, Tivoli, Schoharie, May-Sep (Not'l ; 
Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Olcott, May (Dt) ; McLean, 
Ithaca, Aug-Sep (Dt) ; W. Hebron, Je (Lg) ; Van Cort. Pk., Jl 
(Not AM) ; Suffern, West Farms (AM) ; SI (L&D) ; LI: Brooklyn 
(Not) ; Jamaica, Ap-May, Ft. Hamilton, Ap (Woodr) ; Canarsie, Ap 
(Not); E. New York, May, Ds (Not). 

LachnOCREPIS LeConte 

1862 L. parallelus Say. Rochester (M&W) ; Sodus Pt., May-Je (Not) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; Erie Co, May-Aug (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Mar-Ap, Df (Vdyk) ; 
Tivoli, May (Not); White Plains, Mar (Sq) ; LI: Ridgewood, Je 
(Schaupp) ; Brooklyn, Ap-May, div. (Not) ; Jamaica Bay, Ap 
(Woodr) ; Canarsie, May (Not) ; E. New York, May-Je (Not). 

Anatrichis LeConte 

1863 A. minuta Dej. LI: Huntington (Schott). 

244 Carabidae 

OODES Bonvouloir 

1867 O. amaroides Dej. Rochester (M&W) ; Ulster Co, May, Jl, Shoe; White 

Plains, May-Aug (Sq) ; SI (Lg) ; LI: Ridgewood (Schaupp) ; Brook- 
lyn, May, jl, Shoe; Babylon (AM); Wading R., Aug, Ds (Not). 

1868 O. americanus Dei. Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; McLean Bogs, 

Jl, Dt (Vdyk) ; Tivoli, May (Not) ; Catskill (Lg) ; Pine I., Je, Ds 
(Not); Van Cort. Pk., Ap (Woodr) ; NYC (Lg) ; LI: Brooklyn, 
May (div.). 

1869 O. fluvialis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R); Catskill (Not, Lg) ; NYC (Lee). 

1870 O. cupreus Chd. Buffalo (Z&R). 

Geopinus Leconte 

1878 G. incrassatus Dej. Gloversville, May (NYS) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buf- 
falo (Z&R); Karner, May (NYS); Greenville (Schaupp); Catskill 
(Not, Lg) ; SI, Je (Lg) ; LI: Coney L, Rockaway, May-Sep 
(Schaupp) ; Rockaway Beach, Je (AM) ; Jamaica, May, Nic (Not). 

Cratacanthus Dejean 

1886 C. dubius Beauv. Buffalo (Z&R); NYC (Lg) ; LI: Coney I., Je-Jl 
(Schaupp) ; Jamaica, Nic (Not). 

Harpalus Latreille 

1896 H. caliginosus Fab. Keene Val. and Port Kent (Not) ; Glens Falls, Je, 

Nassau, Sep, Albanv, Je (NYS) ; Junius, Aug (Dt) ; Ilion, Pike, 
Clinton Hgts., Aug (NYS) ; White L., Aug, Zab (AM) ; Monroe Co 
(M&W) ; Olcott, Je-Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, common 
about dry fields (Dnd) ; Batavia, Je (Lg) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; 
Elmira, Je (Diven) ; Ithaca, May-Jl (Dt) ; Nichols, May (Not) ; W. 
Hebron, Je (Lg) ; Columbia Co, Sep; Whitehall, Oct (Not) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; Nyack, Zab (AM) ; Van Cort. Pk., Jl (NotAM) ; NYC, 
Je-Jl (Woodr) ; SI, Je-Sep (Lg,Ds) ; LI: many localities and 

1897 H. erraticus Say. Keene Val., Jl (Not); Essex Co, Jl (NYS); St. 

Lawrence Co, Houghton; Mountain View, Norwood, Ausable Forks, 
Keene, Ausable Pt., Mooers, Aug-Sep (Not) ; Rochester (M&W) ; 
Olcott, May-Jl, Oct (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Schenectady (Dt) ; L. 
George, Aug, Zab (AM) ; New Baltimore, Jl, Shoe (AM) ; W^hitehall, 
Oct (Not); SI, Aug (L&D) ; LI: Aqueduct, Sep, Shoe; Woodhaven 
(AM) ; Fishers I., Aug. Zab (AM) ; Bellport, Nic (Not) ; Selden, Ds 

1898 H. caudalis Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

1903 H. viridiaeneus Beauv. Castile, Brad (Flet) ; generally distributed and 
common throughout the State, Je-Sep. 

1907 H. vagans Lee. Mooers, Lowville, Canisteo, L. Waccabuc, Nichols, May- 
Aug (Not) ; Glens Falls, Jl (NYS) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Inlet Val., 
McLean Bogs, Freeville, Ithaca, Renwick, May-Sep (Dt). 

1909 H. haldemani Csy. LI (Csy). 

Carabidae 245 

1910 H. erythropus Dej. Keene Val, Jl (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Westport, 
Newport, Pike, Albany, Poughkeepsie, Je-Aug (NYS) ; Montour 
Falls, Ap (H) ; E. Aurora, Aug-Sep (Dnd) ; Big I., Sep (Not) ; 
Olcott, Sep (Dt) ; Ithaca, Ringwood, Jl-Sep (Dt) ; Carmel, Aug 
(AM) ; NYC, Aug-Sep (Woodr) ; Bronxville, Aug (Woodr) ; SI, 
Aug (L&D) ; LI: Aqueduct, Sep; Brooklyn, Aug, Shoe; Bergen 
Beach (NotAM).; Jamaica, Oct, Bellport, Je-Oct, Nic (Not). 

1913 H. effetus Csy. LI: Willetts Pt. (Csy). 

1915 H. compar Lee. Saranac L., Sep (AM) ; Wilmington, Jl, Ds (Not) ; 
Syracuse, Ap (H) ; western NY, common (Dnd) ; Olcott, Je-Jl (Dt) ; 
Monroe Co (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Oakfield, Je (Not) ; Canisteo, 
Je (Not) ; Ithaca, Ap, Jl, Sep (Ds) ; Inlet Val., Butternut Cr., May- 
Sep (Dt) ; Whitehall, Oct, Parkers, Je (Not) ; Windham, Oct (Dt) ; 
Ft. Hunter, Je (Not); NYC (Schaupp, Lg) ; LI: Astoria (AM); 
Forest Pk., Je (NotAM) ; Brooklyn, Oct (Not) ; Bellport, Jl-Aug, 
Jamaica, Nic (Not) ; Selden, Aug, Ds (Not). 

1920 H. longicollis Lee. Keene Val., Jl (Not) ; Newport, Jl (NYS) ; Thousand 

Isls. (Ds) ; Genesee Co, Ap, Kngt (Not.Ds) ; Batavia, May, Kngt 
(Not) ; western NY (Dnd) ; Elmira, Je (Diven) ; Ithaca, Jl, Hamilton 
(Vdyk) ; L. Waccabuc, Jl (NotAM) ; Whitehall, Oct (Not) ; SI, Jl- 
Aug (L&D); LI: Flushing, Ap (Not). 

1921 H. dolosus Csy. Plattsburg (Csy). 

1922 H. faunus Sav. Ausable Chasm, Sep (Not) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; Ithaca, Aug (Dt,Lg) ; Albany, Jl (NYS) ; Whitehall, Oct 
(Not) ; Van Cort. Pk., Nic (Not) ; SI, Ap, Sep (div.) ; LI: Jamaica, 
Bellport, Aug-Sep, Nic (Not). 

1925 H. pennsylvanicus Dej. Generally distributed and common throughout the 

State, Mar-Sep. 

1926 H. convivus Lee. Wilmington, Jl, West Pt., Je, Ds (Not) ; LI: Rockaway 

Beach, Je, Ds (Not). 

1933 H. viduus Lee. Rock City, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, McLean Bogs, May, Aug, 

Hamilton (Vdyk) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Ramapo, Ap (Ds). 

1934 H. laticeps Lee. Keene Val.. May (Not) ; Axton, Je (M&H-AM) ; E. 

Aurora (Dnd) ; Ithaca, May, Butternut Cr., Jl (Dt) ; Caroline, Ap 

1936 H. rufimanus Lee. Keene Val., Je-Aug (Not) ; Elmira, Ap (Diven) ; 

Ithaca, Ap, Alex (Not); Catskills, Nic (Not). 
1944 H. pleuriticus Kby. Generally distributed and common throughout the 

State, Ap-Sep. 

1956 H. herbivagus Say. Generally distributed and common throughout the 

State, Ap-Sep. 

1957 H. fallax Lee. Batavia, Je, Ds (Lg) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Sep, 

Caroline, Ap (Dt) ; Karner, May, Albany, Je (NYS) ; Catskills, Nic 

(Not); Peekskill (Ds) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, May (Woodr). 
1959 H. placidus Csy. LI: Willetts Pt. (Csy). 
1968 H. opacipennis Hald. Keene Val., May-Jl (Not) ; Mt. Skylight, Jl (Not) ; 

Sodus Pt., May (Not) ; Ithaca, Ap, Alex (Vdyk) ; Debruce, Sep (Ds) ; 

NYC (Lg). 
1971 H. nitidulus Chd. LI: Coney I. (Schaupp). 
1978 H. fulvilabris Mar.n. Mt. Hopkins, Je, Mt. Marcy, Jl, Sodus Pt., Mav 


246 Carabidae 

1981 H. lewisi Lee. Keene Val. (Not). 

1982 H. aesopus Csy. Plattsburg (Csy). 

2000 H. gravis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; LI: Orient Pt., May (NYS). 

2006 H. obesulus Lee. Sodus Pt., May (Not). 

2007 H. spadiceus Dej. Newport, Jl, Ilioii, May, Pike, Je, Albany, Je (NYS) ; 

Monroe Co (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Chautauqua (Lg) ; Ithaca, May, 
Sep (Dt) ; W. Hebron (Lg) ; Catskill (Not, Lg) ; NYC (Not, Lg) ; 
SI, Ap (Lg) ; LI: Brooklyn, Ap, Sep-Oct, Shoe; Jamaica, Nic, Yap- 
hank, Jl, Ds (Not). 

2009 H. vulpeculus Say. Monroe Co (M&W) ; Chautauqua (Lg) ; Rock City, 

Je, Ds (Not) ; Ithaca, Je-Sep (Vdyk, Dt) ; Windsor, May (Not) ; W. 
Hebron (Lg) ; Catskills, Nic (Not) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Van Cort. 
Pk., Nic (Not); Bronxville, Ap (Woodr) ; SI, Mar (L&D) ; LI: 
Jamaica, E. New York (Schaupp) ; Brooklyn, Aug, Oct, Shoe; Queens, 
Nov, Nic (Not). 

2010 H. dichrous Dej. Monroe Co (M&W) ; Olcott, Je, Oct (Dt) ; Ithaca, Jl 

(Dt) ; W. Hebron (Ds) ; New Baltimore, Jl, Shoe (AM) ; Van Cort. 
Pk., Sep (NotAM) ; SI, Je-Sep (Ds) ; LI: Jamaica (Not, Schaupp) ; 
Rockaway (AM). 

H. immixtus Csy. NY, type locality (Lg). 

H. admissus Csy. NY, type locality (Lg). 

H. amiculus Csy. NY, type locality (Lg). 

Selenophorus Dejean 

2013 S. opalinus Lee. Monroe Co (M&W) ; Olcott, May-Je (Dt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl, 
McLean, Jl (Dt) ; Coy Glen, Je, Ds (Not) ; L George, Aug, Zah 
(Not) ; Shokan (Lg) ; Huguenot, Aug, Zah (Not) ; Orange Co, Ap 
(Morrison) ; Van Cort. Pk. (AM) ; NYC, Je-Jl, Bronxville, Ap 
(Woodr); SI, Ap, Je-Jl (L&D); LI: Long Beach (AM); Jamaica, 
Je (Schaupp) ; Yaphank, Aug (NotAM) ; Wading R., May (AM) ; 
Far Rockaway, Je (Woodr) ; Rockaway Beach, Je, Ds (Not). 

2015 S. depressulus Csy. Monroe Co (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Jl. 

2017 S. gagatinus Dej. E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Ap, Jl (Dt) ; Catskills, Nic 
(Not) ; LI: Coney I. (Schaupp) ; Rockaway Beach, Je-Jl, Shoe 
(AM); Wyandanch, Jl, Ds (Not). 

2024 S. fossulatus Dej. LI: Rockaway Beach, May, Shoe. 

2026 S. ellipticus Dej. NYC (AM) ; Bronxville, Ap, Van Cort. Pk., Je 

(Woodr) ; SI, Sep (Lg) ; LI: Brooklyn, Rockaway Beach, May-Je, 
Shoe (DsAM) ; Jamaica, Nic (Not). 

2027 S. currens Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

2039 S. pedicularius Dej. Monroe (M&W); SI (div.) ; LI: Long Beach 
(AM); Jamaica, Bellport, Je-Sep, Nic (Not). 

Gynandropus Dejean 

2051 G. hylacis Say. Monroe Co (M&W) ; Olcott, May (Dt) ; E. Aurora, rare 
(Dnd) ; Pike, Mar, Albany and Karner, Ap (NYS) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug 
(Vdyk) ; Peekskill (Lg) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Huguenot, Aug, Zah 
(Not) ; NYC, Je (Woodr) ; Van Cort. Pk., Sep (NotAM) ; SI, Feb 
(div.) ; LI: Woodhaven, May (Vdyk) ; Rockaway Beach, Ap-Jl, Shoe 
(Not) ; Jamaica, Ap, Nic (Not) ; Far Rockaway, Je (Woodr). 

Carabidae 247 

2064 D. parallelus Hald. Catskills, Nic (Not); LI: Babylon, Jl (AM). 

Triplectrus LeConte 

2070 T. carbonarius Say. Newport, Je, Gloversville, Ap, Albany, May (NYS) ; 

Monroe Co (M&W) ; Westfield, May (NotNYS) ; NYC, Aug 
(Woodr) ; SI, Ap, Lg, Ds (Not); LI: Flatbush, Ap (NotAM) ; 
Prospect Pk., Feb (Not) ; Rockaway Beach, Mar, Nic (Not) ; 
Brooklyn (Lee). 

2071 T. rusticus Dej. Castile, Brad (Flet) ; generally distributed and common 

throughout the State, Ap-Sep. 

2072 T. crassus Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

T. kempi Csy. NY, type locality (Lg). 

AnisodaCTYLUS Dejean 

2087 A. harrisii Lee. St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Norwood, Sep (Not); 

Newport, Pike, Albany, May (NYS) ; Olcott, Ap, Je, McLean, Jl, 
Ithaca, Ap-Jl (Dt) ; Johnstown, Genesee Co, Windsor, Centre I., 
Chauncey, Canisteo, Whitehall, Orangeburg, Catskill, Ft. George, Ft. 
Hunter, Sloatsburg, NYC, Ap-Sep (Not) ; Syracuse, Ap (H) ; West 
Pt. (Robn) ; Tarrytown, May (AM) ; Bronx, Bronxville, Ap 
(Woodr); SI, Ap-Je (Ds) ; LI, fairly common, Ap-Je (div.). 

2088 A. nigerrimus Dej. Norwood, Johnstown, Westfield, Greenwood L., 

Windsor, Nichols, Whitehall, Sloatsburg, Dunwoodie, Ap-Oct (Not) ; 
Monroe (M&W) ; E. Aurora, Hamburg (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Mar-Jl (Dt, 
Vdyk) ; Catskills, Nic,Lg (Not) ; Van Cort. Pk., Mar (NotAM) ; SI, 
Mar-May (Lg) ; LI: Bergen Beach, May (NotAM); Cypress Hills, 
May, Zab (Not); Rockaway Beach, Ap, Bellport, Jl-Aug, Nic (Not). 

2089 A. melanopus Hald. Westfield, May, Greenwood L., May, Chauncey, Mar 

(Not) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains, Mar, Ols (Not) ; Van Cort. 
Pk., Mar (Woodr AM) ; LI: Bergen Beach, May, Cypress Hills, Je-Jl, 

Nov (NotAM); Rosedale, Ap (Not). 

2090 A. nigrita Dej. St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Waterville, Je (Not); Buf- 

falo (Z&R) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Ithaca, May, Nov (Dt) ; Nichols, 
May (Not); West Pt. (Robn); NYC; Bronx, Mar, Nic (Not); SI, 
Ap (div.); LI: Brooklyn, May, Oct, Shoe (AM); Cypress Hills, Jl 
(Not) ; Jamaica, Ap-May, Nic (Not) ; E. New York, May (Not) ; 
Calverton, Sep (Not). 

2091 A. interpunctatus Kby. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Batavia, May, Kngt (Not) ; 

Olcott, Je (Dt) ; Niagara Falls (Lee) ; Montour Falls, Ap (H) ; 
western NY, common (Dnd) ; Potter Swamp, Je (Not) ; McLean 
Bogs, Jl, div. (Vdyk) ; Whitehall, Oct (Not) ; White Plains, Sep, Sq 
(Sf) ; LI: Jamaica, Mar, Nic (Not) ; Brooklyn, May, Ds (Not) ; I^. 
New York, May, Rockaway Beach, Je, Ds (Not) ; Flushing, Mar 

2092 A. agricola Say. Olcott, Aug-Sep (Dt) ; Pike (NYS) ; Bronx, May, Nic 


2094 A, semipunctatus Lee. Western NY, common (Dnd). 
2097 A. sericeus Harr. LI: Orient, Lath (NYS). 

248 Carabidae 

2107 A. coenus Say. Monroe Co (M&W) ; NYC (div.) ; SI, Je (LgAM) ; LI: 

Rockaway Beach (AM) ; Flatbush, Ap-Je, Zab (Not) ; Jamaica, Nic 
(Not) ; Brooklyn (Lee). 

2108 A. laetus Dej. NYC (L&W). 

2109 A. similis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). Described from Oregon (Lg). 

Xestonotus LeConte 

2110 X. lugubris Dej. St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Keene Val., Ap-Je (Not) ; 

Olcott, Je (Dt) ; E. Aurora, Mar (Dnd) ; Niagara Falls (Lee) ; West- 
field, May (Not) ; Cortland Co (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Oct, McLean, Aug, 
Nov (Dt) ; Catskills, Nic (Not) ; Catskill (Not,Lg) ; Croton L., Ap 
(Not); White Plains, Ap-May (Sq) ; Bronx Pk., Ap (Woodr) ; SI, 
May (Lg) ; LI: Parkville (AM); Bergen Beach, Ap (NotAM) ; 
Jamaica, Ap, Nic (Not); Flushing, Mar (Not). 

Amphasia Newman 

2111 A. interstitialis Say. Monroe Co (M&W) ; Syracuse, Montour Falls, 

May-Je (H) ; Olcott, Oct (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Genesee Co, Je 
(Lg) ; Batavia, Je (Lg) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Ap, Sep (Dt) ; 
Trenton Falls (Not) ; Rensselaer, Albany, Poughkeepsie, Ap, Oct 
(NYS); Concord (NotAM); Schoharie, Whitehall, Tivoli, L. Mo- 
honk, Je-Sep (Not) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Ramapo, Je (Lg) ; Van Cort. 
Pk., May (div.) ; Bronx, Mar-Ap (Woodr) ; SI, Feb-Nov (L&D) ; 
LI: Queens, Nov, Jamaica, Mar, Nic (Not) ; Far Rockaway, May 
(Woodr) ; Pinelawn, Je (Ds). 


2112 P. sericea Harr. Olcott, May (Dt) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 

Ithaca, Ap-Jl (Dt) ; Albany, Jl, Hill (NYS) ; Ft. Hunter, Je (Not) ; 
West Pt. (Robn); Nyack, Zab (NotAM); NYC (Schaupp) ; SI, 
May-Je (L&D) ; LI, rather common. 

Anadaptus Casey 

2126 A. discoideus Dej. Ausable Lakes, Jl-Aug, Keene, Mountain View, Low- 

ville, Pulaski, Canisteo, Westfield, Windsor, Schoharie, Nichols, Ft. 
Hunter, May-Oct (Not); Monroe Co (M&W); Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. 
Aurora, Gowanda (Dnd) ; Newport, Albany, Je (NYS) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl 
(Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; W. Hebron, Je (Lg) ; NYC, Je (Woodr) ; 
SI, May (Lg). 

2127 A. baltimorensis Say. Castile, Brad (Flet) ; generally distributed and 

common throughout the State, Ap-Sep. 

AnisOTARSUS Chaudoir 

2132 A. sayi Blatch. (piceus Lee). Junius, Aug (Dt) ; Ithaca, Aug (Lg) ; West 
Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Ds (Not) : LI: Fishers I., Aug, Zab (Not) ; Calverton, 
Yaphank, Wading R., JI, Sep, Ds (Not). 

Carabidae 249 

2139 A. terminatus Say. Monroe Co (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Cattaraugus Co, 
Jl (Not) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Dt) ; White Plams, Sq (Si) ; NYC, Jl-Sep 
(div.) ; Bronx Pk., Yonkers (AM); SI, Jl-Aug (L&D) ; LI: Cold 
Sp. Harb., Jl (Not AM) ; Flatbush, Aug, Zab (Not) ; Bellport, Jl-Aug, 
Nic (Not); Rockaway Beach, May, Far Rockaway, Ji (Woodr). 

2143 A. nitidipennis Lee. E. Aurora, Boston (Dnd) ; Ithaca, May (Dt) ; 

Mosholu, May (Not,Ds) ; LI: Wading R., May, Nic (Not). 

Spongopus LeConte ^ 

2144 S. verticalis Lee. Monroe Co (M&W) ; Batavia, May, Kngt (Not) ; West- 

field, May (Not) ; Ft. Hunter, Je (Not) ; NYC (Schaupp) ; Bronx, 
Van Cort. Pk., Mar-Ap (Woodr) ; LI: Lawrence, Rockaway, Ap 

Trichocellus Ganglbauer 

2146 T. cognatus Gyll. West Pt., Robn (Csy) ; NYC (Schaupp). 

Glycerius Casey 
2151 G. nitidus Dej. "NY" (DejANSP). 

Episcopellus Casey 

2156 E. autumnalis Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl, Sep (Dt,Lg) ; Cortland 
Co (Dnd); West Pt (Robn); SI: Tottenville, May, Ds (Not); LI: 
New Jamaica, E. New York (Schaupp) ; Babylon, Jl (AM) ; 
Rockaway Beach, Queens, Nic (Not) ; Canarsie, Ap (Not). 

TacHYCELLUS Morawitz 

2158 T. nigrinus Dej. Keene Val., Keene Hgts., Ausable Lakes, Sodus Pt., 

Mayville, May-Jl (Not) ; Whiteface Mt., Sep (Lg) ; Renwick, Ap, 
Caroline, Ap, Dt (Vdyk) ; West Pt. (Robn). 

Triliarthrus Casey 

2159 T. badiipennis Hald. Whiteface Mt, Upper Ausable L., Keene Val., Por- 

tage, Mav-Aug (Not) ; N. Elba, Oct (Lg) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Caroline, Ap, Ithaca, Mar-May, Dt (Vdyk) ; Cats- 
kills (Lg) ; West Pt (Robn) ; Ramapo Mts., May (AM) ; NYC 
(Schaupp) ; Bronx (Woodr) ; Van Cort. Pk., May (Not) ; SI, May 
(Lg) ; LI: Far Rockaway, May (Woodr) ; Rockaway Beach, May. 
Long Beach, Jl, Ds (Not); Jamaica (Lg) ; Rosedale, Ap (Not). 

2161 T. properus Csy. West Pt. (Csy). 

2162 T. kirbyi Horn. Waterville. Je, Sodus Pt., Je, Batavia, May, Canisteo, Je, 

McLean, Ap (Not); Ithaca, May-Je, Sep, Dt (Vdyk); LI: Rosedale, 

Ap (Not). 

2163 T. atrimedius Say. Monroe Co (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Canisteo, 

Nichols, Orangeburg, Tivoli, Ap-Je (Not); NYC (Schaupp). 

250 Carabidae 

Catharellus Casey 

2167 C. cordicollis Lee. Keene Val., May-Jl (Not) ; L. Tear, Jl (Not) ; 
Manitou Beach, Je, Zah (Not). 

StenocELLUS Casey 

2169 S. antennalis Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

2170 S. insulsus Csy. NYC (Csy). 

2171 S. rupestris Say. Generally distributed and common throughout the State, 


2172 S. occultus Csy. Batavia, Jl-Aug, Kngt, Canisteo, Je (Not) ; L. Champlain, 

Catskills (Csy). 

2173 S. debilipes Say. Lowville, Nichols, Sodus Pt., Schoharie, Windsor, Ft. 

Hunter, May-Je (Not) ; LI: Nissequogue, Canarsie, Wading R., May-Je 
(Not) ; Syracuse, Montour Falls, Ap-May (H). 

2174 S. cinctus Say. "NY" (Csy). 

2175 S. congener Lee. West Pt., Rohn (Csy). 

2195 S. tantillus Dej. Keene Val., L. Tear, Cape Vincent, Port Kent, Sodus Pt., 
Oakfield, Nichols, Ft. Hunter, Windsor, May-Sep (Not) ; Olcott, Feb, 
Jl (Dt) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Mar, Jl, McLean, Jl (Dt) ; SI, 
Dec-Mar (AM,Lg) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Ap-May, Shoe; Bellport, 
Jl, Nic (Not). 

2198 S. neglectus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl, Hamilton (Vdyk) ; West 
Pt., Rohn (Csy). 

S. nigriceps Lee. Ithaca, May, Hamilton (Vdyk). 

Amerinus Casey 
2203 A. linearis Lee. Monroe Co (M&W). 

Philodes LeConte 

2205 P. testaceus Lee. Olcott, Mar (Dt) ; Canisteo, Yates Co, Windsor, Nichols, 
Ma3^-Je (Not); Taughannock Gorge, Coy Glen, May, Dt (Vdyk). 

2209 G. rectangulus Chd. Nichols, May (Not). 

ACUPALPUS Latreille 

2211 A. hydropicus Lee. St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Monroe Co (M&W) ; 

West Pt. (Robn) ; Bronx Pk., Mar-Ap, Shoe; Van Cort. Pk., Ap 

(Woodr) ; SI, Feb-Ap (div.) ; LI: Brooklyn, Mar-Ap, Sho^c ; Jamaica, 

Ap, Nic (Not). 
2213 A. carus Lee. Keene Val., Ausable Pt., Mt. Marcy, Waterville, Sodus Pt., 

Batavia, Oakfield, Nichols, Tivoli, May-Sep (Not) ; Gloversville, Mar, 

Johnstown, Ap (NYS) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Olcott, Mar-Ap (Dt) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R); Ithaca, May, McLean Bogs, ' Jl (Dt) ; West Pt. 

(Robn); Bronx, Ap (Woodr); SI, Feb-Sep (div.); LI: Brooklyn, 

May, Jamaica, Ap, Nic (Not). 
2215 A. trivialis Csy. L. Champlain (Csy), 

Carabtdae 251 

Stenolophus Dejean 

2216 S. carbonarius Dej. SI (Lg) ; LI: Hauppauge, Ap, Nic (Not). 

2218 S. ochropezus Say. Rather generally distributed throughout the State, 

2220 S. fuliginosus Dej. Keene Val., Upper Ausable L., Wallface Mt., L. Tear, 
Canadice, Sodus Pt., Canisteo, Genesee Co, Tivoli, Orangeburg, Ap-Sep 
(Not); St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Olcott. 
Feb-Ap (Dt) ; E. Aurora, scarce (Dnd) ; Pike, Ap (NYS) ; Renwick, 
Ap, Nov, Dt (Vdyk) ; Ithaca, McLean, Jl-Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; West 
Pt. (Robn) ; Van Cort. Pk. (AM) ; SI: Feb, Ap, Oct (L&D,Woodr) ; 
Watchogue, Ap, Ds (Not) ; LI: Jamaica, Rockaway Beach, May, Nic 

2232 S. dissimilis Dej. Buffalo (Z&R). 

2234 S. plebejus Dej. Pike, Albany, Poughkeepsie, Ap-May (NYS) ; Ithaca. 

Mar, Je, Dt (Vdyk) ; Ramapo, Ap (Not,Ds) ; Van Cort. Pk. (NotAM) ; 
SI, Feb, Je (Woodr,Not) ; LI: Jamaica, Nic (Not); Wyandanch, 
Oct (Not). 

2235 S. fuscatus Dej. L. Tear, Jl, Windsor, Je, Van Cort. Pk. (Not). 

2236 S. humidus Ham. "NY" (Lg Cat.). 

2238 S. conjunctus Say. Generally distributed throughout the State, Ap-Sep. 
2243 S. scitulus Csy. Keene Val., May-Je, Westfield, May (Not). 


2245 T. indistinctus Dej. Olcott, Ap, Je (Dt) ; E. Aurora, May (Dnd) ; NYC 

(Schaupp) ; SI (Lg). 

2246 T. testaceus Dej. SI, Je (Lg) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Je, Shoe, May, Nic 


2247 T. pauperculus Dej. Keene Val., Mt. Skylight, Cliff Mt., Canadice, Low- 

ville, Oakfield, Nichols, Tivoli, May-Jl (Not) ; St. Lawrence Co, 
Houghton; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia (Lg) ; Ithaca, Jl (Lg) ; Charlotte, 
Je, Zah (Not); White Plains, May (Sq) ; Suffern (AM); SI (Lg) ; 
LI: Jamaica, Yaphank, Nic (Not). 

2248 T. humilis Dej. "NY" (Not,Lg) ; Batavia, Jl, Kngt (Not). 
T. obscurus Csy. NY, type locality .(Lg). 

■ T. convergens Csy. NY, type locality (Lg). 

2249 T. partiarius Say. Syracuse, May (H) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; Olcott, Ap, Je (Dt) ; Taughannock Gorge, Jl (Lg) ; Albany, 
Nassau, May (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; West Farms (AM) ; SI, 
Ap, Je (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica, Rockaway Beach, Bellport, May-Je, Nic 
(Not); Far Rockaway, May (Woodr) ; Coney I. (Lg). 


2251 A. lineola Fab. Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Peekskill, May 
(Lg) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Mosholu, Je (NotAM) ; High Bridge (AM) ; 
NYC (Schaupp, Woodr) ; SI (Lg) ; LI: Jamaica, Bellport, Je-Jl, Nic 
(Not); E. Hampton, Jl (Woodr). 

2254 A. infuscatus Dej. "NY" (Lee); E. Aurora, Jl (Dnd). 

252 Carabidae — Omophronidae — Haliplidae 

2256 A. pallipes Fab. St. Lawrence Co, Houghton; Axton, Je, Monroe Co 
(M&W) ; western NY, common (Dnd) ; Olcott, Feb-Jl (Dt) ; Castile, 
Brad (Plet) ; Six Mile Cr., Ap (Morr) ; McLean, Aug, Dt (Vdyk) ; 
Ithaca, Je-Jl (Vdyk, Dt) ; Taughannock Gorge, Sep (Vdyk) ; Ren- 
wick, Ap, Dt (Vdyk); Newport, Nassau, Albany, Ap-Je (NYS) ; 
Windsor, Je (Not); New Baltimore, Nyack, Za^ (AM); Orange Co, 
Ap (Morr) ; Durlandville, Je, FrostSW (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
Stony Pt., Je (AM) ; Mosholu, Je (Not) ; Bronxville, Mar-Ap 
(W^oodr) ; Bronx Pk., Ap-May, Sep, Shoe (AM) ; SI, Feb-Jl 
(Woodr,Lg) ; LI: Brooklyn, Ap-May, Sep, Shoe (AM); Flatbush. 
May-Sep, Zab (AM) ; Orient, Lath (NYS) ; Forest Pk., Bergen 
Beach, May-Je (NotAM) ; Bellport, Jamaica, Jl, Sep, Nic (Not). 

2261 A. comma Fab. Generally distributed throughout the State, May-Oct. 

2263 A, gracilitarsis Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

OmophRON Latreille 

2282 O. labiatum Fab. SI, May, Shoe; LI: Coney L, Lg ; Rockaway Beach, 
Sep, Shoe. Confined to the extreme southern part of the State. Lives 
in sandy soil near water ; dislodged by day by pouring water over the 
soil ; active on the surface at night. 

2284 O. americanum Dej. The most common species. Keene, Jl, Not\ Lowville, 
Je (Not) ; Manlius (VdvkCU) ; Sylvan Beach, Je, Sodus Pt., Je 
(Not) ; Monroe Co (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; 
Pike, Jl (NYS,AM) ; Oakfield, Je, Westfield, May, Canisteo. Je. Nichols. 
May (Not) ; Inlet Val., May, Jl (Dt,Wendelkin) ; Taughannock Falls, 
Jl (Dt, Wendelkin); Ithaca, Ap-May, div. (Vdyk,MacG-CU,NYS) ; 
Schoharie, Jl, Ft. Hunter, May-Je (Not) ; Albany (Lint) ; Washing- 
ton Co, Je, Lg; L. Waccabuc, Aug (NotAM) ; Peekskill, May, Sherm 
(VdykCU) ; Nyack, Je, White Plains, May, Brozvnell (Lg) ; SI: 
May-Je, Aug, Lg (Ds-NYS, AM); Bulls Head, Sep (Woodr) ; LI: 
Brooklyn, May, Shoe; Canarsie, Ap-May (Not); Coney I., Rockaway, 
May-Oct (Schaupp). On sandy banks of brooks and pools. 

2287 O. tessellatum Say. Sylvan Beach, Je (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, 
Je (Dnd) ; Nichols, May (Not) ; Inlet Val., Jl (Dt, Wendelkin) ; 
Schoharie, Je (Not) ; SI, Lg (Ds) ; LI: Edgemere, May (Woodr) ; 
Coney I., Rockaway, May-Oct (Schaupp). Not common. Ecology 
same as in labiatum. 

Haliplus Latreille 

2299 H. fasciatus Aube. Warren Co (Sherm); Syracuse (H) ; Olcott (Dt) ; 

Buffalo (Rein) ; E. Aurora, Dnd (Mat) ; Washington Co, Lg (Sherm) ; 
Hessian L., Bear Mt. (Sherm) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; White Plains (Sq) ; Esopus, Sherm (Mat) ; Tomkins Cove 
(Rbts); NYC (NotAM); SI (L&D) ; LI: Cypress Hills, Zah 
(NotAM). Ap-Sep. 

2300 H. connexus Mat. Warren Co (Sherm); Fish Cr., Oneida Co (Dt) ; 

Buffalo, Dnd (Mat) ; Ithaca, Taughannock Gorge, Ringwood (Mat) ; 
Washington Co, Je (Lg, Sherm) ; Esopus (Sherm). Je-Aug. 

Haliplidae 253 

2301 H. triopsis Say. Sodus Pt., May (Not) ; Buffalo (Rein) ; E. Aurora, 
Dnd (Mat) ; Ithaca, Ringwood (Mat, Dt) ; Washington Co 
(Lg, Sherm) ; W. Hebron, Je (Ds) ; Wingdale (Sherm) ; Peekskill 
(Sherm) ; Esopus (Sherm); West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains (Sq) ; 
Hessian L., Bear Mt (Sherm) ; NYC (L&B) ; SI (NotAM). May-Oct. 

2303 H. leopardus Rbts. Olcott (Dt) ; Washington Co (Sherm) ; Catskills 
(Nic) ; Esopus (Sherm) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; Hessian L., Bear Mt. 
(Sherm); White Plains (Sq) ; NYC (Rbts). 

2305 H. cribrarius Lee. Warren Co (Sherm) ; Syracuse, in cedar and sphagnum 

bog (H) ; E. Aurora, Dnd (Mat) ; Ithaca, Ringwood, McLean 
(Mat, Dt); Catskills (Sherm). 

2306 H. subguttatus Rbts. Recorded from Tyngsboro, Mass., by Roberts, but 

undoubtedly occurs in NY collections mixed with the preceding species 

2317 H. borealis Lee. Mooers, Oct (Not) ; SI, Oct 9 (L&D). 

2318 H. ruficoUis DeG. Probably common all over North America (Mat) ; 

Syracuse, in cedar bog, as immaculicollis, Harr (H) ; Sodus Pt., 
May-Je (Not) ; Olcott (Dt) ; Buffalo, E. Aurora, E. Concord, Dnd 
(Mat) ; Oakfield, Je (Not) ; Ithaca (Mat) ; McLean (Dt) ; Oneida 
Co (Dt) ; Esopus (Sherm); Peekskill, Chatham (Sherm); West Pt. 
(Robn); White Plains (Sq) ; Bronx Pk. (Lg) ; SI (L&D); LI: 
Astoria; Flatbush (AM); Cypress Hills (AM); Fishers I. (AM). 

2319 H. blanchardi Rbts: Syracuse, in sphagnum bog (H) ; SI (Robts, L&D). 

2322 H. longulus Lee. Pike (NYS) ; Buffalo (Rein) ; Grand I., E. Concord, 
Dnd (Mat) ; Batavia (Kngt) ; Ithaca (Mat) ; Ringwood (Dt) ; Karner 
(NYS) ; Washington Co (Sherm) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; West Pt. 
(Robn); SI (AM). May-Oct. 

Peltodytes Regimbart 

2324 P. tortulosus Robts. Buffalo, Jl 20, 1918, Dnd (Mat). 

2328 P. muticus Lee. Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; E. Aurora, E. Concord, Dnd (Mat) ; 
Murray Br., Oneida Co (Dt) ; Syracuse, in cedar bog (H) ; Golden 
(Mat); Ithaca (Mat); Esopus (Rbts); West Pt. (Robn); White 
Plains (Sq) ; NYC and vie (AM); SI, Sep, Shcnn (L&D); LI: 
Flushing (Mat). May-Oct. 

2331 P. shermani Robts. White Plains (Sq) ; NYC and vie (Robts); SI, 

May-Sep, types (L&D). 

2332 P. pedunculatus Blatch. Ithaca (Mat). 

2335 P. lengi Rbts. Hessian L., Bear Mt (Sherm) ; SI, Sep, type (L&D). 

2336 P. duodecimpunctatus Say. Oneida Co (Dt) ; Sodus Pt., May-Je (Not) ; 

Olcott (Dt) ; Buffalo (Rein); E. Aurora, Dnd (Mat); Castile, Brad 
(Flet); Ithaca (Mat); W. Hebron (AM); Poughkeepsie (Mat); 
Esopus (AM) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Tomkins Cove, Zah (AM) ; 
Yonkers (Lg) ; Bronx Pk. (Lg) ; SI, Ap-May, Sep, Sherm (L&D); 
LI: Flushing (Mat); Flatbush, Cypress Hills, Fishers L, Zab (AM). 

2337 P. edentulus Lee. Keene Val. (Dt) ; Pike (Mat) ; White L., Onondaga 

Co (H); Sodus Pt., May-Je (Not); Buffalo, Dnd (Mat); Golden 
(Mat) ; Ithaca, McLean (Mat) ; Washington Co (Lg) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; White Plains (Sq) ; SI (L&D). May-Nov. 

254 Dytiscidae 


Canthydrus Sharp 
2340 C. puncticollis Cr. L. Waccabuc (AM); NYC (L&B).; SI, May (L&D). 
2342 C. gibbulus Aube. Westchester Co (ShermCU). 

Hydrocanthus Say 

2346 H. iricolor Say. Sodus Pt, Je (Not); Buffalo (AM); Peekskill ; White 
Plains, May 30-Oct 25 (Sq) ; Esopus, Sep (AM); Van Cort. Pk. 
(Sherm); NYC (AM); SI, Ap-Je, Aug-Sep (L&D); LI: Richmond 
Hill (Sherm); Fishers L, Aug (AM). 


Laccophilus Leach 

2351 L. maculosus Germ. Keene Val., Jl, Saranac Inn, Jl (NYS) ; Newport 
(NYS) ; Adirondack Lodge, Jl, Bish (NYS); Mooers, Sep (Not); 
Cranberry L.. Je 18 (H) ; Syracuse, Ap-May (H) ; Sodus Pt., Je 
(Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike (NYS) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Batavia, 
Je (Kngt) ; Caledonia Cr., Livingston Co, Dec (Lee) ; Westfield, May 
(Not) ; Ithaca, Jl-Sep (Sherm-CU) ; McLean Bogs, Dt (NYS) ; Wind- 
sor, Je (Not) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Albany, Ap, Karner, Nassau, May 
(NYS); Peekskill, Aug (ShermCU); Poughkeepsie, Ap (NYS); W. 
Hebron, Je (Lg) ; Binghamton, Ap (AM) ; West Pt (Robn) ; Nyack, 
Oct (AM) ; Esopus (AM) ; White Plains, Mar 10-Oct 12 (Sq) ; Tom- 
kins Cove (Lg) ; Bronx Pk., Aug-Sep (AM) ; SI, Mar-Je (L&D) ; 
LI: Flatbush, Ap-May, Cypress Hills, May, Fishers I., Aug (AM); 
Calverton, Sep (Ds). 

2353 L. proximus Say. E. Aurora, Sep, in ponds, scarce (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl 

(Dt) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; SI, Jan-Ap, Sep, Nov (L&D). 

2354 L. inconspicuus Fall. Ringwood, May, Scnning (Flet). 

2359 L,. fasciatus Aube. Peekskill (Sherm) ; NYC (AM) ; SI, May, Jl (L&D). 
2363 L. undatus Aube. Buffalo (AM); Peekskill (Sherm); Esopus, Sep 
(Sherm); West Pt. (Robn); NYC (AM); SI, Ap-Je, Aug-Oct 

Hydro VATUS Motschulsky 

2367 H. cuspidatus Kunze. Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; E. Aurora, Aug, in a marshy 
pool (Dnd) ; Esopus (Sherm) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; 
SI, Ap-May, Aug-Sep (L&D). 

DesmopACHRIA Babington 

2374 D. convexa Aube. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Gloversville, Mav (NYS) ; Syra- 
cuse, Ap-May (H) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Concord, 
Erie Co, Aug (Dnd); Castile, Brad (Flet); Ithaca, Aug 12, McLean, 
May 21 (ShermCU); Ringwood, Je-Jl (Dt) ; Peekskill (Sherm); 
NYC (L&B); SI, Ap-May (L&D); LI: Jamaica, May (AM). 

^* H. C. Fall and John D. Sherman, Jr., have gone over the manuscript for this list and made 
many corrections. Mr. Sherman has supplied all of his records from his extensive collecting and 
study of this family in New York. 

Dytiscidae 255 


2385 B. flavicollis Lee. Chaumont, Sep (Not); SI: Sep 8 (L&D) ; 1000 speci- 
mens of this species were taken in one single haul of the net from the 
shallow water, close to the shore of the L&D locality, Sep 8, 1900 

2388 B. pulicarius Aube. Ithaca, Oct (Kngt) ; Hessian L., Aug, Esopus (AM) ; 
Bear Mt. L, Peekskill (Sherm) ; SI, May (L&D). 

2390 B. affinis Say. Newport, May (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je 23 (H) ; Mooers, 
Sep (Not) ; Syracuse, Ap-May (H) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Olcott, Jl 
(Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Jl-Aug, common (Dnd) ; Caledonia 
Cr., Dec (Lee) ; McLean, Aug (Dt) ; Ithaca, Ap, Oct (ShermCU) ; 
Cortland Co, Jl-Aug, common (Dnd) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Oneida 
Co, Aug, CIms (Dt) ; W. Hebron, Je (Lg) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Bear 
Mt. L. (Sherm); Esopus, NYC (AM); SI, Jl, Sep (L&D); LI: 
Rockaway Beach (AM). 

2394 B. lacustris Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Chautauqua, 

Thompson (Sherm) ; NYC (L&B) ; SI, Je, Aug (L&D). 

2395 B. fuscatus Cr. Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; E. Aurora, Sep, Nov; Oneida Co, Jl 

25, Clms (Dt) ; Ringwood, Je (Dt) ; Peekskill (ShermCU) ; SI, May, 
Jl-Aug (L&D). Occurs always in woodland pools (Sherm). 

2398 B. granarius Aube. Esopus (Sherm) ; Peekskill, Jl 21 (ShermCU) ; SI, 

May, Jl-Aug, Nov (L&D). 

2399 B. suburbanus Fall. SI, Jl (L&D) ; type locality in woodland pools 


Celina Aube 


C. angustata Aube. NYC (AM) ; SI, May, Jl (L&D), 

COELAMBUS Thomson 3i 

2407 C. acaroides Lee. E. Aurora, Sep, scarce (Dnd). 

2403 C. punctatus Say {inaequalis Fab.). Adirondacks (Fall) ; Mooers, Sep 
(Not) ; Syracuse, May (H) ; Sodus Pt, Je (Not) ; Olcott, Je (Dt) 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Ithaca, May 8 (ShermCU) 
McLean, May 21 (ShermCU) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill (Sherm) 
White Plains, Ap 27-Oct 25 (Sq) ; near NYC (L&B); SI, Ap-May, 
Aug-Oct (L&D). 

2425 C. laccophilinus Lee. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Ringwood, Je-Jl (Dt) ; Peeks- 

kill, in woodland pools (Sherm) ; SI, Jl-Aug (L&D). 

2426 C. sylvanus Fall. Peekskill, type locality, in woodland pools (Sherm). 

2408 C. turbidus Lee. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Ringwood, Je (Dt) ; near NYC 

(L&B); SI, Sep (L&D). 

2409 C. dispar Lee. (dissimilis G. & H.). Westfield, May (Not) ; McLean, Aug 

(Dt) ; Washington Co (AM) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Esopus, Sherm (Fall) ; 
West Farms (AM). 
2420 C. nubilus Lee. Common and widely distributed from New England to 
western Texas (Fall). Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Aug-Sep, fre- 
quent in pools and brooks (Dnd) ; Ithaca (ShermCU) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; near NYC (L&B) ; SI, Jan, Oct (L&D). 

^^ The arrangement of species in Coelambus is that of Fall in his paper on The North American 
'Species of Coelambus, published in 1919. 

256 Dytiscidae 

2424 C. impressopunctatus Schall. Syracuse (H) ; Buffalo, Aug (Z&R, Dnd) ; 
E. Aurora, Aug (Dnd) ; Sodus Pt., May-Je, and Westfield, May (Not) ; 
Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; NYC (AM) ; SI, Mar-Ap, Jl (L&D). 

Hydroporus Clairville 32 

2444 H. mellitus Lee. Peekskill (AM) ; Esopus, in running brooks, Shenn 
(Fall) ; SI, Aug (L&D). 

2440 H. pulcher Lee. E. Aurora, Jl, in brooks, scarce (Dnd) ; Chautauqua 

(Lg) ; Esopus, Aug, in running brooks (Sherm) ; White Plains, Oct 
(Sq); SI, Jl-Aug (L&D). 
2437 H. wickhami Zaitz. {concinnus Lee). E Aurora, Jl-Aug, common in 
brooks (Dnd) ; Chautauqua (Fall) ; Sodus Pt., Je, Westfield, May 
(Not); Ithaca, Sep (Fall,Dt) ; near NYC (L&B). 

2441 H. oppositus Say {integer Shp.). Livingston Co, Dec (Lee) ; Ithaca, Oct 

2448 15 (ShermCU) ; Catskills (Fall) ; Esopus, Sep, Sherm (AM) ; Wash- 
ington Co, Aug (AM) ; SI, Sep (AM). 

2473 H. vitiosus Lee. Mooers, Sep, Not (Fall) ; Ithaca, Jl, Sep (Fall,Dt) ; 

Washington Co., Sherm (Fall); SI, Je-Jl (L&D). 

2442 H. shermani Fall. SI, type locality (L&D). 

2474 H. blanchardi Sherm. (vitiosus Shp.). Peekskill, in running brooks, Sherm 

(Fall); SI (Fall). 
2471 H. striatopunctatus Melsh. Ithaca, Oct 15 (ShermCU) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 

Esopus, in running brooks, Sherm (Fall) ; NYC, Aug (AM) ; SI, 

May, Jl-Aug (L&D). 
2460 H. sulcipennis Fall. Peekskill, in running brooks, Sherm (Fall). 

2458 H. spurius Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Oneida Co, Jl 25, Clms (Dt) ; West Pt. 

(Robn) ; Esopus, Sep, in running brooks (Sherm) ; LI: Yaphank (Ds). 

2459 H. dilatatus Fall. Esopus, in running brooks, Sherm (Fall). 

2449 H. lobatus Sharp. SI, May, Jl-Aug (L&D). 

2447 H. undulatus Say. Generally distributed (Sherm). Newport, May (NYS) ; 

Syracuse, Ap-May (Wallis) ; Oneida Co, Je, Clms (Dt) ; Castile, 

Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug, Sherm (Fall, Dt) ; McLean Bogs (Fall, 

Dt) ; Esopus, Sherm (Fall) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill (Fall) ; 

White Plains, May 3-Oct 13 (Sq) ; Van Cort. Pk., Bronx Pk., Aug 

(AM); SI, Feb, Ap, Je-Oct (L&D); LI: Cypress Hills, Je, Fishers 

I., Aug (AM); Calverton, Sep (Ds). 
2454 H. consimilis Lee. Westport, Aug (NYS) ; Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Warren 

Co, Sherm (Fall); Sodus Pt, Not (Fall); Buffalo (Z&R), Jl, in 

marsh, scarce (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Oct (Kngt). 
2457 H. carolinus Fall (proximus Aube). Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Washington 
2464 Co, Sherm (Fall) ; Warren Co, Sherm (Fall) ; Westchester Co 

2452 H. clypealis Shp. Ithaca, Oct 9-10 (ShermCU) ; McLean Bogs, Aug 

(Fall, Dt) ; Washington Co (Sherm) ; Esopus, Sep (AM) ; Peekskill. 

Sherm (Fall); SI, Jl-Sep (L&D). 
2463 H. mixtus Lee. ?Avon, Jan (Cls) ; Ithaca, Oct, McLean, May 21 

(ShermCU); NYC (L&B); SI, Aug (L&D). Fall writes, "I have 

not recognized this form from New York, but these records may be 

all right." 

^^ The arrangement of species in Hydroporus is that of Fall in his paper on A Revision of the 
North American Species of Hydroporus and Agaporus, published in 1923. 

Dytiscidae 257 

2466 H. sericeus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). Possibly a misidentification (Fall). 

2467 H. solitarius Shp. Ithaca, Oct 5 (ShermCU) ; Esopus (Sherm) ; Wingdale 

(Sherm); LI: Wading R., May, Nic (Lg). 
2461 H. hybridus Aube. "NY" (AubeANSP). Fall writes, "I doubt this 

H. deflatus Fall. SI, Sherm (Fall). 

H. paugus Fall. Warren Co; Peekskill; Esopus; Wingdale; SI. All Sherm 


2523 H. oblitus Aube. Peekskill (L&B) ; SI (L&D). 

2521 H. stagnalis G. & H. Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Peekskill, Jl (ShermCU); 
NYC (L&B) ; SI, Jl (L&D). 

H. filiolus Fall. McLean Bogs, Aug (Fall, Dt) ; Peekskill, Sherm (Fall). 

H. aequus Fall. Peekskill, Kaaterskill, Sherm (Fall). 

H. rufiplanulus Fall. Rock City, types, Ds (Fall) ; Peekskill, Sherm 

2510 H. dichrous Melsh. Syracuse, May (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Jl, Sep 
(Fall, Dt); Esopus, Sep (AM); NYC (L&B); SI, May, Jl-Aug 

2524 H. brevicornis Fall. Peekskill, Sherm (Fall) ; SI, Sherm (Fall). 

2505 H. americanus Aube. Newport, Pike, Je (Yg) ; Ithaca, Aug, Karner, Jl 

(NYS); Peekskill (L&B); NYC (L&B); SI, May-Jl, Sep (L&D). 

2506 H. dentellus Fall. Ithaca, Je-Jl (Fall, Dt). 
2516 H. ruficeps Shp. SI, Jl-Aug (L&D). 

2514 H. niger Say {modestus Aube). Cranberry L., Je 23 (H) ; Mooers, Sep 
(Not) ; Syracuse, Ap-May (H) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R); Ithaca, Jl, Sep (Fall, Dt) ; McLean, Oct 21 (ShermCU); 
Windsor, Je (Not) ; Washington Co, W. Hebron, Peekskill, Sep 
(AM) ; White Plains, Mar 10-Oct 20 (Sq) ; Kaaterskill, Sherm 
(Fall); SI, Jan, Ap-May, Jl-Oct (L&D); LI: Cypress Hills (AM). 

2495 H. despectus Shp. Ithaca, Je-Jl (Fall, Dt) ; SI (AM). 

2493 H. tenebrosus Lee. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Syracuse, May (H). 

2490 H. melanocephalus Gyll. (morio Shp.). Mooers, Sodus Pt., May (Not). 

2508 H. signatus Mann, not Shp. (inornattis Shp.). Syracuse, Ap-May (Wallls) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je, McLean Bogs, Aug (Fall, Dt) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; Peekskill (L&B) ; Wingdale (Fall) ; SI, Feb, May-Jl, Sep 
(L&D); LI (Fall). 

2509 H. fuscipennis Kies. Syracuse, Ap (Wallis). (Fall gives the author of 

this species as Schaum.) 

H. striola Gyll. Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Syracuse, Ap-May (H) ; Ithaca, 

Jl (Fall, Dt), as vitulns Er. 

2502 H. striola var. subtonsus Lee. Peekskill (AM); SI (Sherm). 

2501 H. tristis Payk. Widely distributed (Sherm). Pike, Ap (NYS) ; Peekskill 
(Sherm) ; NYC (L&B) ; SI, Jl (L&D). 

2430 H. (Deronectes) griseostriatus DeG. var. catascopium Say. Pike, Je 

2429 (NYS); Buffalo (Z&R); McLean, Oct 21, Ithaca (ShermCU); W. 

Hebron, Je (Lg) ; Peekskill, Sherm (L&B) ; NYC (AM) ; SI, May, 
Oct (L&D). 

2428 H. (Deronectes) depressus Fab. (rotundatus Lee). "NY" (Fab); Buf- 
falo (Z&R) ; W. Hebron, Je, in running water (Sherm, Lg). 


258 Dytiscidae 

2483 H. (Oreodytes) septentrionalis Gyll. Westfield, May (Not) ; Catskills, in 
running water, Sherm (Fall). 

Agaporus Zimmerman 

2531 A. difformis Lee. (Hydroporus). Buffalo (Z&R) ; Peekskill, May-Sep 

(Sherm) ; White Plains, Ap (Sq) ; SI, Ap-Je ( Sherm). ^ Occurs in 
woodland pools, among rotted leaves, and is very sluggish in its move- 
ments (Sherm). 

2532 A. conoideus Lee. Ringwood, Jl, Senning (Flet). 

Agabus Leach 33 

2548 A. semivittatus Lee. E. Aurora, Jl-Aug, in brooks (Dnd) ; Westfield, May 
(Not); Ithaca, Ap-May, Jl (ShermCU) ; Schoharie (Not). 

2546 A. stagninus Say. "NY" (AM) ; Clarence, Erie Co, Aug, one specimen 
(Dnd); Batavia, Je (Kngt). 

2543 A. obtusatus Say. Newport (NYS) ; Chautauqua, Thompson (Sherm) ; 

Westfield, May (Not) ; Peekskill, Jl, in springs (ShermCU) ; White 
Plains, Ap 13-Sep 13 (Sq) ; near NYC (L&B) ; Spuyten Duyvil 
(Sherm) ; SI (L&D). 

2544 A. planatus Shp. SI, Rbts (Fall). 

2539 A. seriatus Say. Newport, May (NYS) ; Manlius, Mar (ShermCU) ; E. 
Aurora, May-Jl, in brooks, scarce (Dnd) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Aug 
5 (ShermCU); Gloversville, Ap (NYS); Peekskill, Sherm (L&B); 
SI, Ap-Aug (L&D). 

2550 A. punctatus Melsh. NYC (AM) ; SI, Ap-Je, Aug (L&D) ; LI, L&D 


2551 A. punctulatus Aube {aencolus Cr.). Pike, May 20 (Fall, Frost); Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; McLean, Jl (Dt) ; Cortland Co, May 21 (ShermCU) ; Wash- 
ington Co, Je (AM) ; W. Hebron (Sherm). 
2553 A. semipunctatus Kby. (stridulator Shp.). Buffalo (Z&R); Cortland Co, 
Jl, in pasture pools (Dnd) ; Peekskill, in woodland pools (Sherm) ; 
NYC (AM); SI (Sherm). 

2556 A. taeniolatus Harr. Buffalo (Z&R); NYC (AM); SI (L&D). 

2557 A. disintegratus Cr. E. Aurora, Sep, one in large pond (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Ap 

21 (ShermCU) ; McLean Bogs, Aug (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Peeks- 
kill (AM) ; NYC, Oct (AM) ; SI, May, Jl, Dec (L&D) ; LI: Forest 
Pk., Shoe (Sherm). 

2562 A. ambiguus Say (reticidatns Aube, fimbriatus Lee). Cranberry L., Je 
(H) ; Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Syracuse, Ap-May (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) 
E. Aurora, Sep, in ponds, scarce (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Oct 6 (ShermCU) 
McLean, Aug, Ringwood, Je-Jl (Dt) ; Warren, Sep (ShermCU) 
Peekskill (Sherm) ; White Plains, Ap (Sq) ; SI, Ap, Jl (L&D). 

2572 A. erythroptenis Say. Newport (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Ithaca 
(ShermCU); West Pt. (Robn); Peekskill (Sherm); White Plains, 
Oct 25 (Sq); NYC (L&B); SI (L&D). 

'*'•' The arrangement of species in Agabus follows Fall's paper on A Review of the North Ameri- 
cav^ Species of Agabus, published in 1922, and differs considerably from that in the Leng catalog. 

Dytiscidae 259 

2564 A. discolor Harr. Warren Co, Sherm (Fall) ; Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Buf- 
falo, Jl 10, MCV (Fall) ; Washington Co, Sherm (Fall) ; W. Hebron 

2563 A. confinis Gyll. "NY" (Gyll) ; Washington Co, Aug (ShermCU). 

2575 A. anthracinus Mann. Cranberry L., Je (H) ; White Plains, Sep (Sq). 

2579 A. nigroaeneus Er. Ringwood, Je (Dt). 

2580 A. gagates Aube. Newport, Je (Yg) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Ilion 

(NYS) ; Pike (NYS) ; E. Aurora, Jl, one in pond (Dnd) ; Chautauqua, 
Thompson (Sherm) ; Ithaca, Jl 30 (ShermCU) ; McLean, Aug, Ring- 
wood, Jl (Dt) ; Esopus, Sep (AM) ; Poughkeepsie, May (NYS) ; West 
Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill, in spring holes (Sherm) ; White Plains, Ap 
20-Oct 4 (Sq) ; NYC (L&B) ; SI, Je-Aug (L&D). 


2587 I. bifarius Kby. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Waterville, Je (Not) ; Karner, Ap 
(NYS); LI: Forest Pk., May (Sherm). 

ILYBIUS Erichson 

2590 I. pleuriticus Lee. Cranberry L., Je (H). 

2593 I. quadrimaculatus Aube. Peekskill (L&B). This determination should be 

verified (Fall). 

2594 I. ignarus Lee. Peekskill, Jl 26, in a woodland pool (Sherm) ; SI (Sherm). 

2595 I. angustior Gyll. Cranberry L., Je (H). 

2598 I. biguttulus Germ. Keene Val., Jl (NYS) ; Saranac Inn, Jl (NYS) ; 
Newport, Je (Yg) ; Cranberry L., Je-Aug (H) ; Mooers, Sep (Not) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike (NYS) ; E. Aurora, Aug-Sep, frequent in ponds 
(Dnd) ; Oneida Co, Jl 11, Clms (Dt) ; Ithaca, Je-Aug (ShermCU) ; 
Ringwood, Jl 7 (Vdyk) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; W. Hebron, Je (Lg) ; 
Albany, Je (Yg) ; Wingdale (Sherm) ; Kaaterskill (Sherm) ; Peekskill 
(Sherm); White Plains, May 11-Nov 11 (Sq) ; near NYC (L&B); 
SI, Feb, May-Oct (L&D). 

2600 I. confusus Aube. Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Ithaca, May 4 (ShermCU) ; 

Valley Falls, May (NYS) ; Esopus, Sep (Sherm) ; Kaaterskill 
(Sherm) ; Bear Mt. L., Jl (Sherm) ; White Plains, Je 6-Jl 11 (Sq) ; 
NYC (AM); SI, Jl (L&D). 

2601 I. oblitus Shp. Cranberry L. (H) ; Buffalo, Je, Esopus, Sep (AM) ; White 

Plains, Sep-Oct (Sq). 

Agabetes Crotch 

2602 A. acuductus Harr. Ausable Pt., Sep 23 (Not) ; Warren Co (Sherm) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ringwood, Je (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill, 
May-Je (ShermCU) ; White Plains, Mar 30-May 3 (Sq) ; SI, May-Jl, 
Sep (L&D); LI: Forest Pk. (Sherm). Usually in woodland pools 

Mat US Aube 

2603 M. bicarinatus Say. Warren Co, Aug (Sherm) ; Nassau, Ap (NYS) ; 

West Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill, May, Jl, Sep (ShermCU) ; White Plains, 
Mar 12-Nov 11 (Sq) ; near NYC (L&B); SI, May (AM); LI: 

260 Dytiscidae 

Orient, Jl (NYS). Usually in woodland pools, and has been taken in 
various localities in very moist and damp mossy places in the woods 
where there is usually very little water, this species being a crawler 
rather than a swimmer (Sherm). 


2605 C. glyphicus Say. Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Cazenovia Cr., E. Aurora, Sep 
(Dnd) ; Waterville, Je (Not) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Ithaca, Jl 24 
(ShermCU); McLean, Jl (Dt) ; Karner, Mar (NYS); Esopus, Sep 
(Sherm) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; SI, Ap-May, Aug 
(L&D) ; LI: E. New York, Je (Ds). Under stones, logs, etc., on 
muddy shores of river at Peekskill and Esopus, between tide lines 


2610 C. interrogatus Fab. Keene Val., Jl (NYS) ; Cranberry L., May 15 (H) ; 
Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Olcott, Jl (Dt) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Jl, Sep, common in ponds (Dnd) ; Castile, Brad 
(Flet) ; Avon, Jan (Cls) ; Canandaigua, Jl (NYS) ; Ithaca, Ap, Oct 
(ShermCU) ; Karner, Jl (NYS) ; W. Hebron, Je (Lg) ; Esopus, Sep 
(AM); West Pt. (Robn); Peekskill (Sherm); Bear Mt. (Sherm); 
White Plains, Mar 12-Nov 11 (Sq) ; near NYC (L&B) ; SI, Ap, 
Je-Oct (L&D); LI: Forest Pk. (Sherm). 

2612 S. angustatus Lee. Adirondacks, Not (Sherm). 

Rhantus Lacordaire 

2616 R. binotatus Harr. Keene Val., Jl (NYS) ; Newport, May (Yg) ; Cran- 
berry L., Je (H) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; E. Aurora in Cazenovia Cr., 
one, Sep (Dnd) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Ithaca, Aug- 
Sep, Ringwood, Je (Dt) ; Albany, May, Karner, Jl (Yg) ; Delmar, 
May (NYS) ; Esopus, Sep, Sherm (AM) ; White Plains, Mar 4-Oct 2 
(Sq) ; NYC (AM) ; SI, Ap (L&D). 

2619 R. calidus Fab. Occurs in N. and S. Am. from Me. (Peak I.) to Brazil 

(Sherm). Peekskill, Aug (Sherm); near NYC (L&B); SI, May 
(L&D); LI: Rockaway Beach (AM). 

2620 R. sinuatus Lee. Peekskill (Sherm) ; SI (Sherm) ; LI (Sherm). 

2623 R. bistriatus Bergst. E. Concord, Aug, one in a weedy pond (Dnd) ; Ithaca, 

Sep (Dt) ; Wingdale (Sherm); White Plains, Sep (Sq). 

2624 R. tostus Lee. Pike, Ap (NYS) ; Ithaca, Jl 12 (ShermCU) ; Karner, Ap 

(NYS); LI: Forest Pk. (Sherm). 

COLYMBETES Clairville 

2632 C. sculptilis Harr. Ogdensburg, Je (NYS) ; Gloversville, May (NYS) ; 
Oswego, Je, Bks (NYS); Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Pike (NYS); Buffalo 
(Z&R), Je (Dnd) ; E. Aurora, Je-Sep, common in ponds (Dnd) ; Avon, 

^ The species of this genus live in sphagnum pools in the deep forests of the North (L. Superipr, 
White Mts., Adirondacks, and Hudson Bay), and fly considerable distances but are very sluggish 
in the water (Sherm). 

Dytiscidae 261 

Nov-Dec, Geneva, Mar (Cls) ; Ithaca, Ap-May, Jl-Aug, Oct 
(ShermCU); Albany, Karner, Je (NYS) ; Hermitage, Jl (Mat); 
White Plains, Mar 30-Oct 11 (Sq) ; NYC (AM) ; SI, Ap-Je (L&D) ; 
LI (Sherm). 


DytISCUS Linnaeus 

2636 D. fasciventris Say. Oswego, Oct, Bks (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. 

Aurora, Sep, in ponds, scarce (Dnd) ; Avon, Dec (Cls) ; Batavia, Jl 
(Kngt) ; Canandaigua L., Jl 11 (ShermCU) ; Canandaigua (NYS) 
Ithaca, Je-Aug (ShermCU) ; Utica, Nov (LintNYS) ; Washington Co 
(Sherm) ; Albany, Oct (LintNYS) ; Chatham, Nov (NYS) ; West Pt 
(Robn) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; White Plains, Oct (Sq) ; NYC (L&B) : 
SI, Ap, Je, Nov (L&D) ; LI: Orient Pt. (NYS) ; Astoria (AM). 

2637 D. hybridus Aube. Keene Val., Nov (Not) ; Oswego, Oct, Bks (NYS) 

Olcott, Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R); Pike (Sherm); Niagara R., May 
(Dnd) ; Canandaigua, Jl (NYS) ; Orchard Pk., Jl (NYS) ; Ithaca 
Jl-Aug, Oct (ShermCU); McLean, Oct 21 (ShermCU); West Pt 
(Robn); White Plains, Mar 19-Sep 6 (Sq) ; NYC (L&B); SI, Jl 
Sep-Oct (L&D). 

2638 D. verticalis Say. Keene Val., Saranac Inn, Jl (NYS) ; Gloversville, Sep 

(NYS) ; E. Aurora, Buffalo, Aug, frequent (Dnd) ; Pike (NYS) ; 
Canandaigua L., Jl (NYS) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug, Oct (ShermCU) ; Mc- 
■ Lean Bogs, Aug (Vdyk) ; Albany, Aug, Nassau, Jl (NYS) ; Esopus, 
Peekskill (Sherm) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains, Oct (ShermCU) ; 
Van Cort. Pk., Aug (ShermCU) ; NYC (L&B) ; SI, Mar-May, Jl 
(L&D); LI: Forest Pk. (Sherm). 
2641 D. marginalis L. Avon, Dec (Cls) ; Canandaigua, Jl, Pike, Ap (NYS) ; 
Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; Pittstown, Je (ShermNYS). 

2645 D. dauricus Gebl. Ithaca, Aug 28 (ShermCU). 

2646 D. harrisii Kby. Adirondacks, Sep (Eng) ; Wells, Aug (NYS) ; Olcott, Jl 

(Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Jl, in ponds, scarce (Dnd) ; Aurora, 
Ap, Bish (NYS) ; Johnsburg, Sep (NYS) ; Caledonia Cr., Dec (Lee) ; 
Geneva, Jl (LintNYS); Ithaca, Jl, Oct (ShermCU); McLean, Oct 21 
(ShermCU); Hadley, Feb (NYS); Utica, May, Chatham, Nov 
(NYS) ; East Branch, Aug, Ds (Ang) ; Saratoga Sps., Oct 
(LintNYS); LI: Forest Pk. (Eng). 

Hydaticus Leach 

2647 H. stagnalis Fab. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Mar, Aug (Dt) ; New Salem, 

Ap, Bish (NYS); Karner, Jl (NYS); Peekskill, Sep (Sherm); 
White Plains, Ap (Sq) ; near NYC (L&B) ; SI, Ap-May (L&D). 

2648 H. laevipennis Thorn. Syracuse, May (H). 

2649 H. piceus Lee. Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill (Sherm) : 

White Plains, Ap 22-May 20 (Sq) ; Van Cort. Pk., Oct (Lg) ; SI. 
Ap, Je, Aug, Oct (L&D). 

2650 H. bimarginatus Say. Near NYC (L&B) ; SI, Je (L&D). 

262 Dytiscidae — Gyrinidae 


2651 A. fraternus Harr. (seiiiisulcatus Aube, ace. Sherman). Mt. Marcy, Keeiie 

2652 Val., Saranac Inn, Jl (NYS) ; Wilmington, Aug (Dt) ; Cranberry L. 
(H) ; Pike, Ap (NYS) ; Syracuse, May (H) ; Sodus Pt, Je (Not) ; 
Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; E. Aurora, Buffalo, Je, Sep, common in ponds 
(Dnd) ; Canandaigua L., Jl (NYS) ; Livingston Co, Dec (Lee) ; 
Geneva, Avon, Dee (Cls) ; Westfield, May (Not); Ithaca, Sep (Dt), 
Oct (Sherm) ; McLean, Aug (Dt) ; Karner, May (NYS) ; Esopus, 
Sep (AM) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; White Plains, 
Jl-Nov (Sq) ; SI, Ap-May, Oct-Nov (L&D). 

2653 A. mediatus Say. Ithaca, Aug 28 (ShermCU) ; Peekskill, Sep (Sherm) ; 

SI, Ap-Aug (L&D). 

Thermonectes Crotch 

2654 T. ornaticollis Aube. Ithaca, Jl 18, Stedman (ShermCU); NYC (L&B). 

2655 T. basilaris Harr. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Canandaigua L., Jl (NYS) ; Ithaca, 

Sep (Dt) ; Karner, May (NYS) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; White Plains, 
Oct (Sq); NYC (AM); Van Cort. Pk. (SI Mus) ; SI, Ap-May, 
Jl-Oct (L&D); LI: Brooklyn, May (Ds). 

Graphoderes Thomson 

2659 G. liberus Say. Syracuse, May (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca (ShermCU) ; 

McLean, Aug (Dt) ; Oneida, Je 29, Clms (Dt) ; Peekskill (Sherm); 
White Plains, Mar 12-Oet 15 (Sq) ; NYC (L&B) ; SI, Ap-May, Aug 
(L&D); LI: Forest Pk. (Sherm). 

2660 G. cinereus L. Ithaca (Dt) ; McLean, Aug (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; NYC 

(L&B) ; SI, Ap, Je, Aug (L&D) ; LI: Astoria (AM). 


CybISTER Curtis 

2667 C. fimbriolatus Say. Oswego Co, Je, Bks (NYS) ; Ithaca, Aug-Sep 
(ShermCU) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains, Sep 2 (Sq) ; Van Cort. 
Pk. (SI Mus) ; NYC (L&B) ; SI, May, Aug (L&D) ; LI: Orient Pt. 

Family GYRINIDAE ^s 
Dineutes MacLeay 

2671 D. vittatus Germ. Ithaca (AM) ; Poughkeepsie (NYS) ; White Plains, 
Je-Oct (Ang, Sq) ; Putnam Co, May (Lg) ; Nyack, Oct (AM) ; Van 
Cort. Pk., May (Lg) ; SI, Ap-Oct (L&D) ; LI: Yaphank (Ang). 

2674 D. discolor Aube. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Oneida Co, Clms (Dt) ; Avon, 
Geneva (Cls) ; Ithaca (Dt) ; L. George, Aug (AM) ; Windsor, Je 
(Not) ; Schoharie, May-Je (Dt) ; Albany, Poughkeepsie (NYS) ; 
White Plains, Je (Sq) ; NYC and vie. (AM); SI (L&D); LI: 
Cypress Hills, Babylon, May-Je (AM). 

^5 H. C. Fall has kindly read the manuscript for this list, and has made some changes in 
synonymy and added some records. 

Gyrinidae 263 

2679 D. nigrior Robts. Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; White Plains, May-Oct (Sq) ; NYC 

and vie. (AM) ; SI (L&D) ; LI: Astoria (AM) ; Deep Pond, Wading 
R, Jl, Ds (Fall). 

2680 D. americanus Say (assimilis Kby.). Oneida Co, May-Je, Clms (Dt) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; E. Aurora, Je, Sep, common 
(Dnd) ; Pike (NYS) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; 
Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; W. Hebron, Rockland L. (Lg) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
White Plains, May-Je (Sq) ; Nyack, West Farms (AM) ; NYC and 
vie. (AM); SI, Ap-Oct (L&D); LI: Flatbush, Coney I., Cypress 
Hills, May-Sep (AM); Orient, Lath (NYS). 

2681 D. horni Rbts. Axton (MacG) ; Saranac L. (AM) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Notj , 

Spencer, Aug (Dt) ; Ithaca (AM) ; Peekskill (Pollard) ; White 
Plains, May-Aug (Sq) ; Van Cort. Pk. (AM); SI, Ap-Oct (L&D). 

2682 D. emarginatus Say. Poughkeepsie (NYS) ; Putnam Co, May (Lg) ; 

Peekskill (Pollard); SI, May-Oct (L&D). 

Gyrinus Geoffroy35a 

2684 G. minutus Fab. (roc king hamensis Lee). Pike (NYS) ; Catskills, Pears 


2685 G. confinis Lee. Chaumont R. ; Waddington, Ausable Pt. (Fall); Mooers, 

Sep, Sodus Pt, Je (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R). 

2686 G. fraternus Coup. Sodus Pt., May-Je, Westfield, May (Not) ; Carmel, 

Aug, Sq (Fall) ; E. Aurora, May, Sep, scarce (Dnd) ; West Pt. 
(Robn); White Plains (Fall, Sq) ; SI, Ap-May (L&D) ; LI: 
Amagansett, Sep, Riverhead (Fall). 

2687 G. aeneolus Lee. Rochester (Regimbart) ; Buffalo (AM) ; Ithaca, Je 

(Frost, Vdyk) ; Esopus ; Pine I., Windsor (Fall); West Pt. (Robn); 
NYC and vie. (NotAM) ; SI (Lg). 

2688 G. limbatus Say. Not identified by Fall ; records are under his latilimhus 

(Lg), Hamilton Co, Sodus Pt., Je, Mooers, Sep, Windsor, Je (Not) ; 
Ulster L. (Ds) ; White Plains (Fall, Sq) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Je 

G. latilimbus Fall. Ithaca (Fall) ; White Plains, Oct, Sq (Fall) ; Ramapo 

Mts. in AM as horealis (Fall) ; NYC and vie. (NotAM) ; SI, Oct 
(Woodr). If limbatus Say is the same, it occurs also in western NY. 

2689 G. dichrous Lee. (fratellus Not.). Mooers, May, Windsor, Je (Not) ; 

Chaumont R. ; Pine I., Je (Lg) ; White Plains (Fall, Sq) ; NYC 

G. fraterculus Not. (dichrous Fall). Mooers, Sep (Not). 

2690 G. elevatus Lee. SI (L&D). Fall gives no localities for this species except 

Harris Coll. It is possible that specimens heretofore called elevatus 
are woodruffi Fall. 

2691 G. ventralis Kby. Newport, Pike (NYS) ; Ithaca (Fall) ; Chaumont R. 

(Fall) ; Peekskill (NotAM) ; White Plains (Fall, Sq) ; Van Cort. 
Pk. (AM); NYC and vie. (NotAM); SI, Mar-Aug (L&D); LI: 
Riverhead (Fall). 

2692 G. aquiris Lee. Ausable Pt. ; Crown Pt. ; Chaumont R. ; Westfield, May 

(Not); Ithaca; Tivoli ; White Plains, Sep, Sq (Fall); NYC and vie. 
(AM); SI (Fall). 

^^^ The sequence of species in Gyrinus is that of Leng's catalog, which differs from the arrange- 
ment in Fall's paper in Trans. Am. Ent. Soc. 47:269-306, 1922. 

264 Gyrinidae — Hydrophilidae 

2695 G. maculiventris Lee. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Buflfalo (Z&R) ; Westfield, 

May (Not); Ithaca (Fall); McLean, May (Fall). 

G. falli Not. Mooers, Sep (Not). 

2696 G. affinis Aube. Mt. Marcy, Keene Val. (Fall) ; Sodus Pt., May-Je, West- 

field, May (Not) ; Ithaca; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI (L&D). 

2699 G. pernitidus Lee. Not rare from Me. to N.J. (Fall). West Pt. (Robn); 

Ramapo Mts. (AM) ; SI (AM) ; LI: Amagansett, Sep (Ds). 

2700 G. analis Say. Sodus Pt., May-Je (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Je, 

one specimen (Dnd) ; Ithaca (Fall) ; Putnam Co (Lg) ; West Pt. 
(Robn); Ramapo Mts. (AM); SI, May-Aug (L&D). 

2705 G. marinus Gyll, L. George, Aug (AM) ; White L., Jl, Zab (AM) ; 
Nyack, Oct, Zah (AM); SI (Robts Coll.); LI: Flatbush, Ap-May, 
Zah (AM); Fishers I., Aug (AM). 

2707 G. borealis Aube. Axton (MacG) ; Oneida Co, May, Aug, Clms (Dt) ; 
Ithaca (Fall) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains, Oct, Sq (Fall) ; 
SI (L&D). 

2707a G. borealis var. lugens Lee. {falli Not.). The commonest Gyrinus (Fall). 

Keene Val., Mt. Marcy, Jl, Not (Fall) ; Crown Pt. ; Hamilton Co (Ds) ; 

Ithaca, McLean, May; Westchester Co; White Plains (Fall,Sq) ; SI 

(L&D) ; LI: Riverhead. 
[G. picipes Aube, 2704. Confined to the Pacific district according to Fall. 

Has been often cited from NY, the specimens possibly being lugens Lee] 

G. frosti Fall._ Ithaca (Fall) ; SI (AM) as gibber Lee. goes here (Fall) ; 

also specimens from White L. (AM), L. George, Nyack, SI, and LI 
(Fishers I.), all as opacus Sahib., go here according to Fall. 

G. woodruffi Fall. Willow Br.; SI, Je 14, Woodr, type (L&D). 

G. bifarius Fall. Waterville, Je, Ithaca (Fall). 

■ G. pugionis Fall. Chaumont R. (Fall). 


2718 O. tuberculatus Lee. Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; SI, Jl (L&D). 
2726 O. holmbergi Mann. Cayuga L. Basin (Rich). 

Hydraena Kugelann 

2729 H. pennsylvanica Kies. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Oneida Co, Jl 14, Clms (Dt) ; 
Olcott, Jl (Dt) ; Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI 

H. angulicollis Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

2737 L. discolor Csy. Westfield, May (Not); Cayuga L. Basin (Rich). 

Hydrophilidae 265 

Helophorus Fabricius 

2739 H. tuberculatus Gyll. Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI, Jl 19 (L&D). 

2740 H. inquinatus Mann. Mooers, Sep, Sodus Pt., Je., Schoharie (Not). 

2743 H. lacustris Lee. Syracuse, Ap, flying (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R); E. Aurora, 

Jl-Sep, frequent in brooks (Dnd) ; Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; NYC 

2744 H. obscurus Lee. SI, Je (L&D). According to Winters this should replace 


2745 H. nitidulus Lee. E. Aurora, Williamsville, Clarence, Jl-Aug, common 

(Dnd) ; Cortland Co, Jl-Aug, common (Dnd). 

2746 H. linearis Lee. Cranberry L., Je 23 (H) ; Syracuse, May, in cedar and 

sphagnum bog (H) ; E. Aurora, Jl, scarce (Dnd) ; Cayuga L. Basin 
(Rich); Ithaca, May-Sep (Dt). 

2748 H. granulans L. Cayuga L. Basin (Rich). 

2749 H. obsoletesulcatus Mots. "NY." 

2750 H. lineatus Say. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je 23 (H) ; Mooers, 

Sep (Not) ; Syracuse, Ap-May, in pond (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. 
Aurora, Aug, scarce (Dnd) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Dt) ; 
Albany, Ap (NYS); Karner, May (Yg) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; NYC 
(L&B) ; SI, Jan, May-Je (L&D). 

H. viridicollis Steph. Cayuga L. Basin (Rich). 

Hydrochus Leach 

2754 H. scabratus Muls. Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; West Farms (AM) ; NYC 
(L&B) ; SI, May, Aug (L&D) ; LI (Muls). 

2758 H. inaequalis Lee. Cranberry L., Je 23 (H) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; NYC 

(L&B) ; SI, Ap-May, Sep (L&D) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Aug 6 (H). 

2759 H. excavatus Lee. Mooers, Sep, Sodus Pt., Je (Not); E. Aurora, Sep, 

frequent in brooks (Dnd); Cayuga L. Basin (Rich). 

H. laticollis Not. Mooers, Sep (Not). 

2760 H. rufipes Lee. LI (Winters). 

2761 H. subcupreus Rand. Cranberry L., Je 23 (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike, Jl 

(NYS) ; Caledonia Cr., Dec (Lee) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Albany, 
May, Kinderhook, Je (NYS) ; NYC (L&B) ; SI, Ap (L&D) ; Rocka- 
way Beach (AM) ; Cypress Hills, May, Zab (AM). 

2762 H. granulatus Blatch. LI (Winters). 

2764 H. squamifer Lee. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike, Jl (AM) ; 

Cayi:iga L. Basin (Rich) ; McLean, Aug (Dt) ; LI (Lee). 
2767 H. simplex Lee. Buffalo (Z&R); Washington Co (AM); SI (AM). 


Berosus Leach 

2774 B. aculeatus Lee. Mooers, Sep (Not); SI, Je 30 (L&D). 
2776 B. pantherinus Lee. West Pt. (Robn); NYC (L&B). 

266 Hydrophilidae 

2777 B. peregrinus Hbst. Cranberry L., Je 18 (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, 
Jl, McLean, Aug (Dt) ; Cayuga L, Basin (Rich) ; Washington Co 
(AM); West Pt. (Robn) ; NYC (L&B) ; SI, Ap-May (L&D) ; LI: 
Fishers I., Aug (AM). 

2781 B. exiguus Say. LI (Winters). 

2782 B. pallescens Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

2783 B. infuscatus Lee. West Pt. (Robn); "NY" (AM). 

2784 B. striatus Say. Essex Co, Aug (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Syracuse, 

Ap-May, in cedar and sphagnum bog (H) ; Mooers, Sep, Sodus Pt., 
Je (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Jl, Sep, frequent (Dnd) ; 
Westfield, May (Not) ; Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; Ithaca, Aug (NYS) ; 
Ringwood, McLean, Jl-Sep (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains, 
Ap 9-Sep 2 (Sq) ; NYC (L&B) ; SI, Ap-Aug (L&D). 

Hydrous Dahl 

2789 H. triangularis Say. Buffalo, Aug, at light (Dnd, Z&R) ; Pike, Jl 
(NYS) ; Avon, Geneva, Sep (Cls) ; Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; Ithaca, 
Jl-Sep (Rich) ; Albany, Jl (NYS) ; New Baltimore, Zah (AM) ; 
West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains, Aug 30 (Sq) ; Port Jervis (Lint) ; 
NYC (AM) ; SI, May, Aug-Oct (L&D) ; LI: Cypress Hills, Je 
(AM) ; Huntington, Ap (AM) ; Rockaway, Aug, Zah (AM) ; Babylon, 
Jl (AM); Flatbush, Ap (AM). 

DiBOLOCELUS Regimbart 
2792 D. ovalis Ziegl. West Pt. (Robn); SI (L&D). 

Hydrophilus DeGeer 

2795 H. obtusatus Say. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Cranberry L., Je 18 (H) ; Syra- 
cuse, Ap-May, in ponds and bogs (H) ; Olcott, Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; Pike, Ap (NYS) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; E. Aurora, Jl-Oct, 
common in pools (Dnd) ; Avon, Mar (Cls) ; Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; 
Ithaca, Aug (Vdyk) ; Ringwood, Je (Dt, Rich) ; Hermitage, Jl 
(Mat) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; West Farms, Van Cort. Pk., May (AM) ; 
NYC (L&B); SI, Mar-Aug, Dec (L&D); LI: Babylon, Je (AM); 
Flatbush, May (AM) ; Cypress Hills, May, Zah (AM) ; Orient, 
Lath (NYS). 


2797 T. striolatus Lee. "NY" (Sharp). 

T. blatchleyi Orych. (sublaevis Blatch. not Lee). Syracuse, May, in 

sphagnum bog (H). 

2805 T. glaber Hbst. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Pike, Jl (NYS) ; Olcott, Jl 
(Dt, Richmond) ;^ Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Jl 9, common (Dnd) ; 
Syracuse, May, in sphagnum bog (H) ; Cattaraugus Co, Jl (Ds) ; 
Avon, Dec-Jan, Geneva, Sep (Cls); French's Mill, Je (NYS); 
Canandaigua L., Jl (NYS) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Cayuga L. Basin 
(Rich) ; Ithaca, Jl (Vdyk) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Albany, Ap (NYS) ; 
West Pt. (Robn); White Plains, Mar 30-Nov 2 (Sq) ; Nyack, Oct, 
Zab (AM) ; NYC (L&B) ; SI, Je (L&D) ; LI: Babylon, Je (AM) ; 
Flatbush, Ap, Oct, Zab (AM) ; Cypress Hills, Sep (AM) ; Calverton, 
Sep (Ds) ; Fishers I.. Aug (AM) ; Orient, Lath (NYS). 

Hydrophilidae 267 

2806 T. mixtus Lee. Essex, Jl (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Mooers, Sep, 

Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; Buffalo, Je-Sep, common 
(Dnd) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Oneida Co, Sep, Clms (Dt) ; Westfield, 
May (Not) ; Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; Ithaca, Jl 12 (Vdyk) ; West 
Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains, May 2a-Oct 13 (Sq). 

2807 T. lateralis Fab. Syracuse, Oct, in pond (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, 

Aug-Sep, common (Dnd) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; 
Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; Ithaca, Aug (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
Tomkins Cove, Aug (AM) ; White Plains, Mar 21-Oct 13 (Sq) ; NYC 
(L&B) ; Van Cort. Pk., Aug, West Farms (AM) ; SI, Ap-Aug 
(L&D) ; LI: Flatbush, Ap, Babylon, Je-Jl, Cypress Hills, May, Fishers 
I., Aug (AM). 
■ T. quadristriatus Horn. LI (Winters). 

Hydrobius Leach 

2808 H. fuscipes L. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Olcott, Ap, Je 

(Dt) ; Pike, Ap (NYS) ; Oneida Co, Clms (Dt) ; Syracuse, Ap-May, 
in pond and in sphagnum bog (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Aug, 
rare (Dnd) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; Ring- 
wood, Je (Dt) ; Hermitage, Jl (Mat) ; Albany, Oct (Yg) ; Karner, 
May (NYS); White Plains, Jl 26 (Sq) ; SI, May (L&D). 

2809 H. tumidus Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

2810 H. globosus Say. Adirondacks, Sep (Eng) ; Olcott, Mar (Dt) ; Livingston 

Co, Dec (Lee) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Oneida Co, Je-Aug, Clms (Dt) ; 
Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; Ithaca, Ap (MatCU) ; McLean, Aug (Dt) ; 
Michigan Hollow, May (MatCU) ; West Pt., Sep (AM) ; White 
Plains, Ap, Sep (Sq) ; Van Cort. Pk., Sep (AM) ; SI, Feb, May-Je 

2813 H. tesselatus Zimm. Hunt's Pt., NYC (L&B). 


Anacaena Thomas 

2814 A. infuscata Mots. Cranberry L., Je 23 (H) ; Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Syra- 

cuse, Ap-May, in ponds and bogs (H) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Olcott, 
Je-Oct (Dt) ; Erie Co, Je, Aug, common in brooks (Dnd) ; Oneida Co, 
Jl-Sep, Clms (Dt) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Cayuga L. Basin (Dt, 
Rich) ; Ringwood, McLean, Je-Oct (Dt, Rich). 

Paracymus Thomas 

2817 P. suturalis Lee. Peekskill (L&B); West Pt. (Robn). 

2818 P. despectus Lee. E. Aurora, Aug-Sep, rare (Dnd) ; Livingston Co, Dec 


2819 P. subcupreus Say. Cranberry L., Je 23 (H) ; Syracuse, Ap-May, in 

ponds and bogs (H) ; Mooers, Sep, Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Olcott, 
Je-Oct (Dt) ; Oneida Co, Je, Aug, Clms (Dt) ; Cayuga L. Basin 
(Rich) ; McLean, Ringwood, Je-Oct (Dt, Rich) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
SI, Feb-Ap (L&D) ; LI (AM). 

2825 P. digestus Lee. Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Pike (NYS); Niagara (Lee); 
Westfield, May (Not); West Pt. (Robn). 

268 Hydrophilidae 

Crenitis Bedel 

2827 C. monticola Horn. Catskills, Nic (Winters). 

Helochares Mulsant 

2828 H. maculicoUis Muls. Buffalo (Z&R). 

Enoch rus Thomson 

2834 E. nebulosus Say. Syracuse, May, in cedar bog (H) ; Mooers, Sep, Sodus 

Pt., Je (Not) ; Olcott, Jl (Dt, Rich) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, 
Aug, scarce (Dnd) ; Livingston Co, Dec (Lee) ; Cayuga L. Basin 
(Rich); Ithaca, Aug, Normanskill, May (NYS) ; NYC (L&B) ; SI, 
May (L&D) ; LI: Rockaway Beach (AM). 

2835 E. ochraceus Melsh. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Mooers, Sep (Not) ; 

Syracuse, May, in cedar and sphagnum bogs (H) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; 
Olcott, Jl-Sep (Dt) ; Pike, Aug (NYS) ; E. Aurora, Je-Sep, very 
common (Dnd) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Oneida Co, Aug 7, Clms (Dt) ; 
Cayuga L. Basin (Dt, Rich) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Ithaca, Aug 9 
(Vdyk) ; Ringwood, McLean, Jl-Sep (Dt, Rich) ; Albany, Aug (NYS) ; 
West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains, May 3-Sep 2 (Sq) ; SI, Ap-May, 
Sep (L&D); LI: Rockaway Beach, Babylon, Jl (AM). 

2836 E. perplexus Lee. Newport, Je (Yg) ; Syracuse, May, in cedar bog (H) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Sep, scarce (Dnd) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; 
Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; McLean, Jl-Aug (Dt, Rich) ; Cortland Co, 
Jl, scarce (Dnd) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; NYC 
(L&B); SI, Mar-Je, Sep, Dec (L&D); LI: Babylon, Cypress Hills, 
Je, Flatbush, May (AM). 

2837 E. cinctus Say. Pike, Aug (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, May, Sep, 

scarce (Dnd) ; Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Vdyk) ; 
• McLean, Ringwood, Je, Aug (Dt, Rich) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; West 

Pt. (Robn); White Plains, May 3-Aug 16 (Sq) ; NYC (L&B); SI, 
May (L&D); LI: Cypress Hills, May-Je, Babylon (AM). 

2838 E. censors Lee. Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; Ithaca, McLean, Je-Jl (Dt, Rich). 

2841 E. hamiltoni Horn. Cranberry L. (H) ; Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Syracuse, 
May, in cedar bog (H) ; E. Aurora, Je, Aug, common (Dnd) ; Sodus 
Pt., Je (Not) ; Oneida Co, Aug, Clms (Dt) ; Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; 
Ithaca, Aug 9 (Vdyk) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; NYC (L&B) ; SI, Ap-Je, 
Aug (L&D); LI: Rockaway Beach, Jl, Babylon (AM). 

2843 E. reflexipennis Zimm. Livingston Co, Dec (Lee) ; NYC (L&B) ; SI. 
Ap-May (L&D); LI: Babylon (AM). 

Cymbiodyta Bedel 

2849 C. rotunda Say. West Pt. (Robn). 

2850 C. ftmbriata Melsh. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Olcott, Sep (Dt, Rich) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; Pike, Je (AM) ; E. Aurora, May- Aug, common (Dnd) ; 
Westfield, May (Not) ; Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; 
White L., Jl, Zah (AM) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; NYC (L&B) ; SI, Mar, 
May, Aug (L&D) ; LI: Wyandanch, May (Ds). 
C. minima Not. Mooers, Sep (Not). 

Hydrophilidae 269 

2851 C. blanchardi Horn. Olcott, Jl-Sep (Dt, Rich) ; E. Aurora, Jl, Sep, 

common (Dnd) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Oliverea, Sep, Ds (Not) ; 
Woodland, Oct (Ds) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; 
Watkins Glen (L&B) ; Van Cort. Pk. (AM) ; LI: Babylon (AM). 

2852 C. lacustris Lee. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Aug, 

common (Dnd) ; Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; Cortland Co, Jl, common 
(Dnd) ; Schoharie (Not) ; NYC (L&B) ; SI, Mar (L&D). 
C. vindicata Fall. SI, type locality. 

Helocombus Horn 

2853 H. bifidus Lee. Cranberry L, Jl (H) ; Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Jl-Sep, common (Dnd) ; Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) 
Ringwood, Je-Jl (Dt, Rich) ; Cortland Co, Jl-Sep, common (Dnd) 
West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains, Ap 21-May 18 (Sq) ; NYC (L&B) 
SI, May, Jl (L&D). 

Laccobius Erichson 

2854 L. agilis Rand. Newport, Je (Yg) ; Syracuse, Ap, on clay bank (H) ; 

Mooers, Sep, Sodus Pt, Je (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Aug, 
common (Dnd) ; Livingston Co, Dec (Lee) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; 
Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; Cortland Co, Jl, common (Dnd) ; Oneida Co, 
May, Jl, Clms (Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Suffern 
(AM); Albany, Je (Yg) ; NYC (L&B); SI (L&D). 

Chaetarthria Stephens 
2859 C. atra Lee. Westfield, May (Not); Cayuga L. Basin (Rich). 

2864 P. estriatum Say. NYC (L&B). 

Sphaeridium Fabricius 

2867 S. scarabaeoides L. Axton, Je (M&H); Potsdam, Je-Aug (Houghton); 

Syracuse, May, on cattle dung (H) ; E. Aurora, Aug, common in ma- 
nure (Dnd) ; Pike, May (NYS) ; Castile, May, Brad (Flet) ; Cayuga 
L. Basin (Rich) ; Ithaca, May (Houghton) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; 
Catskills, Jl (Pears); West Pt. (Robn); V/est Farms (Sf) ; SI, 
May-Je (L&D) ; LI: E. New York, early May (Sf, Ds) ; Rockaway 
Beach, Wyandanch (Ds). 

2868 S. bipustulatum Fab. E. Aurora, Aug-Sep, common in manure (Dnd) ; 

Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; LI: Brooklyn, May, Shoe 
(AM); E. New York, May (Sf). 

CercYON Leach 

2869 C. littoralis Gyll. SI, Je 5 (L&D); LI: Rockaway (L&B); Long Beach 

(L&B) ; Stony Pt., Sep (Winters) ; Coney L (Horn). 
2873 C. unipunctatus L. N. Fair Haven (Rich) ; McLean, Aug (Dt, Rich) ; 
Windsor, Je, Schoharie (Not) ; Ramapo, Je (Ds). 

270 Hydrophilidae — Brathinidae — Silphidae 

2875 C. ocellatus Say. Sodus Pt., Je, Schoharie (Not) ; Cayuga L. Basin 

(Rich) ; NYC (L&B). 

2876 C. praetextatus Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Aug, scarce (Dnd) ; Cayuga L. 

Basin (Rich) ; SI, Ap-Je (L&D). 

2878 ?C. fulvipennis Mann. Buffalo (Z&R). Determination doubtful; this is a 

West Coast species (Lg). 

2879 C. lateralis Marsh. Syracuse, May, on cattle dung (H)?; SI, May 25, Ds 


2880 C. indistinctus Horn. Cranberry L., Je 30 (H) ; Newport, Je, Gloversville, 

Sep (NYS). 

2883 C. haemorrhoidalis Fab. Potsdam (Houghton) ; Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; 

Syracuse, May, on cattle dung (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Cort- 
land Co, Jl-Aug, common (Dnd) ; Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; SI, May (L&D). 

2884 C. melanocephalus L. Syracuse, May, on cattle dung (H) ; E. Aurora, 

Aug, common (Dnd). 

2885 C. pygmaeus Illig. Cranberry L., Je 25 (H) ; Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; 

SI, Je 7 (L&D). 

2886 C. nigriceps Marsh. Ithaca, Sep (Dt, Rich); NYC (L&B). 

2887 C. convexiusculus Steph. West Pt. (Robn) as lugubris. 

2892 C. navicularis Zimm. Cayuga L. Basin (Rich) ; Peekskill (L&B). 

2893 C. analis Payk. Newport, Je (Yg) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; West Pt. 

(Robn) ; SI, Ap, Je, Dec (L&D). 

C. incrematus Not. Windsor, Je (Not). 

C. basillaris Not. Windsor, Je (Not). 

2894-1 O. pubescens Lee. NY (Winters). 

Cryptopleurum Mulsant 

2899 C. minutum Fab. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Newport, May (NYS); 
Syracuse, Ap, a skeleton (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Cayuga L. Basin 
(Rich); Windsor, Je (Not); McLean. Aug (Dt, Rich); West Pt. 
(Robn) ; LI (AM). 

Brathinus LeConte 

2903 B. nitidus Lee. Mt. Whiteface, 2000-4000 ft., Aug (CU) ; Slide Mt. Je, 

Oliverea, Sep (Ds) ; Peekskill, May, Shcrm (AM, CU). 

2904 B. varicornis Lee. Utica (Lee). 


Necrophorus Fabricius 

2911 N. americanus Oliv. Gloversville (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Bronx 
(AM) ; NYC; SI (L&D) ; LI: E. New York, Schotf, Yaphank, Sep 
(BM) ; Brooklyn, Shoe. May-Aug. 


2912 N. sayi Lap. Wallface Mt. ; Cranberry L. ; L. Pleasant, Aug ; Rochester ; 

Ithaca (Dt) ; Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt) ; Ft. Montgomery; NYC; SI 
(L&D) ; LI: Wyandanch; Babylon (AM); Montauk, beach wash-up, 
Jl (Ang) ; Bellport; Brooklyn (Shoe). Ap-Oct. On carrion. 

2913 N. orbicollis Say. Wilmington (Ds) ; Cranberry L. ; Rochester; Sodus Pt., 

Je (Not) ; Olcott (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Castile, Jl, Brad (Flet) ; 
Batavia, Je (Kngt); E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Pike; Crosby (CU) ; 
Ithaca, McLean Bogs (Dt) ; L. George, Zah (AM) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
Ft. Montgomery; NYC; SI (L&D) ; LI: Bergen I., Zah (AM) ; Cold 
Sp. Harb.; Bellport; Yaphank, Jl (AM); Brooklyn, May (BM) ; 
Riverhead (Ds). May-Aug. On carrion. 

2914 N. marginatus Fab. Rochester; Avon, Jl (Cls) ; Ithaca (Dt) ; Windsor, 

Je (Not); Kinderhook (CU) ; White Plains; Westchester Co; West 
Pt. (Robn); Ft. Montgomery, Schott; NYC; SI (L&D); LI: Aque- 
duct ; Jamaica ; Flushing ; Long Beach ; Flatbush ; Bellport ; Rockaway 
Beach; Gardiners I.; Brooklyn, Yaphank (BM). 

2918 N. pustulatus Hersch. Cranberrv L. ; Rochester ; Olcott ; Buffalo ; Ithaca ; 

L. Pleasant (AM) ; NYC; SI (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica; Babylon; River- 
head (Ds) ; Yaphank (Ds) ; Bellport; Promised Land (BM) ; 
Amagansett; Good Ground; Gardiners I.; Orient, Lath (NYS). 

2919 N. vespilloides Hbst. Thousand Isls. ; Wallface Mt. ; Wilmington; Roch- 

ester; Castile, Je, Sep, Brad (Flet) ; Cooks Falls; L. Pleasant (BM) ; 
Slide Mt., Shoe ; Oliverea ; LI : E. New York, Jl-Sep. 

2920 N. tomentosus Web. Keene Val. (BM) ; Cranberry L. ; Wilmington 

(Shoe); Olcott; Honeoye Falls (CU) ; Buffalo (Z&R); Pike; Castile, 
Brad (Flet) ; Batavia, Aug (Kngt) ; Ithaca (Dt) ; Albany (Lint) ; 
West Pt. (Robn); Ft. Montgomery; Yonkers ; Peekskill ; Nepperhan ; 
Nyack; Mosholu ; White Plains (Sq) ; SI, Pollard (L&D); LI: Cold 
Sp. Harb.; Bellport; Wyandanch; Huntington; Flatbush (BM). 
Je-Oct. On carrion. 

SiLPHA Linnaeus 

2922 S. surinamensis Fab. Wilmington (Ds) ; Long L. (Ds) ; Cranberry L. ; 

Buffalo (Z&R); Batavia, Jl (Kngt); Montour Falls; Ithaca (Dt) ; 
Oliverea (Ds) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI (L&D) ; LI: Coney L, Bergen 
L, Flatbush (AM) ; Cold Sp. Harb.; Yaphank (BM) ; Brooklyn, Dow; 
Orient, Lath (NYS). 

2923 S. lapponica Hbst. Axton (M&H) ; Wilmington (Ds, Shoe) ; Whiteface 

Mt. (Shoe); Cranberry L. ; Syracuse (BM) ; Rochester Jet. (CU) ; 
Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, May-Je (Dnd) ; 
Pike (AM); Montour Falls; Ithaca (Dt) ; LI (BM). May-Aug. 
On carrion. 

2926 S. inaequalis Fab. Lowville (Ds) ; Avon (Cls) ; Sodus Pt., Je <Not) ; E. 
Aurora, May-Jl (Dnd) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; 
Westfield, May (Not) ; Ithaca (Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Halcottsville, 
New Baltimore (AM) ; Tuxedo (Ds) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White 
Plains (Sq) ; NYC; SI, at willow sap (L&D) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb.; 
Yaphank (BM) ; Babylon (AM) ; Jamaica, Forest Pk. (BM) ; Brook- 
lyn (Shoe); Rockaway Beach, Center I. (Ds) ; Queens, Dozv, Orient, 
Lath (NYS). Mar-Sep. 


2927 S. noveboracensis Forst. Wilmington (Ds) ; Cranberry L. ; Wanakena, 

Aug (Drk) ; Chateaugay L., 2000 ft. (AM); Syracuse; Olcott (Dt) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Avon (Cls) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Batavia, Jl 
(Kngt) ; E. Aurora, May (Dnd) ; Montour Falls; Canandaigua 
(CU) ; McLean Bogs; Windsor, Je (Not); West Pt. (Robn) ; New 
Baltimore, Mosholu (AM); NYC; SI (L&D) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb. ; 
Flushing; Queens, Pinelawn, Dow\ Massapequa (Ds) ; Orient, Lath 
(NYS). Mar-Sep. On carrion. 

2928 S. americana L. Wilmington, Conesus L. (Ds) ; E. Aurora, May-Jl (Dnd) : 

Cranberry L. ; Buffalo (Z&R); Batavia, Je, on dead corn (Kngt): 
Ithaca; McLean Bogs (Dt) ; Albany (Lint); Cropseyville (NYS): 
Peekskill (Sherm) ; Avon (Cls); Hudson (BM) ; Sullivan Co (Ds) : 
White Plains (Sq) ; West Farms (AM); SI (L&D); LI: Cold Sp. 
Harb.; Brooklyn (Shoe) ; Babylon; Montauk (Ds, Ang) ; Orient, Lath 
2930 S. opaca L. Buffalo (Z&R). Probably an error, since the species occurs 
in Siberia, Hudson Bay territory, and Calif. (Lg). 

Necrophilus Latreille 

2932 N. pettitii Horn. Cooks Falls, Sep, Sue Davis (H) ; Allegany Pk., Jl 

Choleva Latreille 

2947 C. luridipennis Mann. Keene Val., Jl (Not). 

2950 C. simplex Say. Olcott (Dt) ; Ithaca (Dt) ; Ludlow, Sep (Thompson) ; 

Keene Val., May, Je (Not); White Plains (Ang); SI, Shoe (L&D). 

2951 C. basillaris Say. Keene Val., May, Jl (Not) ; Newport, on store cheese 

(Yg) ; L. Pleasant (AM) ; Ludlow (Thompson) ; Mosholu (BM) ; 
SI (L&D). Feb-Je. 

2952 C. clavicornis Lee. Keene Val., Jl, Sep (Not) ; Cranberry L., on decaying 

fungi; West Pt. (Robn); Mosholu (AM); Spuyten Duyvil, May 
(Ang); LI: Bellport (Nic). 
2955 C. terminans Lee. Axton (M&H) ; Cranberry L. ; L. Placid (BM) ; L. 
Pleasant (AM) ; Keene Val., May (Not) ; Olcott (Dt) ; Ithaca (Dt) ; 
Etna; Catskill, Ap (Lg) ; SI, on three occasions in owl pellets (L&D). 
Mar-Oct. On carrion. 

Prionochaeta Horn 

2957 P. opaca Say. Keene Val., May (Not); Cranberry L., on carrion; L. 

Pleasant (AM) ; Olcott (Dt) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Gowanda, May 
(Dnd) ; Ithaca, Ringwood (Dt) ; Cortland Co, Je (Dnd) ; McLean, 
May, Je (Flet) ; Bangall (BM) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; West Pt. 
(Robn); White Plains; Mosholu (BM) ; SI, Shoe (L&D); LI: 
Brooklyn (Shoe) ; Yaphank (BM). Ap-Sep. 

PtoMAPHAGUS Illiger 

2958 P. consobrinus Lee. Olcott (Dt) ; Ithaca (CU) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Peeks- 

kill (Sherm); Mosholu (BM). 
2964 P. pusio Lee. Buffalo (Z&R); Ithaca (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn). 


2965 P. parasitus Lee. Syracuse, under a stone, perhaps associated with ants ; 

Olcott (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; 

Bronx Pk., Sf (AM) ; Bronxville, in nest of Formica sericea, 

Wheel; SI (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica (Shoe); Pinelawn (BM). 
2967 P. brachyderus Lee. "NY" (Horn) ; Katonah, Sherm (CU) ; Mosholu 


Colon Herbst 

2970 C. bidentatum Sahib. "NY", Ulke (Horn). 

2973 C. dentatum Lee. Keene Val., Jl (Not). 

2976 C. putum Horn. Keene Val., Jl (Not). 

2977 C. magnicoUe Mann. Keene Val., May (Not). 

2978 C. pusillum Horn. Peekskill, Sep, Sherm (Sz). 
2982 C. asperatum Horn. Windsor, Je (Not). 

HydNOBIUS Schmidt 

H. laticeps Not. Schoharie (Not). 

2991 H. substriatus Lee. Keene Val., Jl (Not). 

2992 H. latidens Lee. Keene Val., Je-Jl (Not). 


2996 A. alternata Melsh. West Pt. (Robn); SI, Oct (L&D). 
2998 A. valida Horn. Danby, Je, AndersonEG (Dt). 

3000 A. assimilis' Lee. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Keene Val., Je, Aug (Not) ; Mc- 

Lean, Je (Flet). 

3001 A. punctatostriata Kby. Keene Val., May, Jl (Not) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; 

E. Jewett, Aug (Lg). 

3003 A. coUaris Lee. Keene Val., Jl (Not). 
3009 A. obsoleta Melsh. Keene Val., Jl (Not). 

COLENIS Erichson 

3014 C. impunctata Lee. Keene Val., Aug, Oct (Not) ; E. Aurora, Dnd (Dt) ; 

West Pt. (Robn); Mosholu (BM) ; SI (L&D). May-Je. 

CyrtuSA Erichson 

3015 C. picipennis Lee. Northern NY, Ulke (Lee); Keene Val., Jl (Not). 
3018 C. egena Lee. Keene Val., Jl (Not). 

Cainosterum Notman 
■ C. imbricatum Not. Westfield, May (Not). 


Leiodes Latreille 

3021 L. globosa Lee. Keene Val., Je (Not) ; Peru (CU) ; Cranberry L. (H) ; 

Olcott (Dt). Je-Sep. 

3022 L. polita Lee. SI, Jl (L&D). 

3023 L. discolor Melsh. Axton (M&H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Jl (Dnd) ; 

Ithaca (Dt) ; Harrison (AM) ; SI, May-Je (L&D). Je. 

3025 L. obsoleta Horn. Keene Val., Jl (Not) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Oleott 

(Dt); Cortland Co, Je (Dnd); Windsor, Je (Not); SI (L&D). 

3026 L. basalis Lee. Keene Val., Jl (Not) ; E. Aurora, Jl (Dnd) ; Ithaea (Dt) ; 

SI, on slime mold (L&D) ; LI: Bellport, Babylon (BM). Je-Aug. 
3026a L. basalis var. dichroa Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaea (Dt). Je. 

3027 L. geminata Horn. Keene Val., Jl (Not) ; Cranberry L., Je, under bark 

(Dt, H) ; MeLean, Je (Flet). 

AgathidiUM Illiger 

3029 A. oniscoides Beauv. Cranberry L., from Acer saccharum and Pinus 

strobns; Oleott (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R); Harrison, Mosholu (AM); 
Katonah, Peekskill (Ang) ; SI, eommon under bark of dead trees, 
rolled into a ball (L&D) ; LI (BM). May-Sep. 

3030 A. exiguum Melsh. Axton (M&H) ; Keene Val., Je-Jl (Not) ; Oleott, 

Ithaca (Dt) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Mosholu (AM) ; 
SI (L&D); LI (BAl). May-Je. 

3034 A. revolvens Lee. Keene Val., May-Je, Westfield, May (Not). 

3043 A. pulchrum Lee. Keene Val., Jl (Not). 

3044 A. difforme Lee. Cranberry L., Jl 6; Keene Val., Jl (Not). 

Aglyptinus Coekerell 

3045 A. laevis Lee. Oleott, Sep 10, Oet (Dt). 

Clambus Fiseher 

3047 C. gibbulus Lee. Keene Val, May (Not). 

3048 C. puberulus Lee. Keene Val., May (Not). 




3058 E. ventralis Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

3059 E. clavipes Say. Peekskill, Sherm (AM) ; vie. NYC (AM) ; LI: Ap 16- 

May 2, Shoe (Nic) ; Jamaiea, May 15 (Pears) ; Coney I., Schott (Nie). 

3060 E. consobrinus Lee. "NY" (Lee); Ithaca, Mar (Lg). 

3061 E. semiruber Csy. Sylvan Beach, Je (Not). 


3063 E. bicolor Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; LI: Ap 9-19, Shoe 

(Nic) ; Jamaica, Sf, Dozv, Pears (Nic). 

3064 E. cavipennis Csy. NY, SmHH (Csy). 

3065 E. occultus Csy. Westfield, May (Not). 

3067 E. nigrescens Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

3068 E. affinis Csy. LI: Wyandanch, Ap 3, under pine bark (Nic). 

3069 E. gratus Csy. Keene Val., Jl, Whitehall, Oct (Not). 

3073 E. salinator Lee. SI, Mar, on salt meadows (L&D) ; LI: common in salt 

marshes ; in early spring found along edge of snow ; usually taken imder 
boards and stones during May-Je (Nie) ; Brooklyn, Dow (Ds) ; Flat- 
bush (Ds) ; Bellport, Je, Jamaica (BM). 

3074 E. haedillus Csy. Keene Val., Je, Jl (Not). 

3075 E. fatuus Lee. Keene Val., Je (Not) ; Schoharie (Not). 


3080 P. rasus Lee. _ Buffalo (Z&R); Mosholu (BM) ; SI, Mar-Ap (L&D); 
LI: Farmingdale, Ap, Eng (Nic). 


3085 C. longipenne Csy. LI: Yaphank (Not). 

3087 C. formale Csy. LI: Yaphank (Not). 

3090 C. flavitarse Lee. "NY" (Lee) ; LI: Rosedale, Ap, Wyandanch (Not). 

3099 C. fossiger Lee. Buffalo (Z&R); LI: Jamaica, Pears, Dow (Nic); 
Huntington, Je 18, Schott (Nic) ; Flatbush, Ap 15, Schotf (Nic) ; 
Wyandanch, Ap 30, Dow, Shoe (Nic) ; Brooklyn (Ds) ; Yaphank, May, 
Newtown, Ap (BM). 

3101 C. brevicorne Say. LI: Wyandanch, Ap 3, Oct 30, not rare in sphagnum 
bog (Shoe, Nic). 

3106 C. clavicorne Csy. Peekskill (Sherm) ; Westchester Co, Dow (Ds) ; 

Mosholu, Sep (BM). 

3107 C. abducens Csy. Tivoli, May (Not). 

3109 C. laetulum Csy. Hudson R. Val., SmHH (Csy). 

3115 C. frontale Csy. Mosholu, Sep (BM) ; SI, Nov (L&D); LI: Jamaica, 

May 15, Pears (Nic). 

3130 C. castaneum Csy. Keene Val, Je, Jl (Not). 

3136 C. parcum Csy. Croton L., Ap (Not). 

3139 C. biceps Csy. LI: Wyandanch, Ap 3, under pine bark (Nic). 

3142 C. trinifer Csy. "NY" (Csy); LI: Jamaica, Pears (Nic). 

3145 C. fulvum Lee. "NY" (Csy); Westfield, May (Not). 

3150 C. capillosulum Lee. Mosholu, Sep (BM) ; LI: Huntington, Je 18, Schott 

(Nic) ; Yaphank, Ap (BM). 
3153 C. lynceum Csy. "NY", SmHH (Csy). 
3155 C. politum Say. LI: Wyandanch, Oct (Not). 
3165 C. pumilum Csy. Hudson R. Val. (Csy). 



3168 S. perforatus Schaum. Johnstown, Ap (NYS) ; Ithaca, Nov, Bish (NYS) ; 
Windsor, Je (Not) ; Westchester Co, May, Dow (Ds) ; Van Cort. Pk. 
(BM) ; SI, common, sifting leaves, Ap, Woodr, Nic (L&D) ; LI: 
Jamaica, May 11, Pears (Nic). 

3171 S. cribrarius Lee. Keene Val., Jl (Not). 

3172 S. turbatus Csy. Keene Val., Parkers in Lewis Co, Je (Not). 

3183 S. corpusculum Csy. Ramapo (Sf). 

3184 S. caducus Csy. Westfield, May (Not). 

OpresuS Casey 
3188 O. othonus Csy. Bronx Pk., Je (Sf). 

Cephennium Miiller and Kunze 

3194 C. corporosum Lee. Near NYC (Csy) ; Bronx Pk., Mar, Sf (AM) ; Van 
Cort. Pk. (Nic). 

ChevroLtAtia Duval 
3208 C. amoena Lee. Vic. NYC (Lee). 

3222 A. zimmermanni Schaum. Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; LI: Yaphank, Sep (BM). 


Bathona Casey 

3229 B. sphaericula Csy. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; LI: Yaphank, Je (Not). 


3230 C. marginicollis Lee. Peekskill (LgAM) ; SI, Mar (L&D) ; LI: Yaphank, 

Je (Not). 


3234 G. sticticus Csy. Mooers, Sep (Not). 

3236 G. truncatus Lee. NY, under stones (Csy). 

Rypobius LeConte 

3239 R. marinus Lee. SI, Mar 18, Ap 30, in salt meadow (L&D) ; LI: Rocka- 
way Beach (LgAM) ; Coney I. (Lee). 

OrthoPERUS Stephens 

3244 O. glaber Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Canastota, Mar 13, /, C Faure (Kngt) ; 

SI, Je (L&D). 

3245 O. suturalis Lee. Newport (NYS). 

Orthoperidae — Staphylinidae 277 

6476a O. scutellaris Lee. var. piceus Csy. NY, type locality. Axton, Je (M&H), 
as scutellaris, belongs here (Lg). The reference in Lg Cat. to 
Sphaeriidae is erroneous. 

SericoderuS Stephens 

3252 S. lateralis Gyll. (flavidiis Lee). Buffalo (Z&R) ; Keene Val., Jl (Not). 

3253 S. obscurus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R); Keene Val., May (Not). 

Sacium LeConte 
3258 S. lugubre Lee. Keene Val., Sep (Not). 


3265 M. biguttata Lee. "NY" (Csy); West Pt. (Robn). 

3266 M. lunata Lee. Newport (NYS) ; Keene Val., Sep (Not) ; Cranberry L., 

Je-Jl (H); Buffalo (Z&R); SI, ex Rbts Coll. (L&D) ; LI: Central 
Pk., Ap (Eng). 

3268 M. lepida Lee. Vic. NYC (AM). 

3269 M. ornata Csy. Pike, Ap (NYS); Niverville, May, Leon (NYS). 
3271 M. fasciata Say. Buffalo (Z&R); vie. NYC (AM); SI, Je (Chitt). 

MiCROPEPLUS Latreille 
3290 M. tesserulus Curtis. Keene Val., Je (Not). 


3298 S. americanum Melsh. Newport, 1898 (NYS). 

3299 S. punctatum Lee. Cranberry L., Jl-Aug (H) ; Fourth L., Je (NYS). 

Trig A Fauvel 

3305 T. picipennis Lee. Keene Val., Jl, Westfield (Not) ; Delmar, May (NYS) ; 
Peekskill (AM) ; Normanskill, Ap (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, 
Ap-May, under bark of beech log (L&D); LI: Queens, Ap, Shoe 

Eleusis Castelnau 

3307 E. pallida Lee. "NY" (Horn); Windsor, Je (Not); Nichols, May (Not). 

LiSPINUS Erichson 
3312 L. prolixus Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

^^ The list in this family has been gone over critically by Howard Notman and H. C. Fall, and 
Mr. Notman has made many additions from his extensive collecting and study of this group in 
the State. 

278 Staphylinidae 

ThORACOPHORUS Motschulsky 

(Glyptoma Erichson) 

3315 T. costalis Er. Newport, May (NYS) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; Westfield (Not) ; Albany, Nov 3 (NYS) ; PeekskiU (AM) ; 
SI, Ap 26, under bark (L&D) ; LI: Yaphank, May (Not). 


3319 P. sulcata Newm. Keene Val., Je (Not) ; Gloversville, Sep (NYS) ; West- 
field (Not); L. Pleasant, Love (Si). 

Olisthaerus Heer 

3321 O. nitidus Lee. (substriaUts Gyll.). Keene Val., Je (Not) ; Herkimer Co, 

Yg (AM). 

Proteinus Latreille 

3322 P. atomarius Er. Westfield (Not). 

MegarthruS Stephens 

3330 M. excisus Lee. Cranberry L., Jl 3, in decaying fungi (H) ; Gloversville, 

Sep (NYS). 

3331 M. sinuaticollis Boisd. Keene Val., Je-Jl (Not). 

3332 M. americanus Sachse. PeekskiU (AM). 

Trigonodemus LeConte 
3335 T. striatus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). 

Anthobium Stephens 

3339 A. convexum Fauv. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Keene Val., Je (Not) ; Cran- 
berry L., Je (H) ; Newport, May (NYS) ; Castile, May, Brad (Flet) ; 
Katonah (Fall). 

3344 A. homi Fauv. Cranberry L., Je-Aug. extremely abundant on flowers of 
Acer. Spiraea, Rubus, etc. (H) ; Red House, Je (Not) ; Karner, May 

3347 A. pothos Mann, (dhnidiatum Melsh.). Mt. Marcy, Jl (Not); Fourth L., 
Je (NYS); Buffalo (Z&R). 

3351 A. orientale Bnhr. Mt. Marcy, Jl, Keene Val., Je, Red House, Je (Not). 

Pycnoglypta Thomson 

3355 P. lurida Gyll. Keene Val., Je (Not) ; Cranberry L., Je 28, in sv/eeping 

Phyllodrepa Thomson 

3359 P. punctiventris Fauv. LI: Orient, Ap (NYS). 
3363 P. florale Payk. West Pt. (Robn). 

Staphyltnidae 279 

Omalium Gravenhorst 

3379 O. humerosum Fauv. Newport, 1898 (NYS) ; Albany, Je (NYS). 

3386 O. repandum Er. Peekskill (Fall, Sherm) ; LI: Orient, Nov (NYS). 

3387 O. rivulare Payk. Sodus Pt., Je, Westfield (Not). 

Phloeonomus Heer 

3393 P. lapponicus Zett. Mt. Marcy, Jl (Not). 

3394 P. pusillus Grav. Trenton Falls (Hamilton). 

OlophrUM Erichson 

3412 O. obtectum Er. Newport (NYS) ; Keene Val., Sep (Not) ; Syracuse, 

May (H) ; Pike (NYS) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Maratanza L., Ulster 
Co, May (NYS); Peekskill (AM); SI, in salt meadows (LgAM). 

3413 O. rotundicolle Sahib. Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI, Mar-Ap, at border of salt 

meadow (L&D). 

ArpediUM Erichson 

3420 A. schwarzi Fauv. Newport, May (NYS); Washingtonville, Oct (NYS). 

3423 A. brachypterum Grav. Moss Pond, Mt. Marcy, Jl (Not). 

AciDOTA Mannerheim 

3424 A. crenata Fab. Cranberry L., Je 28, sweeping in woods (H) ; LI: Rosedale, 

Ap (Not). 

3425 A. subcarinata Er. Tivoli, May (Not). 

Paralesteva Casey 

3431 P. pallipes Lee. Mt. Marcy, Oct 1 (LgAM) ; Sodus Pt, Je (Not) ; 
Windsor, Je (Not). 

3446 M. austinianus Lee. Keene Val., Jl (Not). 

Geodromicus Redtenbacher 

3461 G. brunneus Say. Buffalo (Say) ; Howe Cave, May (NYS) ; Windsor, Je 

(Not); Peekskill (Fall, Sherm); SI, May (L&D). 

3462 G. strictus Fauv. Sodus Pt., Je, Westfield (Not) ; McLean, Aug 12 (Flet) ; 

SI (L&D). 
3464 G. plagiatus Fab. "NY" (Hamilton); Sodus Pt., May-Je (Not). 
G. plagiatus var. nigritus Miill. Westfield (Not). 

3474 B. americanus Not. LI: Rosedale (Not). 

Renardia Motschulsky 
3474i R. jubilosa Mots. "NY" (Lg Cat.). 

280 Staphylinidae 

3475 S. confragosum Makl. Keene Val., Mt. Skylight, Jl (Not). 

Ancyrophorus Kraatz 
3483 A. planus Lee. Mt. Marcy, Jl (Not) ; Washington Co (AM). 

Trogophloeus Mannerheim 

3487 T. corvinus Csy. Westfield, May (Not). 

3496 T. bilineatus Steph. {riparius Lac). "NY" (Fauvel in Hamilton). 
3498 T. quadripunctatus Say. Syracuse, May (H) ; Sodus Pt., Windsor, Je 
(Not); LI: Brooklyn (Csy). 

3500 T. mono Er. Syracuse, May (H) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Schoharie 

(Not); Windsor, Je (Not). 

3501 T. rivularis Mots. Sodus Pt., Windsor, Je (Not). 

T. lacustris Not. Cranberry L., Je 23 (H). Type. 

3514 T. difficilis Csy. Sodus Pt, Windsor, Je (Not). 
3518 T. temporalis Csy. "NY" (Sm). 

3520 T. nanulus Csy. Cranberry L., Je 23, sweeping in marshy area (H). 

3525 T. subtilis Er. Sodus Pt., Windsor, Je (Not). 

3531 T. pudicus Csy. Windsor, Je (Not); SI, Je (L&D). 

3532 T. robustulus Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

3537 T. simplarius Lee. LI: Coney L, in salt marsh (Lee). 

3540 T. convexulus Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

T. volans Not. Windsor, Je (Not). 

T. vespertinus Not. Windsor, Je (Not). 

Apocellus Erichson 

3556 A. sphaericollis Say. Crown Pt., Aug (Not) ; Mooers, Sep (Not) ; SI, 
on sidewalk (L&D). 

OXYTELUS Gravenhorst 

3571 O. sculptus Grav. Newport (NYS) ; Fourth L., Je (NYS) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; Peekskill, Ap-May, Sherm (AM); Mosholu (Sf). 

3572 O. insignitus Grav. Newport, May-Je (NYS) ; Pike, Sep (NYS) ; Albany, 

May; Clinton Hgts., Ap (NYS) ; Ulster Co, Sep, Nic (Sf) ; West Pt. 

(Robn); West Farms, NYC, Oct, Zab (AM); SI (L&D); LI: 

Flatbush, Oct-Nov, Zab (AM) ; Jamaica, Pears (Sf) ; Orient, Ap 

3574 O. breviceps Csy. Newport, May (NYS) ; Catskills (Csy). 
3576 O. laqueatus Marsh. Windsor, Je (Not). 

3579 O. invenustus Csy. Ulster Co, Sep, Nic (Sf). 

3580 O. pennsylvanicus Er. Newport, May (NYS); Fourth L., Je (NYS). 

Staphylinidae 281 

3582 O. rugosus Fab. Newport, May (NYS) ; Westfield, May (Not); Albany, 
Ap (NYS) ; Peekskill, Ap, under small stones in gardens (Sherm) ; 
Mosholu (Sf). 

3587 O. nitidulus Grav. "NY" (Hamilton); Windsor, Je (Not). 

3589 O. suspectus Csy. Albany, May (NYS); Bronx Pk. (Sf). 

3592 O. nanus Er. NY (Lg Cat). 

3593 O. exiguus Er. Newport, 1898 (NYS); Peekskill, Mar, Sherm (AM). 

3595 O. tetracarinatus Block. Windsor, Je (Not). 

Platystethus Mannerheim 

3596 P. americanus Er. Keene Val., Je (Not) ; Cranberry L., Je 25, in decaying 

fungi (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R,Horn,Er) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; SI (L&D). 

Bledius Mannerheim 

3599 B. pallipennis Say (mandibularis Er.). "NY" (Lee) ; LI: Rockaway 

Beach, Diets (Sf). 
3601 B. brevidens Lee. "NY" (Lee). 
3615 B. politus Er. LI: Coney I., Jl (Lee). 
3622 B. semiferrugineus Lee. Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Albany, 

Ap (NYS). 
3625 B. fumatus Lee. Buffalo (Rein); Peekskill, Mar, Sherm (AM). 

3636 B. analis Lee. Peekskill, Sherm (AM). 

3637 B. nitidicoUis Lee. "NY" (Lee). 
3643 B. opacus Block. "NY" (Fauv). 

3651 B. sinuatus Lee. Westfield, May (Not). 

3656 B. stabilis Csy. Schoharie (Not). 

3657 B. confusus Lee. Syracuse, Ap (H). 

3668 B. tau Lee. Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Hudson Falls, Sherm (Fall). 

3676 B. emarginatus Say. Windsor, Je, Schoharie (Not) ; Nassau, Jl (NYS) ; 

Hudson Falls, Aug, Sherm (AM). 

3677 B. honestus Csy. Schoharie (Not) ; Catskills (Csy). 

3679 B. basalis Lee. LI: Coney I., in salt marsh (Lee) ; Rockaway Beach (AM). 

3685 B. opaculus Lee. LI: Coney L (Lee). 

3686 B. cordatug Say. Northampton, Karner, Je (NYS) ; Hudson Falls, Aug, 

Sherm (AM) ; SI: Sandy Hill, Lg (Sf). 

B. fracticornis Payk. Windsor, Je (Not). 

B. verticalis Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

Thinobius Kiesenwetter 

3690 T. flavicornis Lee. Oneida L., Aug (Drk) ; LI: Coney I., in salt marsh 


3691 T. grossulus Csy. Near NYC (Csy). 
3694 T. fimbriatus Lee. Westfield, May (Not). 

T. amphibius Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

282 Staphylinidae 

T. tardus Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

T. grandicollis Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

T. caseyi Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

T. apicicornis Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

3702 T. delicatulus Kr. Westfield, May (Not). 

Stenus Latreille 

3711 S. bipunctatus Er. (comma Lee). Newport, Jl (NYS) ; Syracuse, May 

(H); Buffalo (Z&R) ; Sodus Pt. (Kngt) ; Waterville, Je, Westfield, 
May (Not) ; Windsor, Je . (Not) ; Ithaca, Oct (Kngt) ; Schoharie 
(Not); Ft. Hunter, Je (Not); West Pt. (Robn). 

S. fulvoguttatus Not. Windsor, Je (Not). 

3712 S. colon Say. Keene Hgts., Jl (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Westfield, May 

3714 S. semicolon Lee. Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Pike, Ap (NYS) ; Westfield, May 

3718 ?S. laccophilus Csy. Syracuse, May (H). 

3719 S. juno Fab. Keene Val., Keene Hgts., Jl (Not) ; Newport (NYS) ; 

Gloversville, Mar (NYS) ; Waterville, Jl, Sodus Pt., May (Not) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Westfield, May, Windsor, Je (Not) ; Utica, Je, Tivoli, 
May (Not) ; SI, Feb, Woodr, sifting (L&D). 
3722 S. austini Csy. Mt. Marcy, Jl (Not). 

3727 S. femoratus Say. Sodus Pt., Je (Not). 

3728 S. similiatus Blatch. Parkers, Je, Tivoli, May (Not). 

3730 S. strangulatus Csy. "NY" (Ent. Amer. 1, 74, see Csy, Stenini, 1884, 39). 

3736 S. erythropus Melsh. Rensselaer, Mav, Kinderhook, Je (NYS); SI, Feb, 

sifting, Woodr (L&D). 

3737 S. rugifer Csy. Keene Hgts., Jl, Ausable Forks, Crown Pt., Aug, Low- 

ville, Je, Sodus Pt., Je, Tivoli, May, Sylvan Beach, Je (Not). 

S. edax Not. Windsor, Je (Not). May not be distinct from rugifer Csy. 

3753 S. placidus Csy. Johnstown, May (NYS). 

3757 S. militaris Csy. Westfield, May (Not). 

3758 S. pluto Csy. "NY", Je, Sherm (AM); Ausable Lakes, Jl (Not). 
3769 ?S. nanus Steph. "NY" (AM). 

3776 S. obstrusus Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

3780 S. colonus Er. Cranberry L., Je 23, sweeping (H) ; Ashland, Aug (Frost) ; 

West Pt. (Robn). 
3782 S. humilis Er. Cranberry L., Jl 5, in dying birch (H). 

S. perexilis Not. Windsor, Sodus Pt., Je (Not). 

3787 S. stygicus Say. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Newport, Johnstown, Aug (NYS) ; 

Windsor, Je (Not) ; Ramapo, Je (Ds) ; SI, Je (L&D). 

3788 S. egenus Er. Common in Essex, Franklin, St. Lawrence, Lewis, and 

Oneida Counties, Je-Sep (Not) ; Cranberry L., Je, sweeping (H) ; 
Sodus Pt., Je (Not). 

3789 S. dolosus Csy. Ausable Lakes, Jl, Ausable Forks, Aug, Crown Pt., 

Aug, Sodus Pt., Je, Sylvan Beach, Je (Not). 

Staphylinidae 283 

3791 S. sectilifer Csy. (milleporus Csy.). "NY" (Csy). 

3792 S. vinnulus Csy. Cranberry L., Je, sweeping (H) ; Moss Pond, Ausable 

Lakes, Jl, Sodus Pt, May (Not). 

3795 S. argus Grav. Keene Val., Mt. Marcy, Sylvan Beach, Je-Jl (Not); LI: 

Yaphank, Mar (Not). 

3796 S. pudicus Csy. "NY", Je, Sherm (AM). 

3797 ?S. minor Csy. Syracuse, Ap (H). 

3799 S. paraUelus Csy. Newport, 1898 (NYS). 

3802 S. juvencus Csy. Keene Val., Je (Not). 

3809 S. gratiosus Csy. Waterville, Je (Not). 

3811 S. curtus Csy. Waterville, Je (Not). 

3832 S. flavicornis Er. Newport, May (NYS) ; Keene Val., Keene Hgts., 

Ausable Lakes, Jay, Waterville, Sylvan Beach, Lowville, Sodus Pt., 
Windsor, Je-Aug (Not) ; Chapel Pond, Je, Leon (NYS) ; Syracuse, 
Ap-May (H) ; Bridgeport, Ap-May (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Schoharie 
(Not) ; Albany, Karner, Voorheesville, New Baltimore, Poughkeepsie, 
May-Je (NYS) ; Whitehall, Oct, Ft. Hunter, Tivoli, May (Not) ; 
West Pt (Robn) ; SI, Feb, in sifting, IVoodr (L&D). 

3833 S. annularis Er. Keene Val., Je, Mt. Marcy, Jl, Sodus Pt., May (Not) ; 

Normanskill, May (NYS) ; SI, May (L&D). 

3837 S. tarsalis Ljungh. Keene Val., Mt. Marcy, Moss Pond, Ausable Pt, Ft. 

Hunter, Whitehall, Je-Oct (Not) ; Cranberry L. (H) ; Washington 
Co, Aug, Sherm (AM) ; Rensselaer, May (NYS) ; Peekskill, Mar 
(AM); Hudson Falls, Sherm (AM). 

3838 S. canadensis Csy. Newport (NYS) ; Keene Val, Sylvan Beach, Windsor, 

Whitehall, Ft. Hunter, Je-Oct (Not). 

S. reconditus Csy. Ashland, Aug (Fall). Fall believes it a good species. 

3841 S. punctatus Er. Ausable Lakes, Crown Pt., Mt. Marcy, Keene Val., 

Waterville, Sodus Pt., Windsor, Tivoli, Ft. Hunter, May-Aug (Not) ; 
Newport, Je (NYS) ; Elm L., Aug (NYS) ; Washington Co, Aug, 
Sherm (AM) ; Kinderhook, Je, Poughkeepsie, May (NYS) ; Peekskill 
(AM) ; Ramapo, May (Ds) ; Ashland, Aug (Frost) ; SI, Oct (L&D). 

3842 S. artus Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

3844 S. callosus Er. Syracuse, May (H). 

3846 S. arculus Er. Crown Pt., Keene, Whitehall, Tivoli, May-Aug (Not) ; 

Washington Co, Peekskill, Hudson Falls (AM) ; Kenwood, Jl (NYS) ; 

SI, Oct (L&D). 
3848 S. hubbardi Csy. Mt. Marcy, Keene Val., Moss Pond, Ausable Lakes, 

Mountain View, Ft. Hunter, Tivoli, May-Sep (Not). 

S. caenicolus Not. Mooers, Keene, Keene Hgts., Ausable Forks, Lowville, 

Sylvan Beach, Waterville, Sodus Pt., Windsor, Rensselaerville, Tivoli, 
May-Je (Not). 
3853 S. croceatus Csy. Sodus Pt, Je (Not). SI, Feb, in sifting (L&D). 

DiANOUS Samouelle 

3857 D. coerulescens Gyli. Buffalo (Robts) ; Suffern, May, Schott (Not) : 

NYC and vie. (Frost) ; SI, Ap-Nov; clings to boards and stones 
below falls (L&D). 

3858 D. nitidulus Lee. Ausable Lakes, Jl (Not) ; East Bay, Wayne Co, Sep, 

Bish (NYS). 

284 Staphylinidae 

Stictocranius LeConte 
3859 S. puncticeps Lee. SI, Ap (Sf). 

EUAESTHETUS Gravenhorst 

3869 E. robustulus Csy. LI: North Beach, Feb, Schott (Sf) ; New Lots, Cypress 

Hills, Ap, Shoe (Sf). 
3872 E. americanus Er. Sodus Pt., Windsor, Je (Not) ; Peekskill (AM) ; 

Bronx Pk. (Sf) ; SI, Oct (L&D). 

* PiNOPHILUS Erichson 

3874 P. latipes Grav. "NY" (GravANSP). 

Palaminus Erichson 

3891 P. luteus Csy. LI (Csy). 

3892 P. testaceus Er. SI, May-Je (L&D). 
3894 P. hudsonicus Csy. LI (Csy). 

3900 P. larvalis Lee. LI, under moss (Lee). 

3903 G. carolinum Er. "NY" (AM). 

3908 G. bicolor Grav. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Newport, May (NYS) ; Glovers- 

ville, Je (NYS) ; Pike (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Sodus Pt., Je, West- 
field, May (Not) ; Ithaca, May-Oct (DtNYS) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; 
Schoharie (Not) ; Clinton Hgts., Ap (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, 
May, Jl (L&D). 

3909 G. melanocephalum Er. "NY" (Csy). 

3910 G. badium Grav. SI, Ap, Je (L&D). 
3914 G. parallelum Csy. LI (Csy). 


3926 H. pallipes Grav. Gloversville, Mar-Sep (NYS) ; Syracuse, Ap, Oct 

(H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; McLean, Ap 17, Babiy 
(Flet) ; Ithaca, Ap-Sep (Dt) ; Auburn (H) ; Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS) ; 
West Pt. (Robn) ; Mosholu, May (Ds) ; SI, Mar-Ap, Sep, Nov 
(L&D); LI: Orient, Mar 17 (Ds). 
3926a H. pallipes var. capito Csy. Ithaca, May-Oct (Dt). 

3927 H. flavicorne Lee. "NY" (Csy). 

3928 H. cinctum Say. "NY" (Csy) ; Syracuse, Ap (H) ; SI, Feb, in sifting 

3932 H. sellatum Lee. Olcott, Ap (Dt). 

Staphylinidae 285 

3933 H. cribratum Lee. Newport, May (NYS) ; Gloversville, Mar (NYS) ; 
Syracuse. Ap (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Mar-Nov (Dt) ; Windsor, 
Je (Not) ; Albany, May (NYS) ; Rensselaer, May (NYS) ; Pough- 
keepsie, Je (NYS); West Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill, Mar (AM). 

, Paederus Fabricius 

3950 P. obliteratus Lee. "NY" along ocean beach (Csy) ; LI: Ap, Shoe (Sf) ; 
Brooklyn, Nic (Sf). 

3952 P. littorarius Grav. Mooers, Sep (Not); Axton, Je (M&H); Newport 
(NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl, under damp stones (H) ; Oneida L., Aug 
(Drk) ; Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Olcott, Rowland 
L, Ds (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike, Mar (NYS) ; Castile, Brad 
(Flet) ; Ithaca, common in early spring (Dt) ; McLean, Ap, Babiy, 
Je, Cy (Flet) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Karner, Je (NYS) ; Cedar Hills, Ap 
(NYS) ; Nassau, Mar (NYS) ; Ramapo, May (Ds) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; SI, Mar, May-Je, Nov (L&D) ; LI, Ap, Shoe (Sf). 

3954 P. canonicus Csy. LI (Csy). 

Cryptobiella Casey 
3959 C. pusilla Lee. LI: from the seashore (Lee). 

Lathrobium Gravenhorst 

3964 L. amplipennis Csy. {decepHviim Csy.). Westfield, May (Not) ; Ithaca, Ap, 
Jl (Dt) ; Hudson Val. (Csy); White Plains, Mar, Bno (Sf). 

3966 L. armatum Say (procerum (Csy.). Gloversville, Mar (NYS) ; Syracuse, 
Ap (H) ; Ithaca, May (Dt) ; McLean, Jl (Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; 
Delmar, Mar (NYS). 

3969 L. nigrolucens Csy. Westchester Co, Dow (Sf) ; LI (Csy). 

3981 L. simile Lee. Oneida L, Aug (Drk) ; Pike, Ap (NYS) ; Ithaca, Nov (Dt) ; 
Clinton Hgts., Oct (NYS) ; Peekskill, Mar, Jl (AM) ; Hudson Falls, 
Shenn (AM) ; near NYC (Csy) ; LI, May, Shoe (Sf). 

3983 Lr. neglectum Csy. Ringwood, May (Dt). 

3990 L. bicoloratum Bnhr. Newport, Je (NYS). 

3991 L. puncticolle Kby. "NYS" (Horn, Kby). 
L. lintneri Not. Westfield, May (Not). 


3992 L. rhodeana Csy. Near NYC (Csy). 
3995 L. cruraUs Csy. Ithaca, Mar (Dt). 
3999 L. subgracilis Csy. "NY" (Csy). 
4001 L. suspecta Csy. Near NYC (Csy). 

Lathrobioma Casey 

4008 L. othioides Lee. Windsor, Je (Not). 

4009 L. tenuis Lee. "NY" (Lee) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Peekskill, Mar, as 

Lathrobium (AM). 

286 Staphylinidae 

4010 L. nigrolinea Csy. Cranberry L., Je 23, under bark of dead log (H). 

4012 L. scolopacea Csy. Cranberry L., Je 23, under bark of dead log (H). 

4013 L. inops Csy. "NY" (Sf). 

Lathrolepta Casey 

4014 L. debilis Lee. Near NYC (Csy). 

Tetartopeus Czwalina 

4016 T. punctulatus Lee. Westfield, May (Not) ; Gloversville, Mar (NYS) ; 
Sodus Pt, Je (Not) ; Buffalo (Rein); West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Sep 30, 
in sifting (L&D) ; LI: Brooklyn, Mar, Shoe (Sf). 

4022 T. angularis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Albany, May (NYS) ; Clinton Hgts., 
Oct (NYS) ; SI, Jan 19, Ap, in sifting (L&D). 

4024a T. tetricus Csy. var. agitans Csy. Near NYC (Csy). 


4031 E. grande Lee. Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Ringwood, McLean, Jl (Dt) ; 
Peekskill (AM); LI: Cypress Hills, Ap, Shoe (Sf). 


4045 L. longiuscula Grav. Newport, May (NYS) ; Gloversville, Ap (NYS) 
Olcott, Ap-May (Dt) ; Windsor, Oct (Dt) ; Westfield, May (Not) 
Ithaca, Ap-May (Dt) ; Poughkeepsie, May (NYS) ; Bronx Pk. (Sf) 
LI: Rockaway Beach, May, Shoe (Sf). 

Lathrobiella Casey 

4068 L. ventralis Lee. Newport, May (NYS) ; Nassau, Je, Normanskill, May 

4074 L. coUaris Er. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Newport, May (NYS) ; Sodus Pt., 
May (Not) ; Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Olcott, Ap, Ithaca, May (Dt) ; West- 
field, May (Not) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Albany, May, Clinton Hgts., 
Ap (NYS); West Pt (Robn); Westchester Co, Dow (Sf) ; NYC, 
May (NYS) ; SI, May (L&D) ; LI, Ap, Shoe (Sf). 

4081 L. fragilis Csy. Windsor, Je (Not); near NYC (Csy). 

4082 L. rubida Csy. Westfield, May (Not). 

4087 L. depressula Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

Microlathra Casey 

4088 M. pallidula Lee. Fourth L., Je, Gloversville, Ap (NYS) ; Karner, Oct, 

Normanskill, May (NYS) ; SI (Csy) ; LI: Brownsville, Ap, Dow 

4093 A. corticinus Grav. Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; Schoharie (Not) ; SI, Je (L&D) 

Staphylinidae 287 

LiTHOCHARlS Lacordaire 
4094 L. ochracea Grav. Schoharie (Not); Peekskill, Je (AM). 

Trachysectus Casey 

4105 T. confluentus Say. Axton, Je (M&H with query) ; Newport, May, Glov- 
ersville, Ap (NYS) ; Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Cranberry L., Je, under bark 
of dead log (H) ; Pike, Ap (NYS) ; Sodus Ft., Je, Westfield, May 
(Not) ; Karner, Nassau, May, Normanskill, Ap (NYS) ; West Ft. 
(Robn) ; Westchester Co (Ds) ; SI, Ap-May (L&D) ; LI: Queens, 
Flatbush, Rockaway, Mar (Ds). 

Tetramedon Casey 
4151 T. rufipenne Csy. Hudson Val. (Csy). 

Hypomedon Key 

4173 H. debilicornis Woll. NYC, Jan 30 (NYS). 


4174 P. thoracicum Csy. Peekskill, Je, as obsoletus Nordm. (AM) ; SI, Jan 

4174a P. thoracicum var. ruficolle Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

SCOPAEUS Erichson 

4207 S. crassulus Csy. Sodus Pt., Je (Not). 
4210 S. longipennis Fall. Sodus Pt., Je (Not). 

4215 S. hudsonicus Csy. Hudson Val. (Csy). 

S. quadriceps Not. Schoharie (Not) ; Windsor, Je (Not). 

4216 S. exiguus Er. Hudson Val. (Csy). 
4218 S. degener Csy. Hudson Val. (Csy). 
4221 S. delicatus Csy. "NY" (Csy). 


S. pallida Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

4234 S. ventralis Csy. LI (Csy). 

Stilicus Latreille 

4240 S. latiusculus Csy. Sodus Ft., Je (Not); LI: Flatbush, Mar, Rockaway 

Beach, Dow (S). 

4241 S. rudis Lee. Westchester Co, May, Dow (Sf) ; Aqueduct, Mar, Shoe 

(Si); Huntington, Je, Schott (Sf). 

288 Staphylinidae 

4243 S. angularis Lee. Peekskill, May (AM); LI: Bellport, Jl, Nic (Si). 

4247 S. biarmatus Lee. LI: Forest Pk, Ap, Pears (Si). 
4247a S. biarmatus var. abbreviellus Csy. Near NYC (Csy). 

4248 S. dentatus Say. Westchester Co (Ds) ; Peekskill (AM) ; SI, Ap (L&D) ; 

LI: Brooklyn, Flatbush, Feb (Ds). 

Megastilicus Casey 
4251 M. formicarius Csy. West Pt., in ants' nests (Lg). 

Pachystilicus Casey 
4250 P. hanhami Wick. Syracuse, Ap (H). 

Stamnoderus Sharp 
4257 S. monstrosus Lee. SI, Jan 19, Feb, in sifting (L&D). 

ASTENUS Stephens 

(Sunius Eriehson) 

4260 A. prolixus Er. Peekskill, Mar (AM) ; Westchester Co, May, Dow (Sf) ; 
SI, Mar, Sep (L&D). 

4262 A. americanus Csy. "NY to Va" (Csy); LI: Jamaica, May, Pears (Sf). 

4263 A. linearis Er. Buffalo (Z&R). 

4265 A. binotatus Say. SI, Jan 19, in sifting (L&D). 

4266 A. cinctus Say. Albany, Ap (NYS). 

4270 A. brevipennis Aust. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; SI, May (L&D). 

4272 A. discopunctatus Say. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Newport, May-Je (NYS) ; 

Syracuse, Montour Falls, Ap (H) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Windsor, 

Je (Not) ; Ithaca, Mar, McLean, Jl (Dt) ; Catskills, Pears (Sf) ; 

Delmar, May (NYS as Pacderiis) ; Normanskill, Mar (NYS) ; SI, 

Pears (Sf). 
4278 A. longiusculus Mann. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Peekskill (AM) ; SI, Mar-Ap, 

Nov (L&D). 


4284 G. fulgidus Fab. Peekskill, late Ap-early May (Sherm) ; West Farms 

(AM); LI: Rockaway, May, Shoe (Sf). 


4285 N. cephalus Say. Mt. Seward, 4500 ft., Je (M&H) ; Mt. Whiteface, Aug 

(Dt) ; Newport, Wells, May (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; 
Syracuse, in hickory (B&S) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Castile, May, Brad 
(Flet) ; Ithaca, Mar-Oct (Dt) ; McLean, Sep 20 (Flet) ; Unadilla, ; 
Nic (Sf) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Ap, Sep (L&D). f 

4293 N. luridipennis Csy. LI: Wyandanch, Ap, Schott (Sf). I 

Staphylinidae ' 289 

Gyrohypnus Mannerheim 

4296 G. obsidianus Melsh. Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Oswego, Sep, Bks (NYS) ; 

Pike (NYS); Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; Pinelawn, Doiu (Sf) ; Wyandanch, 

Oct, Schott (Sf). 
4302 G. cmmesus Grav. Newport, May (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Karner, Ap 

(NYS); Peekskill, Sherm (AM); LI: Little Neck, Ap, Schott (Sf). 

4304 G. fusciceps Lee. "NY" (Csy) ; Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Sodus Pt., May, 
Westfield, May, Windsor, Je (Not). 

G. pallipennis Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

4307 G. melanops Csy. Windsor, Je (Not). 

4308 G. hamatus Say (obscurus Er). Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Gloversville, Ap 

(NYS) ; Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, Sep (Kngt) ; 
McLean, Ap 17, Babiy (Flet) ; Peekskill (AM) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
SI, Sep 15 (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica, May, Dow (Sf) ; Orient, Lath, Ap 

G. davisi Not. SI, on gravestones, Aug 31, Sep 28, type (L&D). 

4312 G. sanguinipennis Lee. LI: Brooklyn, May, Dow (Sf). 

4313 G. gilvipennis Csy. "NY" (Csy); Westchester Co, Mar, Dow (Sf). 

4314 G. pusillus Sachse. Sodus Pt., Je, Westfield, May (Not). 
4319 G. gularis Lee. Lansingburg, Oct (NYS); West Pt. (Robn). 

Leptacinus Erichson 

4324 L. cephalicus Lee. Hudson Val. (Csy). 

Leptacinodes Casey 

4325 L. flaviceps Lee. Peekskill, Sherm, as batychrus Gyll. (AM) ; LI (Csy). 

4331 S. scolopaceus Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

4334 N. longicollis Lee. Ithaca, Ap-May (Dt). 

Leptolinus Kraatz 
4347 L. rubripennis Lee. Newport (NYS); Montour Falls, Ap (H). 

Baptolinus Kraatz 

4351 B. macrocephalus Nord. Moss Pond, Wallface Mt., Keene Val., Jl (Not). 

4352 B. americanus Csy. (pilicornis Payk.). Cranberry L., Jl 6-10, under bark 

of dead stump (H) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Ulster 
Co, Sep, Nic (Sf). 

4355 B. fraternus Csy. (longiceps Fauv.). "NY" (Fauv). 


290 Staphyltnidae 

DiOCHUS Erichson 

4356 D. schaumi Kr. Peekskill, Sherm (AM) ; SI, on salt meadow, Nov 6 

(L&D) ; LI: Yaphank, Je (Not). 
4358 D. thoracicus Csy. LI (Csy). 

Neobisnius Ganglbauer 

4361 N. sobrinus Er. Newport, May, Sodus Pt., May-Je, Westfield, May, 

Windsor, Je (Not) ; McLean, Aug (Dt) ; Schoharie (Not) ; W. 
Hebron, Je (LgBM). 

4362 N. agnatus Er. LI: Forest Pk., Pears (Sf). 

4364 N. paederoides Lee. Newport (NYS) ; Sodus Pt., May-Je, Westfield, May, 
Windsor, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, May-Nov, McLean, Aug (Dt) ; Schoharie 
(Not) ; Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS) ; Peekskill, Sherm (AM) ; LI (Lee, 

4366 N^ jocosus Horn. Sodus Pt., Je (Not); Bronx Pk. (Sf). 

4367 N. jucundus Horn. LI (AM). 

4369 N. terminalis Lee. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Newport (NYS) ; Westfield, May, 
Windsor, Je (Not); Schoharie (Not); Ithaca, Ap, Jl-Aug (Dt). 

N. fulvicornis Not. Sodus Pt., Je (Not). 


4372 A. cinerascens Grav. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Sodus Pt., Je, Westfield, May 

(Not) ; Ithaca, Jl (Dt) ; Peekskill, May (Fall, Sherm) ; SI, Feb, in 
sifting, Woodr (L&D); LI: Jamaica, Dozv (Sf). 

4373 A. nanus Horn. Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; LI: Brooklyn, Mar, Shoe (Sf). 

4374 A. inutilis Horn. SI, Feb, in sifting, Woodr (L&D). 

4375 ?A, fraterculus Horn. SI, Sep 18, in sand about grass roots (L&D). 

4379 A. patella Horn. "NY" (Horn). 

4380 A. loxatus Horn. SI, Lg (Sf). 

4383 A. parous Horn. Cranberry L., Jl 3, in decaying fungi (H) ; SI, Oct 27 

(L&D) ; LI: Cold Sp. (Sf). 

Philonthus Curtis 

4384 P. politus L. (aeneiis Rossi). Axton, Je (M&H) ; Newport, May-Je 

(Yg) ; Johnstown, Sep (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl, in decaying fungi 
(H) ; Gloversville, May (Yg) ; Oswego, Aug, Bks (NYS); Olcott, 
May-Je (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Interlaken, Ap (NYS) ; Ithaca, Ap- 
Sep, McLean, Ap, Aug (Dt) ; Albany, Aug (Yg) ; Clinton Hgts., Ap 
(NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Je, Aug (L&D) ; LI: Eastern Park- 
way, Martin (Sf) ; Flatbush, Coney I., Oct-Nov, Zab (AM) ; Center 
I., May, Amagansett, Aug, Eng (Sf) ; Orient, Je (NYS). 

P. tetragonocephalus Not. Cranberry L., Je-Jl, in decaying fungi (H). 

4385 P. chalceus Steph. LI: Bellport, Nic (Sf) ; Wyandanch, Ap, Schott (Sf). 
4387 P. sericinus Horn. Cranberry L, Jl 3 (Not, H) ; Bronx Pk., Ap, Shoe] 

(Sf) ; LI: Flatbush, May, Dow (Sf). 

P. cruentatus Gmel. Cranberry L., Jl 3-4, in decaying fungi and on carrion 

(H); Syracuse, Ap-May (H) ; Westfield, May (Not). 

Staphylinidae 291 

4392 P. umbratilis Grav. Ithaca, Nov (Dt) ; Albany, May (NYS) ; LI: Rocka- 

way Beach, May, Shoe (Sf) ; Wyandanch, Ap, Je, Schott (Sf) ; Orient, 
Ap, Lath (NYS). 

4393 P. laetulus Say. SI, Je (L&D). 

4395 P. asper Horn. Fourth L., Jl (NYS) ; West Ft. (Robn) ; SI (L&D) ; 

LI: Little Neck, Dec, Schott (Sf). 

4396 P. fuscipennis Mann. Olcott, Ap (Dt). 

4403 P. hepaticus Er. LI: Flatbush, Feb, Schott (Sf) ; Flushing, Dow (Sf). 

4412 P. umbrinus Grav. Gloversville, Sep (NYS); West Pt. (Robn); LI: 
Wyandanch, Aug, Schott (Ds). 

4414 P. palliatus Grav. Mooers, Sep (Not); McLean, May, Ithaca, Je (Dt). 

4418 P. quadricollis Horn. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Newport (NYS) ; Olcott, Je 

(Dt) ; Sodus Pt, Je (Not) ; Pike, May (NYS) ; McLean, May, Jl 

(Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not). 

4420 P. debilis Grav. Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; Peekskill, Sherm 

(AM) ; SI, Dec, under weeds in garden (L&D). 

4421 P. varians Payk. Syracuse, in hickory (B&S) ; Olcott, May (Dt) ; SI, 

May, Woodr (L&D); LI: Bellport, Nic (Sf) ; New Lots, May, Shoe 
(Sf) ; Flatbush, Jl, Schott (Sf). 

4422 P. cervicalis Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

4423 P. longicornis Steph. Potsdam (Houghton) ; Ilion, May (NYS) ; Glovers- 

ville, Ap, Oswego, Sep (NYS) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Albany, May 
(NYS) ; West Farms, Van Cort. Pk. (AM) ; SI (L&D). 

4424 P. discoideus Grav. Peekskill (AM); West Pt. (Robn). 

4427 P. alumnus Er. "NY" (Horn); Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Shoe (Sf). 
4427a P. alumnus var. rufulus Horn. "NY" (Horn). 

4430 P. fusiformis Melsh. Westfield, May (Not) ; Ithaca, Mar (Dt) ; Schoharie 

(Not) ; Peekskill, Ap (Fall, Sherm) ; Van Cort. Pk., Bronx Pk. 
(AM); LI: Rockaway Beach, May, Shoe (Sf). 

4431 P. fulvip€S Fab. Mooers, Sep (Not). 

4433 P. schwarzi Horn. Gloversville, Ap (NYS) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Olcott, 
Ap (Dt) ; Ithaca, Ap (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; LI: North Beach, Jan, 
Schott (Sf). . 

4441 P. micans Grav. Newport, May-Je (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Mar, 
Sep-Nov (Dt) ; McLean, Aug, Ringwood, May (Dt). 

4443 P. lomatus Er. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Newport, May (NYS) ; Olcott, Feb- 

Ap, Jl-Sep (Dt) ; Westfield, Alay, Windsor, Je (Not) ; Gloversville, 
Mar (NYS) ; Glens Falls, Je (NYS) ; Pike (NYS) ; Ithaca, Mar-Ap, 
Nov, Ringwood, Mav (Dt) ; Albany, Ap, Rensselaer, May (NYS) ; 
West Pt., Ap, Robn (Si); Peekskill (AM) ; West Pt., Van Cort. Pk., 
West Farms (AM) ; SI (L&D). 

4444 ?P. cunctans Horn. Gloversville, Ap ; Westfield, May (Not). 

4445 P. aequalis Horn. "NY", Mar 28, Sherm (AM) ; West Pt., May, Robn 


4446 P. brunneus Grav. Newport, May (NYS) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; 

Oswego, Aug, Bks (NYS) ; McLean, Ap 17, Babiy (Flet) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; Mosholu (AM) ; SI (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica, Je, Schott (Sf) ; 
Flatbush, Feb, Dow (Sf). 

292 Staphylinidae 

4447 P. cyanipennis Fab. Fourth L., Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., under bark of 

dead log (H) ; Ilion, May (NYS) ; Sodus Pt, Je (Not) ; Olcott, Je- 
Sep (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike, Jl (NYS) ; Ithaca, Ringwood, 
Je-Sep (Dt) ; McLean, Jl 17 (Dt) ; L. George, Aug, Zah (AM) ; 
Catskills, Pears (Sf) ; Poughkeepsie, (NYS) ; White L., Jl, Zab 
(AM); West Pt. (Robn) ; Mosholu, Jl (Sf) ; SI, Je-Sep (L&D) ; 
LI: Flatbush, Nov (AM). 

4448 P. blandus Grav. Newport, May, Elizabethtown, Aug (NYS) ; Fulton 

Chain, Je (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Westfield, May, Windsor, Je 
(Not); Poughkeepsie, Jl (NYS); Peekskill, Harrison (AM); SI, 
Sep (L&D); LI: E. New York, May, Martin (Sf). 

4450 P. sordidus Grav. Fourth L., Je (NYS) ; Southfields, May, Shoe (Sf) ; 
E. New York, May, Martin (Sf). 

4452 P. cephalotes Grav. Newport, May (NYS); Olcott, May (Dt) ; LI: 
Wyandanch, Ap, Schott (Sf). 

4455 P. ventralis Grav. Buffalo (Z&R). 

4458 P. fallaciosus Horn. Sodus Pt., Je, Westfield, May (Not). 

4470 P. nigritulus Grav. {aterrimus Grav.). Buffalo (Z&R) ; Westfield, May 

4473 P. microphthalmus Horn. Newport (NYS) ; Gloversville, Sep (NYS) ; 
Oswego, Bks (NYS) ; Syracuse, in hickory (B&S) ; Olcott, Ap 10 
(Dt) ; Sodus Pt., Westfield, May (Not) ; Peekskill, Ramapo Mts. 
(AM); LI: Brooklyn, May, Dow (Sf). 

4483 P. validus Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

4488 P. viridanus Horn. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Schoharie (Not) ; West Farms 

(AM) ; LI, Johnson (Sf). 
4495 P. vulgatus Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

4497 P. aurulentus Horn. Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Sodus Pt., Je (Not) ; Olcott, Jl 
(Dt) ; Ithaca, Je, Sep, Ringwood, May (Dt) ; McLean, May, Aug 

P. strigicollis Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

P. opacipennis Not. Mooers, Sep (Not). 

Cafius Stephens 

4506 C. bistriatus Er. SI, Je (L&D). 

4509 C. sericeus Holme. LI: possibly Coney I. (Horn) ; Rockaway Beach, Dow 

Hesperus Fauvel 

4512 H. apicalis Say. Albany, Ap (NYS); West Pt. (Robn); LI: Yaphank, 

Oct, Eng (Sf). 

4513 H. baltimorensis Grav. West Pt. (Robn) ; Mosholu, May (Ds) ; SI, Ap- 

May, Sep (L&D) ; LI: Flatbush, Parkville, Ap-May, Zah (AM). 

Belonuchus Nordmann 

4514 B. formosus Grav. Peekskill, Mar, Sherm (AM); West Pt. (Robn); 

Bronx Pk. (AM) ; SI, Je (L&D). 

Staph YLiNiDAE 293 

Staphylinus Linnaeus 

4526 S. badipes Lee. (carbonatus Lee.)- Syracuse, May (H) ; Sodus Pt., May- 

Je (Not) ; Olcott, Ap-Sep (Dt) ; Buffalo (Horn) ; Castile, May, 
Brad (Flet) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Cayuga L., 
Mar, Bish (NYS) ; Ithaca, Ap (Dt) ; McLean, Ap 17, Babiy (Flet) ; 
Schoharie (Not); Suffern, Ap (Sf). 

4527 S. pleuralis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). Occurrence in NY doubtful (Fall). 

4532 S. vulpinus Nordm. Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Westfield, Jl 

(NYS) ; Ithaca, Ap (Dt), Sep (NYS) ; New Salem (NYS) ; Albany, 
Medusa, Ap (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, May, Oct (L&D) ; LI, 
Ap, Eng (Sf). 

4533 S. maculosus Grav. Syracuse, May (H) ; Olcott, May-Je (Dt) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; Ilion, May (NYS) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, Ap-Sep, 
Bish (NYS) ; McLean, Je (Flet) ; Albany, Ap-May, Karner, May, 
Clinton Hgts., Ap (NYS) ; Schodack Landing, Poughkeepsie, Je 
(NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Mosholu, West Farms (AM) ; SI, Ap- 
Sep (L&D); LI: Flatbush (AM). 

4534 S. mysticus Er. Newport, May (NYS) ; Gloversville, May (NYS) ; 

Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Sodus Pt, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, Ap-Jl (Dt) ; Pough- 
keepsie, May (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Mosholu, West Farms 
(AM); SI, Ap-Je (L&D); LI: Brooklyn, May, Eng (Sf). 

4537 S. tomentosus Grav. Peekskill, Tarrytov/n, West Farms (AM) ; SI, 

4543 S. fossator Grav. Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Dt) ; Oswego, May, Bks (NYS) ; 
Poughkeepsie, Aug (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill, Jl, Sherm 
(AM) ; Mosholu, Jl (Sf) ; SI, Aug (L&D) ; LI, Eng (Sf). 

4543a S. fossator var. immaculatus Horn. "NY" (DeKay). 

4545 S. cinnamopterus Grav. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Syracuse, Ap-May (H) ; 

Olcott, May-Oct (Dt) ; Buffalo fZ&R) ; Batavia, Aug (Kngt) ; West- 
field, Jl (NYS) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Ap-Sep (Dt) ; McLean, 
Jl (Dt); Albany, Je, Coeymans (NYS); Clinton Hgts., Ap (NYS); 
Catskills, Sep (Ds) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Inwood, Jl, Sep (Ds) ; SI, 
Je, Jl, Sep (L&D) ; LI, Je, Eng (Sf). 

4546 S. violaceus Grav. Newport (NYS) ; Olcott, Je-Aug (Dt) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; Pike (NYS) ; Westfield, May 
(Not) ; Ithaca, May, McLean, Jl (Dt) ; Nassau, May (NYS) ; West 
Pt. (Robn); SI (L&D); LI: Yaphank, May, Eng (Sf). 

4548 S. viridanus Horn. "NY" (Horn). 

4549 S. exulans Er. Westfield, May (Not); West Pt., Je, Robn (Sf). 

4550 S. praelongus Mann. Tarrytown (AM); LI: Rockaway Beach (Sf) ; 

Orient Pt, Je, Lath (NYS). 

OCYPUS Kraatz 

4551 O. ater Grav. Olcott, Jl-Sep (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Jl (NYS) ; 

Nassau, Aug (NYS) ; Hudson Falls, Sherm (AM) ; SI, Aug (L&D) ; 
LI: Rosedale, Oct, Rockaway Beach, Je, Amagansett, Etig (Sf). 

Ontholestes Ganglbauer 

4552 O. cingulatus Grav. Keene Val., Je ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Newport, Je 

(NYS) ; Crane Pond, Je, Bks (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Jl, in decaying 
fungi and on carrion (H) ; Olcott, May-Je (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 

294 Staphylinidae 

Pike (NYS) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, May-Sep (Dt) ; McLean, 
Aug-Sep (Flet) ; Poughkeepsie, Aug (NYS) ; L. George, Aug, Zab 
(AM) ; Peekskill (AM) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; West Farms, Angus 
(AM); SI, May-Oct (L&D) ; LI: Flatbush, Aug, Zab (AM). 

4553 O. capitatus Bland. Newport, May (NYS) ; Johnstown, Sep (NYS) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R) ; West Farms, Aligns (AM). 

Tympanophorus Nordmann 

4554 T. puncticollis Er. LI: Rockaway, Je, Diets (Sf). 

Creophilus Mannerheim 

4555b C. maxillosus L. var. villosus Grav. Newport, May (NYS) ; Cranberry 
L., Je-Jl, on carrion (H) ; Olcott. May (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Mon- 
tour Falls, Ap, carrion (H) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, Ap-Sep, 
Bish (NYS) ; Crane Pond, Je, Bks (NYS) ; Interlaken, Ap (NYS) ; 
Nassau, Je (NYS); Stamford, Oct, Bish (NYS); West Pt. (Robn); 
SI, Ap-Sep (L&D); LI: Prospect Pk.. Flatbush, Coney L, May-Nov, 
Zab (AM); Orient, Lath (NYS). 


4564 A. flavicollis Sachse. Ringwood, May (Dt). 

4565 A. pronus Er. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Fourth L., Je (NYS) ; Johnstown 

(NYS) ; Sodus Pt., May (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; 
McLean, May, Aug (Dt) ; Peekskill, Jl (AM) ; Hudson Falls, Sherm 
(AM); Esopus, Aug, Sherm (AM). 

4566 A. caseyi Lg. "NY" (Csy). 

4567 A. densus Lee. LI: Flushing, Mar, Schott (Sf). 

HeterothopS Stephens 

4569 H. fumigatus Lee. Keene Val., Aug-Sep (Not) ; Catskills, Pears (Sf). 
4569a H. fumigatus var. fusculus Lee. Westfield, May (Not). 
4571 H. pusio Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

QUEDIUS Stephens 

4574 Q. ferox Lee. SI (L&D); LI, Schaupp (AM). 

4575 Q. (Quedionuchus) laevigatas Gyll. Cranberry L., Je-Jl, under bark of 

dead logs (H) ; Sodus Pt., Je, Westfield, May (Not) ; Ithaca, Ap, Jl 
(Dt) ; West Pt., Ap, Robn (Sf). 

4578 Q. vernix Lee. Ithaca, May, Oct, Ringwood, Jl, McLean, Jl-Aug (Dt) ; 

Clinton Hgts., Ap (NYS) ; Mosholu (Sf) ; SI, Je (L&D). 

4579 Q. molochinus Grav. Ithaca, Mar-Ap, Oct (Dt) ; Slide Mt., Jl, Pears 

(Sf); Peekskill, Aug (AM); West Pt. (Robn); SI (L&D). 
4586 Q. capucinus Grav. Buffalo (Z&R). 
4589 Q. bruneipennis Mann. Ithaca, Ap (Dt) ; Southfields, Oct, Schott (Sf). 

Staphylinidae 295 

4595 Q. peregrinus Grav. Ithaca, Aug-Oct (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill, 
Mar, Shenn (AM). 

4599 Q. erythrogaster Mann. "NY" (Lg Cat.). 

4600 Q. mesomelinus Marsh. SI, Je (L&D) ; LI: Flatbush, Aug, Zah (AM), 

May, Schott (Sf), as fiilgidus Fab. 

4601 Q. iracundus Say (fulgidus Horn). "NY" (Horn); Ithaca, Je (Dt). 
4621 Q. spelaeus Horn. "NY" (Horn). Questioned by Fall. 


OXYPORUS Fabricius 

4628 O. femoralis Grav. Newport, Jl (NYS) ; Olcott, Je-Aug (Dt) ; Ithaca, 
Jl-Sep (Dt) ; White L., Nov, Zab (AM) ; West Pt, Je (Sf) ; Peeks- 
kill, Sherm (AM); West Pt. (Robn); SI, Je-Oct (L&D); LI: 
Queens, Sep 26 (Frost) ; Flatbush, Zab (AM) ; Yaphank, Oct, Eng 

4631 O. major Grav. Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Peekskill, Jl (AM) ; West Pt. 

(Robn); SI, Sep (L&D); LI: Queens, Sep 19 (Frost), Sep, Schott 
(Sf); Richmond Hill (Sf). 

4632 O. rufipennis Lee. Johnstown, Sep (NYS) ; Pike (NYS) ; Debruce, Aug 

(Ds) ; West Pt, Je, Robn (Ds). 

4633 O. stygicus Say. Keene Val., Je (Not) ; Ft. Montgomery, Je, Schott (Sf) ; 

West Pt (Robn). 

4634 O. vittatus Grav. White L., Nov (AM) ; Albany, Karner, Sep (NYS) ; 

West Pt (Robn); SI (L&D); LI: Flatbush, Nov, Zab (AM). 

4635 O. fasciatus Horn. LI: Brooklyn, Je (Ds) ; Wyandanch (Sf). 

4637 O. lateralis Grav. Keene Val., Je (Not); Newport, May (NYS); Olcott, 

Oct (Dt) ; Pike, May (NYS) ; McLean, May (Flet) ; West Pt. 
(Robn); Mosholu (Sf) ; SI, Oct (L&D); LI, E^ig (Sf). 
4637a O. lateralis var. brevis Melsh. "NY" (Melsh). 

4638 O. occipitalis Fauv. Newport (NYS); Albany, Sep (NYS). 

4639 O. lepidus Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

4640 O. quinquemaculatus Lee. West Pt., Je, Robn (Ds, Sf). 

Tachinus Gravenhorst 

4652 T. memnonius Grav. Gloversville, Sep (NYS) ; Buffalo vie. (Z&R) ; Pike, 
Nov 11 (Frost); Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; Albany, Oct (NYS); Peekskill 
(AM); SI, Nov (L&D). 

4657 T. repandus Horn. Windsor, Te (Not) ; McLean, Jl (Dt) ; Trenton Falls 
(Horn); Peekskill, May (AM); West Pt (Robn); SI (AM). 

4660 T. addendus Horn. Newport, May (NYS). 

4661 T. parallelus Horn. Mt. Skylight, Jl (Not). 

4663 T. flavipennis Dej. Newport, May (NYS) ; Ilion (NYS) ; Cranberry L., 

Je-Jl (H) ; Ithaca, Ringwood, May-Je (Dt) ; McLean, Je (Flet) ; 
Peekskill, Sep (AM) ; Suffern, May, Schott (Sf ) ; SI, Mar-Ap, Jl, in 
horse manure (L&D). 

4664 T. luridus Er. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Fourth L., Je (NYS) ; Buffalo 

(ErANSP) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Karner, Ap (NYS) ; McLean, 
Je (Flet). 

296 Staphylinidae 

4665 T. fimbriatus Grav. Newport, Je, Johnstown, Sep (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 

Pike, Je (NYS); Ithaca, Je-Sep (Dt) ; McLean, Sep 12 (Flat); 
White L., Jl, Zab (AM) ; Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS) ; Peekskill, Jl, Sep 
(AM); West Pt. (Robn) ; West Farms (AM); SI, Je-Sep (L&D) ; 
LI: Flatbush, Zah (AM); Orient, Lath (NYS). 

4666 T. picipes Er. Wilmington, Aug (Dt) ; Johnstown, Sep (NYS) ; Wood- 

worth's L., Jl (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je 23, in decaying fungus; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; L. George, Aug, Zah (AM) ; White L, Jl, Nov, Zah (AM). 

4668 T. limbatus Melsh. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Newport, May-Je, Wells, Jl 

(NYS) ; Wilmington, Aug (Dt) ; Gloversville, Sep (NYS) ; Johns- 
town, Ap (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Jl, Sep (Dt) ; Catskills, 
Aug (Ds) ; Hudson, Jl, Eng (Sf ) ; Mosholu (Sf ) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
SI, May-Je (L&D); LI, Sep, Shoe (Sf). 

4669 T. fumipennis Say. SI, May (L&D). 

4670 T. pallipes Grav. (frigidus Er.). Wilmington, Aug (Dt) ; Cranberry L., 

Je-Jl, in decaying fungus (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; White L., Jl, Zab 
(AM) ; Ithaca, Ap, Ringwood, May (Dt) ; Peekskill (AM) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; LI, Je, Shoe, Eng (Sf). 

4673 T. basalis Er. (circiimcinctus Makl.). Gloversville, Sep (NYS) ; Ringwood, 

May (Dt). 

4674 T. nitiduloides Horn. "NY" (Horn); Mosholu, Je (Sf). Questioned by 


Tachyporus Gravenhorst 

4678 T. maculipennis Lee. Trenton (Horn) ; Peekskill, Sherm (AM). 

4679 T. elegans Horn. Ithaca, Oct-Nov, Ringwood, May (Dt) ; SI (L&D) ; 

LI, Ap, Aug, Shoe (Sf). 

4681 T. jocosus Say. Mt. Whiteface, Aug (Dt) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Sodus 

Pt, May (Not) ; Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; McLean, Nov 
(Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Peekskill, May, Jl (AM) ; SI, Jan (L&D) ; 
LI: Flushing, Mar (Ds). 

4682 T. chrysomelinus L. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., Jl (Drk) ; Glovers- 

ville, Nov (NYS); Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R); Castile, May, 
Brad (Flet) ; McLean, May (Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Washington 
Co, Aug (AM). 
4682a T. chrysomelinus var. acaudus Say. Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Syracuse, 
Montour Falls, Ap-May, under stones, herbage (H). 

4686 T. nitidulus Fab. (brunneus Fab.). Syracuse, Montour Falls, Ap-Je (H) ; 

Sodus Pt., May (Not) ; Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; Westfield, May, Windsor, 
Je (Not) ; Peekskill, Mar-Ap (AM) ; SI, Mar, Nov, on salt meadow 

LeucopaRYPHUS Kraatz 

4687 L. silphoides L. Gloversville, Oct (NYS) ; Oswego, Aug, Bks (NYS) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R). 

Erchomus Motschulsky 

4690 E. ventriculus Say. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Elizabethtown, Aug, Newport, Je 
(NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je, under bark of dead logs (H) ; Herkimer 
Co, Yg (AM) ; Syracuse, under bark (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, 
Sep (Kngt) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Olcott, Ithaca, very common under 

Staphylinidae 297 

bark of logs in damp woods (Dt) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; McLean, 
■ Sep 20 (Flet) ; Albany, Oct, Delmar, May, Cedar Hill, Ap, Nassau, 
Ap, Normanskill, Ap (NYS) ; SI, Ap-May, under bark (L&D) ; 
LI: Aqueduct, May, Shoe (Sf). 


4695 C. knoxi Lee. Newport, May (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Jl 4, under piece 

of bark on ground (H) ; SI (L&D). 

4696 C. littoreus L. Potsdam, May (NYS) ; Newport, May (NYS) ; Cran- 

berry L., Je 6, in decaying fungi (H) ; Peekskill, May-Je (AM). 

4697 C. opicus Say. Newport, May (NYS) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; West Ft. 

(Robn) ; SI, Ap, Je, Woodr (L&D). 

4698 C. imbricatus Csy. Newport, May (NYS) ; Ithaca, May, Bish (NYS) ; 

Albany, Nov, Greenville, Ap (NYS) ; Peekskill, Sherm; Van Cort. 
Pk., West Farms, as pubescens Payk. (AM) ; SI, Oct, Dec, under 
weeds in garden and on fungus (L&D) ; LI: Mar, Eng (Sf) ; Riverhead, 
Ap (NYS). 
4700 C. velocipes Csy. Near NYC (Csy). 

4705 C. basalis Er. Syracuse (H) ; Ithaca, Ap (Dt) ; West Ft. (Robn) ; SI, 

Ap, Je, Sep (L&D) ; LI: Central Pk., May, Eng (Sf). 

4706 C. occulatus Csy. Westfield, May (Not). 

4707 C. crassus Grav. Newport, May (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je 25, in decaying 

fungi (H) ; Johnstown, Sep (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike (NYS) ; 
Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; McLean, Jl (Dt) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Kinderhook, 
Je (NYS); SI, May-Sep (L&D); LI: Rosedale, Oct, Eng (Sf) ; 
Riverhead, Ap (NYS), 
4713 C. scriptus Horn. Newport (NYS); Johnstown, Sep (NYS). 


4716 B. niger Grav. Newport (NYS). 

4718 B. axiUaris Grav. Johnstown, Sep (NYS). 

4719 B. dimidiatus Er. Fourth L., Je (NYS) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl (Ds) ; SI, 

Sep (L&D); LI: Wyandanch, Aug, Schott (Sf). 

4720 B. nepigonensis Bnhr. Cranberry L., Jl 2-7, in dying beech (H). 

4721 B. intrusus Horn. Sodus Ft., Je (Not) ; Ithaca, May (NYS) ; Ramapc 


4722 B. cingulatus Mann. Newport, May (NYS) ; Tuckahoe, Nov, Schott 

(Sf) ; SI, Ap, Shoe (Sf) ; LI: Bellport, Aug, Nic (Sf). 

4723 B. cincticollis Say. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Newport, May (NYS); Fourth 

L., Je (NYS) ; Cranberry h-, Je (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Windsor, Je 
(Not); Karner, May (NYS); West Ft. (Robn); SI (L&D). 

4724 B. anticus Horn. Newport (NYS) ; Gloversville, Sep (NYS) ; Mosholu 

(Sf) ; SI, Aug, Nov (L&D). 
4727 B. trinotatus Er. Cranberry L., Je 23, in decaying fungus (H) ; Newport, 
May (NYS) ; Johnstown, Sep (NYS) ; Albany, Sep, and S. Westerlo, 
May (NYS) ; L. George, Aug, Zab (AM) ; Peekskill, Jl, Sherm 
(AM) ; West Ft. (Robn) ; Mosholu (Sf) ; SI (L&D) ; LI: Flatbush, 
• Nov 8, Zab (AM). 

298 Staphylinidae 

4729 B. obsoletus Say. Poughkeepsie, Aug (NYS) ; Peekskill, Sep (AM). 

4730 B. cinctus Grav. Newport, May (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Peekskill, Jl 

(AM); West Pt. (Robn) ; LI: Yaphank, Oct, Eng (Sf). 
4732 B. quaesitor Horn. Newport (NYS); Windsor, Je (Not). 

Bryoporus Kraatz 

4737 B. rufescens Lee. Elizabethtown, Aug, Big Moose, Jl, Newport, May, 

Ilion, May (NYS) ; Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; Westfield, May, Windsor, Je 
(Not) ; Karner, Je (NYS) ; Peekskill, May, Sherm (AM) ; West Pt. 
(Robn); Mosholu, Je (Sf). 

Mycetoporus Mannerheim 

4738 M. humidus Say. LI: Rockaway Beach, Je, Schott (Sf) ; Forest Pk., Ap, 

Pears (Sf). 

4739 M. horni Lg. Keene Val., Jl (Not). 

4740 M. consors Lee. Ringwood, May (Dt). 

4742 M. americanus Er. Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Syracuse, May (H) ; LI: 

Little Neck, Ap, Schott (Sf). 
4742a M. americanus var. lucidulus Lee. Keene Val., Je, Tivoli, May (Not). 
4743a M. flavicoUis Lee. var. pictus Horn. McLean, May 16 (Flet). 
4744 M. splendidus Grav. Syracuse, May (H). 


HabroCERUS Erichson 

4752 H. schwarzi Horn. "NY" (Horn); Van Cort. Pk., Oct, Nic (Sf) ; LI: 
North Beach, Jan, Schott (Sf). 


Trichophya Mannerheim 

4755 T. pilicornis Gyll. Westfield, May (Not) ; Red House, Je (Not) ; near 
NYC (Csy). 

Deinopsis Matthews 
4757 D. americana Kr. NY (ANSP) ; Ithaca, May (Dt, Fenyes). 

Gymnusa Gravenhorst 
4760 G. brevicollis Payk. Ithaca, May (Dt, Fenyes) ; McLean, May (Flet). 

Myllaena Erichson 

4764 M. dubia Grav. Peekskill, Sherm (AM). 

4765 M. intermedia Er. Westfield, May (Not). 



4766 M. minuta Grav. SI, Je (L&D). 

4770 M. vulpina Bnhr. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Westfield, May, Windsor, Je 
(Not) ; Schoharie (Not). 

4772 M. audax Csy. Near NYC (Csy). 

4773 M. abdita Csy. Westfield, May (Not). 
4776 M. procidua Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

LeptobAMONA Casey 

4797 L,. pertenuis Csy. Keene, Jl, Jay, Aug, Canisteo, Je (Not). 

Gyronycha Casey 

4798 G. valens Csy. Ithaca, Aug (Dt, Fenyes). 
4801 G. fusciceps Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

4803 G. longicornis Csy. Westfield, May (Not); Ithaca (Csy). 

SOMATIUM Wollaston 
4814 S. nugator Csy. Peekskill, Dec (Sherm). 

Oligota Mannerheim 

4825 O. pusillima Grav. NYC (Julich). 

4826 O. parallela Csy. LI: Willetts Pt. (Csy). 

4827 O. linearis Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

PlaCUSA Erichson 

4842 P. tachyporoides Waltl. Cranberry L., Jl 5 (H) ; Olcott, Aug, Dt (Fenyes) 

4844 P. despecta Er. Albany, May (NYS). 

4845 P. tacomae Csy. Olcott, Dec, Dt (Fenyes). 

SiLUSA Erichson 
4857 S. valens Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

Thecturota Casey 
4875 T. demissa Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

Thectura Thomson 

4880 T. cuspidata Er. Westfield, May (Not). 

4881 T. americana Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

Leptusa Kraatz 
L. laticoUis Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

4892 L. opaca Csy. Olcott, Aug, Dt (Fenyes). 

4893 L. seminitens Csy. "NY" (Csy). 
4899 L. pavida Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

300 Staphylinidae 


4928 B. marginella Csy. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Olcott, 

Sep, Dt (Fenyes). 

4929 B. picta Csy. W. Hebron (Lg) ; near NYC (Csy) ; SI, Je (L&D). 

4930 B. blanchardi Csy. Olcott, Aug-Sep, Dt (Fenyes) ; Windsor, Je (Not). 
?B. trimaculata Er. Olcott, Aug, Dt (Fenyes). The tristigma of Casey, 

which may or may not be the trimaculata of Er. (Fall). 

HOMALOTA Mannerheim 

4937 H. plana Gyll. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Westfield, May (Not). 
4942 H. humilis Csy. "NY" (Csy). 


4947 E. corruscula Er. Olcott, Je, Dt (Fenyes) ; Catskills (Csy) ; SI, Sep 

4950 E. socia Er. Tivoli, May (Not). 
4952 E. pallidula Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

Gyrophaena Mannerheim 

4956 G. affinis Sahib. Newport, May (NYS) ; Olcott, Aug, Dt (Fenyes). 

4959 G. vitrina Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

4960 G. attonsa Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

4961 G. flavicomis Melsh. Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Catskills 

4963 G. gaudens Csy. Red House, Je (Not). 

4966 G. lobata Csy. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Albany, Sep (NYS) ; Catskills (Csy) ; 

SI (L&D). 

4967 G. involuta Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

4968 G. antennalis Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

4970 G. fuscicoUis Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

4971 G. modesta Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

4972 G. gilvicollis Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

4977 G. sculptipennis Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

4978 G. subpunctata Csy. Catskills (Csy). 
4980 G. laetula Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

4982 G. fustifer Csy. Peekskill (Csy). 

4983 G. centralis Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

4987 G. subnitens Csy. Keene, Keene Val., Jl, Tivoli, May (Not). 

4988 G. compacta Csy. Tivoli, May (Not). 

4995 G. fasciata Say (vinula Er.). Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Newport, May 

(NYS) ; Olcott, Aug, Dt (Fenyes) ; Parkville, Jl (AM) ; SI (L&D). 

4996 G. ocularis Csy. Catskills (Csy). 
4999 G. dissimilis Er. SI, Je (L&D). 

Staphylinidae 301 

Xenodusa Wasmann 
5008 X. cava Lee. Johnstown, Oct (NYS) ; Ithaca, Jl, Dt (Fenyes). 

Myrmedonia Erichson 

5018 M. caliginosa Csy. Catskills (Csy). 
5022 M. obliqua Csy. "NY" (Csy). 
5026 M. lauta Csy. "NY" (Csy). 


5037 H. lateralis Melsh. Westfield, May, Windsor, Je (Not); SI, Oct (L&D). 

5038 H. pulchra Kr. W. Hebron (Lg). 

5039 H. ochracea Kr. "NY" (Lg). 


5058 T. transversa Csy. Westfield, May (Not). 
5070 T. robustula Csy. Cranberry L., Je 28 (H). 

TiNOTUS Sharp 

5083 T. caviceps Csy. SI (Fenyes). 

5085 T. pallidus Csy. Olcott, Je-Jl (Dt) ; Ithaca, Je (Dt). 

5089 T. imbricatus Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

T. lateralis Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

Philotermes Kraatz 

5098 P. pilosus Kr. LI: Flatbush, May, from nest of Termes flavipes, Zab (AM). 

Atheta Thomson 

5099 A. divisa Mark. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Olcott, Jl, Dt (Fenyes). 
5102 A. coriaria Kr. Olcott, Aug, Dt (Fenyes). 

5104 A. ventricosa Bnhr. N. Elba (AM) ; Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Ithaca, Aug, 

Good (Fenyes). 

5106 A. nigritula Grav. Windsor, Je (Not); LI: Brooklyn, Jl (Bnhr). 

5112 A. virginica Bnhr. Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Ithaca, Je, Dt (Fenyes). 

5120 A. frosti Bnhr. Olcott, Sep, Dt (Fenyes). 

5122 A. obsoleticollis Bnhr. Olcott, Sep, Dt (Fenyes). 

5132 A. klagesi Bnhr. Olcott, Sep-Oct, Dt (Fenyes); SI (L&D). 

5138 A. vaticina Csy. LI: Willetts Pt. (Csy). 

5139 A. iterans Csy. Near NYC (Csy). 

5140 A. enitescens Csy. Ithaca (Csy). 
5149 A. rusticula Csy. Catskills (Csy). 
5151 A. catula Csy. Catskills (Csy). 
5153 A. candidula Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

302 Staphylinidae 

5154 A. diffisa Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5161 A. gnoma Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5162 A. elota Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5163 A. insidiosa Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5164 A. ducens Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5165 A. tradita Csy. Catskills (Csy). 
5169 A. auguralis Csy. Catskills Csy). 
5171 A. dama Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5173 A. tractabilis Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5174 A. ordinata Csy. Catskills (Csy). 
5181 A. strigulosa Csy. Catskills (Csy). 
5187 A. discipula Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5209 A. nupera Csy. LI: Willetts Pt. (Csy). 

5211 A. citata Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5212 A. nympha Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5213 A. discreta Csy. Catskills (Csy); W. Hebron (Lg). 
5219 A. spadix Csy. Near NYC (Csy). 

5230 A. irvingi Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5230a A. irvingi var. affluens Csy. LI (Csy). 

5230b A. irvingi var. clarescans Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5235 A. sororella Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5236 A. ofHciosa Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5237 A. tuta Csy. Ithaca (Csy). 

5239 A. spuriella Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5248 A. alutacea Csy. Ithaca, Sm (Csy). 

5250 A. dentata Bnhr. Cranberry L., Je 30 (H) ; Westfield, May, Windsor, Je 

(Not); Schoharie (Not). 
5300 ?A. festinans Er. Olcott, Feb, Dt (Fenyes). 
5302 ?A. polita Melsh. Olcott, Jl, Dt (Fenyes). 

5307 A. pennsylvanica Bnhr. Ithaca, Ap, Aug, Good (Fenyes) ; Catskills (Csy). 

5308 A. unigena Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5314 A. palustris Kies. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Cranberry L., Je 27-29 (H) ; 
Buffalo (Hamilton) ; Westfield, May, Windsor, Je (Not) ; Olcott, 
Mar, Dt (Fenyes) ; Westfield, May, Windsor, Je (Not) ; Brookton 
Ap, Dt (Fenyes) ; Schoharie (Not). 

5316 A. repanda Csy. Ithaca (Csy) ; Catskills (Csy). 

5318 A. frugalis Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5319 A. leviceps Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

— — A. inconspicua Er. "NY", Sherm (AM). A European species. 
A. luridipennis Mann. West Farms, Oct (AM). 


5338 T. obsequens Csy. Catskills (Csy). 
5354 T. ithacana Csy. Ithaca (Csy). 
5357 T. asperiola Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

Staphyltnidae 303 

5366 T. fecunda Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5368 T. tincta Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

5370 T. ingratula Csy. Windsor, May-Je (Not). 

5371 T. recessa Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

Amphibitherion Notman 
A. demissum Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

DiNARAEA Thomson 

5384 D. subdepressa Bernh. Westfield, May (Not). 

D. angustula Gyll. Buffalo (Hamilton). 

Metaxya Rey 

5401 M. dichroa Grav. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; SI, Feb 22, in sifting, Woodr 

5413 M. impotens Csy. Ithaca (Csy). 
5413a M. impotens var. albanica Csy. Catskills (Csy). 
5425 M. complana Mann. SI: Watchogue, Ap 22 (L&D). 

M. vilis Er. Westfield, May (Not). 

M. magniceps Sahl. Windsor, Je (Not). 

M. obscuricornis Not. Mooers, Oct, Dec (Not). 

Hydrosmecta Thomson 

5432 H. caduca Csy. Westfield, May (Not); Catskills (Csy). 

5439 H. rarula Csy. Ithaca (Csy). 

5447 H. scenica Csy. Near NYC (Csy). 

H. torrida Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

H. tincta Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

AloCONOTA Thomson 

5453 A. sulcifrons Steph. Buffalo (Hamilton). 

5454 A. cambrica Woll. Westfield, May, Windsor, Je (Not). 
5459 A. brunneipes Csy. Ithaca, Sm (Csy). 

5461 A. ventralis Csy. Ithaca, Sm (Csy). 

AmisCHA Thomson 

5473 A. analis Grav. N. Elba, Oct (Lg) ; Cranberry L., Je 23 (H) ; Westfield, 

May (Not) ; Ithaca, Aug, Good (Fenyes) ; Mosholu (AM). 
5478 A. normalis Csy. Near NYC (Csy). 

DatomICRA Rey 

5507 D. decolorata Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5508 D. inopia Csy. Catskills (Csy). 
5511 D. diffidens Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

304 Staphyltnidae 

5512 D. vacans Csy. Catskills (Csy), 

5517 D. hebescens Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5522 D. filiformis Csy. Catskills (Csy); LI: Bellport, Jl (Nic). 

5523 D. particula Csy. Catskills (Csy). 
5526 D. atomica Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

Synaptina Casey 
5531 S. consonens Csy. Near NYC (Csy). 

5560 D. novella Csy. LI: Willetts Pt. (Csy). 

SablETA Casey 

5570 S. flaveola Melsh. SI, Aug (L&D). 
5572 S. omator Csy. Catskills (Csy). 


5588 P. puricula Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5589 P. fascinans Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

Arisota Casey 
5598 A. tetricula Csy. Ithaca (Csy); Catskills (Csy). 

Pancota Casey 

5604 P. collaris Csy. Catskills, Sm (Csy). 

5605 P. redundans Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5610 P. cupiens Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5611 P. laetabilis Csy. Catskills (Csy). 
5614 P. luteola Er. N. Elba, Oct (Lg). 
5618 P. euphonia Csy. Catskills (Csy). 
5620 P. panda Csy. Windsor, Je (Not). 
5623 P. reclusa Csy. Catskills (Csy). 


5627 ?A. fungi Grav. Olcott, Mar 26, Ap 19, Jl 23, Dt (Fenyes). 

5630 A, clientula Er. Westfield, May (Not). 

5631 A. modesta Melsh. Cranberry L., Je 30 (H) ; Ithaca, May-Je, Sep, Dt 

(Fenyes); SI, Mar (L&D). 

5636 A. fusiformis Csy. NYC, Sm (Csy). 

Staphylinidae 305 


5650 C. puritana Csy. Mooers, Sep (Not). 

5653 C. acutella Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5654 C. egregiella Csy. Ithaca, Catskills (Csy). 
5659 C. assecla Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

C. parva Sahib. Westfield, May, Windsor, Je (Not). 


5678 C. sordida Marsh. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Olcott, Je, Sep, Dt (Fenyes) ; 

Buffalo, as luridipennis, fide Fenyes (Z&R) ; Montour Falls, Je (H) ; 
Ithaca, Je, Sep, Dt (Fenyes) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; West Farms (AM). 

5679 C. smithi Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

Strigota Casey 
5681 S. oppidana Csy. Near NYC (Csy). 

Gnypeta Thomson 

5702 G. nigrella Lee. (brunnescens Csv.). Olcott, Jl, Dt (Fenyes); Ithaca, 

Jl, Dt (Fenyes) ; near NYC (Csy). 

5703 G. baltifera Lee. Olcott, Je, Dt (Fenyes) ; LI: Coney I. (Lee). 
5708 G. atrolucens Csy. Catskills (Csy, Fenyes). 

Tachyusa Erichson 

5722 T. smithi Csy. Catskills, Sm (Csy). 

5725 T. americana Csy. Olcott, Jl, Dt (Fenyes) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Ithaca, 

Catskills (Csy). 

5726 T. silvatica Csy. Ithaca (Csy). 

5730 T. cavicoUis Lee. Ithaca, Jl, Dt (Fenyes) ; Windsor, Je (Not). 
5736 T. pruinosa Csy. Catskills, Sm (Csy). 

Meronera Sharp 

5743 M. venustula Er. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Olcott, Feb, Ap, 
Dt (Fenyes) ; Ithaca, Je, Dt (Fenyes) ; Cortland, Jl, Bks (NYS) ; 
West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Feb 22, in sifting, Woodr (L&D). 

5745 M. obliqua Csy. Catskills, Sm (Csy). 

5747 B. quadriceps Lee. *'NY", Ap (Lee, Csy). 

Cardiola Rey 
5750 C. obscura Grav. NY (from Jour. NY Ent.Soc, 20:25). 

306 Staphylinidae 

Aleodorus Say 

5751 A. bilobatus Say. "NY" (Lg) ; LI: Coney L (Lee). 
5753 ?A. partitus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). 

Falagria Mannerheim 

5755 F. dissecta Er. (ithacana Csy.). Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Mooers, Sep 
(Not) ; Gloversville, Mar (NYS) ; Syracuse, Ap, skeleton (H) ; Buf- 
falo (Z&R) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, Catskills (Csy) ; Peekskill, 
Mar (AM); Mosholu (AM); SI, Ap (L&D). 


5757 L. cingulata Lee. Newport, May (NYS) ; Olcott, Aug, Oct, Dt (Fenyes) ; 
Westfield, May (Not); Ithaca, Nov, Dt (Fenyes). 

AnaulASCASPIS Ganglbauer 

5762 A. perexilis Csy. (hndsonica Csy.). Catskills (Csy). 

Aleochara Gravenhorst 

5763 A. curtula Goeze. SI (L&D) as brachyptera Fourc. ; LI (AM). 

5764 A. lustrica Say. Ithaca, Sep-Oct, Dt (Fenyes) ; McLean Bogs, Aug, Dt 

(Fenyes) ; LI (Csy). 
5764a A. lustrica var. sternalis Csy. Ithaca, Catskills (Csy). 

5766 A. lata Grav. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Ilion, May (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 

Pike, Ap (NYS) ; Montour Falls, Ap, on carrion (H) ; Westfield, 
May (Not) ; Ithaca, Mar, Nov, Dt (Fenyes) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; West 
Farms (LgAM) ; SI, Ap, in dead log (L&D); LI: Astoria (AM); 
Orient, Lath (NYS). 

5767 A. rubripes Blatch. Newport, May (NYS); Olcott, Mar, Dt (Fenyes). 
5771 A. medialis Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5774 A. pleuralis Csy. Newport (NYS) ; McLean, Je, Aug, Dt (Fenyes) ; near 

NYC (Csy). 

5775 A. americana Csy. SI (L&D). 

5780 A. puberula Klug. Peekskill, May, Sherm (Fenyes). 
5784 A. rubripennis Csy. Westfield, May (Not). 

Baryodma Thomson 

5797 B. defecta Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5799 B. sculptiventris Csy. Cranberry L., Jl 2 (H) ; Olcott, Je, Dt (Fenyes) ; 

Montour Falls, Je (H) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Ithaca, May-Je, Sep, 

Dt (Fenyes) ; Catskills (Csy). 

5806 B. bimaculata Grav. Newport, May (NYS) ; Potsdam (Houghton) ; Cran- 
berry L, Je 25 (H); Oswego, Jl, Bks (NYS); Buffalo (Z&R); 
Windsor, Je (Not); SI, May-Je (L&D). 

5820 B. nitida Grav. Shokan (Thompson); SI, Aug (L&D). 

Staph YLiNiDAE 307 

Emplenota Casey 
5833 E. maritima Csy. NY to Va (Csy). 

5858 H. crinitula Csy. NY (Jour. NY Ent. Soc, 8:54), 

Crataraea Thomson 
5866 C. suturalis Mann. Keene Val., Je (Not). 

5872 I. abscissa Csy. Westfield, May (Not). 

Thiasophila Kraatz 

5876 T. laticollis Csy. Olcott, May, Dt (Fenyes). 

T. parvula Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

Stichoglossa Fairmaire 
5882 S. corticina Er. Olcott, May-Oct, Dt (Fenyes). 


5884 D. fenyesi Bnhr. Mt. Marcy, Oct (Lg). 

Hylota Casey 

5885 H. ochracea Csy. Near NYC (Csy). 

OXYPODA Mannerheim 

5889 O. sagulata Er. "NY" (Er). 

5896 O. convergens Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5900 O. hudsonica Csy. Near NYC (Csy). 

5905 O. stygica Csy. Near NYC (Csy). 

5910 ?0. perexilis Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

5921 O. rubescans Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

5937 O. canora Csy. Catskills (Csy). 

O. schaefferi Not. Windsor, Je (Not). 

Callicerus Gravenhorst 
5990 C. puberulus Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

308 Staphylinidae — Pselaphidae 

Chilopora Kraatz 
5992 C. americana Csy. Peekskill (Csy). 

Pachycerota Casey 
6017 P. duryi Csy. Ithaca, Je, Dt (Fenyes). 

Phloeopora Erichson 
6020 P. corticalis Grav. {ferruginea Csy.). Olcott, May, Dt (Fenyes). 

Trimiomelba Casey 
6054 T. dubia Lee. Peekskill, Ap (Sherm) ; Ramapo (Sf). 


6065 A. foveicoUe Lee. LI: Yaphank, May (Not). 

6066 A. angustum Csy. Ramapo (Sf). 

6071 A. globifer Lee. Ramapo (Sf) ; NY, type locality; LI: Baldwin, May 10, 
Ds (Nic). 

Pseudactium Casey 
6073 P. mellinum Csy. Keene Val., Lowville, Je (Not). 

Melba Casey 
6078 M. fossiger Csy. LI: Wyandanch, Oct 30 (Nic). 

Trimioplectus Brendel 
6090 T. obsoletus Bndl. Brooklyn, Je 16, Franck (Nic). 


6093 E. confluens Lee. Peekskill, Je (Sherm). 

6095 E. elongatus Bndl. Keene Val., May, Je, Jl (Not). 

6100 E. rotundicoUis Bndl. Keene Val., Je (Not). 

6109 E. hudsonicus Csy. NY (Csy). 


6126 B. bicanalis Csy. NY (Csy). 


6127 B. ruficeps Lee. LI: Wyandanch, Ap 3, in sphagnum bog (Nic). 

^^ Alan S. Nicolay has gone over the manuscript for this family, made some changes, and supplied 
many records. 


Ramecia Casey 

6131 R. crinita Bndl. Buffalo (Z&R), as Euplectus crinitus; Westfield, Je 

Rhexidius Casey 

6155 R. canaliculatus Lee. Ramapo, May (AM) ; Peekskill, Sep, Sherm (Lg) ; 
LI: Wyandanch, Oct 30 (Nic). 

Rhexius LeConte 
6158 R. insculptus Lee. Westfield, May (Not); Windsor, Je (Not). 

Batrisodes Reitter 

6174 B. monstrosus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). 

6174a B. monstrosus var. ferox Lee. SX (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica, Ap 12, in ant's 
nest under stone (Nic). 

6188 B. schaumi Aube. Greenwood L., May (Not). 

6189 B. riparius Say. Peekskill, Mar, Sherm (Lg). 

6190 B. uncicornis Csy. NYC (Csy). 

6191 B. scabriceps Lee. LI: Flushing, Dow (Nic) ; Amagansett, Sep 21, from 

nest of Formica exsectoides, Ds (Nic). 
6194 B. lineaticollis Aube. LI: Jamaica (Nic). 

6200 B. globosus Lee. Westfield, May (Not) ; Peekskill, Sherm (Lg) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; Ramapo Mts., May 5 (AM) ; Suffern, May 26 (AM) ; SI, 
Ap, with ants under a log and also under bark (L&D) ; LI: common 
throughout the island, under bark, stones, etc. (Nic). 

6201 B. spretus Lee. Windsor, Je (Not). 

6202 B. fovfeicornis Csy. LI: Flushing, Amagansett, Ds (Nic), 

6204 B. punctifrons Csy. Keene Val., May, Je, Jl (Not) ; LI: Hauppauge, Ap 

6211 B. denticollis Csy. NY (Csy). 

6212 B. triangulifer Bndl. LI (type locality) : Wyandanch, Ap 3, from 

sphagnum bog (Nic). 

6213 ?B. nigricans Lee. SI, Mar, Nov, on salt meadow (L&D). 

6216 B. striatus Lee. Rochester (M&W) ; SI, Mar, Ap, Nov, several times on 
salt meadow (L&D); LI: Wyandanch, Nov 7 (Nic), Ap 3, Shoe 
(Nic) ; Queens (Dow). 


6225 N. tomentosa Aube. LI: Jamaica, May, Pears (Nic). Reichenbachia 
minuta Bndl. is identical with this species, fide Casey in Ann. N. Y. 
Acad. Sci., vol. 9, p. 593. 

BraCHYGLUTA Thomson 

6230 B. abdominalis Aube. Peekskill, May 30, Sherm (AM) ; SI, Feb-May 
(L&D) ; LI: common in salt marshes at Flatbush, Brooklyn, Rocka- 
way Beach, etc., Ap-May (Nic). 


6232 B. intermedia Bndl. "NY" (Bndl). 

6233 B. labyrinthea Csy. "NY" (Csy). 
6235 B. illinoisensis Bndl. "NY" (Bndl). 

6237 B. intricata Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

6238 B. terebrata Csy. {perforata Bndl.). Madison Co (?), May 20 (H) ; LI: 

(Csy) ; Jamaica, May, Pears (Nic). 

6247 B. luniger Lee. Peekskill, May, Sherm (Lg) ; SI, May, on seashore 

(L&D) ; LI, May 30, Shoe (Nic). 

6248 B. cavicornis Bndl. Peekskill (Ds) ; SI, May, on salt meadow (L&D), 

Mar 17 (Frost). 
B. elegans Bndl. LI: Jamaica (Frost). " 


6251 R. gemmifer Lee. Keene Val., May (Not). 

6257 R. divergens Lee. Peekskill, Mar 26 (AM), Ap (Sherm); LI: Jamaica, 

Ap 27, Pears (Nic) ; Queens (Dow) ; Wyandanch, Nov, in sphagnum, 

Sf, Ds, Shoe (Nic) ; Yaphank, Ap (Brb). 
R. minuta Bndl. NY (Bndl). 

6260 R. congener Bndl. Peekskill, Mar (Sherm); SI (L&D); LI: (Bndl); 

Jamaica, May, Pears (Nic). 

6261 R. facilis Csy. LI (Csy) ; Queens, Dozv (Nic) ; Jamaica, Ap 27, Pears 

(Nic) ; Wyandanch, Ap-Nov, in sphagnum bog, Sf, Ds, Shoe (Nic). 

6262 R. scabra Bndl. LI: (Bndl) ; Wyandanch, Ap 3, rare, in sphagnum, Shoe 


6264 R. rubicunda Aube. Westchester Co, May, Dow (Nic) ; SI, Feb 22 


6265 R. fusciventris Csy. Westchester Co, May, Dozv, as gracilis (Nic) ; LI: 

Brooklyn, May 8, in salt marsh. North Beach, Dec, Feb (Schott). 
Most of the ruhicnnda and gracilis records belong to this species (Nic). 
R. insolita Csy. Suffern (AM). 
6269 R. gracilis Csy. Keene Val., Je, Jl (Not). 

6276 R. puncticollis Lee. LI: E. New York, May, Wyandanch, Ap, May (Ds, ;; 

Sf), in sphagnum bog, Nov 7 (Nic) ; Queens, Dow. 

6277 R. borealis Csy. Sylvan Beach, Je, Tivoli, May (Not); LI: Canarsie, l: 

Rosedale, Ap (Not). 

6278 R. corporalis Csy. Keene Val., Je (Not). 
6298 R. polita Bndl. "NY" (Bndl). 

6300 R. spatulifer Csy. Mt. Marcy, Jl (Not). 

6301 R. propinqua Lee. Keene Val., May, Je, Jl (Not). 

Rybaxis Saulcy 

6309 R. valida Bndl. NY (Lg Cat.). 

6310 R. conjuncta Lee. Ramapo (Sf) ; LI: Yaphank, Ap, Brh (Lg). 

6311 R. clavata Bndl. West Pt. (Robn) ; Suffern (Sf) ; LI, usually common 

Huntington, Je (Schott) ; Wyandanch, Ap-May, Sf (Nic). | 

6312 R. mystica Csy. Keene Val., May, Je, Jl, Lowville, Je (Not) ; LI: Rosedale,) 

Ap (Not). I 


Decarthron Brendel 

6314 D. formiceti Lee. LI: Brooklyn, Dow, probably in marshes on outskirts of 

city (Nic). 
6317 D. abnorme Lee. West Pt. (Robn) ; CatskiU (AM) ; Suffern (AM) ; LI: 

Brooklyn, Mar 31 (Shoe) ; Jamaica, May, Pears (Nic). 

6319 D. brendeH Csy. LI: Yaphank, Mar (Brb). 

6320 D. longulum Lee. Peekskill (Sherm) ; SI (L&D). 

6321 D. exsectum Bndl. NY (Bndl). 

6322 D. strenuum Bndl. SI, May (L&D). 
D. exiguum Not. Windsor, Je (Not). 

Bythinopsis Raffray 

6330 B. tychoides Bndl. Near NYC (Bndl); LI: Jamaica, Wyandanch, Mar, 
Ap, Oct, Nic (Sf), Ap 3, several specimens from sphagnum bog, 
Shoe, Nic (Nic). 

Tyckus Leach 

6?>2>2> T. minor Lee. Ramapo (Sf) ; LI: Wyandanch, Ap (Sf), Nov 7 (Nic). 
6338 T. spiculifer Csy. LI: Rosedale, Ap (Not). 


6350 P. bellax Csy. Mosholu, Sep (Sf) ; Suffern (Smith, N. J. List). 

6351 P. erichsoni Lee. NY (Lee) ; SI, Feb (L&D). 

6353 P. fustifer Csy. SI (L&D); LI: Brooklyn May 8, Bellport Je 8 under 
board in salt marsh (Nic). 


6359 P. lacustris Csy. Windsor, Je (Not); SI, Feb 22, Woodr (L&D). 

6362 P. piceus Lee. Buffalo (Lee, Z&R) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Suffern (AM) ; 
LI: Jamaica, May 8, Pears, Mar, Schott, Wading R., May 30, in sweep- 
ing at border of pond, Nic, Huntington, May, Schott, Wyandanch, 
May-Je, Ds (Nic). 

6364 P. granicollis Csy. Madison Co, Mar 20, v^ith query (H) ; LI: Willetts 
Pt. (Csy). 

6367 P. consobrinus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Westchester Co, May, Doiu (Nic). 

Cedius LeConte 

6375 C. ziegleri Lee. West Pt., Sep (Robn) ; LI: Brooklyn, Dow (Nic) ; north 
of Amagansett, Sep 21, in nest of Formica exsectoides, Ds (Nic). 

6377 C. spinosus Lee. Cranberry L., Je 18 (Hatch) ; LI: Massapequa, Ap 26, 
Eng (Nic). 

Tyrus Aube 

6382 T. humeralis Aube. Newport (NYS) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Glovers- 
ville, Mar (NYS); Schoharie (Not); LI: Central Pk., Ap, Eng, 
Bellport, Aug 13, under pine bark, Nic, Massapequa, Ap, Shoe, Wyan- 
danch, Ap, Shoe (Nic). 


Tmesiphorus LeConte 

6379 T. costalis Lee. Bellport, Je 28, sparingly under boards along border of 
oak woods (Nic). 

Ad RANKS LeConte 

6388 A. coecus Lee. SI, Mar 29, with ants, Je 9, under bark of stump (L&D) ; 

LI, very rare (Nic) ; Jamaica, Je 10, in ant's nest under bark. Pears 
(Nic) ; Farmingdale, Ap, Eng (Nic) ; Wyandanch, Nov 7, one specimen 
found in sifting leaves around pond (Nic). 

6389 A. lecontei Bndl. SI (L&D). 

Family PTILIIDAE ss 



NANOSELLA Motschulsky 

[6396 A^. fungi Lee. Recorded from Ohio.] 

[6397 N. atrocephala Dury. Recorded from Ohio.] 

ACTIDIUM Matthews 

6399 A. crotchianum Matth. Westfield, May (Not). 
6401 A. granulosum Csy. Westfield, May (Not). 

Ptilium Erichson 

[6410 P. hornianum Matth. Recorded from N. J.] 

[6411 P. fungicola Csy. Recorded from Pa.] 

[6412 P. truncatum Csy. Recorded from Pa.] 

[6415 P. ulkei Matth. Recorded from N. J. and D. C] 

PtenidiuM Erichson 

6417 P. pusillum Gyll. Cranberry L., Je 29-Jl 3, in box of decaying fungi and 
in sweeping (H). 

6421 P. foveicolle Lee. Cranberry L., Je 29, in sweeping (H) ; Keene Val., 

May (Not); Windsor, Je (Not). 

6422 P. glabratum Mots. "NY" (Mots). 

P. simplicicoUe Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

PtILIOLA Haldeman 
6424 P. collani Mann. Keene Val., Je (Not). 

^'> Definite records for this family are so few that the editors have included those species known 
from adjoining States, as a guide to the users of the list. These are italicized and olaced within 


Pteryx Matthews 

6426 P. brunnea Lee. Keene Val., Jl (Not). 
6428 P. duvali Matth. Schoharie (Not). 

ACRATRICHIS Motschulsky 
(Trichopteryx Kirby) 

6432 ?A. moerens Matth. Voorheesville, Je, Bish (NYS) ; Little Pond, Orange 

Co, May, Bish (NYS). 

6433 A. aspera Hald. Windsor, Je (Not). 
[6435 A. longipennis Csy. Recorded from Pa.] 

6436 A. vicina Matth. Westfield, May (Not). 

6438 A. sericans Heer. {ambigua Matth.). Cranberry L., Je 25-Jl 3, in box of 

decaying fungi, identity queried (H) ; Schoharie (Not). Also recorded 

from Can. 
6455 A. discolor Hald. Schoharie (Not); Windsor, Je (Not). 
[6456 A. fungina Csy. Recorded from Pa.] 

6457 A. dohrni Matth. NY (Lg Cat.); E. Aurora (Dnd). 

6458 A. glabricollis Matth. NY (Lg Cat.). 

6459 A. haldemani Lee. Newport, May (NYS) ; (?) Cranberry L., Je 30-Jl 2, 

in box of decaying fungi, and in sweeping, identity queried (H) 
Johnstown, Sep (NYS) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Delmar, Mar (NYS) 
Albany, Ap (NYS) ; SI, Ap, in sifting leaves (L&D). Also recorded 
from N. J. and Conn. 
6465 A. nanula Mots. "NY" (Lg). 

Smicrus Matthews 
6468 S. filicornis Fairm. Windsor, Je (Not). 

Ptinella Motschulsky 
6470 P. quercus Lee. Keene Val., Jl (Not). 

Nephanes Thomson 

[6472 N. laeviuscuhis Matth. Recorded from N. J.] 
6473 N. flaviventris Mots. "NY" (Mots). 

LiMULODES Matthews 
6475 L. paradoxus Matth. "NY" (Lg Cat.). Also recorded from N. J. 



6482 S. quadriguttatum Say. Newport (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Jl 24 (H) ; 
Onondaga, Sep (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Mosholu, May (Ds) ; SI, 
Je 7, Woodr (L&D) ; LI: Orient, May (Ds). 


6482b S. quadriguttatum var. quadripustulatum Say. "NY" (Lee). 

6482c S. quadriguttatum var. obliteratum Lee. West Pt. (Robn). 

6482d S, quadriguttatum var. piceum Melsh. Johnstown, Aug (NYS) ; Buffalo 
(Rein) ; Ithaca, Je 23, Hamilton (Vdyk) ; Schoharie (Not) ; L. George, 
Jl (NotAM); Albany, May (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn); SI, Jan, 
Ap-Je, Nov (L&D) ; LI: Orient Pt, Je, Lath (NYS). 


6489 S. convexum Say. Newport (NYS) ; Gloversville, Oct (NYS) ; SI (L&D). 

6502 S. rubens Csy. Windsor, Je (Not); Catskills (Csy) ; LI (Csy). 

6504 S. suturalis Lee. Westfield, May (Not). 

6506 S. terminatum Melsh. "NY" (Csy). 

Baeocera Erichson 

6513 B. apicalis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). 

6514 B. punctipennis Blatch. SI, Jl 23 (L&D). 

6515 B. concolor Fab. Geneva, Aug (Cls) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Je 5, 

seashore (L&D). 

6516 B. congener Csy. LI (Csy). 

6517 B. deflexa Csy. Cranberry L., Jl 7 (H). 

6528 T. gammaroides Lee. SI, Je, Sep (L&D). 




6530 H. aequalis Say (fosstilaris Say). Buffalo (Z&R); Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; 

White Plains, Jl (Sq) ; SI, Je-Jl (L&D); LI: Orient Pt, May, 
Lath (NYS). 

6531 H. lucida Lee. West Pt. (Robn) ; LI (Lee). 

HiSTER Linnaeus 

6546 H. arcuatus Say. NYC (NYS) ; SI, Je, on seashore (L&D) ; LI: Coney 
I. (Schaupp) ; Rockaway Beach, Wading R., Je (Ds) ; Long Beach 

6554 H. biplagiatus Lee. Jamesport, Mar (NYS) ; LI: Rockaway (Lg). 

6554a H. biplagiatus var. instratus Lee. Ithaca, Aug (Dt). Described from 
Kans and Ariz. 

6569 H. harrisii Kby. Newport, Aug, Johnstown, May (NYS) ; Ithaca, May 

(CU) ; West Pt (Robn). 

6570 H. stygicus Lee. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Karner, Ap (NYS) ; SI, May 

(Sf, L&D). 


6571 H. interruptus Beauv. Keene Val., Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Jl, on car- 

rion (H) ; Fulton Co, May (HCU) ; Newport, Je (NYS); Rochester 
Jet., Je, Leon (HCU) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) 
Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Cattaraugus Co, Jl (Ds) ; Ithaca, May, Jl (H) 
Interlaken, Ap (NYS) ; Albany, May (NYS) ; Nassau, May (Yg) 
West Pt. (Robn) ; Ft. Montgomery, May, attacking dead caterpillar 
(Ds) ; SI, May (L&D). 

6572 H. obtusatus Harr. Wilmington, Aug (Dt) ; Olcott, May-Je (Dt) ; 

Ithaca, McLean, May-Aug (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Feb, Je 
(L&D); LI (Lg). 

6573 H. immunis Er. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Newport, May (NYS) ; Roch- 

ester Jet., Je, Leon (HCU) ; Penn Yan, Je, Cy (HCU) ; Renwiek 
Swamp, Mar, Bish (NYS) ; Ithaca, Mar-Je (HCU) ; Karner, Je 
(Yg); Ashland (Frost); West Pt. (Robn); SI, May (L&D); LI: 
Orient Pt., Je, Lath (Yg). 

6574 H. memnonius Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Schoharie 

(Not), as merdarius Hoffm. ; Nassau, Je (NYS); West Pt. (Robn); 

LI: Orient, Lath (NYS). 
6586 H. foedatus Lee. Cranberry L., Je-Jl, on decaying fungi and on carrion 

(H) ; Newport, Je (Yg) ; Fourth L., Je (NYS) ; Johnstown, Sep 

(Yg) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Jl-Aug (Dnd) ; Otto, Jl (HCU) ; 

Rock City, Je (HCU); Ithaca, May-Sep (H, Dt) ; Ashland (Frost); 

Peekskill (Ds). 
6588 H. hudsonicus Csy. NY (Csy), type; Ringwood, May (Dt). 

6590 H. unicus Csy. Catskills (Csy); SI, in toadstools (Sf, L&D). 

6591 H. marginicollis Lee. Olcott, Mar, Oct (Dt) ; Rock City, Je (HCU) ; 

Ithaca, May (HCU); West Pt. (Robn). 

6592 H. cognatus Lee. Newport, May (Yg) ; Johnstown, Sep, Alex (Yg) ; 

Ilion, Fourth L., Je (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Albany, May (NYS) ; 
Karner, Je (Yg) ; West Pt. (Robn). 

6596 H. abbreviatus Fab. Cranberry L., Je-Jl, carrion (H) ; Pike, Jl (NYS); 
Potsdam (Houghton) ; Newport, May (NYS) ; Oswego, Aug, Bks 
(NYS) ; Oswego Falls, Jl (Bks) ; Syracuse, May, on cattle dung (H) 
Rochester Jet., Je, Leon (HCU) ; Olcott, Je (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) 
Ithaca, Je-Aug (HCU) ; McLean, Aug (Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) 
Albany, Poughkeepsie. May (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Je-Aug 
(L&D); LI: Orient Pt, Je, Lath (Yg). 

6601 H. furtivus Lee. Wilmington, Aug (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Aug 7 

(HCU) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Aug (L&D). 

6602 H. incertus Mars. Ringwood, May (Dt). 

6606 H. depurator Say. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Gloversville. Johnstown, Sep, 
Alex (Yg) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Sep (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Aug 
(HCU); West Pt. (Robn); Ludlow (Thompson); SI (L&D). 

6613 H. defectus Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

6623 H, bimaculatus L. Johnstown, Nov, Alex (Yg) ; Ithaca, Mar (HCU) ; 

Peekskill, May (HCU) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Ludlow, Ap (Thompson) ; 
LI: Coney I. (Schaupp). Under cattle or horse dung. 

6624 H. sedecimstriatus Say. Syracuse, May, cattle dung (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 

Pike (Yg) ; Ithaca, Ap, Jl, Nov (H) ; Ringwood, May (Dt) ; Peeks- 
kill (Ds) ; West Pt. (Robn); LI: Orient, Lai/^ (NYS). 


6627 H. americanus Payk. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Newport, Je (Yg) ; Old Forge, 
Jl (NYS) ; Rochester Jet, Je, Leon (HCU) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike, 
May (Yg) ; Ithaca, Ap-May (HCU) ; Delmar, Karner, Rensselaer, 
May (NYS); West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Ap-May, Aug (L&D). 

6627a H. americanus var. perplexus Lee. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 
Ithaca, Ap (Lg) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI (L&D). 

6627b H. americanus var. exaratus Lee. West Pt. (Robn). 

6630 H. biabbreviatus Csy. NY, type locality (Lg). 

Teretriosoma Horn 

66Z7 T. americanum Lee. Cranberry L., May-Jl, from Pinus strobus, Betula 
lutea, and Picea ruhens (H) ; Newport, May-Je, Fourth L., Je (Yg) ; 
Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Rein) ; Albany, May (Yg) ; Ludlow, 
West Farms (Lg) ; SI (Lg). 

Teretrius Erichson 
6646 T. latebricola Lew. Central NY, Wick (Lew). 

Platysoma Leach 

6651 P. carolinum Payk. Olcott, Je-Sep (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, 

Grand I., May (Dnd) ; Ithaca, May-Je (H, Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
SI (L&D). 

6652 P. aurelianum Horn. Olcott, Aug, Ithaca, Je (Dt) ; LI: Rockaway, May j 

(Lg). I 

6653 P. depressum Lee. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl, under bark, || 

herbage (H) ; Peru, Je (HCU) ; Newport, May (NYS) ; Syracuse, | 
Ap-May, under stones and bark (H) ; Olcott, May-Je (Dt) ; Buffalo I 
(Z&R) ; E. Aurora, May, Je, Sep (Dnd) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; * 
Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Pike, May (NYS) ; Ithaca, May- Aug, Spring 
L., Jl (HCU); Cortland Co, Je (Dnd) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Wiley- 
ville, Ap-Sep (Dt) ; Karner, in galleries of Tomicus calligraphus 
(Felt) ; Manor, Oct (NYS) ; Clinton Hgts., Je (NYS) ; Shandaken, 
Je, Cy (NYS) ; Poughkeepsie, Je (Yg) ; Ft. Montgomery, May (Ds) ; 
West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Mar-Oct, under bark of sycamore and beech 
(L&D) ; LI: Central Pk., on dead pines (Eng) ; Roslyn, Jl, Orient, 
Lath (NYS). 

6656 P. aequum Lee. Vic. NYC (AM). 

6657 P. basale Lee. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H). 

6658 P. parallelum Say. Cranberry L., Je, from Pinus strobus (H) ; E. Aurora, 

May (Dnd) ; Albany, Nov (Yg) ; Delmar, May (NYS) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; SI, Mar (L&D) ; LI: Central Pk., Ap, on dead pines (Eng). 

6659 P. coarctatum Lee. Cranberry L., Je-Jl, from Pinus strobus, Picea rubens, 

and Abies balsamea (H) ; Olcott, Aug (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, 
Jl, Nov (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Mar (L&D). , 

Cylistix Marseul 

6661 C. cylindrica Payk. Round L., Jl (NYS) ; Manor, Oct (NYS) ; Ft. 
Montgomery, Jl (Lg). 


6662 C. attenuata Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). 

6663 C. gracilis Lee. Newport (Yg) ; Cranberry L., Jl, from Pinus strobus and 

Picea rubens (H). 
C. parvula Csy. NY, type locality. 

Phelister Marseul 

6666 P. subrotundus Say. Cranberry L., Je 30, on herbage (H) ; Syracuse, May, 
under stones and flying (H) ; on dead hickory (Blkm) ; Honeoye Falls, 
Mar, Leon (HCU) ; Olcott, Je-Sep (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Westfield, 
May (Not) ; Ithaca, May, Aug (HCU) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Shokan 
(Lg); SI (L&D); LI: Coney L (Lg). 

6666a P. subrotundus var. frosti Carn. NY, type locality. 

6673 P. vernus Say. West Pt. (Robn). 

6674 P. saunieri Mars. West Pt. (Robn); SI (L&D); LI: Flatbush, May, 

Zab (AM). 

6678 P. hospes Lew. Ulster Co (Lew). 

6679 P. conquisitus Lew. "NY" (Lew). 


6684 P. harrisi Lee. Johnstown, May (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn); Peekskill, 

Ap (Sherm) ; Katonah, under the name planipes (Sherm). 

6685 P. incurva Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

Epierus Eriehson 
6696 E. pulicarius Er. Rochester (M&W). 

Xestipyge Marseul 
6705 X. geminatum Lee. Olcott, May (Dt) ; SI (Sf, L&D). 

Carcinops Marseul 
6714 C. quatuordecimstriata Steph. Rochester (M&W) ; Albany, May (Yg). 

Paromalus Eriehson 

6723 P. aequalis Say. Syracuse, Ap, under bark (H) ; Rochester, (M&W) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Ap, Sep (H,Dt) ; West Pt., Ap, Robn (Ds) ; 
SI, Ap (L&D). 


6724 I. bistriatus Er. Cranberry L., Jl, from Pinus strobus (H) ; Ithaca, 

Mar-Ap (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn); vie. NYC (AM,Palm Coll.). 

Dendrophilus Leach 

6732 D. punctulatus Say. Lansingburg, Oct (Yg) ; Albany, May (Yg) ; West 
Pt. (Robn). 


Caerosternus LeConte 
6734 C. americanus Lee. Fourth L., Je (NYS). 

HetaerIUS Erichson 

6745 H. brunneipennis Rand. Ithaca, May (Dt) ; Catskills, Ap (Ang) ; Bronx- 
ville (Wheeler); SI, from ant's nest, Ap (L&D) ; LI: Half Way 
Hollow Hills, Jl (Ds). 

OnthoPHILUS Leach 

6755 O. alternatus Say. Peekskill, Aug (Lg) ; Rockland Co, Sep (Lg) ; SI 


PlegaderuS Erichson 

6756 P. sayi Mars. Cranberry L., Jl (H). 

6765 P. transversus Say. Newport, May (Yg) ; Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Ithaca, 
Ap (Dt) ; Albany, Ap (NYS) ; Karner, in galleries of Tomicus calli- 
graphus (Felt); SI, Ap, Shoe (L&D); LI: Central Park, Ap, on 
dead pine (Eng) ; Manorville, Oct, on dead pine; Pinelawn, May (Ds). 

Bacanius LeConte 

6772 B. punctiformis Lee. Newport, with query (Yg) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Lan- 

caster, MCV (Frost); Ithaca, Ap (Dt). 

6773 B. tantillus Lee. Westfield, May (Not). 
6775 B. misellus Lee. "NY" (Lee). 


6781 A. politus Lee. Oleott, Ap (Dt) ; Buffalo (Rein) ; Westfield, May, Windsor, 
Je (Not) ; SI, Oct, in ant hill (L&D). 

6790 A. exiguus Er. Syracuse, May, under bark (H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; 
Ithaca, Nov 14 (HCU) ; SI, Feb-Oet, under bark of beech (L&D). 

6797 A. strigosus Lee. Oleott, Sep (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R); Ithaca, Ap (Dt). 

6802 A. sternalis Csy. NY, type locality (Lg). 

SapriNUS Erichson 

6819 S. posthumus Mars. Rochester (M&W) ; Oleott, May-Je (Dt) ; Ithaca, Sep 

(Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn). 

6820 S. obsoletus Csy. NY, type locality (Lg). 

6827 S. lugens Er. Cranberry L., Jl, on carrion (H) ; Rochester (M&W). 

6828 S. imperfectus Melsh. Newport, Je (NYS). 

6829 S. pennsylvanicus Payk. Rochester (M&W) ; SI, Je-Jl, often seen on 

seashore (L&D); LI: Shinnecock Hills (Ds) ; Orient, Lath (NYS). 

6831 S. oregonensis Lee. var. distinguendus Mars. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cran- 
berry L., Jl, on carrion (H) ; West Pt. (Robn). 


5836 S. assimilis Payk. Cranberry L., Jl, on carrion (H) ; Newport, Oct (Yg) 
Johnstown, Je (NYS) ; Gloversville, Sep; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike, Jl 
Ithaca, May-Sep (H, Dt) ; McLean, Aug (Dt) ; Peekskill (Ds) 
West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, May-Aug (L&D) ; LI: Oyster Bay, Mar 
(NYS); Orient, Je, Lath (NYS). 

6838 S. conformis Lee. Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, May, 
Sep (H,Dt). 

6875 S. sphaeroides Lee. SI, Jl, Woodr (L&D). 

6885 S. fraternus Say. Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; NYC, May 
(NYS); SI, Je-Jl, often on seashore (L&D); LI: E. New York, 
Rockaway, Je (Ds). 

6896 S. patruelis Lee. Rochester (M&W) ; Newport (Yg) ; Pike (Yg) ; SI, 
Je-Jl (L&D). 

6901 S. dimidiatipennis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; vie. NYC (AM-Palm) ; SI, 
Je-Aug (L&D). 

Gnathoncus Duval 

6908 G. communis Mars. Newport (Yg) ; Olcott, May (Dt) ; Albany, type 

(Dt) ; LI: Orient Pt., May, Lath (Yg). 

6909 B. deletus Lee. Peekskill, Sherm (Csy). 

Calopteron Guerin-Meneville 

6925 C. terminale Say. Keene Val., Aug (NYS) ; L. George, Zah (AM) ; 

Karner, Aug (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains, Aug (Sq) ; 
Van Cort. Pk., Aug, Pears (Nic) ; SI, Jl-Aug (L&D) ; LI, Aug, 
Eng (Sf). 

6926 C. reticulatum Fab. Adirondacks (Felt) ; Newport (NYS) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R); Naples (NYS); Canandaigua L., Aug, Bish, Canandaigua, Jl 
(NYS) ; Penn Yan (FletCU) ; Ithaca, Je-Aug (CU) ; Hague, Aug, 
Leon (NYS) ; Karner, Aug (NYS) ; Albany, Jl, Lansingburg, 
Poughkeepsie (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains, Aug (Sq) ; 
Van Cort. Pk., Aug (Nic) ; SI, Je, Aug (L&D) ; LI: Bellport, Je (Nic). 

Caeniella Cockerell 

6929 C. dimidiata Fab. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Newport, Yg (NYS) ; Cranberry 
L., Jl (Drk) ; Gloversville, Jl (NYS) ; Caroline, May, Ithaca, Jl-Aug 
(FletCU) ; Catskills, Je, Pears (Nic) ; SI, Je, Aug (L&D). 

Celetes Newman 

6931 C. basalis Lee. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Big Moose, Jl, Newport, Je, Yg 
(NYS) ; Chapel Pond, Je, Bish (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, 
Je-Jl (FletCU) ; Catskills, Je (Nic) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Je 
(L&D); LI: Bellport (Nic), Jl, Eng (Sf). 

6933 L. fraternus Rand. Newport, Yg (NYS); Buffalo (Z&R). 

320 Lycidae — Lampyridae 

Eros Newman 

6935 E. thoracicus Rand. Saranac Inn, Jl (FletCU) ; Keene Val., Jl (NYS) ; 
SI, Joutel (UrD). 

6939 E. aurora Hbst. Mt Whiteface, on trail, Jl (Ds) ; L. Clear, Yg (NYS) ; 

Newport (NYS) ; Wilmington, Je (NYS) ; Gloversville, May (NYS) ; 
Boston, under bark, scarce, Ap (Dnd) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Rock 
City, Je (FletCU) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Ap-Je (FletCU) ; 
McLean, May (Vdyk,Dt) ; Slide Mt., Je, Leon (NYS) ; Catskills, Je 
Pears {mo.)-. West Pt. (Robn) ; SI: Great Kills, Ap (L&D) ; LI: 
Jamaica (Nic). 

6940 E. sculptilis Say. Old Forge, Jl (FletCU) ; Woodworth's L., Dug Mt., 

Newport, Jl-Aug (NYS) ; Hamburg, Je, MCV (Frost) ; Buffalo 

6941 E. humeralis Fab. Peru, Je (FletCU) ; Newport, Je (NYS) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; Albany, Je (NYS). 

6942 E. trilineatus Melsh. Newport (NYS) ; Naples, Jl, Bish (NYS) ; Catskills, 

Je, Pears (Nic); Callicoon (AM); SI, Jl (L&D); LI: Je, Eng 
(Sf) ; Flatbush, Zah {AM). 

6943 E. crenatus Germ. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Dug Mt., Aug, Yg (NYS) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R) ; Broadalbin, Je, Yg (NYS) ; Big Ind. Val., Pears 
(Sf, Nic). 

Plateros Bourgeois 

6944 P. timidus Lee. Ithaca, Jl, Dt (Vdyk,Dt) ; SI, Je (L&D). 

6945 P. modestus Say. Newport, Dug Mt., Elm L., Augur Flats, Jl-Aug 

(NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Coy Glen, Ithaca, Aug (Vdyk,Dt) ; McLean, 
Jl (FletCU) ; Nyack, Je (Ds) ; SI, Je-Jl (L&D). 

6946 P. canaliculatus Say. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Jl 

(Vdyk,Dt) ; Ithaca, Jl (Vdyk,Dt) ; Karner, Jl (NYS) ; SI, Jl (L&D) ; 
LI: Flatbush, Jl, Yaphank, Je, Eng (Sf) ; Bellport, Je, Pears (Nic). 

6949 P. lictor Newn. (jnolHs Lee). Keene Val., Newport, Jl (NYS) ; E. 

Aurora, Jl, rare (Dnd) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; White Plains, Je-Jl (Sq) ; 
LI: Bellport, Je (Nic). 

6950 P. floralis Melsh. Cattaraugus Co, Jl (Ds) ; McLean, Jl (FletCU) ; West 

Pt. (Robn); SI (L&D). 

CalochromuS Guerin-Meneville 

6958 C. perfacetus Say. Plattsburg, Jl (Ds) ; Clinton Co, Je, Mix&Everett 
(FletCU) ; White Plains, Je-Jl (Sq) ; LI: Bellport, Je (Nic) ; Farm- 
ingdale, Je, Morrow (FletCU) ; Yaphank, Wading R., Jl (Sf). 

Calyptocephalus Gray 
6967 C. bifaria Say. Newport, Je (NYS). 

Lucidota Laporte 

6971 L. atra Fab. Keene Val., L. Placid, Wells, Je (NYS) ; Potsdam, May, 
Ilion (NYS) ; Newport, Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Long 
L. (AM) ; Chapel Pond, Je, Bish (NYS) ; Niagara Falls, May, larva; 

Lampyridae 321 

Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike, Je (NYS) ; Ithaca and vie, including Ring- 
wood, Jl-Aug (Vdyk) ; Scotia, Je, Schenectady, Jl (NYS) ; Karner, 
Je, Kenwood, Jl; Schodack Landing, Je ; L. Minnewaska (Ds) ; West 
Pt. (Robn) ; Poughkeepsie, Je, Mosholu, Aug (NYS) ; Ramapo, Je 
(Ds) ; Nyack (AM) ; SI, Je (L&D) ; Jamaica, Je (NYS) ; Brooklyn 
(Vdyk,Dt); Flatbush (AM). 

6971a L. atra var. tarda Lee. Castile, Brad (Flet) ; "NY" (Horn Coll.). 

6972 L. punctata Lee. Newport, Je, Long L., Aug, Ilion, May (NYS) ; Ithaca, 
Jl 8 (Vdyk,Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not); Indian Fields, Jl (NYS). 

6975 L. corrusca L. Mooers. Sep (Not) ; Elizabethtown, Keene Val., Ausable 

Forks, Aug (NYS) ; Adirondacks (Felt) ; Mt. Whiteface, 1500 ft., 
Aug 25 (Dt) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; White L., L. George, Zab 
(AM) ; E. Aurora, Je, on beech trunks (Dnd) ; Pike, Ap (NYS) ; 
Castile, May, Brad (Flet) ; Montour Falls, Je (H) ; Ithaca, McLean, 
Ap 8-Aug 25 (Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Trenton Falls, Je (NYS) ; 
Karner, Voorheesville, May (NYS) ; Ballston Spa, Je, Clinton Hgts., 
Mar (NYS) ; Debruce (Ds) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Poughkeepsie, Jl, 
•Oilman, Ap, Mt. Kisco, Oct, Slide Mt., Je (NYS) ; SI, Mar-Oct 
(L&D) ; LI: Orient, Lath (NYS). 

6975a L. corrusca var. autumnalis Melsh. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Nyack (Ds) ; SI, 
Ap-Jl (L&D); LI: Bellport, Aug 30 (Nic). 

6975b L. corrusca var. lacustris Lee. Cranberry L., Je, Sep (Drk) ; Buffalo 

6976 L. luteicollis Lee. "NY" (Horn Coll.). Described from Fla. 

6977 L. fenestralis Melsh. Axton, Je (M&H) ; White L. (AM) ; Erie and 

Allegany Counties, Jl (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Je-Aug (Vdyk) ; LI: Flatbush 

6978 L. nigricans Say. Johnstown, Jl (NYS) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Vdyk) ; West 

Pt. (Robn). 

6979 L. decipiens Harr. Keene Val., Jl (NYS) ;■ Cranberry L., Aug (Drk); 

White L., Zab (AM) ; Ithaca, Jl (Vdyk) ; Stony Pt., Je (Ds) ; New- 
castle and Van Cort. Pk. (AM) ; SI, Je-Jl (L&D). 

Pyractomena LeConte 

6984 P. angrulata Say. Keene Val., Jl (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je 20 (H) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike, May (NYS) ; Castile, Je, Brad (Flet) ; Ilion, 
May, Canajoharie, Je (NYS) ; Allegany Pk., Jl (Dnd) ; Cattaraugus 
Co, Jl (Ds) ; Ithaca, Jl (Vdyk) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Karner, Jl 
Nassau, May (NYS) ; Catskills, Aug, Pears (Nic) ; Poughkeepsie, Je 
(NYS); West Pt. (Robn); Nyack, Je (Ds). 

6985 P. borealis Rand. Keene Val., Jl (NYS) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R); Catskills, Jl, Pears (Nic). 

6987 P. lucifer Melsh. Newport, Pike (NYS); Sullivan Co (Ds). 

Photinus LeConte 

6988 P. consanguinius Lee. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Ithaca, Ring wood, Je-Aug 

(Dt) ; Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS) ; Nyack, Je (Ds) : SI, Je-Jl (L&D) ; 
LI: Bellport, Je (Nic); Flatbush, Forest Pk. (AM). 
6990 P. ardens Lee. Newport, Je (NYS).; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Ringwood, 
Jl (Dt). 

322 Lampyridae — Phengodidae — Cantharidae 

6996 P. pyralis L. Oswego, Jl, Bks (NYS) ; Ithaca, Jl (Vdyk) ; SI (L&D) ; LI 

Parkville, Flatbush (AM). 

6997 P. marginellus Lee. Rochester, Jl, Geneva, Je (Cls) ; E. Aurora, Jl (Dnd) 

Ithaca, Jl (Dt); Van Cort. Pk. (AM); LI: Flatbush (AM). 
6999 P. scintillans Say. Newport, Jl (NYS); W. Wmfield, Je, Leon (NYS) 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Avon, Je (NYS) ; Cattaraugus Co (Ds) ; Albany, 
Karner, Je-Jl, Watervliet Reservoir, Aug, Leon, Rensselaer, Middle- 
burg, Jl (NYS) ; Normansville, Poughkeepsie, Jl (NYS) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; Stony Pt. (Ds) ; SI, Je-Aug, the common "firefly" of lawn 
and shrubbery (L&D), 

Photuris LeConte 

7013 P. pennsylvanica DeG. Keene Val., Jl, Leon (NYS) ; Newport, Cranberry 
Cr., Je (NYS) ; Conesus L., Aug (Cls) ; Erie Co, Jl, scarce (Dnd) 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Middlesex, Aug (Cls) ; Ithaca, Jl (Vdyk) ; Windsor 
Je (Not) ; Albany, Nassau, Thompson, Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS) 
West Pt. (Robn) ; Mosholu (AM) ; Cornwall, Oct (Lint) ; SI, Je-Jl 
makes the brighter greenish light among the higher trees (L&D) ; LI 
Orient, Ap, Lath (NYS); Shinnecock Hills (Ds) ; Flatbush (AM). 


PhENGODES Illiger 

7023 P. plumosa Oliv. Ithaca, Je, Babiy (Kngt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Je, 
male (L&D) (H. S. Barber believes this may be distinct from the 
plumosa of the South) ; LI: Flatbush, Zah (AM) ; Yaphank, May, Eng 

Tytthonyx LeConte 

7034 T. erythrocephala Fab. Boston, Je, rare (Dnd) ; LI: Yaphank, Jl, Eng 

Omethes LeConte 
7037 O. marginatus Lee. SI, Je (L&D). 

Chauliognathus Hentz 

7051 C. pennsylvanicus DeG. (americanus Forst.). Soldier Bug. Keene Val., 

Aug (NYS) ; Hope, Aug, Bks (NYS) ; Newport, Aug (NYS) ; Cran- 
berry L., Jl (H) ; Elka Pk., Aug (Drk) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, 
Jl-Sep (Kngt) ; Pike, Aug (NYS) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, 
McLean, Jl-Sep (Vdyk) ; L. George (AM) ; Karner, Aug (NYS) ; 
Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS) ; Debruce (Ds) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Pine L 
(AM); Mosholu, Je (NYS): White Plains, Aug-Sep (Sq) ; SI, 
Aug-Oct (L&D); LI: Mineola, Jl, Wolf (NYS). 

7052 C. marginatus Fab. Schodack Landing, Je (NYS) ; Poughkeepsie, May-Je 

(NYS) ; Red Hook, Je, Leon (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Je-Jl 
(L&D); LI: Brooklyn (Vdyk, Dt) ; Bergen Beach (Ds) ; Flatbush 


Cantharidae 323 

PODABRUS Westwood 

7055 P. tricostatus Say. Keene Val., Jl (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike (NYS) ; 

Montour Falls, Je (H) ; Ithaca, Jl 6 (Vdyk) ; Trenton Falls, Je 
(NYS) ; Schenectady, Albany, Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS) ; Red Hook, 
Je, Leon (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Je-Jl (L&D) ; LI: Bellport, 
Mar 10 (Nic) ; Jamaica, Je, Wolf (NYS). 

7056 P. rugulosus Lee. E. Aurora, May-Je (Dnd) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Schuyler 

Co, Je, with query (H) ; Ithaca, Jl 5 (Vdyk) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; 
West Pt. (Robn) ; L. Waccabuc, Nyack, Rye, LutE (AM) ; SI, Je-Jl 
(L&D); LI: Flatbush (AM). 

7057 P. frater Lee. Big Moose, Je (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je, Coy 

Glen, Aug (Vdyk). 

7058 P. basillaris Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Je-Jl (Dnd) ; Ithaca, 

Je (Vdyk) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Poughkeepsie, Je (Yg) ; Tivoli, Je 
(NYS) ; Dunwoodie (AM) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Ramapo, Je (Ds) ; 
, ' SI, May-Je (L&D). 

7058a P. basillaris var. discoideus Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

7061 P. diadema Fab. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., Je 14-27 (H) ; How- 

land I., Je (Vdyk) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Erie Co, Je-Jl, scarce (Dnd) ; 
Ithaca, Ringwood, Inlet Val., Je-Jl (Vdyk) ; Ft. Montgomery, May 
(Ds); West Pt. (Robn); White Plains, Je-Jl (Sq) ; SI, Je (L&D). 

7062 P. modestus Say. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Newport, Je-Jl (NYS) ; Ilion, May 

(NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je 30 (H) ; White L. (AM) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 
Erie Co, Je-Jl, scarce (Dnd).; Pike, Je (NYS) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; 
Ithaca, May-Jl (Vdyk) ; Montour Falls, Je (H) ; McLean, Inlet Val., 
Je-Jl (Vdvk) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Trenton Falls, Albany, Je (NYS) ; 
Riders Mills, May, Bish (NYS) ; Catskills, Pears (Nic) ; White 
Plains, Je-Jl (Sq) ; West Pt. (Robn); vie. NYC, Palm (AM); SI, 
May-Jl (L&D). 

7062a P. modestus var. flavicollis Lee. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Valley Falls, Je 
(NYS); Nassau, May, Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS); West Pt. (Robn). 

7066 P. tomentosus Say. Albany, Je-Aug, Nassau, Je (NYS) ; West Pt. 

7068 P. brunnicollis Fab. Ithaca, Jl (Dt) ; Inlet Val., Aug 12 (Vdyk) ; Pough- 
keepsie, Je (NYS). 

7071 P. limbellus Lee. Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS). 

7072 P. punctatus Lee. Westfield, Alay (Not) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Catskills, 

Pears (Nic). 

7074 P. puncticollis Kby. Monadnock, Je (NYS). 

7078 P. piniphilus Esch. L. Tear, Jl (NYS). 

7080 P. puberulus Lee. Cranberry L., Je 9 (H). 

7082 P. simplex Couper. Karner, Je (NYS). 

7083 P. laevicollis Kby. Buffalo (Z&R). 

7086 P. pattoni Lee. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Freeville, 
Je 5 (Vdyk). Described from Calif. 

324 Cantharidae 

CanthaRIS Linnaeus 
(Telephorns Schaeffer) 

7091 C. dentiger Lee. Elizabethtown, Je, Newport, May (NYS) ; Long L. (Ds) ; 

Thompson, May, Leon (NYS) ; Pike, Je (NYS) ; Castile, Brad 
(Flet) ; Valley Falls, May (NYS) ; Ithaca, May-Je (Vdyk) ; Enfield 
Glen, May (NYS) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Schenectady, Je, Albany, May, 
Karner, Je, Nassau, May, Kinderhook, Je, Shandaken, Je, Pough- 
keepsie. May (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Bronx Pk., Suffern (AM) ; 
NYC (AM). 

7092 C. excavatus Lee. Poughkeepsie, Je, Ionia (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 

SI (L&D). 

7093 C. vUis Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

7095 C. walshi Lee. Ithaca, Jl (Vdyk). 

7096 C. fraxini Say. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Mt. Mclntyre, Jl, Leon (NYS) ; 

Speculator, Aug, Northville, L. Clear, Je (NYS) ; Wanakena, Aug 
(Drk) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Castile, May, Brad (Flet) ; Windsor, Je 
(Not); Catskills, Jl, Pears (Nic). 

7097 C. carolinus Fab. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Keene Val., Jl, Newport, May 

(NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Long L. (Ds) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 
Erie Co, Je, common (Dnd) ; Pike, Je (NYS) ; Westfield, Je (NYS) ; 
Sehuylerville, Je (NYS) ; Montour Falls, Je (H) ; Ithaca, Ringwood, 
McLean, Je-Jl (Vdyk) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Albany, Rensselaerville, 
May, Nassau, May, Schodack Landing, Je, Kinderhook, Je, Pough- 
keepsie, Je (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Nyack, Ramapo (Ds) ; Van 
Cort. Pk. (AM) ; SI (L&D). 
C. negleetus Fall. Albany, Je (NYS). 

7098 C. lineola Fab. E. Aurora, May-Je, scarce (Dnd) ; Karner, Je (NYS) ; 

SI, Je (L&D) ; LI: Bellport, Aug (Nic) ; Orient, Lath (NYS). 

7100 C. nigritulus Lee. Chazy L., Rainbow L., Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je 9- 

Jl 10 (H) ; Port Byron, Je (Vdyk) ; Rowland I., Je (Vdyk) ; Ithaca, 
Freeville, Je, Ringwood, Jl 7 (Vdyk) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Suffern 
(AM); SI, Je (L&D). 

7101 C. rectus Melsh. (pusilhis Lee). Newport, Je (NYS); Buffalo (Z&R); 

Ithaca, Ringwood, Inlet Val., Je-Jl, Coy Glen, Aug 2 (Vdyk) ; Albany, 
Je, Poughkeepsie, May (NYS) ; Catskills, Je 25 (Nic) ; Nyack, Je 
(Ds) ; SI, Je (L&D) ; LI: Bellport (Nic). 

7105 C. flavipes Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Windsor, Je (Not). 

7106 C. scitulus Say {imhecilis Lee). Keene Val., Aug (NYS) ; Wells, Jl, 

Newport, Je (NYS) ; White L., Zab (AM) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Aurora, 
Zab (AM) ; Ithaca, Ringwood, Butternut Cr., Jl (Vdyk) ; Coy Glen, 
Aug 2 (Vdvk) ; Karner, Jl (NYS) ; Catskills, Pears (Nic) ; Ft. Mont- 
gomery (Ds) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Van Cort. Pk. (AM) ; SI, Je-Aug 
(L&D); LI: Flatbush (AM). 

7107 C. pusillus Lee. SI, Jl (L&D). 
7110 C. longulus Lee. Niagara (Lee). 

7113 C. rotundicollis Sav. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Essex Co, Aug, Elizabethtown, 
Jl, Mt. Mclntyre, Jl, Newport, Je, Wells, Jl, Saranac Inn, Jl (NYS) ; 
Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Chapel Pond, Je, Leon (NYS) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; Cincinnatus, Jl (Flet, Dnd) ; Ithaca, Jl (Vdyk) ; Windsor, Je 
(Not) ; Corinth, Albany, Karner, Je (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, 
May-Jl (L&D). 

Cantharidae 325 

7119 C. tuberculatus Lee. (iiiiprcssiis Lee.)- Cranberr}^ L., Je 11 (H) ; E. 
Aurora, Proteetion, May-Je, frequent (Dnd) ; Ithaea, Je (Vdyk) ; 
Albany, Karner, Nassau, Poughkeepsie, May (NYS) ; N. Chatham, 
Je (NYS) : West Pt. (Robn) ; Ft. Montgomery, Ramapo (Ds) ; SI, 
May-Je (L&D) ; LI: Babylon (AM). 

7119a C. tuberculatus var. armiger Couper. Buffalo (Z&R). 

7121 C. bilineatus Say. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Newport, May, Wells, Je (NYS) ; 
Cranberry L., Je 16 (H) ; Herkimer Co, Feb, larvae (as bilineatus?) 
(Lint) ; Syracuse, May (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, May-Je, 
common, in beating (Dnd) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Castile, May, Brad 
(Flet) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, May-Je (Dt) ; Corinth, Albany, 
Poughkeepsie, May (NYS) ; Germantown, Je, Leon (NYS) ; West Pt. 
(Robn); SI, Ap-May (L&D); LI: Orient, Lath (NYS). 

7127 C. marginellus Lee. Cranberry L., Je (H). Described from Ga. and Fla. 


7137 P. laticornis Say. Rensselaer, Jl (NYS) ; SI, Je (L&D). 
7139 P. limbatus Lee. SI, Je (L&D). 

SiLIS Latreille 

7152 S. percomis Sav. Newport, Ilion, Mav (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je (H) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Catskills, Fears (Nic) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; LI: Orient 
Pt., May, Lath (NYS). 

7157 S. spathulata Lee. "NY" (Lg Cat.). 

7161 S. bidentatus Say. Newport, Ilion, May (NYS) ; Wells, Jl, Hope, Salem, 
Phoenicia, Aug (NYS); West Pt. (Robn); SI, May-Je (L&D). 

Trypherus LeConte 

7169 T. latipennis Germ. Northampton, Je, Oswego, Jl (NYS) ; Ithaca, Aug 4 
(Vdyk); West Pt. (Robn); SI, Je-Jl (L&D); LI: Jamaica, Pears 

Malthinus Latreille 

7172 M. occipitalis Lee. West Pt. (Robn). 

Malthodes Kiesenwetter 

7178 M. concavus Lee. "NY" (Lee); Ft. Montgomery (Ds). 

7179 M. fragiiis Lee. (transversiis Lee). Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Niagara 

(Lee); vie. NYC, Palm (AM). 

7180 M. exilis Melsh. Windsor, Je (Not) ; "NY" (Melsh) ; SI: Buck's Hollow, 

Jl 12 (L&D). 

7188 M. fuliginosus Lee. Windsor, Je (Not). 

7193 M. parvulus Lee. "NY" (Lee); Cranberry L., Htly (H). 

326 Melyridae 



COLLOPS Erichson 

7196 C. tricolor Say. Catskills, Van Cort. Pk., Je-Jl, Pears (Nic) ; Ft. Mont- 
gomery, Jl (Ds) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; LI, Je, Eng (Sf). 

7207 C. nigriceps Say. "NY" (Lee), as cximius Er. ; Suffern (AM); SI, Je- 
Sep (L&D) ; LI: Orient Pt., Aug (NYS) ; Rockaway, Yaphank, Je, 
Eng (Sf) ; Islip, Johnson (Sf) ; Babylon (AM); Wading R., Jl-Aug 

7215 C. vittatus Say. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Potsdam (NYS) ; Saranac Inn, New- 
port, Jl (NYS) ; Cranberry L. (H) ; SI, Je (L&D) ; LI: Bellport, Je 
(Nic); Orient Pt., Sep. Lath (NYS); Shinnecock Hills, Jl (Ds). 

7227 C. quadrimaculatus Fab. Newport (NYS) ; Essex Co, Jl (NYS) ; Glovers- 
ville, Jl (NYS) ; Syracuse, Jl (NYS) ; Olcott, Jl-Sep (Dt) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; Aurora (AM) ; Geneva, Avon, Jl- 
Aug (Cls) ; Westfield, Jl (NYS) ; Ithaca, Jl 2, Yuasa (Vdyk) ; Ring- 
wood, Jl (NYS) ; Schenectady, Jl, Scotia, Je (NYS) ; North Creek, 
Aug, Nassau, Jl (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl (Ds) ; 
White Plains, Je, Sq (Frost) ; SI, Jl (L&D) ; LI: E. New York, Je, 
Martin (Sf) ; Rockaway Beach, Je, Eng (Sf) ; Yaphank, May-Sep, 
Eng (Sf) ; Long Beach, Orient (AM) ; Central Pk., Wading R., Half 
Way Hollow Hills (Ds). 

Malachius Fabricius 

7238 M. aeneus L. Potsdam, May, Speculator, Je (NYS) ; Canton, L. Pleasant, 
Je (Babiy) ; L. Clear, Je, Ogdensburg, Jl (NYS) ; Northville, Je 
(NYS) ; (Cranberry L., Je 18, on blossoms of trefoil and flying about 
camp (H) ; Syracuse, Je; Castile, May, Brad (Flet) ; Batavia, Je 
(Kngt) ; Geneva, Avon, Ap-May (Cls) ; Schuylerville, Je (NYS) ; 
Ithaca; Ringwood, Jl 3, Yuasa (Vdyk) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Water- 
ford, May, Albany, Je, Nassau, May (NYS). 

AnthoCOMUS Erichson 

7276 A. erichsoni Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI: Old Place, Je (L&D). 

7277 A. flavilabris Say. NYC and vie. (Ds). 

7279 A. apicalis Say. West Pt., Jl, Eng (Sf). 


7281 P. pusillus Say. Schoharie (Not). 

7280 P. bicolor Lee. LI: Yaphank, May (Ds). 

7282 P. oblitus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Schoharie (Not) ; 

Peekskill, among lichens on rocks, late May (Sherm) ; West Pt. 
(Robn); Nyack, Je (Ds) ; SI (L&D); LI: Bellport, in sweeping, 
Aug (Nic) ; Yaphank, Je (Ds). 

Attalus Erichson 
7290 A. nigrellus Lee. Mt. Seward, 4500 ft., Je 22 (M&H). 
7294 A. terminalis Er. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Ithaca, Aug (Dt) ; Fort Mont- 
gomery (Ds); West Pt. (Robn); NYC, Ap (NYS); LI: Yaphank, 
Jl, Eng (Sf). 


Melyridae — Cleridae 327 

7300 A. granulans Er. Ithaca, Aug (Dt). 

7303 A. morulus Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

7304 A. paUifrons Mots. Sehoharie (Not) ; SI: Watehogue, Je 28 (L&D). 

7312 A. rufiventris Horn. Plattsburg (Ds) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Stony Pt. (Ds) ; 
LI: Wading R. (Ds). 

7314 A. otiosus Say. West Pt. (Robn) ; LI: Yaphank, Je, Eng (Sf). 

7322 A. scincetus Say. Poughkeepsie, May (NYS) ; Peekskill, in flowers of 
Viburnum priinifolium (Sherm) ; Ramapo (Ds) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
vie. NYC (AM); SI (L&D); LI: Greenport, May (NYS); Yap- 
hank, Je, Eng (Sf) ; Orient, Lath (NYS). 

7503 D. foveicoUis Kby. Buffalo (Z&R). 

Family CLERIDAE 39 



7516 M. terminata Say. Rochester Jet., Je, Leon (WolcCU) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
Bronx Pk. (Sf) ; SI, May (Chitt), larvae predatory on borers in 
various trees and shrubs. 


7544 C. bicolor Say. Keene Val., Je (Not) ; Olcott, Je-Jl (Wolc, Dt) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R, Wolc) ; Kinderhook, Aug, Peekskill (WolcCU) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; Mosholu (Sf) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Je, Eng (Sf). 

7545 C. inornata Say. Olcott, Je-Jl (Wolc, Dt) ; Ilion, May (NYS) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R, Wolc) ; Ramapo (Sf) ; Greenwood L. (Sf) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
SI, larvae predatory on secondary borers in dead trees of several kinds 
(L&D) ; LI (Linell). 
7566 C. undulata Say. "NY" (Sm, Wolc) ; West Pt. (Robn), as halteata, under 
which name a species is recorded also in the N. J. List. 

7577 P. castanea Newn. Buffalo (Z&R). 

Thanasimus Latreille 

7584 T. trifasciatus Say. Keene Val., Je (Not); Buffalo (Z&R), as nigripes; 

"NY" (Ashton Coll., Wolc-Purdue Univ.). 

7585 T. dubius Fab. Mt. Seward, Je (M&H) ; Keene Val., Je-Jl (Not) ; Black 

Br., Clinton Co, Je (WolcCU) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je 
(WolcCU); Peekskill, Sherm (Wolc); West Pt. (Robn); LI: 
Jamaica, Aug, Pears (Nic) ; Wyandanch, Ap, Schott (Ds). 

^'^ A. B. Wolcott, besides supplying many records, has gone over the list for this family and is 
responsible for several changes in synonymy and spelling of names, which differ from those in 
Leng's catalog. 

328 Cleridae 

7587 T. undulatus Say. Black Br, Je (WolcCU) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI, larvae 

in several kinds of trees infested by cerambycid borers (L&D). 
7587a T. undulatus var. nubilis King. Buffalo (Z&R). 


7589 P. thoracicus Gliv. Olcott, Je-Jl (Wolc, Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R), also 
C.F.Baker (Wolc) ; E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Montour Falls, Je (H) ; 
Schoharie (Not) ; Ithaca, May (WolcCU) ; Ft. Montgomery, Je, 
Schott (Ds) ; West Ft., Je (Sf) ; Mosholu (AM) ; SI, Je (L&D) ; 
LI: Huntington, Wading R,, Je (Ds) ; Yaphank, May-Je, Eng (Sf). 

Enoclerus Gahan 

7594 E. nigrifrons Say. E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Je (WxdIc, Dt) ; West Ft., 
Je (Ds) ; SI, Je-Jl (L&D) ; LI: Bayshore, Jl (Ols) ; Huntington, Je, 
Wyandanch, Mar, Oakdale, Aug, Schott (Ds, Sf) ; Farmingdale, Je, 
Morroiv (WolcCU); Finelawn, Yaphank, Je, Eng (Sf). 

7596 E. nigripes Say.^o Buffalo, Sherm (Wolc) ; Ithaca, May-Jl (Wolc, Dt, 

CU) ; West Ft., Je (Sf) ; LI: Central Fk., Yaphank, Ap, Je, Eng 
7596b E. nigripes var. rufiventris Spin. Black Br., Je (WolcCU) ; E. Aurora 
(Dnd); Ithaca, May, Jl (Wolc, Dt, CU). 

7597 E. rosmarus Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ft. Montgomery, Je, Schott (Ds) ; 

West Ft. (Robn) ; Stony Ft., Mar (Ds) ; White Flains (Sq) ; Bronx 
Fk. (Sf); SI, Je, Aug (L&D); LI: Maspeth, Je (Ols); Flatbush 
(AM) ; Massapequa, Jl, Wyandanch, Je (Ds) ; Flushing, Je, Eng 
7605 E. ichneumoneus Fab. Cranberry L., Jl (Drk) ; NYC (Wolc); LI: Bell- 
port, Wading R. (Nic). 

7610 E. quadrisignatus Say. LI: Central Fk., Ap, Yaphank, Sep, Eng (Sf). 

7612 E. lunatus Klug. LI: Rockaway Beach (Shoe). 

7614 E. analis Lee. Fike, Je, Albany, Je, Foughkeepsie, May (NYS). 

7616 E. laetus var. coccineus Schklg. "NY" (Fitch), but both Wolcott and 
Leng regard the record as doubtful since the species is more western. 

E. liljebladi Wolc. LI: Bellport, Nic (Sf). 


7629 T. nutalli Kby. Wilmington, Jl (Ds) ; Honeoye Falls, Je, Leon (WolcCU) ; 
New Russia, Aug, Bdy (Wolc) ; Fotsdam (Wolc-IU. Lab. Nat. Hist.) ; 
Otto, Jl (CU) : Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug 
(Kngt); Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Wolc, Dt, CU) ; W. Hebron, Aug (Ds) ; 
SI, Jl, in fresh meadows (L&D). 

*" J5. quadriguttatus Oliv., 7595. Newport, Je (NYS); Cranberry L., Je-Jl, on pine and spruce 
(H); Buffalo (Frison) : Karner, Tl (NYS): West Pt., Te (Sf ) : SI. Mar 29, on cedar (L&D); 
LI: Central Pk., Ap (Eng); Bellport, Je (Nic); Wyandanch, Mar, Oakdale, Aug, Schott (Ds). 
A. B. Wolcott writes: "This is not a North American species and was not intended to be included 
in Leng's catalog. The records should be transferred to E. nigripes Say. See Trans. Am. Ent. 
Soc, vol. 48, pp. 70-71, 1922." 


Cleridae 329 

7630 T. apivorus Germ, (nutalli Say). Ithaca (Chitt) ; Saratoga (Lee) ; 

Albany, Karner, Je (NYS). 
7630a T. apivorus var. borealis Wolc. & Chap. "NY", as var. interruptus (Wolc) ; 

Binghamton, Aug, Franck (Sf) ; Ithaca, Aug (Wolc, Dt). 

Hydnocera Newman 

7637 H. unifasciata Say. LI: Loyd's Neck, Jl, Brb (Sf). 

7642 H. humeralis Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; West Ft., Ft: Montgomery, Je, Schott 
(Ds) ; FeekskiU, ^'/zr/m (Wolc); SI, May (L&D) ; LI: Rockaway 
Beach, Je-Jl (Chitt), on Myrica ccrifera; Smithtown, Je, Bayshore, Je, 
Maspeth, Huntington, May, Massapequa, Jl, Yaphank, Orient, Jl (Ds) ; 
Yaphank, Amagansett, Wyandanch, May-Je, Eng (Sf). 

7642a H. humeralis var. difficilis Lee. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Feru, Je, Aug 
(WolcCU) ; Buffalo (Z&R), as cyanescens Lee; Ithaca, Je, Aug 
(Wolc, Dt, CU) ; Peekskill, Sherm (Wolc) ; West Ft. (Robn) ; Ft. 
Montgomery, Je-Jl, Schott (Ds) ; LI: Huntington, Sep, Wyandanch, 
Jl, Schott (Ds) ; Yaphank, Pinelawn, Je, Eng (Sf). ■ 

7648 H. lecontei Wolc. Bear Mt!, Jl, as suhacnca Spin., Nic (Sf). 

7649 H. maritima Wolc. LI: Amagansett, Aug (Sf). 
H. commixta Chapin. "NY" Chapin (Wolc). Type. 

7675 H. verticalis Say. Mt. Whiteface, 2000-4000 ft., Aug 22-24 (WolcCU) ; 
Flattsburg, Jl (Ds) ; Olcott, Je-Jl (Wolc, Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R, Wolc) ; 
Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Feb, Babiv, Je, Wolc (CU) ; Schoharie 
(Not) ; Ft. Montgomery, Je-Jl, Schott (Ds) ; Peekskill, Shcrm 
(Wolc); Nyack, Je (Ds) ; NYC (Wolc); Bronx Pk., Van Cort. Pk. 
(Sf) ; SI, Je-Jl, predatory on small cerambycid larvae in grape and 
Celastrus (L&D) ; LI: Parkville, Shcrm (Wolc) ; Bellport, Je (Nic) ; 
Pinelawn, Yaphank (Sf) ; Riverhead, Sep (WolcCU). 

7677 H. pallipennis Say. White L. (AM) ; Buffalo (Z&R, Wolc) ; Ithaca, 
Aug (Wolc, Dt) ; Hudson Falls, Jl, Shcrm (Wolc) ; L. George (AM).; 
West Ft. (Robn) ; Ft. Montgomery, Ramapo, Jl (Ds) ; Bronx Pk., 
Van Cort. Pk. (Sf) ; SI, Jl-Aug (L&D); LI: Greenport, Bellmore, 
Yaphank (Sf) ; Flatbush, Quogue (AM). 


7688 I. curtipennis Newn. Cranberry L., Je 29 (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Montour 

Falls, Je (H) ; Ithaca, Jl (Wolc, Dt, CU) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Peeks- 
kill (Fall) ; Ramapo (Sf) ; LI:_ Rockaway Beach, Je, Eng (Sf). ,Also 
as longicollis Ziegl. from Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Schoharie (Not) ; West 
Pt (Robn). 

7689 I. tabida Lee. Rochester Jet., Je, Leon (WolcCU) ; Spring Lake, Jl 

(WolcCU) ; Ithaca, May-Je (Wolc, Dt, CU) ; Windsor, Je, (Not) ; 
Greenwood L. (Sf) ; SI, Je, predatory on mordellid larvae in stems of 
annual plants (L&D) ; LI: Rockaway, Je (Sf). 

Zenodosus Wolcott 

7694 Z. sanguineus Say. St. Lawrence Co, Jl (Drk) ; Keene Val, May, Aug 
(Not) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl, also m burrows of bark beetles 
(Blkm,H) ; Syracuse, Ap, under bark (H) ; Geneva, Feb-Je (Cls) ; 

330 Cleridae 

Buffalo (Ashton Coll., also Bolter Coll., Univ. 111.) (Z&R), as 
Enoclerus; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Batavia, Sep (Kngt) ; Bronx Pk. (Sf) ; 
LI: Flushing (Ds). 


Phyllobaenus Spinola 

7696 P. dislocatus Say. Keene Val., Aug (Not) ; Cranberry L., Jl, in burrows 
of bark beetles (H) ; Syracuse, Je (Drk) ; Olcott, Je-Jl (Wolc.Dt) 
Buffalo (SayANSP); Ithaca, Ap-May (WolcCU) ; West Pt. (Sf) 
Ft. Montgomery, Je, Schott (Ds) ; Peekskill (AM) ; Mosholu (Sf) 
Bronx Pk. (Ds) ; SI, Je, larvae predatory on small borers in deciduous 
trees (L&D) ; LI: Wyandanch, Je, Schott (Ds) ; Bellport, Aug (Nic). 

Neichnea Wolcott and Chapin 

7698 N. laticornis Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Greenwood L. (Dietz, Sf) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; LI: Bellport, Aug (Nic). 

ChaRIESSA Perty 

7708 C. pilosa Forst. Honeoye Falls, Je, Leon (WolcCU) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; 

Syracuse (B&S) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je 30 (WolcCU) ; West 

Pt., Je (Ds) ; Peekskill, Jl, Shcrm (Wolc) ; SI: Clove Val., Je 27, 

from hickory (L&D); LI: Bellport, Aug (Nic). 
7708a C. pilosa var. marginata Say. Buffalo (Z&R), as onusta; Peekskill, Je, 

Sherm (Wolc) ; West Pt., Je (Ds) ; LI: Wyandanch, Je, Schott (Ds). 

CORINTHISCUS Fairmaire and Germain 

7711 C. leucophaeum Klug. Rochester (Moore) ; Buffalo (Z&R), as Cregya 
vetusta; Bronx Pk. (Sf). 

Cregya LeConte 

7716 C. oculatus Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Peekskill, Shertn (Wolc) ; Mosholu 
(Sf) ; NYC (Wolc, Wickham) ; SI, Mar, Je, Jl, on cedar and deciduous 
trees; larvae predatory on borers (L&D) ; LI: Montauk Beach, Wyan- 
danch, Half Way Hollow Hills, Je (Ds). 

Orthopleura spinola 

7719 O. damicornis Fab. Buffalo (Z&R); Peekskill, Sherm (Wolc); LI: 
Jamaica, Pears (Nic). 

Necrobia Olivier 

7727 N. rufipes DeG. Perry, Dec (WolcCU) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Aug-Sep 
(WolcCU) ; SI, Jl-Sep, often found on beach, on dead animals (L&D) ; 
LI: Rockawav Beach, Mav, Schott (Ds) ; Brooklyn, Long Beach (Sf) ; 
Coney I. (AM). 

Cleridae — Lymexylidae — CuPESiDAE — Cephaloidae 331 

7728 N. ruficollis Fab. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Oswego, Sep, Sheldon (Wolc) ; Ithaca, 

Aug (WolcCU) ; Peekskill, Sherm (Wolc) ; NYC (AM) ; SI, 
Aug-Sep, habitat same as for rufipes (L&D) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, 
Sep, Schott (Ds) ; Coney I. (AM). 

7729 N. violacea L. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Syracuse, Ap (H) ; Olcott, May 

(Wolc,Dt) ; Potsdam (Wolc-Ill. Lab. Nat. Hist.) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; 
Montour Falls, Ap (H) ; Ithaca, Ap, Mav, Aug (Wolc, Dt, CU) ; 
West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Aug (L&D); LI: Brooklyn, Yaphank, May, 
Eng (Si). 

Hylecoetus Latreille 

7739 H. lugubris Say (americanus Harr.), Keene Val., May-Je (Not) ; New- 

port, May-Je (NYS) ; Trenton Falls, May 20, larva boring in elm 
(Hagen); Albany, May (NYS); vie. NYC (AM). 

MelittOMMA Murray 

7740 M. sericeum Harr. NY", larva in oak, Horn (Fitch) ; LI: Rockaway 

Beach, Je, Long Beach, Jl (Sf). 

Cupes Fabricius 

7743 C. capitatus Fab. Newport (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Albany, Jl (NYS) ; 

vie. NYC (AM) ; North Branch (Schaupp). 

7744 C. concolor Westw. Newport (NYS) ; Syracuse, in dying hickory (B&S) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R); Ithaca, Jl-Aug (Vdyk) ; North Branch (Schaupp); 
LI: Westbury, Jl (bred by Champlain-H) ; Greenport, Aug, at light 

7744a C. concolor var, oculatus Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

Cephaloon Newman 

7747 C. lepturides Newn. (lepturcides Hald.). Mt. Seward, Axton, Je (M&H) ; 

Newport (Yg) ; Chapel Pond, Keene, Je, Leon, Bish (Yg) ; Peru 
(FletCU) ; Olcott, Je-Jl (Dt) ; E. Aurora, Je (Flet,Dnd) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; Rock City, Je (FletCU) ; Ithaca, May-Jl (Dt) ; Windsor, 
Je (Not) ; Trenton Falls (Newn) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Ft. Edward, Je 
(FletCU) ; Ramapo, Nyack, Je (Joutel) ; SI: Green Ridge, Je, com- 
mon in flowers of the tulip tree (Liriodendron) (L&D). 

Typitium Casey 

7748 T. ungulare Lee. Whiteface Mt., Jl (Lg) ; Essex Co, Jl (FletCU) ; E. 

Aurora, Je (Flet,Dnd). 

332 Oedemeridae — Mordellidae 



NacerDA Stephens 

n(iZ N. melanura L. Oswego, Jl (NYS) ; Lockport, Mar (FletCU) ; Buffalo, 
Aug (NYS) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ilion, May (NYS) ; Ithaca, Jl 
(Dt) ; Albany (Lint) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; NYC (FletCU) ; SI, 
Je-Jl (L&D) ; LI: Bergen Beach, Greenport (Ds) ; Flatbush, Long 
Beach (AM); Rockaway Beach, Je (Sf) ; Barren L (AM). 

DiTYLUS Fischer 
7765 D. coeruleus Rand. Buffalo (Z&R). 


7769 C. thoracica Fab. Greenwood L. (Sf) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; LI: Wyandanch, 
a variety (Sf). 

Alloxacis Horn 

111(i A. dorsalis Melsh. West Pt. (Robn) ; vie. NYC (AM) ; SI, Jl-Aug, once 
rather abundant, under logs (L&D) ; LI: Fire L, Rockaway Beach, 
Aug (Sf). 

ASCLERA Stephens 

7799 A. puncticoUis Say. Mt. Seward, 4500 ft., Je (M&W) ; Whiteface Mt., 

Jl (Sf) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Trenton Falls (Newn) ; SI, May 8, 1881 

7800 A. ruficollis Say. Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Ap-May, 

McLean Bogs, May (FletCU) ; Taughannock, Gorge, Ap 21, Dt (Snn) ; 
Trenton Falls (Newn) ; Albany, Nassau, E. Schodack, Ap-May 
(NYS) ; Ramapo, West Pt. (Robn) ; NYS (AM) ; SI, Ap-May 
(L&D); LI: Yaphank, May (Sf). 


7804 T. bidentata Sav. Peru, Je (CU) ; Rochester, Honeoye Falls, Leoyi (CU) ; 

Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jl (CU) ; Albany, Je 
(NYS); West Pt. (Robn); Nyack, Ds (Nic) ; Palisades (Nic) ; 
Van Cort. Pk. (Nic) ; SI, Jl 31, on dead oak log (L&D) ; LI: Mas- 
peth, Je, Shoe (Nic). On decaying hickory (Felt). 

7805 T. lineella Lee. Peru, Je 21 (CU) ; Rochester Jet., Jl 7, Leon (CU) ; 

Buffalo (Lee) ; Ithaca, Jl (CU) ; Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS) ; Catskills 
(Nic); SI, Je (L&D). On decaying hickory (Felt). 

7806 T. inclusa Lee. Rochester Jet., Jl, Leon (CU) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Catskills, 

Jl (Nic). 

" Emil Liljeblad has seen the manuscript of the list for this family, and has made some changes 
in synonymy as well as determined all of the material from New York in the Cornell collection. 


MORDELLA Linnaeus 

7808 M. quadripunctata Say. Cranberry L., Jl 10 (H). 

7809 M. borealis Lee. Big Moose, Jl (NYS) ; Newport (NYS) ; Cranberry L., 

Aug (H) ; Albany, Nassau (NYS) ; Catskills, Pears (Nic). On dying 
spruce and in decaying maple stumps (Felt). 

7810 M. melaena Germ. Chazy L., Saranac Inn, L. Placid, Severance, Hope, 

Wells, L. Pleasant, Gloversville, Northampton, Pike, Je-Aug (NYS) ; 
Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Wales, 
Jl (Dnd) ; Canandaigua, Jl (NYS) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU) ; McLean, 
Jl (Dt); Saratoga Sps., Jl (NYS); Karner, Jl (NYS); Catskills 
(Nic) ; Pine I. (Ds) ; Van Cort. Pk., very local and not common 
(Nic); SI, on wild rose (L&D). 

7811 M. atrata Melsh. (Liljeblad writes that scutellaris Fab. is a South Amer- 

ican species.) Peru, Je (CU) ; Black Br., Je (CU) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; 

Newport, Severance, Hope, Je-Aug (NYS) ; Saranac, Aug (CU) ; 

Long L. (Ds) ; Cranberry L., Wanakena (H) ; Erie Co, Je (Dnd) ; 

Ithaca, Enfield, Jl (CU) ; McLean Bogs, Jl (Dt) ; Kenwood, Jl 

(NYS) ; Karner, Jl (NYS) ; Poughkeepsie, Je-Jl (NYS) ; West Pt. 

(Ds) ; SI, Je, Sep (L&D) ; LI: Orient, Lath (NYS). 
7811a M. atrata var. lecontei Csiki. Ithaca, Je, Dt (CU) ; Middletown, Je (CU). 
7814 M. octopunctata Fab. Rochester Jet., Aug, Leon (CU) ; E. Aurora, Jl 

(Dnd) ; Geneva, Je (Cls) ; Ithaca, Jl (CU) ; Albany, Je (NYS) ; 

West Pt., Ft. Montgomery (Ds) ; SI, Je-Jl, bred from hickory (L&D) ; 

LI: Mineola, Je, Wolf (NYS) ; Farmingdale, Je (Lilj). Larvae in 

oak stumps (Felt). 

7817 M. marginata Melsh. Keene Val., L. Placid, Saranac Inn, Wells, Hope, 

Je-Aug (NYS) ; Wilmington (Dt) ; Wanakena, Aug (Drk) ; Cran- 
berry L., Jl (H) ; Rochester Jet., Je, Leon (CU) ; Olcott (CU) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R); E. Aurora, Je-Jl (Dnd); Pike, Sep, Kniill (Lilj); 
Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Otto, Jl (CU) ; Crosby, Je (CU) ; Montour Falls, 
Je (H) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU) ; McLean (Dt) ; Danby, Jl (Dt) ; 
Spring Lake, Jl (CU) ; Schoharie (Not) ; L. George (AM) ; Catskills 
(Sm) ; Poughkeepsie, Je-Jl (NYS) ; Rhinebeck, Jl, Cy (CU) ; West 
Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Je-Jl, on hickory (L&D); LI: Jamaica, Je (NYS); 
Flatbush, Long Beach (AM); Farmingdale, Je (CU). 
M. marginata var. lineata Melsh. Cranberry L., Jl 10 (H). 

7818 M. lunulata Hellm. Crosby Landing, L. Keuka, Je, Cy (CU) ; Albany, 

Je (NYS). 

7819 M. serval Say. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Jl (Drk) ; Buffalo 

(SayANSP); Ithaca, Jl 15 (CU) ; Albany, Je (NYS); Catskills, 
May (Nic); SI, Aug (L&D); LI (Sm). 

7824 M. triloba Say. Ithaca, Taughannock Gorge, Jl (CU) ; Spring Lake, Jl 


7825 M. undulata Melsh. Buffalo (Z&R). 
7827 M. discoidea Melsh. LI (Sm). 


7834 M. cohfusa Blatch. Ringwood, May 27, McLean Bogs, May 30 (Dt), 

7836 M. arida Lee. Spring Lake, Jl (CU) ; LI: Bellport, Jl-Aug, in beating 

dead pines. Shoe (Nic). 

7837 M. lutea Melsh. Buffalo (Z&R). 


7838 M. trifasciata Say (lepidula, according to Lilj). Buffalo (Z&R) ; 
Danby, Jl (Dt) ; Ithaca, Jl (CU) ; Catskills (Nic); Van Cort. Pk. 
(Nic); SI, Je-Jl (L&D) ; LI: Bellport, Jl (Nic). 

7841 M. limbalis Melsh. Ithaca, J.W.Green (Lilj); SI (L&D). 

7842 M. elegantula Sm. LI (Sm). 

7844 M. dimidiata Hellm. Olcott, Jl 4 (Dt). 

7845 M. biplagiata Hellm. E. Aurora, May (Dnd) ; Castile, Je, Brad (Fkt). 

7846 M. intermixta Hellm. Adirondacks (Sm). 
7848 M. vapida Lee. "Vic. NYC" (Sm) ; SI (Nic). 

7850 M. bipustulata Hellm. Olcott, Jl (Dt). 

7851 M. atriceps Sm. Newport (NYS) ; "NY" (Sm). 

7853 M. picipennis Sm. NY (Sm). 

7854 M. pallipes Sm. Ithaca (Sm). 

7855 M. fulvicollis Melsh. Buffalo (Z&R). 

7856 M. ornata Melsh. SI, Je (L&D). 

7858 M. scapularis Say (biplagiata Hellm., according to Lilj). Peru (CU) ; 

Keene Val., Jl, Newport, Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Olcott, 
Je-Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Geneva, Je (Cls) ; Port Byron, Je (Dt) ; 
Ithaca, May-Je (CU) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Catskills (Nic) ; Pough- 
keepsie, May-Je (NYS) ; Middletown (CU) ; Ramapo, Je, Ds (Nic) ; 
Peekskill, Je (CU) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Highlands of the Hudson 
(Nic); Van Cort. Pk. (Nic); SI, May-Je (L&D). 

7859 M. comata Lee. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Hope, Aug, Bks (NYS) ; Ilion, 

May (NYS) ; Olcott, Jl (Dt) ; E. Aurora, Je, Protection, Jl (Dnd) ; 
L. George (AM) ; Nassau, May (NYS) ; Kinderhook, Je (NYS) ; 
SI, Je-Sep (L&D); LI: Bellport, Je-Jl (Nic). 
7859a M. comata var. cervicalis Lee. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, May-Jl, Ringwood, Je (CU) ; Freeville, Jl 
(CU); Rhinebeck, Jl, Cy (Lilj); Middletown, Jl, Spooner (CU). 

7860 M. aspersa Melsh. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Newport, Jl (NYS) ; Cranberry 

L., Jl (H) ; Olcott, Je-Jl (Dt) ; Ithaca, May-Aug, McLean, Jl (CU) ; 
Windsor, Je (Not) ; Caroline to Harford, Je (CU) ; Cortland, Jl 
(NYS) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Nassau, Karner, Menands, Jl (NYS) ; 
Rhinebeck, Jl, Cy (Lilj); Mosholu, Je (NYS); LI: Forest Pk., Je 

7861 M. indistincta Sm. "Adirondacks" (Sm) ; Fall Cr., Ithaca, Aug 2 (Dt). 

7862 M. tosta Lee. E. Aurora, Jl (Flet,Dnd) ; Ithaca, Jl (CU). 

7869 M. picilabris Hellm. LI: Bellport, Je 24, evidently one of the few maritime 

species (Nic). 

7870 M. infima Lee. Mt. Whiteface, 2000-4000 ft., Aug 22-24 (CU) ; Ithaca, 

Aug 3, Ringwood, Je 26 (CU). 

7871 M. andreae Lee. Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS). 

7872 M. grammica Lee. Wells, Jl (NYS) ; SI, in blossom of wild parsnip, Ds 

(Nic, L&D) ; LI: Jamaica, Floral Pk., Je (Nic). 
7872a M. grammica var. varians Lee. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Ithaca, Jl (NYS) ; 

Karner, Jl (NYS) ; Ramapo Mts. (AM) ; SI, on flowers of wild 

parsnip, Ds (Nic, L&D). 
7874 M. ancUla Lee. "NY" (Lee). 
7877 M. impatiens Lee. NY (Sm). 


7879 M. nigricans Melsh. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Ithaca, Je 28-Jl 19 (CU) ; 

Albany, Je (NYS) ; Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS) ; SI, on seashore, Je 

7881 M. ruficeps Lee. "Around NYC" (Sm) ; SI, Aug (Nic, L&D). 
7883 M. splendens Sm. SI, Aug, on Spartina (Nic,L&D). 

7888 M. pustulata Melsh. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., Je 9 (H) ; E. Au- 

rora, May 1 (Dnd) ; Montour Falls, Je (H) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (CU) ; 
Windsor, Je (Not) ; Scotia, Je (NYS) ; Rensselaer (NYS) ; West Pt. 
(Ds); SI, Je (L&D). 

7889 M. convicta Lee. Olcott, Je 5 (Dt) ; Ithaca, Je, Jl 2 (CU) ; Windsor, Je 

(Not); West Pt. (Robn). 
7891 M. fuscipennis Melsh. "Around NYC" (Sm). 

7893 M. morula Lee. Ithaca, Je-Jl (CU) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; West Pt., Je, 

Ds (Nic) ; SI, Je 26 (Nic, L&D). 

7894 M. ambusta Lee. Olcott, Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Rein) ; Ithaca, Jl (CU) ; 

Poughkeepsie (NYS); "near NYC" (Sm) ; SI, Jl (L&D). 

7899 M. unicolor Lee. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; West Pt. (Robn). 

7901 M. marginalis Say. "Common throughout the State" (Nic) ; Boston, Je 
(Dnd); Rock City, Je 9 (Lilj) ; Allegany Pk., Aug (Dnd); Ithaca, 
Ellis, Ap-Je (CU) ; Woodwardia Bog, Tompkins Co (CU) ; McLean 
(CU); SI, Je (L&D); LI: Farmingdale, Je (CU). 

7903 M. schauppi Sm. "NY" (Sm). 

7904 M. vera Lilj. "NY", one specimen in Univ. of 111. (Lilj). 

7905 M. aequalis Sm. Ithaca, Je 12 (CU). 

7910 M. pubescens Fab. Common everywhere (Nic) ; Mt. Merino, Columbia 
Co, Jl (CU) ; Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Ft. 
Montgomery (Ds) ; Peekskill, Ap 9 (Lilj); vie. NYC (Sm) ; SI, 
Je (L&D); LI: Yaphank, Orient (Ds). 

7912 M. liturata Melsh. Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI, Jl (Nic, L&D); LI: Aqueduct, 

Jamaica, Shoe (Nic). 

7913 M. fuscata Melsh. Around NYC (Sm). 

7915 M. pityptera Lee. Catskills, Aug 3, a very rare insect hitherto recorded 

only from Pa. and Tex. (Nic). 
7917 M. cinereofasciata Sm. Ithaca (Sm). 

7925 M. attenuata Say. "NY" (Sm). 

7926 M. discolor Melsh. SI, Jl 23, Shoe (Nic, L&D). 

Anaspis Geoffroy 

7938 A. nigrina Csiki. Ithaca, Je-Jl (CU) ; Schoharie (Not). 

7942 A. flavipennis Hald. Mt. Whiteface, summit (Ds) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; 

Newport, Cranberry Cr., May-Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; 
Long L. (Ds) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Ithaca, May-Je 
(CU) ; Caroline to Harford, Je (CU) ; McLean, May (CU) ; Ring- 
wood, Jl 24 (CU) ; Spencer L., Je (CU) ; Albany, May (NYS) ; 
Catskills^ (Nic) ; West Pt. (Ds) ; Peekskill, on flowers of Viburnum 
prunifolium (Sherm) ; SI, May, on Veratrum (L&D). On willow 
catkins, also on shadbush when in bloom (Felt). 

7943 A. rufa Say. Cranberry L., Je 14-20, extremely abundant on blossoms 

of Spiraea, Rubus, Acer, Sambucus, etc. (H) ; Olcott, Je-Jl (Dt) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R); Protection, Jl (Flet,Dnd) ; Portageville, Je ; Montour 

336 • Rhipiphoridae — Meloidae 

Falls, Je (H) ; Ithaca, Rlngwood, May-Aug (CU) ; Enfield, Jl (Lilj) ; 
Windsor, Je (Not) ; Kenwood, Je (NYS) ; Rensselaer, Je (NYS) ; 
Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS); West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Je (L&D). 

Pelecotoma Fischer 
7946 P. flavipes Melsh. NY (ANSPHorn). 


7949 M. flavipenne Lee. West Pt. (Robn); SI, Jl (L&D); LI: Aqueduct, Jl, 

Shoe (Sf). 

7950 M. dimidiatum Fab. Newport, Lg (NYS) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; SI, Jl-Aug 


7953 M. pectinatum Fab. West Pt. (Robn); SI, Aug (Sf) ; LI: Rockaway 

Beach (Shoe). 

7954 M. cruentatum Germ. Peekskill (Sherm). 

7956 M. limbatum Fab. West Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill (CU) ; Mosholu, Aug 
(NYS) ; Nyack (AM) ; White Plains, Jl (Fall, Sq) ; SI, Jl-Aug 
(L&D) ; LI: Southold, Orient Pt., Aug-Sep (NYS). 

RhIPIPHORUS Bosc d' Antic 

7958 R. luteipennis Lee. Karner, Aug 13, Yg (NYS) ; Mosholu, Aug (Sf) ; 
SI, Aug (L&D); LI: Montauk, Aug, Eng (Sf). 

7967 R. fasciatus Say. Speculator, Jl (NYS) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU) ; Albany, 

Nassau, Jl-Aug (NYS); New Baltimore (AM); LI: Riverhead, 
Huck (Flet). 

7968 R. schwarzi Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). 

7969 R. walshi Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

7970 R. stylopides Newn. Greenwood L. (Sf). 




7990 P. sayi Lee. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Herkimer, 
Je (Cy) ; Wilmurt (CU) ; Frankfort (NYS) ; Gloversville, May 
(NYS) ; Boonville, Je, Utica, Je (Cy) ; Syracuse, Je (Cy) ; West 
Rush; Fairport, Je (Cy) ; Pittsford, Je (Cy) ; Batavia, Je (Cy) ; 
Lime, Je (Cy) ; Pavilion, Je (Cy) ; Williamson; Avon, Genesee, May 
(Cls) ; Mt. Morris, Je; Caledonia, Je ; Tuscarora, Je ; Livonia (Tenter, 
Je; Portage (CU) ; Sonyea, Jl (Cy) ; Scottsville, Je; Perry, Je 
(CU) ; Castile, Je, Brad (Flet); Hammondsport ; Weedsport, Je ; 
Branchport, Je (Cy) ; Lakemont, Je (Cy) ; Valois, May (Cy) ; Schuy- 
lerville (Felt) ; Lowman, Je {Cy) ; Wellsburg, Jl (Cy) ; Owego, Je 
(Cy) ; Binghamton, Je (Cy) ; Nunda, Je (Cy) ; Nineveh, Je ; Berk- 
shire, Je (Cy) ; Elmira, Je (Cy) ; Waverly, Je (Cy) ; Ithaca, Je ; 
McLean Bogs, Je ; Newfield, Je (Cy) ; Interlaken, Je (Cy) ; Cort- 
land, Je (Cy) ; Moravia, Je ; Cazenovia, Je (Cy) ; Windsor, Je 
(Not) ; Canajoharie, Je (Fitch) ; Fonda, May-Je (Felt) ; Schoharie, 
Je (Not, Lint) ; Schenectady, Je (Cy) ; Quaker Street, Je (Felt) ; 
Corinth, Je (NYS); Hartford, May-Je (Felt); Cambridge (Felt); 

Meloidae 337 

Clarksville (Felt) ; Slingerlands, May-Je (NYS) ; Casf.leton, May-Je 
<'NYS) ; Voorheesville, Jl (NYS) ; Elsmere, May (NYS) ; Philmont, 
je (Felt) ; Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Pine I. 
(AM) ; Ft. Edward, Je (Cy) ; western SI, May (L&D) ; LI: Mineola, 
Je (Cy). 
7993 P. aenea Say. Frankfort (Lint) ; E. Auburn (Dnd) ; Ithaca, May, Bish 
<NYS) ; New Windsor (AM) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Van Cort. Pk. 

Epicauta Redtenbacher 

8018 E. vittata Fab. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Cayuga Co (Lint); Valatie, Aug; Beth- 
lehem, Je (Lint); West Pt. (Robn); SI, Jl-Aug (L&D); LI: 
Flatbush (AM). 

8024 E. cinerea Forst. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
SI, Jl-Aug (L&D). 

8024a E. cinerea var, marginata Fab. Gowanda, Aug (Cy) ; Castile, Brad 
(Flet) ; Ithaca, Jl, Sep (Dt) ; Albany, Aug (NYS) ; Karner, Jl, Ken- 
wood, Jl, Coeymans, Sep (NYS) ; Normanskill, Aug, Leon (NYS) ; 
White Plains, Jl-Sep (Cy) ; Tarrytown, Aug (Cy) ; LI: Brooklyn 
(Dt) ; Flatbush (AM) ; Hempstead, Jl (Cy) ; Roslyn (CU) ; Floral 
Pk., Jl (NYS). 

8033 E. pennsylvanica DeG. Wilmington (Lint) ; Severance, Aug, Bish 
(NYS) ; Hope, Keene Val., Aug (NYS) ; L. Chazy, Je (NYS) 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Avon, Aug (Cls) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Cobleskill 
Aug (Felt) ; Charleston Four Corners, Aug (Felt) ; Otto, Je (CU) 
Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Oswego, Aug (Cy) ; Worcester, Aug (Cy) 
Schenevus, Aug (Cy) ; Ithaca, Aug-Sep (CU) ; Watkins, Aug (NYS) 
Danby, Aug (CU) ; Candor, Aug (Cy) ; L. George (AM) ; Pawling, 
Sep (Cy) ; Albany, Sep (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains, 
Aug-Sep (Fall, Sq) ; Baldwin (AM) ; SI, Aug-Sep, on goldenrod 
(L&D); LI: Floral Pk., Aug (Leon); Mineola, Aug (Cy) ; Flatbush 
(AM); Orient, Lath (NYS). 

Macrobasis LeConte 

8042 M. unicolor Kby. Plattsburg, Jl, Northville, Je, Ausable Forks, Je (NYS) ; 
Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Bulls Head (Lint) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. 
Aurora (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Jl (Dt) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Canton, Jl (Leon) ; 
Elmira, Jl (CU) ; Waverly, Jl (Leon) ; Factoryville, Je (NYS) ; Sar- 
atoga Sps., Jl (NYS); Altamont, Jl (CU) ; Schenectady, Jl (CU) ; 
Gouverneur, Je (Leon) ; Albany, Jl, Nassau, Karner, Je (NYS) ; 
Clinton Corners, Jl (CU) ; Chatham, Jl (NYS) ; Florida (Cy) ; SI, 
Je-Jl (L&D) ; LI: Orient, Jl, Lath (NYS) ; Flatbush (AM). 

80421 M. debilis Lee. "NY" (Lee. in Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 6: 344, 1854). 

Lytta Fabricius 
8066 L. nuttalli Say. SI: Eltingville, May 21, 1922, Clarence Bustecd (L&D). 

Meloe Linnaeus 

8142 M. impressus Kby. Syracuse, Ap, under stones (FI) ; Westfield, May 

8142a M. impressus var. niger Kby. "NY" (ANSP). 

338 Meloidae — Pythidae — Pyrochroidae 

8147 M. angusticollis Say. Keene Val., Aug (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug 

(H) ; Newport, Je (NYS) ; Ausable Forks, Aug (Lint) ; Axton, Je 
(M&H) ; Ilion, Sep (NYS) ; Hannibal, Sep (Cy) ; Syracuse, Sep 
(Leon) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Avon, Aug (Cls) ; Pike, 
Je (NYS) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Perry (Lint) ; Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; 
L. George (AM) ; Karner, E. Schodack, Ap (NYS) ; E. Greenbush, 
Ap (NYS); Ft. Plain, Sep (NYS); White L. (AM«) ; West Pt. 
(Robn); White Plains, Ap (Sq) ; SI (L&D) ; LI: Babylon (AM); 
Orient, Lath (NYS). 

8148 M. americanus Leach. Cranberry L., Sep (Drk) ; Ithaca, Ap-May (Dt) ; 

SI, May (L&D). 

8149 M. moerens Lee. "NY" (Lee); Lewis, Mar (NYS). 

ZONITIS Fabricius 
8158 Z. bilineata Say. SI, Aug, on wild sunflower (L&D). 

Nemognatha lUiger 
8182 N. nemorensis Hentz. "NY" (Lee). 


8194 T. sanguinipennis Say. SI, found dead on sandy path at Watchogue, Ap 
22, 1917 (L&D). 

Pytho Latreille 

8203 P. niger Kby. Buffalo (Z&R); Ithaca, Nov (Flet); vie. NYC (AM). 

8204 P. planus Hbst. Cranberry L., Je, common und^r bark of pine (H) ; Buf- 

falo (Z&R); Pike, Je-Jl (NYS); Ithaca, Mar-Je (DtCU), Nov 
(Flet) ; Albany, May, Lansingburg (NYS) ; SI, Nov 1 (L&D). 

Salpingus Gyllenhal 

8211 S. virescens Lee. Mt. Whiteface, Je (Ds) ; Ithaca, Aug 15 (Flet) ; Coy 
Glen, Ithaca, Aug 2, Dt (Vdyk) ; LI: Woodside, Je (Sf). 

RhINOSIMUS Latreille 

8215 R. viridiaeneus Rand. Newport, Ap 28 (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; McLean, 
Ap 17, Bahiy (Flet); Ringwood, May (Vdyk); Catskills (Sf) ; West 
Pt. (Robn). 



8218 I. costata Lee. Wallface Mt., Jl 8, Quirs (Frost) ; E Jewett, Ap 18 (Ds). 

Pyrochroidae — Pedilidae 339 

Neopyrochroa Blair 

8220 N. flabellata Fab. Newport (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Geneva, Jl (Cls) ; 

Ithaca, Jl (FletCU) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Je-Aug (L&D) ; LI: 
Half Way Hollow Hills (Ds). 

8221 N. femoralis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R); SI, May-Je (L&D); LI: Gardiners I. 



8224 S. cervicalis Newn. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Newport, May, L. Clear, Je 

(NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Castile, May, Brad 
(Flet) ; Trenton Falls (Newn); Nassau, May (NYS). 

Dendroides Latreille 

8225 D. bicolor Newn. Axton, Je (M&H) ; NewDort, Je-Jl (NYS) ; Old Forge, 

Jl (FletCU) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Olcott, Je, E. Aurora, Jl 
(Dnd) ; Buffalo (ANSP) ; Pike (NYS) ; Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt) 
Genesee Co (Ds) ; Cattaraugus Co, Je (Ds) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (DtCU) 
Broadalbin, Je, Menands. Aug, Rensselaer, Jl, Clinton Hgts., Jl (NYS) 
Trenton Falls (Newn); SI, Je, Aug (L&D); LI: Aqueduct (Ds). 

8226 D. concolor Newn. Peru, Cy,, Fbs (FletCU) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; New- 

port, Keene Val., Je (NYS) ; Saranac Inn, Jl (NYS) ; Cranberry L., 
Je-Jl (H); Mt. Mclntyre, Jl, Leon (NYS); Olcott, Je (Dnd); 
Conesus L. (Ds) ; Buffalo (ANSP) ; Geneva, Jl (Cls) ; Allegany Pk., 
Jl (Dnd) ; Rock City (Ds) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ringwood, Je, 
Ithaca, Jl, at trap lantern (FletCU) ; Cortland Co, Je (Dnd) ; Trenton 
Falls (Newn); West Pt. (Robn); LI: North Beach (Olsen) ; 
Flushing (Ds). 
8228 D. ephemeroides Mann. Olcott, Je-Jl (Dt) ; Ithaca, Jl 12 (Dt). 

Pedilus Fischer 

8243 P. canaliculatus Lee. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Erie Co, May-Je (Dnd) ; 

Castile, May, Brad (Flet). 

8244 P. elegans Hentz. Ilion, May (NYS) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je, 

Horn (Vdyk) ; Nassau, N. Chatham, Wappingers Falls, Je (NYS) ; 
Rensselaer, May (NYS); Sunnyside, May (NYS). 

8245 P. terminalis Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, May-Je (FletCU) ; Trenton 

Falls (Newn); Albany, Je (NYS); West Pt. (Robn). 

8247 P. fulvipes Newn. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike (NYS) ; Marilla, Je (Dnd) ; 

Trenton Falls (Newn), 

8248 P. newmani Lee. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Newport, May (NYS) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; Batavia, Je (Ds) ; Marilla, Je (Dnd) ; Ithaca, May-Je 
(FletCU) ; McLean Bogs, Je (FletCU) ; Trenton Falls (Newn) ; 
Albany, Nassau, Je (NYS) ; Rensselaer, May (NYS). 

8249 P. cyanipennis Bland. Catskills, Je (Ds). 

8250 P. labiatus Say. Rochester Jet., Je, Leon (Flet) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Geneva, 

Je (Cls) ; Montour Falls, Je (H) ; Ithaca, Jl (Dt) ; McLean Bogs, 
Je (FletCU) ; Albany, Je, Rensselaer, May (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn), 
as pulcher. 

340 Pedilidae — Anthicidae 

8251 P. lugubris Say. Newport, May (NYS) ; Northampton, Je (NYS) ; Ilion, 

May (NYS) ; Rochester Jet., Je, Leon (FletCU) ; E. Aurora, May 
(Dnd); Pike (NYS); Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; 
Windsor, Je (Not) ; Spencer, Port Byron, Je (Dt) ; Schoharie (Not) ; 
Corinth, May (NYS). 

8252 P. collaris Say. Newport (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Port Byron (Dt) ; 

Ithaca, Je, Ham (Vdyk) ; Spencer, Je (Dt) ; Trenton Falls (Newn) ; 
Nassau, May (NYS); West Pt. (Robn). 

Stereopalpus LaFerte-Senectere 

8264 S. mellyi Laf. Buffalo (Z&R). 

8265 S. vestitus Say. Buffalo (Z&R). 

MacRATRIA Newman 

8278 M. confusa Lee. Ithaca, Je (FletCU) ; Schoharie (Not). 

8279 M. murina Fab. Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI, Jl (L&D). 

8280 M. ovicollis Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

NOTOXUS Geoffroy 

8289 N. bifasciatus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Lockport, Jl, Ithaca, Je (NYS) ; 
Karner, Je (NYS). 

8302 N. anchora Hentz. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Ausable Forks, May, Wells, Jl 
(NYS) ; Saranac Inn, Jl (Ndm) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; 
Northampton, Te (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Mc- 
Lean, Aug (Flet) ; Letchworth Pk., Jl (NYS) ; Schoharie (Not) ; 
Corinth, Je, Albany, Jl, Karner, Je (NYS). 

8304 N. monodon Fab. Albany, Ap, FTHarfmann, Cedar Hill, Je, E. Schodack, 
Mar, Normanskill, Ap (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Ramapo (Ds) ; 
Suffern (AM); SI, Mar, May, Nov (L&D); LI: Central Pk., Ap 

Mecynotarsus LaFerte-Senectere 

8325 M. elegans Lee. Buffalo (Z&R); Ramapo (Ds). Possibly the same as 
flavicans Csy. (Lg), 

TOMODERUS LaFerte-Senectere 
8334 T. constrictus Say. Phoenicia, Aug (NYS); SI, Feb, May (L&D). 

Amblyderus LaFerte-Senectere 

8340 A. granulans Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). 

8342 A. pallens Lee. SI, Aug-Sep, about plant roots at seashore (L&D). 


8347 A. formicarius Laf. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Lake Bluff, Sep, Bish (NYS) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike, Mar (NYS) ; SI, May, Sep, Nov (L&D) ; LI: 
Orient, Ap, Lath (NYS). 


8348 A. cinctus Say. Chautauqua, Shokan (Lg) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Nov 6, 

Joutel (L&D); LI: Orient, Lath (NYS). 
8350 A. blandus Csy. SI, May 18 (L&D) ; LI: Willetts Pt. (Csy). 
8353 A. obscurus Laf. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Schoharie (Not); LI: Coney I., Jl 

8359 A. sturmi Laf. Cranberry L., Je 28, in box of fungi (H). 
8372 A. rejectus Lee. "NY" (Lee). 
8387 A. floralis L. Newport, Aug, Herkimer, Sep (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 

Batavia, Jl-Sep (Kngt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Jl (L&D). 
8397 A. ephippium Laf. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Westchester Co, 

Palm (AM); SI, Je 4 (L&D); LI: Orient Pt., May, Lath (NYS). 

8402 A. scabriceps Lee. Montour Falls, Je (H) ; SI, Aug, under log on sea- 

shore, and in sand (L&D). 

8403 A. compositus Csy. LI: Willetts Pt. (Csy). 

8417 A. cervinus Laf. Cranberrv L., Je (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Je, 
Dec (Dnd) ; Batavia, jl (Kngt) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; SI, Aug, on 
seashore, Je 4 (L&D) ; LI: Orient Pt, May, Lath (NYS) ; Coney L, 
Ap (NYS). 

8448 A. melancholicus Laf. SI, Je 5, on seashore (L&D). 

8454 A. pubescens Laf. Johnstown, Sep, Albany, Jl (NYS) ; SI, Nov 6, on salt 
meadow (L&D). 

8461 A. festinans Csy. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Windsor, Je (Not). 


Elonus Casey 

8475 E. basalis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R); Ludlow, Thompson (Lg) ; LI: Cold Sp. 
Harb., Jl, 5r6 (Sf). 


8480 Z. signatus Hald. NY (Hald). 

8481 Z. subfasciatus Lee. Mosholu (Sf). 

8484 Z. fasciatus Melsh. NY (Hald) ; Newport, May (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R); 
Ludlow, Thompson (Lg). 

Vanonus Casey 

8492 V. piceus Lee. NY (Lee) ; Cranberry L., Je 23-Aug 4, in sweeping in 
marshy area, also flying about camp (H) ; Washington Co (Lg). 

8494 V. vigilans Csy. Hudson Val. (Csy). 

8495 V. fusciceps Csy. "Near NYC" (Csy). 

Tanilotes Casey 
8501 T. densus Csy. McLean, Aug (Flet). 

342 Rhipicertdae — Elateridae 

Sandalus Knoch 

8544 S. petrophya Knoch. Near NYC; SI, on beach; Aug 27, on sidewalk 

8546 S. niger Knoch. Ithaca, Sep (Dt), late Aug, P. Miller, Fhs (FletCU) ; 

West Pt. (Robn). 



Adelocera Latreille 

8553 A. aurorata Sav. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Olcott, Je (Dt) ; Lake Bluff, Jl (NYS) ; 

Catskills, Je (Nic). 

8554 A. impressicoUis Say. Rochester (M&W). 

8557 A. brevicornis Lee. Axton, Sep (M&H) ; Ausable Chasm, Sep, Eng (Sf) ; 

Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Catskills, Je-Jl, Aug (Nic, Ds). 

8558 A. obtecta Say. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo 

(Say-ANSP) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; E. Aurora, Nov (Dnd) ; Wind- 
sor, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, Je (Vdyk) ; Catskills, Je (Nic) ; Big Ind. Val., 
Jl, Pears (Sf) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Pine I., Je (Sf ) ; Mosholu, Wat 

8560 A. marmorata Fab. Paradox, Jl, Essex Co, Aug, Ilion, Je (NYS) ; Glov- 

ersville, Je (NYS) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, 
Je (Dnd); Albany, Jl (NYS). 

8561 A. discoidea Web. Olcott, Je (Dt) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 

Ithaca, Jl, Ap (Vdvk) ; Taughannock Falls, Ap (Dt,Vdyk) ; Albany, 
Ap (NYS); Peekskill (Sherm) ; West Pt. (Robn); SI, Mar-Sep 
(L&D); LI: Aqueduct, May, Wyandanch, Feb (Quirs) ; Parkville, 
Diets (Sf) ; Central Pk., Aug, Eng (Sf). 

8562 A. avita Say. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Protection, Je (Dnd). 

8563 A. modesta Boisd. Big Ind. Val., May, Pears (Sf). 

Lacon Castelnau 

8564 L. rectangularis Say. Buffalo (Z&R). 

Alaus Eschscholtz 

8571 A. oculatus L. Eyed Click Beetle. Adirondacks (Felt) ; Newport, May 
(NYS) ; Herkimer, Jl (Cy) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Leroy, Je (Cy) ; 
Honeoye Falls, Je (Ds) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Olcott, Oct (Dt) ; Castile, 
Jl, Brad (Flet) ; E. Aurora, Je-Jl (Dnd) ; Geneva, Ap, Je, Dec 
(Cls) ; Lorraine, Je (Cy) ; Ithaca, Je, Sep (CU) ; McLean Bogs, May 
30 (CU) ; Albany, Je, Schenectady, Aug, Castleton, Dec (NYS) ; 
Poughkeepsie, Jl (Cy) ; Ramapo, May (Ds) ; Middletown, Je (Cy) ; 
West Pt. (Robn) ; Croton L., Je (Cy) ; SI, May-Jl (L&D) ; LI: Mas- 
peth, Je (Ds) ; Flatbush, Babylon (AM) ; Jamaica, May (Quirs). 

■^ The list for this family has been checked by J. A. Hyslop, Alan S. Nicolay, and E. D. Quirs- 
feld. Mr. Nicolay and Mr. Quirsfeld have supplied many records. 

Elateridae 343 

8572 A. myops Fab. Gloversvilk, May-Je (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI (L&D) ; 
LI: Central Pk., Ap (Eng) ; Coney I., Rockaway (Schmelter) ; Wyan- 
danch, Wading R., May (Quirs) : Pinelawn, Ap, Je, Yaphank, May, 
Eng (Sf). 

HeMIRHIPUS Latreille 

8576 H. fascicularis Fab. NY (Horn ANSP) ; NYC {Sf). 


8596 M. lividus DeG. SI, Jl (L&D); LI: Manor, Sep, Eng (Sf). 

8601 M. vespertinus Fab. SI (L&D). 

8607 M. auritus Hbst. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Olcott, Ap, Je (Dt) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; Pike, Je (NYS) ; Ringwood, Jl, McLean Bogs, May (Dt) ; 
Windsor, Je (Not) ; Albany, Je (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Van 
Cort. Pk. (AM); SI, Mar (L&D); LI: Rockaway Beach, May-Je 
(Ds, Sf) ; Astoria, Flatbush (AM) ; Wading R., May, Little Neck, Ap 

8609 M. bellus Say. Ithaca, May-Je (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Van Cort. Pk. 
(AM); SI, Mar-May, Oct (L&D). 

Aeolus Eschscholtz 

8613 A. amabilis Lee. Vic. NYC (AM) ; SI, Mar, Je (L&D) ; LI: Rockaway, 

May-Je, Eng (Sf). 

8614 A. dorsalis Say. Olcott, Feb-Oct (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Castile, Aug, 

Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca (US); West Pt. (Robn), as elegans; vie. NYC 
(AM) ; SI, May (L&D) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, May-Je, Eng (Sf) ; 
Flatbush, Ap, Eng (Sf). 


8617 P. anguinus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je (Dt) ; Haines Falls, Franck 
(Sf); Catskills, Aug (Nic) ; LI: Bellport, Aug (Nic) ; Bayshore, Jl, 
Olsen (Ds); Yaphank (Sf) ; Wading R., Jl, Eng (Sf). 

LIMONIUS Eschscholtz 

8619 L. auripilis Say. Nassau, Poughkeepsie, May (NYS) ; Peekskill, Je, on 
Rumex (Sherm). 

8624 L. aurifer Lee. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Htly (H) ; Crown Pt., 

Je (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ;Westfield, May (Not) ; Catskills (Nic) ; 
North Branch (Schaupp) ; West Pt. (Robn). 

8625 L. propexus Cand. Olcott, Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI, May-Jl (L&D). 
?L. griseus Beauv. Buffalo (ANSP) ; E. Aurora, Allegany Pk (Dnd) ; 

Windsor, Je (Not) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Ithaca, Ap, Jl-Aug (Dt) ; 
Ramapo, Nyack, Je (Ds) ; Van Cort. Pk. (AM) ; LI: Parkville (AM) ; 
Flatbush, Astoria (AM) ; Yaphank, Pinelawn, Je, Eng (Sf). 
8627 L. confusus Lee. E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Macedon, May, on quince blos- 
soms (Horn) ; Ithaca, May-Je (Dt) ; Taughannock Falls, May (Dt) ; 
Ringwood, Jl (Vdyk); vie. NYC (AM); SI, Je (L&D); LI: 
Flatbush (US). 

344 Elateridae 

8629 L. plebejus Say. West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, May (L&D) ; LI: Flatbush (AM). 

8631 L. aeger Lee. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Ramapo, May-Je 

(Ds); Catskills (Nic) ; Slide Mt., Jl, Shoe (Sf) ; West Pt. (Robn); 
vie. NYC (AM). 

8632 L. pectoralis Lee. Mt. Seward, 4500 ft., Je (M&H). Described from Calif. 

8633 L. quercinus Say. Ithaca, Aug, Taughannock Falls, Aug (Dt) ; Ft. Mont- 

gomery, Nyack, Ramapo, Je (Ds) ; West Pt. (AM) ; Mosholu (Sf) ; 
Van Cort. Pk., May (Nic) ; SI, May-Je (L&D) ; LI: Flatbush (AM) ; 
Yaphank, May, Jl, Eng (Sf). 
8635 L. basillaris Sav. West Pt., Ft. Montgomery, Je (Ds) ; Bear Mt., Jl 
(Quirs) ; Ramapo, Je (Ds) ; Bronx Pk. (Sf) ; SI, May-Je (L&D) ; 
LI: Bellport, Je (Nic) ; Yaphank, May, Pinelawn, Je, Eng (Sf). 


8639 N. dubitans Lee. E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, 

May-Je (Dt) ; Trenton (US). 

Pheletes Kiesenwetter 

8640 P. stigma Hbst. Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Ap-Je (Dt) ; Catskills, Ap 

(Flet); West Pt. (Robn); LI: Wading R., May, Schott (Sf). 

8649 P. anceps Lee. Western NY (Lee); Windsor, Je (Not). 

8650 P. ectypus Say. Pike (NYS) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Danby, Je, Ithaca, 

May-Je (Dt) ; Callicoon (AM). 

8653 P. refinitus Ziegl. Ramapo, May (Ds) ; West Pt., May, Robn (Sf) ; SI, 

May (L&D) ; LI: Flatbush (AM). 

8654 P. nimbatus Say. West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, May (L&D) ; LI: Flatbush, May, 

Zab (Sf) ; Pinelawn, Je, Eng (Sf). 


8657 L. bicolor Lee. "NY" (Lee;. 

8658 L. discalceatum Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ft. Montgomery, Aug, Schott (Sf). 

8659 L. oberndorferi O. Schw. Described from NY. 

Athous Eschscholtz 

8662 A. brightwelli Kby. Buffalo (Z&R) ; western NY, generally distributed 

(Dnd) ; Ringwood, Jl (Vdyk) ; Olcott, Jl (Dt) ; Catskills, Aug (Nic) ; 
Bear Mt., Jl (Quirs); LI: Bellport, Aug (Nic). 

8663 A. acanthus Say. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; West 

Pt. (Robn) ; LI: Bellport, Jl (Nic) ; Yaphank, Jl, Eng (Sf). 
8663b A. acanthus var. maculicoUis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI (L&D). 

8667 A. cucullatus Say. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Olcott, Aug (Dt) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Jl (Vdyk) ; Catskills, Jl (Nic) ; 
Callicoon (AM); West Pt. (Robn); SI, Je-Jl (L&D); LI: Jamaica, 
Bellport, Jl (Nic). 

8668 A. scapularis Say. Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Olcott, Je (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 

E. Aurora, Jl (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Je (Dt) ; Catskills, Aug (Nic) ; West 
Pt. (Robn). 

Elateridae 345 

8676 A. rufifrons Rand. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Wanakena, 
Aug (Drk) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Enfield Glen, Jl (Dt) ; Catskills, Jl 
(Nic); LI, Pears (Si). 

Lepturoides Herbst 

8698 L. productus Rand. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Catskills (Nic) ; Oliverea, Jl 


8699 L. denticornis Kby. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Wallface Mt., Je (Quirs) ; Cran- 

berry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Hamilton Co (Ds) ; Castile, Je, Brad (Flet) ; 
McLean, May (Dt) ; Catskills, Pears (Sf) ; Slide Mt., Jl (Quirs). 

LUDIUS Eschscholtz 

8705 L. virens Schr. Mt. Whiteface (HyslopUS). 

8706 L. vernalis Hentz. Adirondacks (Felt) ; Buffalo (Rein) ; Westfield, May 

(Not); Catskills, Je (Nic); Ithaca, May (Flet). 

8707 L. resplendens Esch. Whiteface Mt, Shoe (Sf) ; Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; 

Catskills (Nic); Oliverea, Jl (Quirs); LI: Central Pk., Wading R., 
Wyandanch, May, as splendens (Ds). 

8708 L. sjaelandicus Miiller. Buffalo (Z&R), as tesselatus; E. Aurora, Je 

(Dnd) ; Ithaca, May (Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Saratoga, as 
cuprascens (Lee); West Ft. (Robn) ; LI: Bellport, Je (Nic). 
8715 L. pyrrhos Hbst. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Dunkirk (HyslopUS) ; E. Aurora, Aug 
(Dnd) ; Ringwood, Jl (Dt) ; Lava, Jl, Eng (Sf) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl 
(Ds); SI, Je-Aug (L&D) ; LI: Coney L (US); Jamaica, Pears 
(Sf); Jl-Aug (Nic). 

8721 L. cylindriformis Hbst. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Syracuse, Ap-May 

(Quirs,H) ; Olcott, May (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Ap (Dnd) ; 
Onondaga Co, May (Quirs) ; Ithaca, Ap-Je (Hyslop,Dt) ; Cortland 
Co, Je (Dnd) ; West Ft. (Robn) ; Tarrvtown, Ap (Dt) ; Ramapo, Mar 
(Ds) ;^Mosholu (Sf) ; SI, Ap-May (L&D) ; LI: Central Pk., Ap, on 
dead pines, Eng (Sf) ; Flatbush (AM) ; Wyandanch (Quirs) ; Pinelawn, 
Je, Eng (Sf). 

8722 L. copei Horn. Catskills,, Je, Nic (Sf) ; Pine I., May, SchoH (Sf). 
8727 L. fulvipes Bland. Ithaca, May (Vdyk) ; Big Ind. Val., Oct, Pears (Sf) ; 

Catskills, Pears (Nic); West Ft. (Robn); vie. NYC (AM). 
L. exilis Not. Schoharie (Not), 

8729 L. appressus Rand. Mt. Seward, Je (M&FI) ; L. Clear, Saranac Inn, Je 

8731 L. vulneratus Lee. Crusoe L., Wayne Co, Bish (Dt). 
8734 L. elongaticoUis Ham. Catskills, Jl, Shoe (Sf). 

8738 L. tarsalis Melsh. Wallface Mt., Jl (Quirs) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Ap, 

Je (Dt); Catskills, Ap (Nic); West Ft, Je (Sf) ; Ft. Lee (US); 
NYC, Mar (Quirs) ; SI, Ap (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica, Ap (Nic) ; Wading 
R. (Quirs); Long Beach, May, Eng (Sf). 

8739 L. spinosus Lee. Mt. Seward, 4500 ft., Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl 


8741 L. insidiosus Lee. Wallface Mt., Jl (Quirs) ; Slide Mt. (US) ; Catskills, 
Pears (Sf). 

346 Elateridae 

8745 L. falsificus Lee. Catskills, Pears (Nic). 

8748 L. sulcicollis Say. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, May 
(Dnd) ; Geneva, Mar (Cls) ; Ithaca, Ap-May (Dt) ; Trenton (US) ; 
Catskills, Aug, Pears (Nic); West Pt. (Robn) ; LI: Central Pk., Ap, 
Eng (Sf). 

8761 L. aethiops Hbst. West Pt., Jl, Eng (Sf) ; Bronx Pk. (Sf) ; SI, May-Jl 

(L&D); LI: Yaphank, Je (Ds). 

8762 L. hamatus Say. Cranberry L., Htly (H) ; Olcott, May-Je (Dt) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; Ithaca, May (Dt) ; West Pt., Je (Ds) ; Catskills, Je, Pears 
(Nic) ; Oliverea, Je (Quirs) ; Highland Falls (Quirs) ; Bronx Pk. 

8763 L. propola Lee. Buffalo (Z&R); Ithaca, May, Jl-Aug, Eng (Dt). 

8766 L. triundulatus Rand. Wallface Mt., Jl (Quirs) ; Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; 

Wanakena, Aug (Drk) ; Catskills (Nic) ; LI: Rockaway, May, Schott 

8769 L. medianus Germ. Buffalo (Z&R); West Pt. (Robn). 

8771 L. fallax Say. Slide Mt., Jl, Shoe (Sf) ; West Pt., Jl, Eng (Sf). 

8772 L. mirabilis Fall. Keeseville (US). Described from Calif. 

8776 L. splendens Ziegl. West Pt., Rohn (Sf) ; LI: Wyandanch, Wading R., 

May (Quirs) ; Rockaway Beach, May, Eng (Sf). 

8777 L. aereipennis Kby. Jay, Jl (Britton) ; New Baltimore, May (NYS) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Ap-Je, Caroline, Ap (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn). 

8778 L. nigricornis Panz. Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Wallface Mt., Shoe (Sf). 

8779 L. aratus Lee. West Pt. (Robn). 

8780 L. inflatus Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Erie Co, May- Aug (Dnd) ; Westfield. 

May (Not); Ithaca,' Je-Jl (Dt) ; Schoharie (Not); West Pt., Je-Jl, 
Eng (Ds, Sf) ; Nyack, Je (Ds) ; Mosholu (Sf) ; Bronx Pk., Je (Ds) ; 
SI, Je (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica, Pears (Nic) ; Yaphank, May, Pinelawn, 
Je, Eng (Sf). 

8791 L. rotundicollis Say. Buffalo (Z&R); Ithaca, Nov (Dt). 

8793 L. cruciatus L. Catskills, May, Pears (Nic) ; Big Ind. Val., Je, Pears 

8796 L. hieroglyphicus Say. Whiteface (AldrichUS) ; Cranberry L., Je (H) ; 
Olcott, May-Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Ap-Aug, generally 
distributed (Ang) ; Geneva, Je (Cls) ; Elmira, Je, Diven (Dt) ; Ithaca, 
May-Jl (Vdyk); Windsor, Je (Not); Schoharie (Not); Eddyville, 
Jl (Hyslop, Dt) ; West Pt., Je (Ds) ; Pine I., Je (Ds) ; SI, Je (L&D) ; 
LI: Bellport, Jl (Nic) ; Orient Pt., Je (Ds) ; Rockaway Beach, Je. 
Eng (Sf) ; Long Beach, Yaphank, Je, Eng (Sf). 

8802 L. costalis Payk. Wallface Mt., Jl (Quirs); Slide Mt., Je (Quirs). 

8803 L. estriatus Lee. Wallface Mt., Jl (Quirs) ; Whiteface Mt., Je, Shoe 


Hemicrepidius Germar 

8813 H. decoloratus Say. Buffalo (Rein) ; Erie, Allegany, and Cortland Counties, 
Jl (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug, Ringwood, Jl, Taughannock Falls, Jl (Dt) ; 
Danby, Jl (Dt) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Catskills (US) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
Tarrytown, Je (Dt) ; SI, Je (L&D). 

Elateridae 347 

8814 H. memnonius Hbst. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Castile, 

Brad (Flet) ; E. Aurora, May-Jl (Dnd) ; L. Minnewaska, Jl (Ds) ; 
West Pt. (Robn); SI, Jl-Aug (L&D) ; LI: Flatbush, Yaphank, Jl, 
Eng (Sf); Orient, Lath (NYS). 

8815 H. brevicollis Cand. SI, Jl (L&D). 

8817 H. bilobatus Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Aug, Vdyk (Dt) ; Windsor, Je 

(Not); Callicoon (AM); LI: Flushing, Aug, Dow (Sf). 


8818 C. hyperboreus Gvll. Westfield, May (Not) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (Dt) ; 

Oliverea (US). 
8821 C. exiguus Rand. Newport, Mav (NYS) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Rochester 
(M&W); Buffalo (Z&R);' Westfield, May (Not); Ithaca, Ap-Jl 
(Vdyk) ; Freeville, Je (Vdyk) ; SI, May, on oak (L&D). 

8826 C. abbreviatus Say. Wallface Mt., Jl (Quirs) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; 
Ithaca, Ap (Dt) ; Freeville, Je (Dt) ; Cortland (Dnd) ; Schoharie 
(Not) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; LI: Long Beach, May, Eng (Sf). 

8828b C. nocturnus Esch. var. bicolor Esch. Whiteface Mt., 4000 ft., Aug 24, 
(Hyslop, Dt). 

8831 C. lecontei Lg. Herkimer Co, Dieta (Sf) ; Pike (NYS) ; Ithaca, Ap, 

Je-Jl, Taughannock Falls, Ap (Dt) ; Catskills, Jl (Nic) ; Oliverea, Je, 
Shoe (Sf). 

HypNOIDUS Stephens 

8832 H. striatulus Lee. Ithaca, Je-Jl (Vdyk); Windsor, Je (Not). 

8834 H. choris Say. Windsor, Je (Not); LI: Wading R., May (Quirs). 

8837 H. melsheimeri Horn. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Westfield, May, Windsor, Je 
(Not); Ithaca, May (Dt) ; Taughannock Falls, May (Vdyk). 

8841 H. tumescens Lee. Catskills, Jl (Nic); Stony Pt., Je (Ds). 

8844 H. aestivus Horn. Altamont, Sep (NYS). 

8848 H. obliquatulus Melsh. Windsor, Je (Not) ; N. Evans, May 14, MCV 

(Frost) ; Nassau, May (NYS) ; Catskills, Jl (Nic) ; Peekskill, Je 
(Ds) ; SI, usually on moist sandy banks (L&D). 

8849 H. pectoralis Say. Newport, Je (NYS) ; central NY (US) ; Catskills, Jl 

(Nic); Oliverea, Jl (Quirs); West Pt. (Robn). 

H. felti Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

OedostethuS LeConte 

8850 O. femoralis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R); Irving, Je (Dnd); Schoharie (Not). 


8853 M. piceus DeG. E. Aurora, Aug (Dnd) ; West Pt., Je (Ds) ; Bear Mt., 
Je (Quirs); SI, May-Jl (L&D). 

8855 M. morio Fab. West Pt. (Robn); SI, Jl (L&D). 

8856 M. puncticoUis Lee. LI: Jamaica (Nic). 

348 Elateridae 

Oestodes LeConte 

8859 O. tenuicollis Rand. Essex Co, Jl (Quirs) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug (H) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Irving, Je (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Jl (Vdyk) ; Schoharie 
(Not); CatskiUs (HyslopUS). 

ParalleloSTETHUS O. Schwarz 
8861 P. attenuatus Say. West Pt. (Robn) ; Bronx (Sf). 

Crigmus LeConte 

8866 C. abruptus Say. Speculator, Aug, Lake Bluff, Jl (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R, 
US) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Castile, Aug, Brad (Flet) ; Poughkeepsie, 
Jl (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; LI: Bellport, Aug (Nic) ; Yaphank, Jl, 
Eng (Sf). 


8875 O. obesus Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, May-Jl (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Ap- 

May (Vd3^k) ; McLean Bogs, May (Dt) ; Schoharie (Not). 

8876 O. montanus Sf. Slide Mt., Catskills, Jl, Shoe (Ds, Sf). 

DOLOPIUS Eschscholtz 

8878 D. lateralis Esch. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., Je, on Viburnum 
maple, beech, willow, and goldenrod (H) ; Wanakena, Aug (Drk) 
Olcott, Ap-Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, May- Aug (Dnd) 
Westfield, May (Not) ; Ithaca, May-Jl (Dt) ; McLean Bogs, May 
(Dt) ; Ringwood, Jl (Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Ft. Montgomery, May 
(Ds); West Pt. (Robn); SI, May-Jl (L&D) ; LI: Woodside, May 
(Sf) ; Rockaway Beach, May, Eng (Sf). 

Sericus Eschscholtz 

8881 S. viridanus Say. West Pt. (Robn); Bronx Pk., Diet:: (Si); SI (L&D); 

LI: Yaphank, May (Ds). 

8882 S. incongruus Lee. Cranberry L., Je 18 (H) ; Redford, Martin (Sf) ; 

Windsor, Je (Not). 

8883 S. silaceus Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Je, Boston, May, Allegany 

Pk., Aug (Dnd) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (Dt) ; West Pt., 
Je (Ds); SI (L&D); LI: Pinelawn, Yaphank, May-Je, Eng (Ds) ; 
Babylon (AM). 

8884 S. honestus Rand. Catskills, Jl, Shoe, Pears (Nic, Sf) ; Oliverea 

(Shoe, US). 

Agriotes Eschscholtz 

8885 A. mancus Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Erie Co, Je-Jl (Dnd) ; Cooperstown, Je 

(Cy) ; Locke, May (Felt) ; Castile, July, Brad (Flet) ; Bath, Aug 
(Hyslop-CU Econ) ; Ringwood, Jl, Sep (Dt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (Leon) ; 
Windsor, Je (Not) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Florida, May (CU) ; Pine I., 
Jl (Ds); NYC (US); SI, Mar-Je (L&D); LI: Huntington, Ap, 
Rockaway, Je, Glendale, Ap (Quirs) ; Flatbush, Ap, Jamaica, May, 
Eng (Sf). 

Elateridae 349 

8886 A. stabilis Lee. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Olcott, 

Je-Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Avon, Je (Cls) ; Catskills (Nic). 

8887 A. insanus Cand. West Pt., Ramapo, May-Je (Ds) ; SI, May-Je (L&D) ; 

LI: Wading R., May 30 (Nic). 

8888 A. fucosus Lee. Axton, Je (M«&H) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Olcott, 

Je (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Allegany Pk. and Cortland Co, Je (Dnd) ; 
Catskills, Pears (Nic); Ithaca, May (Dt). 
8888a A. fucosus var. coUaris Lee. "NY", Diets (Sf). 

8893 A. pubescens Melsh. Cranberry L., Je, on maple blossoms (H) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl 
(Dt); Catskills, Pears (Nic); West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, May (L&D). 

8894 A. limosus Lee. Whiteface Mt., Jl, Shoe (Ds, Sf) ; Mt. Seward, 4500 ft., 

Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Wallface Mt., Jl 
(Quirs) ; West Pt. (Robn). 

8897 A. oblongicollis Melsh. Castile, Brad (Flet) ; E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Bear 
Mt., Jl, Hewlett, Je (Quirs) ; Ft. Montgomery, Nyack, Ramapo, May- 
Je (Ds); West Pt. (Robn); SI, May-Je (L&D); LI: Bellport, Je 
(Nic); Yaphank, Je, Eng (Sf). 

8900 A. avulsus Lee. "NY", Dietz (Sf). 

Betarmon Kiesenwetter 

8904 B. bigeminatus Rand. Bear Mt., Jl (Quirs) ; Ft. Montgomery, Je, Schott, 
West Pt., Je, Eng (Sf). 

Glyphonyx Candeze 

8906 G. recticollis Say. Schoharie (Not) ; SI, Je (L&D). 

8909 G. testaceus Melsh. SI, Jl (L&D). , 

8910 G. inquinatus Say. Montour Falls, Je (H). 

Elater Linnaeus -^3 

8929 E. cordatus Horn. Cranberry L., Jl (Drk). 

8932 E. pullus Germ. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., Je, on willow (H) ; 
Whiteface Mt., Sep (AM); Buffalo (Z&R); Catskills, Pears (Sf). 

8934 E. nigricollis Hbst. Cranberry L., Jl 20 (H) ; Olcott, May, Sep (Dt) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Mar, Je (Dnd) ; Geneva, Ap, Oct-Nov 
(Cls) ; Ithaca, Ap, Je, Nov (Dt) ; McLean Bogs, May (Dt) ; Cooks 
Falls, Oct, Yonkers, Ap-Nov (Quirs) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Feb-Je 
(L&D) ; LI: Little Neck, Nov, Queens, Nov, Wyandanch, Ap (Quirs) ; 
Pinelawn, Central Pk., Ap, Eng (Sf) ; Hewlett, Ap-May (Quirs). 

8935 E. linteus Say. Syracuse, Ap, under bark (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, 

May, Sep-Oct (Dnd) ; Montour Falls, Ap 23 (H) ; Geneva, Sep-Oct 
(Cls) ; Ithaca, Je (Dt) ; Catskills, Je (Nic) ; Yonkers, Nov, Valhalla, 
Ap (Quirs) ; SI, Ap-Je (L&D) ; LI: Bellport, Je (Nic) ; Wyandanch, 
Ap, Little Neck, Ap-Nov (Quirs) ; Cold Sp. Harb., Ap, Eng (Sf). 

*3 H. S. Barber points out that the Elater of authors is not the Elater of Linnaeus, wherefore 
Ampedus Dejean must be used. 

350 Elateridae 

8936 E. sellatus Dej. E. Aurora, May (Dnd) ; Castile, Je, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, 

Je (Vdyk, Dt) ; Freeville, Je (Vdyk, Dt) ; vie. NYC (AM) ; SI, 
Feb 2, under bark (L&D). 

8937 E. vitiosus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je (Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; 

Trenton (US) ; Yonkers, Feb (Quirs). 

8938 E. laesus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, May-Je (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Je 

(Dt) ; Catskills, Je, Pears (Nic). 

8939 E. sayi Lee. Buffalo (Lec-ANSP) ; NYC. Mav (Quirs) ; Bronx Pk. (Sf) ; 

SI, May (L&D). 

8940 E. verticinus Beauv. Buffalo (Z&R) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Mosholu (Sf) ; 

vie. NYC (AM); SI (L&D); LI: Wyandanch, Ap (Quirs); Yap- 
hank, May-Je, Eng (Sf). 

8941 E. semicinctus Rand. Olcott, Je-Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, 

May-Je, Grand I., Je (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Ap-May, Sep (Dt) ; Taug- 
hannock Falls, Ap (Dt) ; McLean (US) ; Trenton (US) ; Catskills, 
Je, Pears (Nic) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Ft. Montgomery, May (Ds) ; 
Cooks Falls, Sep, Yonkers, Feb-Mar (Quirs). 

8942 E. militaris Harr. Ithaca, Sep 16 (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn); SI (L&D). 

8943 E. rubricus Say. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Allegany Pk., Je-Aug (Dnd) ; Geneva, Sep-Oct 
(Cls) ; Ithaca, Ap-May (Dt) ; McLean Bogs, May (Dt) ; Windsor, 
Je (Not) ; Otsego Co (US) ; Trenton (US) ; Pine I., Je (Ds) ; SI, 
May-Jl (L&D); LI: Woodside, Je (Sf) ; Yaphank, May, Eng (Sf). 
8948 E. collaris Say. Buffalo (Z&R); West Pt., Je (Ds) ; SI, May-Jl (Nic, 
L&D); LI: Bellport, Jl (Nic) ; Central Pk., May (Ds) ; Yaphank, 
May (Ds) ; Wyandanch, Jl (Quirs) ; Hempstead Plains, May, Eng 

8950 E. sanguinipennis Say. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; E. Aurora, May (Dnd) ; 

Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Geneva, Mar, Oct (Cls) ; SI, Ap-May (L&D) ; 
LI: Jamaica, Jl, Pears (Nic) ; Woodside, Ap (Sf). 

8951 E. xanthomus Germ. SI (US) ; LI: Bellport, Je (Nic) ; Central Pk., May 

(Ds) ; Melville (US); Wyandanch, Ap (Quirs). 

8953 E. apicatus Say. Saranac Inn, Je (NYS) ; Whiteface Mt. (US) ; Wall- 
face Mt, Jl (Quirs); Johnstown, Oct (NYS); Buffalo (Z&R). 

E. longipennis Not. Cranberry L., Htly, Montour Falls, Je, with query 

(H) ; Bear Mt., Jl (Quirs). 

8955 E. obliquus Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Jan, E. Elma, Je (Dnd) ; 

Madison Co, May 20, Quirs (H) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Callicoon 
(AM); West Pt. (Robn); SI (L&D); LI: Jamaica, Pears (Nic). 
8955a E. obliquus var. areolatus Say. Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Jl (Vdyk) ; 
Schoharie (Not); SI, Sep (L&D). 

8956 E. pusio Germ. LI (US). 

8959 E. manipularis Cand. Olcott, Sep (Dt) ; E. Aurora, May, Allegany Pk., 

Jl (Dnd); Ithaca, Mar-Ap (Dt) ; LI: Bellport, Jl (Nic). 

8960 E. pedalis Germ. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Buffalo (Z&R); Ithaca, May-Je 

(Dt) ; Pine I., Je (Ds) ; SI, Je (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica, Jl (Nic). 
8964 E. mixtus Hbst. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Wallface Mt. (Quirs) ; Cranberry 
L., Je-Jl (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Jl (D.t) ; Ringwood, Jl (Dt) ; 
McLean Bogs, Jl, as fiisculus (Hyslop, Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, 
May (L&D). 

Elateridae 351 

8965 E. impolitus Melsh. Ithaca, Je-Jl (Vdyk, Dt) ; Ringwood, Jl (Vdyk, Dt) ; 

Catskills, Je, Pears (Nic) ; LI: Jamaica (Nic). 

8966 E. socer Lee. Mt. Seward, Je (M&H) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Ft. Montgomery, 

Jl, Schott {Si). 

8968 E. luctuosus Lee. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; McLean 

Bogs, May (Dt). 

8969 E. nigricans Germ. Wallface Mt., Jl (Quirs) ; Mt. Seward, Je (M&H) ; 

Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Olcott, Sep (Dt) ; E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; 
Windsor, Je (Not) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Ithaca, May-Je (Dt) ; Ft. 
Montgomery, Je, Schott (Sf) ; SI: May-Je (L&D) ; Silver L., Jl 
(Sf); LI: Flatbush (AM). 
E. longipennis Not. Westfield, May (Not). 


8971 E. melsheimeri Lg. Cranberry L., Jl 17 (H) ; E. Aurora, May, Boston, Je 
(Dnd) ; Trenton (US) ; SI, Dec (L&D) ; LI: Aqueduct, May, Forest 
Pk., Ap, Schott (Sf) ; Port Jefferson, Aug, Murphy (Sf) ; Orient, 
Lath (NYS). 

Megapenthes Kiesenwetter 

8980 M. limbalis Hbst. SI, Jl-Aug (L&D); LI: Bellport, Jl (Nic); Aqueduct 
(Ds) ; Flatbush (AM); Babylon, Johnson (Sf). 

8983 M. rufilabris Germ. Mosholu {Sf). 

8988 M. stigmosus Lee. Cranberry L., Aug (Drk). 

Melanotus Eschscholtz 

9015 M. castanipes Payk. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, 

May-Je (Dnd) ; Debruce, Jl (Quirs) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Je 
(Quirs) ; LI: Bellport, Jl (Nic) ; Sayville, Jl (Quirs). 

9016 M. corticinus Say. E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; LI: Jamaica, Pears (Nic). 

9018 M. macer Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

9019 M. decumanus Er. Protection, Je (Dnd) ; NYC, Ap (Quirs) ; SI, Jl 2, at 

electric light (L&D). 

9020 M. canadensis Cand. E. Aurora, May-Sep, common under bark (Dnd). 
9022 M. clandestinus Er. LI: Orient, Lath (NYS). 

9025 M. ignobilis Melsh. Ft. Schuyler, Je (Quirs); LI: Bellport, Aug (Nic). 

9026 M. depressus Melsh. E. Aurora, May-Jl (Dnd). , 

9029 M. trapezoideus Lee. Bear Mt., Je (Quirs) ; LI: Wading R., May 20 (Nic). 

9030 M. taenicollis Lee. SI, Je (L&D) ; LI: Flatbush (AM). 

9031 M. leonardi Lee. West Pt. (Robn) ; Bear Swamp, Ramapo Mts., Jl (Ds) ; 

Bear Mt., Jl (Quirs). 

9033 M. glandicolor Melsh. Catskills, Jl, Pears (Nic). 

9034 M. divarcarinus Blatch. Schoharie (Not). 

9035 M. communis Gyll. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Erie Co, May-Sep (Dnd) ; Montour 

Falls, Je (H) ; Orange Co (Felt) ; NYC, Mar (Quirs) ; West Pt. 
(Robn); SI, Ap-Je, Nov (L&D); LI: Orient Pt., Je, Lath (Ds) ; 
Hewlett, Je (Quirs). 

352 Elateridae — Melasidae 

9036 M. fissilis Say. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Syracuse, May, under bark (H) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Je-Jl (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Jl (Vdvk) ; Ring- 
wood, Jl (Vdyk) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; NYC, Ap (Quirs) ; SI, May-Je, 
Sep (L&D). 

9040 M. parumpunctatus Melsh. Catskills, Je, Pears (Nic) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
Bear Mt, Jl (Quirs) ; SI, Je-Jl (L&D). 

9048 M. pertinax Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI, Jl (L&D) ; LI: Bellport, Je (Nic). 

9049 M. dubius Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

9051 M. americanus Hbst. Pike (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Bear Mt., Jl 
(Quirs); SI, Je-Jl (L&D). 

9059 M. Sagittarius Lee. E. Aurora, May (Dnd); LI: Bellport, Je-Aug (Nic). 

9060 M. difficilis Blatch. Westfield, May (Not); Windsor, Je (Not). 

9061 M. pilosus Blatch. E. Aurora, Cortland Co, May (Dnd). 
9066 M. similis Kby. "NY" (Fitch). 

M. hyslopi VanD. Greenwood L., Jl (AM). 


9071 C. cardisce Say. Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI, Je (L&D) ; LI: 
Coney L (F. Blanchard) ; Woodhaven, May (Vdyk,Dt) ; Babylon 
(AM) ; Rockaway, Je (Quirs) ; Amagansett, May, Eng (Sf) ; Rock- 
away Beach, Je, Sep, Olsen, Schott, Eng (Sf). 

9082 C. convexus Say. Olcott, Jl (Dt) ; Karner, Je-Jl (NYS) ; West Pt. 
(Robn); SI, May-Je (L&D); LI: Wading R., May, Schott, 
Rockaway Beach, May, Eng (Sf). 

9087 C. gagates Er. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Boston, May 
(Dnd) ; Ithaca, Jl (Vdyk, Dt) ; Karner, Je (NYS) ; Mosholu (AM) ; 
Fishkill (US); West Pt. (Robn); SI, May-Je (L&D); LI: Wading 
R., May, very common (Nic) ; Hewlett, Je (Quirs) ; Pinelawn, Je, 
Yaphanic, May, Eng (Sf). 

9092 C. convexulus Lee. Newport, May (NYS) ; Rochester (M&W) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; vie. NYC (AM) ; LI: Wading R., May (Nic). 

9098 C. robustus Lee. Karner, Ap-May (NYS) ; LI: Jamaica, May, Pears (Nic). 


9104 H. vulneratus Plorn. Buffalo (Z&R); LI: Wading R., May 30 (Nic). 
Hyslop queries these records, since this is an Arizona species. 

9114 H. curiatus Say. West Pt. (Robn); Bronx Pk. (Sf). 

Melasis Olivier 
9125 M. pectinicornis Melsh. Mosholu (Sf). Oak (Felt). 

Melasidae 353 

ISORHIPIS Lacordaire 

{Tharops Castelnau) 

9127 I. ruficornis Say. Pike, Je (NYS) ; Newport, Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., 
Jl (Hatch) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Je (Dnd) ; Buffalo 
(Say ANSP) ; E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (Dt) ; Greenwood 
L. (Sf) ; West Ft, Je (Sf) ; Catskills, Je-Jl (Pears) ; SI, Je-Jl, often 
on beech (L&D) ; LI: Jl, Eng (Sf) ; Montauk Pt., Aug, Eng (Not). 

Stethon LeConte 
9130 S. pectorosus Lee. Rochester (M&W) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt). 

DeLTOMETOPUS Bonvouloir 

9133 D. amoenicornis Say. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; 

W^anakena, Aug (Drk) ; Rochester (M&W); Buffalo (Z&R) ; Olcott, 
Je (Dt) ; E. Aurora, Jl (Dnd) ; Canadaigua (Bonv) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug 
(Vdyk); McLean, Aug (Vdyk) ; Catskills, Je-Jl (Nic) ; Van 
Cort. Pk., Je-Jl (Nic); Mosholu (Sf) ; SI, on dead beech (L&D); 
LI: Yaphank, Je (Sf). 

9134 D. rufipes Melsh. Olcott, Je (Dt) ; NYC (Sf). 

Dromaeolus Kiesenwetter 

9136 D. sejunctus Bonv. Canandaigua (Bonv) ; LI (Horn). 

9141 D. striatus Lee. "NY" (Horn). 

9142 D. harringtoni Horn. "NY" (Horn). 

9143 D. cylindricollis Say. Buffalo (Z&R); Mosholu (Sf). 

9144 D. marseuli Bonv. Canandaigua (Bonv). 

Fornax Castelnau 

9147 F. calceatus Say. Cranberry L., Jl (H). 

9150 F. orchesides Newn. Saranac Inn, Jl (NYS); Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; 

Wanakena, Aug (Drk) ; Trenton Falls (Newn) ; Rochester (M&W) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R); LI: Bellport, Aug (Nic). 

MiCRORHAGUS Eschsclioltz 

9154 M. pectinatus Lee. "NY" (Horn). 

9155 M. audax Horn. NYC (Sf). 

9156 M. imperfectus Lee. (subsimiatus Lee). Johnstown (Yg NYS) ; Rochester 

(M&W) ; E. Aurora, Aug (Dnd) ; Bellport, Jl (Nic) ; Mosholu, 
Greenwood L. (Sf). 

9157 M. triangularis Say. Bronx Pk (Dt) ; Mosholu (Sf) ; SI (L&D). 

9159 M. bonvouloiri Horn. Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; NYC and 
vie. (Sf). 

9161 E. rufiolus Lee. NYC and vie. (Sf). 

354 Melasidae — Throscidae 

Nematodes Latreille 
9167 N. penetrans Lee. LI: Gardiners I., Jl, Eng (Sf). 

HypoCOELUS Eschscholtz 

9172 H. frontosus Sav. Adirondacks, Martin (Sf) ; NYC and vie. (Sf) ; SI, Jl 


9173 H. terminalis Lee. "NY" (Lee ANSP). 


9174 S. subrufus Rand. NYC and vie. (Sf). 

Epiphanis Eschseholtz 

9175 E. cornutus Eseh. "NY" (Lee); Caseade (Springville, Erie Co), Jl, MVD 


Phlegon Castelnau 

9176 P. heterocerus Say. LI: Bellport, Aug, Nic {Si). 

PerOTHOPS Eriehson 
9180 P. mucida Gyll. LI: Queens, Je, Eng (Sf). 


Drapetes Dejean 

9182 D. geminatus Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Catskills, Pears (Nic) ; Ramapo, May 

(Ds) ; Van Cort. Pk. {Pears, Nie). 
9185 D. quadripustulatus Bonv. Buffalo (Z&R). 


9191 A. punctatus Bonv. Newport (NYS) ; Albany, Je (NYS) ; Catskills, Jl 
Pears (Nie). 

9195 A. constrictor Say. Newport, Speculator, Je (NYS) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; 
Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je (CU) ; Windsor, 
Je (Not); Schoharie (Not); Catskills, Jl, Pears (Nic). 

9198 A. distans Blanch. Je-Jl, Cranberry L. (H). 

9200 A. convergens Horn. "NY" (Lg Cat.). 

ThroSCUS Latreille 

9204 T. chevrolati Bonv. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Syracuse, 
May (H); Olcott (Dt) ; Westfield, May (Not); Buffalo (Z&R); 
Ithaca, Feb- Aug (Dt) ; Nassau, May (NYS) ; SI, Ap, in sifting 
(L&D) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, May (Nic). 



ACMAEODERA Eschschollz 

9286 A. tubulus Fab. Common throughout the State (Nic). Rochester (M&W) ; 
L. Keuka, May (Vdyk-CU) ; Coy Glen, May, Ithaca, May-Je 
(Vdyk-CU) ; W. Danby, May (Vdyk-CU) ; Nassau, May (Yg) ; W. 
Hebron, Je (Lg) ; PeekskiU, May (Sherm) ; West Ft, Je (Ds) ; 
Ramapo, May (Lg) ; Suffern (AM); SI, May (L&D) ; LI: Half 
Way Hollow Hills, Jl (Ds) ; Yaphank, May-Jl (Ds, Sf). Larva in 
hickory, white oak, and redbud (Fisher). 

Chalcophora Solier 

9316 C. virginiensis Dry. Locally common wherever pines occur (Nic). Peru, 

Je (Vdyk-CU) ; New Russia, Je (NYS) ; top of Mt. Whiteface, Jl 
(Ds) ; Cranberry L., Jl (Mund) ; Syracuse (Blkm) ; Rochester 
(M&W); Buffal© (Z&R) ; Yates Co (AM); Ithaca, Je-Oct 
(Vdyk-CU) ; Karner, Je-Aug (Yg) ; Slingerlands, Oct (NYS) ; New 
Baltimore (AM); SI, May (L&D). Larva in both hard and soft 
pines (Fisher). 

9317 C. lacustris Lee. Ausable Chasm, Je (Vdyk-CU) ; Hague, Oct (AM). 

Nicolay regards this as a synonym of virginiensis. 

9320 C. fortis Lee. Local and rare (Nic). Keene Val., Je (Ds) ; Long L. (Lg) 

Axton, Je (M&H) ; Newport, Jl (NYS) ; Valcour I., Jl, Black Br 
(Lg) ; Fulton (Vdyk-CU) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) 
Conesus, Aug (Ds) ; Ithaca, Ma3^-Jl (Vdyk-CU) ; Pittstown, Oct 
(NYS); Croton-on-Hudson, Je-Jl (Ds) ;* West Pt., Je (Ds, Robn). 
Larva in white pine (Fisher). 

9321 C. liberta Germ. Locally common (Nic). New Russia, Je (NYS) ; Brant L., 

Doll (Sf) ; Syracuse (Blkm) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Enfield Glen, Je (Dt) ; 
Karner, Je, Schuylerville, Je (NYS); Albany, May (NYS). 


9323 C. campestris Say. Somewhat rare in NY (Nic). Buffalo (Lg-AM) ; 
West Pt. (Sf) ; vie. NYC (AM). Larva in beech, willow, buttonwood, 
and sugar maple (Fisher) ; in tulip tree (Felt). 

Trachykele Marseul 

9332 T. lecontei Gory. LI: Brooklyn, one specimen from introduced lumber 

(Lg). Larva in cypress in the South (Fisher). 

DiCERCA Eschscholtz 

9333 D. divaricata Say. Widely distributed and common. Mt. Whiteface, Jl 

(Ds) ; Mt. Seward, 4500 ft., Je (M&H) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cran- 
berry Cr., Je, Cr (Vdyk) ; Cranberry L., Je-Aug (Mund) ; Keene Val., 
Jl, Newport, May, Big Moose, Jl, Fultonville, Je (NYS) ; Redford, 
Peru, Black Br., Je (Vdyk) ; Ilion, Jl (NYS) ; L. Clear, Jl (Yg) ; 

** W. S. Fisher and Alan S. Nicolay have gone over the list for this family and have made 
many suggestions and changes in synonymy. Mr. Fisher particularly has supplied the New York 
State food-plants for most of the species, where these were known. 


Manlius, May (Vdyk) ; Syracuse, Je-Jl (Blkm) ; Holley, Je (Vdyk) ; 
Honeoye Falls, Je, Leon (Vdyk) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Je-Aug 
(Dt) ; Conesus L., Je (Ds) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Batavia, Kngt (Morr) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Portageville (Ds) ; Westfield, Je' (NYS) ; Rock City, 
Je (Vdyk) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, May-Jl (Vdyk, etc.) ; McLean 
Bogs, May-Aug (Vdyk) ; Elmira (Diven) ; W. Hebron (Lg) ; Schuy- 
lerville, Je (Yg) ; Albany, Jl, Karner, Je, Nassau, Aug, Glenmont, Je 
(NYS) ; New Baltimore, Zab (AM) ; E. Jewett, Aug, West Pt., 
May-Je (Ds) ; Croton-on-Hudson, Jl (Ds) ; Debruce (Shoe) ; Peeks- 
kill (Vdyk) ; Nyack, Zab (AM) ; Ramapo Mts. (AM) ; Mosholu 
(Ds) ; Grahamville, Jl (NYS) ; Bronx Pk. (AM) ; SI, Mar-Sep 
(L&D) ; LI, Jl, Erifi (Sf). Larva in black birch, ironwood, linden, 
white ash, sugar maple, redbud, American elm, and black ash (Fisher) ; 
in apple, pear, cherry, and plum (Felt). 

9334 D. caudata Lee. Adirondacks (Csy) ; E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Ithaca, May, 

Oct (Vdvk) ; Catskills (Nic) ; Bangall, Sep, Eng (Sf) ; Ludlow (Lg) ; 
White Plains, Oct (Lg) ; Pine I., Je (Ds) ; NYC, Jl (Lg) ; SI: Rich- 
mond (L&D); LI: Bay Shore, Jl, Oh (Frost); Flushing, Je (AM). 
Larva in black birch (Fisher). 

9335 D. prolongata Lee. Plattsburg, Jl (Ds) ; Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Shoe (Sf) ; 

Wilmington, Jl-Aug (Ds) ; E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Je-Aug 
(Vdyk, Sf) ; Windsor, Je (Not). Larva in aspen and willow (Fisher). 
9337 D, punctulata Schon. Taken commonly in beating pine, May-Sep (Nic) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; L. Keuka, May, Cr (Vdyk) ; Ithaca, Ap-Aug (Vdyk) ; 
Karner, Mar, Je (NYS) ; Peekskill, Feb (Sherm) ; West Pt., Je 
(Ds, Not); SI: Richmond, Ap-Jl (L&D); LI: Central Pk., Aug 
(Ds) ; Rockaway (AM) ; Astoria (Lg) ; Bellmore, Sep, Eng (Sf) ; 
Massapequa, May (Shoe) ; Pinelawn, Bald Hill, Aug (Ds) ; Bellport, 
Je-Aug (Nic) ; Yaphank, Jl-Sep {div.) ; Amagansett, Sep (Ds) ; Deep 
Pond, Wading R., Jl-Aug, Eng (Ds). Larva in pitch pine (Fisher). 

9340 D. pugionata Germ. A rather rare species (Nic). Rochester (M&W) ; 

Ithaca, Je-Sep (Vdyk) ; Catskills, Jl (Nic) ; Albany, May, Lint 
(NYS) ; West Pt., May (Ds) ; Minnewaska, Aug (Nic) ; Ft. Mont- 
gomery, Sep, Schott (Frost) ; Phoenicia, Aug, MCV (NYS) ; Bangall, 
Sep, Eng (Sf) ; Greenwood L., May (Sf) ; LI: Wyandanch, Oct, 
Schott (Frost). Larva in witch-hazel, alder, and Spiraea (Fisher) ; 
in oak and maple (Felt). 

9341 D. obscura Fab. Buffalo (Z&R, Csy) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Geneseo, Je 

(NYS) ; Ithaca (Vdyk) ; West Farms, Aug (AM) ; Bronx Pk., 
May-Jl (Lg) ; SI: Richmond, Long Neck, Feb-Sep, on hickory and 
often on persimmons (L&D). Larva in persimmon (Fisher). 

9342 D. lurida Fab. The most abundant species in the State (Nic). Newport, 

Jl (NYS) ; Syracuse, hundreds bred from dead hickory (Blkm) ; 
Rochester (M&W) ; Honeoye Falls (Vdyk) ; Hamburg, Aug (NYS) ; 
Sonyea, Je (Vdyk) ; Ithaca, Ap-Oct, McLean Bogs, May (Vdyk) ; 
Elmira, Jl (Diven) ; Hague, L. George, Aug (Diven) ; Schoharie 
(Not) ; W. Hebron, Je (Lg) ; Poughkeepsie, May (NYS) ; West Pt., 
Je, Sep (Ds), Jl, Eng (Sf) ; Pine I., Je (Ds) ; Nyack (AM) ; Shokan, 
Jl (Lg) ; Croton-on-Hudson (Ds) ; West Farms, Aug (AM) ; Van 
Cort. Pk., May (Woodr) ; SI: Richmond, Feb-Sep, often on hickory 
(L&D) ; LI: Aqueduct, Jl, Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl (Ds) ; Rock- 
away Beach, May (Shoe); Flatbush, Zab (AM); Parkville (AM); 
Central Pk., Ap (Eng) ; Rosyln, Jl (NYS) ; Promised Land, Yaphank, 
Je, Eng (Sf) ; Amagansett, Sep, Eng (Sf). Larva in hickory, blue 
beech, and alder (Fisher). 


9344 D. spreta Gory. Buffalo (Z&R, Knull). Nicolay believes this refers to 


9345 D. tenebrosa Kby. L. Placid, Je, Speculator, Aug (NYS) ; Keene Val., 

Aug (Diven) ; Axton, Oct (M&H) ; Big Moose, Saranac Inn, Je-Jl, 
Yg (Not) ; Potsdam (Knull) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (Mund) ; Black 
Br., Je (Vdyk) ; E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Pike (NYS). Larva in white 
pine, spruce, and arbor vitae (Felt). 

■ D. distinguenda Cast. "NY" (Frost). This species is distinct from 

tenebrosa Kby., according to Frost. 

9346 D. chrysea Melsh. Mt. Whiteface, Jl 8 (Ds) ; L. George (Csy). This 

probably refers to tenebrosa, according to Nicolay. 

9348 D. dumolini Cast. Ithaca, May 17 (Vdyk). Nicolay says, "unknown to 

me, may refer to tuberculata." 

9349 D. tuberculata Cast. Long L., Aug (Lint) ; Murray Bay, Essex Co, Aug 

(NYS) ; Keene Val., Aug, Big Moose, Jl (NYS) ; Syracuse, Ap 
(Blkm) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Lee, Z&R) ; Elmira, Je 
(Diven) ; Ithaca, May (Vdyk) ; Albany, Je (NYS) ; Peekskill (Vdyk) ; 
NYC (Csy) ; Bronx Pk., Van Cort. Pk. (Sf) ; LI: Brooklyn (Lee) ; 
Jamaica (Nic). Larva in hemlock (Fisher). 
9349a D. tuberculata var. scobina Chev. Buffalo (Lg) ; West Farms (AM) ; SI: 
Richmond, Ap-Je (L&D). Larva in sour gum (Fisher); oak and 
hickory (Felt). Nicolay says this is the same as tuberculata Cast. 

9350 D. mutica Lee. LI: Brooklyn, a single specimen reported many years ago 

by LeConte. 

POECILONOTA Eschscholtz 

9351 P. cyanipes Say. Mt. Whiteface, Jl (Shoe) ; Wilmington, Jl-Aug, Dt 

(Vdyk, Ds) ; Keene Val, Aug (NYS) ; Brant L., Doll (Sf) ; Buffalo 

(Lg-US) ; Hemlock L., Aug (Vdyk) ; Ithaca, Aug, Eng (Sf). Larva 

in aspen (Fisher). 
9351a P. cyanipes var. erecta Gory. Buffalo (Lg). Same as cyanipes, according 

to Nicolay. 
9353 P. thureura Say. Buffalo (Z&R); Bear Mt, Jl 4, Schott (Nic). Larva 

in willow (Fisher). 

CiNYRA Castelnau and Gory 

9355 C. gracilipes Melsh. lona I., Je, Schott (Frost) ; Bronxville, Je (Woodr) ; 
vie. NYC (AM); SI: Richmond, Great Kills, Old Place, on Quercus 
bicolor (L&D); LI: Rosedale, Jl, Schott (Nic); Half Way Hollow 
Hills, Jl (Ds). Larva in white oak, swamp oak, ironwood, and ash 


9360 B. sulcicoUis Lee. Ithaca, May 26 (Vdyk). Larva in pine (Fisher). 

9363 B. striata Fab. Schroon L., Je, Paradox, Jl (NYS) ; Gloversville, Ap, 
Alex (NYS) ; Syracuse, Je (Blkm) ; E. Aurora, Jl (Dnd) ; Rock 
City, Je (Vdyk) ; Ithaca, Ap-Je (Vdyk) ; W. Danbv, Je (Vdyk) ; 
Albany, Je (NYS); Catskills, Pears (Sf) ; Minnewaska, Jl (Nic); 
Valhalla, Ap, Schott (Frost) ; Bear Mt., Jl (Quirs) ; Greenwood L., 
Je (Nic) ; LI: Bay Shore, Ols (Nic). Larva in hemlock and in both 
soft and hard pines (Fisher). The record by Fitch of anrulenta L. 
from NY on spruce, May-Je, probably belongs here. 


9363a B. striata var. impedita Say. Cranberry L., Je, rare (Mund) ; Greenwood 
L., Je (Nic) ; West Farms (AM). Larva in pine, found with the 
preceding species (Fisher). 

9365 B. decora Fab. SI: Tompkinsville, May, in introduced kimber (L&D). 

Larva probably lives in pine in the South (Fisher). 

9366 B. salisburyensis Hbst. Black Br. (Lg) ; Bear Mt., Jl, ScJiotf,Quirs (Nic). 

Larva in pine (Fisher). 

B, salisburyensis var. Ft. Montgomery, Jl, Schott. 

9367 B. lineata Fab. Syracuse (Blkm) ; Karner, Jl (Lg) ; LI: Flatbush, Mar 

(AM); Pinelawn, Aug (Sf), Champlaiii (US); Bellport, Jl-Aug 
(Nic) ; Yaphank, Jl-Sep, Bay Shore, Jl (Shoe) ; Long Pond, Wading 
R., Jl (Ds). Larva in pitch pine and scrub pine (Pinns virginiana) 

9368 B. maculipennis Gory. Adirondacks (Csy) ; Black Br., Je (Lg) ; Wana- 

kena, Aug (Drk) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (Vdyk) ; Greenwood L., Jl (Nic) ; 
LI: Massapequa, Je (Shoe); Bellport, Jl-Aug, on pine (Nic). Larva 
in pitch pine and hemlock (Fisher). 

9370 B. maculativentris Say. Peru, Je (Vdyk) ; Westport (Uhl-US) ; Mt. 
Whiteface, summit, Jl (Ds) ; Wallface Mt., Jl (Nic) ; Murray Bay 
(AM) ; Keene Val., Aug (Diven) ; Wilmington, Aug (Dt) ; L. Placid, 
Jl (NYS) ; Jay, Jl (Britton) ; L. Pleasant, Jl, Long L., Aug, Old 
Forge, Jl (NYS) ; Saranac L., Sep (Lg) ; Severance, Jl-Aug (AM) ; 
Wells, Newport, Jl (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je-Aug (Mund) ; Glov- 
ersville, Aug (NYS) ; Syracuse (Blkm) ; Buffalo (Lg) ; Catskills 
(Lg) ; LI (Sf). Larva in pine (Fisher). 

9372 B. nuttalli Kby. Cranberry L., Jl (Drk). 

9372a B. nuttalli Kby. var. consularis Gory. "NY", Dt (Sf) ; Cranberry L., 
Aug (Mund). Larva in pitch pine (Fisher). 

9374 B. rufipes Oliv. "NY" (Not-AM). Not rare farther south in the U. S. 
(Nic). Larva in chestnut, American elm, beech, sour gum, hickory, 
white oak, tulip tree, and sugar maple (Fisher). 

9377 B. fasciata Fab. Wilmington, Jl (Shoe) ; Keene Val., Jl-Aug (NYS) ; 
Saranac Inn, Aug (Woodr) ; Severance, Jl, Paradox L., May, Aug 
(NYS); Brant L., Doll (Sf) ; Wells, Jl (NYS); Cranberry L., 
Jl-Aug (Knull) ; Wanakena, Nov (Drk) ; Syracuse (Blkm) ; Roch- 
ester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike, Jl (NYS) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug 
(Vdyk) ; Binghamton, Sep (Lg) ; L. George, Aug (AM) ; Gouverneur, 
Jl (Lint); L. Minnewaska, Jl (Ds) ; Nyack (AM); NYC (Knull). 
Larva in pine (Fisher) ; in maple and poplar (Felt). 

XenoRHIPIS LeConte 

9379 X. brendeli Lee. Probably the rarest of our eastern buprestids (Nic). LI: 
Brooklyn (Horn). Larva in hickory (Fisher) ; in oak (Felt). 

MeLANOPHILA Eschscholtz 

9384 M. aeneola Melsh. Common throughout the State, Jl-Aug, taken beating 
pine (Nic). Black Br., Je (Lg) ; West Pt, Je (Not) ; Ft. Montgomery, 
Jl, Schott (Frost); LI: Wyandanch, Yaphank, Jl (Ds) ; Bay Shore, 
Jl (Sf) ; Loyd's Neck, Jl, Brh (Sf). Larva in scrub pine (Fisher). 




9387 M. fulvoguttata Harr. Very common in the northern woods on cut pine 
logs in Je-Jl (Nic). L. Placid, Je, Potsdam, Jl, Newport, Je (NYS) ; 
Mt. Marcy, 5344 ft, Aug (Diven) ; Mt. Whiteface, Jl (Shoe); Big 
Moose, Jl (Feh) ; Cranberry L., Je-Sep (Mund) ; Black Br. (Vdyk) ; 
Crittenden, from hemlock and spruce (B&S) ; Buffalo (Lg) ; Boston, 
May (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl, Dt (Vdyk); Slide Mt, Jl (Shoe); Big 
Ind. Val., Jl, Pears (Si); Poughkeepsie, Jl (NYS) ; West Pt., Je 
(Ds) ; Ft. Montgomery, Je, Schott (Frost) ; Scarsdale, Ap (NYS) ; 
Ramapo (Lg) ; NYC, Ap, Eng (Sf) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Je, Eng 
(Si). Larva in white pine, red spruce, hemlock, and American larch 

M. drummondi Kby. var. abies Champ. & Knull. Mt. Whiteface, Jl 10, 

Shoe; Wallface Mt, Jl 15, N. Elba, Jl (Nic). Rather rare and local 

9391 M. acummata DeG. Old Forge, Je, Murray Bay, Jl, Newport (NYS) ; 

Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Sep, Cv (Vdyk); New- 
burgh, May (Sf); Albany, Sep (NYS); Nyack (AM); SI fL&D). 
Larva in pine and fir (Fisher). 

Anthaxia Eschscholtz 

9392 A. viridifrons Gory. Syracuse, Je (Drk) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R, Lg) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Conesus L., Je (Ds) ; Portageville, 
Je (Not) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Mav-Jl (Vdyk) ; West Pt., 
Pine I., Je (Not) ; Bronxville, Je (Woodr) ; NYC (Lg) ; SI, Je 
(Lg) ; LI: Massapequa, Yaphank, Jl (Woodr). Larva in American elm 
and hickory (Fisher). 

9394 A. aeneogaster Cast. Apparently rare in the East, but common on the 

western coast (Nic). Newport, Gloversville, Aug (NYS) ; Rochester 
(M&W). Although this western species has been recorded from the 
East, there is some doubt of its occurrence in New York, species in this 
genus being easily misidentified (Fisher). 

9395 A. viridicomis Say. A rare species (Nic). Peru, Je (Vdyk) ; Rochester 

(M&W) ; Ithaca, May (Vdyk) ; Schoharie (Not). Larva in willow, 
hickory, and elm (Fisher). 

9396 A. quercata Fab. Common everywhere in Je on oak leaves (Nic). Roch- 

ester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Crittenden, bred from larch (B&S) ; 
Ithaca, May, Jl-Aug (Chitt, Vdyk) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Schoharie 
(Not) ; Karner, Jl (NYS) ; Mosholu (AM) ; SI: Richmond. Je, on oak 
leaves (L&D) ; LI: Massepequa, Jl (Ds, Shoe) ; Wyandanch, Jl, Deep 
Pond, Wading R., Je (Ds) ; Yaphank, Je-Jl, E7ig (Sf, Ds) ; Bayshore, 
Jl, OIs (Frost). Larva in redbud, Crataegus coccinea, white pine, 
American larch, and chestnut (Fisher). 

Agrilaxia Kerremans 
9399 A. flavimana Gory. Bronxville, Jl (Woodr). Larva in white oak (Fisher). 

Chrysobothris Eschscholtz 

9405 C. sexsignata Say. Locally common throughout the State (Nic). Mt 
Whiteface, Jl (Shoe) ; Cranberry L., Jl (Mund) ; Syracuse, bred from 
hickory (B&S) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Rochester Jet., Jl (Vdyk) ; 


Crittenden, Je-Jl, from larch (B&S) ; Buffalo (Lg, Z&R) ; Ithaca, 
Je-Aug (CU) ; Cropseyville, Je (NYS) ; Big Ind. Val, Jl, Pears (Sf, 
Nic) ; West Pt, Je (Ds) ; Bronxville, Jl-Aug (Woodr) ; SI: Rich- 
mond, Jl (Ds) ; LI: Aqueduct, Jl (Shoe) ; Flatbush, Jl (AM). Larva 
in hemlock, black and white oak, red maple, white swamp oak, walnut, 
butternut, and American larch (Fisher) ; in beech and birch (Fisher). 

9407 C. scitula Gory. Some, at least, of the following localities may not refer 

to scitula, since there are no NY specimens in the USNM (Fisher). 
Rochester (M&W) ; Hastings, Je (Lg) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je- 
Jl (CU) ; Karner, May (NYS) ; Bronxville, Je (Woodr) ; Van Cort. 
Pk. (Lg) ; SI, May-Je, on dogwood (L&D) ; LI: Brooklyn, Je-Jl 
(Shoe) ; Rockaway (AM) ; Jamaica (Nic) ; Montauk Beach, Jl 2 
(Frost). Nicolay says scitula should be cut out and the records 
credited to lecontei Lg. Larva in white swamp oak and alder (Fisher) ; 
in white birch (Felt). 

9408 C. lecontei Lg. Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; E. Aurora, Jl (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Je 

(NYS); Karner, May, Nassau, Je (NYS). Larva in alder, white 

swamp oak, and sumac (Fisher). 
9436 C. blanchardi Horn. Rochester (M&W) ; Crittenden (B&S) ; West Pt., Je 

(Not, Robn-AM); Greenwood L., Jl (Nic); NYC (Lg). Larva in 

pitch pine and white pine (Fisher). 
9448 C. pusilla Cast. Common everywhere. May- Aug (Nic). Big Moose, Jl 

(NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je-Aug, not common (Mund) ; Black Br. 

(Lg) ; Syracuse, Jl (Drk) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (Vdyk) ; West Pt., Je (Ds) ; 

Ft. Montgomery, Je, Schott (Frost); SI: Richmond, Je (L&D); LI: 

Pinelawn, Wading R., Yaphank, Je-Jl (Ds,Sf). Larva in pitch pine 

and hemlock (Fisher). 

9458 C. trinervia Kby. Mt. Whiteface trail, Jl 10, Shoe (Frost) ; Cranberry L., 

Je-Jl, bred from spruce, rather common (Mund) ; LI (Linell-US). 
Larva in pine (Fisher). 

9459 C. verdigripennis Frost. Minerva, Jl 20, 1925, on balsam fir (Frost) ; Wall- 

face Mt., Jl (Nic); Ft. Montgomery, Jl, ScJwtt (Sf) ; Bear Mt., Jl, 
Schott (Nic). 

9461 C. dentipes Germ. Common throughout the State on pine in Je (Nic). Mt. 
Whiteface, Jl (Shoe); Newport (NYS); Black Br., Je, Cy (Vdyk); 
Cranberry L., from larch (Mund) ; Broadalbin, Je (NYS) ; Crane 
Pond, Jl, Bks (NYS) ; Syracuse, Jl (Drl^) ; Buffalo (Lg) ; Crittenden, 
from larch (B&S) ; Ithaca, May, Jl (Vdyk) ; Karner, Je-Jl (Felt) ; 
NYC (Lg) ; LI: Bellport, Je (Nic). Larva in white pine and Ameri- 
can larch (Fisher). 

9464 C. floricola Gory. Common wherever pine grows. May- Aug (Nic). Black 
Br., Je (Lg) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Karner, Je-Jl 
(Lg) ; Ft. Montgomery, Jl, Schott (Sf) ; LI: Yaphank, Wading R., 
May, Jl, on pine (Ds) ; Central Pk., May (Woodr) ; Pennequid 
Barrens, Aug, Eng (Sf). Larva in pitch pine (Fisher). 

9466 C. femorata Oliv. Flat-Headed Apple-Tree Borer. Generally distributed 
and often injurious. Big Moose, Jl ; Newport, Jl (NYS); Peru; 
Black Br.; Waddington; Cranberry L., Wanakena, Jl-Aug (Drk); 
Syracuse (Blkm) ; Ilion, Jl (NYS); Rochester, Rochester Jet.; Buf- 
falo; Batavia, Jl (Kngt); Ashville, Jl (Cr) ; Castile, June, Brad 
(Flet) ; Egleston's Glen; Ithaca; Freeville ; Elmira; Windsor, Je 
(Not); L. George; Albany; W. Hebron; New Baltimore; Pine I.; 
West Pt. ; Dunderberg Mt. ; Bronx Pk. ; Bronxville; Riverdale ; SI : 


Richmond; Watchogue ; Clove Val. ; LI: Astoria; Aqueduct; Rocka- 
way Beach ; Hempstead ; Yaphank ; Half Way Hollow Hills ; various 
collectors, dates ranging from May to "Sep. Larva attacks nearly all 
hardwood trees and has been recorded also from coniferous trees ; 
probably more than one species is confused under this name (Fisher). 

9467 C. lesueuri Cast. Cranberry L., Nov (Drk) ; Honeoye Falls, Je (Ds) ; West 

Pt., Je (Robn) ; Peekskill (Lg) ; Ft. Montgomery, May 30 (Lg) ; 
NYC (Woodr) ; SI: Richmond (L&D) ;_ LI: Central Pk., Je (Not); 
Yaphank, Jl (Not). Nicolay regards this the same as femorata. 

9468 C. scabripennis Cast. Common in the northern part of the State in pine 

logs (Nic^. Keene Val, Aug (NYS) ; Mt. Whiteface, summit, Jl, 
Shoe (Ds) ; Mt. Marcy, summit, Je-Jl (L&D) ; Mt. Mclntyre, Jl 
(Bish-NYS) ; Wilmington, Je, Wells, Big Moose, Pike, Jl (NYS) ; 
Vandalia, Je (Vdyk) ; Ithaca, May-Sep ; LI: Jamaica, May, Pears 
(Nic). Larva in white pine and hemlock (Fisher); in spruce (Felt). 
9479 C. harrisi Hentz. "NY" (Fitch, Lg). Larva in scrub pine and white pine 

ACTENODES Lacordaire 

9481 A. acornis Say. NYC (Lg) ; SI: Richmond, Je (L&D); LI: Rockaway 
Beach, Je (Shoe); Long Beach (AM); Yaphank, Je, Eng (Sf), Jl 
(Ds) ; Bellport, Wading R., Je (Nic); Orient Pt., Jl (Ds). Beetles 
often found on beach in wash-up (Nic). Larva in red maple, beech, 
black birch, hickory, and black oak (Fisher). 


9485 E. cogitans Web. Ithaca (Chitt) ; W. Albany, Karner, Je (NYS) ; West 
Pt., Je (Ds) ; Van Cort. Pk, Je (Nic, Sf) ; NYC (Lg) ; SI (Nic), 
forms galls on alder stems (Knull, L&D) ; LI: Aqueduct, Jl (Shoe). 
Larva makes galls on alder, both Alniis rugosa and A. incana. 

Agrilus Stephens 

9491 A. bilineatus Web. Two-Lined Chestnut Borer. Common everywhere 
(Nic). Syracuse, Jl (Blkm) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Rochester Jet., Je 
(CU) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Protection, E. Aurora (Dnd) ; L. Keuka, May 
(CU) ; Ithaca, May-Jl, Taughannock Falls, Jl (CU) ; Albany, Je, 
Nassau (NYS) ; West Pt, Je, Nyack, Je (Ds) ; Mosholu (AM) ; 
Bronxville, Je (Woodr) ; SI, Je-Jl, on oak (L&D) ; LI: Old Westbury, 
Garden City (Felt) ; Flatbush, Je (AM) ; Aqueduct, Brooklyn, Je-Jl 
(Shoe) ; Rockaway Beach, May, Eng (Sf) ; Yaphank, May-Je (Ds, 
Sf); Half Way Hollow Hills, Deep Pond, Wading R, Je-Jl (Ds). 
Larva very injurious to oak, chestnut, and beech (Fisher). 

9498 A. acutipennis Mann. Windsor, Je (Not) ; LI: Huntington, May, Schott, 
a variety (Frost); Central Pk., May (Shoe); Flatbush, Jl (AM); 
Yaphank, May (Lg), Je, Eng (Sf) ; Bellport, Je (Nic). 

9503 A. horni Kerr. "NY" (Horn). 

9504 A. anxius Gory. Bronze Birch Borer. Keene Val., Aug (NYS) ; Mt. 

Whiteface, Wilmington, Jl (Ds) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Elk L., 2000 ft., 
Aug (Lint) ; Jay, Jl (Britton) ; Wells, Jl (NYS) ; New Russia, Aug 
(CU) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (Mund) ; Broadalbin, Je (NYS) ; Syracuse 
(Blkm) ; Rochester (Felt) ; Buffalo (Lg-US) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; 



Geneva (Felt) ; Elka Pk., Aug (Drk) ; Elmira (Felt) ; Ithaca, May-Je 
(CU) ; Karner (Felt) ; Hudson Falls, Je (NYS) ; Troy (Felt) ; E. 

Jewett, Aug (Ds) ; Peekskill (Lg) ; Ft. Montgomery, Je, Schott 
(Frost); NYC (Lg) ; SI: Richmond, Je (L&D) ; LI: Bellport, Je 30 
(Nic) ; Bayshore, Jl, Ols (Frost), as torpidus Lee. Larva in white 

birch, aspen, willow, and various species of birch and poplar, often very 

injurious to white birch (Fisher). 

9508 A. lacustris Lee. Schoharie (Not). 

9512 A. pensus Horn. Niagara Falls, Jl, MCV (Frost). 

9513 A. ruficollis Fab. Red-Necked Cane-Borer. Generally distributed and 

common. Cranberry L., Je (Mund) ; Speculator, Aug (NYS) ; New- 
port, Je, Wells, Jl, Gloversville, May (NYS) ; White L. (AM) ; 
Luzerne, May (Cr) ; Honeoye Falls, Je (Ds) ; Syracuse, Je (Blkm) ; 
Rochester (M&W) ; Rochester Jet., Je (Vdyk) ; Olcott, Jl (Dt) ; Buf- 
falo (Z&R) ; Erie Co, Je-Aug (Dnd) ; Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt) ; Rock 
City, Jl (CU) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Painted Post, May (Cr) ; Ithaca, 
Je-Aug, Taughannock Falls, Aug (CU) ; Schoharie, Jl (Lint) ; Albany, 
Delmar, Karner, Je (NYS) ; Nassau, Je (NYS) ; Athens (Lint) ; 
Poughkeepsie, May-Je (NYS) ; West Pt., Je (Ds) ; White Plains, May 
(Frost, Sq) ; Mosholu, Van Cort. Pk. (AM) ; NYC (Lg) ; SI: Rich- 
mond, Watchogue, Je (L&D) ; LI: Brooklyn, Je (Shoe) ; Flatbush, Je, 
Astoria (AM) ; Jamaica, Je (NYS) ; Pinelawn, Aug, Wyandanch, Jl, 
Massapequa, Jl, Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl (Ds) ; Farmingdale, Je 
(CU) ; Yaphank, Je, Eng, Jl (Ds). Larva injurious to blackberry, 
raspberry, and dewberry (Fisher). 

9514 A. lateralis Say. Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo, Je (Lg) ; NYC (Lg) ; LI: 

Massapequa, Jl (Shoe) ; Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl (Ds) ; Yaphank, 
Je, Eng (Ds, Sf) ; Bayshore, Jl, Ols (Frost); Bellport, Jl (Nic). 
Larva in bayberry and sweet fern (Fisher). 

9515 A. masculinus Horn. Cranberry L., Je (Mund) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buf- 

falo, Horn (Lg) ; Rock City, Je (Ds) ; Ithaca, Je (Ds) ; Schoharie 
(Not); Pine I., May (Frost); SI: Richmond (L&D). Larva in box 
elder and red maple (Fisher). 

9516 A. pusillus Say. Rochester (M&W); vie. NYC (AM). 

9517 A. defectus Lee. Buffalo, Je (Lg, Frost); NYC (Lg) ; LI: Pinelawn 

(Shoe) ; Massapequa, May (Shoe) ; Wading R., Je (Nic). Larva in 
white oak (Fisher). 

9518 A. crinicomis Horn. Ft. Montgomery, Je 17, Schott (Frost). 

9520 A. egenus Gory. Common throughout the State on oak in Je (Nic). Axton, 

Je (M&H) ; Wanakena, Aug (Drk) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Je- 
Jl (Dt) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Ithaca, May (Chitt) ; Schoharie (Not) 
West Pt., Je (Ds), Jl, Eng (Sf) ; Nyack, Mosholu, Je (AM) ; Bronx- 
ville, Je (Woodr); NYC (Lg) ; SI: Richmond, Je (L&D); LI 
Brooklyn, May-Je (Shoe) ; Maspeth, May, Ols (Frost) ; Wyandanch 
Je, Yaphank, Jl, Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl, Deep Pond, AVading R. 
Je, Aug (Not, Ds). Larva in locust (Fisher) ; in Virginia creeper 
(Kirk); in hickory (Chitt). 

9521 A. puncticeps Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). Larva in butternut (Fisher). This 

is possibly an error according to Nicolay, but Fisher thinks the species 
should occur in the State. 

9522 A. cephalicus Lee. Ft. Montgomery, Jl 11, Schott (Frost). 


9523 A. arcuatus Say. Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Je (Dt) ; Buffalo (Lg) ; 
Elka Pk, Aug (Drk) ; E. Aurora, Aug (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Jl (Vdyk) ; 
Schoharie (Not) ; West Pt., Je (Ds) ; Greenwood L., Jl (Nic) ; White 
Plains, Jl (Frost, Sq) ; Mosholu (AM) ; Bronxville, Je (Woodr) ; 
NYC (Lg) ; SI, Je (L&D) ; LI: Central Pk. ; Wyandanch; Brook- 
haven, Sep, Schott (Frost) ; Half Way Hollow Hills; Wading R., Je-Jl 
(Ds). Larva in beech, hickory, and black oak (Fisher). 

9523c A. arcuatus var. coryli Horn. Van Cort. Pk., Je (Woodr) ; LI: Wyan- 
danch, Aug 21, Ols (Nic). Larva forms galls on hazel, both Corylus 
americana and C. rostrata (Fisher). 

9529 A. imbellis Cr. A rare species (Nic). Van Cort. Pk., Je (Ds) ; SI: 
Richmond, Je (L&D); LI: Queens, Jl (Frost); Flatbush, Mav-Je 
(AM) ; Central Pk., Jl (Ds) ; Farmingdale, Je-Jl (CU) ; Wyandanch, 
Jl (Ds) ; Yaphank, Je-Jl (Sf-AM). 

9531 A. fallax Say. A rare species (Nic). Newport (NYS) ; Batavia, Jl 
(Vdyk); Buffalo (Z&R) ; NYC (Lg) ; SI: Richmond, Jl, Woodr 
(L&D); LI: Pinelawn, Je (Lg) ; Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl (Ds). 
Larva in honey locust and hackberry (Fisher). 

9536 A. subcinctus Gory. White Plains, May 30, Sq (Frost); SI: Richmond, 

Je (L&D). Probably breeds in poison ivy, as adults are always taken 
on this plant (Fisher). 

9537 A. putillus Say. Olcott, Jl-Aug (Dt) ; Cortland Co, Je (Dnd) ; Hoosick, 

Jl 15, 1925, in sweeping (Frost). 

9539 A. otiosus Say. Very common throughout the State, May-Je (Nic). Syra- 

cuse, Je-Jl (Blkm) ; Rochester (Z&R) ; Rochester Jet., Je (CU) ; 
Olcott, Je-Jl (Dt) ; Batavia, Je (Ds) ; Buffalo (M&W, Lg) ; E. 
Aurora, Je-Aug (Dnd) ; Ithaca, May- Aug (CU) ; Schoharie (Not) ; 
Albany, May-Je, Karner, Je, N. Chatham, Je, Nassau, Je, Clinton Hgts., 
Je, St. He, Je (NYS) ; Ft. Edward, Je (Vdyk) ; Tivoli, May (NYS) ; 
Ft. Montgomery, Jl (Ds) ; West Pt., Jl (Sf) ; Pine I., Je (Ds) ; 
Poughkeepsie, W. Nyack, Je (NYS) ; Nyack, Je (Ds) ; Ramapo, May 
(Lg) ; Bronxville, Je (Woodr) ; vie. NYC (AM) ; SI: Richmond, 
Watchogue, May-Jl (L&D); LI: Cedarhurst, Jl (Woodr); Yaphank, 
Je-Jl (Ds) ; Wading R., May (Ds), Je (Nic) ; Peconic, May (NYS). 
Larva recorded from hickory, persimmon, dogwood, redbud, black 
walnut, butternut, and maple, but some of these host plants may apply 
to other species due to erroneous identification (Fisher). 

■ A. frosti Knull. White Plains, Je (Frost, Sq). 

9540 A. sinuatus Oliv. Sinuate Pear Borer. An introduced species. Confined 

to lower Hudson R. Val. as follows : Poughkeepsie ; New Paltz ; Marl- 
boro ; Newburgh ; Middletown ; Monsey ; Port Chester ; White Plains ; 
Fishkill ; Cornwall ; Blauvelt ; Yonkers ; Ossining ; Croton Falls ; New 
Rochelle (Frost); Mt. Kisco; NYC. These records are from adults 
bred from pear, to which the insect is injurious, and also from quince, 
hawthorn, and Cotoneaster. Beetles appear in June (H. Glasgow). 

9542 A. politus Say. Common, Je-Jl (Nic). Mt. Whiteface, 1000-4000 ft., Aug 
(CU) ; Chazy L., Je (NYS) ; Plattsburg, Jl (Shoe, Ds) ; Wilmington, 
Jl (Ds) ; Cranberry L., Jl (Drk) ; Newport, Je (NYS) ; Rochester 
(M&W) ; Rochester Jet., Je (CU) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Allegany Pk., 


Aug (Dnd) ; Cortland Co, Jl (Dnd) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Schoharie 
(Not) ; Elka Pk., Jl (Blkm) ; E. Jewett, Aug (Ds) ; Callicoon (AM) ; 
West Pt., Je (Ds) ; Ft. Montgomery, Je, Schoft (Frost) ; West Pt., 
Je (Ds) ; Bronxville, Je (Woodr) ; Van Cort. Pk., Je (Woodr). 
Larva in striped maple and willow (Fisher) ; Felt records the species 
as making galls on twigs of white thorn (Crataegus sp.). 

9547 A. obsolete guttatus Gory. Occurs everywhere (Nic) ; Peru, Je (CU) ; 

Hague, Jl, Leon (NYS) ; Honeoye Falls, Je (Ds) ; Rochester Jet., Je 
(CU) ; Buffalo, Je (Z&R, Lg) ; Olcott, Je-Jl (Dt) ; E. Aurora, Je 
(Dnd) ; Ithaca (Chitt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Nassau, Je (NYS) ; 
West Pt., Je, Ft. Montgomery, Jl, Nyack, Je (Ds) ; NYC (Lg) ; 
SI: Richmond, Je (L&D) ; LI: Pinelawn, Je, Half Way Hollow Hills, 
Jl, Yaphank, May-Jl (Ds). Larva in beech, blue beech, ironwood, red 
oak, hickory, and birch (Fisher). 

9548 A. vittaticollis Rand. Ausable Chasm, Je (Vdyk) ; Portage, Je (Kngt) ; 

Ithaca, Jl, Dt (Vdyk); Windsor, Je (Not) ; West Pt., Je (Ds, Robn). 
Larva in shadbush (Fisher) ; in apple, pear, wild thorn, and wild crab 
apple (Brooks). 

9551 A. granulatus Say. SI, Je (L&D). Larva in Lombardy poplar and cotton- 
wood (Fisher). 
9553 A. lecontei Saunders. LI (Horn). Larva in hackberry (Fisher). 

Rhaeboscelis Chevrolat 
9561 R. tenuis Lee. SI (Sf). 


9564 P. purpureas Say. Rochester (M&W) ; E. Aurora, Jl (Dnd) ; Windsor, Je 
(Not) ; Poughkeepsie, May (NYS) ; Ramapo, May (Ds) ; Mosholu 
(Sf); NYC (Soltau-US); SI: Richmond, May-Jl (L&D); LI: Flat- 
bush, Sep (AM) ; Newtown, Aug, Doll (Sf). Larva mines in leaves 
of bush clover (Lespedesa sp.). 

9567 P. laevigatus Say (ovatus Say). Rochester (M&W) ; Ithaca, Aug, Dt 
(Vdyk) ; Albany, Jl (NYS) ; Garrisons, Je (Woodr) ; Mosholu, Je 
(Lg) ; Bronxville, Je (Woodr) ; Van Cort. Pk., Jl (AM) ; NYC (Lg) ; 
SI: Richmond, Je-Aug (Ds) ; LI: Brooklyn, Aug (Shoe); Flatbush. 
Jl (AM); Yaphank, Je-Aug (Ds, Sf). Larva mines leaves of 
Desmodium canadense, D. pendula, Meibomia canadensis, Lespedesa 
capitata, and L. hicolor (Fisher). 

BrACHYS Solier46 

9572 B. aerosus Melsh. Common everywhere on oak (Nic). Mt. Whiteface, 
summit, Jl (Ds) ; Clayville, Je, Leon (NYS) ; Rochester (M&W) ; 
Rochester Jet., Je (Vdyk) ; Olcott, Je-Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Lg) ; E. 
Aurora, Je-Jl (Dnd) ; Portageville, Je (Vdyk) ; Castile, May, Brad 

*6 According to Fisher, the adults of all species of this genus are found feeding on the foliage of 
a great variety of plants. 

" According to Fisher, the adults of this genus are found feeding on the foliage of a great variety 
of plants. 


(Flet) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Rock City, Jl (Vdyk) ; Ithaca, Je- 
Aug (CU) ; McLean Bogs, May (CU) ; Dryden L., Je, Slaterville to 
Caroline, Je (CU) ; Montour Falls, Je (H) ; Windsor, Je (Not); 
Schoharie (Not) ; Nassau, May-Je, Albany, Je, Poughkeepsie, May 
(NYS) ; West Pt., Je (Ds, Robn) ; Staatsburg, Je (Woodr) ; Stony 
Pt, Je (AM) ; Ramapo, Je (Ds) ; Bronxville, May-Je (Woodr) ; Ft. 
Montgomery, May (Ds) ; Pine I., Je (Ds) ; Wappingers Falls, Je, 
Leon (NYS); West Lawn, Jl, Zab (AM); SI: Richmond, Je-Aug 
(L&D) ; LI: Brookbm. Je (Shoe) ; Massapequa, Jl (Ds) ; Farming- 
dale (CU) ; E. Hampton, Je (CU) ; Central'Pk., May (Shoe) ; Pine- 
lawn, Je, Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl, Nissequogue, Je, Smithtown, Je, 
Wading R, May, Yaphank, Jl (Ds). 

9572 B. aerosus var. rufescens N. & W. Olcott, Je (Dt) ; Buffalo (Nic, Weiss) ; 

Catskills (Nic) ; LI: Jamaica (Fisher). Rarer than the typical species 

9573 B. aeruginosus Gory. Rochester (M&W) ; Allegany Pk., Aug (Dnd) ; 

Windsor, Je (Not); West Pt., Pine L, Je (Ds) ; SI: Richmond, Je 
(L&D) ; LI: Massepequa, May (Shoe) ; Central Pk., May (Shoe, 
Woodr, Sf) ; Pinelawn, Smithtown, Je (Ds) ; Yaphank, Je-Jl (Ds, 
Sf); E. Hampton, Je (CU) ; Bellport, Je-Jl (Nic). 

9574 B. ovatus Web. Common on oak everywhere (Nic). Rochester (M&W) ; 

Olcott, Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl 
(CU) ; Karner, May (NYS) ; Pine I., Je (Ds) ; Bronxville, Je 
(Woodr); Bronx Pk., May (AM); SI: Richmond, May-Je (L&D); 
LI: Flatbush, May-Je (AM); Rockaway Beach, Je, Eng (Sf) ; 
Massapequa, Central Pk., May-Je (Ds) ; Farmingdale, Je (CU) ; 
Pinelawn, Wyandanch, Central Pk., Bayshore, Smithtown, Selden, 
Wading R., Yaphank, May- Aug (Ds) ; Babylon (AM) ; E. Hampton, 
Je, Riverhead, Jl (CU). As B. tessellahis Fab. are the following: 
SI: Richmond (L&D); LI: Farmingdale, Je (Vdyk) ; Pinelawn, 
Central Pk., May-Je (Shoe) ; Riverhead, Jl (Vdyk). Larva mines 
leaves of oak (Fisher). 

9574 B. ovatus var. bellporti N. & W. Windsor, Je (Not); LI: Pinelawn, Je 
(Lg) ; Yaphank, Wyandanch, Jl (Sf) ; Wading R., Bellport, Je, type 
locality (Nic). Not nearly so common as the typical species (Nic). 

TaphroceruS Solier 

9578 T. gracilis Say. Common throughout the State (Nic). Newport (NYS) ; 
Gloversville, Je (NYS) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, 
May-Oct (CU) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS) ; 
White Plains, Je (Frost, Sq) ; Suffern, May, Love (Sf-AM) ; Ramapo 
Mts. (AM); Bronxville, May (Woodr); SI: Richmond, Jl (L&D); 
LI: Rockaway Beach, May (Shoe) ; Yaphank, Sep (Ds). Larval host 
plant unknown, but adult habits indicate coarse grasses (Fisher). 

Mastogenius Solier 

9584 M. subcyaneus I^c. Local and rare (Nic). Rochester (M&W) ; White 
Plains, Jl (Sq) ; Bronxville, Jl (Woodr) ; Bronx Pk. (Sf) ; NYC 
(Lg) ; SI: Richmond (L&D): LI: Aqueduct, Jl (Shoe); Jamaica 
(Frost). Larva in oak (Fisher). 




9586 P. herricki DeKay (lecontei Lee). Probably generally distributed through- 
out the State. Pike (NYS) ; Trenton Falls (Horn) ; Batavia, Jl 
(Kngt) ; Buffalo (Lee) ; Niagara Falls (Horn) ; Conesus L., Jl 
(Kngt) ; Oneida Co, Jl. Chns (Kngt) ; Oswego, Je-Sep (West) ; Ithaca 
and vie.; Schoharie (Not) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; SI, Jl (L&D). 



Helichus Erichson 

9603 H. lithophilus Germ. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Oneida 

Co, Aug (Dt,Clms) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Oct (Kngt), Nov 
(West-CU) ; Spencer L., Oct, Llovd (Kngt) ; McLean, Oct (Kngt) ; 
Schoharie (Not) ; West Ft. (Robn) ; Greenwood L. (AM) ; vie. NYC 

9604 H. fastigiatus Say. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Oneida Co, 

Aug (Dt, Clms) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Jl (Kngt) ; Ludlow 
(Thompson) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Troy (Lee) ; SI (L&D) ; LI: Baby- 
lon (AM). 

9605 H. striatus Lee. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Oneida Co, May-Sep (Dt, Clms) ; 

Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Sep, Kngt (Dt) ; Free- 
ville. May (Kngt). 

Stenelmis Dufour 

9607 S. linearis Zimm. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Schoharie (Not). 

9608 S. sinuata Lee. Schoharie (Not). 

9609 S. crenata Sav. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Saranac Inn, Aug (NYS) ; Oneida 

Co, May-Sep (Dt, Clms) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott (Dt) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je, Sep (Kngt, Dt) ; Freeville, May (Kngt) ; Scho- 
harie (Not) ; Albany, Je (NYS) ; SI, May, Jl (L&D). 

9610 S. bicarinata Lee. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Ithaca, Jl (West-CU, Kngt, Dt) 

McLean (Dt). 

9611 S. quadrimaculata Horn. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Jl (West), Sep (Kngt) 

Schoharie (Not). 

9612 S. vittipennis Zimm. Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Oneida Co, Aug (Dt, Clms) 

Buffalo (Z&R); Ithaca, Ap, Jl, Oct (Kngt); SI, Oct, Ds (Kngt). 

S. n. sp. Esopus, Aug, Dsf (Kngt). 

■ • S. n. sp. Batavia, Sep, 1915 (Kngt). 

Helmis Latreille 

9615 H. vittata Melsh. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Batavia, Spencer L., Ithaca, Esopus, 

Sep-Oct (Kngt). 
9617 H. bivittata Lee. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Oneida Co, Aug-Sep (Dt, Clms) ; 

Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Spencer L., Oct (Kngt) ; Ithaca, 

Sep-Oct (Kngt) ; Washington Co, Aug (West). 

Helmidae — Heteroceridae Z()7 

9618 H. quadrinotata Say. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Oneida Co, Jl-Sep (Dt, Clms) 
Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, May, Sep (Kngt, Dt) 
Michigan Hollow, Je, Lloyd (Kngt) ; Washington Co, Aug (West) 
NYC (AM); SI, Aug, Oct (L&D). 

9622 H. pusilla Lee. In rapids of Niagara R., Je (Lee) ; Batavia, Sep (Kngt) ; 
SI, Jl (L&D). 

LiMNIUS Erichson 

9633 L. elegans Lee. Ithaca, Sep (Kngt). 

9634 L. fastidius Lee. Johnstown, Aug (NYS). 

9635 L. ovalis Lee. Johnstown, Mar (NYS) ; Oneida Co, May-Sep (Dt, Clms) ; 

Ithaca, Je-Sep (Kngt, Dt) ; Freeville, Je (Dt-NYS), Je, Lloyd, May 

Heterelmis Sharp 

9637 H. nitidulus Lee. "NY" (Lg). 

9638 H. latiusculus Lee. Schoharie (Not). 


9640 M. glabratus Say. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Saranac Inn, Aug, Ndm (NYS) ; 
Oneida Co, Je-Aug (Dt, Clms) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott (Dt) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R); Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Aug (West), Oct 
(Kngt) ; McLean, May- Aug (West) ; Peekskill (Yg) ; SI, May 
(L&D); LI: Yaphank, Sep (Ds). 

AnCYRONYX Erichson 

9642 A. variegatus Germ. Ithaca, Oct (Kngt); SI, Sep 30, Shoe (L&D); LI; 
Babylon (Csy). 

HeterOCERUS Fabricius 

9645 H. ventralis Melsh. W^estfield, May, Windsor, Je (Not). 

9646 H. undatus Melsh. Ithaca, Jl 24, Yima (Vdyk) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, 

May-Je, on salt meadow Ap 1 (L&D) ; LI: Long Beach, Jl 17 (Frost) ; 
Rockaway (AM). 

9646a H. undatus var. cuniculus Kies. Buffalo (Z&R). 

9646c H. undatus var. mollinus Kies. Buffalo (Z&R) ; LI: Coney I., eggs 

9648 H. brunneus Melsh. Newport (NYS) ; Syracuse, May (H) ; Ithaca, May, 

Bish (NYS). 

9649 H. schwarzi Horn. Westfield, May (Not). 

9650 H. collaris Kies. Syracuse, May (H) ; Westfield, May (Not). 

9651 H. tristis Mann. Schoharie (Not) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Hudson Falls, 

Aug (Sherm-CU) ; vie. NYC (AM) ; LI: Yaphank, Sep (Ds). 
9653 H. auromicans Kies. SI (Horn) ; LI: Rockaway (AM). 

368 Georyssidae — Dascillidae — Helodidae 

GeorYSSUS Latreille 
9654 G. pusillus Lee. Schoharie, three specimens (Not). 



EURYPOGON Motschulsky 

9659 E. niger Melsh. Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Peekskill (Frost- 
CU) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Ft. Montgomery, May (Ds). 

Anchytarsus Guerin-Meneville 
9663 A. bicolor Melsh. Buffalo (Z&R) ; LI: Yaphank, JI (Sf). 

Dicranopselaphus Guerin-Mcncville 

9673 D. variegatus Horn. Van Cort. Pk., Je (Sf). 


9674 E. nervosa Melsh. Newport (Yg) ; Mud Cr., Dryden L., Je (NYS)'; 

Schoharie (Not); Ramapo (Sf) ; Batavia, Je (Ds). 
9674a E. nervosa var. tarsalis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). 
9674b E. nervosa var. thoracica Zieg. Rochester (M&W). 



9678 E. oviformis Lee. Ithaca, May (Wolc,Dt). 

9682 E. terminalis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, May-Je (Wole,Dt) ; SI, Sep 
9 (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica, May, Pears (Sf). 



Helodes Latreille 

9,687 H. pulchella Guer. Buffalo (Z&R) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI (L&D) ; LI: 
Yaphank (Eng,Sf). 

9688 H. fuscipennis Guer. (thorackus Melsh.). Rochester (M&W); Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI (L&D). 

9689 H. thoracica Guer. Oleott, Jl (Wole, Dt) ; Geneva, Je (Cls). 

Helodidae 369 

MiCROCARA Thomson 

9690 M. explanata Lee. Roehester (M&W) ; Rochester Jet., Je, Leon 

(Flet-CU) ; Buffalo, Je 27, MCV (Frost). 

Cyphon PaykuU 

9691 C. robustus Lee. LI: Bellport, Je, Nic (Sf). 

9692 C. ruficollis Say, Newport, May-Je (Yg) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Rochester 

Jet, Je, Leon (CU) ; Mud Cr., Je (NYS) ; Pike, Je (Yg) ; Olcott, Je 
(Wolc,Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Schloer Cr., Oneida Co, Je (Dt) ; West- 
field, May (Not) ; Ithaca, May-Je (Wolc,Dt) ; Montour Falls, Je (H) ; 
Nassau, May 25-26 (NYS) ; Catskills, Pears (Sf) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
LI: Yaphank, Je, Eng (Sf). 

9693 C. brevicollis Lee. Rochester (M&W). 

9696 C. obscurus Guer. Elizabethtown, Je 8 (Yg) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Black 

Br., Je (CU) ; Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Loon L., Je (CU) ; Wells, Jl 12 
(Yg) ; Newport, May-Je (Yg) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Pike, Je; 
Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Je (Wolc,Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, 
May (Flet,Dnd) ; Ithaca, May-Jl (Wolc,Dt) ; Montour Falls, Je (H) ; 
Mix Cr. Val., Cattaraugus Co, Je (CU) ; McLean Bogs, May (CU) ; 
Woodwardia Bog, Tompkins Co (CU) ; Slaterville, Je (CU) ; Dryden 
L., Je (NYS) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Nassau, May 25-26 (NYS) ; Dug 
Mt., Aug 8 (Yg) ; Karner, Je (NYS) ; SI, Je (L&D) ; LI: Riverhead, 
Ap 11 (NYS). 

9697 C. coUaris Guer. Chazy L., Je 28 (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Wana- 

kena, Aug (Drk) ; Cold Br., Oneida Co, Je (Dt) ; Rochester (M&W) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Newport, May-Je (Yg) ; Corinth, Je 22 (Yg) ; Ft. 
Edward, Je (CU) ; Karner, Je 6 (NYS) ; Poughkeepsie, May 18, 28 
(Yg) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; W. Nyack, Je 14 (NYS) ; SI, May-Je 
(L&D); LI: Farmingdale, Je, Morrow (CU). 

9698 C. variabilis Thunb. Cranberry L., Je, Jl (Dury, Drk, H) ; Oneida L., Aug 

(Drk) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Syracuse, flying, Ap-May (H) ; Olcott, 
Ap-Sep (Wolc, Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Hilton 
(CU) ; Geneva, May (CU) ; Newport, May-Je (Yg) ; Pike, Je 1-Sep 
28 (N?^S); E. Aurora, May, Jl (Flet,Dnd) ; Clinton Hgts., Oct 8 
(NYS) ; McLean, Ap (Kngt) ; Karner, Mar, Sep 18 (Bish) ; N. 
Chatham, Je 6 (NYS) ; Ithaca and vie, May- Aug (Wolc,Dt,CU) ; 
McLean, May (CU) ; Schoharie (Not) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, 
May-Nov (L&D) ; LI: Wyandanch (Sf) ; Rockaway Beach, May. 
Eng (Sf); Montauk, Nov (NYS). 

9699 C. padi L. Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Lake Bluff, Sep 9, Bish (Hoffman) ; 

Rochester (M&W) ; Ithaca, May-Je (Wolc,Dt) ; Slaterville, Je 
(NYS); Peekskill (CU) ; "LI", May (Sf). 

C. n. sp. McLean, Jl (Sf-CU,BM) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Brb (Sf). 

9702 C. coarctatus Payk. Ithaca, Je (Wolc,Dt). 

Prionocyphon Redtenbacher 

9703 P. discoideus Say. Peru, Je (Good-CU) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Newport 

(Yg) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Jl (Flet,Dnd) ; Ithaca, Aug 
(Vdyk,Wolc,Dt) ; Karner, Je 4 (Yg) ; Mosholu, Je (Sf). 

370 Helodidae — Dermestidae 

9704 P. limbatus Lee. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Mud Cr., Je (NYS) ; Ithaca, 
May-Jl (Wolc,Dt) ; Ringwood, Ap 16-Je 25 (Good) ; Catskills, Je 
Pears (Sf) ; SI, Je, Sep (L&D). 

SCIRTES Illiger 

9708 S. tibialis Guer. Ogdensburg, Jl (NYS) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Linden, Jl 

(CU) ; Pike (NYS) ; Ithaca, Je-Jl (CU) ; Albany, Je (NYS) ; War- 
wick, Jl (NYS) ; Kinderhook, Jl (NYS) ; Ilion, May (Yg) ; SI, 
Jl 9 (L&D). 

9709 S. orbiculatus Fab. Rochester (M&W) ; Wadsworth L., Je 13 (NYS) ; 

Sacandaga R., Je 27 (NYS); Catskills, Pears (Sf) ; Mosholu (Sf) ; 
vie. NYC (AM); SI, Je (L&D). 

Ptilodactyla Illiger 

9716 P. serricoUis Say. Newport, Je 1 (Yg) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R); Ithaca, Je (Wolc,Dt) ; SI, Je (L&D); LI: Brooklyn, Aug 
(Eng); Yaphank (Sf). 



Byturus Latreille 

9718 B. unicolor Say. American Raspberry Beetle or Fruit-worm. Axton, 
Je (M&H) ; Wilmington, Wells, Jl (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl, on 
foliage of Rubus (H) ; Wanakena, Aug (Dnd) ; Gloversville, Mar 
(NYS) ; Syracuse, May (H) ; Wayne Co, Jl, locally abundant (Cy) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, May (Flet,Dnd) ; Westf^eld, May (Not) ; 
Chautauqua Co, injurious (C3O \ Rock City (Fbs-CU) ; Ithaca 
(Fbs-CU) ; Albany, Je, Nassau, May (NYS) ; Ulster Co, especially 
at Milton and Marlboro, also Kingston, injurious to raspberries ; 
Debruce, Jl, Eng_ (Sf) ; Rhinebeck, Cv (Fbs-CU) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
Newburgh, injurious; Mosholu (Sf) ; SI, May-Jl (L&D); LI: Orient 
Pt., Je (NYS). 


ThyLODRIAS Motschulsky 

9723 T. contractus Mots. The well-known Ignotus aenigmaticiis Slosson. NYC 
(Ds); SI (L&D); LI: Brooklyn (BM). 

subfamily DERMESTINAE 

Dermestes Linnaeus 

9725 D. caninus Germ. Gloversville, May (NYS) ; Buffalo, Je (Dnd) ; Karner, 
Je (NYS); Nyack (AM); Ithaca (Fbs-CU); West Pt. (Robn); 
Peekskill, in vacated bird's nest (Sherm) ; vie. NYC (AM) ; SI, 
May-Je, on dead animals (L&D) ; LI: Bergen Beach, Dec 1, in rotten 
log (Dow) ; Orient Pt., Jl, Lath (NYS) ; Wading R., Amagansett, 
Greenport, Center I., May-Aug (Sf). 

Dermestidae 371 

9725c D. caninus var. nubipennis Csy. Buffalo (Z&R), as nubihis; E. Jewett 
(Ds) ; Ft. Montgomery (Ds) ; LI: Wading R., Central Pk., Orient 

9730 D. talpinus Mann. Chafee, May, on dead hawk (Dnd). 

9731 D. carnivorus Fab. "NY" (Lee), as mucoreus. 

9732 D. vulpinus Fab. Buffalo (Z&R, Lee) ; Pike, May (NYS) ; Gowanda, May 

(Dnd) ; Ithaca (Fbs-CU) ; Albany, Jan-May (NYS) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; SI, Aug (L&D) ; LI: Rockaway (AM) ; Brooklyn (Sf). 

9734 D. frischi Kug. Gloversville, May (NYS) ; SI, Jl-Sep, often under dead 

fish, etc., on seashore (L&D); LI: Sea Cliff (Fbs-CU); Center L, 
Rockaway Beach, Promised Land, Orient (Ds) ; Amagansett, Aug (Sf). 

9735 D. nidum Arrow. Buffalo (Z&R), as elongatus. 

9737 D. lardarius L. Larder Beetle. Throughout the State, injurious to stored 

meats, skins, etc., and a well-known pest in insect collections. Axton, 

Je (M&H) ; Little Falls; Erie Co (Dnd); Watertown (Lint-NYS) ; 

Geneva (Cls) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca (Fbs-CU) ; 

Windsor, Je (Not) ; Utica; Cortland Co; Chenango Co; Delaware Co; 

Dutchess Co ; SI, all seasons, mostly on stored provisions ; LI, several 

localities (Sf). 
9739 D. pulcher Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca (Fbs-CU) ; Poughkeepsie, Jl 


Attagenus Latreille 

9^41 A. pellio L. "NY" (Lg Cat.) ; Buffalo (Z&R). 

9742 A. piceus Oliv. Black Carpet Beetle. Elizabethtown, Je (NYS) ; Glov- 
ersville, Sep (NYS) ; Oswego Falls, Aug, Bks (NYS) ; Louisville 
(Lint); Buffalo (Z&R); E. Aurora, May (Dnd); Ithaca (CU) ; 
Cincinnatus, Jl (Flet,Dnd) ; Albany, Ap (NYS) ; Schenectady (Lint) ; 
Coeymans (Lint) ; Poughkeepsie (Lint) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; NYC 
(Ds) ; Roseviile (Ds) ; SI, in houses at all seasons, adults often com- 
mon in spring (L&D) ; LI: Brooklyn, Flushing, Eng (Sf) ; Flatbush, 
Zah (AM). 

9745 A. deficiens Csy. Windsor, Je (Not). 

9749 A. elongatulus Csy. West Pt. (Robn); vie. NYC (AM). 

Trogoderma Latreille 

9770 T. ornata Say. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Honeoye Falls, Leon (Fbs-CU) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R) ; Albany, Sep (NYS) ; vie. NYC (AM) ; West Pt. 

(Robn); SI, May-Jl (L&D). 
9772 T. procera Csy. LI (Csy). 
9774 T. tarsalis Melsh. Albany, May (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Nyack, Zab 

(AM) ; SI, Je, in stored nuts, Jl (L&D) ; LI: Flatbush, Zah (AM). 
9785 T. versicolor Creutz. Ithaca (Fbs-CU), as inclusa Lee; Albany, Ap-May, 

Aug (NYS); West Pt. (Robn); vie. NYC (AM). 


9816 C. ruficorne Lee. SI, May 31, on strawberry blossoms at Watchogue (L&D). 

9824 C. triste Lee. Peekskill, May (Sherm), on dandelion; West Pt. (Robn). 

9825 C. picicome Lee. SI, Sep 21 (L&D); LI: Flatbush, Manor, Yaphank, 

May-Sep, Eng (Si). 

372 Dermestidae — Byrrhidae 

Anthrenus Fabricius 

9829 A. scrophulariae L. Carpet Beetle or Buffalo Moth. Denmark, May 

(NYS) ; Gloversville ; Oswego, Je (NYS) ; Syracuse; Rochester; 
Buffalo; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; E. Aurora, May-Je (Dnd) ; Lakewood; 
Hornell ; Montour Falls, May-Je (H) ; Spencer L. (Fbs-CU) ; Caroline 
to Harford (Fbs-CU); Ithaca; Schoharie; Utica ; Albany; Coeymans ; 
Nyack (AM); Poughkeepsie ; Suffern (AM); West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, 
out of doors on flowers, often on Pyrus in May; LI: Flatbush (AM) ; 
Yaphank, Sep (Eng). 
9829a A. scrophulariae var. flavipes Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

9830 A. thoracicus Melsh. Buffalo (Z&R). 

9832 A. lepidus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). Described from Calif., and possibly mis- 
determined or introduced. 

9835 A. verbasci L. Cranberry L., Je-Jl, on blossoms of Sambucus and yarrow; 
Syracuse, Montour Falls, in house and on flowers (H) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Mar-May (div.) ; Albany 
(Lint) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Suffern (AM) ; SI, Mar-May (L&D) ; 
LI: Flatbush (AM). 

9837 A. museorum L. Schoharie (Not) ; White L., Je, Zah, L. George, Zab 

(AM); Albany (Felt); SI, Jl (L&D); LI: Flatbush, Jl (Eng). 

9838 A. castaneae Melsh. Speculator, Je, Aug, Wells, Jl (NYS) ; Cranberry 

L., Oct (Drk) ; Ithaca (CU) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Albany, Je (NYS) ; 
Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS). 

9839 A. caseyi Dalla Torre {roinndulus Csy.). "NY" (Csy). 

ORPHILUS Erichson 

9843 O. subnitidus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). Described from Calif., also from 

Col., possibly misdetermination for ater. 

9844 O. ater Er. Buffalo (Z&R); Ithaca (Fbs-CU). 

9846 O. niger Rossi. West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, May (L&D). According to Casey, 

this and ater are identical. 




9847 N. unicolor Say. LI: Long Beach, Je, Schott (Sf) ; Flatbush, Ap, Eng 



Cytilus Erichson 

9864 C. alternatus Say. "Northern NY" (Lee, in Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 
vol. 7, p. 115, 1856, as varius of Europe) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Newport, 
May (NYS) ; Potsdam (NYS) ; Saranac Inn, May (NYS) ; Rochester 
(M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike (NYS) ; Castile, Ap, Brad (Flet) ; 
Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; E. Aurora, May-Je (Dnd) ; Westfield, May 
Windsor, Je (Not) ; Cinnamon L. (NYS) ; Rock City (Ds) ; Tarbel, 
Je (Ds); Ringwood, Jl, Leon (NYS); Ithaca Ap (Bish-NYS) ; Al- 


bany, Karner, Nassau, May-Je (NYS) ; Rensselaer, May (NYS) ; 
West Pt., Ap, Rohn (Ds) ; SI, Je, on ground among grass roots 
(L&D) ; LI: Long Beach, May, Eng (Sf). 

Byrrhus Linnaeus 

9866 B. pettiti Horn. Cranberry L., Jl 21, Blkm (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R). 

9867 B. cyclophorus Kby. Catskills, Pears (Sf) ; Buffalo (Z&R). 

9869 B. americanus Lee. Keene Val., Jl (NYS) ; Newport (NYS) ; Woodworth's 
L., Jl (NYS) ; Wanakena, Aug (Drk) ; Rochester (M&W) ; "Niagara" 
(Lee); E. Aurora, Jl-Aug (Dnd) ; Aurora, Ap (Bish-NYS) ; Ithaca, 
Jl (Vdyk) ; Canaan, Je (NYS) ; Big Ind. Val., Je, Pears (Sf) ; West 
Pt. (Robn); vie. NYC (AM). 

9873 B. geminatus Lee. Buffalo (Lee). 

9889 B. kirbyi Lee. Albany, Je (NYS); Buffalo (Z&R). 

9893 P. undatus Melsh. "NY" (J. Hamilton) ; Buffalo (Z&R), as murimis. 

Syncalypta Stephens " 

9895 S. spinosa Rossi. Rochester, Moore (Sf) ; Batavia, Je (Lg) ; McLean, 
May (Flet) ; Genesee Co, Je, Ds (Sf) ; Windsor, Je (Not). 



9905 L. punctatus Lee. McLean, May, Je (Flet) ; Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Schoharie 

9913 E. obscurus Lee. NY (Lee). 


Rhysodes Dalman 

9944 R. americanus Lap. Buffalo, as exaratus (Z&R) ; McLean Bogs, Nov 


9946 C. sculptile Newn. North Branch (Schaupp). 




9954 C. parallelus Melsh. West Pt. (Robn); Mosholu (Sf) ; SI (L&D); LI: 

Jamaica (Pears); Rockaway Beach, May (Eng). 
9957 C, cylindricus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). 



AlRORA Rcitter 

9966 A. cylindrica Serv. Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Jan 2 

TemnoCHILA Westwood 

9976 T. virescens Fab. Karner (Felt); SI (L&D) ; LI: Bellport, Wading R. 

(Nic) ; Rockaway Beach, Je, Yaphank, Sep (Ds). 

TenEBROIDES Filler and Mitterpacher 

9977 T. mauritanicus L. The Cadelle. Throughout the State, infesting stored 

grains, cereals, etc. 
9984 T. bimaculatus Melsh. Buffalo (Z&R); Bronx Pk. (Sf) ; SI, Je (L&D). 

9989 T. collaris Sturm. SI (L&D). 

9990 T. americanus Kby. Syracuse, in dying hickory (B&S) ; Buffalo (Zimm) ; 

Schuylerville, Oct (NYS) ; SI (L&D). 

9991 T. laticollis Horn. Buffalo (Zimm) ; West Ft. (Robn) ; LI, Ap (Eng) ; 

Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl (Ds). 
9994 T. corticalis Melsh.. Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Syracuse, in 
dying hickory (B&S), and Ap, under bark (H) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; 
SI, Ap-Jl, Nov (L&D) ; LI: Yaphank, Tl (Eng) ; Bellmore, E. Hamp- 
ton, Sep (Eng) ; Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl (Ds) ; Orient, Lath 

CaliTYS Thomson 
9998 C. scabra Thunb. Rochester (Moore); Buffalo (Z&R). 

OSTOMA Laicharting 

Sep (Eng) ; Cranberry L. 

Je-Jl, under bark 

10003 O. ferruginea L. Keene Val. 

of dead tree (H). 
10005 O. pippingskoeldi Mann. Cranberry L., Jl (H), but Schaeffer queries 

this determination since the species occurs in Alaska and Calif. 
10007 O. quadrilineata Melsh. Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Chafee, May (Dnd) ; 

Mosholu (Sf) ; Catskills (Fears). 

Thymalus Latreille 

10010 T. marginicollis Chev. Cranberry L., Jl 7, under bark (H) ; Rochester 
(M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Oakdale, Je (AM) ; Cortland Co, Je (Dnd) ; 
West Ft. (Robn) ; Bronx Fk. (Sf) ; SI, May-Je (L&D) ; LI: Wyan- 
danch (Sf, Eng). Often found on the fungus Polyporus hehdimis on 
white birch. 




B. pulicarius L. (Heterostomus). Cranberry L., Je, in sweeping (H) ; 

Syracuse, May, in numbers on dandelion flowers (H) ; present in 
Niagara, Saratoga, and Schoharie Counties, and in parts of Albany 




Co, also injuring strawberries in southern Columbia Co (Felt, Ins. 
Pest Survey, Bui. 2, p. 89) ; Dutchess Co, generally distributed in 
strawberry beds (Hervey) ; feeding on apples in Greene Co, May, Mills 
(Flet). Possibly these records all refer to mordelloides (Leng). 

mordelloides Not. Keene Val., Je (Not). 

Cateretes Herbst 

10012 C. pennatus Murr. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Ap-May (CU) ; Normanskill, 
May, on willow blossoms (NYS) ; Ft. Montgomery, May, Schott (Si). 

Cercometes Reitter 

10016 C. abdominalis Er. Wells, Newport, May (NYS) ; Rochester (M&W) ; 

Buffalo (M&W) ; Allegany Pk., Jl (Dnd) ; Corinth, May (NYS) ; 
Durlandville, Je (Dt) ; Karner, Jl (NYS) ; West Pt (Robn) ; Mosholu 
(Sf) ; SI, May-Je, on elder blossoms (L&D). 

Brachypterus Kugelann 

10017 B. urticae Fab. Newport, May (NYS) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; Ithaca and Ellis to Slaterville, May- Aug (CU) ; Schoharie 
(Not); Burnt Hills (NYS); West Pt. (Robn); SI (L&D); LI: 
Cold Sp. Harb., Jl (Sf). 

Amartus LeConte 
10022 A. rufipes Lee. Buffalo (Z&R); LI: Astoria (AM). 


Meligethes Stephens 

10025 M. mutatus Harold. Westfield, May (Not) ; Catskills (Sf) ; West Pt. 
(Robn), as brassicae. 


10029 C. maculatus Er. Catskills, Pears (Sf) ; Bronx (Joutel). 

10030 C. semitectus Say. Newport, Wells, May (NYS) ; Olcott, Je (Dt) ; Rock 

City, Je (CU); Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS); SI, Ap 24 (L&D); LI: 
Woodside, May, Aug (Sf). 

10031 C. unicolor Say. Buffalo (Z&R). 

10032 C. truncatus Rand. Big Moose, Aug (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl, on 

birch (H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, May-Je (Dt) ; Boston, Ap 
(Dnd) ; Rock City, Je (CU) ; Karner, Aug (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
SI, Mar, on cedar, Ap-May (NYS) ; LI: Central Pk., Eng (Sf). 



10035 C. obscurus Er. Wells, Pike, Jl (NYS) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Jl (Dnd) ; Portage, Jl (NYS) ; Ithaca, May 16, 
Good (H) ; Scotia, Jl (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Mosholu, Bronx 
Pk. (Sf); SI (L&D). 


10040 C. floralis Er. SI, Je 14, on flower of prickly pear (L&D). 

10042 C. hemipterus L. Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Je-Jl (Dt) ; E. Aurora, 

Mar (Dnd) ; Albany, Sep (NYS) ; NYC, in Turkish figs (Ds) ; SI, 
from dried figs (L&D); LI: Lawrence, Jl (NYS). 

10043 C. dimidiatus Fab. Newport, May (NYS); Poughkeepsie, Jl (NYS). 
10052 C. niger Say. Elizabethtown, Aug, Newport, Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., 

Je-Jl (H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Je (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 
Rock City, Je (CU) ; Ithaca, Ap (NYS) ; Poughkeepsie (NYS) ; 
West Pt. (Robn); SI, May-Jl (L&D); LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Ap, 
Schott (Sf). 

10056 C. marginatus Er. Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS) ; LI: Jamaica (Nic). 

10057 C. corticinus Er. Olcott, May (Dt) ; Ringwood, May (Dt) ; SI, May, 

Aug (L&D); LI: Jamaica, Pears (Sf) ; Bellmore, May, Eng (Sf). 

10058 C. brachypterus Say. Chazy L., L. Clear, Je (NYS) ; Newport, Pike, 

May (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Ithaca, May 
(CU); Albany (NYS); West Pt. (Robn); Mosholu (Sf) ; SI, 
Ap-May (L&D); LI: Central Pk., Ap, Eng (Sf) ; Yaphank, May, 
Eng (Sf). 
10060 C. antiquus Melsh. SI, Je (L&D). 


NiTIDULA Fabrlcius 

10065 N. bipunctata L. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Newport, Denmark, Pike, Mav 
(NYS); Rochester (M&W); Buffalo (Z&R); Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; 
Nassau, May (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Je 23, in peaches not 
grown on SI (L&D). 

10067 N. rufipes L. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Newport, May-Je (NYS) ; Cranberry 

L., Jl., on carrion (H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Sep (Dt) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Montour Falls 
Ap, carrion (H) ; Westfield. May (Not) ; Ithaca, Ap-May (CU) 
Karner, Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS) ; Peekskill (CU) ; West Pt. (Robn) 
SI, Ap-Mav, Sep (L&D); LI: Riverhead, Ap (NYS); Orient, May 

10068 N. ziczac Say. Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Je, Sep (Dt) ; LI: Amagansett, 

Aug, Eng (Sf). 
N. carnaria Schall. "NY" (Sf) (not in Lg Cat.) ; West Pt. (Robn). 

OmoSITA Erichson 

10069 O. colon L. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl, in carrion and in 

decaying fungi (H) ; Newport, Ilion, Oswego (NYS) ; Syracuse, Ap- 
May (H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Erie Co (Dnd) ; 


Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Pike (NYS) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Ithaca, 
Ap-Sep (CU) ; McLean Bogs, Aug (Dt) ; Schoharie (Not) ; CHnton 
Hgts., Ap (NYS) ; Albany, Karner, Ap, Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS) ; 
West Pt. (Robn) ; Bangall, White Plains, Eng (Sf) ; NYC (NYS) ; 
SI, Mar-Sep, often on dead animals (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica, Rockaway 
Beach, North Beach, Long Beach, Forest Pk., Yaphank, Greenport, 
Mar-Aug (Sf) ; Orient, Mar, on rotten cabbage (Ds). 

Epurea Erichson 

10073 E. helvola Er. Gloversville, May (Alex-NYS) ; Rochester (M&W) ; 

Olcott, Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Eden, Erie Co, Aug (Dnd) ; Ithaca 
(CU) ; Greenwood L, Je (Sf) ; SI, Aug-Sep (L&D) ; LI: Rockaway 
Beach, May (Sf) ; Yaphank, Oct, Eng (Sf). 

10074 E. rufa Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI,^ Mar, May, Dec, Ap 

4, in sifting leaves in garden (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica, Rockaway Beach 

10077 E. erichsoni Reit. Cranberry L., Je, on maple blossoms (H) ; Olcott, Je 

(Dt) ; Rock City, Je (CU) ; Ithaca, May-Jl (Dt) ; West Pt., May, 
Rohn (Sf) ; Little Pond, Orange Co, May, Bisk (NYS) ; LI: Central 
Pk., Ap (Eng). 

10078 E. rufida Melsh. Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI, Feb, Je (L&D). 

10080 E. corticina Er. Wells (NYS) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 
West Pt. (Robn). 

10083 E. avara Rand. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., Je, on BcUda lutea (H) ; 
Olcott, Je (Dt) ; Boston, Ap (Dnd). 

10087 E. truncatella Mann. Cranberry L., Je-Jl, on maple and pine (H) ; Axton, 
Fourth L., Je, Albany, Ap (NYS); West Pt., Mar, Rohn (Sf) ; LI: 
Queens, Ap (Sf). 

10089 E. ovata Horn. Cranberry L., Jl-Aug (H) ; Olcott, Je-Jl, Dec-Jan (Dt) ; 
Mosholu, Sep (Sf). 

10091 E. peltoides Horn. Olcott, Aug-Sep (Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; West Pt. 


10092 E. depressa 111. Cayuga L., Je (CU) ; Ithaca, May (Dt). 

10093 E. labilis Er. Axton, Je (M&H); Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Rochester 

(M&W) ; Olcott, Je-Jl (Dt) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Windsor, Je 
(Not); SI, May (L&D). 

E. ornatula Not. NY, type locality. 

Stelidota Erichson 

10098 S. geminata Say. Denmark, Sep (NYS) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Je- 

Oct (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Aug-Sep (Dt) ; Menands, Sep, 
Middleburg, May (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Nyack, Je (Ds) ; SI, 
Aug, on decaying pears (L&D) ; LI: North Beach, Rockaway Beach, 
Long Beach, Jamaica, May, Shoe, Schott, Pears (Sf). 

10099 S. octomaculata Say. Johnstown (Alex-NYS) ; Wolcott, May, Cy 

(NYS) ; Ithaca, Sep (CU) ; Karner, Mar, Buh (Dt) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; SI, Je, trapped in molasses jar (L&D). 


ProMETOPIA Erichson 

10101 P. sexmaculata Say. Olcott, Je (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je (Dt) ; 
West Pt. (Robn) ; Nyack, Je, Ramapo, May (Ds) ; SI, Ap-Oct, under 
bark of dead beech (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica, Woodside, Rockaway Beach, 
May-Je, Eng (Sf) ; Long Beach (AM). 

LOBIOPA Erichson 

10105 L. undulata Say. Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Aug-Sep, Ithaca, Jl (Dt) ; 

E. Aurora, May (Dnd) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, 
Je-Jl (L&D) ; LI: Flatbush, Jamaica, Aug (Sf) ; Greenport, Eng (Sf). 

SORONIA Erichson 

10106 S. guttulata Lee. Albany, Ap, Yg (NYS). 

PhenolIA Erichson 

10109 P. grossa Fab. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Dexter, Jl 

(NYS) ; Olcott, Je, Aug (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Jl-Sep (CU) ; 
McLean, May (CU) ; Rensselaer, Aug (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
White Plains, Mar, Eng (Sf) ; SI, Ap-Je (L&D); LI: Central Pk., 
Ap, Eng (Sf). 

Amphotis Erichson 

10110 A. ulkei Lee. Ithaca, Ap (Dt) ; LI: Barton Hollow, in sifting, Aug 



10113 A. ciliatus Oliv. Ithaca, Je, Sep (CU) ; White Plains, Mar, Eng (Sf) ; 
SI, May (L&D); LI: Brooklyn, May (Dt) ; Jamaica, Pears, Eng 


10115 C. adustus Er. Newport, Yg (NYS) ; Ithaca, Je, Sep (CU) ; Windsor, Je 
(Not); West Pt, Robn (Sf) ; LI: Yaphank, Ap (Sf). 

POCADIUS Erichson 
10117 P. helvolus Er. West Pt. (Robn) ; Mosholu (Sf) ; SI (L&D). 

Cyllodes Erichson 

10121 C. biplagiatus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je (Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; 

West Pt., Rohn (Sf). Occurs on a fungus on poplar. 


10122 O. histrina Lee. E. Aurora, Nov (Dnd) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Aug 

(L&D) ; LI: Valley Stream, Yaphank, Jl (Sf) ; Melville, Oct, Schott, 
Riverhead, Aug, on Phallus impudiciis (Ds). 

10123 O. nigripennis Lee. LI: Yaphank, Jl (Sf). 



Pallodes Erichson 

10125 P. silaceus Er. Mosholu, Bronx Pk. (AM) ; SI, Je-Nov, often in fungi 
(L&D) ; LI: Cold Sp. Harb., Amagansett, Orient, Aug, Oct (Sf). 


10129 C. ampla Er. Newport, Je, Plattsburg, Sep (NYS) ; Syracuse, May (H) ; 
Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Ap-Sep (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, 
May (Dnd) ; Batavia, je-Sep (Kngt) ; Westfield, Jl (NYS) ; Windsor, 
Je (Not) ; Ithaca, May-Aug (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Ap-Jl, 
on sap (L&D); LI: Brooklyn, May (Dt) ; Jamaica, Flatbush, May 
(Sf) ; Yaphank, Eng (Sf). 

10131 C. strigata Fab. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Peekskill, Sep (Sherm) ; West Pt. 

(Robn) ; LI: Yaphank, May, Eng (Sf). 

10132 C. concinna Melsh. E. Aurora, May (Dnd) ; Boston, Ap, Dnd (Dt) ; 

Karner, Aug (NYS) ; SI, May-Je (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica, Pears, Yap- 
hank, May, Eng (Sf). 

GliscHROCHILUS Reitter 
{Ips Fabricius) 

10136 G. obtusus Say. SI, Aug 25, under bark of dying red maple (L&D). 

10137 G. fasciatus Oliv. Cranberry L., Je-Jl, at sap on birch stump (H) ; Axton, 

Je (M&H) ; Big Moose. Jl, Newport, Wells, May-Jl (NYS) ; Glovers- 
ville, Je (NYS) ; Syracuse, May-Je (H) ; Olcott, Ap-Oct (Dt) ; Buf- 
falo (Z&R) ; Erie Co, May-Sep (Dnd) ; Geneva, Avon, Ap, Je (Cls) ; 
Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; Castile, Sep, Brad (Flet) ; Binghamton, Ap 
(NYS) ; Ithaca, Ap-Sep (Dt) ; Interlaken, Ap (NYS) ; Montour. 
Falls, May-Je (H) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Schenectady, Dec (Dt) ; 
Albany, Menands, Poughkeepsie, Jl (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, 
Ap-Aug (L&D); LI: Flatbush, Lawrence (NYS); Rockaway Beach, 
Central Pk., Greenport, Ap-Aug, Eng (Sf). 

10138 G. sanguinolentus Oliv. Newport, May, Saranac Inn, Jl (NYS) ; Cran- 

berry L., Je-Jl, at birch sap and from Pinus strohus (H) ; Fourth L., 
Je (NYS) ; Olcott, Sep (Dt) ; Geneva, Ap (Cls) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 
E. Aurora, May-Je, Allegany Pk., Aug (Dnd) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug 
(Kngt) ; Schuyler, May (OS-NYS) ; Ithaca, May-Jl (Dt) ; Catskills, 
Pears (Sf) ; West Pt. (Robn); SI, Ap-Sep (L&D); LI: Jamaica, 
Central Pk., Ap, Eng (Sf). 

10139 G. confluentus Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Boston, Ap (Dnd) ; W^est Pt., Mar, 

Robn (Ds) ; LI: Jamaica (Schott) ; Queens, Mar-Ap, Eng (Sf). 

10140 G. vittatus Say. Newport, Ap (NYS). 


Rhizophagus Herbst 

10144 R. bipunctatus Say. Cranberry L., Jl 2 (H) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI 

10147a R. parallelicollis Gyll. var. robustus Sf. LI: Woodside, Ap (Sf). 

380 Rhizophagidae — Monotomidae — Cucujidae 

10149 R. sculpturatus Mann. Big Moose, Jl (NYS) ; Cranberry L., May-Jl 

(H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI, Ap 24, Woodr (L&D). 

10150 R. dimidiatus. Mann. Newport (Yg-NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H, 


10151 R. approximatus Lee. Buffalo (Lee). 

10152 R. remotus Lee. Cranberry L., Jl (H), Jl (Dury); West Pt., Ap, Robn 

(Sf) ; LI: Queens, Hempstead, Bellmore, Ap-May (Sf). 
10155 R. brunneus Horn. Fulton Chain, Je (NYS). 

10157 R. cylindricus Lee. LI: Central Pk., Ap, Eng (Sf) ; Wyandanch (Sf). 




10158 M. producta Lee. Vic. NYC (AM) ; SI, Je, along shore or under bark of 

old logs; LI: Flatbush, Ap (Eng) ; Rockaway Beach, Je (Eng). 

10159 M. picipes Hbst. Wells, Je (NYS) ; Syracuse, May, on herbage (H) ; 

Rochester (M&W) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; vie. NYC (AM) ; SI (L&D). 
10163 M. fulvipes Melsh. SI, May (L&D). 

10165 M. americana Aube. Cranberry L., Je 28 (H), in decaying fungi. 
10167 M. parallela Lee. NY (Lee). 
10171 M. longicollis Gyll. Cranberry L., Je 25 (H), in decaying fungi. 

EUROPS Wollaston 
10179 E. pallipennis Lee. Mosholu (Sf) ; vie. NYC (AM). 

Bactridium LeConte 

10183 B. ephippigerum Guer. Newport (NYS) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; SI, Ap 

(L&D); LI: Hempstead Plains, May (Eng). 

10184 B. erythropterum Melsh. Buffalo (Z&R). 

10185 B. convexulum Csy. (? striolahim Reit.). Newport (NYS) ; Olcott, May 

(Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R), as striatum', West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, May, under 
bark of beech (L&D). 

10186 B. hudsoni Csy. NY (Csy). 


10190 P. cavicolle Horn. Newport (NYS) ; Ringwood, Je (Dt) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; Bronx Pk. (Sf) ; SI, Aug (Shoe) ; LI: Jamaica, Pears (Sf). 


Oryzaephilus Ganglbauer 

10194 O. surinamensis L. Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle. Newfane (Dt-CU) ; 
Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ludlowville, Nov (CU) ; Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; West 
Pt. (Robn) ; SI, in dried fruits at all seasons (L&D) ; LI: Flushing, 
Queens, Eng (Sf). Probably rather generally distributed in the State, 
infesting grains and dried fruits. 



SiLVANUS Latreille 

10198 S. bidentatus Fab. Newport (NYS) ; Johnstown, Oct (NYS) ; Cranberry 

L., Je 23 (H) ; Olcott, May-Oct (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Ap, Je, 
Aug (L&D) ; LI: Central Pk., Ap, Eng (Sf). 

10199 S. planatus Germ. Cranberry L., Je 23 (H) ; Olcott, Ap, Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Van Cort. Pk., Nic 
(Sf) ; SI, May, under bark (L&D). 

10200 S. imbellis Lee. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Olcott, May, Oct (Dt) ; Buf- 

falo, Pcabody (Fris) ; E. Aurora, May (Dnd) ; SI, Feb 22, in sifting, 
Woodr (L&D), Jl, Eng (Sf) ; LI: Huntington, Sep, Sxhott (Sf). 

10201 S. gemellatus Duv. (quadricolHs Lee). E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Glens Falls, 

Oct (Felt); Westfield, May (Not); Schenectady, Je (NYS). 

CathartuS Reiche 

10203 C. cassiae Reiche. "NY" (J. Hamihon). 

10204 C. advena Waltl. Newport, Sep (NYS) ; Sanborn, Nov (CU, Lg) ; Olcott, 

Sep-Nov (Dt) : Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Nov (Flet, Dnd) ; New 
Baltimore, Sep (NYS) ; SI, in dried pears from Calif. (L&D). 
10207 C. longulus Blatch. Mosholu (Sf). 

NausibiUS Redtenbacher 
10209 N. clavicornis Kug. Mosholu (Sf) ; Van Cort. Pk., Nic (Sf). 

Catogenus Westwood 

10211 C. rufus Fab. Gloversville, Aug, Alex (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, 

May, Nov (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Mar, Oct (CU) ; Albany, May (NYS) ; 

West Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; SI, Je, on seashore (L&D) ; 

LI: Hempstead, May, Pinelawn, Ap, Eng (Sf) ; Yaphank, May, Sep, 

Wading R., Jl (Ds)". 
10211d C. rufus var. parvus Csy. Ithaca, Ap-May (Dt). 

CUCUJUS Fabricius 

10221 C. clavipes Fab. Newport, Ap-Je (NYS); Oswego L., Nov (NYS); 
Olcott, May (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Mar, Sep (Dnd) ; 
Avon (Cls) ; Pike, Ap-Je (NYS) ; Batavia, Sep (Kngt) ; Geneva, 
Mar-May, Dec (Cls) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Ithaca, Mar-May 
(CU) ; Waterford, Jan (NYS) ; Albany, Nov, Shandakin, Je (NYS) ; 
West Pt. (Robn); White Plains (Fall, Sq) ; Bronx Pk. (Sf) ; SI, 
Jan-May, under bark (L&D) ; LI: Flushing (Ds, Sf, Eng). 

LaemOPHLOEUS Laporte 

10225 L. biguttatus Say. L. Placid, Aug (Vdvk) ; Newport, May (NYS) ; Cran- 

berry L. (H), Jl (Dury); Olcott, May, Aug (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R); 
Batavia, Jl-Sep (Kngt) ; Pike, May (KYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, 
Ap-May (L&D); LI: Central Pk., Ap ; Hempstead, May, Yaphank, 
Sep (Eng). 

10226 L. fasciatus Melsh. Newport, Mar-Ap (NYS) ; Cranberry L. (H) ; 

Olcott, May (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, Aug-Sep (Kngt) ; Pike, 
Mar-Ap (NYS); Westfield, May (Not); SI, Ap-May (L&D). 


10236 L. convexulus Lee. Mt. Seward, 4500 ft., Je (M&H) ; Glens Falls, Oct 
(NYS) ; Olcott, May-Je (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; 
West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, May 6, under bark (L&D) ; LI: Central Pk., 
Ap-May, Hempstead, May, Eng (Sf). 

10238 L. sphaerops Csy. Olcott, Ithaca, May (Dt). 

10239 L. adustus Lee. Newport, Ap (NYS) ; Johnstown, Ap, Alex (NYS) 

Cranberry L., Je 30, in sweeping (H) ; Wanakena, Aug (Drk) 
Syracuse, May, on herbage (H) ; Olcott, Ap (Dt) ; Ithaca, May (Dt) 
Windsor, Je, Schoharie (Not) ; Nassau, May (NYS) ; West Pt 
(Robn) ; Mosholu (Sf) ; SI, Je, under willow bark (L&D) ; LI 
Central Pk., Ap (Eng); Orient, Lath (NYS). 

10242 L. modestus Say. Buffalo (Z&R); SI, May (L&D). 

10243 L. apertus Csy. Syracuse, Ap-May, under bark (H) ; Westfield, May 

(Not); Mosholu (Sf) ; LI: Wyandanch, Nov, Schott (Sf). 

10245 L. sobrinus Csy. Westfieid, May (Not). 

10246 L. liquidus Csy. Newport, May (NYS); Castorland; Olcott, May-Je 

(Dt) ; Ithaca, Ap-Je (CU) ; Ilion, May (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 
SI, Ap-Je (L&D); LI: Wyandanch, Feb, Schott (Sf). 

10247 L. nitens Lee. LI: Wyandanch, Oct-Nov, Schott (Sf). 

10248 L. punctatus Lee. West Pt. (Robn). 
10254 L. angustulus Lee. Peekskill, Sherm (Sf). 
10258 L. ferrugineus Steph. Buffalo (Z&R). 

Dendrophagus Schonherr 

10272 D. cygnaei Mann. Green L., Jan (Dt) ; Buffalo (Mann-ANSP). 

Brontes Fabricius 

10273 B. dubius Fab. Keene Val., Je (Not) ; Newport, May (NYS) ; Cranberry 

L., Je 23 (H) ; Syracuse, May, under bark (H) ; Batavia, Aug-Sep 
(Kngt) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; E. Aurora, 
May-Je, Oct (Dnd) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Mar-Ap (CU) ; Albany, 
Nassau, May, Nov (NYS) ; Rensselaer, Jl (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
NYC (Martin); LI: Central Pk., Ap, Yaphank, Je, Eng (Sf). 

10274 B. debilis Lee. Olcott, May-Je (Dt) ; E. Aurora, May, Sep (Dnd) ; Ithaca, 

Mar, Sep (Dt) ; Mosholu (Sf) ; Van Cort. Pk. (AM); SI, May-Je, 
Sep, under bark (L&D) ; LI: Rockaway, Je, Yaphank, May (Ds) ; 
Flatbush (AM). 

TelephaNUS Erichson 

10276 T. velox Hald. Syracuse, Ap-Je, under stones (H) ; Olcott, Ap-Sep (Dt) ; 
Loekport, Sep (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Oneida 
L., Aug (Drk) ; Ithaca, Mar- Aug (CU) ; Taughannock Falls, Aug 
(Vdyk) ; Montour Falls. Ap-Je, under stones (H) ; Albany, Rensselaer, 
Kenwood, May-Je, Nov (NYS) ; Peekskill, Mar (CU) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; White Plains, in sifting in autumn (Fall, Sq) ; Mosholu 
(Sf); SI, Mar-Oct (L&D); LI: Rockaway Beach, Ap, Eng (Sf) ; 
Flatbush (AM). 


10278 P. desjardinsi Guer. NYC (Sf). 

Erotylidae * 383 



LanguRIA Latreille 

10279 L. bicolor Fab. Buffalo (Z&R). 

10282 L. mozardi Latr. Clover -Stem Borer. Syracuse, May-Je (H) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; Pike (NYS) ; Rock City, Je (CU) ; Ithaca, Caroline, May- 
Jl, Sep (Dt-CU) ; Montour Falls, May-Je (H) ; Windsor, Je (Not) 
Karner, Je (NYS) ; Mosholu (Sf) ; New Baltimore, Albany (AM) 
Bangall, Sep (Sf) ; Poughkeepsie, Je (NYS); West Pt. (Robn) 
White Plains, May (Fall, Sq) ; SI, May-Je, often common on dande- 
lion flowers (L&D) ; LI: Farmingdale, Je (CU) ; Pinelawn, Ap, Eng 
(Sf) ; Yaphank, May, Eng (Sf). 

10284 L. taedata Lee. Near NYC (Lee) ; SI, Jl (L&D) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, 
Je, Eng (Sf). 

10286 L. angustata Beauv. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Greenwood L., Dt (Sf) ; SI, Jan 

19, under stones (L&D). 
10286a L. angustata var. uhleri Horn. "NY" (Horn). 

10287 L, trifasciata Say. SI (L&D). 


10292 A. gracUis Nev/n. Rochester Jet., Je, Leon (CU) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. 

Aurora, May, Jl (Dnd) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; 
Ithaca, Je-Jl, Sep (Dt-CU) ; White Plains, Je-Jl (Sq) ; Van Cort. 
Pk., Je (Sf); SI, Je-Jl (L&D). 
10292a A. gracilis var. inornata Rand. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R). 

10293 A. lecontei Cr. Karner, Jl (NYS); Rensselaer, May (NYS) ; Clayville, 

Je, Leon (NYS). 


ISCHYRUS Lacordaire 

10301 I. quadripunctatus Oliv. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike, May (NYS) ; Batavia, 
Aug (Kngt). 

Tritoma Fabricius 

10308 T. sanguinipennis Say. Newport (NYS) ; Johnstown, Sep (NYS) ; Olcott, 

Je, Aug (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Pine L, Je 
(Ds) ; SI (L&D) ; LI: Orient, Nov (Ds). 

10309 T. pulcher Say. Newport (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je 11-Jl 6, in fungi 

(H) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Olcott, Oct (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, 
Aug (Dnd) ; North Branch (Schaupp) ; SI, Aug, many in a fungus, 
Sep (L&D). 

10309a T. pulcher var. dimidiatus Lac. Mosholu (Sf). 

10310 T. dissimulator Cr. Wilmington, Jl (Ds). 

10314 T. angulata Say. Pike, Ap-May (NYS); Albany, May, Jl (NYS); 
Mosholu (AM); SI, Jl, in a fungus (L&D); LI: Flatbush, Park- 
ville (AM). 

384 ' Erotylidae — Derodontidae 

10317 T. biguttata Sav. Poughkeepsie, Aug (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, 
Aug (L&D); LI, Jl, Eng (Sf). 

10319 T. humeralis Fab. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike (NYS) ; 

Ithaca, Je, Aug (Dt) ; Corinth, Albany, Wemple, Jl (NYS) ; SI 

(L&D); LI: Yaphank, Je (Sf). 
10323 T. unicolor Say. Johnstown, Sep (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Mosholu (Sf). 

Triplax Herbst 

10328 T. flavicoUis Lac. Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Aug (Dnd) ; Oneida L., 
Aug (Drk) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; West Pt. (Ds) ; White Plains, Jl 
(Fall, Sq) ; Mosholu (Sf) ; SI (L&D). 

10332 T. macra Lee. Newport (NYS); Buffalo (Z&R); West Pt. (Robn). 

10334 T. thoracica Say. Cranberry L., Je 23-Aug (H) ; Olcott, Sep (Dt) ; Buf- 
falo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Je-Oct (Dnd) ; Batavia, Sep (Kngt) ; Ithaca, 
Je (Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Albany, Jl (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
White Plains, Jl (Fall, Sq) ; SI, Je-Jl (L&D). 

Dacne Latreille 

10342 D. quadrimaculata Say. Newport (NYS) ; Johnstown, Aug (NYS) ; 
Olcott, May (Dt) ; E. Aurora, Aug (Dnd) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, 
Jl-Aug, Kngt (AM); Albany, Jl, Ballston Spa, Je (NYS). 

Hypodacne LeConte 

10346 H. punctata Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). 

Megalodacne Crotch 

10347 M. fasciata Fab. White L. (AM) ; Olcott, Sep (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. 

Aurora, Je-Jl (Dnd) ; Batavia, Sep (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Jan, Ap (Dt- 
CU) ; Hudson Falls, Sep (NYS) ; Pine I., Je (Ds) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
SI (L&D) ; LI: Queens, Mar, Schott (Frost) ; Newtown, Je, Eng 
(Sf) ; Orient (Ds). Larvae occur in the fungus Poly poms lucidus, 
according to Weiss. 

10348 M. heros Sav. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, May-Jc 

(Dnd) ; Rock City (Ds) ; White L. (AM) ; Ithaca, May-Aug (Dt) ; 
Trenton Falls, Je (NYS) ; Albany, Je. Bish (NYS) ; Rensselaer, Aug 
(NYS) ; Rockland Co, Aug, Martin (Sf). 

Laricobius Rosenhauer 
10350 L. erichsoni Rosenh. Ithaca, May (Blaisdell, Dt) ; SI, Dec (L&D). 

Derodontus LeConte 

10353 D. maculatus Melsh. E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) : Pike, Oct 11 (Frost) ; Johns- 
town, Alex (Yg-NY) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Val- 
halla, Nov, Schott (Sf) ; SI, Nov, Shoe (L&D). 

Cryptophagidae 385 



DiPLOCOELUS Guerin-Meneville 

10356 D. brunneus Lee. SI, on dry fungus (L&D). 

10357 D. rudis Lee. LI: Orient, Feb (NYS). 


10360 T. americanus Lee. Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; SI, Je (L&D). 


10361 L. impressus Lee. Buffalo (Rein). 

TOMARUS Eriehson 

10365 T. pulchellus Lee. Keene Val., Jl (NYS) ; Oneida L., Aug (Drk) ; Buf- 
falo (Z&R) ; Montour Falls, Je (H) ; Westfield, May, Windsor, Je 
(Not) ; Karner, Jl, Nassau, May, Albany, Aug (NYS) ; Sehoharie 
(Not) ; Roekland L., Aug (NYS) ; SI, Mar, in mouse nest, Ap, Sep- 
Nov (L&D) ; LI: Central Pk., Ap (Eng) ; Orient, Lath (NYS). 

Antherophagus Latreille 

10370 A. ochraceus Melsh. Axton, Je (M&H), as Atoinaria; E. Aurora, Jl 
(Flet, Dnd); Peekskill (Ds). 

Crosimus Casey 

10376 C. obesulus Csy. "NY" (Csy) ; Johnstown, Aug (NYS). 

10377 C. hirtus Csy. Westfield, May (Not). 

Cryptophagus Herbst 

10384 C. acutangulus Gvll. Newport (NYS) ; E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Batavia, Jl 

(Kngt); Albany, Ap (NYS); West Pt. (Robn). 

10385 C. cellaris Scop. Buffalo (Z&R); Albany, May, Hartman (NYS); LI: 

Orient. Feb (NYS). 

10393 C. cicatricosus Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

10398 C. croceus Zimm. Newport (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Menands, Feb 
(NYS); SI, Jl (L&D); LI: Orient Pt., May (NYS). 

Henoticus Thomson 

10418 H. serratus Gyll. Cranberry L., Je, on maple blossoms (H) ; Saeandaga 
Pk., Aug (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn). 


386 Cryptoph AGiDAE — Mycetophagidae 

Caenoscelis Thomson 

10427 C. macilenta Csy. "NY" (Csy) ; Cranberry L., Je (H). 

10428 C. basalis Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

Ato MARIA Stephens 

A. lineola Not. Schoharie (Not) as Agathengis; Windsor, Je (Not). 

10436 ?A. pumilio Csy. Cranberry L., Htly (H). 

A. parviceps Not. Westfield, May (Not). 

Anchicera Thomson 

10463 A. ephippiata Zimm. Axlon, Je (M&H) ; Newport, Je (NYS) ; Cran- 
berry L., Je (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Castile, Brad 
(Flet) ; Montour Falls, May-Je (H) ; Bridgeport, May-Je (H) ; 
Schoharie (Not) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Delmar, Mar (NYS) ; Clinton 
Hgts., Ap (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Ap, in sifting, Nic (L&D) ; 
LI: Orient, Lath (NYS). 

10467 A. distincta Csy. SI, Ap, in sifting, Nic (L&D). 

10471 A. ochracea Csy. Windsor, Je (Not). 

10471b A. ochracea var. pennsylvanica Csy. Schoharie (Not) ; Westfield, May, 
Windsor, Je (Not). 

10473 A. gonodera Csy. Cranberry L., Je (H). 

10479 A. oblongula Csy. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Westfield, May, 
Windsor, Je (Not). 

10481 A. pusilla Payk. Newport, May (NYS) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Windsor, Je 

10483 A. ovalis Csy. Newport, May (NYS); Cranberry L., Je 25(H); Batavia, 
Jl-Sep (Kngt); Schoharie (Not); West Pt. (Robn). 

A. ebenina Csy. NY, type locality. 

A. nebulosa Csy. NY, type locality. 

EphiSTEMUS Stephens 
10488 E. apicalis Lee. Newport (NYS); Ithaca, Je (NYS). 


10490 M. punctatus Say. Newport, May (NYS) ; Ilion (NYS) ; Buffalo (Say) ; 

Pike, Jl (NYS) ; E. Aurora, Aug (Dnd) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Albany, 
Jl (NYS) ; West Pt. (Ds) ; SI, Aug (L&D). 

10491 M. fiexuosus Say. Newport, May (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je, in fungus 

Collybia platyphylla (H) ; Buffalo (Say) ; Pike, May, Aug (NYS) ; 
Johnstown, Sep (NYS) ; E. Aurora, Aug (Dnd) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug 
(Kngt) ; Ballston Spa, Je (NYS) ; SI, Ap, Je (L&D) ; West Pt., Ft. 
Montgomery, Je (Ds). 



10493 M. pictus Csy. Windsor, Je (Not). 

10501 M. pluripunctatus Lee. Syraeuse, Ap, in braeket fungus (H) ; Newport 

(NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI, Jl 4, in fungus on maple (L&D). 
10503 M. bipustulatus Melsh. Newport (NYS) ; Nassau, Je (NYS) ; NYC, May 

(Ds) ; LI: Huntington, Dec, under log (Schott). 

10507 M. tenuifasciatus Horn. LI: Rockaway Beach, May (Shoe); Yaphank, 

Sep (Sf). 

10508 M. obsoletus Melsh. LI: Rockaway Beach, May (Shoe). 

Typhaea Curtis 

10509 T. fumata L. Newport (NYS) ; Canton, Sep (NYS) ; Batavia, Jl-Sep 

(Kngt) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Valley Falls, May 
(NYS) ; Cooperstown, Aug (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI (L&D) ; 
LI: Brooklyn (Sf). 

LiTARGUS Erichson 

10511 L. tetraspilotus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI, Aug (L&D) ; Lll: Pinelawn, 

Aug (Sf) ; Bellport, Aug (Nic) ; Riverhead, Ap, Cy (NYS). 

10512 L. sexpunctatus Say. Olcott, Aug (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; West Pt. 

(Robn); SI, Ap (L&D); LI: Yaphank, Jl (Sf ) ; Central Pk., Ap 

10516 L. pallens Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

10514 L. nebulosus Lee. SI, Ap 27 (L&D); LI: Flatbush, Sep (Schott). 

10517 L. didesmus Say. Albany, Ap (NYS) ; SI, May-Je, Thompson (L&D) ; 

LI: Bellport, Jl-Aug (Nic); Yaphank, Ap (Eng). 

Synchita Hellwig 

10526 S. laticoUis Lee. NY (Lee). 

10527 S. variegata Lee. Mosholu (Sf). Described from southern Calif., but 

Schaeffer states that this single specimen, as well as some from Canada, 
agrees with the description of variegata but not with that of parvula. 

10529 S. parvula Guer. Ithaca, Je (Chitt). 

10530 S. fuliginosa Melsh. Buffalo (Z&R) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Bronx Pk. (Sf) ; 

SI, Je, in old fungus (L&D); LI: Rockaway Beach, Je, Eng (Sf) ; 
Long Beach, Je, Eng (Sf). 

10533 E. marginalis Melsh. NYC (Julich). 

BiTOMA Herbst 

10539 B. pinicola Schffr. LI: Central Pk., Sep, Rockaway Beach, May (Eng); 

Wyandanch, Je, Schott (Sf). 
10541 B. quadriguttata Say. Pike, Newport (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI 

(L&D); LI: Yaphank, Nov, Eng (Sf). 

" Charles Schaeffer has gone over the list for this family, and has supplied many records and 
made certain changes in synonymy. 

388 CoLYDiiDAE — Lathridiidae 

COXELUS Latreille 
10551 C. guttulatus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; LI: Central Pk., Ap, Eng (Sf). 

10558 L. borealis Horn. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H). 

AULONIUM Erichson 
10576 A. parallelopipedum Say. SI, under elm bark (L&D). 

COLYDIUM Fabricius 

10580 C. lineola Say. Cranberry L. (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R); Bronx Pk. (Sf) : SI, 
Je (L&D). 

XUTHIA Pascoe 

X. brevipes Shp. LI: Astoria, Aug, introduced in mahogany logs, .S'^ (Felt- 
Jour. N. Y. Ent. Soc. 21: 275, 1913). 


10592 B. geminatus Say. Syracuse, Je (Drk); Buffalo (Z&R); Genesee Co., 
Ap (NYS) ; Mosholu, May, in hickory (Ds). 

Cerylon Latreille 

10598 C. castaneum Say. Fourth L., Je (NYS) ; Newport (NYS) ; Cranberry L., 
Je-Jl (H) ; Syracuse, May, under bark (H) ; Westfield, May, Windsor, 
Je (Not) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Albany, Nassau, Kinder- 
hook (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Ap, Nov (Shoe, Woodr), May, 
Oct, under bark (L&D); LI: Queens, Sep (Schott) ; Flatbush, Ap, 
Eng (Sf). 

10601 C. sticticum Csy. SI, Jl (L&D) ; Catskills, Pears (Sf). 

Philothermus Aube 

10604 P. glabriculus Lee. Newport (NYS) ; Montour Falls, under bark, Ap (H) ; 
Westfield, Mav, Windsor, Je (Not) ; Delmar, Karner, Ap (NYS) ; 
West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Ap-May (L&D) ; LI: Pinelawn, Central Pk., 
Ap, Eng (Sf) ; Southold, Ap (NYS) ; Orient, Lath (NYS). 

10614 H. kunzei Aube. NY (Fall). 

*^ H. C. Fall has read the manuscript for this family, and has suggested one or two changes in 
synomyny and added some records. 



Lathridius Herbst 

10627 L. breviclavus Fall. LI (Fall). 

10631 L. liratus Lee. Newport, May-Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Olcott, 
Mar-Jl (Dt) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Johnstown, Sep (NYS) ; McLean, Je 
(Flet) ; Ithaca, Mar-Jl (Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; West Ft. (Robn) ; 
SI, Jl (L&D). 


10633 C. constrictus Gyll. Cranberry L., Je 25, in decaying fungi (H). 
10635 C. nodifer Westw. Olcott, Je (Dt). 

Enicmus Thomson 

10639 E. hirtus Gyll. NY (Fall). 

10642 E. minutus L. Newport, May-Je (NYS) ; Speculator, Je (NYS) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; Rochester (M&W). 
10646 E. aterrimus Mots. "NY" (Fall) ; Peekskill, Je (Sherm), as opaculus. 
10656 E. tenuicornis L. Otsego (Fall); Olcott, Je (Dt). 

Cartodere Thomson 

10659 C. ruficoUis Marsh. Albany, Ap, Jl (NYS) ; Nassau, Ap (NYS) ; Blauvelt, 

Aug (NYS). 
10662 C. argus Reit. Schoharie (Not). 

10664 C. filum Aube. NY (Fall); Ithaca, Sep (Dt). 

10665 C. elegans Aube. NYC, Oct, Woodr (Not). 

Adistemia Fall 

10666 A. watsoni Woll. NYC, infesting boxes of moldy beetles in collection of 

L. B. Woodruff, Oct 5, 1920 (Fall). 


10669 C. pubescens Gyll. NY (Fall); Newport, May-Je (NYS). 

10679 C. serricollis Lee. Peekskill, Jan, Sherm (Sz). 

10685 C. serrata Payk. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Windsor, Je (Not). 

10689 C. dentigera Lee. Cranberry L., in fungi (H). 

10693 C. elongata Gyll. Rochester (M&W) ; Schoharie (Not) ; SI, Oct 9, in 

sifting (L&D). 

10694 C. ferruginea Marsh. "NY" (Lee), as ohtusa; Cranberry L., Je 29 (H) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R); West Pt. (Robn). 

Melanophthalma Motschulsky 

10696 M. picta Lee. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Westfield, May, 
Windsor, Je (Not); Olcott, Feb, Ap (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn). 

10699 M. villosa Zimm. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Westfield. 
May, Windsor, Je (Not). 

390 Lathridiidae — Mycetaeidae — Endomychidae 

10701 M. distinguenda Com. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cran- 
berry L., Je (H) ; Newport, May-Je (NYS) ; Syracuse, May-Oct 
(H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Montour Falls, May-Oct (H) ; Westfield, 
May (Not) ; Schoharie, Windsor (Not) ; Bridgeport, May-Oct (H) ; 
Ithaca, Ringwood, McLean, Feb-Nov (Dt) ; LI: Orient, Ap (NYS). 

10703 M. pumila Lee. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Schoharie 
(Not); West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Joutel (L&D) ; LI: Central Pk., Ap 
(Eng) ; Rockaway Beach (AM, Lg) ; Coney I. (Lg). 

10705 M. gibbosa Hbst. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Syracuse (H) ; Bridgeport 

10711 M. longipennis Lee. Montour Falls, Je (H) ; Olcott, Je (Dt) ; Westfield, 

May, Windsor, Je (Not). 

10712 M. americana Mann. Johnstown, Sep (NYS) ; Olcott, Feb, Je-Jl (Dt) ; 

Westfield, May (Not) ; Ithaca, Feb, Je-Jl (Dt) ; Catskills (Lg) ; SI, 
Je (L&D); LI: Coney I. (Lg). 

10713 M. cavicollis Mann. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Syracuse, May, queried 

(H) ; Olcott, Feb-Oct (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Saratoga, 
Feb-Oct (Dt) ; Albany, Ap (NYS) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; West Pt. 
(Robn); SI, Feb 22 (Woodr), Sep (L&D). 

Mycetaea Stephens 

10716 M. hirta Marsh. Buffalo (Z&R) ; SI, Mar, May, in fungus on logs and 

stumps (L&D) ; LI: W>andanch, Jl, SchoH (Sf). 

Rhanis LeConte 

10717 R. unicolor Ziegl. Newport (NYS) ; Olcott, Sep (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 

SI, Ap, Je, Jl, Nov (L&D); LI: Yaphank, Je, Eng (Sf). 

Phymaphora Newman 

10718 P. pulchella Newn. Newport, May (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Jl 6 (H) ; Olcott 

Sep (Dt) ; Trenton Falls (Newn) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Johnstown, Oct 
(NYS) ; Ithaca, Ap 30 (CU) ; North Branch (Schaupp) ; Bronx Pk. 



Lycoperdina Latreille 

10720 L. ferruginea Lee. Keene Hgts., Je (Not) ; Olcott, Oct (Dt) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R); Pike, Sep (NYS); E. Aurora, Cortland Co, Je-Sep (Dnd) ; 
Ithaca, Ap 14 (CU) ; White L., Zab (AM) ; W. Hebron (Lg) ; West 
Pt. (Robn) ; Mosholu, Nov (Ang) ; SI, Je, Dec (L&D) ; LI: Central 
Pk., May, Eng (Sf) ; Yaphank, Je, Eng (Sf) ; Flatbush, Zah (AM). 
In puffball fungus. 

Endomychidae — Phalacridae 



Aphorista Gorham 

10726 A. vittata Fab. Newport (NYS) ; North Cr, Je (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) 

Erie Co, May, Sep (Dnd) ; Batavia, Ap (Kngt) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) 
Ithaca, May 3 (CU) ; Meredith, May, Cy (NYS) ; W. Hebron (Lg) 
Middlesex, Aug 13 (Cls) ; SI (L&D) ; LI: Wyandanch, Ap (Ds) 
Central Pk., Ap, Pinelawn, Yaphank, May, Eng (Sf) ; Orient Pt., Ap, 
Sep (NYS). 

Mycetina Mulsant 

10727 M, perpulchra Newn. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; 

Gloversville, Ap (NYS) ; Olcott, Sep (Dt) ; Wolcott, May, Cy 
(NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Je (Dnd) ; Alpine, Nov (NYS) ; 
Ithaca, Je (Dt) ; Trenton Falls (Newn) ; North Branch (Schaupp) ; 
Voorheesville, May (NYS); West Pt. (Robn). 
10730 M. testacea Ziegl. Newport (NYS) ; Ithaca, Mar (Dt) ; W. Hebron 
(Ds Coll). 


10739 S. hispidus Hbst. LI: Huntington, Aug 22, Schott (Frost). 

Anamorphus LeConte 
A. sp. LI: Yaphank, Je (Sf). 

RhyMBUS Gerstaecker 

10752 R. pilosus Csy. Bluff Pt., L. Champlain (Csy). 

EndomyCHUS Panzer 

10753 E. biguttatus Say. Elizabethtown, Pike, Newport (NYS) ; Long L. 

(Ds Coll) ; Cranberry L., Jl 20 (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, Je-Sep 
(Kngt) ; Geneva, Mar (Cls) ; Cattaraugus Co (Ds Coll) ; Schuyler, 
Mar (NYS) ; Ithaca, Jl 30, Yuasa (Vdyk) ; L. George, Aug, Zab 
(AM) ; Phoenicia, Aug, MCV (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Ramapo 
Mts. (AM) ; White Plains (Fall, Sq) ; SI, Jan-Oct, under beech bark 
(L&D); LI: Riverdale, Oct, Eng (Sf). 

Phalacrus PaykuU 

10772 P. pumilio Lee. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Syracuse, May (H) ; SI, May-Je, on 

seashore (L&D). 

10773 P. politus Melsh. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Syracuse, May (H) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; L. George, Aug (Not-AM) ; Albany, Jl (NYS) ; W^hite L., 
Sep (Not-AM) ; SI, Je CL&D) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Je (Ds). 

OlibrUS Erichson 

10776 O. vittatus Lee. NY (Csy). 

10777 O. lecontei Csy. Buffalo (Z&R), 
10779 O. abstinens Csy. LI (Csy). 

392 Phalacridae — Coccinellidae 

10780 O. semistriatus Lee. Juanita L, L. George, Jl, Bish (NYS) : SI, Aug 

10782 O. frustratus Csy. NY (Lg). 

10783 O. bullatus Csy. {sternalis Csy.). LI (Lg). 

10784 O. impotens Csy. NY (Lg Cat.). 

10785 O. neglectus Csy. NY (Csy). 

10786 O. pallipes Say. NY (Csy); SI (L&D). 


10813 A. ergoti Csy. Axton, Je (Al&H) ; Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Syracuse, 
Montour Falls, Bridgeport, May-Je (H) ; SI, May (L&D). 

Stilbus Seidlitz 

10828 S. pallidus Csy. "NY" (Lg). 

10829 S. apicalis Melsh. . Newport, May (Yg) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Oswego, 

Jl, Bks (NYS) ; Syracuse, Ap, Je (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Oswego, Jl 
(Yg) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; Montour Falls, May-Je (H) ; West- 
field, May (Not) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Gloversville, Ap (NYS) ; White 
Plains, Aug (Frost, Sq) ; SI, May, Aug (L&D); LI: Orient, May 

10831 S. probatus Csy. "NY" (Lg). 

10834 S. ludibundus Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

10836 S. finitimus Csy. NY (Csy). 

10841 S. obtusus Lee. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Schoharie (Not). Described from 
southern Calif. 

10844 S. nitidus Melsh. Gloversville, Sep (NYS) ; Syracuse, Ap, Je, under stones 
(H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike, Ap (NYS) ; Montour Falls, Ap, Je (H) ; 
SI, Ap (L&D); LI (Csy). 

10849 S. thoracicus Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

10851 S. quadrisetosus Csy. NY (Lg). 

S. atomarius L. Schoharie (Not) ; Windsor, Je (Not). 



Hyperaspis Chevrolat 

10874 H. lateralis Muls. Buffalo (Z&R). 

10876 H. bigeminata Rand. Cranberry L., Htly (H) ; Mt. Seward, Je (M&H) ; 

Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Shoe (Sf) ; Mt. Marcy, Jl, Wat (Lg) ; Buffalo 

10879 H. signata Oliv. Mt. Marcy, Jl (NYS) ; Syracuse, May (H) ; Olcott, 

May-Jl (Dt) ; E. Aurora, May-Jl (Dnd) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; 

Ithaca, May-Aug (CU) ; Albany, Sep (NYS) ; Karner (NYS) ; West 

Pt. (Robn); Ludlow, Thompson (Lg) ; SI, May-Aug (L&D); LI: 

Rockaway Beach, Eng (Sf) ; Yaphank, May, Pollard (Lg). 
H. binotata Say. Buffalo (Lg) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Ludlow (Lg) ; Mosholu 

(Lg) ; LI: Yaphank, May, Pollard (Lg). 



10880 H. proba Say. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU) ; Montour Falls, Je 
(H); West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Aug-Sep (L&D) ; LI: Yaphank, Je, 
Amagansett, Aug, Eng (Sf) ; Orient, Lath (NYS). 

10908 H. fimbriolata Melsh. Minerva, Jl 20, 1925, on Solidago (Frost) ; White 
Plains, Sep (Sq) ; SI, two at Ward's Pt., Je 5 (L&D) ; LI: Rockaway 
Beach, Long Beach, Yaphank, May, Jl, Eng (Sf). 

10914 H. Serena Csy. Mt. Whiteface, Sep (Lg) ; Mosholu, Je, Aug (Lg). 

10921 H. disconotata Muls. Cascade L., Aug (Lg). 

10922 H. troglodytes Muls. SI, Jl (L&D). 

10923 H. lugubris Rand. Ithaca, May-Aug (CU). 

10930 H. undulata Say. Wilmington, Jl, Cascade L., Aug (Lg) ; Newport, May 
(NYS) ; Gloversville, Johnstown, Ap-May (NYS) ; Oswego, May 
(NYS) ; Syracuse, Ap-May, under stones (H) ; Olcott, Je (Dt) ; Buf- 
falo (Z&R); Ithaca, Ap-Jl (CU) ; West Pt, Jl, Eng (Sf) ; Croton- 
on-Hudson, Je, Ang (Lg) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Long Beach, Yaphank, 
Ap-Jl, Eng (Sf) ; Orient Pt. 

Brachyacantha Chevrolat 

10967 B. dentipes Fab. NY (NYS). 

10972 B. ursina Fab. Newport, Je (NYS) ; New Russia, Aug (Brad-CU) ; Cran- 
berry L., Jl (Drk) ; Otto, Jl (CU) ; Pike, Je (NYS) ; Erie Co, May-Jl 
(Dnd) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Ithaca, Je-Aug (CU) ; Schoharie 
(Not) ; Albany, Je (NYS) ; Nassau, Jl (NYS) ; Poughkeepsie, Je 
(NYS) ; Bangall, Sep (Eng) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; White Plains (Sq) ; 
SI, May-Jl, common (L&D); LI: Flushing, Bayshore, Yaphank (Sf). 

10972a B. ursina var. congruens Csy. Ithaca (Pack). 

10974 B. felina Fab. var. decempustulata Melsh, Ogdensburg, Jl (NYS) ; New- 
port, Je (NYS) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; E. Aurora, Cortland Co, Je-Jl 
(Dnd); Olcott, Ithaca (Dt) ; Schoharie (Not); Karner, Je (NYS); 
Ellenville, Sep-Nov, Nic (Frost) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains 
(Sq); SI, Je-Jl (L&D); LI: Yaphank, Jl (Eng). 

10977 B. indubitabilis Cr. Ft. Montgomery, Jl (Ds) ; LI: Massapequa, Jl, Shoe 

10979 B. quadripunctata Melsh. Pike, Je (NYS) ; Ithaca, Aug (CU) ; Pough- 
keepsie, Je (NYS); Mosholu (Sf) ; LI: Yaphank, Oct, Eng (Sf). 

10979b B. quadripunctata var. flavifrons Muls. W. Hebron, Jl (Lg). 

MiCROWEISEA Cockerell 

10988 M. marginata Lee. Ithaca, Ap (Pettit,Horn). 

10989 M. misella Lee. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Ithaca, May, Aug (Dt) ; Albany, 

Sep (Felt) ; Germantown (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Orange Co 
(Felt); Mosholu (Sf) ; SI, Jl-Aug (L&D). 

Stethorus Weise 

10998 S. punctum Lee. Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Olcott (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
SI, Aug-Sep, many specimens (L&D). 


SCYMNUS Kugelann 

11011a S. creperus Muls. var. fraternus Lee. Ithaca (Pack) ; Montour Falls, Je 
(H), with query; Ithaca, Aug (Dt) ; Schoharie (Not). 

11012 S. brullei Muls. NY (Horn). 

11013 S. haemorrhous Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ludlow, Thompson (Lg) ; SI (L&D). 
11016 S. chromopyga Csy. SI, May- Aug (L&D). 

11018 S. cervicalis Melsh. West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Sep (L&D). 

11024 S. caudalis Lee. Ithaca (Pack). 

11028 S. coUaris Melsh. Cranberry L., Jl, on Sambucus blossoms (H) ; Syracuse, 
May-Je (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Montour Falls, May-Je (H) ; Ithaca 
(Pack); SI, May-Aug (L&D); LI: Yaphank, May, Pollard (Lg). 

11034 S. indutus Csy. Ithaca, Je (Dt). 

11035 S. puncticollis Lee. Cranberry L., Je-Jl, on Spiraea and Prunus (H) ; Mon- 

tour Falls, Je, queried (H) ; Schoharie (Not) ; West Pt. (Robn). 

11036 S. agricola Csy. Ithaca, May (Dt). 

11055 S. tenebrosus Muls. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Cranberry L., Htly (H) ; Ithaca, 
May-Sep (Dt) ; Schoharie (Not) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Je-Aug 

11060 S. lacustris Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). 

11077 S. punctata Melsh. Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, May (Dt) ; SI (Lg). 

11079 S. nanus Lee. Cranberry L., Je, on willow (H) ; West Pt. (Robn). 

11082 S. americanus Muls. Cranberry L., Je (H) ; Syracuse (H) ; Oleott, Jl 
(Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Jl (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Ludlow, 
Thompson (Lg) ; SI, May-Aug (L&D). 

11093 S. flavifrons Melsh. NY (Lee). 

11093a S. flavifrons var. bioculatus Muls. Buffalo (Z&R); SI (L&D). 

11094 S. ornatus Lee. McLean, May, June (Flet). 

11115 S. terminatus Say. Buffalo ("Z&R); Bronxville, Jl (Woodr). 

DelphaSTUS Casey 

11143 D. pusillus Lee. Cranberry L., Htly (H) ; Montour Falls, Je (H) ; Ithaca, 
Je (Pack) ; Woodhull L., Aug, Love (Lg) ; Van Cort. Pk., Aug (Sf). 

11147 C. lepida Lee. Ashland, Aug 4 (Frost) ; LI: Yaphank, Jl, Eng (Sf). 


11150 P. viginti-maculata Say. Mooers, Sep (Not) ; Wilmington, Aug (Dt) ; 
Newport, Je (NYS) ; Keene Val., Sep, Eng (Sf) ; Cranberry L., Je 
(H) ; Syracuse, Ap-May, under log (H) ; Oleott, Mar-Sep (Dt) ; 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; 
Ithaca, May-Oet (CU) ; Ilion, May (NYS) ; Schoharie (Not) ; 
Nassau, May (NYS); West Pt. (Robn); White Plains (Sq) ; SI, 
Jl-Oct (L&D) : LI: Jamaica, Aug, Rockaway Beach, Je, Eng (Sf) ; 
Orient, Lath (NYS). 


Cocci NELLiDAE 395 

Anisosticta Chevrolat 

11154 A. bitriangularis Say. Saranac, Sep (Ds, Sf) ; Wanakena, Aug (Drk) ; 

Cranberry L., Je (H) ; E. Aurora, Ap (Dnd) ; Montour Falls, Je 
(H) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; Ithaca, May-Je (Dt, Pack) ; McLean 
Bogs, May, Aug (CU) ; W. Hebron, Je (Lg) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
White Plains, May (Lg) ; SI, in swampy places (L&D). 

NaemiA Mulsant 

11155 N. seriata Melsh. SI, May, Aug-Sep, often on Solidago sempervirens 

(L&D); LI: Aqueduct, Forest Pk., Rockaway Beach, Je-Sep (Sf) ; 
Orient, Lath (NYS). 

Ceratomegilla Crotch 

11158 C. fuscilabris Muls. (Megilla maculata auct. not DeG.)- Syracuse, Ap-Je 
(H) ; Oswego Falls, Aug (NYS) ; Olcott (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 
Pike, Mar (NYS) ; Lockport, May (Cy) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; 
Castile, Jl, Brad (Flet) ; Montour Falls, Ap-Je (H) ; Elmira, Aug 
(Cy) ; Ithaca, Mar-Sep (CU) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Albany, Karner, 
Aug (NYS) ; Nassau, Ap (Sherm) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains 
(Sq) ; Pine I., Je, Pollard (Lg) ; SI, Je-Oct (L&D) ; LI: Hempstead 
Plains, Central Pk., Rockaway Beach, Ap-Je (Sf) ; Orient, Lath 
(NYS). Often hibernates in numbers under stones (Lg). 


11162 H. tredecimpunctata L. Essex Co, Jl (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Jl-Aug 

(Drk) ; Olcott, May (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Erie Co, Jl, Nov (Dnd) ; 
Batavia, Jl-Sep (Kngt) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Lyons Falls, Aug 
(Mat) ; Ithaca, Je-Oct (CU) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Croton-on-Hudsoii 
(Ang); White Plains (Sq) ; SI, Jl-Aug (L&D); LI: Rockaway 
Beach, Ap, Montauk Pt., Eng (Sf). 

11163 H. parenthesis Say. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Wilmington, Aug (Dt) ; Wana- 

kena, Aug (Drk) ; Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Newport, Je (NYS) 
Oswego, Jl (NYS) ; Syracuse, Ap-Oct 6 (H) ; Olcott, Mar- Aug (Dt) 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; E. Aurora, Mav-Aug (Dnd) 
Pike, Jl (NYS) ; Westfield, Mav (Not) ; Ithaca, Ap-Sep, Dec (CU) 
McLean Bogs, Jl (Dt) ; Albany, May (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) 
Peekskiil (Sherm); Clinton Cr., Jl (NYS); White Plains (Sq) 
Croton-on-Hudson (Ang) ; SI, Alay-Aug (L&D) ; LI: Rockaway 
Beach, Yaphank, Je-Jl, Eng (Sf) ; Orient, Lath (NYS). 

11171 H. glacialis Fab. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Elka Pk., Aug (Drk) ; Westfield, May 

(Not) ; Ithaca (Pack) ; Nassau, Ap (NYS) ; Poughkeepsie, Je 
(NYS); Peekskiil (Sherm); West Pt. (Robn); White Plains (Sq) 
SI, Je-Sep (L&D) ; LI: Rockawav Beach, Oct (L&D) ; Jamaica, Pine, 
lawn, Eng (Sf) ; Orient Pt., Je (NYS). 

11172 H. quindecim-maculata Muls. Batavia, Jl-Aug (Kngt) ; Portage, Aug 

(Kngt); McLean, May (CU). 

11173 H. convergens Guer. Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Port Kent (Lint) ; Pike 

(NYS) ; Buffalo (NYS) ; Woodlawn Beach, L. Erie, Jl (Dnd) ; 
Windom., Oct (Dt) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, May-Sep (CU) ; 


Coeymans (Lint) ; Peekskill (Sherm) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White 
Plains (Sq) ; SI, Je-Nov, common (L&D) ; LI: Rockaway, May, 
Pollard (Lg); Orient, Lath (NYS). 

11175 H. quinquesignata Kby. Adirondacks (Lg) ; Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; L. 
Placid, Jl (NYS) ; Syracuse, Montour Falls, May-Je (H). 


11181 C. perplexa Muls. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Wilmington, Aug (Dt) ; Newport, 
May (NYS); Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Syracuse, Ap-Je (H) ; Buf- 
falo (Z&R) ; Batavia, Jl-Aug, as trifasciata L. (Kngt) ; Erie Co, May- 
Aug (Dnd) ; Montour Falls, Ap~Je (H) ; Ithaca, McLean, May (Dt) ; 
Schoharie, as trifasciata L. (Not) ; Karner, May (NYS) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; White Plains, Pollard (Lg) ; SI, May- Aug, often plentiful on 
white birches infested with plant lice (L&D) ; LI: Central Pk., Ap, 
Eng (Sf) ; Rockaway, May, Pollard (Lg) ; Orient, Lath (NYS). 

11183 C. tricuspis Kby. Chateaugay L., Aug-Sep, Cascade L., Aug (Lg) ; Cran- 

berry L., Jl (H). 

11184 C. novemnotata Hbst. Wilmington (Dt) ; Denmark, May (NYS) ; Cran- 

berry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Gloversville, Aug (NYS) ; Syracuse, Ap-Je 
(H) ; Rochester, Aug (Cy) ; Olcott, Windom (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 
E. Aurora (Dnd) ; Pike, Ap (NYS) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; 
Castile, Tl, Brad (Flet) ; Montour Falls, Ap-Je (H) ; Westfield, May 
(Not) ; Ithaca, May-Sep (NYS, CU) ; McLean, May (CU) ; Dans- 
ville, Sep (CU) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Washington Co (Ashton) ; Albany, 
Nassau, May, Jl (NYS) ; Karner, Sep (NYS) ; Coeymans (Lint) ; 
Peekskill (Sherm) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains (Sq) ; SI, Mar- 
Aug, common (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica, May, Flatbush, Dec, Eng (Sf) ; 
Rockaway, May, Pollard (Lg) ; Orient, Lath (NYS). 

11185 C. transversoguttata Fald. Mt. Marcy, Jl (NYS) ; Mooers, Sep (Not) ; 

Saranac (Lg) ; Wilmington, Aug (Dt) ; N. Elba, Jl, Wat (Lg) ; 
Olcott (Dt) ; Buffalo, Aug (NYS) ; Erie Co, May-Aug (Dnd) ; West- 
field, May (Not); Ithaca (Pack); Highland, Aug (Cy) ; West Pt. 
(Robn); SI, Jl (L&D); LI: Orient, Lath (NYS). 

11185a C. transversoguttata var. quinquenotata Kby. Essex Co, Jl (NYS) ; 
Washington Co (AshtonTB) ; Thousand Isls., Sep (CU) ; Castile, 
May, Brad (Flet); Ithaca, May (CU). 

11187 C. monticola Muls. Mt. Whiteface, Jl (Lg) ; Wanakena, Cranberry L., 
Aug (Drk). 

Cycloneda Crotch 

11189 C. sanguinea L. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Syracuse, 

May, Oct 6 (H) ; Olcott, Aug (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Je- 
Sep (Dnd) ; Pike, Je (NYS) ; Batavia, Je-Aug (Kngt) ; Castile, Sep 
Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Jl-Sep (CU) ; Coeymans (NYS) ; West Pt. 
(Robn); White Plains (Sq) ; LI: Yaphank, May, Pollard (Lg) ; 
Orient Pt., May (NYS). 

11189a C. sanguinea var. immaculata Fab. LI: Brooklyn, Jl (Nic). 

11190 C. munda Say. Ithaca (Pack); SI, Je-Oct (L&D); LI: Pinelawn, Ap, 

Yaphank, Sep, Eng (Sf). 

Cocci NELLiDAE 397 

Olla Casey 

11192 O. abdominalis Say. "NY" (Lee). This record is doubtful (Lg). 

Adalia Mulsant 

11193 A. bipunctata L. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Green L., Jan (Dt) ; Pitts- 

ford, May (Leon) ; Olcott, Je-Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora 
(Dnd) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Forestville, Dec 
(Cy) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Fayetteville, Oct (NYS) ; Ithaca, Mar- 
Sep (NYS, CU) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; V/ampsville, Jl (Cy) ; Sher- 
burne, Je (Cy) ; Albany, Nassau (Felt) ; Poughkeepsie (Sherm) ; 
Bangall (Sf) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; White Plains (Sq) ; Mt. Vernon 
(Flet) ; Croton-on-Hudson, May (Ang) ; NYC (Felt) ; SI, Ap-Oct, 
often hibernates in dwellings (L&D) ; LI: Westbury; Forest Pk., Je 
(Lg) ; Orient, Lath (NYS). 

11194 A. frigida Schn. Saranac (Lg) ; Axton, Je (M&H) ; L. Placid, Aug 

(NYS) ; Brant L., Doll (Sf) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Jl (Dnd). 
11194a A. frigida var. disjuncta Rand. Saranac (Lg). 
11194b A. frigida var. humeralis Say. LI, Sep, Pears (Sf). 

Cleis Mulsant 

11196 C. picta Rand. Mt. Marcy, Jl (NYS) ; Mt. Whiteface, Jl (Lg) ; Mt. 

Seward, 4500 ft., Je (M&H) ; Speculator, Jl (NYS) ; Cranberry L., 
Je-Jl (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je (CU) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, 
Ap, Je (L&D) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Long Beach, Wyandanch, Yap- 
hank, May-Nov, Eng (Sf). 

11197 C. hudsonica Csy. Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Shoe (Sf). 

Anisocalvia Crotch 

11200 A. duodecim-maculata Gebl. Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Shoe (Sf) ; Cranberry 
L., Htly (H). 

11201a A. quatuordecimguttata L. var. similis Rand. Wilmington, Jl (Lg) ; Cran- 
berry L., Htly (H). 

11201b A. quatuordecimguttata var. cardisce Rand. "Adirondacks" (Csy) ; Mt. 
Whiteface, Jl (Lg). 

A. quatuordecimguttata var. exoleta Weise. Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Shoe 


A. quatuordecimguttata var. bicordifera Csy. NY, type locality. 

A. quatuordecimguttata var. uniformis Csy. NY, type locality. 

11201d A. quatuordecimguttata var. obliqua Rand. Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Shoe (Sf). 

A. quatuordecimguttata var. scutulata Weise. Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Shoe 

(Sf) ; Big Ind. Val., Jl. Pears (Sf). 

Anatis Mulsant 

11202 A. quindecimpunctata Oliv. Plattsburg (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je (H) ; 
Wilmington, Aug (Dt) ; Olcott, Je, Aug (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike 
(NYS) ; Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Ap-Jl 
(NYS, CU) ; Albany, Karner (NYS) ; Poughkeepsie (NYS) ; West 
Pt., Jl (Eng) ; White Plains (Sq) ; Port Jervis (Lint) ; Pine I., Je, 


Pollard (Lg); SI, May-Oct (L&D) ; LI: Mattituck (CU) ; Flatbush, 
Amagansett, Eng (Sf) ; Rockaway, May, Pollard (Lg) ; Orient, Lath 
11202a A. quindecimpunctata var. mali Say. Webster, Jl (CU) ; SI, on shore at 
Ward's Pt., Je 5 (L&D). 

Neomysia Casey 

11205 N. pullata Say. Mt. Whiteface, Jl, Shoe (Lg) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, 
Ap-Aug (CU) ; W. Hebron (Lg) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Mar, Je-Jl 
(L&D) ; LI: Far Rockaway, Central Pk., Promised Land (Sf). 

11209 N. randalli Csy. Ithaca (Lg-CU). 

AXION Mulsant 

11212 A. tripustulatum DeG. SI, Je, Sep (L&D) ; LI: Coney I. (Lg) ; Yaphank, 
May (Sf) ; Rockaway, Je, Pollard (Lg). 

Chilocorus Leach 

11217 C. bivulnerus Muls. Mt. Whiteface, Jl (Lg) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; 
Olcott, May-Je (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, Aug (Kngt) ; Castile, 
May, Brad (Flet) ; Ithaca, Mar-Sep (CU) ; Bolton, Thompson (Lg) ; 
Albany, Karner, Nassau (NYS) ; Kingston, Jl (Sf) ; Poughkeepsie 
(NYS); West Pt. (Robn); SI, Ap-Jl (L&D); LI: Aqueduct, Baby- 
lon, Aug (Sf); Orient, Lath (NYS). 

EXOCHOMUS Redtenbacher 

11220 E. marginipennis Lee. "Ind. Jet." (NYS) ; SI, Je-Jl, Sep, usually on oak 

(L&D); LI: Pinelawn, Yaphank (Sf). 
11226 E. davisi Lg. LI: Yaphank (Sf) ; Wyandanch, May (Ds). 


Epilachna Chevrolat 

11229 E. borealis Fab. Ithaca, Jl-Aug (CU) ; Peekskill, Sep (CU) ; West Pt. 
(Robn); White Plains, Sep 9 (Sq) ; SI, Ap-Aug (L&D); LI: Glen 
Cove, Dosoris, Bellport (Lint) ; Sea CHff (CU) ; Orient, Lath (NYS). 



subfamily ALLECULINAE 


11236 L. punctulata Melsh. Callicoon (AM); Bronx Pk. (Sf) ; LI: E. Pat- 

chogue, Yaphank, May-Sep, Central Pk. (Ds). 
11239 L. atra Say. Newport, Je (Yg) ; Greenwood L. (Sf) ; LI: Jamaica, Je 

(NYS); Wading R., Jl (Ds) ; Yaphank, Je (Sf). 

Alleculidae 399 

Hymenorus Mulsant 

11246 H. niger Melsh. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Wanakena, Aug 
(Drk) ; Olcott, Aug (Blaisdell) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Castile, Brad 
(Flet); E. Aurora, Jl, Allegany Pk., Aug (Flet,Dnd) ; Cincinnatus, 
Jl (Flet,Dnd); West Pt. (Robn) ; SI (L&D) ; LI: Jamaica (Sf). 

11250 H. melsheimeri Csy. Minnewaska, Aug 25, Nic (Frost). 

11251 H. pilosus Melsh. Catskills (Sf) ; West Pt., Je (Sf) ; Bronx Pk. (Sf) ; 

SI, Je-Aug (L&D); LI: Central Pk., Wading R., Yaphank, Jl-Sep 

11252 H. difficilis Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

11253 H. perforatus Csy. NY (AM). 

11255 H. obscurus Say. Buffalo (Z&R); Mosholu (Sf) ; SI, Je (L&D). 
11267 H. discretus Csy. Mosholu (Sf). 

11287 H. punctatissimus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R). Described from Ariz, and 
southern Calif. 


11299 P. brevis Say. Mt. Whiteface, Jl (Ds) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Conesus L., Je 

(Ds) ; Ramapo, Je (Ds) ; West Pt., Je (Ds). 
11301 P, pinguis Lee. Ramapo (Sf). 
11303 P. marginata Ziegl. West Pt, May, Je, Robn (Sf). 

ISOMIRA Mulsant 

11306 L tenebrosa Csy, Buffalo (Csy); Portage, Je (Ds) ; NYC (Csy). 

11307 I. sericea Say. Newport, Je (Yg) ; L. Placid; Mt. Whiteface, Jl (Ds) ; 

E. Aurora, Jl, Allegany Pk., Aug (Flet,Dnd) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike 
(NYS) ; Ithaca^ Jl-Aug (Dt) ; Taughannock Falls, Aug 11 (Vdyk) ; 
Albany, Jl (NYS) ; White Plains, Jl (Fall,Sq) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; 
Mosholu (Sf); SI, Je-Jl (L&D); LI: Yaphank, Jl (Sf) ; Jamaica, 
Mineola, Jl, A. Wolf (NYS); Flatbush (AM). 

11311 I. quadristriata Couper. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Speculator, Je (NYS) ; Hope, 
Aug, Bks (NYS) ; L. Placid, Je (NYS) ; Long L, Aug (NYS) ; 
Newport, Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Severance, Aug, Bks 
(NYS) ; Gloversville, Jl (NYS) ; Northampton, Je (NYS) ; Sodus, Jl 
(NYS) ; Olcott, Je-Jl (NYS) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Batavia, Je (Kngt) ; 
Pike, Jl (NYS) : Rock City (Ds) ; Montour Falls, Je (H) ; Ithaca, 
Je-Jl (Dt) ; Windsor, Je (Not) ; Schoharie (Not) ; Albany, Jl 
(NYS) ; Corinth, Je (NYS) ; Karner, Jl (NYS) ; West Pt, Ft Mont- 
gomery, Stony Pt (Ds); Mosholu, Je (NYS); SI, Jl (L&D); LI: 
Flatbush (AM). 

11314 L oblongula Csy. Olcott, Je-Jl (NYS); Buffalo (Csy). 

Ch ROM ATI A LeConte 

11319 C. amoena Say. Buffalo (Z&R). 

Capnochroa LeConte 

11320 C. fuliginosa Melsh. Newport, Je (Yg) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; North Branch, 

(Schaupp) ; Greenwood L. (Sf) ; West Pt., Je (Ds) ; Peekskill (Ds) ; 
SI, Je (L&D); LI: Yaphank, Je (Sf) ; Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl 

400 Alleculidae — Tenebrionidae 

Mycetochara Berthold 

11321 M. haldemani Lee. Buffalo (Horn); West Pt. (Robn). 

11322 M. fraterna Say. Cranberry L., Jl 2, from dying spruce (H) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R); Ithaca, Je (Dt) ; West Pt. (Robn); SI, Je (Ds) ; LI: 
Brooklyn, Je (Sf). 

11324 M. megalops Csy. Northampton, Je (NYS) ; Batavia, Jl (Kngt) ; West 
Pt. (Robn). 

11326 M. tenuis Lee. Newport, Je (Yg) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Schenectady, Jl 

(NYS); Albany, Feb (NYS). 

11327 M. foveata Lee. Buffalo. 

11329 M. nigerrima Csy. "NY" (Csy); Cranberry L., Jl 12 (H). Under dead 

bark of witch-hazel (Felt). 

11330 M. lecontei Borehm. Rochester (Moore). 

11331 M. rufipes Lee. Rochester (Moore); Ithaca, Jl (Dt). 

11332 M. marginata Lee. "NY" (Lee). 

11333 M. binotata Say. Newport (NYS) ; Cranberry L., Jl (Drk) ; Geneva, Jl 

(Cls) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, Je (Dt) ; Schoharie (Not) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; SI, Je (L&D). Under poplar bark (Felt). 

11336 M. bicolor Coup. Mt. Whiteface, Jl (Sf). 

11337 M. analis Lee. West Pt. (Robn) ; Nyaek, Je (Ds) ; Bronx Pk. (Sf) ; SI, 

Je 4, on seashore (L&D). 

11338 M. lugubris Lee. Ithaca, Jl (Dt). 

Andrimus Casey 
11353 A. convergens Csy. "NY" (Csy). 

Androchirus LeConte 

11355 A. erythropus Kby. Cranberry L., Jl 21 (H) ; Ithaca, Jl (Dt) ; North 
Branch (Schaupp) ; West Pt. (Ds) ; Mosholu, Je (Sf) ; SI (L&D); 
LI: Half Way Hollow Hills (Ds). 


Compiled by F. C. Fletcher 



11551 B. arundinis Lee. Buffalo (Z&R) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Sep (L&D). 

Schoenicus LeConte 

11591 S. puberulus Lee. E. Aurora, Allegany Pk., Je (Dnd) ; LI: Coram, Selden, 
Riverhead, Amagansett, Deep Pond, Wading R., Aug-Sep (Ds) ; 
Promised Land, Sep, Eng (Sf). 

Tenebrionidae 401 

PhellopSIS LeConte 

11671 P. obcordata Kby. Axton, Je, 1901 (M&H) ; Keene Val., Aug, Diven 
(Flet) ; White L., Zah (AM) ; Newport, Je (NYS) ; Cranberry L., 
Jl (Drk), Je (H) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Ithaca, May (Dt) ; E. Jewett, Ap 
(Ds) ; North Branch (Schaupp). , 

Blaps Fabricius 

11922 B. mucronata Latr. NYC, Dt (Sf). 

11923 B. lethifera Marsh. NYC, Dt (Sf). 

Opatrinus Latreille 

12187 O. aciculatus Lee. SI, Ma3-Nov (L&D). 

12188 O. minimus Beauv. Bangall, Sep, Eng (Sf) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Sep 

(L&D); hi, Eng (Sf;. 

Blapstinus Latreille 

12207 B. metallicus Fab. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo 

(Z&R) ; Olcott, Ap-May, Aug (Dt) ; Ithaca, May (Flet) ; West Pt. 
(Robn) ; SI, May-Je (L&D) ; LI: Greenport, Aug, Promised Land, Je, 
Eng (Sf); Babylon, Jl (AM). 

12208 B. interruptus Say. Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Jl (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; 

Ithaca, Jl (Dt) ; Peekskill, Ap, Schaupp (Blais) ; SI, Je (L&D) ; LI: 
Babylon, Je (AM). 
12227 B. moestus Melsh. Rochester (M&W) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Peekskill, Ap, 
Sherm (Flet); SI, May, Sep (L&D); LI: Shinnecock Hills, Orient 
(Ds) ; Rockaway Beach, Ap, Eng, Queens, Schott (Sf). 


Ammodonus Mulsant and Rey 

12275 A. fossor Lee. Rensselaer (Lee) ; SI, May, Sep (L&D) ; Tottenville, Je, 
Ds (Sf). 

Ephalus LeConte 

12279 E. latimanus Lee. LI: Wading R., on shore, Ols (Ds) ; Amagansett, Aug, 
Promised Land, Eng (Sf) ; Rockaway Beach, Dt (Sf). 


Phaleria Latreille 

12286 P. testacea Say. SI, May-Aug (L&D); LI: Rockaway Beach, Je, Long 
Beach, May (Ds) ; Babylon, Coney I. (AM). 

402 Tenebrionidae 


12295 B. cornutus Panz. Axton, Je (M&H) ; Keene Val., Diven (Flet) ; Wilming- 

ton, Aug (Ds) ; Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H) ; Newport, May (NYS) ; 
White L., Zab, Jl, abundant (AM) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, Je-Jl, 
Sep (Dt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Pike, May (NYS) ; Batavia, Aug-Sep 
(Kngt) ; Ithaca, Ap-Je, Sep (Dt, Flet) ; McLean, May (Blais-CU) ; 
Michigan Hollow Swamp, May (Flet) ; North Branch (Schaupp) ; 
West Pt. (Robn) ; SI (L&D) ; LI: Rockaway Beach, Orient (Ds). 


12296 B. corticola Say. Cranberry L., Jl (Drk) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Allegany Pk., 

Je (Dnd) ; Ithaca, Feb (Blais-CU) ; North Branch (Schaupp). 

Eleates Casey 

12297 E. depressus Rand. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Rochester (M&W) ; North 

B ranch ( S chaupp ) . 

Rhipidandrus LeConte 
12301 R. flabellicornis Sturm. Mosholu (Sf). 

subfamily DIAPERINAE 

DIAPERIS Geoff roy 

12305 D. maculata Oliv. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Newport, Je (NYS) ; Rochester 
(M&W) ; Batavia, Je-Jl (Kngt) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Je-Aug 
(Dnd) ; Pike, May (NYS) ; Ithaca, May, Jl, Sep (Flet, Dt) ; Karner, 
Je (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; Mosholu (AM) ; NYC (AM) ; SI, 
Ap-Sep (L&D) ; LI: Yaphank, May, Eng, Wyandanch (Sf) ; Flatbush, 
Oakdale (AM). 

HOPLOCEPHALA Castelnau and Brulle 

12308 H. viridipennis Fab. Buffalo (Z&R); SI, Ap-May (L&D). 

12309 H. bicomis Fab. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Syracuse (B&S) ; Rochester 

(M&W) ; Olcott, Mar, May, Oct, Dec (Dt) ; Batavia, Sep (Kngt) : 
Buffalo (Z&R) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; Pike, May (NYS) ; Onondaga 
Co (H) ; Westfield, May (Not) ; Geneva, Nov (Blais-CU) ; Ithaca, 
May (Flet); Taughannock Falls, Oct (Blais-CU); Albany, Ap 
(NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Feb-May (L&D) ; LI: Orient (Ds) ; 
Flatbush (AM). 

SCAPHIDEMA Redtenbacher 

12311 S. aeneolum Lee. Catskills, Pears, Oliverea, Jl, Shoe fSf) ; West Pt. 

Tenebrionidae 403 

Platydema Castelnau and Brulle 

12314 P. excavatum Say. Rochester (M&W) ; E. Aurora, Oct-Nov (Dnd) ; 

Buffalo (Z&R) : Batavia, Aug (Kngt) ; Ithaca, Sep (Dt) ; Six Mile 

Cr, Ithaca, May (Flet) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Ap-May, Jl (L&D) ; 

LI: Hempstead Plains, Yaphank, May (Cf) ; Forest Pk., Mar, Martin 

12314a P. excavatum var. parvulum Csy. LI, type locality. 
12318 P. ruficome Sturm. Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Aug 

(Dnd) ; Pike, May (NYS) ; Ithaca, Ap-May (Flet) ; West Pt. 

(Robn); SI, Ap-Je, Sep (L&D). 
12321 P. ellipticum Fab. Rochester (M&W) ; SI, Ap, Jl (L&D) ; LI: Aqueduct, 

Flushing, Dec (Ds). 
12323 P. americanum Cast. & Brll. Peru, Je (Blais-CU) ; Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; 

Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Protection, Je, Diid (Flet) ; 

Ithaca, May, Sep, Nov (Flet, Dt) ; Selkirk, Ap (NYS) ; SI, Je (L&D). 

12327 P. picnabrum Melsh. West Pt., May (Robn). 

12328 P. subcostatum Cast. & Brll. Newport, Je (NYS) ; Rochester (M&W) ; 

Olcott, Sep-Oct CDt) ; Buft'alo (Z&R) ; E. Aurora, Aug, Dnd (Flet) ; 
Ithaca, Sep-Oct (Dt) ; Albany, Aug (NYS) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, 
May, Jl (L&D); LI: Rockaway Beach, Y'aphank, May, Eng (Sf) ; 
Flatbush (AM). 

Alphitophagus Stephens 

12332 A. bifasciatus Say. Howard, Dec (Blais-CU). 

Pentaphyllus Latreille 

12333 P. pallidas Lee. Rochester (M&W) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Westfield, May 

(Not); Catskills, May (NYS). 


Gnathocerus Thunberg 
12336 G. cornutus Fab. SI (L&D). 

Tribolium MacLeay 

12343 T. ferrugineum Fab. Buffalo (Z&R) ; Albanv, Oct (Fab) ; SI, Ap, Sep- 
Oct (L&D). 

12345 T. confusum Jacq. Duv. Rochester, Jan (Flet-CU) ; Castile, Brad (Flet) ; 

Ithaca, May, Sep, Nov (Flet) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI (L&D). 

DiOEDUS LeConte 

12346 D. punctatus Lee. Buffalo (Z&R); Ithaca, Mar (Blais) ; Ramapo (AM). 

Palorus Mulsant 

12348 P. depressus Fab. LI: Brooklyn (Chitt) ; Astoria, Aug, Felt (NYS). 

12349 P. ratzeburgi Wissm. NYC (Chitt); LI: Howard, Dec (Blais-CU). 

404 Tenebrionidae 

UloMA Castelnau 

12353 U. impressa Melsh. Newport, May (NYS) ; Oswego, May (NYS) ; 

Rochester (M&W) ; Olcott, May (Dt) ; E. Aurora, May (Dnd) ; 
Cattaraugus Co, Jl (Ds) ; Ithaca, Ap-Je (Blais, Dt) ; McLean Bogs, 
Jl (Blais, Dt) ; L. George, White L., Zab (NYS) ; SI, Mar-Sep 
(L&D) ; LI: Jamaica, Pinelawn, Ap, Yaphank, May, Eng (Sf) ; Forest 
Pk., Mar, Martin, Shetland L, Jl, Eng (Sf). 

12354 U. imberbis Lee. "NY to Kans." (Lee); West Ft. (Robn). 

12357 U. punctulata Lee. Rochester (M&W); Ithaca, Jl (Dt) ; LI: Yaphank, 

May (Sf). 

Alphitobius Stephens 

12360 A. diaperinus Panz. NYC (Blais). 

12361 A. piceus Oliv. "NY" (Oliv). 


12362 E. picea Melsh. Peekskill, Sherm (Blais-CU) ; Mosholu (Sf) ; SI, Ap 


Hypophloeus Fabricius 

12372 H. parallelus Melsh. Cranberry L., Jl (H) ; Olcott, Dec (Dt) ; Buffalo 
(Z&R) ; SI, Mar (L&D) ; LI: Central Pk., Ap, Eng (Sf) ; Rockaway 

12376 H. tenuis Lee. Cranberry L., Je-Jl (H). 

12377 H. thoracicus Melsh. Buffalo (Z&R); SI, May (L&D). 



12386 S. calcaratus Fab. Essex Co, Aug (NYS) ; Peru, Je (Blais-CU) ; New 
Russia, Aug, Bdy (Blais) ; Malone, Oct (Blais-CU) ; White L., Zab 
(AM) ; Syracuse (B&S) ; North Fairhaven, Aug, Babiy (Flet) 
Honeoye Falls, Je (Ds) ; Rochester (M&W) ; Erie Co, Jl-Sep, Alle 
gany Pk., Aug (Dnd) ; Buffalo (Z&R) ; Canandaigua L., Jl (NYS) 
Ellicottville, Aug (Ds) ; Ithaca, Jl-Sep (Dt, Vdyk) ; McLean Bogs 
Aug, Yuasa (Vdyk) ; Saratoga Sps., Aug (Dt) ; Albany (NYS) 
Oliverea (Ds) ; West Pt. (Robn) ; SI, Je-Aug (L&D) ; LI: Cold Sp 
Harb., Coram, Half Way Hollow Hills, Jl (Ds) ; Yaphank, Jl, Sep 
Eng (Sf); Flatbush, Zab (AM). 

Merinus Le